Once Upon a Time Recap: A Hero's Quest Begins

Once Upon a Time Season 2This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, burning questions were answered — including the matter of crossing the Storybrooke town line, and Pinocchio’s fate — as the new playing field was established for Regina, Prince Charming et al.

VIDEO | Once Upon a Time‘s Jennifer Morrison Teases Emma’s Fairytale Nightmare

TOEING THE LINE | Sneezy drew the short (heh) straw among the dwarves and thus tested to see what happens if one crosses the town line to leave Storybrooke. The answer: You forget your true identity and revert back to solely your ordinary persona. Grumpy assures their “lost” brother, though, that they will dig as long as it takes to find fairy dust and (hopefully) remedy his sitch.

WOODN’T YOU KNOW IT | Early in the episode, just as Geppetto was posting a “Lost” sign looking for his son, we got a glimpse of Pinocchio/August where we last saw him — in bed, and all wood. But then he blinked…. At episode’s end, thanks to a tip from Henry, Geppetto went to reunite with his boy, but saw that he had left — and based on the left-behind hat, apparently had reanimated fully.

HE’S THE SHERIFF | As the de facto leader of the “good” people of Storybrooke, Charming was admittedly a bit flummoxed, and at a loss as to how to get Snow and Emma back from… wherever. He ultimately made a pack with Rumpelstiltskin, to steer clear of each other, in trade for a potion that, like the ring that led fairytale land Charming to Snow, would lead him to the Mad Hatter. Jefferson, though, was of little help, instead overcome with anxiety about how everyone is now doubly cursed. Just as the townsfolk panic and decide en masse to go for broke and leave Storybrooke, Charming blockades their convoy and delivers a pep talk about how having both identities makes them better people. “I am both. You are both. We are both… I will protect you.”

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REGINA’S POWER TRIPS |  The bulk of the episode dealt with Regina’s journey both as a young woman in fairytale land eager to flee her overbearing mother Cora, and here in Storybrooke, eager to regain her son’s faith (if never his love). In fairytale land, Regina learned that she is trapped by a curse to never leave home. To undo the spell, she summons the man known as Rumpelstiltskin, who produces a looking glass portal that leads to an “annoying, little world” that’s of no use to him. Though Regina, when push comes to shove, is at first reluctant to delve into magic like her mom, she ultimately thrusts Cora into the portal, affording her freedom. “How did it feel, Dearie?” Rumple asks of his padwan’s first dabble in magic. “I loved it,” she confesses.

In Storybrooke, Regina leverages what she knows about Rumple — that they both secretly know the Enchanted Forest still exists, and that he has plans that don’t involve ever going back — into him turning the book of spells. After flipping through a few pages, Regina gets her mojo back and uses it to flick away a “bug” and toss a dwarf, all in the name of scaring the citizens and getting her hands on Henry. In the end, though, Regina lets Henry return to living with Charming, admitting, “I don’t know how to love very well…. I want you to be here because you want to be here… I want to redeem myself.” Before leaving with Henry, David asks Regina one last time: Does the Enchanted Forest still exist? Yes, she admits — and then she notes with a wry smile, “I can see I just launched you on a heroic quest.”

PIT FALL | The episode closes with (finally!) a visit to the fairytale land that is, where Mulan and Aurora are dragging Snow and Emma to their “save haven.” There, Snow tries to make a break for it, only to get KO’d by Mulan. When both mother and daughter are throw into “the pit” (aka a cave), they are not alone — Cora is there to greet them.

And a couple favorite lines:

* “Are the nuns still nuns, or are they free to date…?”

* “I will not take childcare lessons from a man who put his daughter into a box and shipped her to Maine.”

* “Oh, right. The whole ‘conscience’ thing.”

* “Don’t fight it, honey, or you’ll get a splinter.”

* Storybrooke Regina saying she’ll do whatever it takes to get her mojo back “even if it means turning green” (which I fancied as a nod to Elphaba).

What did you think of Once Week 2? Too little Emma/Snow? And are we to infer that Rumple actually met Regina once before…?

