Glee Recap: Nobody Said It Was Easy

will emma glee break upIf you haven’t watched this week’s Glee, abandon this URL immédiatement! Everyone else, keep on reading and let’s get this discussion percolatin’!

Please forgive any typos or errors in this week’s Glee recap. “Allergies” seem to be making my eyes all watery, and no amount of dabbing is stopping this unfortunate display of “waterworks.”

Okay, okay…I ‘fess up! “The Break Up,” the fourth episode of Season 4, left me shattered. A wreck. Depressed. Despondent. With a mean case of the blues. Positively cream-crackered. But — I have to add — in the best possible way.

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Sure, it wasn’t easy watching the show’s four central couples get pulled apart at the seams by infidelity, distance, changing life goals, expectations of obedient puppydom, and occasional indifference (nobody said it would be). But life and — let’s be honest — good television are often as much about heartache and hard choices as they are about happiness and good fortune. (And oh, those flashback scenes! THOSE FLASHBACK SCENES, I SAY!)

But let me back up for a moment. In case you were too busy reading up on “The Blue Ribbon Panel to Improve Arts Education,” here’s what you missed on Glee. (For the record, I’m going to try to give the rundown on what happened with each couple in five sentences or less — then weigh in on how successful/realistic the action actually was.)

RACHEL AND FINN | The morning after Finn’s arrival interrupted Rachel and Brody’s first kiss, Finn revealed he’d been semi-honorably discharged from the army for shooting himself in the thigh, but then avoided contacting Rachel because he felt like a “Lima loser” with no direction in life. Rachel brought Finn to all her NYADA classes in an effort to inspire him with a new direction, and then to the piano bar Callbacks for karaoke night, but things got tense when Finn declined to sing and encouraged Rachel to duet with Brody on a Demi Lovato song (nice X Factor cross-promotional synergy there). On the way home, Rachel finally admitted she and Brody had kissed — just once! — and the next morning, Finn fled the apartment and headed back to Ohio, without so much as a goodbye to the girlfriend he’d abandoned for the previous four months. Rachel hopped a plane and hunted him down, and after revealing how she’d hated him for giving her her wings in the Season 3 finale, she’d eventually realized, “This is what a man looks like. This is how a man loves.” Despite that, his lack of communication and all-around aimlessness made Rachel realize they couldn’t be together, at least for now.

Personally, I bought everything about this breakup — from Finn’s devastation that Rachel kissed another guy in the process of finding herself, to Rachel admitting that after four months with no communication, she’d taken it as a hint to move on. (The only thing I didn’t buy was Brody lurking behind the New Directions’ table during Blaine’s tearful “Teenage Dream.” Get a clue, dude!) Whether or not these two crazy kids are destined to be together, it’s clear that Finn is in no position to make anyone else happy — let alone himself — till he figures out what he wants to do with his life. It was sweet that Rachel tried to help her man find a plan in NYC, but self-discovery isn’t about fitting into someone else’s dream. It’s about defining your own. And if Rachel is still available once Finn conquers his insecurities — can we acknowledge that good, successful people can be found anywhere…even in Lima?! — maybe they’ll still have a shot. As Rachel so devastatingly put it, “You are my first love, and I want more than anything for you to be my last love, but I can’t do this anymore. We’re done.” Correct!

KURT AND BLAINE | Blaine continued to feel ignored as Kurt explored his fabulous new life in NYC, and who could blame him when his “I love you” was met with a stinging dialtone? The erstwhile Warbler found distraction by flirtatiously text-messaging with a guy named “Eli C,” and then suddenly arrived in NYC for a suprise visit, where he gave an awkwardly mournful rendition of “Teenage Dream” at Callbacks. (Kurt’s response — “You’re so emotional and weirdly sad — please stop pretending there’s nothing wrong” — was pitch perfect.) Blaine eventually admitted he’d strayed — “It didn’t mean anything. It was just a hookup, okay?” he cried. “I was lonely and I’m really sorry.” — leaving Kurt feeling like he was “gonna die.” Mr. Hummel, though, got in “to the left, to the left” mode, tossing Blaine’s “forgive me” note into the trash when a bouquet of flowers landed on his desk at work.

