Supernatural Premiere Recap: It Was Pure Purgatory -- Plus, Scoop on What's Next!

Supernatural Jensen Ackles Jared PadaleckiIf you have yet to watch Wednesday’s Supernatural season premiere, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

That was unexpected.

After viewing the Supernatural Season 8 premiere on Wednesday night, dare we say Dean actually misses purgatory?

The episode picked up one year after the events of last season’s finale in Maine, where two twentysomethings heard a strange noise in the woods. The girl sent the guy to look outside their tent, and when he turned at the sound of rustling, he wasn’t met with a creature or even a deer. Instead, a bloody, ragged Dean pointed a gun at the man’s face and asked where he was. It was a clever play on the show’s monster-of-the-week-tears-into-its-victim opening, and it set the tone for an episode in which much was slightly off-kilter.

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For one, Dean next headed to Clayton, La., where he dug up some bones and performed a ritual that let loose a vampire, Benny, from his glowing arm. “Keep your nose clean,” Dean warned. Then, at the moment when Dean would usually threaten or kill such a being, came a shockingly friendly exchange – “We made it brother! I can’t believe it!” “You and me both” – followed by a hug!

Things with Sam were different, too. While Dean had spent every day killing monsters in purgatory, his brother had given up the hunter life and ditched his cell phones. He’d found something he never had before with a girl (not even Jess?) after hitting a dog and taking it to a doctor. It wasn’t love at first sight, though, with Amelia the vet. She gave Sam a surprisingly hard time for the pooch he’d just dumped on her. But that was nothing compared to the look he got from Dean after revealing that he had kept their promise to each other and hadn’t searched for his brother after he disappeared.  Even worse was the stare down after Dean discovered Kevin’s frantic, unanswered messages on one of Sam’s abandoned phones. The younger Winchester admitted that Kevin was their responsibility and he should have looked after him, so they tracked him to an old church. Best description of the past year, via Dean, after the prophet asked what happened to them: “I went to purgatory. Sam hit a dog.”

Kevin had some news of his own: A new tablet about demons had instructions on how to close the gates of Hell – forever. He had managed to escape Crowley’s men and stash the valuable info, but the King of Hell was after him, with a demon using his girlfriend as a meat suit. When Crowley let the GF peek through to prove she was still alive in there, Kevin unleashed the best line in an episode full of memorable one-liners: “There’s a demon in you, and you’re going to your safety school.” Then Crowley killed her as the boys escaped. Poor girl can’t catch a break.

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Supernatural Ty OlssonMeanwhile, a flashback revealed that Dean and Benny weren’t always so close. When they first met in purgatory, Dean was distrusting of the vamp who wanted to catch a ride out on the “soul train” via a humans-only portal. But one year later, they were reminiscing over the phone about how “pure” (!) purgatory was. Then Benny, who was standing inexplicably graveside, warned Dean to keep his nose clean, as well. But of what?! Clearly, something happened between the two while they were stuck down there. Dean was awfully cagey to Sam about Cas’ fate, only revealing that “he let go,” and he’s keeping Benny’s presence a secret from his brother, too. Not to mention, there’s something almost animalistic and ruthless about Dean now. Earlier in the episode, when he told Sam he wasn’t the same guy, he wasn’t kidding.

The season opener from new showrunner Jeremy Carver definitely let us with plenty of other burning questions. Here’s some scoop on what’s ahead from the man in charge himself:

• What’s going on with Castiel?! “By episode 7 [and] 8, you’ll start to get a real good understanding of what happened in purgatory to Cas.”

• Sam tells Dean there was a girl, but we see him leaving Amelia at the top of the episode, so what gives? (Side note: Did it look like someone was watching him take off?) “Sam is keeping thoughts of this woman and this relationship to himself because it’s a type of thing that greatly informs where he is now at the beginning of the season. It represents something to him. It represents essentially another way, another life… It’s something he’d rather keep to himself than share.”

• Does closing the gates of Hell mean the hunt would be over for the Winchesters? Not necessarily, says Carver;  demons aren’t the only things that Dean and Sam kill. The issue of whether the gates will also be closed to human souls will be touched upon in a future episode.

