Exclusive Post Mortem: Glee Boss on 'Break-Up' Fallout, Promises 'Nothing Is Set in Stone' - Plus: Cory Monteith 'Sad, Nostalgic' in Episode's Wake

If you have yet to watch this week’s “Break-Up”-themed Glee, think twice before proceeding. Everyone else, dry those tears and read on…

They were the splits heard ’round the world — but will any of ’em stick?

In the wake of Thursday’s game-altering Glee, which saw three of the show’s most popular couples (Rachel/Finn, Kurt/Blaine, Brittany/Santana) go their separate ways, exec producer Brad Falchuk tells TVLine exclusively that those relationships aren’t necessarily over for good.

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“Nothing is set in stone,” he assures fans. “For now things are different. But that there’s an enormous amount of love there, so there’s a great chance of a lot of them getting back together.”

Falchuk says the episode’s primary goal was to “shake everything up” as Glee heads deeper into its current fourth season — a prospect Finn’s portrayer, Cory Monteith, finds bittersweet.

“All of the possibilities are really exciting,” he says. “But there’s still a apart of me that’s nostalgic. It’s hard. I’ve always had such a personal attachment to the ‘Finchel’ storyline, and there’s real doubt as to whether or not they’ll ever get back together again. So to see it potentially go by the wayside is very sad.”

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Darren Criss, meanwhile, lauds the show’s creative minds for dealing with young romance realistically — particularly with regard to Blaine’s apparent infidelity. “It was really hard for [Blaine] to be apart [from Kurt] and it took its toll,” he muses. “It’s a part of life.

“The fans are going to go crazy,” Criss acknowledges, “which is nice because it means they like Blaine and Kurt. I was certainly as sad as any fan of the couple. But they established something so real and I think lasting [with Kurt and Blaine], regardless of what happens next.”

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  1. Casey says:

    the Brittana stuff was sad and pointless, we barely saw their relationship and yet we get an update ya’ll ldr are hard, I felt ~energy~ from the only other lesbian in the glee universe and feel compelled to dump my girlfriend. idek what that blaine sl was, wasn’t the point of the first time to break the promiscuity stereotype and show a loving committed relationship between two boys? CRIED TEARS OF JOY over Rachel letting that idiot know what was what. What am I without my girlfriend? idk buddy but it isn’t her responsibility to deal with your low self esteem. Nice that you need her so much now but for the four previous months you were fine, also I guess it’s a good thing he got discharged from the military because what a coward sneaking out in the middle of the night, good thing no one will have to rely on him with their life.

  2. Angel says:

    Gonna start off by saying. That was one of the best episodes. Glee is finally back. My love for Finchel has increased even more and I didn’t think it was possible. That last scene. Was everything I wanted. Yes I hate that they have to break up, but they needed it. Finn needs to find his confidence and his dream. Rachel can’t do that for him. My heart breaks for him. My heart broke for Rachel. Lea gave the best acting she has ever done. Cory was amazing and so sexy. I lost it during the flashback :( so beautiful and heartbreaking, but so satisfying. They love each other so much and look at each other as the best people in the world. They are true love. The kisses were adorable. The PDA during teenage dream killed me. So cute. Rachel was so happy to see him and wanted him to be there in NY. Brody is irrelevant. He means nothing to her. Just a stall and someone who made Rachel feel wanted. Rachel finally understood Finns sacrifice. Ryan Nd the cast use so much continuity and care with the Finchel storyline. All the past references were amazing. I have absolute faith that this is not the end for Finchel. Will it be an easy journey? No. It will hurt. But we get more scenes with them. In other news Brittana was adorable and made me cry. Could care less about the newbies or Wemma. I didn’t pay attention during those scenes becaus I didn’t care. When you have Finchel scenes, I don’t give a damn about McKinley and Jarley. But if you notice. They used the newbies to demonstrate how much Finchel and the other couples have grown. Showing you where they started. Klaine was too out of the blue and forced with the cheating. I have hope for this season. I anticipate it now. My show is back. I’m so excitd for this journey. Finchel is forever.

