Private Practice Recap: Highs and Lows

Private Practice 100th EpisodePrivate Practice celebrated 100 episodes with a celebration of the life of Dr. Pete Wilder, as dictated by a request left in his will.

And while wife-turned-widow Violet put her best game face on as she and Addison hosted a colorful Bali funeral-style “party” (complete with Chekhov’s karaoke machine), with each  patient of Pete’s that she heard from it was clear that she was feeling something quite different under the surface. But when would she snap?

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As that question lingered, we saw that Charlotte was still far from making peace with her pregnant-with-triplets, eating-for-four status. So when Violet, in one of those “What happens when I die?” moments, asked Cooper if he and Charlotte would be Lucas’ guardian in the event of her own passing, you can only imagine the thoughts that raced through his head. Pity the man that has to present Charlotte with the idea of mothering five kids.

But ultimately Cooper did pass along Violet’s overture. And while Charlotte at first served up the expected exasperated reaction — “When I said I didn’t want any children, what I really meant was, ‘I want all the children,'” she snarked, offering to even add Henry to their brood — she later affirmed to Cooper that of course she’d oblige her best friend. As long as she gets some help with the parenting from someone who wasn’t stoned.

Wait, what? Yes, by episode’s end, Cooper was flying high and ferociously coveting the chocolate cake put out for dessert, having joined in Violet’s partaking of some weed (or “marijuana”) found in a jacket of Pete’s that she gave to Sam. That toking session (though never shown in progress, I don’t believe) segued into an amusing couple of scenes set in or around the upstairs bathtub, with Cooper going all-in, Addison being laissez faire and Sam delivering the “Just say no” speech that probably placated Standards & Practices some. (That along with the fact that all impressionable rugrats had been conveniently taken next door by Amelia.) Was that the only story beat that gave the censors pause, though? More on that thought in a minute.

Violet’s mellow moment with the Mary Jane ultimately led to a vivid outpouring of emotion, downstairs in front of her guests. How could Pete ask for a party when all anyone wanted to do was scream and cry? How could Pete ask that people have fun when he was an angrier person than any of his patients ever gleaned? Pete Wilder may have “always been there” for his patients, but did they have any idea how bad he was at marriage? With that out of her system, Violet and Cooper took Pete’s ashes to the sea and scattered them.

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But getting back to the Standards & Practices issue…. Sheldon was largely absent from the party, as he tried to squeeze in a session with a patient — until he realized that the man was disposed to take his life that night. Sheldon stuck around to get to the root of this guy’s of despair, though doing so only turned things darker. The patient was having relationship issues, stemming from his coveting of another female. His god-daughter. Who is 8-years-old.

Sheldon wondered internally if he should even save such a man. And he was abruptly forced to make that very decision when, just as the guy realized that there may be a ray of hope of being “cured” through therapy, he doubled over, having earlier set in motion his suicide plan. Sheldon called 911 and the man survived. Later, at the patient’s bedside, Sheldon said that if they both put in the work, there may be hope.

Elsewhere in the hour, Addison received The Call, that Mark had been taken off life support (on Grey’s Anatomy) — though the timing could have been better, since it sent Ad into a blubbering fit just as Violet was trying to get the party re-started with a karaoke sesh. (Where’s Audra McDonald when you need her pipes?) Also: Sam told Addison that yes, they will be friends… someday, if not right this instant.

What did you think of Private Practice‘s 100th episode and the “colorful ” palette of subject matter, tones and emotions it encompassed? And do you think the stoner session or the graphic therapy session gave Standards & Practices greater concern? Or was it just the combination of both?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rosie says:

    I’m pretty sure you mean Cooper half of the times you say Pete.

  2. shlee says:

    who gives a bleep about Pete? ever? i’m sad about Mark Sloan.

    • RJ says:

      We all are, but this is a recap of Private Practice. The crying over our beloved Mark takes place on the Grey’s Anatomy articles. And Twitter. And Facebook. Aww heck, everywhere. We miss McSteamy!!!!!!!!!! (ok, and Pete)

  3. N says:

    Ah, you got that fixed quickly :=)

  4. Kelly says:

    I could have definitely lived without the pedophile storyline. I would have preferred Shelden be with the group and find out what is wrong with him. Loved the rest of the episode.

  5. nicole says:

    This show is dead boring…end it already! just need to say it.

