Garden Staked: CBS Cancels Made in Jersey

Made in Jersey CancelledAnd the first cancellation of the 2012-13 TV season is… CBS’ Made in Jersey.

The Eye network has pulled the freshman procedural from its Friday schedule after two very low-rated outings.

To fill the voidCSI: NY will move to 9/8c and the 8 pm perch will be filled by rotating procedural encores (first up this Friday: NCIS) until Undercover Boss takes over there beginning Nov. 2.

In its second week, Jersey shed nearly 30 percent of its premiere week demo rating (dropping to a CW-like 0.8).

Post your eulogies for Janet Montgomery’s Jersey girl in the comments. And while you’re at it, place your bets on what will be this season’s second cancellation.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. aaron says:

    This was a no-brainer b4 the season even started. They need to go with the friday night schedule I suggested back in May and have a NYPD friday night programming.
    8pm- Unforgettable
    9pm- CSI: NY
    10pm- Blue Bloods

  2. JMM says:

    I watched both shows and enjoyed them – especially on a Friday when nothing else is on!!

  3. So how many episodes would they have made? and what happens to them somebody should get hold of them and create a site to view them called where tv comes to die

  4. Rachel says:

    I think the show could’ve had a chance if they let if develop. But like everyone else says, I don’t think the show got a lot of promotion. Sad to see it go I was actually quite liking it!

  5. Lorinda says:

    I was just thinking that we hadn’t seen a “Cancellation Notification” for the new season.

  6. dude says:

    I didn’t mind it but it wasn’t must-see either. It was a guilty pleasure-like cross between Legally Blonde and Jersey Shore with a bit of a Stephanie Plum vibe but there’s nothing that had me dying to see it.

  7. holly says:

    I think the show lost its appeal for being badly named. Who is really going to give a show with Jersey in its name a shot after the past few years.

  8. shadester says:

    am i the only one that loves mob doctor?

  9. Tina B. says:

    I was just starting to like this show! I like the cast, it was like Ugly Betty meets The Good Wife. I think they pulled this one WAY too early, there has only been 2 episodes that I saw.
    Surely they could have tried it on another night first, I barely make it home for Blue Bloods on Friday nights! CBS this is strike 2 for you, this sucks!


  10. Mila says:

    Bring back A Gifted Man!!!

  11. Mauricio says:

    I watched the opening pilot for MIJ and every episode afterwards. I thought it was pretty good myself. It has it’s moments as any show that is introducing it’s characters first and foremost. I think CBS didn’t give it a proper chance since soooo many other shows have been piloting and I truly think they doomed it from the GATE.

    I truly feel that a pilot show should at least get to live at least 4 episodes before it’s YANKED. If it truly had bombed then I could have understood the reasons, but it got VIEWERS interested. I wonder how the networks would feel if we were in charge of their jobs and after 2 times we didn’t like them and just CANCELLED would they feel…Ratings aren’t ALWAYS everything when a show has a PULSE & POTENTIAL!

  12. Melinda Granieri says:

    This show could have been a contender but the accents for all the NJ characters were totally abominable. No one in NJ talks that way. The characters all sounded like they were from Brooklyn, the Bronx of Long Island. The show definitely had promise and it’s a shame the plug was pulled so quickly.

  13. Symce says:

    Next up: Mob Doctor, tho Guys with kids/animal practice could beat it to the punch, because Fox lacks proper replacement material.

    What I wish would be cancelled: Neighbours (it’s totally NOT funny)

  14. BrianR says:

    Now I have to pull CSI NY from my DVR as it now conflicts with Nikita and Grimm.

  15. Beverly says:

    good, they cancelled A Gifted man & look what they came up with also Elementary can go next.

  16. John says:

    I liked it. Two and done is just dumb, in my opinion.

  17. LJW says:

    It was bland. Not surprised it got cancelled.

  18. Thomas Knight says:

    The Mob Doctor will have its license pulled by Halloween. Not even Cher can save it.

