Grey's Anatomy Premiere Recap: Going, Going... Gulp - Were You Surprised By the Big Twist?

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 PremiereThe following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the Season 9 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.

After 17 weeks of rumors, innuendo and partial spoilers, Grey’s Anatomy kicked off its ninth season with an episode that picked up several months after last May’s deadly plane crash disaster with this ominous voiceover from Meredith: “Dying changes everything.”

At first, you think she’s referring to her sister Lexie’s tragic passing. But it’s soon revealed that Mark — who suffered a cardiac tamponade following the air disaster — was in a coma and just hours away from his DNR order kicking in.

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Additionally, the fate of Arizona — who was critically wounded in the accident — remained a question mark for much of the episode, but Callie’s tears confirmed that something horrible had indeed happened (more on that later).

Here’s a character-by-character chronicle of what went down:

MEREDITH | Mer is mean — so mean the the new crop of interns (Smash!) are scared to approach her. So mean she’s earned the nickname Medusa. “Take it from ‘The Nazi,'” says Bailey. “It’s good to be feared.” On the flipside…

BAILEY | … The tyrant formerly known as “The Nazi” is nice, a direct result of her very active sex life with fiance Ben. (Alex informs her that her new nickname is “BCB” for “Booty Call Bailey.”)

ALEX | Alex was busy having promiscuous  sex with the new interns, most notably (but not limited to!) Veronica Mars‘ Tina Majorino, prior to departing for his new gig at John’s Hopkins. (In the final minutes, Karev decided to stay at Seattle Grace because, basically, he doesn’t trust anyone else to do his job.)

DEREK | Derek’s attempt to perform his first surgery since injuring his hand in the crash pretty much ended before it began. “My hand went numb in there,” he cried out to Callie.

CRISTINA | Yang’s ego is taking a major beating at her new job at the Mayo Clinic in the “frozen tundra” of Minnesota, her daily Skype sessions with Mer providing the only relief. “The fact is, we work as a team here,” her new boss informs her. “No one here is the superstar. Our hospital is the superstar. And our patients — they’re superstars. No ego. No competition.” He then assigned her to mandatory R&R.

MARK | Series creator Shonda Rhimes said she wanted to give Eric Dane’s doc a fitting send-off, and she kept her promise. The episode flashed back to various moments in Mark’s life, including Derek and Addison’s 1994 wedding and Callie and Arizona’s 2009 nuptials (in the latter sequence, he toasted the newlyweds before confessing that Lexie was the love of his life). Webber eventually took him off the ventilator, and nearly everyone kept vigil as his heart monitor ticked down to zero.

APRIL | Dr. Hunt tracked April down at her family’s farm to give her her old job back. “Nothing’s the same over there,” he tells her. “I should have never taken your job from you. You don’t belong out here. You belong in Seattle. Now come home.”

ARIZONA | Confirming the worst kept secret in TV land, the final moments of the episode revealed that Arizona had her leg amputated — and she blames Callie for her missing limb! “How the hell am I supposed to snap out of this,” she barks at her wife, “when you cut off my leg!”

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  1. Matt says:

    I might be the only person who sat up during this episode and noticed that Camilla Luddington, aka the new 007, was strikingly beautiful, even with tears rolling down her cheeks.

    And I was a bit disappointed that Smash Williams didn’t even get to carry the football once in the whole episode.

  2. Bri says:

    Greys jumped the shark during the season finale. The show tries to hold onto to rating by implausible deadly storylines that happen year after year. Sorry but no group of 10 people can have that kind of bad luck.

  3. Sorry. “Worst” kept secret? worst? Did you mean best? I don’t remember hearing a peep about what happened to Arizona… It was kinda the point. I actually gasped and clapped my hand over my mouth. I knew she wasn’t dead. Actually that’s a lie – there was a while in the middle where I wondered. But still. I thought it was a pretty good episode.

    • DarkDefender says:

      For months Arizona becoming an amputee has been pretty well known. From the obvious compound fracture they depicted In last seasons finale to the casting call a while back for a female with a mid-thigh amputation.. Totally the worst kept secret.. We all just hoped it wasn’t true.. For one I will miss AZ and her wheelie shoes.

      • Leigh says:

        “pretty well known” if you paid attention to the online GREY’S gossip but not otherwise. Arizona being alive and missing her leg was a *big* surprise to a lot of people who don’t hang out at GA sites.

