Glee: 14 Questions We Want Answered!

Something called “the national pastime” is putting the brakes on Season 4 of Glee till early November — an especially painful twist of fate considering all the relationship fallout and gasp-inducing drama stirred up in the show’s most recent episode, “The Break Up,” which aired last Thursday.

To help pass the long absence (surely it’ll make our hearts grow fonder, though, right?) we’ve concocted a list of 14 burning questions we can’t wait to see answered when Glee returns to the airwaves.

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Check ’em out in the photo gallery below, then hit the comments with the story arcs that you’re dying to see play out before the end of the year.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Songbird says:

    There are enough hetero Couples on Glee and no one wants to see Brittany and Sam. Brittana has a huge Fanbase, they will never be that stupid to pair Brittany with Sam. Because they will never have Fans that care for them like they do for Brittana.

  2. m says:

    Brittany is a idiot hmmm ok but who dumped her cos she had a energy exchange with a fugly library girl. Santana is a moron for dumping Brittany

  3. Kalee says:

    I do hope Tina gets her moment in the spotlight when or if they continue to do show choir competitions. LONG OVERDUE.

    My burning question is: Why is Rachel such a loser that she can’t actually make new friends at NYADA? Would it kill you to make some new pals outside of the only four people she knows in New York outside old friends, new love interests, and teachers?

  4. Kat says:

    Oh yay more pointless relationship. There’s something unsettling with this breaking up the two interracia couplesl, not ti mention the only lesbian pairing, just to c

  5. Mar says:

    I really don’t want Sam and Brittany dating. I like them as friends. As a couple they wouldn’t work.

  6. Kat says:

    Oh yay more pointless relationships. There’s something unsettling in breaking up the two interracial couples, not to mention the only lesbian pairing, just to stick the dumb blonde boy with the dumb blond girl. How progressive of you Glee.

  7. Kay says:

    YES to Santana in New York but no to a contrived friendship with Rachel and Kurt. BIG FAT NO to “flowers in the attic” Brittany and Sam, barfing at the thought tbh. I want single Brittany to focus on her grades to get out of high school fast, not yet another boring white straight couple forced together to pair the spares.

    Also, needs more Mercedes.

  8. Reina says:

    Stop trying to make BRAM Happen! It’s NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

  9. Fezzz says:


  10. Darla Murray says:

    Really? Burning question? I would like to know WHEN Santana and Brittany will be getting back together. I do not give a crap about anyone else they may be paired with. Which would really be unfair, given that their only deep and meaningful CONVERSATION as a couple was about the break up. I honestly don’t understand why we are forced to continuously BEG for Brittany and Santana to be a couple ON SCREEN.

  11. BoooUWhore says:

    I detest the idea of Brit and Sam, Its a awful and unoriginal so lbr Glee will prob go there. If they had only given Brittana the time and respect they deserved their scenes would have been amazing, It seriously baffles me why they refused to write scenes for them. I do like the Idea of Sam and Sugar again they prob wont go there.. ugh Glee it is exhausting to look at you. #BrittanaForever…yo!

  12. Kristina says:

    Would LOVE to see Brittany and Sam date–might give me a reason not to continue fast-forwarding through the Lima scenes; couldn’t care less about Mercedes or her life or if she ever comes back (no offense to Amber Riley, but I hate the character); looking forward to more NY scenes and Quinn and Santana returns.

  13. Can Brittany just graduate early? Like in January, and then Santana and Brittany can go to NYC together? Please?

    It is so UNFAIR for you to push Brittany with a boy, again, when Brittany and Santana didn’t even get decent lines or any on screen coupledom aside from the break up.

  14. Leona says:

    No more pointless relationships on glee please! We just went thru every single couples break ups which makes a lot of last season really really pointless. Give me friendships.

    Not as pointless as Samcedes seriously we got so many episodes on them and they weren’t even a couple and what did happen to them?

