TNT Renews Major Crimes for Season 2

There will be more Major Crimes for Sharon Raydor to solve, as TNT has renewed The Closer‘s offshoot for Season 2.

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“With Major Crimes, James Duff and his amazing production team have crafted an incredibly entertaining show that not only honors the spirit of The Closer, but also stands alone with its own voice and spirit,” TNT programming boss Michael Wright said in announcing the pick-up. “We look forward to another season of this remarkable new drama.”

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Major Crimes currently airs Mondays at 9/8c, with the Season 1 finale set to air Oct. 15. The 15-episode Season 2 will premiere in summer 2013.

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  1. Lori says:

    Not a surprise, but it’s a pretty boring show.

    • Lesa901 says:

      Watch something else then.

      • sandra says:

        well lesa901. seems like you are aquainted to lori, if you and lori do not like the show, then watch something else. AMC has a lot of reruns of the ‘THE THREE STOOGES’ find one more friend
        with your mentality and you’ll be in good company!!
        Those of us who appreciate a well written script, and talented actors, that can interact with
        ease with the material given them with sincerity, humor and delivery that enhances the plot and
        keeps you involved, is rare. Major Crimes fills all of those requirements, those that do not
        appreciate this, are missing one of the best shows on TV. The only problem I’ve found is
        there are not more episodes to view, and I can’t bring it up constantly On Demand!!.
        Keep it up TNT, you’re the best of a New Breed, there’s not many left that will go out
        and find an awesome script filled with talented actors blending so naturally human.

        TNT = do not pay any attention to the nay sayers of your programing line up, they do not know
        of which they spout!!! Your shows have received many avid viewers and I have many
        friends who feel the same way.
        Keep up the great work, I and my many friends will always keep you as our main channel.!!

        • suzyku says:

          I hate to be as rude as you are but please learn to spell! I DO watch other shows, seems like The Three Stooges are much more up your alley than mine! I enjoyed The Closer so I gave Major Crimes a shot, I didn’t like it so I won’t watch it anymore! I suggest that you stop watching mediocre t.v. and take some classes!

    • John says:

      I like MAJOR CRIMES. Raydor & the rest of Cast all do a great job!!!
      It’s not The Closer and I knew that going in to it. I think it’s great like it is. I like that Rusty has stayed with Raydor. It lets us see a more personal side of Raydor. I give the first season a Two Thumbs Up!!!! Looking Forward to many more Seasons!!!!@

      • I am NOT liking the new DA> EMMA at all. Give me a frickin break..She is Bitchy,Bossy, Arrogant,Stupid & grossed out by blood..WTF?! I HATE HER & I am not liking the show anymore because of HER.. Sad, because this use to be one of my favorite show…

    • sandra says:

      you are someone who watches the wives of somewhere, and has no idea what a talented show can portray. if this is boring, i’d like to see your dinner parties. as if anyone would attend them!!

  2. kate says:

    great news. even though I miss Chief Johnson, I’ve come to really like Captain Raydor. Mary McDonnell has been excellent.

    • Trish says:

      i am in love with Major Crimes and I stay up late to catch reruns of The Closer, It’s a win win on both programs.

  3. Michelle says:

    Not as fun as The Closer,but enjoying it anyway. Good for them :)

  4. Alienate says:

    Brenda kinda went off the deep end there last season. I like how Captain Raydor is slowly winning over the respect of the team. Well written.

  5. tahina says:

    Ive enjoy MJ but not as much as The Close. The Rusty storyline is getting too boring..and Sharon needs a life!

  6. amanda says:

    Is Franklin and Bash dead?

  7. MoxieSue says:

    Thanks, Matt. What about Leverage?

  8. tara says:

    Good news, I enjoy the show.

  9. Missy Kelly says:

    No word on Leverage or Franklin & Bash?????? hmmmm

  10. Kim R says:

    Fantastic! I agree very much with the quote from the TNT programming boss. It is an excellent show in its own right but totally honors where it came from. Great writing and characters! :)

  11. Norah says:

    Adore this show. I like this news very much.

