Once Upon a Time Photos: Belle Explores the Non-Provincial Life... and Then Gets [Spoilered]!

Once Upon a Time‘s beautiful Belle is going to get to know Storybrooke better — though she may come to regret doing so.

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In a fresh series of photos from the Oct. 21 episode titled “The Crocodile,” Rumpelstiltskin’s honey (played by Emilie de Ravin) is seen flitting about the Maine burg, appreciating its quaint charms (and 95-cent car washes?!). As series cocreator Eddy Kitis said in TVLine’s fall preview, since Belle had been stashed away in the hospital for 28 years, Storybrooke “will probably be a strange land to her. She’s never seen a telephone before, she’s certainly never seen a television.” (Cue: Gasp!)

Alas, Belle’s stroll takes a dark turn when a knit-capped grunt drags her away. What’s behind the kidnapping? The episode’s logline surely contains a clue: “[A] reunion with an old acquaintance could prove to be Belle’s undoing. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, Rumpelstiltskin attempts to save his wife, Milah, from being kidnapped by a band of cutthroat pirates.”

Indeed, the “Crocodile” flashbacks feature new series regular Colin O’Donoghue as Captain Hook. And as played by Christopher Gauthier (Smallville, Eureka), the fella grabbing Belle sports a floppy red cap that matches the one typically worn by Captain Hook’s cohort Smee.

Will a search party seemingly comprised of Rumple, Charming and Red (is that an item of Belle’s clothing she’s getting a scent off of?) be able to rescue the pinched princess?

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  1. guss says:

    I wanna see Hook, but BELLE is the most boring character IMO

    • OMG, thank you! I was starting to think I was the only one to feel this way!!! I just can’t stand her! It makes me sad, because Beauty & The Beast is one of my favorite fairytales. I hate it how they’ve done it. I don’t like Rumple as the Beast (though I love his character), and I think Emilie DeRavin (though I have nothing against her as an actress) is such a poor casting as Belle.

      On the other hand, Little Red Hiding Hood, which is one of the fairytales I’ve never particularly cared for, was so amazingly well done, and I think they’ve casted Meghan Ory so perfectly, Red is by far my favorite. Amazing what adaptations can do, isn’t it?

      • Liz says:

        I agree, Emily DeRavin is a horrible choice for Belle… And she looks like Rumple’s daughter! The accent is not very good as well…

      • guss says:

        David was boring the last season, yes (not Charming, Charming is very enjoyable) but this season David seems amazing (in the last episode he was one of the best characters)
        Belle seems the new “David”, she will be just crying for Rumpel in every episode.
        I don’t know, maybe as guest star I could love her, but as regular? She hasn’t enough story to be a regular.
        And I didn’t like her and the twist with Beauty and the Beast.

        Red, in the other hand, is very interesting.

        • Mary says:

          Yeah I had thought it was good that she walked out of the pawn shop after hearing what Emma, Snow, and Charming were saying to him, especially the part about Henry. But then a long walk later and she’s already back trying to fix him? Really?

          I also don’t like Rumple as the beast. I preferred the character when I thought he was the overall villain but then they showed how pathetic he was before becoming the Dark One and giving him a kid that he loses through magic.

          I love Red though. She’s a much more interesting character. What I’m going to not like about this episode is no Emma (Jennifer mentioned it in an interview) and probably no Snow since they’re together in the Enchanted Forest.

          • luli says:

            no emma?? with last sunday’s episode i realized that emma and mm need to be in an episode to make it more interesting.. i really missed them in the episode even though they were there for llike 3 min

        • That’s because in the last episode he was already Charming, dude! He remembered :)

        • Mike says:

          While I agree with you at the moment, Belle has only been in one episode as a regular and I think it’s too early to tell whether or not she’ll just be Rumple’s love interest, I think she could become a great character once she begins to interact with other characters other than Rumple.

          • Kat says:

            That’s the thing though. Some of these hardcore haters complain about her not interacting with anyone else yet, but they actually DON’T want her to. If she does, then they can’t use that to hate on her anymore.

            People need to be patient, she only just got out of the asylum and doesn’t know ANYONE. At some point in time, she will be integratedwith the rest of the characters in Storybrooke, obviously.

      • Kat says:

        I completely disagree. I was hesitant about the casting at first, but I see Adam and Eddy knew what they were doing. She expresses Belle’s gentleness and compassion perfectly. I can’t imagine anyone else playing Belle now.

        • But Belle isn’t only gentle and compassionate. She’s smart, witty, sassy, funny. This Belle is so dull. She has no personality. It’s like her whole purpose is to turn Rumple. Maybe if she did interact with others, she’d be more likeable.

          Take Red. She’s been a very underused character so far, but she’s my very favorite. Why? Because whenever she’s there, she has this huge personality, energy, it just comes right off the screen. She’s got spunk, she’s got a voice. She reels you in right away, right in. Belle doesn’t have that sort of appeal at all.

          • kt says:

            In YOUR opinion.

            I don’t know, I find her very sassy and smart. That was shown in Skin Deep. She hasn’t had a chance to be funny yet, what with most of her scenes being all about the drama.

          • People can be funny while doing dramatic scenes! That’s what makes them awesome! That’s exactly what I’m talking about! Where’s the multi-dimensionality in her character?

          • kt says:

            For some reason it’s not allowing me to comment your comment to me, so I’m doing it here again. Um, I don’t want funny in my dramatic scenes, it throws off the whole setting and mood, in my opinion. I’m sorry you are missing her multi-dimensionality in her character, but it is there it’s just not what YOU want to see. She teases him, is playful in the first episode of theirs. You’re wanting everything rushed and that’s not going to happen. She’s going to have her story more developed in time, but right now she just got out of the asylum and her centric hasn’t even showed yet. She hasn’t had a lot of screen time, except one episode and it was only 45 minutes. Give the writers a break. She has sass, spunk, kindness, bravery, and she’s quite trusting. Sometimes we need that in a character. It seems all the good in her is what others are complaining about. She’s going to be working in the library, and eventually interacting with other characters, as well as Red. Be patient.

          • Naazneen says:

            “But Belle isn’t only gentle and compassionate. She’s smart, witty, sassy, funny. ”
            I love Emile. And i really dont have a problem with her casting. However, i do agree that we have been seeing one note from Belle. I would like to see more

          • km says:

            I thought Belle was funny in her dramatic scenes. The face she made when she said “my chipped cup” in Broken, for example, cracked me up. Or her “you’re not a monster” side-eye to Rumple. Emilie’s a more subtle actress than some.

          • Linda Hayes says:

            I totally agree with you regarding Emilie de Ravin…Last seasons episodes with her and Rumplestiltskin ratings soared…..She is such a assest to the show….The contrast between Belle and Rumple are amazing…I wonder if those who are stating such negative comments are even watching the same show we are….Kudos to those who support Emilie/Belle….Hurray!!!!!!!!!

      • Cait says:

        She’s been in maybe 4 episodes with less than 45 mins of actual screen time. How is developed can the character be? As for the the actress Emilie de Ravin is wonderful and with what little time she has had on screen she has proven her acting ability. It’s hard to shine when working opposite the powerhouse acting machine that is Robert Carlyle and she’s had little to no interaction with other characters. Emilie de Ravin constructed a Belle who is much more compassionate and kind hearted than the Disney version, which is necessary for a love interest such as Rumple. You may view that as boring but the writers have given her no time for the character to exist outside of her relationship with Rumple that’s not de Ravin’s fault.

        • Jack says:

          “…more compassionate and kind hearted than the Disney version…”

          Yeah, somebody’s grasping at straws here!

          • Cait says:

            “Yeah, somebody’s grasping at straws here!”

            Yeah, I’d say the fact that OUAT Belle didn’t have to be saved by the Beast in order to see the more human side of him, makes her a more kind hearted person. It didn’t take him risking his life in some dramatic show of bravery for her to warm to him. From what we’ve been shown she learned to love him by just being around him and finding the small pieces of humanity left in him. So yeah, I’d she she’s more compassionate.