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  1. DD says:

    This episode was PERFECTION

    • rose says:

      Of course it was! It had August in it ;) *sorry for being such a silly booth babe* *not that much sorry though ;)* *I mean Eion is an amazing actor just because of all the feelings he can convey only using his eyes like Lana ;D*

  2. Best. Show. Ever. (well, maybe almost!)

  3. veronic says:

    This episode shoul be called “Charming hot sexy leader”

  4. D says:

    It just keeps getting better. Each and every week we need to wait to watch a new episode is like torture.

  5. Jeff says:

    Enjoyable episode but lack luster after how non-stop the premiere was. Interesting to see just how aware of time Rumple is proving. Lana Parilla was great, especially as Regina in the end when she tried to redeem herself.

    Biggest thing learned to me was how crucial to the show Emma and Mary Margaret/Snow are. Spent the whole time waiting for them.

    • Michelle Kufs says:

      Same here — definitely missed seeing Snow and Emma, sort of felt like I was willing the episode to move along just so I could get to the “modern” Fairytale land storyline.

    • Exactly. Too lame of an episode without Snow and Emma. I’m sorry, but Regina is just not too great of a character to carry a whole episode.

      On the other hand, the friendship between Charming (and Snow!) and Red may be my favorite thing about this whole thing!

      • bbunny says:

        R u out your brain? This is why we cant have nice things like story and plot. Regina is one of the best well written, well acted characters on the show.

      • CloudT says:

        Disagree. Regina, Rumplestiltskin, Cora owned the episode. Liked Charming & Red too, but the other three made the episode. Emotional rollercoaster!

      • sara says:

        Disagree, I thought the show was much stronger without them.

    • Mary says:

      Yeah I missed Snow and Emma too. I found myself tuning out of it more and I usually don’t. I usually like Regina, Charming, Henry, and Red too.

    • Javier says:

      I hope they’re doing a FRINGE kind of deal- where one episode takes place in Fairytale Land with Emma and Snow, and one in the real world with Charming and Regina, just like FRINGE did in season 3 when Olivia was trapped in the Alternate Dimension. I was initially really skeptical about the way FRINGE was approaching that, but they pulled it off so well that I don’t think anything else they’ve pulled can match up to that first half of season 3. I hope OUAT has similar success with that way of doing things, and judging from last nights episode, they know what they’re doing.

      • Jaret says:

        That’s what came to my head too. Fringe completely nailed the parallel stories and it really hasn’t managed to achieve the same level of awesome (though I still love it). I thought having Snow and Emma out of this episode was a fantastic decision. It really gave some of the other characters more leg-room and some awesome development.

  6. John says:

    Charming is awesome in storybrooke.He is very cool and I think the bond he forms with Henry is awesome. Granny is great at rocking the crossbow and Whale is funny. The nun line cracks me up. I liked seeing more of Archie. I wish we had seen Belle though. The writers have mentioned that the modern world would be scary and confusing to her and we are missing her first introduction to Storybrooke and cars and microwaves,etc. That is frustrating and disappointing. Also Rumplestilstkin tied to everyone and the Rumple/Regina feud is getting to be a bit too much and I still do not like new FTL or Mulan&Aurora at all.

  7. Martin says:

    Thank God Charming is back cos love Josh Dallas as him but as David he was just a total wet blanket and a bore, Only critique – took soooooooo long to see Emma and Snow, thought they forgot about them. Wonder how Cora will play in to it all, always thought she ended up killing her mother, she did kill her father and she actually liked him.

  8. Mike says:

    Cora = Queen of Hearts?

    • Lizabeth says:

      Hmm…that’s interesting. But, didn’t Cora come from nothing? Isn’t that why she was so insistent on Regina marrying the King? I can’t wait to see how she will help Snow and Emma. And, if Snow will remember her!

      • Mike says:

        No — after being pulled through the mirror. Which would explain why she took Henry (Regina’s father Henry) hostage and wanted Jefferson to make a hat that would get her back to FTL.

        • Ryan says:

          OH YES! She locked Jefferson up so he would make her a hat! I forgot about that! So she eventually got a portal out of Wonderland (presumably once the curse was broken) and now she’s in the safe haven.

          • Mike says:

            There’s actually another subtle hint in that episode:
            Jefferson: “Do you know what she does to anyone that crosses her?”
            Regina: “Indeed. Better than most.”