  6. Noscreenname says:

    Really excellent episode. In fact I was surprised by how great it was. And The Call from Derek – nice touch. And the scene with Addy and Amelia MsDreamy at the end – all great. and Charlotte . . . . Boy – all good.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Is it me or did promos show Addison breaking down with the phone still by her face? Because that’s not how it was edited tonight.

      • Allison says:

        I thought the same thing! I kept waiting for that break down shot from the clip last week. From the preview for next week it seems like they give Addison real time to grieve. I didn’t like how rushed her receiving that news felt.

      • Em says:

        Creative editing? I think the promo was designed as a blatant attempt to get more GA fans to watch PP due to the Addison/Sam connection (med school chums) with Mark via THE phone call from Derek. Wouldn’t Derek call Amelia too as Mark was part of the Shepherd family?

    • Danielle H. says:

      Im bothered that Addison did not crossover to ga to say goodbye. Bad move, shonda.

  7. Barbie says:

    I haven’t seen the episode yet, but since flippin’ Shonda incorporated Mark’s death to PP, I hope Amelia reacts to it, too. She’s known him since she was a kid.

    • AB says:

      I was not happy that they did not show Amelia’s reaction. If they have a funeral episode for Mark (which I doubt they will) I expect to see Amelia and Addison there. Amelia should atleast be there because of the accident to show her brother support. I would like to see her move to Grey’s entirely.

  8. meee says:

    Didn’t get to see the show, so I expected to find out in a recap what the hell got the censors so mad. But apparently tvline can’t be adult and say what it was? I’m trying to read between the lines here (as was clearly intended by the author here), but not getting it. I hope the episode wasn’t as disjointed as this recap is.

  9. Jen says:

    It was an emotional episode, a weird but good one. I always love when all the cast come around. Yeah, they should’ve let Amelia react to Mark’s death. And it would be perfect if they could get Audra McDonald back for such an episode. It was a good one after all.

    • I was disappointed they didn’t show Amelia’s reaction. They should at least have backed away as Addison told so we could’ve seen her crumble or something :/

      I don’t know about Audra, how her schedule has been and everything, but Caterina was RIGHT THERE. I feel she was underused :(

  10. Carolina says:

    Does anyone know the soundtrack at the end of episode 100…? I loved it & can’t find any references on it.

  11. Ana says:

    I found the episode underwhelming and rather boring. There was little energy. Maybe because I just kept waiting for Addison to get The Call and when it finally happened it was a blur. She didn’t even get a chance to break down because Violet freaked out and went off into that very bizarre karaoke session. I don’t know if it was the editing, the writing or the photography but the scene didn’t work for me. And not getting Amelia’s reaction to Mark’s death was a major fail. The bathroom scenes were mildly amusing but not enough to make up for the boring parts. Charlotte should have had more lines. She always brings a fresh energy to her scenes. Looks like this might be it for PPP. Hope they ship Amelia to SGMW since they need a neuro god now.

  12. Natasha Hagan says:

    Love this! Great article!!

  13. Forwarddad says:

    Thanks for recapping. I did like the Mason and Violet exchange. Will be sad when Addison leaves. For the love of God Shondra please don’t kill her off.

  14. Last season everyone was saying buh-bye to CSI:NY, CBS canceled CSI:Miami and kept NY alive and well <3 I'm just sayin', you guys are burying PP way too soon. Don't kill it till it's dead.

  15. Trista says:

    Not a fan of how lightly that some shows take marijuana, but having said that the scene in the bathroom was down right hilarious in parts. Also – LOVED Charlotte’s speech about the babies being tape worms and how fat her ass was going to get. Hearing that from any other character would have made me ill, but coming from Charlotte – who we all know has a heart of gold – was super cute!

  16. Genise says:

    That episode was CRAP? What the hell is wrong with Sheldon? They didn’t even bother to close that gap. It was boring and they whole thing made no sense…

  17. sue21 says:

    I think the ep was a bit all over the place. Sometimes it was good, but I think Addison got robbed of a big (another) man I loved died today, when she got that call about Mark. That relationship was the turning point which lead her here. Maybe in ep 2?