  3. Monique says:

    Finchel forever. Finn needed to be told how this has affected Rachel. He can’t keep throwing her aside when things get tough and he needs to open up to her and tell him what he feels instead of hiding in his insecurity. Finn needs to learn that he has self worth and in Rachel’s eyes he is everything to her. I do believe they will have the joy of rediscovering each other eventually. Finn just has to find his passion. I can’t blame Cory for being nostalgic. Finn and Rachel’s journey mirrors his and Lea’s. Their love for each other makes these scenes more powerful than the other couples. Brilliant work on tonight’s episode.

  4. Lainey says:

    Cory Monteith you are wonderful and Lea Michele you are amazing! Seeing tose two opposite each other again breathed life into this season for me. Glee is finally Glee now and I can’t wait to see what is in store for those two. Also, welcome back Santana!!

  5. Miranda says:

    I am soo pissed off!!! They break up all THREE power couples!?!?!?! This is messed up. I’m irritated about Finchel, although I saw that coming, but Klaine and Brittana too, really. There isn’t even a reason to watch this show anymore. I am so mad at the producers. I think they mad a dumb move doing this, people want to believe in happy endings, especially for the LGBT community who have no good TV storylines. I for one am boycotting Glee altogether, no more music downloads, merchandise or watching the show, unless Brittany and Santana get back together. Period. Stupid lying producers, telling all the Brittana fans we were actually going to get some good lady kisses this season, all we got was a dumb breakup, Santana having a moment with a super ugly girl, and another reason for Brittany to hit rock bottom. Seriously! What were they thinking?? All I know is you lost one fan, how many more are you willing to lose with your stupid break ups????

    • Courtney says:

      Brittany and Santana were never going to last. Brittney never loved Santana the way Santana loved her. Brittney is definitely bi and loved the acceptance that Santana gave her more than anything. This was made clear when she was talking to Sam in the auditorium earlier in the season. The scene was heartbreaking and I will miss them being together but I always saw it coming.

  6. CultureVulture says:

    Didn’t anyone else think the music tonight was especially noteworthy? I haven’t wanted to download the music from an episode in whole for a looooong time!

  7. Jessica says:

    I want Puck back. That’s all, Mark is so cute!!! :)

  8. Clau says:

    gawd. these fandoms. it’s just tv

  9. N says:

    I just really hope Finn finds his dream and then finds his way back to Rachel and to NY!

  10. j says:

    Finchel ftw

  11. angel says:

    All im going to say is blaine is not a cheater until proven and klaine foreva.. there is more to this story then meets that eye..

  12. felicity says:

    Am I the only one who thought it was more than slightly ridiculous that everyone was reminiscing about “the good old days” in high school – and returing to that high school – not even four months after graduating? You would think they had been gone for years. How long was Kurt even in NY? A few weeks? And Blaine couldn’t take a week of separation without cheating seems out of character.

  13. sandra says:

    Lea and Cory were amazing. This definitely isn’t the end for Finchel. I believe in them now more than ever,

  14. Kerry says:

    I was proud of Rachel for ditching the loser, but this episode was boring and horribly acted. I need my Quick back asap! Miss them so much!!!

  15. Jane says:

    Is it sad that I was most excited that we got a Duncan Sheik song in this episode?

  16. Holly says:

    So glad to see Finn back tonight and Santana! This epsiode was heartbreaking, but at the same time leaves me wanting more. More than anything I hope they continue to let Lea and Cory share scenes because they are always the most well acted and come across as the most powerful. I also hope we dont have to wait too long to get Finn and Santana to NY which is what I was expecting going into this season.

  17. Steve Gray says:

    crap episode. the awful song choices always seemed to stamp all over the characters emotions or stop them from developing. which is not what a song should do in a musical. sad state of affairs

  18. Petra says:

    I really hope Finchel is over for good.
    I never liked them together.