        • Kara says:

          I’m not sure that is the best example…because I’ve felt more for one-episode characters than I have for Belle. You can think someone is miscast for a part and still like them as an actor, it happens all the time. To me, Emilie de Ravin can play sweet very well, but she’s never had much spunk in any of the other roles I’ve seen her in. I’m not sure if it’s the writing or the way she’s playing it, maybe both, but Belle just comes across as a prop for Rumple’s character rather than one unto herself.

        • Liza says:

          Huh… Are we talking about the same Disney Belle? Because in the Disney version she basically takes her father’s place in prison, not to be a “hero” but to save his LIFE… Then she leaves the Beast to see if her father is fine (because he’s about to die) but she comes back on her own, no one has to ask her if she loves him and that she could change him with a true love kiss for her to come back to him.

    • Olivia says:

      Mary Margaret (not Snow) is the most boring character, IMO. She has no voice.

      • I totally disagree with you. :)

        I think Mary Margaret, and especially Snow (she totally kicks ass), are strong characters, and the casting of Ginny Goodwin was pretty great. I think David (not Charming, though, Charming is much cooler!), though, was pretty lame.

        • Olivia says:

          I respect your opinion. I like Snow, but Mary Margaret should stand up more and she has this little soft voice that’s just annoying. Check Season 1 finale when she’s angry at Emma for not saying goodbye. David is starting to stand up with all the ‘Gramps’ and confronting Regina, but yeah, Charming is cooler!
          Meghan Ory is such a great casting, I cannot believe she’s 30!
          And Belle, well, maybe she has nothing special and I really like the actress, but I don’t consider her character boring or lame.

          • shuayb says:

            I agree with you but the point of some of the storybrooke characters is that they are opposite to what they would be in fairy tale land. Mary margaret is a mouse in storybrooke whereas in fairytale land she is a fiery feisty warrior princess. David is a coward and idiot whereas in fairy tale land he charming is brave noble and well charming… Its just who they are.

          • Maga says:

            Loving the politeness! Thank you!

          • Actually, I do agree that she has a a soft voice (or rather, this one certain tone of speaking that Ginnifer Goodwin *always* uses), and sometimes it seems like she can’t act. But, to me, it seems more like a personality trait. I mean, a few of my friends, have a certain way of speaking, so, why wouldn’t she?

            I think Belle from the show just doesn’t do any justice to Disney movie Belle. Where’s the smart, perky, mouthy, girl with a lot of attitude? This one seems to have a messianic complex to saving Rumple, and that annoys me a lot.

          • Really? I find that odd. I’ve always been very disappointed in the Disney Beauty and the Beast because the one thing that every other telling of Beauty and the Beast has is the fact that Belle teaches Beast to behave better and care for others thereby breaking a curse that he brought on himself with selfishness and pride. Beast obviously hasn’t learned his lesson in the Disney version because when the people sworn to serve him (hell, they got turned into inanimate objects for him) come to him afraid because they are under attack and they could be hurt or killed or taken he basically says, “I don’t give a crap about you, I’m going to sit here and pout because I lost my girl”. It’s stupid. If Belle had really taught him to love he would have protected the people that were his responsibility. He’d already condemned them to a life as nick-knacks by sending Belle away the least he could do would be protect them from being hurt or stolen. Selfish jerk. If that Belle had been a little more concerned with “saving” her Beast and less with how happy or sad SHE was about a deal that she decided to make maybe he wouldn’t have been the same shallow spoiled self centered a-hole at the end of the movie that he was at the beginning. That movie is so full of plot holes it’s unbelievable. If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s so pretty and the music is great I would really hate it.

          • veronic says:

            I can’t imagine the show without Snow.
            I can imagine the show without Belle.

          • Diana says:

            Mary Margaret was written differently than Snow, as well as the David and charming, to demarcate the effects of the curse.
            He was a very talented part of Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, make us feel differently about their characters MM / Snow and David / Charming

      • kt says:

        I completely agree with you. I my opinion, their story has just been beaten to death.

    • xav says:

      Me too. Her personality is almost non-existent.

    • Nat3 says:

      I don’t really care for her either. But they made her a series regular so they’re gonna have to use her for more than being Gold’s accessory. I’m more interested in seeing more of Red though.

      • guss says:

        Red, Rumpel, Snow, Charming, Regina, Emma. Give me more of them.

        • I really like Regina in Storybrooke. HATE having flashback centric episodes. I like the independent stories SO MUCH better than Snow/Charming/Regina (in FTL). Hans & Gretel and, of course, my all time favorite, Red’s (even though she’s a regular character, her episode was almost like a movie — it stood alone!) were my favorite stories.

        • Kelly says:

          I love the charming family but have no problem with their airtime, same thing with Rumpel. Sometimes Rumpel’s too involved in everyone’s storyline. Lana P is awesome as evil queen but terrible as young Regina. So bad. There needs to be more Red,Archie,Belle,Jefferson and August with their own stories not stories that support the other five.

        • TJ says:

          Sorry but the Charming family is boring. And all you ever hear Charming say every two seconds is “I will find you.” I wish Henry hadn’t of walked in on his mother in Broken so that I could have had the pleasure of seeing him murder that dumbass. Wish the entire family would get killed off as every episode with them in it is so boring that I want to slit my wrists.

    • Kat says:

      That’s how I feel about Charming. We all have different tastes.

    • Diana says:


      Not Emilie de Ravin Fan.

      Robert Carlyle is an AMAZING ACTOR…
      I love his Rumple…but not stand Belle with him!

    • NOLA says:

      I disagree. I think Belle is amazing, and Emilie does an amazing job playing her.

    • Patti says:

      I love Belle. Emilie de Ravin is awesome.

    • Kelly says:

      I think Belle is exciting and awesome. Emilie is wonderful in the role

    • Lily says:

      Many of us happen to think of them as the most interesting, lovable, perfect couple of the show… So, let’s agree to disagree…

  2. Olivia says:

    Love her blue dress!

  3. I like her clothes, really, and that’s about it. The only part of this article that had me excited was Red being in the serach party.

  4. Azerty says:

    Emilie de Ravin if you ever read this, would you like to marry me?

    Otherwise I must admit this show is getting more and more interesting! And I think many people find Belle boring because she just had scenes with Rumple so far and even if they have great chemistry, it was always the same story (“choose love not power”). I can wait to see her interacting with the other characters!

    • Kat says:

      People have already written her off. They seem to know what will happen in the entire season 2 already. I follow spoilers closely, and she will be interacting with others besides Gold, and I’m not talking about Smee or her father. They’ll still hate her then too though. People don’t understand that Belle doesn’t know anyone yet except for Gold and her father.

      They like to bash her to prop up their favs, as you see the Red fans doing here. Giving her fans a bad name.

      • Dude, no one is *bashing* Belle. It’s just that she could have more personality. Really, it’s not Emilie DeRavin’s (I’m assuming you’re a fan) fault. It’s the writers’ fault. What I’m really unsatisfied with is how they wrote Beauty and the Beast into the show, but they could have made Belle more aware. You do have a point, that she doesn’t know anyone else, but she could be more… alive.

        To me, it’s all about *energy*. You either have it, or you don’t. Belle could pick it up and become a very likable character in the future. I don’t know. I just think, so far, there isn’t anything about her that grabs you up.

      • Kara says:

        People aren’t bashing her, they’re expressing legitimate criticism for the way the writers are treating a character that most of us love outside of OUAT. They had a chance to do something great with her character, since she’s one of the more modern princess characters, but they just made her an accessory. That’s very disappointing. I’m hopeful that they’ll give her her own flashbacks outside of Rumple, but until that happens I can’t help but be annoyed with her treatment.

        • SC says:

          Well, actually no ‘OMG We don’t like Belle cause she’s had little development but we don’t want the authors to give her enough screentime to have some’ is NOT ‘constructive criticism’ Come on, I’d be ok if you actually hated her for her storyline and such, but you’re bashing her without even knowing if she’s going to be interesting yet. I find her an amazing character already to be honest, but apparently some people have decided to have a bashing party.
          (P.S: PLEASE at least don’t blame the actress like many did. Whether you like the choice or not, she’s doing a GREAT job as Belle)

  5. Irishgirl says:

    Aaaacccckkkkk!!!! Vincent is kidnapping Belle!!!! Who knew he’d give up Cafe Diem and turn to a life of crime after Eureka was cancelled?!?!?! LOL!