• Did Dean actually enjoy purgatory? “One of the last things you might expect, going to a place that’s so horrible, [is] that someone might have actually considered it somewhat of a happy experience. You have to ask yourself, why do you think it’s happy? What is this thing inside himself he connected to, this primal side of himself? How will he deal with that topside? We use Benny as that thing that is representative of Dean in purgatory.”

• Speaking of the vamp, how could Dean let Benny go when he made a point of killing Amy (Jewel Staite) last season? “That’s the question that comes front and center. That’s something that’s got to be confronted at some point. [It] arcs out over the course of the season.”

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  1. Madeline says:

    Sam seems off. Really off. He just came across as incredibly unlikable the entire episode.

    I also thought the brother reunion was really lackluster. Sam thought Dean was dead for a year and I just didn’t really feel or see much…happiness or relief at that. Yeah, Dean yelled at him (and it was deserved – WTH Sam you did not look for Dean and abandoned Kevin????). It way like “Hi Dean!” ::hugs:: continues on business as usual. I did not like the brother tension. It is NOT needed. The writers created it unnecessarily. Blegh. I have given up on the writers writing the brothers relationship. It is just so, so, so, so far removed from what it once was. I barely recognize it.

    The whole vet / Amelia scene felt kinda awkward too.

    What I did like: Benny! (I loooovve this accent!) Kevin!

    • Megan says:

      I agree! It was a weird reunion, like Sam knew Dean was there – not surprised by him showing up. I was just telling my friend that I dislike how they write Sam sometimes. It’s to create conflict but its getting monotonous. Wasn’t impressed with Amelia thus far. Came off bitchy. And there is def something up with Sam. I enjoyed the episode but its another season of keeping secrets from each other lol.

    • Kris says:

      Obviously Sam has been possessed by a Bee Gee. It’s the only way to explain the hair.

    • ChellemaBelle says:

      Does anyone else think that someone told Sam he could help Dean, but only if he did EXACTLY as was told? Perhaps the Alpha vamp who said, “See you next season.”

    • Ava says:

      Let me start by saying that I’ve never been a huge Sam fan. He tends to be judgmental. I’m much more of a Dean girl. That being said, they whole Dean being mad at Sam thing doens’t ring true to me. Did Dean not do the same thing after Sam jumped into the cage with Satan at the end of season 5? I’m pretty sure he did. So how can Dean be mad about that when he did the exact same thing? That being said, I really liked this premiere, even though it was a bit disjointed in the first 15 minutes, the back 45 were awesome. I look forward to this season! They certainly are pointing toward an end game for the series. Also, I feel like a lot of my negative feelings towards Sam are made worse by his terrible choice in hair. Are the scissors broken in your house son?

      • Carrie says:

        I think Dean did try to get Sam back, though he kept his promise as far as trying to live a normal life with Lisa. I’m not really bothered by either of their reactions because I feel like they do have the right to live their own lives and shouldn’t necessarily feel responsible for saving everyone, since they’ve both already given so much. I think Dean changed during his time in purgatory and that’s why he reacted the way he did. They’re both different people now. How could they not change after everything they’ve been through? I just appreciate the fact that the characters continue to evolve and change, and that the show still feels pretty fresh in its eight season.

  2. Megan says:

    I think the person watching Sam leave was Cas actually. Thought it was either him or Dean and since Sam was going to see Dean, it leaves Cas. Guess we will find out soon!!

    • Kay says:

      Yes, I think it was Cas watching Sam leave too. If it IS Cas, it would be a nice nod to Cas watching Sam unseen in the Season 6 premiere, which was explained in The Man Who Would Be King.

      • Stella says:

        Why would Cas watch Sam? That makes no sense. I thought it was Amelia who watched Sam leave, since she woke up. Cas, as far as we know, is still in purgatory. I doubt he’s going to be hanging around Sam’s bedroom watching him.

        • jena says:

          No, there was someone OUTSIDE watching Sam leave. Not Amelia. She was awake and saw him leave,but she stayed in bed, pretending to be asleep.

