Glee: 14 Questions We Want Answered!

Something called “the national pastime” is putting the brakes on Season 4 of Glee till early November — an especially painful twist of fate considering all the relationship fallout and gasp-inducing drama stirred up in the show’s most recent episode, “The Break Up,” which aired last Thursday.

To help pass the long absence (surely it’ll make our hearts grow fonder, though, right?) we’ve concocted a list of 14 burning questions we can’t wait to see answered when Glee returns to the airwaves.

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Check ’em out in the photo gallery below, then hit the comments with the story arcs that you’re dying to see play out before the end of the year.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Nicole says:

    Mention Sam and Brittany dating again. I dare you.

    • snix says:

      I agree. Straight up hell to the no and no me gusta for the Bram thing.

    • a says:

      Sam and Brittany dating.

    • hannah says:

      Whoa someone is a bit angry.

    • Kaycee says:

      Why in the world would we want to see a guy in the middle of Glee’s lesbian relationship? That’s the most offensive thing Glee could possibly ever do. STOP trying to make them happen. It’s gross!

      • Stacie says:

        Yea, I don’t get the Brittany and Sam thing. Just cause they are both blonde and maybe not the brightest bulbs out there, doesn’t mean they should be paired together. It would be too easy to put them together. Santana brings out something in Brittany that no one else does, and Brittany brings out a side of Santana that no one else does. Plus Sam was with Santana so if Sam is with Brittany that’d be pretty gross. It’d make a weird triangle. I know Santana said it makes sense for them to be a part for now, but Brittany running to Sam or Sam making a move would not be something that would be good. Brittany and Santana on paper almost don’t make sense, yet they make sense in every sense of the word.

        • Lili says:

          Some people will call them Bram, other Sattany.

        • MMM says:

          Your post makes less sense than Bram, believe me. You Brittana shippers need to get a grip. They’re not pulling a Bram on us because they’re both blond and stupid. They’re doing it because Brittany and Satanna are growing apart and Brittany wants some Trouty Mouth.

      • kavyn says:

        Well… for one Brit made it clear she’s not completely lesbian. I thought she was with Santana because she loves Santana? Not because she loves girls.

        But I do agree that I hate how every single character just HAS to be paired with someone else. Why can’t they be single and have storylines that have to do with things other than love and all that other tv garbage.

        • meth says:

          brittany is bisexual. but I completely agree with you, the fact that they constantly have to pair people up is lazy, the show needs friendships.

        • Hmmmm says:

          That was my understanding as well. I thought that the show established that they were basically together because of how Santana felt for Brittany. It is obvious that Brittany loves Santana, but I just never got the impression that it was in the same way that Santana loved her. I wouldn’t find it at all surprising if Brittany now returns to dating men as a single woman.

        • Allyson says:

          Why is everyone talking about Bram what about finchel and brochel??? Do you think Finn will get a girlfriend or Rachel get with brody?

      • skippy says:

        has brittney not done every male at Mckinley before she and Santana hooked up??

      • Check yo-self says:

        Brittany is bisexual. Why would it be offensive for her to pursue a male? Sam is not in the middle of their relationship. Their committed romantic relationship is over.

        • C. says:

          Not offensive but distasteful, considering that it’s the only queer female relationship of the show and it’s been treated rather disrespectfully. Also, both girls are very much still in love with each other. It’s definitely not over.

    • Open minded Brittana lover. says:

      I LOVE Sam and Brittany together romantically!

    • Challenge Accepted says:

      Sam and Brittany dating

    • Angela says:

      I’m not a fan of that potential pairing, either, but if they go there I’ll be curious to see how that pans out.

  2. Nel says:

    Finchel forever :)

  3. good grief says:

    omg yes to number 12!! any chance for nyada friends for rachel that aren’t trying to get into her pants? lol

    • Sil says:

      Love for their friendship to blossom. Would be a riot for Kurt, Santana and Rachel as roomies.

      • Russ says:

        I know, Santana needs to go to New York, I don’t care if she drops out of school just get her there.