  19. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    MIJ – thank you …… NEXT!

    I think NBC needs some room on the schedule for Whitney and Community, which are moving out of Friday slots. Animal Practice will be canceled in late October to make room for Whitney before Fox has to officially cancel Mob Doctor after the World Series ends in late October/early Nov. Guys with Kids will probably hang on until holidays/Dec.

  20. LadyC says:

    At least they’re not like NBC, leaving a show on long enough for you to get attached to it and then chucking it without playing the last few eps….ala Saving Hope

  21. Locke says:

    WHOOOOOO woooooo woooo

    only cheering for that we got the cancellation ball has started to roll

  22. GMom100 says:

    I’m still smarting over Fox’s cancellation of Human Target (and Lie to Me for that matter). After Janet Montgomery and the British/Indian woman joined the cast, it went down fast and was cancelled. It was a good show to begin with!

  23. EveatEden says:

    It was a bit cheesy but I love the actress and will miss having her on my tv. Loved her in Human Target which I miss!

  24. EveatEden says:

    I would say Mob Doctor is likely next. That or Last Resort.

  25. Bob says:

    Well, I just tore up my Vegas betting slips. Could have sworn ‘Mob Doctor’ would have been the first cancellation. Unfortunately, they don’t do a Win, Place, Show like horse racing bets.

  26. shadester says:

    I agree i think they never gave it a chance. I watched for the main character who i loved in My boys but really liked it. If it gets cancelled before guys w kids or the new normal i am gonna be mad!

  27. G says:

    Not happy, but not surprised about this cancellation. I liked the two episodes that were on, but the ratings were not there. Would have probably been a better fit for the CW, maybe matched up with a show like Hart of Dixie. Oh well, one less hour of tv on Friday night will mean one more show I can watch on the DVR from earlier in the week!

  28. Zoe says:

    Oh. Well, Stephanie March was on that, right? Maybe now Alex Cabot can pop in for an episode or two. -shrugs- I’m fine either way. Just a thought.

    But yeah, I didn’t think it would last. It looked too gimmicky.

  29. Carlos says:

    Wow, tough to bet on the second TV series to be canceled … so many of them are awful and deserve to be gone ASAP! How about “Animal Practice” and “Guys With Kids” on NBC; “Partners” on CBS; and “666 Park Avenue” on ABC. Actually, that last program is unique and unlike all the other crap on TV, so I watch it, just because it’s different, but I’ve heard that the ratings are pretty bad so far.

  30. Marc says:

    I think CBS needs to stop following fox and NBC in their lead for cancelling great shows. This was barely given a chance and being on a Friday wasn’t really given fair play. I rather loved the first two episodes and know others who feel the same. They really should bring it back, give it a decent time slot and let people learn about it and try it before making such a harsh decision! Bring it back!

  31. Matt says:

    why would u cancel this??? it only had two episodes and the episode with my high school wasn’t even on!!! :(

  32. Barbara says:

    I liked the show…thought it was the Italian version of Blue Bloods. I thought the viewers who enjoyed Blue Bloods would have enjoyed this show as well. I guess not. Oh well, I am DVRing too many shows as it is.

  33. Melinda says:

    Blue Bloods is a great show and you can’t compare the two. Made in Jersey does not represent the people of NJ in anyway. They all sound like New Yorkers from the Bronx, Brooklyn or LI and these great actors looked and sounded like caricatures. The writing was good but you couldn’t get past the bad stuff.

  34. oldngray says:

    We accidentally saw it and were looking forward to a new series to watch after the first two episodes – clean, cute, not too complicated – guess there wasn’t enough violence, sex or raw language!!

    • suz says:

      I agree completely. Something we could actually watch. Now we are back to TNT or ABC Family. Way to go CBS, ruin it for those of us that need something decent to watch. Bad move!