            The timing of the ep was really important — this came one ep before “The Stable Boy” where we saw Regina as a sympathetic figure for the first time. So, since no one knew Cora existed, the above dialog wasn’t a give away. But, knowing the Cora story, you can make the connection easier.

          • Mary says:

            She either got a portal out, or the curse pulled her back into the Enchanted Forest.

        • Lizabeth says:

          That’s right!

      • Ryan says:

        I think many (myself included) are inferring that Cora is the Queen of Hearts based on the fact that she was banished “through the looking glass” (the name of one of Lewis Carroll’s in which Alice goes to Wonderland). Plus, did anyone else catch the small heart on the cover of the spell book? I definitely think Cora is the Queen of Hearts but I’m wondering how she got from Wonderland to present-day Enchanted Forest (PS: love that we finally got a name for that world…).

        • The name ‘Cora’ is short for Corazón, a Spanish name which means “heart”. It totally fits.

          • rose says:

            OMG… I hadn’t thought about… now I feel dumb dumb since I know Spanish too and I hadn’t made that connection!

        • Mary says:

          There’s also the fact that Regina kept the Huntsman’s heart in a storage system that looked exactly like the one the QoH had her father in. And also what she said to Jefferson when they went to Wonderland to get her father when he asked her if she knew about what the QoH did to anyone who crosses her – “Indeed. Better than most.” Plus there are magical moves that both make that are the same – the vines or tree branches, and Cora did pull Daniel’s heart out of his chest just like Regina did to the Huntsman.

        • Loki says:

          The Queen of Hearts also had Henry’s Sr.’s heart in a box in Wonderland and bad history with the Evil Queen.
          A lot of tellings conflate the Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen. It would be interesting to see if Cora is both in a way. In the earlier episodes she had characteristics of the Queen of Hearts but then, appearing in S02E02, she seems like the Red Queen, acting as a guide for Emma’s ‘Alice’.

          • Lisa (@KittyKay3) says:

            You think Emma is ‘Alice”? Interesting. Emma and Henry need an alternate identity. I thought Hatter’s daughter might turn out to be ‘Alice’, but I like your theory.

    • Lyria says:

      She’s the miller’s daughter from the original Rumpelstiltskin story, the one who made a deal with him to spin straw into gold.

      • LC says:

        Feasibly, she could be both, and I agree with you. Miller’s daughter was my first thought. So, she started as the miller’s daughter (the reference Rumpel made to “knowing Regina” and her belonging to him…this hints at Cora having to give up her first born unless Cora could guess his name), but once she guessed his name, she had access to Rumpel’s magic. This in turn corrupted her and she becomes the Queen of Hearts.

    • Lisa (@KittyKay3) says:

      I have thought that for a while, but my daughter pointed out it is Alice that went through the looking glass. I thought Alice would turn out to be the Hatter’s daughter. She has me rethinking my original assessment.

      Is the part of FTL that is untouched Wonderland?

      • Stormy says:

        Actually lots of people have gone through the looking glass. Cora, Regina with Jefferson, then Regina with her father abandoning Jefferson etc.

        • Lisa (@KittyKay3) says:

          My daughter meant in the original stories. It was Alice that went through the looking glass. I still think Cora is the Queen of hearts.

    • bandanab says:

      They had already show the queen in wonderland she was a weird skinny woman who spoke through a pip

      • Mary says:

        But we didn’t see her face. That could be because they hadn’t cast Barbara Hershey yet as Cora or they wanted to reveal the Queen of Hearts identity until later.

    • Summer says:

      I feel as though Cora started out as the miller’s daughter from the original Rumplestiltskin tale, and eventually grew into being Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts.

    • Mikael says:

      Cora being the Queen of Hearts would also explain why the QoH flipped out when Jefferson referred to Regina as “The Queen.” I am REALLY looking forward to an all-out war between Regina and Cora.

  9. Jared says:

    I like OUAT but this episode was super boring.

  10. Kelly says:

    Besides how great Charming/David was and getting to see more Jefferson,Archie and Gepato and know August will be back, I did not enjoy this episode. Even Rumple/Gold was not interesting to me. I too am getting tired of the Gold and Regina stuff and Mulan grates my nerves.