  6. Lyria says:

    Red needs to rethink her accessories….

  7. guss says:

    David was boring the last season, yes (not Charming, Charming is very enjoyable) but this season David seems amazing (in the last episode he was one of the best characters)
    Belle seems the new “David”, she will be just crying for Rumpel in every episode.
    I don’t know, maybe as guest star I could love her, but as regular? She hasn’t enough story to be a regular.
    And I didn’t like her and the twist with Beauty and the Beast.

    Red, in the other hand, is very interesting.

    • guss says:

      And at least Charming or Snow or Emma or…have story. With their family, with the enemies…
      Bella has no story, just Rumpel.
      I can’t understand why she is now a regular if she was just in 2 episodes (well, just 1 episode) and August, who has much more interesting story, is not a regular anymore

      • Bigby_wolf says:

        August was never a regular, he was just recurring. Belle has plenty of story and relevancy to the entire arc. We still don’t know what happened to her from the time Rumpel banished her to win Regina got her hands on her and locked her away.

        Not to mention she still hasn’t even interacted with her father Maurice, who we know is in Storybrooke since he works for the flower company, and Rumpel also beat him half to death last season.

        • guss says:

          I don’t care about her father. I mean, if she is gonna interact with non-interesting characters………………………..
          Belle was OK to be a guest star. As REGULAR she doesn’t is interesting.
          Of course, lady, I write what I think, I can understand you have another opinion ;)

        • Mary says:

          Actually August was a regular in the last half of the first season.

        • Mike says:

          August was a regular and still is a regular(as far as I know), he just has yet to show up this season, not in wood, mostly for story purposes, the cast is big enough, that not everyone has shows up in every episode, while he was a regular last season he still did not show up in every episode, as well as Rumple.

          • Nat3 says:

            No, they demoted Raphael Sbarge (Archie) and Eion Bailey (August) to recurring and promoted Emilie de Ravin and Meghan Ory to series regular. ABC lists all the series regulars on their Medianet website and Raphael and Eion are no longer on the list for season two while Emilie and Meghan are.

          • Oh, they DID demote Archie! I’m glad! He pretty much wasn’t in the show! It kinda pissed me off a bit that he was a regular and Meghan Ory wasn’t, seeing that Red had much more story and character voice and quality!

        • Nat3 says:

          August was very much a regular. He was listed as as series regular in the opening credits and on ABC’s website.

      • Jesse says:

        How do you know she has no story this season when we’re only 2 episodes in? You can conclude that from the 3 minutes she was in the premiere? You’ve already decided you will hate her no matter what, let’s be real.

      • Kat says:

        August was demoted because clearly the writers didn’t have much plans for him in the future. That and the fan reaction. While I loved him, he got tons of hate. It seemed most hated him or didn’t care about him at all.

        • Stormy says:

          This is JMO, but I think a lot of the animosity toward August came from the Graham/Emma shippers who didn’t want her with him.

          • Not as much as the fact that his character actually abandoned baby Emma to run off with the other kids. As far as I care, I hope his a stiff now. i don’t care if he was a kid, he was supposed to watch out for her and guide her through everything, instead, he walked away. That’s probably why most people didn’t like him.

          • Nat3 says:

            That’s my impression too. People who wanted Emma in a relationship with someone else and some Rumplestiltskin fans hated on him the most. If they demoted him because of THAT it’s really disappointing.

      • Kara says:

        Exactly. That’s my biggest problem with Belle…that she’s not an actual character, she’s just a narrative prop to make Rumple more sympathetic. None of what she does makes much sense, because they’re not writing FOR her character so much as writing HER for Rumple’s.

      • Sunny says:

        She has no story YET. How can you judge a character after what? 3 scenes?

      • arabella says:

        She can also have a story with her family ( her father Moe), her enemies ( Regina abducting her) etc. So far she has been heavily featured in one episode in season 1 and she had 4 short scenes in season 1 and 4 short scenes in season 2. She can’t be compared to main characters such as Charming, Snow or Emma in terms of her character’s development simply because she is not a main character and hasn’t been featured so much.
        Hook has been promoted although he has not been shown yet, so the number of episodes has nothing to with who gets promoted or not.
        August’s story being more interesting than Belle’s is your opinion. Adam and Eddie must have viewed that differently since they promoted Emilie and gave up on Eion.
        You clearly don’t like Belle and you won’t like her no matter what happens for whatever reason. Stop making up excuses for why you don’t like her. Be honest.

    • Jesse says:

      How is she crying for Rumple in these pics? She’s checking out the library, looks like she wants to get a job and get her life together.

      She hasn’t had enough story yet, but she will now that she’s a regular. I don’t know what people were expecting in her 3 minutes in the premiere. She’s never even had her own centric, but it will happen this season and we’ll get to learn more about her.

      They made her a regular because she’s a fan favorite and because they need her. Otherwise Emilie would have signed on to do another pilot.

      Sucks for her haters though, haha.

  8. cjeffery7 says:

    wow, belle has some super cute wardrobe! holla!

  9. Bigby_wolf says:

    Seems like everyone last season was just clamoring and demanding that Belle became a regular this season and now that she is people complain that she’s going to be prominent in an episode. Jeez, there’s certainly no pleasing tv viewers that’s for sure.

    • Danyelle says:

      Right?? I can only imagine some “agenda” is at play, as always with these things. Too violent a reaction from some folk to be about a character they’ve spent maybe 3 minutes with.

      • BelleRumpleFan says:

        You’ve hit the nail on the head.

      • Kat says:

        I know that certain people from another site, who ship Gold with someone else, post a link to articles about Belle on their community so they can all come and make sure to leave negative feedback. I saw them do it with the article announcing Emilie being made a regular. It’s kinda pathetic.

        • Liza says:

          It’s called “freedom of opinions”, obivously on the other site people can’t say what they think without being called “agressive” or “disrespectful” so of course they go elsewhere to say what they think… This isn’t pathetic, what it pathetic is people taking what they’re saying on their community because they don’t like it and bringing it up on the other site just to get them in trouble. And all that because people can’t accept that not everyone will agree with them on everything…

          • Kt says:

            Actualky you and others gave said you enjoy pissing iff and riling up rumbellers on purpise. Of course you have a right to your opion but for those of us who have seen your opions you tend to do it out os spite. Also fyi jane said in a tweet that the case gold had in the shop when he was packing was for belle and he had the vase with him,so he was bringing belle with him. ;)

          • For the record, *I* never said I liked riling anyone up. I just like discussing things. And we have different opinions on the Belle matter. I really do hope she grows as a character. I like having characters I enjoy. I do want to like her, you know?

          • kt says:

            but you have been disrespectful. there were comments mocking emilie’s real life tweets, and when some of you got called out for bashing the actress, which that was. i have seen first hand that some of you say you like riling up rumbellers r pissing them off on purpose, which is also immature. i am a rumbeller and i am really ok with you shipping golden swan, it doesn’t bother me at all, but it bothers me that you guys keep saying IMO when it’s not always an opinion, sometimes you’re just being disrespectful and then slapping a “OPINION” on it.

            also, just fyi, jane said in her tweet that gold was packing the suit case FOR belle, to take with him on his road trip as well as bringing along the vase from skin deep. so he wasn’t only thinking of bae in that moment. ;)

          • arabella says:

            I agree. It is pathetic. Just like trashing people behind their backs in a particularly aggressive manner and getting angry at them when you got caught. But all this hate is counter- productive. The worst thing for a television character is not hate, but indifference. In the eyes of the writers a character which people get into heated debates over is a successful character. It means it manages to raise controversy and make people emotional, whether it is love or hate. The characters that don’t usually get killed off.

          • Candace says:

            I agree completely. It’s hard to post any less than positive opinions on Belle on any fan-driven site, without her die-hard fans somehow taking any criticism towards her as personal attacks against them and rushing in and attacking the person. Which is why I don’t fault people talking/bashing about her in their own communities. Her hardcore fans brought that type of phenomenon on themselves by trying to be some Belle-obsessed version of the Spanish Inquisition and trying to strong-arm people into not saying anything less than praiseworthy about her.