        • Meg says:

          There was someone outside watching as Sam left to see Dean. Much like Cas did in the season 6 premiere. There’s no indication where Cas is, back on earth or still in purgatory. All we saw was Cas leave Dean at the end of last season – willingly or not, we don’t know yet. I doubt it was Crowley since DemonChanning spilled the beans on Dean being back. If Crowley was watching, he would have known where Sam was headed. And it could be another character all together. I read that someone else from an early season, I think 1, was returning this season. It’s a wait and see game!

    • Smallville944 says:

      but Dean said Cas didnt make it so at the very least Cas is still stuck in Purgatory

      • Meg says:

        I feel like that moment at the end of the last season was the last Dean saw of Cas so he is assuming he’s gone since he never found him while hunting

  3. Christian says:

    I haven’t seen it yet, due to cablevision not having the CW in NY so I have to wait and see it online, I wish it doesn’t effect the ratings of the show since who ever has cablevision in NY or CT doesn’t get the CW. I love the show so I’m hoping everyone else continues to watch over the season to keep the ratings at good standards. I really do wish for my CW Back.

    • Ty says:

      I know! I’m also suffering with this whole CW and Cablevision war. I’m really mad that I was actually home last night and could’ve watched this. Especially since it sounds so interesting. Guess ill just wait until I can watch it online and live through people’s comments.

  4. Nikki H. says:

    I enjoyed the premiere. It was great watching Kevin’s character evolve and kick butt in this episode. Does anyone else remember “Benny” as first being “Eli” in Season 2 from the episode Bloodlust?

  5. Nate says:

    Fantastic start to Season 8. Very very excited to see where this goes.

  6. Stella says:

    I just don’t understand what Amy has to do with it. She killed people, period. She was a monster. Dean doesn’t kill monsters unless they kill. So for Carver or Singer to bring up Amy just so Dean can look bad because Sam looks bad doesn’t make Sam look any better. It’s just another way for the show to excuse Sam for being selfish and self-centered. If they want Sam to grow up, then stop throwing Dean under the bus and make Sam take responsibility for his own actions.

    Outside of that, this episode was great. After the lame garbage that we had for the past 2 1/2 seasons, this episode felt really good. Hunter Dean was so badass and I love how he kept looking for Cas, which makes what happened to Cas that much more interesting.

    Benny is a great addition and I loved Kevin. If Sam wants to live his happy, happy life then let him. I’d rather have Dean, Kevin and Cas hunting together anyway. They’re much more fun and Cas and I think Kevin care more about Dean than Sam ever has.

    Dear Carver, you did a great job on the premiere. Please don’t throw Dean under the bus just to excuse Sam. That is so unfair.

    • rowan77 says:

      I don’t think Dean’s getting thrown under the bus for pointing out his hypocrisy. I loved this episode. I think Dean’s response to being in Purgatory is interesting and spending 24/7/365 with demons, vamps and leviathans have his finally looking at things in shades of gray instead of simply black and white. I am very curious to see what happened with Castiel. Misha’s in the next 8 episodes (yay!) and I hope Cas escapes before the end of the season. I miss Cas.

      Sam was a little bit of a puzzle how he so willingly dropped his responsibilities and actually didn’t look for Dean or go find Kevin. As if he had a bit of a breakdown and just gave up because he had no one to turn to (What about Jodi? She would have been a huge help).

      Kevin is way better written this season. Smart, sardonic – not the stereotype he was last year. Crowley is always a pleasure to watch and I’m liking dark and mysterious Benny already.

      So far an excellent start to the new season.

    • Nate says:

      I have argued this point to where I wanted to pull my hair out. Killing Amy last season seemed to split the fans (and some critics). I agree with you–Amy was a monster and was killing again, and needed to be put down. But why a week or two later did they let the witches from “Shut Up, Dr. Phil” live? They killed also. They also let a Levithian (apparently) live in the episode “Out With The Old.” So I do see where it did not fully make sense–BUT they are human, and have always been back and forth with killing or letting a monster go. What I want the show to address is WHY did Dean let Amy’s son go free?