  4. BJohnson says:

    I’m giving Grey’s two more episodes then I’m just watching Scandal. I think that cry from Christina about why this keeps happening last season was legit. Hey Shonda, I’ve watched I Survived on television, sometimes everyone makes it out. I was already half watching with Lexie dying from the finale then killing off Mark. I guess we will get him next week too with the additional flashback that’s really the only reason I’m holding on. Add on top of that Arizona being a baby about living with the one leg, at least you’re alive and you can raise your baby without Sofia’s DAD! Sheesh! I don’t think I can deal with a season of her bitching and moaning. I think the best part was hearing Bailey’s new nickname.

    • ksm says:

      I am pretty sure losing a leg would really mess you up for a while. It has only been a month.

      • Leigh says:

        I’m freaked with it happening to a character on a TV show I like, I can’t imagine what it would be like in real life! So, “being a baby about living with the one leg” is a ridiculous statement. Ask one of our many, many returning soldiers who have lost a limb (or two or three or…) in action. Major psychological trauma follows.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Not to mention if Callie made the decision to amputate. And especially if she promised AZ that she wouldn’t allow it to happen. There is no way it would be Callie who actually did the amputation surgery.. No surgeon would be allowed to do that on a family member, let alone a spouse. But the previews show she promised not to let it happen.. So it will probably take half a season for them to work through it (ya know, since Mer/Der will be all hot and heavy – some couple has to be the bitchy fighting one).

  5. HRG says:

    For all you GA haters just stop watching . You are so annoying. No one is forcing you to watch. Change the channel…turn off the TV. It was a terrific episode. She manged to make people laugh and cry almost simultaneously . If you don’t like Shonda then just stop watching her shows.

    • tiffanie says:

      I so agree with you. Its called drama for a reason and writers can’t please everyone they have to please networks and sponsers too.. bitch, whine, bitch, whine…more drama lol she hasn’t killed everyone when they left or wanted out their contracts. I can say shondas been doing her job cause people are still watching, talking, and keeping the story going

      • John DeMayo says:

        No, but she has killed/injured way too many people for a show that is supposed to be grounded in reality. Take this group of doctors. Statistically, there is no possible way for one of them to get hit by a bus and die (George), for two of them to get shot (Derek, Alex), for two of them to die in a plane crash (Mark, Lexie), for the wife of an orthopedic surgeon to lose her leg, and for THE #1 cardio surgeon in the country (Burke) AND the #1 neurosurgeon (Shepherd) to both injure their hands so that they can’t do their cutting-edge surgery.

        Shonda created some great characters, sure, but now she has no idea what to do with them. So she comes up with the most contrived and dramatic situations as possible because, you know, it’s TRAGIC and DRAMATIC. It’s not. It comes off as cheesy, and it’s just doing a disservice to the fans. People tuned in for Lexie for years, and then the only payoff she gets is a plane falls on her. No payoff for that character. Compare that with George’s death. He died a meaningful death… doing what he always did: saving lives. Lexie and Mark, not so much. It just screams, they wanted off the show, so I came up with the laziest, and also most ridiculous way to get rid of them.

    • I have. I just come to read the comments and make snarky ones :)

      • Samantha says:

        then apparently you have no life whatsoever.thats just sad barbie…and I have to say kind of pathetic

        • marie says:

          Wow. That was crazy mean. Be respectful of commentators, even if you don’t like their comments. She is a disgruntled Greys’ fan who has every right to make her opinions known, just like they Grey’s fans who are still enthusiastic about the show.

    • Lauren says:

      We aren’t GA haters. We are longtime fans and GA lovers who are tired of seeing cast-members killed off. Get it right.

    • Vicky says:

      True dat.

  6. madbengalsfan85 says:

    “Contract dispute…time to kill someone off”

    “Stale storylines…time to kill someone off”

    “Someone getting a happy ending…time to kill someone off”

    • LillyCPB says:

      YES! It’s like she doesn’t want to deal with the nitty gritty of the different situations that her characters are in. And not only that, the show has become one for creating “good TV” instead of maybe “thought provoking TV”, I don’t know if you understand me…

  7. Kel says:

    I thought it was good. The interns are correct, Meredith is a monster. Not just at work as shown tonight. She couldn’t even muster up a few minutes of time to be there for her husband when Mark died.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I think that is going to play out that she hasn’t dealt with Lexie’s death and the fact that she was the only one not injured.. It’s why her and Alex (who should have been on the plane instead of AZ) will probably get closer this season.