    I wonder if the final battle though will either be against Cora and other baddies or will it be storybrooke fairytale characters vs. safe haven fairy tallies.

  11. Frivolouswhim says:

    Best episode so far. The more Regina, the better. And esp if Rumple is involved, I’m super satisfied as I find them the two best characters on the show. Also, Lana Parrilla’s acting is pure brilliance.

  12. Ella says:

    Loved it! Another amazing episode! Add to the nun line Dr. Whale saying “Don’t say it’s me asking” – too funny! I am left wondering where did Pinnocchio go? And is Regina’s mom the Queen of Hearts? Could Regina be? And could Regina be related to Rumplestiltskin? I can’t wait for the next episode!!!!

  13. Mary says:

    I think Regina banished Cora to Wonderland and she became the Queen of Hearts too. How she got back to FTL and captured by Mulan &Co, is what I’d like to know. Also won’t Snow recognize her? She doesn’t know Cora is evil, though. She must have lost her magic if she’s captured, too.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I think Cora/Queen of Hearts is where the smart money is. Rumple described the land as “annoying,” and isn’t Wonderland of lore populated with annoying characters…?

    • In the promo that ran after last week’s episode, you can see Snow talking to Cora. Snow is standing between Emma and Cora and looks like she is trying to protect Emma. She definitely treating Cora like a threat.

    • Rachel says:

      Snow should recognize her and she should know that she is evil because in one episode when charming/james asked her why the queen hated her, snow said she took the thing regina loved the most which was david. i think she knew cora killed her. it was nice to see badass snow/mary margaret

      • Suzie says:

        Daniel not David.

      • Brandy says:

        The thing Regina loved the most wasn’t David but Daniel the stableboy Cora killed after discovering Reginias feelings for him.As we saw with Regina last night and in season one episode “Stableboy”,Regina blames/hates Snow for telling Cora about Regina’s love for him which resulted in Cora murdering Daniel to force Regina Regina to marry Sows father,the king.

  14. Bigby says:

    Fabulous episode! Jane Espenson is a fantastic writer. Really got some great meat and character growth for Charming and Regina. Not to mention, loved the backstory with Regina & Rumple. So we’re to assume that Cora was the original millers daughter from the original Rumpelstilskin tale? Great!

    I liked that we did get to see Emma/Snow but honestly, I didn’t miss them that much this episode. It’s really great when we get some action from the other characters!

    Perfect cool down episode from last weeks non-stop action fest. Really liking where this season is going.

    • I didn’t really miss them either. I love both characters but there was so much wonderful stuff in the episode, by the time we saw them I realized I didn’t miss them.

    • bandanab says:

      That would totally explain what rumple meant by holding you in my arms because the deal was that he would take her first born child. Thanks for the mind blowing breakthough

  15. Kelly says:

    Is it Rumpelstiltskin or Rumplestiltskin? I see several fansites and articles using Rumpel and some abc sites and promo pics using Rumples.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I cannot speak for others, but I have locked into Rumpelstiltskin (“el”), but Rumple (“le”) for the shorthand. If only because spell-check likes those. Regardless, I am certain people catch my drift.

  16. Patti says:

    Whale is great. “Can nuns date”, “don’t say it’s me asking”. Where did August go?
    Yeah this episode was lackluster compared to last week. Rumples and Regina are getting irrating and the connection predictable/boring. Still hate that Regina killed her loving father and took things out on Snow yet her mom lives.

    • Starr says:

      When she banished her mom, her heart was still somewhat good. By the time she killed her dad, she was full of magic and her heart was evil and black.

  17. tvdiva says:

    This show is amazing. The showrunners packed more drama and twists into these two episodes than most shows do in a whole season. This show rocks!

  18. Abby says:

    I like the idea of Cora being the original mil let’s daughter and then banished to Wonderland! Great suggestions/insight! Hope you’re right!

    Overall, I was very pleased with the episode. As always, the hour went by too quickly!

  19. Darth Pablo says:

    At the end, the shot of Gold and his car, standing in front of the line that leaves Storybrooke, and contemplating on leaving, that was the best shot for me. I love Robert Carlyle. His Gold is good, but he is at his best when he is Rumple.