Again, this trip to Splitsville seemed very well-handled, and realistically telegraphed. Blaine is a nice, bowtie-wearing prepster, sure, but he’s also a randy high-school senior who was getting almost entirely ignored by a boyfriend who’d fled their small-town life and wasn’t making any long-term plans to come back. What’s more, as we saw last season in his flirtation with Sebastian, Mr. Anderson hasn’t always had a one-track eye (even if he isn’t always full aware of the fact). And furthermore, as hurt as Kurt seemed by Blaine’s infidelity, I can’t help but wonder if he didn’t feel a sense of relief. With his new job, new city, and the promise of endless new experiences, it seemed like those texts and Skype sessions with his old beau were more out of obligation than desire, no? I just wished we’d had a scene or two explaining the emergence of this mystery Eli. Is he a McKinley student? A glee clubber from another district? Inquiring minds want to know if he’s hot or not.

BRITTANY AND SANTANA | Santana returned to Lima to do her laundry and discovered Brittany was reading Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne, the ninth book in the Left Behind series, as part of her involvement with a new religious group at McKinley. Agreeing to attend one of the meetings at Breadstix, Santana watched as mean-girl Kitty staged a rapture hoax on an unsuspecting underclassman, but it inevitably led to Brittany admitting she’d been feeling left behind and hurt by her girlfriend’s move to college. After an emotional, intimate rendition rendition of “Mine” in the choir room, Santana told Brittany she didn’t want them to become one of those long-distance couples who hang in there for a few months, then “break up when someone eventually cheats or things get weird.” (“I would never cheat on you,” Brittany responded with incredible haste and heatbreaking earnestness.) But Santana, insisting it wasn’t “an official breakup,” reasoned they should “just do the mature thing here” and give each other space, even though, as she put it (activating my tear ducts in the process), “You know I will always love you the most.”

Brittana was probably the least fleshed-out of the breakups this week, but for me, it was also the saddest. Maybe that’s because I can’t help but feel that whip-smart Santana, in her new life at college, will only grow further and further estranged from Brit in the years to come. There’s always been something young and innocent about the connection between these Cheerios, but intellectually and emotionally, Brittany simply isn’t a match for Santana right now. Looking at the week’s three breakups, I’d deem this one Least Likely to Get Back Together. (Just please, don’t let it lead to Brittany covering Taylor Swift’s latest single. I love that song, if I’m being honest, but no.) And who’d have thunk Brittany would be the one to verbalize what Santana couldn’t bring herself to say: “This sounds a lot like a breakup to me.” Mmm-hmm.

WILL AND EMMA | Good news, Wemma fans, the enagement still appears to be on. (I think?) But Will weirdly assumed that Emma would take a sabbatical from her job and join him in DC when he went to work on “The Blue Ribbon Panel to Improve Arts Education” — Oh Em Gee, Schue, stop spelling it out! — and she was not having it, informing her man that she wasn’t about to sit around in a hotel room while he went off and fulfilled his dreams. “This is not that I’m afraid of losing my job. It’s that I like my job,” Emma said, indignant. (Preach, sister!) And when Will insisted they still needed to talk through their decision, Emma dropped this icy (and brilliant) retort: “We just did. You just don’t like what I have to say!”

KITTY AND JAKE | Don’t burst into tears all at once, folks, but Puckerman 2.0 dumped Nasty McBitchytongue after she made fun of Marley’s mom again.

And with that, let’s recount the episode’s best zinger (we’ll keep it to one, since comedy mostly took the week off):

* “I mean, I’m not jealous. I just think it’s insane that all Porcelain had to do to get an internship at is take photos of every ridiculous outfit he’s ever paired with a Cossack hat and a see-through raincoat, and then show up at an interview where he’s lauded as a visionary because his jodhpurs happen to match his riding crop.” –Santana, speaking for everyone everytime everywhere while discussing Kurt’s new job

Before I hand things off to you, let me also grade this week’s musical numbers:

* Blaine and Finn, “Barely Breathing”: A- (Finn sounded great, no?)

* Rachel and Brody, “Give Your Heart a Break”: A (not an endorsement of this duo, but dang they gave the song an upgrade!)

* Blaine, “Teenage Dream”: N/A (How can I grade something I wasn’t really supposed to enjoy? Sniff.)

* Finn, Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine, “Don’t Speak”: B- (Didn’t pop for me emotionally, given how much s— was going down as it was sung)

* Santana, “Mine”: B+

* Finn, Rachel, Blaine, Kurt, Santana, Brittany, Will and Emma: “The Scientist”: A (Yowza, the flashbacks to our couples’ first meetings/kisses were really perfectly selected and placed.)