    Tina needs to sing more too late to give her a real storyline just let her sing. Artie too and he needs a makeover.

    Klaine broke up horribly I don’t even like them but that was so wrong and messed up. Way to ruin an important male couple on primetime television.

    Brittana hardly spoke and once they do they break up for no real reason just cause Santana glanced at another girl omg. And they call Brittany dumb. Biracial lesbians never given a real storyline yet popular on primetime television so do nothing with them. Glee is so revolutionary lol.

  15. Valerie says:

    The sole thought of Brittany and Sam together as a couple is upsetting to me because I like them as friends and I don’t want Glee to ruin this for me to create yet another boring incestuos choir room couple. It’s just tiring, and there’s enough straight couples on Glee. I hope Brittana reunite again.

    Yes to Santana in NYC, can’t wait to see her there, but I’d like to see her making it on her own. I don’t really care about the newbies, so I want to see Mercedes and Quinn again.

    • Faye says:

      Sam and Brittany dating is gross. They are to much alike and it won’t catch on at all a repeat of barfie. This is a dumb idea and its Glee so I wouldn’t put it past them to do it because in their minds they probably think its revolutionary just like IKAG or more commonly known as IHAG. They are reaching that level of stupidity again if this happens. How original break up the bi/lesbian relationship so the bi girl can be paired with a single straight white male yay. They will lose a big fanbase if they follow through with this idea. Honestly can Brittany be single to focus on graduating and then join Santana in NY that would be far more interesting. Unless I hear news about Brittana getting back together I think I will be quitting this show and watching Grey’s where they treat lesbian/bisexuals relationships with respect and not have there only storyline be about a sextape and have there first private conversation about there relationship be about an “unofficial breakup”.

  16. elsa says:

    I´m not sure what Joe has to do with Quinn returning, there was nothing there the only “romance” they had was when Joe poked his boner at her thigh. No thank you and why does every woman on this show need a friggin man ?

  17. Mag says:

    What happened to “focus on characters’ storylines not their relationships”??? I’m tired of love triangles and after the last episode it makes especially the Finchel storyline cheaper… And please, I’m not even a Brittana shipper, but putting her together with Sam? Terrible idea! Focus on Rachel on NYADA (please get rid of Brody, and give her a real friend) and Finn trying to figure out his life. I’m looking foward to that!

    • Kay says:

      Right. I thought the whole reason for “The Break Up” was to destroy those relationships and focus on the individuals and not create more couples. These writers don’t know what they want to do. I am getting tired of all this crap. I hope the next few episodes are better than the first three. Episode 4 was the best, but it was so heartbreaking to see the couples we have come to care about (except Jake and Kitty – didn’t really get attached to them at all) break up. Especially Kurt and Blaine (why they had to have Blaine cheat is beyond me).

  18. Pierce says:

    yes to finn getting a new romance

  19. i don't want any of it says:

    glee doesn’t let woman on the show be single and independent let alone do they let boy/girl FRIENDSHIPS happen. hell they don’t even let girls be friends. they’re probably so excited the lesbian couple is over to give us another heterosexual couple where the boy becomes the hero and solves all of the girls problems with her thinking he’s a genius. over it.

  20. i don't want any of it says:

    oh and you know that if bram DOES happen, they’re going to get x1000 more substance and depth to their relationship than brittana ever did. ha

  21. Dylan says:

    It’s a shame the writers don’t care about Tina, because her and Sam were hot in the Gimme More number. They’re both single and they broke up with their s.o. a long time ago, I’d like to see that relationship. I liked them when they sang ‘3.’ Plus Sam has abs and we know Tina loves them. ;)
    I don’t like the idea of Sam and Brittany as friends or more because they made Sam extra dumb to justify the two blond bonding.
    I think Brittany need to be single and concentrate on graduating.
    Santana can go to nyada, be roommate with Rachel and Kurt and hook up with Cassandra.
    I like Kurt working at vogue because I think it’s more him than nyada.

