Dancing With The Stars Week 3 Results: Did The Right Couples Go Home?

bristol palin dwtsLast week’s shocking departure of quick-stepping fave Joey Fatone left multitudes of Dancing With the Stars fans channeling their inner Tina Turners and asking, “What’s dancing got to do with it?”

Subsequently, DWTS‘ Week 3 results telecast left many of us tense with newfound apprehension. What’s the deal with the Season 15 All-Stars shenanigans? Were we in for another head-scratching elimination of a high scoring (but apparently low-in-popularity) celeb? Or should I say celebs, because holy heave-ho, tonight was double elimination night!

A quick, pre-show review of Monday night’s lowest celebrity scorers – Drew Lachey and Kirstie Alley (24) and Bristol Pain (22.5) – seemed rather pointless, so I just settled in to watch the usual results-show fabulosity: The never-ending recaps, plus musical performances (by pop duo Karmin and the musically dexterous Frankie Moreno, accompanied by troupe members Lacey Schwimmer and Kyle Massey) and the debut AT&T Spotlight Performance, featuring the inspiring tap-dancing of Joshua Johnson. My highlight: Poor Kirstie dropping to the ballroom floor in apparent horror, after Sabrina chose the Charleston as her dance style next week. Kick it, Kirstie!

But without further ado, here’s the moment of truth — tonight’s results:

Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Drew Lachey and Anna Trebunskaya

Drew Lachey and Anna Trebunskaya

“I can honestly say I would not change a thing,” said a clearly shocked Lachey of being the latest All-Star to lose out on the Mirrorball trophy, before graciously adding, “We had a great time and I had an amazing partner!” and even giving good buddy Tom Bergeron an affectionate farewell hug.

Helio Castroneves and Chelsie Hightower
Sabrina Bryan and Louis van Amstel

Helio Castroneves and Chelsie Hightower

“I want to thank America,” said a dejected but equally gracious Castroneves after being the fourth All-Star to lose that Mirrorball dream, before concluding “I couldn’t be happier.” Added Chelsea, “He was such a fun partner to be with, always just a joy, always such an amazing attitude.”

And with that, it’s your turn. Which couples should have really gone home tonight? Should one of those celebs names have rhymed with Pistol Whalin’? Did the lightning round “pick another couple’s dance styles for next week” in 10-seconds segment entertain (or aggravate) you? Are you psyched to see Paula Abdul pick up a paddle and judge next Monday’s live performances? Sound off in the comments! –Mitch RustaD

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Angela says:

    Uhhhhh, to put it bluntly, no.
    I will first state, fairly, that Bristol’s dance was actually pretty good last night, and Helio’s was his weakest so far, due to the unfortunate trip up with Chelsie’s dress. However, he’s been much more consistent than her, and he doesn’t bring a whole bunch of unnecessary drama along with him, and I’d prefer to continue watching him each week, so, yeah, I’m not happy he’s gone now. At all.
    And Sabrina and Louie being in danger doesn’t make much sense, either, for that matter. Granted, it was a tough night to choose from because I thought most everyone did quite well, actually, but still, these wouldn’t have been my bottom picks at all.

    • Angela says:

      *Louis. Yay, typos.

    • As long as Bristol remains on the show this is a rhetorical question.

      • Marie says:

        I agree! I really don’t care to watch the whine and defensive drama of Bristol. Mark is totally an amazing sport, dancer, and choreographer, and she’s like a post. I think the exposure isn’t doing her any good, and it makes me not want to watch the dancing that I love so much!
        She needs to find herself outside of this competition, and compared to other young dancers, she is a brat. DWTS needs to keep the arts and politics separate. Right now its not about the best dancer, Does she have an entire political party voting for her???
        It was very disappointing to see Helio leave. Guess the show wants the drama but compared to the rest, she Cannot Dance!!!.. and needs to be eliminated…She always looks uncomfortable, like she knows she shouldn’t be on there anymore…

  2. Linda says:

    I now know why the ratings are so low for this show and they are only going to get lower. Bristol is still on.

    • TheFactsR says:

      BLAH! Bristol and Kirstie and Gilles!!!! While Joey, Chelsie, Drew, Anna, Tristan are gone! I agree ratings are bad because of stacking the cast and bringing back people such as HAS BEEN Kirstie Alley and nobody Bristol and I think I am GOD’s gift to DWTS audience!