  18. Joe says:

    The pediphile story line was too much for me I turned it off , I didn’t even get to the pot smoking

  19. Allaboutchar says:

    I am a huge fan of private practice but must say this was the most horrible example of responsible tv that I have ever witnessed. Shame on shonda, the writers, Amy b. and Paul A. I am a recent widow and was looking forward to this episode thinking it would be much like the Charlotte rape story that helped so many hurting women. I am so turned off to Amy b. right now. I will never watch her in anything again and that’s a shame because I was a fan of hers. So what is her message to grieving widows of America? “OK, let’s all go get stoned in the bathroom and eat pizza while leaving our grieving children next door.” It’s a good thing Mason was adult enough to console Lucas because his mom was to busy getting high. You get high at a concert not at a funeral celebration with hurting kids there. All I can say is shame on shonda, shame on Amy B., Paul A., and the writers. If this was one of your favorites your real life character must be really needing some help. I am so disappointed in ABC for allowing this. They have done such great stuff with rape and addiction. Wow! It doesn’t matter if your wife is an ex junkie, go ahead and get high and while you are at it set a great example for your grieving children. I just don’t know what else to say except you missed a golden opportunity to do some good here.

    • Joe says:

      U were ok with the pediphile storyline ?

    • vincentdante says:

      This is not an Afterschool Special, remember.

    • Then as a widow, I’m sure that you would know that many people grieve in different ways. Violet had been downstairs all afternoon hearing at least 20 different stories about her husband she didn’t need to and she had had enough. Cooper was clearly just being the supportive friend he is and doing it with her so she wasn’t anymore alone than she was at the moment. IF you watched the end of the episode, you could easily see Amy Brenneman’s performance as a reaction to everything. i.e. how she felt when she said to Cooper that Pete and herself didn’t have enough time together. Overall, the 100th episode wasn’t the best, but the acting made up for it. On another note, I highly doubt that Violet being a widow will last for this ONE episode, so perhaps if you tune in, you’ll get the much needed ‘help’ you’re hoping for.

      • Allaboutchar says:

        Sorry, wished I felt differently. I love this show. Yes, I know people grieve differently. This is about self centered irresponsibility. Such a bad message to send coming off the heels of Amelia’s great performance last year on addiction. I am ashamed for ABC for not having the backbone to stand up to Shondaland. As far as the rest of the season goes, I will be watching for closure to my other favorite characters but I will not watch the Violet segments. I am not interested in anything she has to say. I hope she doesnt try to present herself as some kind of an advocate for widows. That would just add to the embarrassment that ABC must already feel. How can she do any good after having done so much harm. I am a very hurt fan and so disappointed.

        • Ella says:

          I think you are greatly overreacting about several fictional characters smoking weed, a nonaddictive, relatively non-harmful substance that has medical clearance in California. They didn’t shoot up heroin, or snort cocaine. It was a realistic storyline that was not meant to proselytize or instruct either way. I didn’t particularly love the episode, but not because of the issues it dealt with. You don’t approve of marijuana, that’s okay. There are things people on television do that I wouldn’t, but I’m still capable of watching them do it.

          • Allaboutchar says:

            Again, this is not about weed or drinking. I could care less what people or TV characters want to do..this is about responsibility. Where are the child advocates? When a child needs a mom at a critical time he doesn’t need to be consoled by some other adult or better yet another child who might be having grief spasms himself. Oh, and I did not have to address the pedophilia story segment. That was done well by others. Sorry, I love this show but I am so disappointed in these people and ABC. You want real, I have dealt with real when it comes to children most of my professional career. I have seen a great deal of first hand real. This was not over-reaction. This was about two subjects that deserve a great deal of care, especially when it comes to children.

          • Russ says:

            I think everyone would agree that you might be overreacting. You wrote 3 lengthy paragraphs about how disappointed you are. No shame, most of us have been there, I’ll probably do it right now. I would like to state that this is a tv show where Violets helped a crazy women cut her baby out. So while it has does have some real moments it also really doesn’t. Lucas isn’t even a supporting character and based on the what I saw he didn’t know what was going on. There is a good chance that he won’t remember anything about the party/fake wake. You also can’t blame the actors for who the writers have written, its not like they get to pick and choose what they want to do.

    • Nicole says:

      You know, maybe this is hard for you to understand, but people grieve in different ways.