  22. Felix says:

    If god forbid Brittany/Sam ever happened, how revolutionary would it be for Glee to break up the only two interracial relationships (Brittana and Samcedes) to put together dumb blonde boy and dumb blonde girl? They should get an award for this imo. REVOLUTIONARY! GROUNDBREAKING!

  23. gramophone says:

    Finn should get a hot ass girl! Cory M is looking mightly fine lately so that would be all sorts of hot (rachel berry not so much, she is looking just plain slutty)

  24. brandon says:

    Get it FInn!

  25. TVgeek says:

    Why ruin Brittany and Sam’s friendship with a relationship??. They are awesome as buddies. They are Joey and Phoebe 2.0! So much potential. Be smart Glee

  26. Brett says:

    Curious about Finn’s new LI. I want to see more of single!Kurt. BIG NO to Brittany and Sam, that’s just terrible on so many levels. Brittany should just stay single, focus on school and graduate earlier to join Santana in NYC while she’s working at Callbacks (the bar we saw in TBU). I’m still waiting for Tina to be more in the spotlight, and I’m also eagerly waiting for Mercedes’ return, I miss her voice. Don’t care about the newbies and their drama AT ALL.

  27. Sienna says:

    Is Glee going to do incest now? Because that’s what Brittany and Sam are.

  28. Josie says:

    I don’t care who they throw at Finn or Rachel. After watching them in the break up episode, I will never take any relationship they have with someone else seriously. Finn and Rachel are it for each other. They just need this time apart to figure out how they fit into the world. I do agree though that I would like to see some shirtless Finn scenes (with Rachel of course).

    • romantica says:

      Or maybe they are just clinging to each other because they are both confused and they are familiar together. They are in completely different places in their lives and while I am sure they will end up in the end. In the real world they would be over and done with. I think it’s totally normal for Finn to start seeing other girls.

  29. just saying says:

    why do people even care what brittany does with her dumb ass. she ate chocolate from a litterbox, she is not mentally stable. and santana doesn’t seem to be that into her and broke up so she can have sex with other girls lol.

  30. Princess Adora says:

    Josh Groban should be Sue’s baby daddy!

  31. august says:

    Finn and his new love interest are like the only thing I am looking forward too. Wonder what it would be like. Interesting!

  32. SylvesterSue says:

    Rachel and Brody are the most boring thing I ever had to witness. So glad Finn is out doing his own thing.

  33. mamat says:

    “a romantic courtship kind of situation or a torrid, shirtless affair that takes advantage of his post-Boot Camp hotnessl” BOTH PLEASE HEHE.

  34. ZoeeyDeschanel says:

    I am here for Finn having a new girl. I am here for that. #yes

    • ooh says:

      It’s great. And the girl won’t be a immature high school girl like with all his other relationships. He deserves it imo.

      • Halie says:

        Yes. I want them to put Finn with an older woman. Not a cougar tho. Puck can have them lol No, but a hot girl a few years older than Finn who crushes on him would be a great storyline!

  35. Reese says:

    Interested in seeing Mercedes and Quinn again and Santana in NY working at a bar or something. LOL no to Sam and Brittany, worst couple, worst everything, don’t even suggest it. Mildly curious about Finn’s possible new love interest. Who cares about the new characters?

  36. Chris says:

    They better deliver on this new love interest for Finn Hudson. I am actually quite intrigued.

  37. KiKi says:

    Seriously no one is asking any of these question. NO ONE.

  38. Deathcab says:

    Please let Finn find a cute girl, I don’t want him sitting around sulking, pining for Rachel. He’s a hot piece of ass, he will attract the ladies.Actually curious to see where they are taking this and I hope they are serious about his.

    Don’t care about Brittany or Sam or whatever. Honestly..

  39. JeffWringer says:

    Who cares about the NY storyline now that Finn is back in Lima. Rachel and Kurt are very unlikable when they are in NY on their own tbh. Will be skipping that for sure.