  19. MLO says:

    OMG! I don’t get the whole ‘Finn’ thing… boy has as much sex appeal as the Pillsbury Dough Boy, plus his character is a thumping bore. Let’s face it, Finn is the High School jock who ends up fat and washed up by the time he’s 30.

    • Mike says:

      You’d think that’s where he’s headed. But imo the writers are trying to portray that Finn is not going to end up being THAT high school jock. And I think Finn is quite handsome.

      • skm2004 says:

        Thank you wonderful post. Finn is the Everyman of Glee. Very handsome. Yes, he hasn’t always been the smartest bulb, but genuine, has a heart of gold. I believe the writers are giving Finn his due evolvement this season. In the pilot he didn’t want to be a Lima loser,now being his biggest fear. He will evolve this season and show us the viewers how an Everyman of the world can be anything he wants to be if he puts his mind to it.

  20. Aria Calliope says:

    Even though I know they are endgame, I have just stopped liking Finchel. I think Finn needs to stop whining and complaining about his life and actively do something about it. Personally, I fell in love with the character of Rachel Berry. She was driven and didn’t need a man to pursue her dreams. But they always need to stick her with someone, and I think that that person should be Brody. He seems to be on the same page as her. I’m now team Brochel!

  21. missysabrina says:

    I thought it was a good episode, and well acted by all. However, as picky as it may seem, there were the usual big holes in the story imo. Regarding Finn shooting himself in the thigh, it didn’t seem realistic that Rachel never asked him more about his wound and his recovery. Also, Finn or the Army never contacted his mother or Burt (and in turn Kurt) about the accident? And if it was such a minor wound that he could backpack through Georgia for two months, would he had been discharged? For some reason, he finally decided to come to New York, and he really thought Rachel was suppose to sit around and wait for him!? As for Blaine, it was OOC for him to cheat on Kurt so soon after moving to NYC. Santana and Brittany made the most sense, but since she was coming home every few weeks to do her laundry and see Brittany, why didn’t she just keeping doing that? Lots of college kids do that. Keeping these couples together and writing about their struggles to stay together for several episodes, and not breaking them up in one episode would have been more interesting to watch.

    • AngD says:

      I don’t think Finn expected Rachel to wait for him, but was hopeful that she would. He wasn’t angry at her like he was when she made out with Puck while they were dating. Even if Rachel hadn’t kissed Brody, I think they would’ve ended up breaking up for now because Finn saw that Rachel found a place while he was still lost , which was the same reason why he didn’t marry her. Her connection to Brody was just an added element. As for Santana and Brittany, I think Santana knew that she wanted to be able explore options and wouldn’t be able to as long as she stayed in a relationship with Brittany. She doesn’t want all of her decisions to be based upon Brittany and vice versa – now Santana is free to go to NYC to try her wings because she doesn’t have to go home every few weeks to see Brittany and Brittany is free to figure out what she needs vs following Santana/holding Santana back.

  22. Siren says:

    OMG, Lea and Cory have been incredible!. And after the last scene only I can say…. Finchel Forever

  23. agruks says:

    Lea and Cory killed their scenes,they have never been better! #FinchelForever

  24. ProfKatG says:

    Understandably the writers wanted to shake things up so there will be opportunities for further character development. Having stated that, why an OOC, off the wall “cheating” Blaine?? Was so difficult to believe that would happen that any credibility for the rest of the show vanished. Why take a strong, gay, male with a mature set of values and “character assinate” – with no hint in a prior plot line to make it understandable? Writers did a much more believable job with Finn and Rachel. (except for the hiking around for two months with a shot leg). For some, yet to be discovered reason, Blaine role as the conscientious, role model has been severely diminished and the show’s value lessened as a result.

