Ratings: Shark Tank Tops Night, Jersey Tumbles

Made in Jersey is eying the metaphorical exit ramp, dropping 27 percent in the demo this week to a CW-like 0.8.

CBS’ freshman legal drama also fell 13 percent to 6.7 million viewers, yet still led its time slot in total audience.

ABC’s Shark Tank (6 mil/1.7) edged out Grimm to deliver Friday’s best demo rating (rising 13 percent week-to-week), while Blue Bloods (9.6 mil/1.2), despite dropping 15 percent, as always copped the most total viewers.

Elsewhere on Friday:

* CSI: NY opened CBS’ night with 8.4 mil and a 1.2, dipping 8 percent from its season opener. That means Jersey dropped a third of its demo lead-in, which as you can see above does not make Frank Reagan happy.

* Of genre-TV fare, Grimm held steady at 5.2 mil/1.6, while Fringe (3.03 mil/1.0) dipped a tenth in the demo.

All told, CBS averaged the most viewers, while ABC scored the nightly demo win.

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  1. Shaun says:

    Jersey belongs on USA or something.That’s where all those simple shows are.

  2. Chris says:

    USA already has this show…it’s called Fairly Legal.

  3. Billie says:

    well I thought it was a legal drama , isn’t it ? I couldn’t watch the pilot after all the bad reviews but I’m surprised it gets so much bad ratings .

  4. eridapo says:

    The nets are better off scheduling repeats or reality because hardly anyone is watching tv on Fridays.

    • Stormy says:

      This may sound odd, but IMO the networks should aim Friday night programming toward viewers over 55 and sell the ad time to sponsors who target that demo. That tired friday night audience would be sitting ducks for the pain killers/antacids/identity theft/investment companies.

      • fancc says:

        That’s totally ridiculous. What will they do? 50-year-olds kicking ass! Oh wait, that’s already in Vegas and its not that good. Let me let you in on a secret that you might have been left out of. Not every person in the 18-49 demo goes out to party on EVERY friday night. If anything, they need to come up with a better rating system.

  5. Jared says:

    Made in Jersey would have been a solid show on the CW. I think the CW audience would have embraced the whole Jersey girl/legal drama.

    • fancc says:

      Nah. This wouldn’t really fit in. Its too bland. Actually CW has some of the best shows, both in content and execution for adults (Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita – I’ve heard is good. can’t attest to that – and hopefully ARROW). People who want something different and awesome should check them out.

  6. Mrs. Peele says:

    I think everyone is just tired of yet another legal drama. Fairly Legal is out there, The Good Wife among others and we still have endless re-runs of Law & Order – all flavors – which I love by the way. Plus all the other cop shows out there – did they really think this was going to blast off? New ideas, not more of the same. I’m tired of ‘reality shows’ (which of course you know that there is someone with a camera in your face and yet this is ‘reality’) and shows which have absolutely no value at all – Bridezillas ‘ seriously?

    • Stormy says:

      Here’s some ideas: A comedy about a med student who’s paying for school by being a magician. Title: Abra Cadaver Or, A comedy about a dysfunctional California family of morticians who own a funeral home with a drive through visitation window. Title: Remains To Be Seen. I have better ideas, but I’m saving them. LOL

  7. tvaddict says:

    So first cancellations of the fall season will be The Mob Doctor and Made in Jersey

  8. ragincajun says:

    Effective next week, CBS should just start airing NCIS repeats at 8:00 followed by new episodes of CSI NY and Blue Bloods. There’s absolutely no reason to keep that MiJ turker on the schedule. Just look at the numbers! Two million left CBS at 9:00, and three million came back at 10:00. CBS’ viewers just do not want to wach the show. End of story!!!!!

  9. tahina says:

    Tried giving MiJ another chance, it only lasted 10 minutes. Agree, this show shoud go or switched to CW or another cable channel…and Martina’s Jersey accent is a no no. I wonder why no one ele has complained about it.

    • Pat Graney says:

      You are so right; her accent is way inauthentic. Perhaps because she (the lead, Janet Montgomery) is English! Pretty girl; love to see her in something else. Short of mating dating someone in production or at CBS? NO idea why she got cast and this show built around her. Has credits in Great Britain; did a small part (so small I can’t remember it) in Black Swan. Show is bland, bland, bland; too bad.

  10. Nero theTVFiddler says:

    I just read on sister-site Deadline/Nellie that CBS may need to go the ‘reality’ angle on Friday at 8pm and run ‘Undercover Boss’ or similar to grab the demo ratings, and then slide CSI-NY back to 9pm to be a better lead-in for BBloods. CBS is fighting the good fight on Friday’s with scripted programming, but they are losing the demo battle. Might as well place a reality show in 8pm slot to try to get those 18-49s in early evening and hope they stay for CSI-NY and BBloods later in the night. What else can CBS do? I thought maybe place ‘Golden Boy’ in the Friday 9pm slot, but that is probably amistake – waste another new scripted show …better to try that show out on another night during winter stretch to give it a better chance to success.

    Regarding Made in Jersey – I was out last night, but DVR’ed it and watched it this morning during breakfast. The show has a nice cast, but again (as I said last week), the show is all too familiar, connect-the-dots. We’ll see Janet Montgomery again somewhere down the road – she’s good, but right or wrong, the show is not what the demo wants to see. Game over.

  11. sarah says:

    CBS cancel Made in Jersey and but CSI NY back in its proper spot! That is not good about Blue Bloods……..

  12. sarah says:

    PUT not BUT

  13. Michael says:

    Made In Jersey is in the worst timeslot ever. It is going up against Grimm & Fringe’s last season. How is it supposed to compete? It got 0 to no promotion, just like A Gifted Man last year. The only reason why Blue Bloods does decent is it has no competition, CSI New York is getting lousy ratings.

    • JC says:

      It is going up against Grimm & Fringe. That’s two genre shows, not exactly the same target audience as Made in Jersey. If it were going up against Grey’s Anatomy or Law & Order: SVU, that would be competition. But Grimm and Fringe? Made in Jersey should be able to pull a decent audience against those two shows. (And the worst timeslot ever in Thursday nights at 8:00, not Friday at 9:00.)

  14. Luke says:

    Grimm was freaking awesome last night! More people need to watch that show dammit! At least 10 mil a week.

    • Carm says:

      Yes it was Luke! You are right. More people need to watch Grimm. They are missing out.

      • GK says:

        I saw 16 episodes in season 1! Count that – SIXTEEN absolutely boring, stupid episodes with a lead actor who can’t even act! The only good thing on it was the wolf guy. So tell me, what exactly are the rest of us missing out on? I’d rather re-watch the first 5 seasons of the awesome Supernatural than give another shot to that horrible wreck!

        • Okay. NBC disagrees with you and so do all the fans, including me!

          • GK says:

            Well Jersey Shore, Kardashians and 2.5 Men are still bringing in the ratings, aren’t they! That doesn’t prove anything about the quality!

          • Barbie Furtado says:

            I never did mention ratings. I mention the network as a whole (executives, etc…) and the fans — not as in they tune in, but how they react to the show, how they perceive the show. Grimm is hardly one of the most watched shows — but it certainly is one of the best.

  15. Cathy says:

    They are really pushing this show, since it’s on tonight.