      • Michelle says:

        Dean asked her son if she’s killed anyone yet and the kid said “no” — dean told him to keep it that way or he’d be back for him too…

        i love both the boys — i am a bit more of a Dean girl but i think he could get some more empathy for Sam — how is Sam walking away from the life any different than when Dean did it after Sam went into the cage? except that Dean knew Sam was still alive — Sam had no idea where ANYONE was – everyone died or disappeared –

        Turning the phones off was a stupid move, but…his only father figure died, his brother and an angel disappeared in front of his eyes, the prophet was taken by a demon…he was truly alone — i think he was absolutely right when he gave his side to Dean in the hotel room — it might not have been the best decision but he had lost EVERYONE…

        Awesome episode – absolutely wonderful – i can’t wait to see what this season brings!

  7. jena says:

    I think we’ll eventually learn why Sam seems “off.” There’s a reason, and I feel that there’s more to his story than just “I quit hunting.” I also feel that Dean was out of line demanding to know why Sam didn’t “look for him.” Look where?? How? Who to help him? All their contacts–Bobby, Castiel, Frank–were gone, Crowley had no reason to help Sam, so how could Sam even begin to try “looking” for Dean? Especially since Sam could be pretty sure Dean was no longer on earth.

    • giola says:

      I’m sorry but Sam had plenty of resources to give it the old college try. Crowley’s lackey knew Dean had been in Purgatory- why not interogate a demon? Or a monster? Ask Nora the wiccan to scry for Dean like Ruby had? Get a medium to ask the other side if they’d heard anything? Summon Death? Talk to the alpha vamp? There are still hunters out there that Sam knows (Lee and Garth, for ex.) Sam has Bobby’s books, not to mention his own huge brain. Maybe he would have found something, maybe not. But “gee, I didn’t know where to start” isn’t an excuse for someone as smart as Sam.

      Dean has every right to be pissed. I’m pretty sure anyone in his position would be if they found out their loved one abandoned them and just walked away. What I don’t understand is why, with his new practical mindset, Dean even bothered trying to recruit Sam. Sam’s not interested in saving people anymore, he didn’t care about Kevin, he’s not sorry he didn’t look for Dean…..I’m surprised Dean didn’t just cut his losses and leave Sam to his new, happy, happy life.

    • Michelle says:

      EXACTLY!!!! thank you!!!

  8. Percysowner says:

    They managed to totally ruin Sam in one episode. There was no care for Dean, no nothing. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    • Cody says:

      Don’t give up so quickly.. The scenes with the dog are there for a reason, most likely the reason Sam is ‘different’.

  9. Dee says:

    Yeah, they sort of made Sam look like a total dick.

    Dean really was glad to see that Benny guy, smiling and hugging him!

    It all makes for an interesting start to the season for sure.

    Can’t wait for next week. And Arrow.

  10. Isabelle says:

    I am very hopeful for this season and this episode only added to the hope. We got the car back, ugly motels, demons using blood to talk, Dean saying son of a B, it felt very old school but not reused but fresh in this new story arc. I felt like I was watching supernatural of a few seasons ago. I just need Sam and Dean to be more honest but at least Dean did talk about his time away when Sam pushed. Also I love Sams look this season, fatherhood is treating JP very well.

  11. Look, I get why people are upset about Sam, but seriously? He genuinely thought Dean was dead. So yeah, he could have gone looking for Dean, but what could he expect from that? That Dean was in hell and Sam would have to do something Dean wouldn’t want him to to get him out? If Cas was alive, he would have found Sam, but Sam didn’t hear from him. Everyone who mattered to him was gone (dead) and he deserved to live a life. He found something that made him not want to die, and he went with it. Yes, it sucks that Dean was in Purgatory for a year, but there is nothing to do about that now. In my mind, Sam has made way worse decisions in the past. On another note, I like Benny. I want Dean to have a friend, even if Benny ends up being trouble. I loved seeing Dean searching for Cas in Purgatory. I’m excited to see more.

    • tp says:

      I so agree. It’s like Sam said “this thing we do killed my family”. After that he needed a break. Cut him some slack.

    • tp says:

      Also Dean got his year of living normally isn’t Sam entitled? He gave up his happiness to go back to the life. Sam also gave Dean the choice to stay with Lisa and Ben. Dean didn’t give Sam the same choice.