  8. kate says:

    I only ever watched this show on and off, but I thought Shonda Rhimes was fairly talented as a storyteller. I remember when they killed Denny and I was impressed because she wasn’t afraid to play that trump card. Then she killed off George and I was REALLY impressed. Now, I’m older, wiser, and I realize that’s the only card she has. She’s NOT a talented storyteller, that’s why she has to resort to all these stunts every year, without fail. She has absolutely no subtlety and has to roundhouse kick you in the face every.single.time. Killing off Mark HAD to be done because he wouldn’t leave his daughter? A good storyteller would show how a plane crash where the love of his life died permanently damaged Mark and that he just had to move on from Seattle Grace. But no, she just kills him off. It wouldn’t be a big deal if she didn’t do it to EVERYONE, but hey, she’s not that good a writer. I started laughing when he died and everyone started weeping because it was so predictable. I’m not impressed.

  9. LillyCPB says:

    To be honest with you Ausiello, the show changed significantly for me when Lexie died back in May. It feels like a COMPLETELY different show than what we saw 9 seasons ago. And that’s fine, I guess change really is inevitable, even in television. But this new crop of interns has taken the familiarity that I used to have with the show away. It’s a completely different vibe. Mark’s death had me in tears, obviously, Callie’s and Arizona’s situation is obviously going to get worse before it gets any better. I guess I’m willing to give the new interns a chance, given the fact that I LOVE this show since the very first episode 9 seasons back. But it’s definitely a different song in a tune I’m not quite comfortable with. Yet.

  10. Shanda says:

    Omg I’m so depressed over this season premier. Here I am thinking that the only person who died was Lexie Grey only to find out Shonda Rimes took he absolute hottest Dr off the show! I was so not ready for that at all!! I will miss seeing him on the show whose gonna argue with Mcdreamy now so not right!!

  11. sladewilson says:

    I thought this was suppossed to be the year of romance, right? Uh huh – so far… no. Lust and sex was all over the place but romance? Nowhere near. And that end scene was just… wrong. Wrong in so many ways. Damn Rhimes – you need a hug badly…

  12. Kathryn says:

    I’ve never been as annoyed with Meredith as I was tonight. I’ve dealt with the dysfuntionality in the Cristina/Meredith relationship for years, but tonight takes the cake. Derek was dealing with watching his best friend dying-his Cristina-and she just takes off. I know she’s traumatized. I know her sister died. But for once, she needs to put her stuff aside and be there for her husband.

    • sladewilson says:

      and her child – lets not forget that the poor baby almost seems like a freakin’ afterthought which is odd considering how hard she fought to keep her.

      • Kathryn says:

        Yes! I forgot about Zola. Apparently Meredith did too. It was so sad seeing Derek sitting devastated at the end with Zola playing while Meredith’s in the airport bar laughing it up with Alex and Cristina.

  13. Cindy says:

    I can’t believe l watched it. l vowed l wouldn’t. Mark and Lexie faves. l am upset that rather then have them go off together (he could visit Sophia often) she chose again to use the kill card. Makes me ill. Knew Arizona was going to lose leg although l was beginning to think she was also dead. No surprises there. Too.lazy to write a real story. Next weeks episode.should have been first. Rambling on cuz l am fed up with her and her shows.

  14. JessicaY says:

    My biggest letdowns:

    1. The time jump. I don’t want to wait till next week to learn/understand everything that happened directly after the end of the S8 finale!

    2. Not knowing what happened to Arizona til the very end was torturous and cruel to Arizona & Calzona fans.

    3. Owen going to get April… let her stay on the pig farm.

    4. Cristina in a turtleneck. (Also, “fans” here commenting that are spelling Cristina’s name with a “h”…)

    My biggest highlights:

    1. Mark Sloan flashback moments, especially him confirming again that Lexie is his soulmate.

    2. Happy Bailey. She deserves it.

    3. Meredith is the new Bailey! Medusa!

    4. Cristina in a fur trimmed parka. That was pretty funny/cute.

  15. Layla says:

    It’s funny to me how everyone is all up in arms about the fact that this woman keeps killing ppl off this show. But then for someone like Izze who didn’t die but rather left ppl keep wanting to have her come back and give Alex closure and while yes these actors wanted to be let out their contract there is no way to bring them back now and there fore she doesn’t have to figure out some grand way to have them come back to that the viewers are happy especially if the actor or actress wasn’t happy on the show anymore. Everyone is not going to be happy about her choices either watch it and suck it up or don’t. Please stop complaining about her choices as a story teller.