    • Suzie says:

      ITA. I love the little bon mots he delivers in that squeaky voice. Marvelous actor.

    • jen says:

      he looked more like he was waiting than leaving. remember his reaction to what happened to sneezy? no one can leave or come in without losing memory? beginning to think gold sent the pigeon and that nyc guy is bae.

      • gdv says:

        I think he was wanting to leave, but now knew he couldn’t without risking losing his power. Remember when Charming came into his shop to look for magic for the hat? Gold was packing maps of the NE USA, so he was planning on leaving until Charming told him everyone loses their FTL memories once they cross the border.

        • Loki says:

          I think the spell was all Rumple’s plan from the beginning.
          He said someday the Evil Queen would owe him something and we know she consulted with him when she enacted the spell and he had given it to her to use.
          Since he couldn’t find another way to get to Baelfire, he uses the spell to send everyone to Storybrooke and then uses Emma to break the spell, thinking this will allow him to leave Storybrooke to go find Baelfire, but then he finds he can’t leave without losing his memories so he must wait for Baelfire to come to him.
          My question is where did August/Pinocchio go? Is he back to normal since the curse was lifted and he’s fulfilled his promise to help Emma (in a way)? He’s one of the only ones that can leave… Did Rumple spell him and turn him back so he could send him on an errand to find Baelfire?

  20. Mike says:

    I may be alone, while this episode may not have matched the stellar premiere, but I still felt this episode was better than most of last season, and this episode contained plenty of storyline developments, Regina has regained her powers, and Charming now know FTL still exists, Regina plans to work to earn henry’s love, but not enough to burn the spell book, and now that Cora is alive and well, and I am waiting anxiously to see her and Regina to meet again. With that said I never realized how much I would miss Emma and Snow, so It is going to be a long week of me waiting to see what happen next.

    • SK says:

      You’re not alone. I totally miss Snow and Emma. I kept on looking at the clock to see if there was time for them to show up. I do liked the episode very much. Looks like Rumplestiltskin did not know about losing your FTL self when you leave Storybrooke. He seemed to have been planning on leaving with Belle what with all the maps he was packing. I can’t wait for next week.

  21. Mike says:

    Random question, I wonder if the creators would ever abandon Storybrooke completely once everyone has a way back to the enchanted Forest, though it is 20 episodes away I wonder how this show will go on to a 3rd season.

  22. jenn says:

    Whale’s quote was just too funny, can’t wait to find out who he is. Also Cora as the Queen of Hearts and the Miller’s daughter is obvious I think, and I can’t wait to see Lancelot and Hook!

  23. luli says:

    this episode made me see that emma and snow are super important characters!! and i hate mulan

  24. Jennifer says:

    I thought we already met the queen of hearts in the first episode about Jefferson/the Mad Hatter. The actress that played the queen of hearts was Jennifer Koenig, so I don’t think that Cora and the Queen of Hearts could be the same person even though that would be a cool twist.

    • Me says:

      The actress playing the Queen of hearts had her head covered and you never heard her real voice. They could easily put Cora in that roll even if another actress played it first. Also the evidence points to Cora being the Queen. Her ruthless pulling out of people’s hearts, her name in Latin means “heart”, the heart on the spell book, Regina saying she knows better then most what the Queen of Hearts does to people, and the Queen of Hearts being dressed in black like Cora.

  25. Tom Charles says:

    Yes too little Emma&Snow, and my take on it is that Ron Paul…..I mean Rumpelstiltskin, met Regina when she was a baby. The “portable” thing gave it away. And by the by, his map of New York TOTALLY hints that NewMyseryMan is Bael.

  26. Kelly says:

    I LOVED this episode! It answered many ??? And even brought up new ones!! Regina, tonight, was NOT what I expected…..Redeemable. Gold/Rumple…..not being able to leave, HIS price for Magic. Caught, in the very beginning, in Golds shop, the vase he had in his hands…..the one from Skin Deep!!! Also, think when Snow wakes up she will recognize Cora!! Love this show and how it keeps you guessing!!!!