  35. faye scott says:

    Wow! I thought NBC had the reputation of “quick draw”. Don’t CBS know Friday nights in the fall at 7 or 8 PM is high school football night?A show has to be given a chance in that time slot. Some audiences won’t even know anything about the show until mid Nov.

  36. Larry Creasy says:

    Don’t understand CBS not giving this show a chance. Is was good. Partners is the show that needs to go. What a DUD!

    • Bill says:

      AMEN, Will and Grace at least had some qualities the made us laugh, have only watched just a bit of this show and it made me sick just watching it, a spin off of a great show with no class and very few laughs at all.

  37. Tripp in ATL says:

    Nothing does well on Friday nights. I thought Made in Jersey was a good show. Maybe they should try it on another night. CBS screwed up 3 years ago when they cancelled Ghost Whisperer….no other Friday night show since has had it’s good ratings.

  38. I thought Made in Jersey was cute and good enough that I intended to keep watching it, even if they did lay down the New Jersey stereotypes way too thick. It was certainly better than The Mindy Project, which was truly awful. That would be my pick for the next to go.

  39. suz says:

    I thought the show was a breath of fresh air, so of course they’d cancel it on me. Hate Blue Bloods…wish they had cancelled that.

  40. john carter says:

    i enjoyed the show! sorry it is gone!

  41. Gina says:

    it was my new favorite show, so i knew it would be cancelled but i did not think it would be so fast :(

  42. Bill says:

    This show was not given a fair chance, I looked forward to Friday Nights on CBS, now I have a time slot to fill as I see enough repeats as it is. Guess it is back to America’s Most Wanted. Still it is a shame that this show did not get the ratings CBS wanted, but what do they know? Remember some of the other shows they have cancelled in the past, Designing Women, Cagney & Lacy, and various others. I watch mostly CBS programs all during the week, one show that I feel really sucks is “How I met your Mother”, enough already the show is beginning to wane and in my opinion just plain sucks, I have stopped watching it and now look to FOX for the series “Bones” which is more interesting than watching NY yuppies play house and other nonsense.

    Made in Jersey was a great show as far as I am concerned, better than some of the other programs on CBS, guess ratings are what matters and then again these programs are rated by such a select few, Neilson rates the programs, and what makes them so damn good.

    Now we have to find other programming due to the Presidential debates and such, who cares, they are all liars and will say whatever it takes to get elected, as well as waste our time with rheteric. Do you know the difference between a politician and a bucket of manure? The bucket of manure actually has a purpose.

  43. Tony Gomez says:

    The next cancellation should be Michael Strahan, leave Kelly but send Michael back to sports only.

  44. ricky white says:

    jersey girl was a good show, cbs needed to move it to saturday night when other networks show repeats, it would have found its audience if only given a fair chance, my guess for next cancelled show is abc the neighbors, i watched only one episode and could hardly get thru it without turning the channel, vega needs to go as does nashvile!!

  45. John R. Wagner says:

    I viewed the 2 episodes, and it was too predictable and not plausible.
    In that any new idea this newly hired lawyer had was immediately accepted by her superiors

  46. Ian Hainey says:

    Watched both episodes and liked it a loy

  47. Deb says:

    Wow….I can’t believe CBS only gave “Jersey Girl” two episodes to prove itself?????!!!!!!
    I watched both of them and thought it would be a great show for Fridays……..The people who make these decisions, do you ever ask anyone who matters what they think??
    What a shame!

  48. Of course nobody watched it because it was on Friday nights the worse night of the week for any tv show and sure didn’t give it chance after only two episodes. CBS sucks!

  49. Wish they would finally cancel Survivor and some of the other reality shows since most of them are boring and suck. At least they’re replacing it with one of the only “reality”shows I like because it’s not a show about people being nasty to each other. It’s why I liked Extreme Makeover Home Addition because it wasn’t about nasty mean people being nasty to other mean people.

  50. I like Mob Doctor because I like William Forsyth who’s good at playing evil people and Jordana Spiro is hot!