    • Kay says:

      ProfKatG: I agree with your comment. Blaine has changed so much since Season 2 when he first introduced. He was such a strong role model, confident, a leader. In Season 3 he was not as confident and seemed unsure of himself alot of the time. In Season 4 he started out kind of sarcastic and “a meanie” as Darren Criss described him. And now they make him a cheater. I just don’t understand why they keep changing his character like this. I was hoping that Kurt and Blaine would be one of the couples that would survive the break-up unscathed and end up together like Kurt described (with his first love by his side “just like The Notebook”…) at the beginning of “Goodbye.” But that dream has been shattered because apparently they break up (although we haven’t officially seen that yet but I’m sure it’s coming – Kurt will probably send him a text).

      • The Rational Glee Fan says:

        At first, I definitely thought Blaine’s cheating was OOC, and that this was the destruction of a wonderful character. But after some careful consideration, I realized that we are simply seeing more of him. As he solidifies his place in the show, with these people, he grows more vulnerable, and we start to see the cracks in his armor. This virtually flawless, role-model-type character was no more, and what was left? A person. A person with flaws, who makes mistakes, who wants to give more than he has to begin with, and it takes its toll on him.

        This is absolutely not a justification of his cheating, but rather, an analysis of why it is not necessarily OOC– as we saw in “Big Brother” and “Dance With Somebody”, he clearly has a lot of issues with abandonment and the fear of being forgotten. With Kurt gone, those fears were realizing themselves, and he acted out: to make himself feel wanted again, to get Kurt’s attention. And I think that’s why he looked so absolutely DESTROYED with regret during his performance of “Teenage Dream”– he knew he had made a mistake that, even if Kurt did (by some miracle), he would never forgive HIMSELF for. He never felt more unwanted, like he could never be wanted again. Like the only attention he’d ever get from Kurt was the pain he had caused. So Blaine told him, because he felt that he no longer deserved the love of his life.

        But will this be the end for Klaine? I don’t think so. Several sources point to a positive future for them, and I feel like if they can work this out, their relationship will be more compelling than ever. Whether it takes two episodes or ten, I’m very sure they’ll get back together. Ryan Murphy wants it, Chris Colfer wants it, Darren Criss wants it, legions of devoted fans want it (I’m one of them, although I’m one of the seemingly rare few who can actually articulate themselves respectfully– I apologize on behalf of those who give us a bad name). I’m not trying to change anyone’s views, of course, just offering a perspective on the situation that they perhaps haven’t taken into account.

        • ProfKatG says:

          I am in complete agreement that this is not the end for Klaine – there are too many fans who watch the show because of them for the writers to do away with their relationship. My unease with the direction the writers have taken is that they unnecessarily made Blaine do something totally against character, maligning his set of values, when something much lesss negative than “hooking up with Eli” would have served the same purpose. While I do not want to assume I know what Darren Criss is thinking, I believe his lengthy note to his fans regarding their support, coming out on Facebook/twitter when it did, was not a coincidence, but an attempt by Darren to do some damage control. Three couples break up. Each one for a progressively “worse” reason. Blaine could just as easily have broken up with Kurt because of his feelings of being ignored, left out, alienated. This would have been more in character than an off-the-wall, hook-up with a non-character. It will be interesting to see how the writers work their way back to a strong Blaine-Kurt relationship. It may be difficult for die-hard Kurt fans to integrate such a major lapse.

        • Kay says:

          To “The Rational Glee Fan”: Thank you for your observations. I never thought of that. You give me hope for the future of Kurt and Blaine.

      • Courtney says:

        The character keeps changing because he is a teenager. Look at Tina she is always changing as well. I can list at least three different roles/types of person I was in high school it is a time of emotional struggle and defining yourself.

    • LB says:

      Definitely out of character for Blaine. I remember reading an interview with Criss before the season started in which he said he was surprised by something Blaine was written to do. Also, hiking after taking an “arrow to the knee” [bullet from”Rachel”] is as ludicrous as the previous poster said. He’d still be limping some 4 months later.