      • Sui says:

        Santana as blunt as she is wouldn’t let their egos take flight or go to their heads. As cute, funny insecure as Kurt and Rachel are they both have big expectations of themselves to the point of egomania at times. I just love Santana, she needs to be in New York now. No more delays please. Glee is rather dull and boring without her. Glee needs to take advantage of an a lister like Kate Hudson as Ms July and give Rachel every kind of obstacle there is. Glee needs some hilarity now. Enough drama. I hope that NY will not turn to dating as its story for Rachel and Kurt. I hoped to watch them through their trials and successes to acheive their dreams. Watch them come true. Make it fun and hilarious. Santana as the ego keeper. I just hope that Glee starts giving Artie, Sam, Tina, and Sugar the stories for McKinley, the new cast are like raking nails over a blackboard. Glee is right at boring so at airing Grey’s Anatomy or Person of Interest are the 2 shows I watch. Later, I watch Glee, mainly, after reading sights like this 1 to see if it is worth watching. The Break Up was worth it but not when it airs. Glee is so different and uninteresting most of the time. Glee needs to re-evaluate season 4 and use its established cast to the fullest. Right now it is limping badly. Break Up had treasured and ensightful moments for sure. But to stay with a show that flip flops with decent stories weekly won’t happen for me. In my opinion, since Glee swung over to more of a drama, it is not as good as it was. I’ll keep an eye out on the DVR.

  4. Ryan Murphy says:

    Brittany and Sam are both adorbs,Bram is on bitches!

  5. Alice says:

    sam/brittany are really cute.

  6. lol says:

    any way they can get rachel to not wear so much make up post-makeover?

  7. Maya says:

    Hope we def. get to see more of Finn’s new hotness.

    • JR says:

      ^^This! Plus, I just want a good, fully developed and executed storyline for Finn!! (Ian promised that this would be a good season for Finn fans….holding him to it!)

  8. Dominique says:

    I really hope the writers don’t put Sam and Brittany together. Why can’t they have a platonic friendship? But then again it is Glee…

    • Cheryl says:

      Why can’t Britanna shippers accept the end — if not for a little while? Seriously, you guys need to grow up. Stop with all the whining and petitions.

  9. Siren says:

    Glee without Finchel is torture
    Finchel Forever

  10. Mile says:

    My burning question is when are they going to cancel this show and put it out of its misery. I used to love it but now is just painful to watch. Last episode was awful.

  11. Laurie says:

    I’m looking forward to Rachel at NYADA. I am interested in what will happen with Rachel and Brody (and what role Cassandra may play in it), but that should be a secondary focus. The main focus should be Rachel competing to succeed. I also love the Cassandra/Rachel troubles and want to see a lot more of that. None of the Ohio stories are exciting. They are boring retreads of the past so they should fix all of them and focus on Tina/Artie/Sam and not the newbies. The newbies need more exciting personalities to care about before they get the amount of focus they’re received so far.

  12. Marcela says:

    Glee without Finchel is no longer worth my time.

  13. Isistelle says:

    I just want Klaine to be back together :(

    • kmen says:

      You want Kurt with a cheating, whiny, insecure asshole? Okay.

      • Chris says:

        Kmen, what Blaine did was completely out of character. Did Rachel cheating on Finn make her an “cheating, whiny, insecure asshole” for life? Did Finn? Quinn? Santana? Mercedes? Kurt’s emotional cheating with Chandler? Brittany? Sam? Puck?

        Didn’t think so. Or if that IS the case, then you seriously have a lot of characters you must hate on glee, cause cheating is nothing new and neither is it being out of character. It’s what glee does, and Blaine getting so much wank for it is ridiculous. He’s one of the few cheaters who actually owned up to what he did, felt guilty, wasn’t glorified for it, and most of the fandom agrees it was ridiculous and out-of-character. Get a grip and stop just because you don’t like him, because you know Klaine is gonna happen again anyways, and so are LOADS of other glee-relationships where the writers suddenly decided it would be interesting if one of them cheated.