And with that, it’s your turn. What did you think of “The Break Up”? Whose problems hit you hardest? Which split made the most sense? And which one (if any) didn’t make any sense at all? Take our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jessica says:

    I actually cried for Finchel and I am not even invested in them!! What is this RM?

  2. Angel says:

    Gonna start off by saying. That was one of the best episodes. Glee is finally back. My love for Finchel has increased even more and I didn’t think it was possible. That last scene. Was everything I wanted. Yes I hate that they have to break up, but they needed it. Finn needs to find his confidence and his dream. Rachel can’t do that for him. My heart breaks for him. My heart broke for Rachel. Lea gave the best acting she has ever done. Cory was amazing and so sexy. I lost it during the flashback :( so beautiful and heartbreaking, but so satisfying. They love each other so much and look at each other as the best people in the world. They are true love. The kisses were adorable. The PDA during teenage dream killed me. So cute. Rachel was so happy to see him and wanted him to be there in NY. Brody is irrelevant. He means nothing to her. Just a stall and someone who made Rachel feel wanted. Rachel finally understood Finns sacrifice. Ryan Nd the cast use so much continuity and care with the Finchel storyline. All the past references were amazing. I have absolute faith that this is not the end for Finchel. Will it be an easy journey? No. It will hurt. But we get more scenes with them. In other news Brittana was adorable and made me cry. Could care less about the newbies or Wemma. I didn’t pay attention during those scenes becaus I didn’t care. When you have Finchel scenes, I don’t give a damn about McKinley and Jarley. But if you notice. They used the newbies to demonstrate how much Finchel and the other couples have grown. Showing you where they started. Klaine was too out of the blue and forced with the cheating. I have hope for this season. I anticipate it now. My show is back. I’m so excitd for this journey. Finchel is forever.

  3. madhatter360 says:

    Nothing against Glee but this really wasn’t that emotionally heartbreaking.This is sad I guess but I was so busy being relieved Glee was actually being the slightest bit realistic that I couldn’t care about how sad I was supposed to feel.
    You want emotionally heartbreaking, watch Doctor Who. I’m still crying over “The Angels Take Manhattan”.

  4. J12 says:

    Brittana as ‘Least Likely to Get Back Together’?! You can’t be serious? Out of all 3 of those breakups, theirs was the most mature. Yes, Santana was silly in doing what she did… but she will regret it. I think it would be much much harder for Klaine or Finchel to get back together because of their cheating issues and/or new relationship with others. Personally, I really want ALL of them to get back together because they are ALL ‘the one’ for each other.

    And sidenote: Opposites attract. Brittany and Santana are opposites. That’s why they work so well. The cutting, ‘whip-smart’, logical Santana needs an innocent, whimsical, creative significant other to balance her out. That’s exactly what Brittany is. They compliment each other… just like Klaine and Finchel.

  5. Jared says:

    To me Brittany and Santana’s relationship seemed the most real. I loved how there story played out tonight and really enjoyed how it wasn’t so dramatic and over the top.

  6. jade says:

    All I have to say is welcome back Cory and Naya! You both were so missed and gave wonderful performances tonight. I really wish they would get Finn and Santana to NY so that we could have a real NY story and there would be so many hilarious moments with Rachel, Kurt, Finn, and Santana. Also, Finn and Rachel I am back on your team for the first time in a long time. I hope their story continues.

  7. Patrick says:

    No one cares about the new kids. Get Santana to New York with Kurt and Rachel and call it a day. New show please.

  8. Em says:

    The Brittana in this episode has me in complete tears. I actually liked what Rachel said at the end to Finn (about what he did before was how a man loves, and he can do it, etcetc), but the Brittana was so raw and emotional. Heather Morris was spot. on. And they were heartbreakingly mature. And as much as I am disappointed that “Mine” only got a B+, it saddens me even more that Mr. Slezak deems them least likely to get back together. They are best friends and they are so, so good to each other. Good for each other. I sincerely hope you are wrong.

  9. kimmie says:

    So good to see Cory/Finn. Lea and Cory were amazing tonight.
    Totally showed how they and Finchel are such an amazing and major part of Glee as a
    whole. Finchel break up broke my heart but I’m sure that they’ll be back
    together as soon as they both mature up. Very good episode. Finchel is Forever!!!!!