  25. L says:

    Gimme a break.I hate finchel but I have no doubt they’ll get back together.

  26. Michelle says:

    Finchel is forever.
    No matter what they go through, no matter what happens, they’ll always find their way back to each other.
    They’re tether and that’s never going to change.

  27. Michelle says:

    Finchel is forever.
    No matter what they go through, no matter what happens, they’ll always find their way back to each other.
    They’re tether and that’s never going to change.

    That episode was so heartbreaking but gave us all so much hope for these two.
    They’re it for each other.

  28. AngD says:

    I think Finchel will reunite by the time the Series ends. Right now, they both need to find out who they are. For me, I think Finn will find that being a teacher or coach is his calling. His character is supposed to be a natural leader who always ends up doing the right thing. I think Finn and Rachel’s future will be him being a teacher/coach to inner city kids in NYC while married to Broadway star Rachel Berry. I think Kurt should end up going into fashion industry and find a new love even though 1st love Blaine is accepted into NYADA. Don’t really care one way or another about whether or not Brittany/Santana or Wemma reunite.

  29. Aline says:

    The episode was really heartbreaking, but i’m sure finn and rachel will get back together. “two strangers learn to fall in love again” right? Finchel is forever.

  30. IrinaS says:


  31. monica says:

    Blaine singing was actually live so stop saying it was bad acting. Each breakup was done right I just don’t think blaine had to cheat. I think that from previous ep where kurt was ignoring him during Skype and going on about Vogue having no interest in Blaine’s big day could have just been like we need a break he didn’t have to find some random guy and hookup. Just saying!

    • Forever_Klaine says:

      In total agreement.

    • Cindy Stevens says:

      We do have a right to our opinion. Not everyone that Darren Criss is that talented. I think he over emotes WAY TOO MUCH, and I am not alone. And why does Kurt have to kiss Blaine’s ass ALL The time. Kurt is starting a NEW career – so how about Blaine taking the time to support Kurt and give him time to adjust to his new life?? And if you have ever been cheated on, you would know how absolutely painful and devastating it is.

  32. Bianca Morrvera says:

    Proudly So <3 Brittana Forever <3

  33. nicole says:


  34. Songbird says:

    Hum. What about Brittana?

  35. Siren says:

    When appears the quality of acting that Cory and Lea brings to the show, these two are untouchable.
    After last night episode, more than ever, Finchel Forever.

  36. Kate says:

    I’m still emotionally reeling from the Brittana unofficial breakup or whatever. I cried like a little baby for hours after it :-/ They need to get back together!!! Brittany and Santana have always been the twoshot and it feels weird seeing them without the other.

  37. Ash says:

    is the same Finchel fan posting over and over?

    I hope Brittana is one of the couples that makes it in the long run. Their break-up was a bit abrupt, but pretty mature and amicable for the most part. They have a clear foundation and friendship that should supersede the “lesbian energy” drama that was pulled from nowhere.

    But, regardless of the shoddy writing, Naya and Heather were fantastic. Hopefully the writers will start taking Brittana seriously because, judging by their heartbreaking performances, Naya and Heather are clearly poised to portray a serious, adult relationship. They really impressed me and I can only imagine how they would shine if given the opportunity to.

  38. Abbie says:

    Still pissed at Blaine, but I hope with time Kurt (and I) can forgive him and Kurt and Blaine will get back together and everything will be alright again. I just hope it happens soon.

  39. Kim says:


    • Mic says:

      Settle down, this is not the actual recap. Search for the other one on this site.

    • Courtney says:

      I disagree I do not think in the slightest that they are soul mates. I love them together but they were a couple that was not forever. Brittney never loved Santana the way Santana loved her. Brittney more than anything loved the acceptance Santana gave her. That was made clear in the auditorium scene with Sam in a different episode.