  27. Carlie says:

    So… my favourite part of that whole recap was the Elphaba reference. I adore WICKED. The end.
    But I do look forward to these recaps more than I can say. I’m in Australia, so I have no clue when it’s airing here and I’m too impatient to wait!

  28. Nothing justifies what Regina is. Nothing. To me that’s like children who were abused growing up to become abusers. It makes it even worse, because you know how awful it is, and, yet, you pass it on. It’s not the only option, when so many people who suffered through these things become amazing human beings. I don’t feel bad for Regina, I don’t sympathize with her. It just makes me despise her even more.

    And an episode with no Snow and Emma is lame, especially after they’ve just found out they’re mother and daughter. One of the most boring so far!

    Red & Henry saved it for me, but, then, I adore them.

    • Michelle says:

      I totally agree about Regina. If she’d have burned the spellbook then maybe I’d feel differently. But until she truly gives up magic, it’s going to be hard for me to see her as redeemable. At some point you have to take responsibility for your own actions and I have yet to see Regina do that. Instead she blames a seven year old girl for her lot in life!

      • TQ says:

        There is no way Snow White was 7 years old in “The Stable Boy”. She was older.

      • Loki says:

        You do know you’re talking about fiction right?
        There’s no story without antagonists.
        Regina is far from redemption and she will probably do more sinister things in the future but the character needs the back story to seem more 3dimensional. And redeeming herself and getting Henry to love her again gives her a new motivation now that the curse is lifted.

      • Barbie Furtado says:

        Exactly, I think that’s the problem for me, what they’ve been doing is making Regina seem *not guilty* or someone who’s just a casualty of a bad life. Well, She *is* guilty of her choices.

        In CSI:NY this week, Mac Taylor said, “”It’s the events in our life that shape us, but it’s our choices that define us.” Regina’s bad choices were HERS, and she’s the one to blame. I’m sorry she’s had a bad mother, that sucks. But, you know, so, so many people have gone through a lot of hell, and chose to be good people instead. The choice was hers.

        Emma’s had it pretty rough, she’s been alone all her life, and look where she is now.

    • Karo says:

      Yeah i agree with that. They can show me how innocent Regina was as often they like but at the end of the day she killed her own father, graham, snows father and brought a lot of misery to the people in fairytaleland. I´m still waiting for the moment where she shows true,honest regrets for her actions. Hence she had a choice and nobody was forcing her to choose & use magic for her evil deeds.

  29. Jaime says:

    One of the best episodes so far. I really felt for Regina this week. Her mother deserved whatever happened to her when she went through the looking glass, but to get rid of the one evil Regina had to invite the other (in form of Rumple) into her life. Tragic. But I loved that she realized her mistake with Henry and wants to redeem herself. The speech she gave him on the stairs? Made me tear up. Lana Parrilla was beyond amazing. She killed it this week. I still don’t understand how Lana and Robert were not nominated for Emmys this year.

  30. CloudT says:

    Thanks for the recap!
    Liked this one better than last week’s. Fairytale story with Regina, her evil witch mother, and Rumplestiltskin was bloody amazing. Storybrooke angle of it rocked too. I would make Barbara Hershey a series regular if I were Kitsis & Horowitz.
    Wonder what’s up with Pinocchio disappearing from his room.

  31. Leo61 says:

    My theory is Rumple met Regina before when she was a baby. Because Cora is the miller’s daughter from the Rumplestiltskin fairytale. And Regina was the baby the miller’s daughter promised to Rumplestiltskin. And just like in the fairytale Rumplestiltskin came to ‘collect’ after the miller’s daughter had her baby, but she tricked him and kept it.

    Loved the episode. Jane Espenson never disappoints. Next week will be heavy on Snow White, I didn’t mind that they put the focus on the other stories this week. How can they do important stories like how Regina met Rumple justice when they squeeze it into three scenes between real world and present day fairytale world. It was smart to have only two worlds in this episode.

  32. I loved this episode. May be one of my favorites. The acting was top notch all around.

    I love it when Rumple/Gold is vulnerable. Him not know what happens when they leave Storybrooke was a good twist. Though I don’t know why he appeared to know what happens in “The Stable Boy” if he was surprised by this info. Plus I’m a little disappointed that all that happens is they loose their old memories. The way they were talking in the first season it was something horrific. For some, it might be a fresh start.