      • basma says:

        sam told dean that there was a girl. and there wasn’t … so i think that dean doesn’t know that there is any girl in sam’s life

        • Meg says:

          The Vet is/was Sams girlfriend while they were separated. More to the story in the coming episodes. There was a woman in bed when Sam left for Dean in the beginning of the episode.

  12. adam says:

    Great Episode :)

  13. Chris says:

    I enjoyed the episode. The hour went by fast and and Dean’s new attitude is really interesting. That said I hate that Sam didn’t look for Deal at all. It seems really out of character to me. I hope there is a really good reason for the way Sam is acting.

  14. Chris says:

    Dean sorry

  15. ID says:

    I was waiting to hear the music of Kansas, disappointed.

  16. Nick says:

    I, too, really enjoyed the episode. Solid season opener that poses so many questions; I just hope the writers address them across the season! Regarding Sam, I can buy that he was lost himself after losing everybody in his life and decided to give up the hunt, but, as someone else has commented, there must be a reason for the flashbacks to his story with the dog and Amelia. I’m thinking (and hoping!) that something must have happened there which is dampening Sam’s reaction towards Dean being back. I’m willing to put more trust into Carver and let this story (with its multiple threads!) unfold. Here’s to a great pay-off for all of us fans.

  17. Marie says:

    Such an awesome way to kick off the season. This was a great episode. I’m looking forward to both Sam and Dean’s story lines this season, and it’s great to see the tough hunter version of Dean back. I can completely see where Sam is coming from, and I am looking forward to seeing domestic Sam in more flashbacks. Loved the addition of Benny as well. Jeremy Carver is so good at writing the brothers voices and I really enjoyed their conversations in the episode.

  18. Stephen says:

    Am i the only one who thought that was one of the worst if not the worst season preimiers for supernatural ever,the whole Benny thing or Eli or whoever he is ment to be (he also played a vampire in season 2) just seems kinda forced and odd that they would re use the same actor playing the same monster, Sam was completely wrong in every way that episode, and I was hoping to see what sam and dean would do when isolated from each other for at least 3 episodes, not to mention seeing dean fighting a bunch of big bads in purgatory but they just skipped over that stuff and I think they missed an oppurtunity to develop the characters in a whole new way honestly the whole sending dean to purgatory thing seems to have been pointless because he dosent even seem to be more animal like you would expect, it just seems to have been done purely to set up the whole benny thing i hope the seasons better than the last but so far a very meh start.

    • Meg says:

      They reuse actors all the time in this show. Missy Bender and Deans Amazon Daughter were the same actress, Ranger Rick and the rapist who was impaled during the car chase with Dean was the same actor, the guy who played Daniel Elkins also was another character. Not sure why everyone is making such a deal about this actor being back as someone else. Who cares that both characters are vampires, two differently stories. We will get the whole back story t

    • Meg says:

      We will get the back story with Sam and Deans time apart throughout the coming episodes. It’s all going to be done in flashback form. You can’t possibly expect it all to be shoved into the first episode. I think the season is off to a great start and hope it continues.

  19. Kreshnik says:

    Well I really liked the premiere but Sam really did seem a bit off and that wasn’t really fun to watch but we will have to wait and see (the dog thing seemed like it ment something)

    I think that either Cas became a monster and dean had to kill him or Cas became some kind of god in Purgotory!

    And did we actually see that Crowley was a demon? That scene when kevin dropped water on him wasn’t really sure if he was effected by it?

    Either way I will be tuning in for the second episode and the last question is why doesn’t Crowley just kill the brothers?……

  20. Sunset says:

    I absolutely loved it! Jared looked great with his hair and really managed to pull me in with his performance…but Jensen, WOW! Talk about INTENSE! He managed to portray Dean as badass, vulnerable, feral and hurt, all in one 40 minute episode. I’m really impressed.

    I don’t know if I’m in the minority here, but I really liked Benny. His accent is ‘oh so sexy’. More so, I enjoyed his interaction with Dean. I get a very ‘older brother’ vibe from him.

    The whole cast delivered very solid performances. I haven’t been so eager for the next episode of Supernatural since season 5.

