Pretty Little Liars Renewed for Season 4

Pretty Little Liars RenewedThe industrious ‘A’ team has lots more work ahead.

ABC Family has picked up Pretty Little Liars for a fourth season.

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The renewal calls for Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily to be tormented for 24 more episodes, which are slated to air in mid-2013.

A special Halloween installment of the addictive series, slated to air Oct. 23 at 8/7c, will be followed by the second half of Season 3 in January.

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  1. Dani says:

    YES!!!!!! I can’t wait for PLL to be back. And I’m happy that the girls have so many more episodes ahead of them.

  2. Adam says:


  3. dude says:

    Great show but really hope Season 4 is its last. They need to wrap up the mystery some time and if it takes 8 years, no reveal is going to be worth the build-up.

    • Alex says:

      I dunno, I think they’ve been doing a pretty good job of revealing stuff as we go, and I think there could be more layers of the mystery for awhile to come.
      It’s one of the very few shows on television where not everything is predictable, and the twists are actually shocking.

      • Tom says:

        I both agree and disagree…this is one show that does have some truly shocking twists to it, but on the other hand it is getting to the point where we have thought that pretty much every single character is on the A team or Allison’s killer or both…throwing red herring after red herring at us does not a mystery make, it’s simply a way to prolong the show…I kinda want to see them wrap up the A team and Allyson’s killer and then move into another mystery that’s related but completely different

        • Sam says:

          I agree I hope season 4 is the last season!
          There has been more side stories and relationships rather than mysteries being solved, I’m hoping season 4 will focus more on the actual mystery rather than who’s dating who.
          I’m hoping they get rid of the paedophile with the kid character it’s more creepier than who killed Alison.

    • Dani says:

      Didn’t they already say that they have plans for six seasons and hope they can reveal all the secrets!? I don’t think that they need to wrap up the entire mystery. There is still much to go. Especially with the girls getting older.

      • Elyse says:

        i have also read that Marlene King has a road map for at least 6 seasons. i will watch PLL as long as its on air.

  4. Eric says:

    As long as Aria and Ezra end up together in the end, that’s all that matters to me! Keep the Pretty Little Liars coming!!!

    • Rebecca says:

      lol that is the only relationship I cannot support.

    • Cassidy says:

      It is too cliche for them to make Ezra apart of the A team.. Every boyfriend doesn’t have to be bad just because Toby is. They haven’t showed Ezra having any tie to Ally yet and I hope they don’t. Maybe he has another secret or he really was just going to surprise her. Remember every time they make someone an obvious suspects they aren’t actually involved!! I hope this show goes on for at least 6 seasons!

  5. I Heart Chuck Bass (and Damon Salvatore) says:

    I’m so happy to hear this! I’m anxiously awaiting the back half of Season 3. I need to see what happens when Spencer finds out Toby is part of the A-Team!

  6. Ingrid! says:

    I kind of want this to be it for them. The A mystery is great, don’t get me wrong, but you can tell that they’re starting to spread it a little thinly. There’s only so many layers this story can have. It’s time for the writers to wrap it up 

  7. Brandy says:

    Soo addicted to PLL, love it!

    • Brandy says:

      I don’t know if I want four to be the end.On one hand, season four the girls will be in college and it would be weird,especially with not all the Liars going to the same college(but teen soaps always the core group go to same college-90210,bh90210,GG,OC,-.)I also know a lot of viewers are getting bored waiting to find out who A is. On othe other hand, I’d love for the show to go on to Marlene’s five or six seasons & maybe a movie.

  8. Nicotine says:

    Yes! Another season of Troian Bellisario’s awesome legs!

  9. Josh says:

    Awesome news! Best show on ABC Family! Another season of Ashley Benson’s fine self!

  10. Read the books people, there are so many mysteries are twists that Sara Shepard was able to come up with. I got up to Twisted, not counting the recent addition, Pretty Little Secrets, there’s a lot more shockers to come

  11. dean says:

    On one hand I’m like ok yay nd on the other its like can we just find out who is behind this all like really though

  12. I am so happy, i’m doing my happy dance, PLL & Revenge are my fav. shows.

    And for those of you who keep saying that they need to end the show already, um have yall seen how many books there are if im not wrong theres like 12 books so many more seasons to come.

    I do agree that the whole A story needs to end but not the show, they can add a new mystery or they can just focus on the girls lives.

  13. Mima X says:

    Simply Happy! =)

  14. DeeKayTee says:

    I think they should maybe wrap up the A mystery sooner than later and move on to some other mysteries/ dramas and keep the show for many more seasons! There are a ton of books in the series and from what I see it looks like the A mystery wraps up and there are new twists in store for the girls. If they start introducing those now we can wrap up A and move on. Love this show too much to have it end after all the A team is revealed!

  15. Clau says:

    honestly, this is getting boring… just reveal A and then we move on. Ugh

  16. Elyse says:

    i am so excited!!!

  17. COURTNEY says:


  18. mashuda says:

    thanks man

  19. sabrina says:

    can they already reveal who the heck A is??tired of guessing eh

  20. Jackie says:

    I can’t wait until what happened to aria and Ezra relationship.

  21. Rachel says:

    I totally love this show. I just want the mystery to go on and on. Good work guys.

  22. gioula says:

    pll is a fantastic show
    greece <3!

  23. georgia says:

    i firmly believe that aria and ezra will break up
    so ezra will be a member of the A TEAM!!!!!!!
    GREECE!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  24. Claire says:

    Omg LOVE PLL I WATCH IT WITH MY FRIENDS ON TUESDAYS!!!! I have seen every single episode from season 1 too season 4

  25. Elle says:

    Preety Little liars is really awesome!! But, i feel bad for Spencer when she knew toby is ‘A’ .
    i can’t wait to see what happen next!

  26. second half of season 4 in jan… right?

  27. Kelsey says:

    I absolutely love Pretty Little Liars!! If they go to college next year they’ll all go to Hollis because like that’s the only college they talk about. And Spencer is already taking classes there. I would be really dumb if they all went to separate colleges. But on the other hand, if 2 of them went to one college and 2 in another it would be really cool!

  28. Lesley says:

    wait has season 4 already came out yet ???
    i started watching PLL like a month ago trying to catch up on all the episodes starting from the very first one ! seriously i didnt think it was THIS good !

  29. Abby says:

    I think they need to only have a season 4 and tie it all together is ally alive because that is physically impossible!! All we need to know is why shana and Jenna are together and with Melissa and who red coat is. If ally is alive.whos in the trunk. We still don’t know who drugged Emily the night they dug up ally’s grave and who was buried alive and helped out and… Who the other two people were that Toby saw and got hit by and then who can carry a huge ass car out of the lake!!!! >.< just tell us all ready they can tie it up in one more season unless.. They wanna add more stuff and its getting exhausting and I can not figure this thing out for my life and has my head spinning in circles!!! -.- otherwise I love this show!! It always keeps you on your toes (:

  30. brit says:


  31. Cupcake-101 says:

    I love this show!!! I can keep watching it for the rest of my life! I never want it to end. There are just so many secrets you can tell at once. And these four girls are LIARS! I really need to know if Alli is alive. If it really is Jason in . . . I mean he was the last NAT member right? Anyway keep it going!!!