  40. phbr says:

    I would not ever say i won’t watch glee again. Im so sad Teresa a month hiatus grrr. Glee writers keep pipes attention by adding realistic twist to otherwise predictable drama. We always expect it or way or the other. Happy or sad. They are showing that life throws curveballs and no one knows how it may turn out. The actors getting lost and emotionally attached and putting their hearts in the acting ofnot only their characters but their alter egos of sort. They are family in and off screen making it wonderful to watch. Keep it up Glee…..living it. :)

  41. Kim says:

    First off Finchel must never get back together. Everytime they get together their breakup gets worse and worse so its obvious they aren’t good for each other. I’m not a fan of Rachel but she can do so much better than Finn. Finn is the definition of a Lima Loser.
    Second, the saddest breakup is Brittana yet they don’t get mentioned in this article? Out of all three these two are for sure is endgame. Santana didn’t cheat unlike Blaine. Brittany find kiss another guy unlike Rachel. So it’s clear that they have more love for each other than anyone!

  42. Alison Achter says:

    I don’t think that people should stop watching it just because their favourite characters have been split. I watch seasons all the time where characters move on and grow into bigger parts of the show. I wasn’t happy that they didn’t make more of a big deal of the other characters, but focused mainly on Rachael and Finn. I enjoy watching Glee because of the messages and story lines that go behind each one. The only two episodes that I was disappointed with was the first two of this season, which really got me worried about the the season was going to unfold. Other than that Glee has done an excellent job to maintain the good storylines and also combining the songs with the story. I’m still waiting for the episode where they dedicate it to Modern Country and with the comment of ‘Carrie Underwood’ slipped in there by Kitty in the fourth episode suggests to me that something may turn up.

  43. Even though the main characters on Glee look much older, on the show they are just out of high school.It is rare for someone that young to find their “one and only” in high school and stay with them forever. I think the writers are being realistic about relationships although some of them may get back together later.

  44. ryanwhisperer says:

    One of the best episodes. Truly a Glee Masterpiece. Tackling infidelity with Klaine was a bold move and Chris and Darren handled it perfectly. I think careful editing also helped a lot – so much of human communication is non-verbal; such quiet performances are precious ( pass the tissues!) and rare. At some point, time seemed to slow down for me as I fearfully watched my ships ( tears rolling down my face), those romantic untouchables, rolling around in a perfect storm; angst, joy, sorrow, hope, denial, indignation, weeping, and it all led to one thing: Ice cream and a big spoon.

  45. No more Finchel! says:

    Finchel For Never. Keep them broken up!

  46. E says:

    Rachel needs to dump puffy nipples and move on. Finn is so freaking boring. I hope they never get back together.

    Now Santana and Brittney… I was not expecting their breakup and will actually miss them together.

  47. Jennie Oden says:

    I like Kurt and Blaine I believe they should get back together!!!

  48. Nicole says:

    I think this episode will keep people’s attention. Finn will find his place as me schusters replacement. That’s what I think will happen. Rachel will find her place as a singer & they will get back together. Kurt & Blain are meant to be. They should end up back together. As for Brit & Santana I don’t kno how that will wrk. Santana has too much going on.

  49. Gleekfan says:

    Come on people..Finnchel and Brittana broke up..Or Blaine cheated on Kurt.It doesn’t mean that its the end of the world.You shouldn’t stopped watching the show.Just because your fav couple broke up or had done something bad.Glee has only aired 4 episodes…..just keep watching.There could be happy ending for all of them or maybe one.

  50. Sage says:

    I was sooooooo sad that Klaine broke up! I balled my eyes out! But what is a good thing is that they didn’t say they were officially broken up. They could be on a break or a fight. Also, for the first time I feel like slapping Blaine. Well, actually second. The first was when in season 1 or 2 they were still in the warble outfits and Kurt thought Blaine liked him, but he had a crush on a guy who worked at a store. I want Klaine to get back to talking and hugging they are adorable together! They are made for each other! Even though Blaine cheated on Kurt they still have a long history. KLAINE 4EVER!!!!!!!!