        • Candace says:

          I find it pretty pathetic you’re lurking on sites that are none of your business just to censor people on their opinions and making things up. This is why Belle is gaining a hatedom and why a lot of people are getting sick of Rumbelle: Belle/Rumbelle fans behaving like immature and obnoxious zealots to people who dare not share the same opinion as them in regards to favorite characters and/or pairings.

    • Mary says:

      I never wanted Belle to be a regular. Red yes, Belle no.

      • veronic says:

        I agree, Red was in the show since the beginning, she deserved it¡

        • Matt says:

          It’s not about deserving. They just made Hook a regular before his episode even aired. If the producers like the character/actor and have plans for them in the future, they make them a regular. Being a fan fav helps too.

          I’m glad both Red and Belle were upgraded. I even prefer Red over Snow, she’s way more interesting than her.

          • I prefer Red over Snow, too! And over Regina. And over Emma. And even over Henry! Red is my favorite character from the whole show. The thing about her is that she has this GREAT energy going around, this huge character voice and personality! Whenever she’s in a scene, she steals it.

            I really liked her before Red-Handed, I was waiting eagerly for her story, but, then, the writers did this absofreakinglutely amazing job with her adaptation! It’s been, by far, the best! They gave her this huge storyline! Her story was this awesome, standish-alone, movie-like episode, which was in my opinion the best, and it just made me love her even more!

            Red AND Ruby just reel you in with her spunk and life and passion! And Meghan Ory has been such a wonderful casting! I’d never heard of her before, but, wow! Now we need a new guy for Red <3

    • veronic says:

      That’s not true. Just hard fans wanted Belle as regular. And it seems writers read them…..
      Normal viewers want new characters but just as guest stars. We fall in love with the show because the main protagonists are amazing.

      • Hard Emilie DeRavin fans…

        • kt says:

          Actually, the writers and creators wanted her. The fans who fell in love with her character and her fans were pleased to see that the creators wanted her as a regular as well.

      • Jesse says:

        Normal viewers? There are plenty of normal viewers that love Belle. You can’t speak for all the viewers when saying they only love that main characters. I know plenty of casual fans that are thrilled that Belle, Red, and Hook are regulars. Stop acting like what you want goes for the entire fandom.

        Man oixcaf, you have to be the most obsessed Belle hater I’ve ever seen. You are on every site that so much as mentions her. Google alerts?

        Sorry the show can’t revolve around Snowing all the time like you want.

    • Exactly, everyone wanted Red, because she was there from the beginning, and she was awesome, fun, has this amazing, positive, uplifting energy, and this crazy original story!

      But Belle? Blah.

    • BelleRumpleFan says:

      Those people are Belle/Emilie and Rumbelle haters. They are a very vocal minority. I don’t understand hating on any of the actors on the show, but that’s fandom for ya. Prior to the hiatus things were relatively civil, but it’s got increasingly negative :(

      I for one am really excited about this episode. HOOK!

      • veronic says:

        No, I dont hate Emilie¡ I dislike her character ;)

        • Kate says:

          That’s a lie. On another site I saw you bashing Emilie, said you can’t stand her and that you’d probably love Rumbelle if it weren’t for her. Nice try though.

        • kt says:

          Yet oicafx you’re constantly mocking her and insulting her on other sites. Thumbs up.

      • Jesse says:

        There are WAAAAAY more Belle lovers than haters. They fans are just doing better things than bashing nonstop on this site. When it comes to TV line, the haters rush their butts over here to bash her. Especially that oixcaf girl from fanforum. She’s what I call an obsessed hater.

      • Mary says:

        Don’t hate Belle. Just don’t care for the character. I get tired of the overzealous Rumpelstiltskin and Belle fans.

      • I really don’t hate Emilie. She was pretty fine on Lost. She’s cute, her accent is adorable. I just really dislike the way they did Beauty and the Beast in OUAT (A LOT), I think the age difference between Rumple and Belle is a bit yucky, and, I could overlook both those things, if Belle had a lot more spunk, instead of being so soft and sweet. She could be funny and witty and quirky, that’s all, like Belle from the Disney movie. And that’s a personal preference. I’m no hater, I just don’t like the character and I don’t think Emilie was the best choice for *this* part.

        But, then, maybe Belle couldn’t have spunk, be funny, quirky, and witty, because they have Red for that <3

      • xav says:

        You don’t have to be a hater to not be feeling a character or pairing. Nor do you have any way to prove that they’re just a vocal minority.

        • BelleRumpleFan says:

          You are totally right. Adam & Eddy made Emilie a regular because Belle wasn’t popular and didn’t get positive feedback. That makes total sense. /sarcasm

      • Candace says:

        People having a difference of opinion? Perish the thought! /sarcasm

    • Tee says:

      Oh I don’t know, I remember a fair number of people complaining about her blahness last season too. And it felt like a lot of the people that wanted more of her, it was more about Rumple getting more storyline from it.

      I don’t think it’s an acting thing, though. Kristen Bauer von Straten is one of the main reasons I still watch True Blood, and yet I thought Maleficent was pretty mediocre. And she’s far from the only one. There’s just something not always clicking with some of the people they bring in, not sure if it’s a writing thing, casting thing, etc.

      • Exactly, it’s all about character! Kristen is FANTASTIC on True Blood (one of the only good things about the show, as you put), and her character was not nearly as great in OUAT.

    • Jesse says:

      The only people complaining are the few haters. Her fans which outweigh that haters are thrilled. Trust me, if I were to make a post about this page on tumblr, this place would be flooded with love.

  10. Mike says:

    I want some pictures of Emma(and Snow..I guess). Oh I missed Emma so much last episode. I never realized how much Emma was pivotal to the show, last episode was not bad, it was awesome actually, but I just kept on waiting for Emma to show up.

    • allegradante says:

      I missed Emma too. Her being barely there in the last episode made me realize that she truly is my favorite character.

    • Matt says:

      Honestly, I didn’t even notice because the episode was so good. Shows you don’t need to have tons of Emma and Snow in an episode to make it good.

      • Mike says:

        I agree, I didn’t like it during my first viewing since I kept waiting for Emma and Snow to show up, Emma’s my favorite character, but when I watched it again I honestly thought it was better than the premiere, at this rate the second season is looking to be miles better than season 1.

      • Nat3 says:

        I liked it too and didn’t miss them much. The story was very good and worked well without them. Besides we know they will have lots of story in the next episode, so that’s another reason why it didn’t bother me at all.

    • Mary says:

      I missed her and (adult) Snow too.

  11. BelleRumpleFan says:

    Belle looks gorgeous! HMMM… if Smee is kidnapping her, does this mean Hook is behind this?

    I love that Belle is being curious and seeming going out to investigate the world around her on her own. Belle being Intelligent is canon from the original story & Disney film. I love that call back.

    Rumple/Red/Charming team up! I love it!!!

    • Beauty being intelligent is canon from pretty much every single interpratation of the story not just the Disney version. That has always been the reason that she could fall in love with Beast because she was intelligent enough to look past the surface animal to the soul beneath.

    • Kate says:

      I agree, she looks stunning. Such a fabulous style!

      I really hope she works in the library. I think the library was always meant for Belle, that’s why they’ve had it abandoned until now.

  12. Martin says:

    Alright, i’ll just say it, I love Red but i miss the sassiness of Ruby, hope they bring back some of that.

  13. Shey says:

    Belle looks so pretty! Looking forward to seeing more of her and Mr. Gold!! Rumbellei Is my favorite couple!!

  14. Philia says:

    wow people, slow down. also bore me see Belle just as Rumpel/ Beast / Mr Gold’s true love. but I think it is too early to judge. we only saw three minutes of Belle throughout the second season. I think that the authors could do a great job with her personal history without Mr. Gold around.

    No, I’m not a Rumbeller, not even Belle’s fan but … seriously. Three Minutes of Belle and already so many haters? Time to time, I have faith in authors.
    ( Only me just L O V E Emilie’s facial expression ? <3 )

    • veronic says:

      It’s not hate, guys¡¡
      It’s just that we don’t understand why is she regular now….