        • kmen says:

          I don’t hate Blaine… I just don’t want him anywhere near Kurt. Kurt deserves better. He shouldn’t have to settle for someone who would cheat on him. I’d like to see him get out there and date other people. I’m sure you’re right though and they will get back together, but I don’t have to like it.

        • Harry says:

          The others never slept with another person while they were still officially dating another. Blaine couldn’t do a long distance relationship for 3 weeks.

        • Kay says:

          I agree. I was disappointed that Blaine cheated as well, but I can kind of understand how he was feeling (lonely and depressed that Kurt was more interested in his new life, etc) but I still think he should have gone to NY for the weekend and talked with Kurt instead of deciding to cheat (he ended up going to NY anyway but out of guilt). I still think Kurt should forgive him for this lapse in judgement and move past it. But I have a feeling Kurt is going to hold onto this for awhile. I just hope that in the end they can at least be friends again. That is how the relationship started and if they can’t be together as a couple, at least be able to support each other as friends.

    • anne says:

      I want a time machine so we can go back and smack some sense into the writers. :(

    • LB says:

      Yeah, their storyline was so clearly done for shock value with no build up or exploration, so I’m ready to join the America state the writers are always in and move on and see the interacting again.

  14. Tom Charles says:

    Troutymouth best stay away from Brittany. And McKinley in general.

    • Troll says:

      I have a feeling Brittany is going to LOOOOOVE what Trouty Mouth can do with his lips

    • kmen says:

      I get not wanting Sam and Brittany to be a couple, but away from her and the school in general? Sam is a good friend to her and everyone in that glee club.

  15. Robby says:

    Bram seems unnecessary because two idiots dating is not appealing to me. I’d like to know more about Tina and Artie and I’d like Klaine to stay dead.

    • kmen says:

      Sam isn’t an idiot. He’s dyslexic and a little airheaded at times, but he not stupid.

      • Sheila says:

        He wasn’t stupid at first, but they’re certainly writing him as a moron this year. “What’s a debate?” So sad when they completely rewrite characters…

  16. Wendla says:

    I hope we do get to see what Cassandra was inkling towards in regards to Brody. Also Rachel seriously needs some NYADA friends that aren’t looking to get with her.

  17. Marissa says:

    I want to Quinn and Sam continue their love storyline. I miss Fabrevans and I don’t want Britanna to be over..

  18. Nix says:

    I need to remember that Cory Monteith thinks “Finchel is forever”.

  19. Laura says:

    I really like Sam’s character and he deserves to find happiness. I just don’t think that Brittany is a good fit. They are adorable friends though. I love their scenes together.

  20. M. says:

    I just want to know about Puck. That is all.

  21. CC says:

    Give me some Noah Puckerman! I want to know how LA is going for him. He’s out there on his own and I want to see that part of the story.

  22. Nathalia says:

    I’m looking forward to see Quinn taking Yale by storm, and not worring about any boy drama, why does everything has to be about whether she’ll find a boyfriend or not?

    • Scott says:

      I understood Quinn wasn’t coming back at all. Which is why Dianna Agron is the only show regular to have be removed from the cast list. Unless she’s going the same Guest Star route Jayne Mays (Emma) has – although Emma was never exactly a main character.

      • Katy says:

        She took guest star status I’ve heard she will be back Christmas and a few episodes towards th end of the season.

    • brandy says:

      Yes, this! I feel like Quinn would want to put the drama of high school behind her and get a fresh start where she can focus on herself and her studies and maybe a few extracurriculars. I don’t see her focusing on boys her first year at college.

  23. Stella says:

    When are Finchel getting back together?

  24. Hol says:

    Yes to Rachel and Brody, yes to Finn and a new love interest, just yes to anything that keeps that annoying couple apart for at least a few episodes. Hate them together, love them apart. Yes to Bram, yes to Santana in New York, yes to Quinn coming back and beating down that bitch Kitty, but preferably without a bf because not every woman’s story has to involve a man. Yes to Rachel getting a career based storyline. Glad to be rid of Will for a few eps too and I’m excited to see Finn run the Glee club for a while.