      Peta is really abnoxious this season more so than other seasons, her best season is the season she left first with Meta World Peace!

      I never care about watching Shawn the first time she was on DWTS BUT I enjoy her much more with Derek. They mesh!

  3. Laquisha says:

    I agree with the other comment. Helio was was overscored last night, but obviously Bristol should’ve went home over him and Drew. There is no way in hell that she is getting all these votes to surpass former champions with way higher scores and Sabrina. They said Sabrina and Louis were the bottom two after Drew was eliminated, so I guess overall they were in the bottom three. That’s bad. These producers can’t think we’re that stupid.

  4. Laquisha says:

    I agree with the other comment. Helio was way overscored last night, but obviously Bristol should’ve went home over him and Drew. There is no way in hell that she is getting all these votes to surpass former champions with way higher scores and Sabrina. They said Sabrina and Louis were the bottom two after Drew was eliminated, so I guess overall they were in the bottom three. That’s bad. These producers can’t think we’re that stupid.

  5. Jaime says:

    Can I point out that everyone always attacks Bristol, and I get why, but I never see any flack on Kirstie. I get that she’s entertaining but her dancing never seems to improve and yet she’s still on the show too.

    • Linda says:

      Oh I agree. I think she should have also gone instead of Drew.

    • Alice says:

      Kirstie hasn’t been bottom two twice in a row. Even on her season she was middle of the pack most of the time, unlike Bristol who has pulled this trick before: worst dancer every week who never got voted off her entire first season. That’s why people are pissed- they’ve seen this crap before.

      • TheFactsR says:

        YES! DWTS is loosing viewers in millions! When the show first began they had an audience of 25M or more now they struggle to get 12M each Monday and lower on Tuesdays! AND who was that last singer????? They could have left that act out and saved time.

    • Angela says:

      She would’ve been among those in my bottom two. Her routine last night was cute in terms of concept, but she’s far from the best dancer on the show.

    • TheFactsR says:

      You must not be reading my comments. I have stated ever since Kirstie first got on DWTS how horrible I think she is as a person and dancer and entertainer! When given you say about the dance where did she go????? DIRECTLY TO KISSING MAKS and making out!!!!!!! That is all she wants!!!!!!! She married her darn cousin!!!! Says so much about the people who vote and support her acting and as a person. DON’T tell me that her person isn’t what the show is about, it IS the total package is what it is all about!

    • We can’rt insult Kirstie because Xenu will get us. ;-) That being said, her “sexiness” really puts me off.

      • TheFactsR says:

        Are you afraid of Xenu? Shouldn’t bother anyone! They have no control over my daily life. She is on the show to makeout with folks not dance! As long as she can make a fool of herself by making out with them it is all good to her. How sick is she?

    • Lilly says:

      My husband, without fails, plugs his ears whenever Kirstie talks because she doesn’t talk, she screeches. She’s grating to his ears. He wants her gone more than he wants Bristol gone. He was hoping for both of them to go last night.

    • Yes, but at least Kirstie is likeable; her age has her at a disadvantage; however, I bet Kirstie at Bristol’s age could dance circles around this Bristol. She got a bad attitude and it shows in her face everytime she’s being judged unfavorably. She’s just not likable!

  6. Mona horwitz says:

    This is an outrage! How many friends does Palins mother have voting for her clutsie daughter!

  7. TheFactsR says:

    NO! Gilles should have been gone and Kirstie!! Those were the two worst this week and Kirstie is tied with Bristol as the worst dancers on the show!! Gilles really got under my skin this season and that harness dog leach was horrible and not interesting to watch. Gilles is done this season. The rest of how I feel about DWTS will remain my thoughts for now

  8. CJ says:

    For another twist, they ought to do a week where you vote against someone instead of voting for your favorite.

  9. Jenny says:

    Of course the wrong people went home. I love Kristie, but she isn’t the best and shouldn’t be stayed around. And don’t even get me started on Bristol still being on. After this week I remembered why I stopped watching this show.