      • Philia says:

        we just have to see what happens, then.
        who knows. ;)

      • Jesse says:

        Let me tell you why she’s a regular. She’s a fan favorite, Rumbelle is hugely popular, she has a huge connection to a core character. They need her around, otherwise Emilie will go do another show. Adam and Eddy said from the very beginning that they knew they were bringing Belle in.

        Most people understand why she’s a regular.That’s why when it was announced, nobody was the least bit surprised, It made perfect sense. Just like everyone knows they’ll most likely make Bae a regular.

    • Polly says:

      She has way more fans than haters, but the haters always flock to any TV Line article that mentions her. If all her fans were here, there’d be tons of love.

      See you’re not biased and know she was only in the premiere for 3 minutes and have no idea what’s coming for her this season.

      The people who are already judging her and think she’ll never have scenes with anyone but Gold for the entire rest of the series, have already decided they will always hate her. I guarantee you they’ll be pissed when she starts interracting with others, because they won’t be able to complain about that anymore.Can’t wait to see Belle meeting everyone.

      • Philia says:

        ” The people who are already judging her and think she’ll never have scenes with anyone but Gold for the entire rest of the series, have already decided they will always hate her. I guarantee you they’ll be pissed when she starts interracting with others, because they won’t be able to complain about that anymore.Can’t wait to see Belle meeting everyone.”

        here we go. :D totally agree.

  15. Mila says:

    Loving the excess Charming/David & Red/Ruby! I don’t ship them; but, dang, if they’re aren’t an awesome duo.

  16. Jesse says:

    Can’t wait for more Belle, love her. Adam and Eddy made the perfect casting choice with Emilie. A+

    • Kayla says:

      Glad someone agrees with me! Not understanding all the Belle hating going on, she’s by far my favorite character so far. I adore Emilie de Ravin, and think she was a great choice for this character. Perhaps they’ll get over it once she interacts with other characters more.

      • Matt says:

        I think some will get over and be happy when she interacts with other characters, but many are biased and will always hate her no matter what. I’ve that many people who ship Gold with other characters have automatically hated her since the moment they found out Rumple would be the beast.

        • Megan says:

          I wish people would just seriously calm down! Belle is going to have way more to do with the story line than just being Rum’s true love! Her character is going to have some major development this season and that means more that just interacting with Rum. Emilie de Ravin is wonderful and she and Bobby have such great chemistry!

          The hate on her accent? Are you kidding me! Snow White is a GERMAN fairytail! You don’t see Snow, Charming and company talking with German accents. Hell Graham had and Irish accent!

        • Candace says:

          Yes, people who dislike or are neutral towards Belle are only butthurt shippers. It’s not there are fans who don’t care about shipping at all who dislike or are ambivalent towards her. No, it’s just shippers!!!!!111111/sarcasm

          C’mon guys, believe it or not, some people don’t care about shipping and don’t let it affect their views of characters.

  17. James says:

    I used to like Belle the first season, but in the last episode she was acting like an abused woman returning to Rumple despite of what he has done! The worst part is that the curse was broken! I thought she would have her character back by now, why does she let Rumple do that to her!? I like her and Emilie, too; but if she’s going to be a regular she needs a good arc in the show. I hope Emilie turning into a regular wasn’t just for “fandom” purposes.

    • Matt says:

      Gold lied to her, that happens all the time in relationships. I don’t see that as abuse.
      I think it would be odd if Belle just gave up on their relationship after being with Gold for an hour. Relationship takes work, you can’t just give up after one fight.

      • Lilo says:

        “Gold lied to her, that happens all the time in relationships.” Huuuh? I´m sorry that you feel that way. Some little White lies happen but the big fat lie of Gold absolutely not, no. It is more or less unacceptable. These things are not a sign of an healthy relationship, sorry. But i agree they are just together again after 30years, it takes some time to adjust to each other in this new realm. After all we all want to watch how poor Gold becomes a Golden teddybear and fortunately she hasn`t get any depression after being incarcerated for 30years and she still is the happy-go-lucky Girl. Perish the thought, It would have made the entire story less cheesy. ;)

        • Stormy says:

          Forgive my poor memory, but does Belle know that Rumpel turned Gaston into a rose? I can’t remember.

        • Matt says:

          I’m saying lying in relationships ins’t uncommon, but I don’t see it as abuse. I feel like some people are acting like Gold beats her and he forces her to stay with him. He was definitely as ass and screwed up, for sure.

          I agree they need work on their relationship. That’s why I enjoy it so much, it’s more realistic and not the cheesy love at first sight, gazing into each other’s eyes all day long type you’d expect from this type of show.

          I don’t think you should call it quits with your true love after one hour of being back together, after being separtaed for 28 years. At least give it….a week. :p

          • Autumn says:

            I totally agree with you. I mean, sure Rumple lied and was an ass, he said sorry right after and he meant it. She was still angry and she “walked it off” and came back to sort things out. Real relationships take work. It’s not abuse. It’s working through the tough times. David slept with Katheryn, Snow slept with Whale, but are they quitting on each other? No. They aren’t getting criticized either. So seriously back off Belle. This poor girl, agreed to a deal where she’d have to sacrifice her freedom (forever) in order to save her people. She is kind and unselfish, and so BRAVE. There is no malignancy in her. Rumple tells her to go(since he still needs his powers to find Bae and falling for Belle is a threat to his goal) and she gets locked up by Regina for 3 decades! She has suffered much and hasn’t had the opportunity to form close relationships with others just yet. Stop bashing her for coming back to Rumple and saying she is a weak character. Emilie de Ravin is amazing as Belle. I think she has portrayed Belle wonderfully. I am thrilled to know Belle is a series regular and looking forward to seeing how she will take advantage of her freedom in Storybrooke. Of course, her association with Rumple has brought her nothing but trouble until now and it seems that is always the case when an innocent person gets involved with someone who is hated or sought after. In fact, Ep. 4 photos show that she is getting kidnapped again. People might view her as the damsel in distress but bad things happen to good characters all the time. People are after Snow and Charming all the damn time and have gotten locked up too. Yet they continue to struggle against evil and they don’t give up on finding each other and staying together. Belle and Rumple love each other so yes her scenes will often involve him. so what? They are brilliant together. They are each other’s true love. She just came out of the asylum, and has much exploring to do. I’m sure we’ll see more of her character’s development throughout the rest of season 2. It’s always interesting when Emilie/Belle is on screen =)

          • The difference is, Snow and Charming were under a spell and DIDN’t KNOW they were committed to each other. They had absolutely no awareness. In fact, David was committed to Kathryn when he was sleeping with her.

            Rumple does what he does deliberately, including lying, deceiving and manipulating.

          • Autumn says:

            To Barbie Furtado. Well there’s no need to inform me of that. I have been watching the show since the pilot episode premiered. Snow and Charming were CURSED and they will end up forgiving each other. if you’re going to use that argument, just so you know, Rumplestiltskin is CURSED too and his curse has not BROKEN. To save Bae, he became the dark one, and that magic comes with a huge price. His magic makes him powerful yes but it is cursed, which is why he lies or toys with his words. He never coerces anyone to make a deal. People always have a choice. Anyhow, even fairytale characters are not perfect and especially a villain like Rumple. But he is capable of love even though he is cursed by his magic in present day Storybrooke. Belle knows this and just like Snow and Charming forgive each other and move on, Belle forgives too. It is not an abusive relationship, those things (lying) happen in everyday relationships too. I’m pretty sure that anyone who has had a long-term relationship(and I don’t mean 5 months!) knows what I’m talking about and will agree with me.
            Belle is not in an abusive relationship and she is not a weak character. Like I said she has barely had any screen time up to now, and she just recently came out of the asylum after 3 DECADES. Give her a break. Now that she is a series regular we will get to see how her character grows and develops. Don’t be so judgmental towards her. Everything is not about being “badass” like Snow. Snow is “badass” only because she associated with Red (who toughened her up) because she used to be very naive and innocent. Belle is awesome in her own way. She is COURAGEOUS for sacrificing her freedom to SAVE her people from the Ogre wars.

          • xav says:

            It doesn’t need to be physical for it to be abuse. But he HAS forced her to stay with him before. However, what he did wasn’t a lie, it was a complete disregard of her and his promise with serious consequences. It was intended to kill someone and could possibly end in the death of two others. That’s more than a regular lie.

