Castle Hot Shots: Kate and Rick's Romantic Hamptons Getaway Hits a Major Snag

Now that Castle partners Rick and Kate are a secret pair, we finally get to see them partake in all things coupley, including a weekend getaway to the Hamptons in the Oct. 15 episode (ABC, 10/9c). Unfortunately, as you’ll see in the following sneak peek, their romantic escape is interrupted by a murder. (Maybe Emily Thorne is to blame?)

PHOTOS | Hot Shots: Who’s the Babe Straddling Castle?

But before the dead guy collapses into Castle’s pool, things look very promising and steamy for the newly minted relationship. (We’ll just overlook Beckett’s odd denim top choice.)

Check out the gallery below, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Hyde says:

    i totally heart the pic where Rick has his arm around Beckett’s waist!!! I actually said “Awe” outloud.

  2. Alan says:

    boy that is one bad jacket, still this proves the theory that stana katic can make anything look good

  3. Andrea says:

    I love these pictures SO much! And I totally agree with the comment about her shirt!

  4. baba says:

    So loving, so hot! Can’t wait.

  5. sofia says:

    This week has been a spoiler haven for Caskett shippers. If they keep spoiling us this way not many of us are going to reach the end of the season alive. LOOOOOOOOOOOL
    But please, keep the spoilers coming. The more the better. I love spoilers, specially if they are like this one.

  6. Jane says:

    Aaaaaaand I die.

  7. Ella says:

    Love her in a dress! Squee!

  8. SW says:

    I’ve seen several spoiler pics of her all about town in that denim top, and its seriously horrid! What is Luke thinking. Girls on new relationships don’t frump it up.

    The picture of her holding his hand at her waist cracks me up, though. Haha, she looks wistful and he looks… weirded out? A little panicked? I dunno but I’m loving this season so far :)

  9. Maria says:

    My thoughts? Umm, barely coherent, but…they are adorable together and I’m SO glad I found this show back in season 3.

  10. megshells says:

    WOW…just, wow. Can’t take many more pics like this…my poor little heart might just give out.

  11. Mari says:

    Okay I just stared at these for like half an hour. That can’t be normal. Castle what have you done to me.

  12. Lisa says:

    So much love for these. I can’t wait for this season and getting to watch this reason relationship unfold.

    Oh and if anyone knows, can they say if they filmed out of order or if they are just switching the order of episodes around.

    • JAA says:

      they’re switching the order of episodes, this was supposed to be episode 5, episode 4 will be now episode 6 and episode 6 will be episode 5

  13. Brad says:

    Get Hank Med on the phone!!

  14. Danielle H. says:

    I can see them being together being fun but didnt love the premiere. lf they do the cute stuff along w the original format it may b fine.

    • Jane says:

      Have you seen the sneak peeks for next Monday’s ep? Trust me. It is overflowing with cute stuff.

    • megshells says:

      I’m of the opinion (and I’ve read this in other places) that the first episode was kinda meant to be a “stand alone” episode in that it doesn’t follow the typical “case of the week” format, and aside from their morning-after antics, was pretty heavy material. Jane is right…next week is back to the format we’re more used to with a big, heaping side of cute. However, having said that, I loved the premiere…

    • beckstle says:

      Just your use of the term “formula” says it all. Castle has moved way beyond formulaic TV. There’s a real story being told beyond the “case of the week” masking. Going back to season 1’s “formula” would be a reset. Thank goodness Marlowe writes with steady forward motion, building character and plot that’s actually interesting. There are plenty of shows that keep their characters in the same place, doing the same things over and over again. They are usually sitcoms, soap operas and straight procedurals, ones where the only thing that really changes are the cases. Castle does not need to add to the pile of “formula” shows out there. It’s a show that really shows that that good creative storytelling can be done despite the inherent boundaries that being a broadcast network show sets.

      • megshells says:

        Who said formula? Seriously though, I understand what you’re saying and couldn’t agree more. In fact, it’s that total lack of storyline inertia that has made my appreciation for Castle only grow over the years, while I’m simultaneously less and less enthralled by many other shows that I have followed faithfully because of how static they’ve become. When I talk about “format”, I’m speaking more of an over-arching structure that most of the episodes follow, and yes, thankfully, there is always a bigger, more personal story being told as well. I just love the fans of this show…

  15. Becca says:

    I know we’re only one ep in, but god this season is good!

  16. Audrey says:

    Who do they have to be so perfect?? My little shipper heart can’t handle all the awesome all at once.

  17. Luu says:

    I’m so excited about this season. I think I’ve never been this excited before. They’re just so perfect together. I wish there were only mondays on my calendar… (:

  18. James says:

    Damn Kate. Stana does look good in anything but thats pushing it, what is this santa fe, come on. nice house Rick very hamptonsy. can’t wait this looks like its going to turn out to be the best season yet.

    • SW says:

      I just laughed out loud so hard. It’s exactly the Santa Fe look! You nailed exactly what was irking me. Whyyyy did they put that on her?! It doesn’t look like Kate at all. The dress even surprises me, but it’s so pretty and flirty and I can see it being an appropriate choice for her at the Hamptons with her new boy. <3

  19. I was scrolling 1 through 6 and thinking: ” Wow Beckett really almost looks like a young suburban housewife and more feminie compared to her usual looks…” then 7 popped up and there was Beckett. Hahha!! Love them, can’t wait for the episodes!

  20. Sellina says:

    omg they are so sweet together!
    people , please stop telling the show will fail. i promise it wont ! i didnt love the premier as well just because im tired of her mother issue, i hope god its done.

  21. Lorie says:

    I already predict this will be my favorite season. Can’t wait to see more of them together!!!