    • kate says:

      OMG. Izzie is the exception to the always dying thing, and they could have brought her back/bring her back for the Alex story. There’s the potential for a great story there. But noooo. Aside from what I’m sure is Rhimes’ ego, Rhimes could never do THAT. That involves crafting a solid story and might involve subtlety and emotion other than hysterical bawling.

  16. Jonny says:

    I haven’t watched the show in years, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t…. is it me or did GA once again give everyone the finger with Mark’s death? They implied that he (Eric Dane) would somehow last throughout the season and NOT just be killed off and what happens in episode 1 of the new season?

    Sorry… this show is horrible and they treat their fans like crap.

  17. Jen says:

    That ONE scene where Meredith leaves Derek after his best friend had just died, to go be with her “person” Cristina…just ruined the entire episode for me! They regressed the character of Meredith 5 years in that one scene! It’s too bad because, other than that scene, the rest of the episode was incredible! Patrick Dempsey’s acting was incredible! He knocked every single scene out of the park. I am so sick of Meredith putting Cristina before Derek…he is her HUSBAND! The Mer/Cris friendship is important to the show but it’s just that…a friendship! Their friendship oversteps way too many boundaries. They are too clingy and it is sick and twisted! So sick of it!! It is pathetic that there were no Meredith and Derek scenes in the episode tonight! NO MERDER = AUTOMATIC FAIL!!!!

    • Jenna says:

      In a way, I don’t think it regressed her at all. I think she has consistently been making these choices and carrying out actions like she is married to Cristina and not to Derek and that hasn’t curbed before this. Even last year, Derek made it clear he wanted to go to Boston because of the incredible benefits they could offer to his career and research and Meredith didn’t even consider it in most of the discussions they had. She focused on wanting to stay in Seattle because it would be closer to Cristina. I hate it, I think it is childish, and at some point the young adult mentality of putting your best friend before a significant other has to end. I understand it when you are young because friendships often do last longer than romantic relationships, but when you fully commit to someone, to marry them and raise a child together, it is unacceptable. I loved Cristina telling Mer last year that Owen was her person, not Meredith. Meredith has never, and seemingly will never grasp this. If she hasn’t be now, after 9 years, a few years of marriage, and having a child, I don’t know what would ever make her change her behavior. You know… besides Shonda no longer writing unhealthy friendships that are prioritized over spouses. This was a consistant problem with Callie/Mark/Arizona also.

  18. Wallace says:

    AMAZING!! Well done. Well written. Well directed. Well acted. Loved the new interns. Looking forward to a new season with new challenges for these characters I love, which can’t be easy after 9 years.

  19. i just a little dissapointed with how little i got to see arizona the whole time during the episode i was wondering if she was alive the only reason i watched the whole episode was to see if she was and how some actors spoke of her i thought she was dead at some points .But i had a feeling she was going to lose her leg . i think some one metioned in a pervious comment about her carrer ending is just not the case. she will most likely have to go thougth alot of physical therapy and would get fitted with a prostetic leg which could take months. i hope they dont do a time jump for that i would like to see arizona go thougth that struggle and see how that effects callie and i hope arizona dousen’t resent callie for that long because she lost her leg

  20. DarkDefender says:

    All this anger! I hope when we go back next week to the week they were stranded and the aftermath.. It explains why Meredith feels the need to save Cristina and that Derek is ok with that and that we will have some explanations then (and throughout the season). It’s a TV drama.. Things happen.. If you really like the show, like me, you’ll be happy to see it all play out.

    p.s. what is with all the Shonda hate? And why the overwhelming need to post it every time her shows get a mention on an entertainment sight? You all sound as Whitney as you claim Meredith is.. :P

  21. Brit says:

    I hated the episode with the exception of Medusa Meredith and Mac from Veronica Mars. Does Shonda Rhimes really HAVE to kill everyone off? Can’t a storyline end without them dying?? I wouldn’t be surprised if the hospital gets word that Izzie and Burke died somehow as well. On a side note, if Lexie and Mark just had to die, couldn’t we have gotten an afterlife scene of some kind. I’m not sure I’m making it through this season.