    • Sara says:

      my brother was about 3 years older than lucas when my sister died and had little to no idea what was going on with her funeral and viewing. i think lucas was fine. he didn’t seem to be in any distress or to have any real idea what was going on. much like what you’d expect from a toddler. and as a widow, i would think that you would understand that everyone handles death differently and there’s stages that you go through (not always in the listed order). violet was very clearly in the anger stage. anger for being left alone to deal with the repercussions of what pete had done before his death, anger for the fact that lucas would now grow up without a father, anger that they’d never discussed their funeral directives, and anger that he’d left her… even if it wasn’t really his choice to make. and seriously. who are you to prescribe what should and shouldn’t take place at a funeral or wake? i’ve been to the overly somber affairs and i’ve been to the ones that were, like in the episode, more like parties. at both types of events, i saw people handling their loss in a myriad of ways, from drinking to eating to cleaning to telling jokes. i’m sorry that the way violet handled the wake wasn’t the same way you handled your husband’s funeral or wake, but did it have to be? does shonda need to get an a-ok from everyone in the viewing public that their experience will match the one taking place on the screen? you really are seriously overreacting.

      • Allaboutchar says:

        Thank you for your comments. I love this board because we are all allowed to express our thoughts. Some people have called my thoughts an overreaction while others on the ABC board have been in total agreement. Once again, I am not some conservative nutcase. I am one of this shows biggest fans who saw a chance for some real good to be done, much like with the Char rape story and the Amelia addiction story. I know people grieve differently and loosing a spouse is one of life’s hardest journeys and that celebrations of life are all different. Really, for me, it is about none of that. It is about a poor attempt to address two very serious topics on one of my favorite shows. All of this is just one opinion, mine. I am jumping off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening and sending back your thoughts. I appreciate everyone’s point of view. That’s what makes differing worldviews so interesting.

        • Sara says:

          i don’t think you’re a conservative nutcase, i think you’re just projecting your experience onto the show and expecting it to somehow match or overlap. people like tv shows that they can identify with aspects of the characters to themselves. that’s human nature. but not every experience that a character has will match our own experiences, nor will a character always make the decisions we think they should make. and i think you should remember that you’ve only seen one part of what violet is experiencing and how what she’s going through will play out. she was very clearly overwhelmed and angry, and as the show has shown us any number of times, when violet is overwhelmed and angry she bolts. at least this time it was just to addison’s upstairs bathroom and not running off to new york and abandoning lucas again. where i think you’re completely overreacting is when you say that you’ll watch the show but just not the violet parts. to me, that’s just stupid. it’s called an ensemble drama for a reason, the characters all play off of and interact with each other. you’re going to have to be doing a lot of fast forwarding to get past the parts that have violet and her interactions with other cast. if you love the show as much as you claim to, abandoning it or one of its characters because they make a decision you don’t agree with is silly. i could have done without sam/addison or judgemental & hypocritical naomi, but i’m still a viewer.

          • Allaboutchar says:

            Good points and I did think about how my remote might burn up before the show ends. LOL. I love how all of the characters interact and that will present a problem where Violet is concerned. You are also correct in the fact that I am probably projecting. If you have any suggestions on how I can cut the Violet scenes out without ruining the show I would love to hear them. I’m still thinking on that one.

  20. stellalunaa says:

    I was pissed during the premiere when they killed off Pete. The funeral wasn’t that sad until Addison said Derrick was calling and I realized it was about Sloane, :( so sad.

  21. moobear says:

    A quick scan of the article and of the comments, makes me glad that I used the first episode of the season to wrap up the show for me. I wish I could say a permanent goodbye to Shronda, but Scandal is way too good, let’s see how long that lasts before it goes the way of Grey’s and Private Practice.

  22. R says:

    It was such a good episode! the violet-high-in-tub scene was marvelously done! Amy Brenneman performed a widow Violet’s neurotic behavior perfectly..

    Loved the Grey-PPP universe being linked through Mark’s news reaching Addison (although it would have been so much better if there were a proper crossover for that! Addy was the reason Mark was brought into the picture for the first time) – Char’s reaction to motherhood is just hilarious!

  23. Lena says:

    I liked the episode but last epsiode we learned that something is wrong with Sheldon and this episode it wasn’t dealt with at all. I mean sure there were other stories to tell but at least one little scene would have been nice.

  24. katie says:

    Weed is what Standards And Practises were upset about?

    Sorry,but other shows have shown drug use and there hasn’t been a big deal made about it. This is an obvious ratings stunt.