          • Autumn says:

            umm you should watch the whole show so you know what you’re talking about. He never forced her into anything. She made the agreement and made a verbal contract with him. The deal was “forever” and he let her leave his castle just after a few months. People disregard other people needs, rights, etc in reality. It happens. It’s life. People are not perfect. He was hostile towards Regina because she locked Belle up for 28 years without Belle doing anything. She is the EVIL queen after all. He wanted to protect Belle and get back at Regina. Villains problem- solve in the way they know best. Rumple is a CURSED man even now. Of course he is not going to be making the “adequate” decisions society expects from regular individuals. He was sorry for hurting her feelings and was only trying to get rid of Regina so she didn’t harm Belle anymore. He apologized to her. It’s not like that is recurrent in their relationship. It’s not abuse but think whatever you please. People mess up in everyday relationships and we forgive and move on if the situation wasn’t severe as it was in their case in the season 2 premiere. If someone goes after your loved one(when they were innocent and minding their own business), a normal person might have an initial irrational reaction. It’s a very human reaction to want to protect and even be vengeful. Also, FYI, the wraith only goes after those that are marked, so it would not have killed Snow, Charming, nor Emma like you said it would have. In fact, in the episode it was clearly stated. The result? Emma, Snow, nor Charming had their soul sucked by the monster. It was only after Regina.

  18. I love Belle and I love Emilie de Ravin. I liked her in Lost too. Some people have too many expectations. I’m glad that the writers are avoiding just retelling tales that have been told for generations. Instead, they play with the ideas, add something new, different, exciting to it. If every story had a happy ending, the series would end very quickly. Just because her character is named Belle doesn’t mean she has to be a beauty — or “Beauty”, for that matter. I don’t expect things to be black and white, good and bad. I don’t expect characters to have “healthy relationships”. I’m not so finicky that it bothers me that Belle doesn’t suffer from depression after 30 years of incarceration. That is not important to the Story. All it takes is: I can suspend my disbelief, I can understand their motives. I know people who are like Belle, who appear to love someone and appear to be ignoring their lies. The story isn’t over yet. I’m not bored yet.

  19. kt says:

    LOL at the majority of negative comments in here are people from tumblr, fanforum and ouat_ontd. I see the exact same wording down to a tee from you guys. I wonder how many of you made up names t bash the actress and the character because she’s “taking time away from your precious Red” or some other character. Emilie de Ravin is the freshest, one of the most interesting people OUaT has brought to their table and joined as a regular. There is nothing wrong with Belle, she just needs to be fleshed out more and become her own person, but she will. She JUST got out of the asylum for pete’s sake. You people are not only disrespectful but impatient to boot. Sorry you’re having trouble growing up, little pans.

    • kl says:

      Haha my thoughts exactly…. get over yourselves. I just really hope that the writers and producers don’t listen to their comments.

      • kt says:

        The writers and producers have better things to do than listen to a bunch of childish complaints about a character some fans behind an anonymous name hates. Do you know how many articles are put out about OUaT? They don’t have time t sit down and do what we do and read everything, specially comments. And these fans know this which is why they tweet them personally and act like jealous know-it-all’s. I have faith in both the actors and the writers when it comes to this show, it’ll be fine. :)

      • Matt says:

        If they read their comments, they’ll just take their concerns into consideration and make Belle an even better character. The haters are hoping the producers will see this and kill her off or something. Keep dreaming!

        They listen to her many fans, which is why she’s a regular.

        • kt says:

          Exactly. There’s a reason why she became a regular, she was one of the most loved characters after only ONE episode. Says a lot right there.

          • Matt says:

            That’s why many of them are so mad. With just one episode she and the Rumbelle ship became HUGE. The popularity seems to piss people off.

          • Talia says:

            Exactly. She had a huge impact on the audience. I’m glad she’s a regular.

    • I know, it’s sad. I feel like these are the same people who always send the Belle hate confessions on tumblr :( Oh well, they can have their opinion I just don’t understand why they have to be so hateful toward the character and the actress. I love Emilie so much and she does a wonderful job as Belle. I don’t know what everyone’s problem is. Other characters will have plenty of screen time, mmkay? Belle is not stealing anyone’s time and it’s sad that people would say that. Perhaps I’m just biased because I’m a hardcore Rumbeller, but seeing hate against anything (SwanQueen, Snowing, whatever your ship or fave character is) is incredibly disappointing. I’m just glad these people are a minority, though it’s annoying how vocal they feel they need to be.
      Alright. Robin is now shutting up, because that was useless rambling.

  20. Mike says:

    What with all this hate on Belle, I mean I understand why people understand Red’s promotion, Belle isn’t any less crazy than Hook being promoted to a regular before we’ve even seen him, with that said I think Hook could be awesome.

    • kt says:

      No one cares if a hot male is promoted, they care when a female is who has become so popular just because of one episode.

    • Tara says:

      Like the person above me said, he’s a hot male. The female fans won’t get jealous over him or pissed that he’s the true love of their favorite male character. It’s okay if he’s a regular without anyone ever seeing him on the show yet, but Emilie doesn’t deserve it. These people…lol

      I’m personally very excited about Hook being a regular though. No complaints over here :)

      I think Belle’s promotion came as no surprise because of her connection with Rumple and having so many fans. Nobody was shocked when she was promoted, as far as I saw.

    • Hey, I think it’s crazy that Hook got promoted when he hadn’t even aired yet. I think Beverly Elliott and Lee Arenberg deserved it much more! They’ve been there from the start, their characters have been around for most episodes, they’re constants! And neither of them are hot in any way.

      I don’t mind eye-candy in any way, but fairness is fairness.

      (Like, WHY is Raphael Sbarge a regular??? He’s barely on the show!!!!!)

      • Mike says:

        I also think Arenburg should be a regular, he was such a powerful presence when he is in scenes with snow, you can tell he cares deeply for snow, in a completely non romantic way, with that said I am a huge fan of Colon o Donahue and am excited he is a regular, and I’m sure he will be excellent, but I also think Belle can be good, once she begins to I interact with other citizens of storybrooke, but it could be awhile since the two I would expect her to interact with in a friendly way are in FTL, but she and Regina should have an interesting dynamic once they meet again.

      • Ok, not to pick on you because tons of people have been doing this and it’s driving me nuts. Shows do NOT promote people to regulars because they “deserve” it and they don’t promote based on who has been there the longest. It is a BUSINESS. I swear this is what comes of living in a world where people get trophies just for participating. That isn’t how it works in the real world. They promote people based on complicated calculations involving what the future of the story arc is and which characters fulfill the needs of the stories and then they take into account which actors have the availability to take on a full time shooting schedule. Now if by some freak coincidence they have multiple characters/actors in a show that could all fit all of the above mentioned criteria then MAYBE they would take into account seniority on the set or fan base. Honestly fan base would be a bigger motivator than who has been there longest. PLEASE, stop people. This isn’t grade school. People don’t get full time acting jobs because they “deserve” it. The show is about fairy tales, that doesn’t make our world one.

        • Mike says:

          I think we all know that, that doesn’t mean we can’t have an opinion on who we think would make an interesting story arc, and who we would prefer to see more of, this is a comment section not a conference room, we are just stating our opinions, and for you to disregard everyone’s opinion just because it may or not be realistic is rude and frankly a little bit of smart ass. And is it crazy to think that I would like the person who “deserves” it the most to get the pay raise and promotion, maybe but thats the kind of world I’d like to live in.

          • Call me a smart ass if you want but if I see adults whining like a child who stomps their feet and say “that’s not FAIR” in a discussion forum it bugs me. It’s as pointless as shippers who constantly comment “(insert couple) FOREVER, they’re the heart of the show!”. Gag me. It doesn’t contribute anything to the discussion, it’s a non argument and it annoys me. Sorry if you want to use this forum to rail against reality but I have the right to find it juvenile and annoying. If you want to state that a certain character would be more appropriate to fulfill the role, that is a valid observation. If you think that rather than having one regular it would serve the story better to have multiple recurring characters, that’s an argument. Any and all arguments about that would have to take place later in the season as we have no idea what the season’s story arc is going to look like. Saying that “He was he first, he called it” is not an argument or even a discussion point, it contributes nothing. Call me crazy but I would rather have an actor moved up to regular because their character is the best one to fill out the season’s story arc rather than the the character that was there first or the actor that works the hardest (which is insulting to the other actor to insinuate that they haven’t worked equally hard and they don’t “deserve”it).