    Can’t wait to see where August went.

  33. Random says:

    So judging by the fact that when Rumple met Regina after he became the dark one that would make Baelfire even older than everyone originally thought right?

  34. Ally says:

    My favorite line: “I don’t know how to love very well.” I don’t care if she’s the Evil Queen; that line broke my heart. Kudos to Lana Parrilla.

    • jen says:

      me too. her face was so sad and to know she once was such a happy person. glad she didn’t burn that book. probably will need it in the future going against gold (who doesn’t seem to want redemption at all).

    • Babybop says:

      I agree! I teared up when she said that.

  35. Liam says:

    I want The Huntsman to return.

  36. Christy says:

    Good episode, but too little Emma and Snow. I wanted to know more about their situation. Almost seems like Regina is the star of the show, while Emma and Snow are two pesky minor major characters who are trying to vye for screen time.

    • TQ says:

      Eh? It was one episode and it was no different from last season when we saw very little of character x and character y in one episode because character z had a bigger story. This show has three leading ladies and they all get their moments in the spotlight.

    • sara says:

      You watch the show, right? There are three female leads and they all have episodes where someone gets moved to the background.

  37. Gilda says:

    It’s unreal how many points Charming climbs on the attractive scale when he has a spine.
    And I love the writer’s nod to it. “It’s so easy, even David Nolan could do it.” Hehe.

  38. JC says:

    I love the twist at the end of the episode but I have to agree for the most part the episode was a let down compared to the premiere. But to the show’s defense the premiere episode is usually one of the best and the episode that would follow just falls flat but at least the twist made it worth watching live :))

  39. Crystal says:

    I love the little nods they do to the stories we all know…”It’s off to work we go.”

  40. Cory says:

    This episode made it to the top of my top five favorites thus far! Well written, well paced, and full of pure awesomeness!

    The thing I am wondering about is the part of the curse that is keeping them all inside Storybrooke… if anyone steps over the line, they revert to their ‘Storybrooke’ personalities and completely forget their Fairytale counterparts… but Regina and Rumple do not really have ‘Storybrooke’ personalities as they (while altered slightly to blend in) were basically themselves… so would crossing the line actually erase their memories as it does anyone else?…

  41. rose says:

    I’m relieved that August is back and I hope he left to find a way to get to Emma in order to protect her and so redeem himself…. though I’m a bit upset he didn’t get lines in this episode… I’d have loved to hear at least his voice but I can be patient!!! *he’s alive…he’s aliiiiiive!!!!* But the episode was great in the complex ;) Strangely I didn’t miss Emma and Mary that much…prob all that sweet Charming/Henry/Regina moments filled the void ;) I love Regina so much ! *but I still love August more*

  42. John says:

    Now that we’re establishing some rules about different time streams and the cycle of mother-child behavior, my “Mysterious Man is Henry” theory is starting to take shape!

    Best part, it means they can replace Jarrod Gilmore with Michael Raymond-James! What a win!

    • jen says:

      why? jared’s terrific as henry. in fact,seems every character is so perfectly casted so,when m-r-j comes in,should be fun. he’s great too….especially as manipulative,sinister roles to which he adds humor.

  43. AJ says:

    Is it just me or is the kid that plays Henry the worst line read ever? It’s time to a) give him little to no lines, b) hit him with a magical ageing spell that makes recasting necessary, or c) kill him off. There are so many child actors in Hollywood, surely there were many more talented actors than he.

  44. Stormy says:

    My nit picky problem with this ep was Regina saying to Charming “I’m not taking parenting advice from someone who put their child in a box and shipped her to Maine” Emma didn’t go to Maine, she went somewhere in the southwest [Henry was born in Az.], moved around and ended up in Boston where Henry found her.

    • Stormy says:

      Sorry, just got reminded of the ep where Emma goes to the diner where she was found in Maine. My bad.

    • Karo says:

      My problem with that line of Regina is “I’m not taking parenting advice from someone who put their child in a box and shipped her to Maine”…Charming and snow would never have done that if there weren`t a revengeful EQ. They practically saved Emmas life and it is something Regina doesn`T understand. She proved alone with that quote once again that she is a sociopath.