  10. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Not really a surprising elimination to me. And I was able to breathe a huge sigh of relief because there’s only 3 couples I’m really rooting for at this point who were safe: Gilles and Peta, Sabrina and Louis, and Melissa and Tony. I guess I am rooting for Kelly Monaco a little bit too, but I’m trying not to get too attached there. For some reason I’m thinking no matter how good she is, she might not make into the finals, and I don’t really know why I think that. But she is great, I really like her as well. As a side note, I was just re-watching Melissa and Tony’s samba, and I think it was my favorite dance from last night. Tony is extremely good at the samba and it’s very fun to watch him do it. Plus Melissa makes it look effortless to keep up with him.

    • TheFactsR says:

      I don’t care anything for Peta, she is trash since her two timing Damian and Gilles is just junky this season his attitude is disgusting and Peta her best season was the season she was sent off the show the first elimination. I knew Louis and Sabrina would be in trouble soon, she can dance but it just is not appealing sometimes to watch. Melissa and Tony may make it to the semi but I really think Shawn will beat Melissa, Gilles, Sabrina, Kirstie and Kelly.

      The finale 3 looks to be (this week at least) Apolo, Shawn, (toss up here either Emmitt).

      Apolo has the olympian vote as does Shawn and Emmett the football vote. Plus Shawn has all those young little girls who stay up and vote like crazy for her.

      • Thea says:


        We get it. You don’t like Peta or Gilles. Please stop attacking the people who do.

        • TheFactsR says:

          Who named you the comment police! I am rightful to speak my thoughts as are you. You have your gall to call me out! I can and will say what I think I have broken no language rules so you back off THEA! It is not that I don’t like Peta it is that she is a less than respectable human being and as for Gilles he is grating on my nerves! I don’t care one tad for either as well as Kirstie who tries to act like she is the make out gueen!

          So crawl off my back and run along I didn’t single you out to talk to THEA!

        • TheFactsR says:

          SO it is ok that people attack Bristol and other but I can’t have my say? WRONG THEA stop being a bully Thea and run-a-long I wasn’t speaking to you!

        • TheFactsR says:

          It isn’t a matter of liking Peta or Gilles it is a matter that Peta is a cheater who cheated on Damian and Gilles is grating on my nerves and many others this season. I don’t think either one is doing the show any favors by being on the DWTS this season.

    • Angela says:

      Kelly was amazing last night, I was really impressed with her. Her dance, Melissa’s, and Emmet’s were easily the top three of the night for me, they were fantastic.
      I did also think Shawn and Derek’s was entertaining and fun, too, but at the same time, Derek often does really well on this show with any partner he gets, it’s nice when I see other people who give him a legit run for his money.

  11. Cindy says:

    I watched my last DWTS show last night. It’s not even a dancing competition anymore. The joy of watching the show is over.

    • Cranky Goat says:

      When the judges score Kirstie & Drew at the same level, the fix is in. Thanks producers. Sure it’s a popularity contest. But this type of inconsistency demonstrates why watchers are abandoning the show in droves, including me.


    • I’m with you; I can’t stomach this anymore! The voting process isn’t fair anymore and it needs to be addressed.

  12. TheFactsR says:

    However I DO believe Bristol will only last 1-2 more weeks and then be gone. I think Kirstie, Gilles and could be Sabrina will go then Bristol. I just don’t think Gilles is dancing good enough and his fan base is not very big either.

    • Alice says:

      Bristol will be in the final 3. She was even worse her first time around, but always had the votes to get through. It’s just how it is. I would love for the judges to finally acknowledge it this time around. Address the elephant in the room, as it were, instead of acting like the scores count. “Bristol- dahhling. It was terrible. But nothing I say matters, so go up to the box now, yes?”

  13. Ella says:

    Drew shouldn’t have gone home. His dance was great. I am glad Kelly Monaco is safe this week (she shouldn’t have been in the bottom three last week) and danced an incredible passo this week. Sorry to see Drew go.

  14. TheFactsR says:

    I hate to clue you in BUT here it is: I am not as bothered by Bristol as I am these: Gilles/Peta Kirstie/Maks Karina/Apolo Cheryl/Emmett

    Reasons being Mark is less abrasive than is Peta, Cheryl, Karina and Bristol is not as abrasive as Gilles or Kirstie!!!!