    • Rick D says:

      Well put, Sunset. I agree with everything you said. Really excellent premiere, makes me so excited for S8. Or is it season Gr8!

  21. Rain says:

    Wow, I’m always amazed at how episodes I can’t stand are adored by most SN fans. This was a terrible season premiere. And unlike what appears to be every person to watch the show, I thought Dean was the total dick in this one. Sam believed everyone was dead and gone and he moved on with his life and it appears he actually got to be happy and normal for a while – which is something he’s ALWAYS wanted. I started out with this show absolutely in love with Dean and over the last few years they’ve turned his character into someone I just can’t stand to see anymore. If it wasn’t for the fact that I love Jared and Jensen I think this would be added to the list of shows I’ve given up on.

    • Nate says:

      Terrible Season Premiere? Why? All you say is “Dean was a total dick.” Ummm, where did he just get back from, after being there a year? How about giving the season a few episodes to explain things to us and explore these facinating characters?

      • Rain says:

        How about you let me vent if I feel like it. Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean my opinion is invalid. Yes, I found the premier terrible. I found it slow and boring. Yes, Dean spent a year in purgatory (which seems to be a place he misses judging from his conversation with Benny) but that doesn’t mean he has the right to come back and yet again treat Sam like crap. And before you start, no I am not a crazy Samgirl – I used to love both brothers a lot. Last I checked Dean got to spend a year being a family man, I don’t see why Sam isn’t allowed to give it a try. The whole show started with Sam not being a hunter, Dean dragged him back in to the life. With Dean gone and no clues as to where and everyone he cared about being gone, it makes sense that Sam wanted to try to have a normal life. He wasn’t wrong, people are going to die regardless of if he’s a hunter or not. Just because he knows evil exists doesn’t mean he has to fight it. I know there are plenty of people that break the law and kill people and yet I have no intentions of every becoming a cop. Kevin was their responsibility, why? They didn’t make him a prophet and it looks like he did just fine on his own for the year.

        I said I’d keep watching the show, so I plan on giving them a chance to explain things. I didn’t say I hated the storylines, I’m actually interested in what happened in both of their lives over the last year. I just no longer care for Dean the way I did and I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to feel that way. As for this particular episode, I didn’t like it and felt like giving my opinion. Last I checked that’s what these comment sections are for.

        • Nate says:

          Rain, I asked why you thought the premiere was terrible, other than “Dean is a dick.” You can vent all you want, I was wanting you to express your opinion with examples. Slow and boring episode? I and many others disagree with that 100%. In fact this was the most exciting premeire in at least 2 seasons. Dean missing Purgatory is a great twist on what would typically be “I hated being there…” Not what I would expect him to say, and his friendship with Benny? Very interesting set up. We will not get the payoff in the first episode, so this is exciting. “Yet again treat Sam like crap.” Did you watch Season 6 (Dean’s goal to get Sammy’s soul back) or Season 7 (making sure Sammy was OK post-wall break). In fact the last 2 seasons the brothers bond was as strong as it’s been. And wouldn’t you be a bit pissed if your sibling didn’t even TRY to look for you when you vanished, as each had done before? I agree 100% Sam has every right to leave hunting and try a normal life. 100%. Kevin should be their responsibility. God does not place a prophet on earth to help the Winchesters for no reason (hello Chuck, we miss you). Do I blame Sam for not looking for Kevin or not checking his phones? No. But that is not typical Sam. I am very excited to see his past year, because I bet there is more that just “a girl” that cut him off from his hunting life. And FYI I stay as far away from the “Sam or Dean girl” agrument. That is the only SPN fan discussions I will never understand….

    • Sunset says:

      I think what really hurt Dean and pissed him off, was the fact that Sam didn’t even try to find him, before assuming he was dead. And I can understand that. But that’s just my opinion…

    • Dean says:

      I didn’t think Dean was being a dick. He just butchered his way through purgatory and has PTSD. Give the guy a break. The whole cellphone stuff that was going on was to show you how much Sam had fallen. He was rightfully angry at him. When Dick died last season, Dean just vanished, it wasn’t like he died and Sam moved on. That was just too much man! Sam didn’t even attempt to lie and say he tried for a few weeks. Anyway, all that aside – Bloody Dean fighting his way through purgatory and its demons!!!!! Hell that alone elevated the episode to total awesomeness!