      • TQ says:

        Of course she knows and and understands why Emma ended up in our world. She was angry, frustrated and was lashing out in an irrational manner because she had no one to blame for her frustration. Charming even told her so. That’s not proof of someone being a sociopath.

        • Karo says:

          You can`t defend everything what Regina does and says, Oh don`t worry she is just irrationally lashing out because she is frustrated. You can argue it one time maybe the second time but right now her list of “irrational Lashing outs” is rather long. No i don`t have the feeling at all that she really understands why Snow and Charming actions happened out of love.

          • TQ says:

            No one is asking you to defend anything.
            That’s my problem with this fandom. Or at least with some parts of it. The minute you mention that Regina may have other, additional reasons other than “she’s evil!!!!” for acting the way she does you get called out for defending everything she does. There is a difference between understanding someone’s background and defending their every action. I’m not defending anything there. But I did find the use of the word sociopath in combination with this specific scene way over the top and inaccurate.

          • Karo says:

            Oh calm down, you can have your opinion but your argument above didn`t convince me,sorry. I understand where Regina comes from and totally see that she wasn`t allways evil but IMO that is the past. She made a choice which changed her & she made that choice in yesterdays episode again. Her recent actions do matter not the fact that she was different once.
            I think she even wants to redeem herself. But, she’s an “addict”, magic addict and she hasn’t made the choice to let go of her addiction for herself. Her not throwing the book into the fire was a huge indicator of that. As long as that book is around, she will never make progress on the path to redemption.

  45. Brandy says:

    I loved the Regina & Regina/Cora stuff this episode.Its ironic how Reginias didn’t want to be like her mom but became like her anyway but Regina is apperantley learning the lessons Cora didn’t.Her speech to Henry was great.I see how Regina struggles with magic/power & the look on her face when she pushed Cora into the mirror like”omg what did I do what’ve I done I can’t believe I did that.Lana is fantastic actress.

  46. Gail says:

    We still don’t know when or how Jefferson got back to Fairy Land from Wonderland so that he could go to Storybrooke at the time of the curse. We also don’t know why he remembered his Fairy Land life during the curse and that he was the only aware that time was frozen in Storybrooke. Maybe Cora is the Red Queen and Jefferson finally got another hat to to work that would transport the Red Queen and himself back to Fairyland.
    If this second hat exists it could be the way Charming rescues Snow and Emma.
    We also don’t know why Jefferson sems to be the onlly one who finds having memories of two different lives is a curse. Everyone else in Storybrooke seems to be dealing with it and accepting it.

  47. wrstlgirl says:

    So is Pinocchio deal or alive, I’m confused.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      dead I meant. This place really needs an edit button.

      • Cory says:

        He’s alive. They showed him at the beginning of last nights episode… he blinked his eyes and then at the end of the episode, Marco (with a tip from Henry) went to find him only to discover he wasn’t there. August/Pinocchio is indeed alive and will return soon.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Oh good, I missed the first couple of minutes so I didn’t see that. I have it on the DVR because I always like to watch it again.

        • jen says:

          nice color of wood-sort of bird’s eye maple. matched those blue eyes. looked good. happy issue addressed…..

  48. Laura says:

    Red was awesome in this episode. I felt kinda bad for her though, trying to keep everyone calm while Charming was off doing his own thing.

    Regina is the daughter of the miller’s daughter, so Rumple would’ve probably at least seen her before, since as the firstborn she would be who he would’ve taken if Cora hadn’t figured out his name.

    But yeah, I too think that Cora probably ended up the Queen of Hearts after going through the mirror. It would explain the QoH’s hatred of Regina. Though it’ll be interesting to see how she ended up in the Enchanted Forest.

  49. Babybop says:

    Episode was pretty good. I just hope that Mulan has the least amount of screen time possible. She is a terrible actress!

    • Ana says:

      Right? The thing is that the actress is not bad, she just does a terrible job of playing Mulan. I was very disappointed when she was introduced last week. Mulan is a warrior and this girl looks and acts fragile and weak. Bad casting…