  10. Ene says:

    Don’t Speak killed me. Personal song for me and they nailed it. Nail on my coffin was the final song. Wow. Outdid Coldplay. Stopped watching a few years ago, might have to check back in. Still crying. Excellent acting and song choices.

  11. Laura says:

    Blaine ascended to an entirely new level of assholedom tonight cheating then blaming Kurt. Im just glad Kurt is free of his whiney ass now and free to get some of that prime NY dick.

    • D says:

      Ha ha. You know, I think some people are just not cut out for long distance relationships, and it seems like he and Santana are just those kinds of people. Blaine needed some kind of intimacy and he wasn’t getting it from Kurt when he needed it, so he substituted with a different kind.

  12. Lori says:

    I liked this episode. Lea and Chris were fantastic in their scenes tonight and made it easy to see why this show needs their characters to survive.

    I felt horrible for Kurt but I’m looking forward to single Kurt. Blaine is dead to me.

    In short I vote them least likely cause I think Kurt deserves better and I hope he never gets back with Blaine.

    • D says:

      The Blaine/Kurt relationship had a lot of little inconsistencies in it, and there even seemed to be more chemistry with Kurt and Dave, oddly enough.

  13. Rachel says:

    that was the most heartfelt rendition of teenage dream I’ve ever heard. It was so good

  14. D says:

    I can’t believe Kurt and Blaine didn’t break up. That is totally unrealistic and let him stay the night too, is ridiculous plus Kurt not punch Blaine in the face is unreal? Give Kurt someone good for a change and most important have chemistry with Chris which he doesn’t with Darren. I mean its understandable since Chris and Darren hate each other in real life.

  15. Polly Pocket says:

    This season is going GREAT. And this episode was AMAZING they handled everything in a great way, it was very realistic to me. Every single break-up was very real.
    I thought Lea was amazing and Cory was just meh. I hated Teenage Dream, it didn’t come as emotional to me I felt like punching the guy in the face. And I HATED COMPLETELY the Don’t Speak number. The scene was going so great! So dramatic and they just cut it off to the song and it all went to the ground.
    And there is no denial that the New York storylines are waaaaaaaaay better than the McKinley ones. I think everyone will agree with me on this one.

  16. Carmen says:

    Brittany’s and Santana’s scene was so, so beautiful, their exchanges so heartfelt that they made me cry. Kurt and Blaine’s scenes left me numb, heavy hearted. The boys are the main reason I watch the show. I hope these two characters are brought back together, allowed to grow, mature, become more self-confident, sensitive to others, understanding of each other, able to take responsibility for their misguided or wrong actions and forgive one another. Their relationship means so much to fans, specially to young people.

    I’ve been reading comments, even from Chris Colfer himself, about fans needing to remember that Glee is just a tv program and that Chris and Darren are only actors portraying fictional characters. Why get so worked up over the fates of the characters they portray? The thing is that fans DO get worked up, not because they are stupid and can’t distinguish real life from fiction but because this fictional young gay couple has become meaningful in ways that merit attention and respect.

    I’m an older lesbian and cannot presume to fully know what it’s like to be a young gay man or lesbian today. However, even as a woman who is past middle age I’ve found it compelling to watch Kurt and Blaine become almost legendary as a gay couple who truly love one another and are able to overcome obstacles and remain together. Indeed why not let them grow into a modern gay version of those legendary lovers whose stories are remembered and passed on to inspire and uplift others? There’s no need for Kurt and Blaine to be perfect individually or together but God, I think there’s a need for them to remain a couple–a couple that lets the world know that young (and middle age and older!)gay and lesbian love exists and is good and can overcome and survive and live on.


  17. P says:

    “Whose relationship woes hit you hardest?” There should be a “None of them breaking up upset me” option.

  18. Shey says:

    Klaine :'(

  19. Lexie says:

    Dear Mr Murphy,
    For every song that Marley and/or Jake sings, I require Tina and Santana to sing three. Each. Also, I frown upon the glaring absence of Quinn, Mercedes, Puck and Mike. I have no problem with Kurt but there is something called overload. Scale back on the Kurt and the Blaine and give us some other characters.
    And no, not the new-gen. The originals.
    Thanks, Me.