    If Bristol would just stop her DRAMA and dance, the chess game dance I enjoyed this week. So shut up Bristol and dance!

  15. R Bilyou says:

    I’ll tell all you Liberal wackos out there that keep putting the hate on Bristol Palin, and her mother, why she is still on the show; It’s because there are more Conservatives out here voting to keep her on the show, than there are haters of the Palins that dislike her just because she’s a Palin. You can take your politics and stick it. I hope she wins the whole thing. I stopped watching this show a long time ago when it became obvious it’s just a popularity contest, and has nothing to do with who’s the best celebrity dancer. GO BRISTOL!

    • Tim says:

      Maybe you should vote for the best DANCER, what on earth does politics have to do with it? just an idea, or just keep it tuned to Hannity and post over there? the insecurity of conservatives and their place in the world is stunning, you cant even let people dance without skewing/inflating the results ! I hope Bristol never makes a movie, becuase she’s probably get an Oscar nom as the Tea Party would infiltrate SAG to nominate her! lol

    • Shirley says:

      Politics has nothing to do with it – Bristol can’t dance, which you would know if you watched the show.

    • Angela says:

      It’s just as stupid to vote for someone on a dancing show because of their conservative politics as it is to vote against them for said politics.
      I freely admit I am the complete opposite of Bristol politically, but her views aren’t the reason I think she should leave. I think she often looks like she’s unhappy there, I think she’s got a poor attitude a lot of the time, and, oh, yeah, above all else, she’s not that strong a dancer. She’s had a few good moments here and there, but there are people much better than her and she shouldn’t be sticking around while they leave.

  16. Tim says:

    THese people cant abide by living in a world where people dont agree with them, or think like them, or cheer for them … diversity is a dirty word, and the mere fact of being ‘conservative’ in their mind warrants actually winning DSTW!

  17. Sara says:

    No. Personally I felt it was time for Bristol and Gilles (or Emmett) to go home.

    I don’t think Drew is a fantastic dancer like Apollo or Shawn or Sabrina or Melissa, but he could have made it a few more weeks.

    It sucks too because I love Bristol. And it has nothing to do with her political views, who her mother is, blah blah blah, I just think as a person she’s quite likeable (minus her breakdown this week). She’s fun to watch but is definitely the one who should have gone home today..

    Helio’s dance was definitely not his best due to the dress tripping but his worst dancer is still better than Bristol’s best, sadly. I just really hope Sabrina gets farther than last time. She deserves it for sure.

    • Lilly says:

      Can you please tell us why or what, in detail, you find fun about Bristol? A lot of us are at a loss here. We just don’t get what you see in her as a person and a celeb. TIA.

      • Sara says:

        I just like her personality. I find her funny, kind, and sweet. Maybe not so much this week but I like her. I feel like she’s grown up quite a bit since last time too. I think it’s great to see her be more confident in herself because she’s a beautiful girl who made a mistake and got so much backlash because of it. But though I like her, I still wish she had gone last night. I miss Helio.

        Personally though, I find her more appealing than Melissa Rycroft, and Gilles Marini. Something about both of them bothers me. They’re both great dancers, Melissa especially, but personality wise I’d rather see the dynamics between Mark and Bristol over Melissa & Tony, and Gilles & Peta.

        • Excuse me – funny, likeable, kind, sweet? Do you know this girl outside of DWTS? I have not seen one spark of a personality out of this girl at all. She comes across as unlikeable, rude, “0” personality and “0” talent! It’s not fair to the other dancers who actually do possess those qualities.

          • Sara says:

            Well sorry for having an opinion that differs, I guess. I find Melissa to be unlikeable, but I would rather her stay than Bristol, even though I like Bristol’s personality more. I find Gilles annoying, but again, he deserves to be there rather than Bristol.

            That being said, I’d appreciate it if you read my comments thoroughly and realized that my opinion is just that- an opinion. And not only that, but I am in no way saying that Bristol should be staying this long in the competition just because personality wise I like her.

            I swear. The moment someone says they like Bristol, everybody disregards every other thing they said. I do like her, I do NOT wish for her to stay another week, however.