  25. James says:

    I remember somewhere along the road, there was a talk of Anne Hathaway coming to Glee as Kurt’s lesbian uncle… I wish that happens now that Kurt is in NY. Glee could make Anne a model now that Kurt is in Vogue or maybe a performer that wants to convince him to keep pursuing his Broadway dreams… That would be awesome.

  26. tw says:

    More Santana please! Does NYU have cheerleaders? Um….probably not. And please, no more Tina EVER.

  27. Kei says:

    No thank you. Sam better stay away from Brittany.

    • kmen says:

      I hope Brittany is the one to go after Sam. Everyone needs to stop with the “Sam better stay away from Brittany!” crap.

      • Patrick says:

        She won’t. Dream on.

        • kmen says:

          I don’t actually want to see them as more than friends. I like Brittany and Santana as a couple and I’d much rather see Sam with Kurt, but we all know that’s not going to happen. I just don’t like the way people are arguing against them like it’s gross or acting as if Sam’s ruining Brittana.

  28. Heidi says:

    No to Sam and Brittany they look like siblings. Please Brittany needs to be single for a while girl failed high school, lost the election and lost her girlfriend. She needs to figure out here own things not have a man help her be happy again. So wrong. Some individual development then a possible relationship later on.

  29. Lisa says:

    Yes, please. I’m looking for a career focused Rachel Berry. Some storylines of her competing against other students, some comedy. Enough with all this love drama!

    • Sil says:

      RIB have a hard time writing stories for couples. They’re inanely dull. I totally agree about career minded Rachel. So many potential funny stories about her obstacles in NYADA with Ms July. Stop with the love interests! Brody is boring, but cute. Same with Finn. Why put him as acting teacher of the Glee Club? So many other funny things Finn could be doing to find himself. Don’t care about Quinn 2.0-Kitty-BORING. Love to see Quinn back but to talk to Kitty. Not interesting to me. The new characters Marley and Jake and Kitty don’t care about them. Why have good characters like Artie and Tina but put them in the background again. Bad to me. I’m not liking season 4 yet. If all there is to Rachel at school is a guy to fill her time, then that is not good writing. I was really excited for NYADA but so far MEH! Rachel is at NYADA why hasn’t she sung a showtune?

  30. marie says:

    no to bram relationship. that’s wicked weird it would be like dating brittany dating her brother it is gross. brittana forever

  31. bamabunny says:

    Give it up, “Seblaine” isn’t going to happen. Nor will “Kurtofsky.” We already know Blaine’s going to be in mourning for the next few episodes. If anyone moves on it will be Kurt (too bad Sebastian’s not in NY…).

    • bamabunny says:

      Oh, and forgot to add Blaine has no business being with ANYONE. His whole life has revolved around Kurt…we saw how little he cared about himself after the election. He needs to start meeting with Emma on a regular basis and find himself.

    • dsdsdsd says:

      With Glee you never know… I hope Seblaine happens

  32. Megan says:

    Stop trying to make Sam/Brittany happen. It’s not gonna happen. Glee needs friendships, not another white bread heterosexual forced relationship. Yes to Santana in NYC and please give Tina more spotlight.

    • Brittany is bisexual. She and Santana are broken up. Her getting together with a boy isn’t forced, it just makes sense. You comment is sort of offensive.

      • Megan says:

        You can get your white bread heterosexual fix elsewhere.

        • Still offensive. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a HETEROSEXUAL couple. Just because it’s actually a boy and a girl doesn’t mean it’s forced or that there’s anything wrong with it.

          • Kay says:

            Poor persecuted heterosexuals.

          • In these comments, who’s being persecuted? That’s what I thought.

          • Lola says:

            It’s awfully discriminatory to expect a bisexual person to have only same-sex relationships. Dating a guy wouldn’t make her straight, so everyone going “ew, hetero” in this thread is sort of missing the point of bisexuality.