          • Exactly! Think you work in a company. It’s a business, too. The person who deserves it doesn’t always gets the raise or the promotion. But wouldn’t we all like the one who’s smarter, funnier, witter and has been there the longer to get the promotion? We know how it works. That’s all we’re saying, what we wish! Don’t undermine people’s intelligence.

          • Personally, I think you’re not a smart ass, because that of the smart part. I think you’re full of arrogance, is all. No one is railing about anything. We’re discussing. I’m not sure you know how to have discussions, but usually, people just *talk* about things, what they agree on and disagree. That’s what discussions are based on — difference of opinions, you should try it sometime without getting all fussy and worked up. It’s good for building up your character!

          • It’s not a discussion if you sit at a table and whine about something that can’t and shouldn’t be changed. It’s a petty, infantile pout that is annoying and sucks up time from posts that actually bring up ideas, predictions or interpretations which would actually be discussions. I have absolutely no problem with differences of opinion. What you have isn’t an opinion, it’s a complaint. That’s it. It has nothing to do with the story, the episode or anything else that this board is supposed to be discussing. It’s a description of your belief that our world is unjust in it’s manner of casting actors even though you have no idea what factors went into them making a decision. It’s whining. I love spirited debate. In order for you to actually talk in an intelligent manner about who “deserves” a full time position you have to know about ALL of the actors work ethic, schedule, how easy they are to work with and the skills they bring to the set (memorization, delivery, how many takes they need…etc). You don’t know any of that so you have no basis for your claim that another actor is more “deserving”. You could say that you like that actor better and that at least would be a legitimate opinion. Over and over on this thread people have said that people “deserve” to be promoted. It’s a load of crap. We have no idea whether or not they deserve it, we don’t even know if it will or won’t work with the story yet. So it is pointless ARROGANT grandstanding based solely on who you like in the show. In taking my own advice I won’t be answering any more posts on this topic because I actually want to talk about the SHOW. I just thought I’d let the multiple people on this thread know how pointless and irritating it is to presume that they know better than the writers, directors and producers who actually work with the actors who DESERVES to be a regular and more importantly who SHOULD be a regular.

  21. Figgy says:

    I just re-watched episode 2 and in listening to David/Charming’s speech and hearing him say “Regina won’t harm you with me alive” do any of you guys think that Regina will kill him?

    • Nat3 says:

      No. They won’t kill off Prince Charming and if they were to do it wouldn’t be Regina who does it. She’s slowly turning into a better person and Henry would never ever forgive her if she did something like that.

  22. Sarah says:

    Can’t wait for this episode. I absolutely adore what Emilie has brought to OUAT and to Belle. I’ve been a fan of hers for such a long time, and I’m so happy that she’s a regular now. :)

  23. Tara says:

    This is THE episode I’m most looking forward to. I’m actually more excited for this than I was for the season premiere. We’ve got Hook & Rumple interraction, Belle, Rumbelle, Team Awesome(Red, Charming, Gold). Jane Espenson even said this is her favorite episode of ONCE to date. She has great taste!

    I really can’t wait to see more Belle, she needs more screen time! I’m most interested in seeing her scenes in the library. Does she want to work there or does she just need something to read? :)

    • Mike says:

      Jane Espenson is quickly becoming my favorite part of ONCE, she wrote one of the best character focused episode of ONCE, and I can’t help but expect good things from her.

    • Flower says:

      Ugh, I know right? So much awesome in this episode. Belle, Rumpel, Hook. I’m so excited for this episode.

    • Ana says:

      I am also very much looking forward to this ep. It doesn’t have Emma in it at all and that’s actually great for me because I think the Charming family is boring (my opinion and I’m sorry if it bothers anyone. Wait…no I’m not) and lots of Rumbelle and HOOK! I’m more excited about seeing him than anyone else lol. I just hope that Belle becomes a bit more of a badass and has her own story separate from Gold in the future because while I love her to death, her character could use some more…spunk I guess is the word. Sorry but I just cannot get into Snowing. Their relationship is just too…cutsey perfect for me. Rumbelle is filled with passion and angst. Those are the relationships I’m most into. And once again, I just need to stress how much I’m looking forward to seeing Hook. He was always my favorite villain along with Ursula. The fact that he’s a hottie doesn’t hurt either lol.

  24. Liza says:

    Emilie is an amazing Belle. I seriously have spent my whole life studying Belle and obsessing over Beauty and the Beast, and I love the way Belle is written and portrayed. And I sincerely believe that she looks as close to the cartoon version as anyone could get. I love her and her accent is only one of the many adorable things about her.

  25. Ace says:

    Emilie is a perfect Belle! I can’t wait to see more of her on screen! :D

  26. Tara says:

    You know what I find interesting? The people who hate on Belle because they say she needs more character development are the same ones who get pissed every time she gets any screen time. Makes no sense. Either you want her more developed or you don’t.
    Makes me think these people aren’t being truthful about the real reason they don’t like her.

    Of course all the other regulars are more developed, Belle was only in 3 episodes as opposed to all the others being in 17 + episodes. Just like when they were only in a couple episodes at first and we didn’t know much about them. It takes time. She hasn’t even gotten her OWN centric(can’t wait for that) yet like everyone else.

    I’m very excited to see what they have in store for her. :)

    • kt says:

      It seems that most people who dislike Belle are the same ones who keep beating a dead horse. They make excuses as to why their characters are perfect, amazing, and why they do what they do, but the moment Belle has a good reason for doing what she does, it’s weak, boring, and nothing happens with her. It’s so out of character from the Belle they remember when they were fetuses. (Sarcasm) It’s clear that a lot of fans are impatient, they want everything to happen now, now, now. But for someone who just became a regular, and was locked away for 28 years, it’s not going to happen that soon. I think they miss her strong qualities because she loves, because she’s kind. And God forbid, kind and loving characters can’t be strong. I’m excited for her centric episode, and I think there will be some fans (hopefully) who will be changing their mind when it happens.

      • Kara says:

        I don’t think anyone is saying their favorites are perfect – the show will disprove that for just about everyone. They have flaws because they’re fleshed out characters, Belle has none because she has no depth. She was created to make Rumple sympathetic and she’s around to give him conflict. No one is criticizing her for being a good person, they’re criticizing her for being nothing BUT a good person. I very much hope the writers develop her as the series continues, but until that time I’m free to my opinion that she’s a weak character.

        • kt says:

          And I’m free to my opinion that she’s not a weak character. It’s quite clear that she’s not since her popularity rose after only one episode she was in. And yes, she is a good person those actually do exist you know, I refuse to call someone weak because someone is good. Yes, her story needs more development, but people complain she’s not doing enough about Rumpel and then people complain she’s doing too much. It’s like the character can’t win. I hope she fleshes out more, yes but in the meantime I think as a character she’s fine, and pretty strong.

  27. Alex says:

    I just love Emilie and I think she’s doing a wonderful job. Not only she makes a beautiful and amazing Belle, a character who’s beautiful inside and out, but also she’s an amazing human being. I have to say Emilie and Robert are the main reasons why I watch OUAT. I love all the characters but she’s special somehow. So go Emilie! You rock, girl!

  28. cz says:

    Love Belle’s and Red’s style in these pictures.

    Also, if Belle does get kidnapped by Captain Hook’s crew, it’d be awesome to see her become kick-ass rather than the “damsel in distress” without the falling in love with the person who kidnaps you mentality… again.

  29. Summer says:

    I love Emilie, and I love what she did with Belle. What she created with the character is unique and her chemistry with Rumple is amazing. Cannot wait to see more of her!