      • TheFactsR says:

        IT ISN’T that I enjoy Bristol, this season she is just less annoying or abrasive than some others such as Kirstie, Gilles, even Emmett is annoying this season!

    • Bristol is not likeable – bad attitude, poor dancer. She should have been gone after the first week!

      • Sara says:

        Yup, I don’t think anyone is disputing the poor dancer part. It’s the ‘bad attitude’ thing I have a problem with. She had one break down this season and automatically she’s got a bad attitude? I hope you don’t go through life thinking like that because even the best people break down. Doesn’t mean they have a bad attitude – it means they’re human. These people dance for hours upon hours every day, and of course it’s emotionally straining. It’s clear she has some confidence issues, and it’s the editors job to capture that. I guess it worked.

  18. Jared says:

    Sabrina and Tony will be winning this season..mark my words. This season..more than ever..will be based on how large a fanbase you have voting. Since Sabrina was voted into the competition by the audience im going to assume that they will stick by Sabrina..plus the fact she kills it on the dance floor.

    • Uhm… Sabrina’s dancing with Louis, and Tony’s dancing with Mellissa; so unless there’s a tie…

      • Lilly says:

        I have wanted Tony and Louis to have a much better shot at the trophy for a few seasons now. I feel they deserve better. They are fantastic dancers. They aren’t Maks or Derek, or even Mark, in charm and personality, but they are (to me) traditional ballroom dancers who are amazing to watch. I am so happy both have come this far this season, and now both with partners that may go all the way. I really want one of them to be in the top two vying for the trophy. I hope one of them wins it. It’s their time.

  19. TheFactsR says:

    NO the finale 3 looks to be: Apolo/Karina Shawn/Derek Emmett/Cheryl the others will leave in some kind of order, Kirstie next week hopefully or Gilles then the other followed by Sabrina, Kelly, then Bristol leaving Melissa for 4th, then Emmett, Shawn, Apolo in some kind of order

  20. Roy says:

    I think Melissa and then Kelly would go coz they don’t have a big fan base. 3 men and one woman gone so they have even out the ratio. Bristol and Kristie should go but then they are the ones creating the buzz on online forums so why would they wanna let them go. Gilles will make it to the finals coz all the girls are gonna vote for him. Shawn is gonna stay coz of Derek’s fan base. Final spot will go to Emmit or Apollo.
    Based on dancing, the finals should feature Melissa, Apollo and Sabrina. Shawn in 4th, Kelly in 5th, Gilles in 6th, Emmit in 7th and then the trash.

    • TheFactsR says:

      DWTS is getting the wrong kind of buzz on the message boards. They are loosing viewers rapidly. They were up to 25-27 Million at one time now are struggling to get over 12M in fact last week they only had 12.2 M audience numbers! DWTS is driving away people!!!! They won’t listen to what is being said like they KNOW IT ALL! Most shows will listen but not DWTS!

  21. Rac says:

    Kelly doesn’t have a big fan base?? I think you are quite wrong

    • TheFactsR says:

      Melissa, Gilles, Kelly have the weakest fan base!!!!! Kirstie’s will fiz out soon as will Sabrina’s, leaving Apolo, Shawn, Emmett for the finales with Bristol in 4th!

  22. Mary says:

    I wasn’t shock when Drew left, frankly I don’t think he was that good. Bristol or Kristie should of left before Helio, but they obviously have a larger fan base. I must be missing something but I do not think Emmett or Gilles are that good this time around. My top three last night were Kelly, Melisa and Shawn. If they keep dancing like they have these three should be the ones to make the finals, probably won’t but should.

    • TheFactsR says:

      Kelly doesn’t have a big fan base and neither does Val especially when Tony and Val will split votes?????? and Melissa doesn’t have a large fan base either???? I think you must be wrong. Emmett has ALLLLLLLLLL of football!!!!!! They stick together!!!!!!!! Gilles fan base is not large either besides he and Peta are grating on nerves this season.

      • Mary says:

        If you read my post I said I do not think they are as good as the first time around. I never said anything about fan base. If people vote based on the dancing Emmett should not last. I would think being football season, many don’t have time to vote so his fan base might not be as large as you think.