  22. John DeMayo says:

    “Nearly everyone kept vigil as his heart monitor ticked down to zero.”

    Wait. “Nearly everyone”? I don’t think so. Where was Addison? She couldn’t come say goodbye to Mark? Where was his daughter, Sloan (Leven Rambin)? Come on.

    It’s also just piss-poor storytelling. Okay, maybe Eric Dane didn’t decide he wanted to leave until after Season 8 ended… but they missed a perfect opportunity to have him die next to Lexie. That would have been more satisfying to the fans of Lexie/Mark, who were promised a payoff that would be “worth the wait” of them being appart.

    The Derek storyline? Pathetic. It’s just so predictable, not to mention it’s a rehash of the “Burke’s Hand”.

    • Jenna says:

      It is now being reported that while Chyler Leigh did want to leave and Kim Raver was a somewhat mutual decision to leave, Eric Dane did not in fact ask to leave the show. He was cut by Shonda after ABC told her during the hiatus to trim the budget (all that money Ellen/Patrick/Sandra are getting now had to come from somewhere). Since Eric was cut and his contract for this season was not picked up by ABC, it was actually a really decent thing for him to come back as a guest star for 2 eps to give Mark a proper goodbye.

      • whatevs says:

        That was the reason? That just makes it sadder for him to be killed off when he didn’t even want to leave. There are too many characters on this show anyway, they could’ve gotten rid of 2 less important people so they could keep Sloane.

      • John DeMayo says:

        See, this is no way to run a show. Budget cuts mean cutting characters? A good showrunner would have refused to cut anyone, out of respect for the story.

  23. I knew that would happen to Arizona the moment I saw her leg crushed in the woods and there were no signs of rescue, I feel sorry for Callie. I don’t know about you guys but I expect some flashbacks of that amputation surgery and I hope she gets a prosthetic leg and snaps out of her bed soon.

  24. susie d. says:

    I thought it was a wonderful (re: heartbreaking) send off for Mark – at least there is one “dead” Shondaland character that got as much!
    But Addison should have been there… I’m pretty sure the phone call she gets for the next PP is from Seattle informing her about Mark – but if Mark has been in his coma for a month, and the crash having happened 3 months ago, you’d think Addison would be up to speed with everything. She was such a big part of his life, too… it just would’ve been something special.

    Ugh, but now I’m back to being annoyed with Arizona. Love her (usually), and I’m glad she survived, and I totally understand her depression and anger and all of that – But really, you’re going to blame your wife for this? I get taking things out on her and, yeah, being mad at her if she somehow got to try and operate too – but seriously, as a fellow surgeon you gotta know that she had/has tried everything and that amputating most likely saved your life.
    Now she’s making Callie feel insecure (re: the uneasiness with Derek’s hand) about her abilities as a surgeon. Not cool.

  25. Fahad says:

    i just have to say, that though the episode was good, it left me feeling almost depressed and empty, i wanted to smack the new interns, they irritating and downright stupid, i miss the old Bailey, i missed Arizona’s perkiness, i missed teddy and lexie, the show seems weird now, they killed off two main characters, sent another into full on depression mode. this was weird, i love grey, and i’ll still watch it, but the episode was just depressing.

  26. I know a lot of people are super-angry about this turn of events. I’ve been reading through the comments and a lot of people have accused Shonda Rhimes of lazy writing, of excessively killing off beloved characters because she lacked the creativity to come up with a better alternative. Respectfully, I disagree with people’s opinions in this respect. Please let me preface what I’m about to say by qualifying that I loved both Lexie and Mark, I believe they were destined to be together, and that I’ve been hoping upon hope that they would get back together in the end.