            That being said, I don’t think Brittany and Sam make sense together. Their similarities would make a relationship between them difficult to write, and I can’t see how they could ever come up with a better match for Brittany than Santana, or vice versa. Those two were golden.

          • Brett says:

            Of course it wouldn’t make her straight, but ignorant people think Brittany is straight and only “gay for Santana”. I like the friendship between Brittany/Sam but they just scream Flowers In The Attic. Dumb blond boy and dumb blonde girl is just not interesting to me.

  33. Nac says:

    No to Sam and Britt dating. I love Sam, but I like him as only her friend. And Brittany and Santana need to get back together.

  34. vix00 says:

    you’ve got to be kidding me!lol

  35. Isa says:

    Ewww Britt and Sam… GROSS!!!

  36. BrittanaIsLove says:

    NOPE, Brittany will only happen with Santana, ok? That clear?

  37. Britney says:

    I can’t think of a way for Santana to go to NYC that won’t be contrived and unrealistic at this point. While I originally appreciated them having her try college, if she likes it there, I’m not really sure how I’ll feel about her dropping out and going to NY. I guess she could transfer to NYU or some other NY school, just as long as it’s not NYADA. That would be way too clunky and cliche. Plus, if they put her there, I’d rather they go the route of showing her trying to make it as a singer than just showing the same thing we’re already getting with Rachel.

    Considering how little episodes SJP is gonna be in, I wouldn’t be surprised if Isabelle ends up stealing some of Kurt’s ideas. Plus, that would fit right in with Kurt always getting screwed over. And I’m sure come midseason, Brody will end up doing something horrible out of nowhere to pave the way for Finn to look good in comparison and Finn/Rachel to get back together, just like they did for Jesse.

    I really hope Brittany/Sam don’t date. Breaking up the lesbian couple (Brittany/Santana, as well as the interracial couple (Sam/Mercedes), just to make a boring, pretty, white, heterosexual couple? No thank you, but it’s right up Glee’s alley. I’d much rather they finally show a male/female FRIENDSHIP that isn’t ruined by dating. Plus, they just don’t have any romantic chemistry, in my opinion. I’d much rather they show Brittany being single, and working on herself and being less dependent on others, and especially focusing on her school work and working towards graduation and what she wants to do in the future, which will hopefully lead her to NYC, so she can still be on the show next season. Dancing, anyone? She hasn’t been single for any stretch of time since S1, let Independent Brittany shine!

  38. Amy says:

    Yes to Santana in NY! Hurry up and get her there!

  39. Siren says:

    I watch Glee because a want to see more Finchel kisses. More Finchel PDA. More Finchel sex. More cute Finchel duets. Finchel cohabitating.
    I don´t have any interest in watch new loves interest for Finn or Rachel.

  40. Ashley says:

    Stop trying to make Brittany and Sam happen, it’s not gonna HAPPEN!!

  41. anne says:

    The one and only thing I care about is Kurt. He’s better get some focus, some freaking songs and dates with some freaking hotties!

  42. Me says:

    Finchel forever. No new love interest for Finn, just NO!

  43. breyt says:

    I honestly don’t give a rats ass if they start dating other people for me, because it’s Brittana or bust for me. IF the writers ever put them with another character again, I am done. Done watching, done buying any songs, done buying any merchandize, simple really.

  44. TiredOfThisCrap says:

    Your Britt/Sam propaganda is so transparent. Stop shoving this pairing down our throats!

  45. Suzanne says:

    “Bram” fans (fan?) – go ship one of the other 40,000 cute het couples out there that you can choose from at your leisure. Let the Brittana fans defend one of only 3 f/f pairings on national television. Perhaps if the tables were turned you wouldn’t be so flippant. We have to fight for EVERYTHING. Just to justify our right to have someone represent who we are on television.

    • Cheryl says:

      Though I know lesbian couples are stigmatized, it is still not a good excuse to delay characterization. Sorry. You’re not fighting for anything — you’re just being petty. This is fiction and the writers should have the right to do with their characters as they see fit. In other words, please sit down.

      • Writers Guild of America says:

        Oh hey, Matt! How’s life going? Still butthurt that people are making fun of you because you can’t write to save your life?