        • TheFactsR says:

          I read your post and what I said is Kelly does not have a large fan base. I was pointing out fact about her fan base. I brought in the fan bases due to the fact they count! Emmett has the footballers and they are HUGE! Emmett should not have won the first time he was on but he did due to the fact of fan base.

          Many people have jobs and find time to vote all night work the next day and then sleep. People who are OCD will. LOL

  23. real dance fan says:

    I think people need to realize there are websites where people are intentionally voting for the worst on reality shows. Unfortunately there is a huge group of people voting for Bristol Palin to prove a point. I always love dance shows and have watched the last few seasons of DWTS but after last week I have decided to quit watching because I love great dancing and obvisouly that is not what this season is about. I guess I will just watch the clips from the show with the real dancers like all the So U think U can Dance alum they keep having perform on DWTS results shows and wait patiently till next summer when real dancers and SYTYCD will be back.

    • TheFactsR says:

      OF course there are those people, The Voice NBC CBS want to make DWTS watchers MAD so they switch to there networks WE ARE NOT DUMB people. Then there is VEGAS! THE PRO gamblers put their money on a person at the first of the show and they stick together and no matter how the dance goes they will WIN! It is all about the money in Vegas, people mistake it is all about the SEX!

      It is about the money in Vegas! WHOEVER the gamblers pooled together and bet on will win! I already know the winner!!!!!! SO it doesn’t matter where your little 200 votes go! VEGAS is VEGAS and they bet after the first night and a poll was taken!!!!

      WISE UP! There is NOTHING you can do about it!

  24. Russ says:

    What are the ” Judges ” for? They are supposed to be the professionals. Why turn the judging over to the public? they should be deciding who goes and who stays. I watch and pick who I think is better, but then they point out the flaws they see and then I am aware of it also. Why have judges at all, if they are being paid to sit and evaluate as I do, who knows nothing about dancing, yet their evaluations mean nothing. It’s almost getting predictable.

  25. Amanda says:

    Honestly, I’m not a Bristol fan but last week she was reemed hard for breaking the rules….this week Shawn and Derek were rewarded for breaking them with an encore. Why should any celeb even follow the rules now?

    • Mary says:

      You are right and the judges took points away for not following the rules. You do realize they would of received 3 tens is the rules were followed.

  26. HEATHER says:

    Bristol and Kirstie need to go home! Come on people… VOTE FOR THE DANCES NOT THE PEOPLE!!!

    • Totally agree. Kirstie and Bristol should have been the first to go. Unfortunately, people are not basing their votes on talent or dancing ability. I was a professional dancer for 20 years and would not be caught dead on the same stage as these embarrassments.

  27. Jan farley says:

    The show is entertaining. I do believe Kelly has a big fan base.. plus she is good. Tiny and beautiful

    • TheFactsR says:

      She doesn’t!!!

      • Mary says:

        You know this for a fact??? Do you have inside information or is this an assumption????

        • TheFactsR says:

          If you did any research you’d KNOW that General Hospital is the lowest daytime soap viewer-ship on TV! Check Oct 5,2012 ratings for fan base YOURSELF! I don’t say something unless I can back myself with FACTS!

          GH 1.9M
          Days 2.3M
          B&B 3.2M
          Y&R 4.5M

          So Mary I know for a FACT that Kelly’s fan base is FAR less than the other Soaps!!!!!!! Do call me out if you dare but I always have researched my FACTS first! So I would suggest you do the same before you try to slam someone who HAS DONE the research!

      • Rac says:

        She’s on an abc soap–of course she has fans–she’s one of the most poular characters on GH

        • TheFactsR says:

          If you did any research you’d KNOW that General Hospital is the lowest daytime soap viewer-ship on TV! Check Oct 5,2012 ratings for fan base YOURSELF! I don’t say something unless I can back myself with FACTS!

          GH 1.9M
          Days 2.3M
          B&B 3.2M
          Y&R 4.5M

          Kelly’s fan base is FAR less than the other Soaps!!!!!!! Do call me out if you dare but I always have researched my FACTS first!

    • TheFactsR says:

      If you did any research you’d KNOW that General Hospital is the lowest daytime soap viewer-ship on TV! Check Oct 5,2012 ratings for fan base YOURSELF! I don’t say something unless I can back myself with FACTS!