  25. Kath says:

    The hypocrite of the year award goes to Cooper, who said to Charlotte “What kind of person lets a child go parentless?” Guess he’s conveniently forgotten that’s what he did to Betsey.

    The good was Sheldon’s patient storyline. Well handled and with sensitivity and nuance.

    The bad was Violet, who remains as emotionally immature as ever (poor Henry) and the OTT line of patients who were crying about Pete. My mother was a family doctor for 34 years and after she died suddenly this year at the service her patients came up to me to tell me what she had done for them and how much they will miss her but no one cried, and I didn’t have hissy fits all over the place.

    I would have liked more Amelia, who along with Sheldon, Charlotte and Jake, is one of the few characters on the show I still like.

  26. MP109 says:

    Just want to say that Kadee needs her own show!!! Just putting out there!

    • Allaboutchar says:

      Completely and totally agree. She is an amazing actress and can take whatever is given to her and make something great come from it. What a gift! It would be such a loss if we could not continue to watch her weekly. She was basically an unknown coming into this show but IMO she is going out as a champion.

  27. Disappointed with the entire episode. After all the crew at The Practice went through recently with one of their own using drugs, the last thing I expected was any of them doing pot in the bathroom during a life celebration for Pete. I hated the writers sunk to the depths of giving air time to such a storyline as a pedophile with his 8-yo god-daughter. No respect. Too many other angles could have been played on the show and with class. If you want to focus on Sheldon, give him a life outside The Practice. Charlotte’s sure to prove comedic in her new-found situation, what direction will Violet and her son go now? Could have had a little more oomph to the McSteamy moment. It was just really a bad episode all around.

  28. soxfan says:

    I am thinking that the “standards & practices” for television broadcasting may have been because of the pedophile storyline not necessarily the “weed” scenes. It doesn’t take me to post here that it is one thing to smoke pot & that it is an altogether different thing to sexually abuse an 8 year old or think of doing so. I normally do not watch PP – I’m a Grey’s Anatomy fan – I watched because of Mark Sloan’s passing away – PP did a crappy job of having Addison receive a phone call from Derek, of all people & Addison didn’t even cry when he told her he was in a plane crash with Mark. Derek is Addison’s ex-husband & they got along fairly well & they did not show Amelia reaction hearing her BROTHER was in a plane crash & running for the airport to go see him. I just didn’t get the writing on this. They have had Addison & Amelia do cross-over performances on Grey’s (even though the character of Addison originated on Grey’s) – I just don’t understand how Shonda would not have both women go to Seattle to see how Derek & Meredith & the other surviving doc’s are … no follow through which is why the cross-over stuff with these two shows is a stupid idea. RIP Mark Sloan …. I’ll really miss you a whole lot!!! You were such a great, great dad to little Sophia & a fabulous best friend to Callie.

  29. Hi. Is there any chance anyone knows who made the beautiful purple dress Charlotte was wearing for the wake?

  30. Lynn Meadows says:

    Okay, to all those going on and on about how inappropriate it was for the characters on the show to be smoking *gasp* Marijuana while Amelia is a recovering addict…

    Those same characters still drink alcohol and take their prescriptions medications. Should they throw away all their wine and pills because Amelia has a problem? Plus, the idea of comparing a few adults smoking Marijuana in a bathroom of a private home while any/all children are in another house to having the addiction Amelia has is RIDICULOUS! Those are not even comparable. Sometimes responsible adults who are of excellent character and reputation like to smoke Marijuana, you may not agree with it and that is fine but trying to compare it to(or state that it will lead to) a hardcore drug/alcohol addiction is just plain silly. By those standards no one should be able to ever drink Alcohol, because it can lead to Alcohol Addiction. I’ve read that it isn’t “responsible” to show such thing on the TV either, but in the same episode we have a character discussing his feelings towards a child.
    So, where do you draw the line? This isn’t a show for children, if your children are watching this then maybe you need to step back and reevaluate some things in your own life instead of judging the characters of a fictitious show for lighting up.

  31. Jane says:

    I commend them for getting the article out so quickly, and for fixing the mistake even more quickly, though I will admit “Violet and Pete took Pete’s ashes to the sea and scattered them” made me laugh out loud. But in a good way.

  32. Matt Webb Mitovich says:

    I like to think that Pete was there with her, in spirit. Thank you for being a good sport.

  33. Barbie says:

    I’m sure he was right there <3

  34. Jane says:

    Good save!