  30. Carlota says:

    I can not explain how exied I am for this episoe. Belle is the BEST. I love her and I can´t wait to see more of her. And Rumbelle is adorable :D

  31. Lily says:

    Ja some people are realt funny. Oneof the reasons Belle became a regular is because people love her. She is a thousand times better than Snow. So the few haters in here get lost, or ust stop watching the show.Because there is a lot of Belle and Rumbelle to come!

    • Mike says:

      Woah woah woah. Now Belle is good and all and may be better than Mary Margaret, but she doesn’t even come close to one of the core 5(Snow,Emma,Charming,Regina,and Rumple), she is a good side character that has room to grow, but she isn’t even close to how badass Snow is.

      • Ana says:

        She could become as badass as Snow if the writers would stop making her the victim who always gets abducted lol. They also need to give her her own story separate from Gold. As far as which female character is the most badass, for me it’s definitely Regina. :)

    • Kara says:

      I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree…I like multi-dimensional characters and you like one-dimensional ones. Belle isn’t a horrible character, but she’s FAR from being in the same league as most of the other main characters on the show.

      • kt says:

        In your opinion.

      • Ana says:

        The writers have stated that we’re going to be seeing a darker Belle this season and I hope that’s the case because in all of the Beauty and the Beast tales, not once have I seen a darker version of Belle so I think that would be interesting. As far as her being one-dimensional goes, I think that’s sort of jumping the gun there. Yes it may seem that way but we don’t know enough about Belle to make that kind of judgement about her. We need to wait and see whether or not she’ll develop into something more. Right now she’s a lot like Disney’s version of Belle in the “goody two shoes” department. She was nothing but good and pure and this Belle is the same so if you’re going to call this Belle one-dimensional then you might as well call Disney’s version the same thing because I don’t ever remember Disney’s Belle being anything other than miss goody two shoes. Belle is my favorite Disney princess by the way so I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m bashing her because I am totally not. I love Disney’s Belle and I love this Belle but that’s just me. :)

  32. Marghe says:

    All these haters are just poor people with poor opinions … oh yes, jealousy is an ugly beast that makes you throw up hatred everywhere . You don’t like Belle? Then don’t look at her and don’t ruin the show to all those who loves her with your petty comments. I find the whole Charmings family boring to the point of being unbearable but I’m not going to spread bad things about them … simply, when they are on the screen I treat them as a commercial break and I go to pee.

    • xav says:

      So you insult people who don’t like Belle or find her boring but then insult other people’s favourites? You actually DID just spread bad things about them.

  33. Diana says:

    I will not demean Belle, or Emilie, I’m just not a fan of Emilie de Ravin. I think the show, she is the least talented. Maybe that’s why I think that there are actors in the show who deserved to be more regular than her.
    And I also do not need to go to forums, fan sites and things of gender to have my opinion.
    In news sites on the TV-SHOWS is where I usually comment.
    Because it’s horrible to have to put up with the fights of fans in forums and similar places

  34. Diana says:

    One thing that is bugging me is that all the promo photos posted so far, there is not a single photo of SNOW and Emma, we have only the premiere, and which were published in magazines.
    Emma and Snow are no longer part of the show?
    Or the fact that Emma and Snow have been sucked into the Mad Hatter hat, made ​​promo pics disappear with them????

  35. The fact that you have different feelings between Mary Margaret and Snow White, and different feelings between David and Charming. reveals just how great is the talent of the actors Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas.
    It also demonstrates why they deserve to belong to mainline heading the cast and story

  36. Tracey says:

    Belle rocks like no other!, loved her in ‘Skin Deep’ and the S1 finale/S2 premiere. Emilie is amazing playing Belle, such a fantastic addition to the cast :D and I can’t wait to see Belle’s continuing journey in Season 2 :D, bring it on!

  37. Elyse says:

    i LOVE Red. she looks awesome and i love that she has a bigger role so far this season.

  38. Rita says:

    I dont dislike Emilie. Just do not understand the fascination of Adam and Ed for her. Any actor in the main cast is much better than Emilie. She’s good. not great…
    And also do not understand some sick Rumbelle’s fans. Who want to make Rumpel and Belle, the main couple of Once Upon a Time. Downgrading Snow and Charming.
    As someone said here before, just the fact that they can reach and make distinctions between David and charming, and between MM and Snow reveals how Ginny Goodwin and Josh Dallas, are fabulous and wonderful to play their characters. As Robert Carlyle as Mr. Gold and Rumpel. The man deserved all the awards. But Emilie De Ravin will have much to do until I find that she is at the same level of the main cast.
    As Claire on Lost, she did not impress me. And as Belle, also have not found anything special yet…

    Miss Snow and Emma and miss promo pics with them too…

    • Stormy says:

      OK, this is JMO. OUAT is an ensemble cast. There will be weeks when some are highlighted and the rest are in the shade or not there at all. That makes for a richer story and piques the viewer’s interest. That works for me.

    • Ana says:

      Rumbelle is the most popular couple in OUAT. All of the Rumbelle haters make their way onto these sites which is why it seems like they have more haters than lovers which is FAR from the truth. Practically 99% of the OUAT fandom love them to death myself included. Snowing is too cutsey perfect for me and I find them so boring that I feel like falling asleep everytime I have to watch them and hear that infamous “I will find you” line which, by the way, is starting to get old. Rumbelle, in my opinion, has all of the fire, angst, and passion that Snowing lacks. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I don’t mean to be rude, but you calling Rumbelle fans “sick” because they want their couple to have more screentime than yours is just silly and it doesn’t make you look too good. I recognize that Snowing is going to always be the main couple of the show because while it’s an ensemble cast, the Charming family are the core of the show. I may not like Snowing but I would never call Snowing fans “sick” for wanting their couple to always be on top. You should try to be more open-minded and less biased about other people’s opinions. I don’t mind Snowing lovers and I don’t mind Rumbelle haters. But the whole “sick” argument is ridiculous. I hope I didn’t offend as that wasn’t my intention.

  39. Rachel Marsh says:

    Just want to throw in my two cents here – I think this version of Belle is a really interesting fusion of the Disney version and the original Beauty, from the actual fairy tale, playing into this very unique version of “Beauty and the Beast.” I also appreciate that her face is so distinctive. Emilie is absolutely gorgeous but in a way we don’t often see from “typical Hollywood beauty.”

    • Patti says:

      Emilie rocks as Belle and I really appreciate that they are slowly developing the character and it is not solely the disney version of the character. The original fairytale and this one has more spunk and strength.

  40. daasvedanya says:

    I adore Emilie de Ravin and I adore her portrayal of Belle! She’s absolutely wonderful and such a breath of fresh air. Everyone is fantastic on this show and she is no exception! I do agree that I’m anxious and eager for her to become an independent character and not just an extension of Rumpelstiltskin but I have faith in Eddy and Adam and I think Emilie will take the material and run with it and give us some great moments. She’s stronger than people give her credit for. FORGIVENESS is NOT WEAK. She has been locked up for 28+ years – given her bravery and compassion and how big of a heart she has, anger and bitterness is probably pointless to her. She wants to make up for lost time. I, for one, adore her and have faith she can stand up to Rumpelstiltskin as we’ve seen her do before.

  41. NOLA says:

    YES! I love Belle!

  42. BSMJ says:

    Awesome! I’ve missed Belle so much! She’s my favorite female character.

  43. Talia says:

    FINALLY. I missed her in last week’s episode. She’s so amazing. I can’t wait to see her interact with Rumpel and Red.

  44. Gabrielle says:

    Emilie as Belle is terrific. She is stunning and an amazing actress. I am so glad she is a regular and can’t wait for this episode!

  45. Firegirl says:


  46. DarkAngel says:

    Good to see Belle back. I missed her so much in last week’s episode.

  47. Sunny says:

    Belle is amazing and Emilie de Ravin is fantastic!!! :D I can’t wait to see her in the next episodes :D Lots of rumbelle would be brilliant too ;)

  48. Alice W. says:

    COOL. My two favorite girls Belle and Red in the same episode. I can’t wait to see the interactions between Mr. Gold and Charming. I love Rumpel.

  49. XOXO says:

    Aww, Emilie looks so cute. So glad she’s going to be in episode 4. I missed her so much.

  50. Lolipop says:

    RUMPEL! BELLE! HOOK! OMG! I love this show so much right now.