    I think Brittany will come into her own. I mean, she’ll never be in Mensa, but I think mentioning that Left Behind series is meant to imply that Brittany’s brain isn’t just a single super ball bouncing off the sides. I feel like Brittany and Santana’s relationship was nothing more than a punchline and then politically correct for the show, that they never really got their time; that the gay relationship was more important than the lesbian one.

    I LOVED Rachel’s speech to Finn. It’s the most frustrating part of the pair, how immature they were, especially since they were engaged. Rachel’s woken up to the fact that adults sacrifice and communicate. Finn hasn’t, but he has so little direction in life that he’s plateaued and I think once that he’s found that, he’ll start to change into an adult… or Schuster 2.0.

    Also, can someone just point Finn in the direction of a video game company to intern at? I recall he was an Xbox player in Season 1 and it seems like it wouldn’t be a bad fit.

    The episode wasn’t bad, but I didn’t cry. The writing for the lost relationships had been on the wall all season, so none of them surprised me. And I wasn’t emotionally invested in Blaine and Kurt’s relationship, Rachel and Finn do this once a season and there just wasn’t enough substance to Santana and Brittany’s. There nedded to be more to pry a tear out of my well-medicated eye socket.

    /end ramble

  20. Kay says:

    I’m not at all pleased. Aside from Wemma, from all the couples, the only one to have a “?” status by the end of the episode is the one where one of them cheated. Also, according to this article, apparently working and not answering personal phone calls during work hours in front of your boss and being busy and enjoying having something working for you after a whole year of failures is a good understandable reason for cheating. I’m gonna be so angry if Kurt forgives Blaine in the next episodes, which of course could happen. Last time Blaine forced himself on Kurt with the excuse of being drunk, Kurt was the one to open the door for an apology. I hate those writers -_-

  21. N says:

    Hope Finn and Rachel find their way back to each other. Finchel forever!

  22. Armando says:

    Most of the people all over the world do not marry their high school sweethearts. Why would Rachel do that?

  23. Mark says:

    Mine was actually pretty good! It deserves a higher rating. HEHE! Hated that song before Santana sung it. :>

  24. LaShawna says:

    I felt the Rachel/Finn breakup was rather repetitive for what happened in the season 3 finale. He did set her free to go to NYC to pursue her dreams. That to me implies a breakup, not Finn stringing Rachel along for four months, because he couldn’t bring himself to talk to her. This is basically the train scene, the sequel. Blaine/Kurt and Santana/Brittany hit me the hardest, just because it felt so new. I didn’t exactly buy that a boyfriend as devoted as Blaine-a boy who actively encouraged his boyfriend to go to NYC- would turn around and cheat so soon. How long is the time gap between when Kurt first went to NYC and this episode? Because it was not that long of a time. Certainly not long enough for someone to get so lonely, horny and desperate they have a random, meaningless hookup. But either way, I just wanted to give Blaine a cookie and a hug, because he was so heartbroken about his stupid mistake. And Santana’s love for Brittany felt really real, and my heart ached at “you know I will always love you the most.” I felt the Will/Emma drama was way out of left field. He’s only going to be gone some months. It’s not like he’s permanently moving to DC, so for him to expect her to drop her work and come be his loyal, devoted puppy waiting for his beck and call just didn’t ring true for me. As for the rest of the new cast- *snore*. They could all be raptured somewhere far, far away, and I wouldn’t care less or miss them in the slightest.

  25. DCwriter says:

    I’m still teary over Brittany/Santana. I gasped when Blaine said he’d strayed. Finn looked/sounded awesome. The only one that felt forced to me was Will/Emma. Come on–we’re only talking about a couple months here.

    This episode was a perfect example of when Glee does it RIGHT. After last week’s uneven, meandering storyline, they follow up with this amazing episode. I feel like they put all of their energy into one or two eps a year (Karofsky, for example) and let the rest slide by.

    This was amazing! And true and heartbreaking.

  26. Eric says:

    What a great episode! Way too go Glee!!! And did anyone else notice how Darren had to under-sing so not to out shine Cory??? I’m just saying, we all know Darren sings way better than he did in those songs last night, he was holding back big time!!!

    • no says:

      LOL I’m a fan of Darren’s voice and I didn’t think so at all. Their harmonies were really good in Barely Breathing. Why would he hold back at all. SMH at some of these comments.