      GH 1.9M
      Days 2.3M
      B&B 3.2M
      Y&R 4.5M

      Kelly’s fan base is FAR less than the other Soaps!! I always have researched my FACTS before I state something. So I would suggest you do the same!

  28. Jan farley says:

    Stop trashing Palin. Least she dances. She’s not that bad. She could even win. U people are some true bullies.

    • TheFactsR says:

      VEGAS has already spoken by placing the bets! It is over and done already so there is NOTHING you can do about the outcome! Vegas doesn’t watch they bet and go do other things! Just watch to see who VEGAS has bet on for the winner or not watch because it won’t matter.

      Something else you all need to know. VEGAS uses some dancers to knock out others. Bristol is a good one to use, she is a bad dancer who will not fair well in the semi or final but can be used to knock out others with smaller fan bases.

      Wise up and watch or don’t watch there is nothing you can do to stop who will win! Voice your opinion all you want but know it will not change anything.

  29. Hope says:

    I think Kelly and Val are amazing dancers. Melissa and Tony did great last night too. I hope one of them wins this time. I am not that into Shawn and Derrick although they are both good dancers/entertainers. Actually they all can dance well this season as it is the all stars. It has been entertaining. Kirstie and Bristol are just getting more votes, even though they are not the best.. Is there a Limit to the number of votes from one household?? I do know that people get lazy and don’t vote sometimes just because they think their obvious good dancers will get through. Tom always mentions on the show that people need to vote. So, if you like someone make sure you vote!! Go Kelly and Val, Melissa and Tony!!!

  30. joyce says:

    if i did not know better I would swear dwts is fixed,,, Really Drew and Helio should not of gone home. Bristol should of and I love Kristie but she should of to.

  31. Roberta says:

    I think the Judges need replaced. It is evident they have favorites like Derek and Mark. Like said, they docked Bristo l for not following the rules and give Pet Derek too high a score for not following the rules. Drew, Joey and Helio should still be there. They added
    fun to the show.

    The Judges are a joke. They need to be more professional and not carry on so inappropriately with the Stars young children in the audience.

    Maks is my favorite, always has been, with him leaving don’t think I’ll watch anymore.

  32. TheFactsR says:

    WISE UP folks it’s VEGAS, they unit and poll and bet then don’t watch the show and just stick together to get the money, it is all about the money in Vegas. Mistaken people believe Vegas is about the SEX it isn’t it is about the MONEY.

    I say it again for YOU…. it is about the MONEY in Vegas people! Pro gamblers! Can you beat the PROS? I think no!

  33. Jessica says:

    I personally think everyone that already one will be voted off….so one of the others that didn’t win before will More than likely Kirstie Alley or Bristol Palin.

  34. Drew says:

    I haven’t read through a lot of the replies here, but I did see a number of people talking about Bristol’s drama. I don’t watch the show, but I’m wondering if they showed how her stress and “drama” might have been caused by the package containing death threats and white powder was sent to her at the show, or if they just played it off as her being stressed out for no reason.

    I think that when the FBI is investigating threats made against you, you get a pass on a little emotional display for the week.

    • TheFactsR says:

      NO Bristol said it was that Mark would rather have Shawn or Sabrina instead of her so she was feeling little……and that Mark wished he didn’t have her as a partner and didn’t care. Nothing was said about any threats to Bristol ever on the show. If that were the case they would have body guards around her and they didn’t. It was drama because no one likes her.

  35. Bob Kat says:

    ABC needs Sarah Palin to draw viewers so Bristol has to stay in the show. Kirstie must have some dirt on ABC so they can’t chop her. This is not about votes and winners. It’s about ABC making money.

    • TheFactsR says:

      If that were the case ABC would not have picked the cast they picked, they are actually loosing viewers rapidly. They are already at half mast (lost half of the audience)

  36. Robin says:

    No no no…I voted for both of those guys! Granted I also voted for Sabrina & Shawn…and Apollo too I believe…but I spread out my 11 votes. Maybe I need to stop doing that. It probably should have been Bristol or Kirstie in my opinion!

  37. nodak says:

    So sad…..Mr. Cheerful, Helio, is gone. How could someone so talented not outlast Bristol Palin? I really feel the producers need to rethink this show- do they want to showcase good dancing, or do they value melodrama over skill?