      • Jordan says:

        Change the channel, you will see blonde, white, straight people making out everywhere.

    • kmen says:

      I don’t even want Sam and Brittany to start dating. I just don’t like seeing everyone say things like “Sam better stay away from Brittany!” or “Ew! They look like siblings!” and “Two dumb blondes dating is not interesting!”. You can defend your ship, but do it in a way that doesn’t make you sound like an idiot.

      • Steve says:

        I’m not a Brittana fan even though I enjoyed their scenes in the last episodes but I get their fans’ point. I also don’t see the appeal in Brittany/Sam, it’d be such a bland pairing, I definitely get a ‘flowers in the attic’ vibe as written in a post above. And Glee needs friendships.

  46. Really looking forward to all things Finn. :) I may be one of the only Finchel shippers that’s excited about him getting a new love interest; if they’re going to have Finn and Rachel apart, I’m fine with that because I know they get back together. In the meantime, I just want Finn to be happy and if there was a cute girl that treated him right, I’d be all for it.
    I think Brittany and Sam are cute but I don’t care a lot about them being together. Glad Artie is finally with Sugar. Can’t wait to see Mike Chang!!!

    • Ollie says:

      No you’re not. I’m also looking forward to Finn having someone else. Rachel is doing her thing with whatshisname. Finn should have someone too.

    • Angela says:

      I too think Finn and Rachel are good together, but I’m also interested to see how Finn tries to deal with a new relationship. I don’t know if I can see him being in some torrid, passionate love affair, as alluded to in the question related to this topic, but hey, who knows? It’d be kinda entertaining to see a whole other side of him like that. I like all the couples on this show as they are and would be fine with them all rekindling things at the end, but I’m certainly not opposed to seeing them moving on and exploring other relationships and whatnot-these characters are young and in college, it happens.
      And speaking of Finn/Rachel and related pairings, I definitely think Brody is going to turn out to have a less than gentlemanly vibe about him. I wonder if he’ll just be one of those “love ’em and leave ’em” types or if the show will make him possibly even darker/creepier than that?

      • Sui says:

        Woq, I thought the same thing about Brody. Here, he says he’ll give her space then he tries to kiss her. Then the next epi she feels lonely so she lets him kiss her, but wnen Finn arrives she totally forgets Brody exists. To me, if he was sincere about caring for Rachel I feel he would’ve been hurt by Rachel’s full attention to Finn. I think Brody is a player and prays on underclassmen. rachel will soon find out like she found out about Jessie when he egged her after pretending to care about her.

  47. Jess says:

    If Bram happens consider me DONE with Glee! Brittana hasn’t officially broken up and they’re both clearly still in love. Why can’t Glee just have a male and female be friends without trying to develop it into something more?!?!?

  48. murley says:

    I love the scenes between brittany and sam. I am all for them dating. And for more sugar. And for something creepy surfacing about Brody- it would make him more interesting.

  49. Miranda says:

    lol at the finchel stans. I woudl LOVE to see a new love interest for FInn. I think it will be awesome, so tired or Rachel and her overdone smokey eyes.

    • sugars says:

      Agree. I really think with the right casting it would be cute to see and hot. Cory has chemistry with everybody but it’s hardly used and wasted and now that finchel is dunzo (probably would get together in the end..boringgg) I want to see some Finn action. Rachel and Brody can have their little boring romance haha.

      • Lisa says:

        Can they cast Leighton Meester already? She can act, she can sing, and GG will be done by the time they need a new love interest for Finn. I would love to see her playing that! That would bring out some drama and some good scenes. (btw I’m a finchel fan, so I know it would only be temporary, but at least interesting in comparison to Brody)

        • Wesssss says:

          Leighton Meester is too pretty. The LI would have to be someone cute but ordinary looking. Remember this is Ohio. (Not saying people from Ohio can’t be pretty but you know what I’m saying). And maybe, just maybe the LI could be African American? It would be interesting and different. #FinchelForever though.