  22. Ali, Sr. says:

    OMG, OMG, OMG…Do you really, really care what they wear??? After 4 years of waiting for this??? They could dress them in a burlap sack & I for one would still find Richard “ruggedly handsome…” :) & Kate “armed & dangerous…” :) Maybe it is in their eyes – HYPNOTIZING, MYSTERIOUS, TANTALIZING. They just have to look at each other & … SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION, Mari & Lisa, you are not alone :) :) :)

  23. itsmemartu says:

    Judging by the comments, I gotta be the only one that actually likes that denim shirt! Or how it looks on her, anyway.

    • shonagh says:

      Nope i agree i like it ,not necessarily the shirt itself but it suits Kate she looks more carefree, happy and its simple, just as their relationship from friends to lovers has been on the show. These pictures have had me smiling to myself bunching my fists and squeeing for the past 12 hours. This season will quite simply be the death of me, and i’m perfectly fine with that.
      Castle has me in an absolute bubble of happiness, no one around me understands it, i anxiously wait for 3am on tuesday mornings (irish time) to livestream and i am so excited its back, Andrew Marlowe you Sir are a genuis and i for one can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this season,i’m sure its one hell of a rollercoaster ride.

      • Sellina says:

        i understand you belive me. let me tell you something:
        i’m not the kind of girl who stays hours watching tv shows and movies, i always have a lot of things ro do, study, my friends, sport, boyfriend. so i never take the habbit of fallowing shows.
        this summer i broke up with my boyfriend, so sometimes e was watching tv and i saw some random castle’s episodes. after watching somes episodes (and i hadn’t understand the background story yet) i start to think a lot of that show, and it consumed me a lot that i actually forget and stoped thinking about my ex. because all i startred to care was castle.
        so i dowload the 4 seasons and i watch it in less than 2 weeks. i was obcessed belive me. and i spent teh rest of the summer reading spoilers and old videos from castle, and i bought the 3 nikki heat books, witch make me so happy. now that season 5 arrive, im from europe, so i wake up at 3 am of tuesday as well just for see the new ep. online from usa. and after i wake up at 7 am to school.
        so, what im saying is like even when everything goes wrong,i can abstracted myself of my problems thinking in castle.


        • shonagh says:

          Thank you Selina you understand how i feel about this show it helps me forget real life (which can be very hard) for a little while and i enjiy watching this amazing partnership, friendship and now relationship come to life on the screen. It’s goodbye reality for that 1hour :-)

          • Ali, Sr. says:

            Sellina & Shonagh – I too understand. It is consuming, but in a good way. I had never followed TV this closely…& I also bought all the Nikki Heat books :) All our problems go away for a little bit . CASTLE has helped many people like it helped Detective Beckett to cope with her mother’s death. She would read Richard Castle’s books & it helped her move on. Everybody is amazing – the writers, the actors. They seem to really get along & help each other. I guess the good chemistry & kindness is what we viewers receive, no matter what age or how far we are from each other. I for one thank them for giving us a little piece of their heart & soul every week. I hope you all enjoy Season 5 & wish you DOUBLE RAINBOWS :)

      • Alan says:

        i know, being in college is hard because i cant do the waiting up till 3 in the morning, tuesdays really arent fun sitting there knowing there is a new castle out there to watch. its about the only time i would rather be an america than an irishman

    • aly says:

      i like the shirt too! haha not just you :)

  24. Saint Alicia says:

    A couple of these sartorial choices are decidedly UNstylish which makes me think some of the clothes don’t even belong to (the usually fashionable) Beckett. Maybe she didn’t have time to pack/packed lightly and had to wear whatever was stashed at the House (perhaps some of Martha’s old clothes?). That might help explain the hideous chambray number…

    • Ali, Sr. says:

      Now that sounds plausible :) but her eyes… WOW !!! The eyes have it Saint Alicia – everything else just fades away. Your comment is extremely insightful though, & a common scenario when visiting a family owned weekend getaway :)

    • Alan says:

      here is my theory: castle is supposed to be a famous celebrity right? well these two are trying to keep their relationship under wraps so they can still work together. so castle being seen in the hamptons with a gorgeous woman would probably lead to lots of paparazzi, maybe she is posing as the cleaner or something so they can be together without anyone knowing

      • Ali, Sr. says:

        Alan – good observation…better than good…however – Castle being tall & ruggedly handsome & Kate being drop dead gorgeous & also tall…I hope you are right & they succeed, but they are hard to miss :)

  25. Sellina says:

    i love the 6 photo

  26. Emma says:

    Costume dept should be hauled out in the street and shot. Seriously. Otherwise, super cute pics of the happy couple. Love this season.

  27. maria says:

    These pictures are absolutely adorable. I just love the one where Castle is hugging Kate around the waist. Kate looks so incredibly happy! I also love the one where Castle has his hand around Kate’s waist and she is holding his hand. I fall in love more and more each day with this show. I can’t understand how someone could not like episode 1, because the more I watch it the funnier, romantic, sexier, and exciting it is. OMG, I really looks like AM is being 100% true to his word. Just by looking at these videos (and others that I’ve seen), I can tell that it’s going to be one fantastic season.

  28. Bri says:


  29. Destiny says:

    I think Becketts jacket choice is oddly cute. Hell I’d wear it. But none the less the pictures are adorable as always.

  30. bella says:

    absolutely adorable this season will be so awesome
    also i know that the murder has nothing to do with emily but a crossover withe revenge would best the best thing to come to television

  31. Velvet says:

    The top is cute.

  32. Keri says:

    Gah! These pics are awesome but that shirt is pretty bad lol. But since Stana usually looks like she stepped off a model runway, we will forgive this one bad fashion sense moment ;). Can’t wait for the ep, and loving the new season!

  33. Tallulah says:

    lol, no. I’m done. See ya.

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