  12. Justin says:

    Sounds good to me. I liked the Closer more, but this is a good show.

  13. Liana in San Diego says:

    Glad they are renewing it. I have grown to really like it, and have found some of the episodes really moving and outstandingly acted.

  14. mac says:

    Okay…if they renew THIS then they have to renew Leverage and Farnklin & Bash =(

    • kate says:

      I like how you say “this” like Major Crimes blows. I think Franklin & Bash sucks pretty hard, but I’ve managed to keep it to myself.

  15. Pat D. says:

    Great news. Enjoyed the premiere season so far. Hoping for a classic Provenza/Flynn episode though!

  16. Allison says:

    Great news! The show started off slow but the last three episodes have been fantastic! Really well done.

  17. catbean says:

    What about Franklin & Bash Matt? Have there even been whispers? I love that show.

  18. Susan K. says:

    I’m very happy to see Franklin & Bash renewed but I think Major Crimes is just kind of mediocre at best. It’s definitely not the Closer!

  19. Shirley Bivens says:

    I liked The closer but I really like the new Major Crimes. It seems to grow on you. I am so glad they renewed the show. Will be sad to see the last one and have to wait till summer for more

  20. Lorrie says:

    Love Major Crimes and it’s cast of characters. Happy! it was renewed for a second season.

  21. Lesa901 says:

    I look forward to Mondays because I love watching Major Crimes. I just can’t wait to see what happens next! Love the Rusty storyline. The team is beginning to respect Capt Raydor more. I’m gonna have a hard time waiting for season 2!

  22. Claudia leach says:

    I really enjoy MC. Like the Rusty story line.
    Mondays won’t be the same until 2013
    Summer schedule

  23. Mad Hobbit says:

    I “think” leverage is on the way out, there was a line form the first ep about all things ending,and you look at it they all are making some kinds of “nesting” moves,of course they could just be coming in and have something more to lose.

  24. Bill M says:

    Get rid of the Rusty theme.

    • BoredToDeath says:

      I agree, get rid of the Rusty storyline. It seems out of place in already out of place show. His arc just seems to be a time filler and makes the show which is already pretty boring even more so.

  25. Pat Choate says:

    The Closer started slowly as it developed characters and relationships. Major Crimes has great actors, scripts and delivery. I hope it is around for at least 200 episodes.

    • suzyku says:

      I think Major Crimes is just mediocre at best. And “Captain Radar” always looks like she’s constipated! What is the point of the Rusty character? The black female detective is just plain stupid and annoying so 200 episodes?


  27. Vie says:

    Why does TNT not allow us to watch the shows online? I missed a lot because I did not have a TV till x-mass last year. Most station you can watch all the shows CBS will not let you watch Person Of interest or Mike and Molly. We still get the commercials so what is the big deal? I like what little i saw of Major crimes, and miss Franklin and Bash and oh Leverage .

  28. Agnes Mannix Regab says:

    I am delighted Major Crimes will be coming back – good show, story lines, cast!

  29. Bill says:

    Jeez this show is GAWD awful. Is it me or does this woman have no acting talent at all?

  30. sunny says:

    I loved the Closer, however I hate Major Crimes. Sharyn ruins it for me. She cold, monotone and emotionless. Even when it comes to Rusty, she barely shows any emotion or changes the tone of her voice. Even her line “I dont’ give a damn” is lacking any emotion or feeling.

    • I do not agree with the negative comments on capt raydor;s demeanor. I feel that she will warm up later. righjt now she is trying to prove herself. the rusty story is a lesson for all parents to contemplate. I, for one, love the entire cast and Major crimes. Isabel Buttorff

  31. Will Brenda ever rejoin the cast in any capaity?

  32. I;m not crazy about DA Ass;t Emma either, Maybe I should give her a chance. Isabelle

  33. MK Daley says:

    Get rid of the rusty storyline; I’ve shut off rack of this season’s shows. You’re losing your audience. The rusty storyline is killing the show.

    • Shirley Bivens says:

      I hope not many people feel like you because I like the Rusty storyline! I really enjoy Major Crimes!