  40. wiz says:

    oh tvline no one cares about that brittany/sam abomination, stop trying to make it happen. no one cares about the newbies, either. santana in nyc should’ve already happened.

  41. Laurie says:

    I wish they’d just drop the Lima half of the show, they’re just doing the same thing over and over. Move the show to NY and follow Kurt and Rachel. I’ve loved all of their scenes, but hate when the show shifts back to Lima for another boring story they’ve done before.

  42. Trying to be as annoying as all the brittana shippers commenting. is it working? says:


  43. Readyforit says:

    Brit/Sam: who cares. Finn/new love intersest: very excited, Rachel/Brody: SNOOZE…honestly Glee.

  44. Grant says:

    YES to a new love interest for Finn just because I’m curious about what they’re cooking up.
    BIG NO to Sam and Brittany as a couple for several reasons. I just want a normal friendship on Glee and I really like them as friends, so NO Glee, don’t mess this up. Bleh.
    YES to Santana in NYC. I want her to struggle, maybe work at some bar. I like her snarky frenemy-ship with Kurt and Rachel. The NY side is honestly boring at the moment.
    Couldn’t care less about the new characters.

  45. Patrick says:

    Brody/Rachel = snoozefest.
    Finn is actually getting a LI? Huh. Curious to see the girl.
    Santana’s gonna drop out for sure IMO but I don’t wanna see her suddenly be buddy buddy with Kurt and Rachel. I hope she still has her snark.
    Brittany and Sam as a romantic pairing is nightmare fuel. KILL IT WITH FIRE. I hope Brittany graduates earlier or something.
    I miss Mercedes’ voice and Quinn in general but lol Joe has nothing to do with her.
    Ehhh noobs, no one cares about them and their woes.

  46. Dom says:

    Just no to Brittany and Sam. My brain hurts just thinking about that potential pairing. But I guess the straight fangirls need more eye-candy to fawn over now that Klaine is done.

  47. Steve says:

    Honestly TVLine, these aren’t burning questions. Don’t care about the newbies, Finn’s new LI, Brody/Rachel. I care about Mercedes’ return and I’d pay for Tina to be in the spotlight because I love Jenna’s voice. Santana should be in New York already. Brittany should stay single and absolutely NOT with Sam. Glee needs to stop pairing the spares, especially when they could build friendships. Also, Quinn/Joe was like… a one-episode thing? No need to mention it.

  48. Jamie says:

    Lol at the same one Bram shipper posting over and over with 2-3 accounts. The wording gives you up buddy. Pretty desperate. Sam and Brittany = boring and predictable that they can’t just to be friends. not to mention as a romantic couple they are basically oatmeal in their blandness.

    • Dom says:


      It’s so obvious that the same 1 or 2 Bram fans are posting over and over. This little group of Bram fans is waaaay more amusing than the actual pairing.

      • meth says:

        i personally really like the friendship between the two (sam is actually my favorite male character) and i also think it’s a troll littering the comments. i would like for glee to explore the choir room’s friendships instead of pairing people up randomly.

  49. meth says:

    brody/rachel is so bland. couldn’t care less about finn, so the same applies to him and an eventual LI. I’ve wanted santana in NY since the beginning so she better get there soon. Brittany/Sam tastes of beige, boring and bland, so no. brittany better stay single and focus on her grades and get her ass in nyc too. I miss Mercedes and her voice a lot, the choir room doesn’t have strong voices this year. And I really really don’t care about the new kids, sorry.

  50. Cem says:

    I’d like to see Sam and Brittany stay friends, but if they do date, then I hope it’s brief and doesn’t end dramatically. Brittany’s clearly in love w/ Santana, so Sam would just end up getting hurt and I don’t want that. He’s been so sweet to everyone and he deserves someone who’s really into him.

    • C. says:

      I love them as friends, that’s why I don’t want Glee to f*ck this up because they feel the need to randomly pair people up. They need to learn how to portray friendships.