  27. Emilay says:


  28. Edwin says:

    I used to dislike Blaine, but I think cheating on Kurt was the best and most the interesting thing he has ever done. And I loved when Rachel gave Finn that telling off.
    Great episode!

  29. Holly says:

    I like the epsiode as it really felt like “real” to me. All couples having growing pains seemed reasonable and when you have good actors giving the viewer the lines then scenes seem like they are supposed to. The MVP’s of last night are Cory and Lea. I didn’t realize how much I missed Finn until I saw him last night. I was starting to like Brody some, but after seeing what Lea and Cory can do with scenes together I just can’t go back to being convinced of anything between Rachel and Brody as Dean just can’t deliver any emotion to the viewer. My fear is the writers will keep Lea and Cory apart since their characters are in different cities and that would just be devastating to viewers. You don’t keep two actors apart that share the most chemistry on the show. Hopefully they can find a way to get FInn to NY soon. Also, welcome back Naya….you were fantastic too!

  30. Nat says:

    I agree 100% with what you said about the couples. It was such a heartbreaking episode but like you said in the best way possible. I finished watching the episode with a spark of hope for Finchel. Great episode!

  31. Siren says:

    OMG, Lea and Cory have been incredible!. And after the last scene only I can say…. Finchel Forever

  32. teamfinchel says:

    Finchel forever! And Cory sounded greart, so happy that he is back!

  33. all good says:

    what a great episode. amazing acting by everyone. let’s hope glee keeps it up!

  34. Summer says:

    Needless to say, Cory Monteith has proven to be an amazing actor, and made every second on screen count. Finn trended again – making this the 4th consecutive week. I love Finchel, and Rachel was right. Finn needs to find himself first, then his way back to Rachel. Finchel Forever

  35. Michelle says:

    Finchel is forever.
    No matter what they go through, no matter what happens, they’ll always find their way back to each other.
    They’re tether and that’s never going to change.

  36. Masa says:

    Ok, finally got to see the episode. Read the spoilers first thing in the morning. Secondly I was completely shocked about the positive comments on here (there are many many more as per usual) so I waited for my shift to be over and I could finally watched the episode.
    Throughout the episode I was more ‘meh’, but then the final scenes… it hit me really hard. My mascara is still dripping from my chin. I think that Lea’s performance is Emmy worthy, all that ‘anger’ that piled inside her for four months (I don’t need you to give me my freedom! I am a grown woman! I don’t need you to hide from me to do what’s right for me!) – was AMAZING! And Cory wasn’t half bad either with his ‘lost boy’ performance. I also liked Brittana’s performance, the only thing I really disliked was Kitt’s hoax. Just didn’t fit into the episode. However, The Scientist… loved the flashbacks, the black clothes, the choreography – how they stood on the stage, who was still together and who was not… amazing.
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go and watch last five minutes over and over and over again and cry my eyes out. Yes.

  37. george says:

    I don’t even ship Brittana and their break up made my heart ache. And Naya Rivera’s cover of “Mine” was just so beautiful.

  38. Marilyn says:

    I thought this was one of the better Glee episodes – from the performances to the plot. The breakups seemed realistic for people the character’s ages.

    I never really bought Brittney and Santana because Santana always seemed more invested in the relationship while Brittney was just there. I was happy to hear her sing again because she’s one of my favorites.

    Blaine’s rendition of Teenage Dream was amazing. (It made me wonder what he’d sound like singing a song with more substantive lyrics.)

    I thought the show handled the issue of being at different points in life and breaking up in a poignant and realistic way where usually the show goes for over the top weirdness, so overall I was pleasantly surprised.

  39. Paul says:

    Gotta say, Blaine cheating on Kurt, after making a such a big deal about the whole Chandler/Kurt “texting is cheating” thing was really ironic. I love Klaine, but I know exactly what it feels like to be cheated on someone who means the world to you. I understand Blaine was feeling weak and lonely, but that’s no excuse. In the first episode Blaine was all like “you should be in New York” and now he’s all “I need you and you never make time for me.” Tbh, I hope Kurt doesn’t take him back.

    • Kay says:

      I blame the writers for that because they are not consistent with anything they do. They changed Blaine completely since he has been on the show. Especially just in this season 4 alone – from the first episode (he encouraged Kurt to go to NY “you don’t belong here – you need to be in New York”) to the fourth episode (“I needed you and you weren’t here for me, I was lonely”). So frustrating.