  22. natali says:

    I really enjoyed the season premier! Not everything can be explained in 42 minutes and i am exited to see what happens fort… On an other note i wanna know: is crowley å demon??!

  23. tp says:

    2 things I wondered if anyone else felt the same about. First: Sam’s now ex girlfriend saying “Maybe if you weren’t such an upstanding guy you wouldn’t have hit him (the dog) in the first place.” Did that come off a bit bitchy to anyone else? Like a guy who brings in a dog he admittedly hit himself did it on purpose. Second: Crowley saying “Moose, still with the pork chops? Admire that.” Was I the only one that laughed?

    • Meg says:

      Definitely agree that Amelia came off bitchy but gotta see what transpires. And I love Crowleys witty remarks towards everyone. I was hysterical last night. Love Crowley in general. :)

  24. Chelle88 says:

    Thank you Jeremy Carver for giving both leads a storyline and some meaty material to show off their talent. I think he nailed both characters perfectly to their core. Dean is a strong hunter again and Sam always craved to have some kind of normal life. But, I must be the only one who thought it was Benny who watched Sam leave. I was thinking maybe he took care of Sam’s girlfriend so his friend could have his brother back.

  25. Dean says:

    The premiere was truly awesome. Both the guys have a solid storyline and Dean was visceral and badass! Loved it! Can’t wait for the next episode!

  26. Raynne says:

    I thought it was an awesome premiere and a very good start to bring the show out of the gutters from the lets not talk about it Season 7….now if only there was a way to bring Bobby back. :(

  27. Yanez says:

    Ok, first off, really good season premiere. Sam is acting pretty funny and I think its because his girlfriend is either pregnant or had his baby during that year dean was gone. That explains his attitude towards hunting. He sounds like Mary did when sam and dean went back in time to tell her not to have kids. Very interested in this Benny Character! I wonder if he’s going to be out there killing people or if he’s a reformed baddie! Time will tell. Can’t wait to see Cas again! I MISS MISHA!

    • kate says:

      I really hope that’s not the case. we have already had the “you can’t have a family and be a hunter” thing with dean and it was handled just fine and was good enough. we don’t need to have sam constantly thinking about a biological kid. there are enough shows about people with kids on TV.

  28. Debbie Bitz says:

    Loved the episode. I am cautiously excited for this season. I have a question though, if killing a monster on earth sends them to purgatory, where do they go if they get killed in purgatory? Do they just show up again?

  29. jena says:

    Here’s a possible guess: the dog is either God (god=dog) or Cas. And Sam “lay low” for a reason.

  30. Alan says:

    ah supernatural fans, the single most unpleasable group of people ive ever seen. i for one thought the premier introduced a lot of interesting elements going forward and since i seem to be one of the few on here who actually understands how episodic television works i cant wait to see how all these stories play out and effect how things go over the next few months.
    sidenote glad carver is back, his episodes are always interesting

  31. Manuela Estrada says:

    “He’d found something he never had before with a girl…” I just hope it’s not a child!! That will be the only kind of good reason not to look for his brother. This will be a good twist, specially if the writers made the demon blood hereditary… That will be another tv show Supernatural, the next generation… lol!! BTW, Crowley was the one looking outside Sam’s house, he was keeping and eye on him, making sure he wasn’t a threat and waiting for Dean to show up, that’s why Channing told him about Dean rather than The Winchesters…

  32. basma says:

    i’m really happy with this episode it was awesome and i loved the new side of dean
    but not sam

  33. purgaddict says:

    Was anyone else annoyed that Dean hugged Benny-the-Shady-Vamp and never felt comfortable enough to give his friend Cas any kind of much needed acknowledgment? He seemed to avoid the subject when Sam asked him about Castiel. Did the Angel turn his back on Dean or even flipped and attacked him? Did Dean use Cas to get out of Purgatory? Can’t wait to see what the heck went down there…

  34. Vicky says:

    Best show since buffy the vampirE slayer