    • nickster says:

      preach lol Rachel has been looking so overdone lately. new love interest is awesome, bring it on imo

    • sassy says:

      I hope she is less crazy than Quinn or Rachel. Poor guy has had his fair shares of insane in the love department.

      • Peter says:

        I know right. One of them lied about her being preggers and slept with his bestie and the other asked him to get her teeth whitening and tanning spray for christmas (when she is jewish). No wonder he is so messed up.

    • Wesley says:

      Give Finn a new exciting love interest already. Someone who won’t lie or cheat on him. Rachel who?

  50. Deb says:

    How about absolutely positively no way in hell to a new love interest for Finn? What part of the ratings tanking for the 1st three god awful episodes of Glee without Finn did BF not get? Finn and Rachel need to be apart for now but if he actually thinks the general audience is going to stick around for them to drag out a Finchel reunion until the end of season 4 I’d like to know what he’s smoking. There’s not even a guarantee of season 5 yet. They need Finchel, Kurt and Santana in New York City together by episode 10 not a new love interest for Finn. The Break Up was the best episode of Glee and who figured prominently in this? Finchel had 28 mins of airtime. Who is Fox promoting? Finchel, Kurt & Santana. No more stupid ridiculous love interests. Let Finn and Rachel grow up on their own so they can be ready to be together. And sooner. Not later.

    • mel says:

      Actually, the first two eps had better ratings than the fourth ep with Finn’s return.

      • lulz says:

        lol what are you saying? Finn trended more than ANY OTHER CHARACTER on twitter and even when he wasn’t in episodes…

      • elsa says:

        they weren´t up against anything during the first 2 episodes they were basicly the only new thing on tv and as soon as the other shows came back it was down to the series lows with 403 at 5.79

    • Suz says:

      Yeah, episode 2 has been the most successful in the rating so far – highlighting a certain Heather Morris. Go figure.

      • stop says:

        LOL that has nothing to do with Heather Morris and more with it being a heavily promotes Briney Spears episode. People love Britney. And fyi: that episode was slammed by critics and fans alike haha. The episode Finn returned was the episode where critics started lightly believing in Glee again.

        • Adam says:

          Oh please, The Break Up is the most slammed episode in Glee’s history after IHAG and last years excuse for a season finale. Come out from behind your Finn tinted glasses.

          • Jared says:

            Where are you getting your info from. You should come from behind your finn hating tinted glasses (I have seen your other comments in this section) and take a deep breath. Critics were positive about its, and praised the acting. And The Scientist is one of the best performance they had done in quite some time.

      • Sil says:

        It sucked in my opinion. Britanny in small doses for me. they said it was funny. No it wasn’t. I have to admit I do not like Britany Spears music at all. So the episode was an F at that point. The only good episode was Break Up to me. And I do not like drama Glee, it is boring. I love funny Glee. To reiterate Britanny 2.0 sucked. I don’t care what the ratings were. the ratings have diminished steadily for a long while. It will take a major change to bring back the spark and charm to Glee to entice people to watch. Right now it is too stupid and more like a teenage soap opera. No where like Glee season 1 was. That is why IMO and only mine, that Santana, Finn, Rachel, Kurt need to be in New York together. Prime actors with the knack for comedy. These four need to be together. Maybe, not dating yet. But, the brothers under the same roof. Or Santana and Finn roomates. As it is, it is extremely dull. Having Kate Hudson in a great role to be Rachel’s antagonist-mmake it happen, not just make a dating game of it.

        • Adam says:

          Santana and Finn roommates??? Yeah that’s gonna go down well. Maybe he can out her to the whole of New York now! 2 states down, 48 to go!

          • makeitstop says:

            Omg Adam can you stop, you are all over this post. If Santana got over it, so can you darling :)

    • Grace says:

      How are you even judging the story before you know what it’s about. I love Finn, and I think it’s realistic that during his self-journey he finds a cute girl. Is he suppose to live celibate? Him and Rachel are officially broken up and since it’s only around ep 10 he had a fare amount of time to grief. So calm down.