  40. matthew says:

    I was surprised at the reason Brittana broke up. You would think that they would be the couple to cheat on one another, given their history and all. But they didn’t. Their break up was very mature and I’m acuatlly satisfied with the way it happened. It showed that they really do care about each other. And I like the fact they they said they would never cheat on each other. I actually believe them when they say that. They were best friends before they were girlfriends after all. It’s been interesting seeing how their relationship has evolved. I think that if any of the couples get back together it will be this one. Blaine cheated on Kurt so that ruined Klaine for me and Finn needs to get himself together and find himself before he and Rachel should be in a relationship together.

  41. samantha says:

    I really don’t get how/why people are excusing Blaine’s cheating on Kurt.

  42. Nicole says:

    Brittana all the way. Their love just amazes me. I don’t think a scene has ever brought me to tears until theirs. I really hope their break up doesn’t last long. Their relationship is the only thing glee has going for them. Lea was amazing. Finn’s voice is beautiful and klaine finally became interesting to me. But Brittana was the most beautiful in the whole episode, hands down.

  43. tango says:

    It was so sad to see Finchel broke up, it breaks my heart. Love to see Finn is back, he is now rock bottom and the only way is up from here. Most anticipate to see how Finn’s SL and how he finds his dream and become the man we know he is and reunite with Rachel soon. Finchel is Forever!

  44. Aline says:

    Finchel is FOREVER. Haters gonna hate.

  45. Kim says:

    Santana’s performance of “Mine” is the best one of the episode! A++++++ and I voted for my favorite couple Brittana. I’m glad Finchel is over.

  46. jm says:

    pity it was not sebastian, that it will be cool for a storyline… but the actor is not anytime soon there… :(

  47. Barbara Cornell says:

    Going to disagree with Emma, though I’ve been a feminist for 30 years. Sitting in a hotel room isn’t the only thing she could do in Washington. This is only a temporary break in her career. She could volunteer for an educational or other type of program. She could take the opportunity to really explore the history of Washington. Going to a job every day isn’t the only way to be productive, and they will be returning to Lima.
    Sometimes couples have to compromise. I’m sure Will would do the same for her.

    • ladyfae74 says:

      I kind of disagree with you. There’s no reason for her to go with Will to Washington D.C. Her job, to her is very important. With her being so severely OCD and other issues, that’s a huge part of her identity and part of what kept her going before the worked on her issues. I don’t think her standing up to Will, who firmly expected her to drop everything, as a bad thing at all. For him to just get so completely upset with her when they never sat down previously to discuss what might happen, was just wrong on his part. He’s always seen Emma, to some extent, as they’ve shown in prior episodes, as more delicate even weaker then he is. Instead of seeing her as a full-time partner and treating her as such, this was bound to happen.

  48. Santana and Brittany’s break-up definitely had the biggest punch to me; I’ve just always liked their characters and it was easily the most relatable break-up. Who hasn’t had to end a relationship simply because it wasn’t working, despite neither party doing anything wrong?

    • cam says:

      I completely agree. Even though I didn’t want them to break up, I’m glad they at least ended it maturely and it didn’t end on a bad note, like cheating or something.

  49. Plus am I the only one both dreading/assuming that unless Santana and Brittany reconcile we will not be seeing much of Naya Rivera this season?

  50. Matt says:

    Ok, that was a tough episode to watch. I knew I was gonna love the songs (heard all of them earlier in the week) so that was cool. “Don’t Speak” is one of my all-time favorite songs and I also love “The Scientist” and “Barely Breathing”. Darren’s arrangement of “Teenage Dream” was haunting and the other songs were nice (I had never heard either before). I am very annoyed at the character assassination of Blaine. If it had been alluded to earlier in the season, it wouldn’t have been as bad, but coming totally out of left field, it felt totally contrived and very annoying. Finn and Rachel’s breakup was seen coming a mile away. I have to side with her here. Finn needs to grow up more and become more confident before the two of them can be back together. I was surprised that Santana and Brittany broke up, but that break-up affected me the least. I am worried about Will and Emma. I am sorry but I have to side with Will here. I do not think that it is inappropriate for him to expect her to follow him to DC for a while. They are engaged and I would expect either one to follow the other on an occasion like this. And yes, I would (obviously) say the same thing if she had gotten the position and asked him to follow her.