  38. TheFactsR says:

    Either Bristol sent that package to herself or ABC sent it to her….. LOL to get publicity! The show is stinking so badly they are desperate to get ANY kind of publicity at this late stage of demise of DWTS.


    I find it all too funny, Erin Andrews got threats too so they said! I find it desperation tactics, OH and throw in Peta melodrama too, her cheater scheme to two time her long time boyfriend Damian with Maks, slime pure slime. What a mess of a show! It is dying a slow death that show.

  39. Sandra says:

    We are seven women from Vancouver Island B.C. who have been getting together for 5 years to watch DWTS. We bet on the highest score after each dance and at the end of the evening who will be eliminated. We all voted Kristi and Bristol to go this week. We can’t believe it. Who is in charge of this charade? ABC deserves to lose viewers with this nonsense. There was no contest. Helio and Drew were shafted.

    • TheFactsR says:

      Couldn’t agree with anyone anymore than what you’ve just said. I have already decided this: my TV will be turned off of DWTS Monday and Tuesday this next week, show them by ratings! The SPONSERS (commercials) go by ratings!!!!!

      Their little skits of WHO IS SLEEPING WITH MAKS are loosing the viewers! MAKS is overrated as to what he brings to DWTS. Respectable people are turning away from his type and the lust for the WH##e Pro females and the HIDE the PEN#S (Maks’)

  40. TheFactsR says:

    DON’T watch DWTS turn your TV to any other show to give them the ratings then go out to dinner! HIT DWTS in the RATINGS! SHOW them to choose cast and pros on a better level!!

  41. TheFactsR says:

    If you did any research you’d KNOW that General Hospital is the lowest daytime soap viewer-ship on TV! Check Oct 5,2012 ratings for fan base YOURSELF! I don’t say something unless I can back myself with FACTS!

    GH 1.9M
    Days 2.3M
    B&B 3.2M
    Y&R 4.5M

    Kelly’s fan base is FAR less than the other Soaps!!!!!!! Do call me out if you dare but I always have researched my FACTS first! So I would suggest you do the same before you try to slam someone who HAS DONE the research!

  42. TheFactsR says:

    I doubt if Kelly knows where she falls in the Soap TV ratings but I can tell you they all rate higher than does GH! As stated above in my post Y&R B&B top her soap by about twice as many viewers AND I add this, no soap climbs off the charts in terms of viewers! The highest is Y&R with 4.5 Million viewers DWTS which is failing to climb in viewers rakes in 3 times that in viewers which isn’t saying much since DWTS was at 25-27 Million at one time.

  43. Nat says:

    The reason Bristol stays is because the fans she has…. not as many as you think, open tons of email accts so each can vote hundreds, sometimes thousands of times for her. To me it’s cheating but apparently it’s allowed so there you go. I also agree with the idea of voting for the couple to go home. That might help even things out. So, just to be clear… Bristol doesn’t have more fans, just more votes.

  44. Penny says:

    If things keep up the way they’re going don’t be too surprised to see Kirstie and Bristol in the final three. In fact, if is wasn’t so pathetically sad, it woud be funny to see ABC pay for their decisions by having Bristol and Kirstie be the final two. Now I know why I quit watching it.

  45. kz says:

    I am shocked that viewers are still watching DWTS. I think the judges need be fair and impartial. The judges pick a favorite every season. I think people need to notice that and realize the favorite always ends up in the finale. I don’t think Melissa should have one. Shawn was by far the best dancer. I think they should show the percentage of fan votes. They don’t show that so they can pick who they want. I won’t be watching again. EVER.

    • Bobbie says:

      I agree with that the judges show favorites. For some reason they seem to baby Darek. He is not the only one with injuries, yet, this is the second season that Mark has stepped in for him because of injury – he should have dropped out. I was so glad that Tony won. However, I think they need to get Stars with less dancing experience (like Shawn & Melissa). New impartial judges who know how to act (not like idiots, namely KariAnn and Bruno) and be fair. Will see what changes are made next season as to whether or not I’ll watch. Unlike a lot of viewers, I really liked Maks and felt he was treated very unfairly by judges.