    I was angry that Shonda Rhimes opted to kill off Lexie instead of April in the Season 8 finale. April was a character that annoyed me to no end and I would have been fine seeing her go. It was well known that Chyler Leigh wanted off the show to be with her family, and after the season finale aired, I was like, “Well geez, Shonda couldn’t have written her off without killing Lexie?” Sadly, after watching the season premiere, I think she made the right call, and here’s why: Lexie loved Meredith, loved Zola, loved Derek, and I can’t foresee a scenario in which she would ever willingly leave her family behind, especially since she worked so hard to build her relationship with Meredith. Even if Mark had turned her down and stayed with Julia, Lexie would never leave her family behind by choice. Realistically, there is no way to take Lexie out of the SGH universe and away from her family that wouldn’t be completely out of character for her other than by killing her off. That tragedy also sets the stage to send Meredith, whose relationship with her sister was one of the only things she could count on, into a tailspin, which [unfortunately] actually does make for some good storytelling and a chance for Ellen Pompeo to show off her acting chops.

    It was also well known that Eric Dane wanted to leave the show, and with Lexie dead, I really believe there is no realistic way to take HIM out of the SGH universe than by killing him off as well. Like a lot of people have said on this thread, Mark loved his daughter more than anything and was a devoted father, and wouldn’t willingly leave her under any circumstances either (which is what led me to the previous conclusion that Lexie wouldn’t willingly abandon her family). Mark got a chance to tell Lexie that he loved her, and then I think the conversation he had with Arizona – that he was tired, that Lexie was waiting for him, and that he wanted Arizona to take care of their girls – was a nice reflection on the relationship that he’s established with Arizona sets up a really bittersweet storyline for Arizona and Callie going forward.

    And now I get to Arizona. I have to confess that in a choice between Mark dying and Arizona dying, I choose Mark, because a) Arizona is my favorite character, b) I’ve been a longtime fan of Jessica Capshaw since her days on “The Practice”, c) Callie has been through way too much already, and as devastating as Mark’s death will be to her, I honestly don’t think she’d survive losing the love of her life. Mark’s plea to Arizona to take care of their girls becomes particularly heartbreaking given the fact that she’s lost her leg because in essence, she is physically and emotionally unable to make good on that request right now. Arizona’s plea to Callie that Callie never leave her or go anywhere becomes particularly heartbreaking given the fact that she’s lost her leg because in essence, it’s Arizona, or at least the old Arizona, who is the one that left Callie. The loss of her leg means the loss of everything that made Arizona “Arizona”. Arizona made her mark by wheelie-sneaking (yes, pun intended) her way into our hearts and through the hospital corridors. She’s not going to be able to do that anymore. Arizona was the one who said that in peds, you run, not walk. She’s not going to be able to do that anymore. Impromptu, wild, spontaneous, sexy-time is clearly very important to Callie and Arizona’s relationship. She’s not going to be able to do that anymore (even with a prosthetic, every time for them would be a whole big production). Arizona’s physical ability to do her job, her looks, her beauty, and her physical, as well as emotional, relationship with Callie, have never been in question, and while I am so completely devastated that Arizona lost her leg, I’ve gotta say, I’m interested to tune in and see how this is going to affect the love (both physical and emotional) between her and Callie, and how, and whether, she will come back from this on a personal and professional level. I think it’s going to be a wonderful acting opportunity for both Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez, both of whom have been woefully underutilized and underchallenged.

    Okay, I’ve said my piece.

  27. Matt says:

    As a Minnesotan, I was offended by the portrayal of the Mayo Clinic. “Minnesota Nice” is a thing, but it’s not as overt or tacky as it was portrayed here, and the doctors at the mayo clinic are just as intense, serious, and dedicated as Yang and the rest of the Seattle Gracers. Also, MN is beautiful, especially around the twin cities. Yes, it’s rural in parts, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely bereft of dark and twisty urbanites like those at SG.

  28. I thought it was a really good episode. I spent most of it angry that Arizona’s death was being treated so casually while Mark’s was being dealt with so much. I was absolutely shocked by the ending!! I’m glad I didn’t know any of those spoilers – I knew about Mark, but nothing about Arizona. I started crying when Callie did in the supply closet because I thought she had died, and then again when we saw her in the bedroom. Wow.
    I want Cristina to come home! Glad Karev stayed.

  29. hello says:

    At some point killing people just becomes ridiculous, we are there

  30. Jake says:

    I think the show has officially become unwatchable — killing off mark sloane–at least give him a better send off and I’m sorry but taking the ray of sunshine character of Arizona and doing that to her????? Just incredibly annoying– there is a difference between creating drama and just being beyond depressing.

  31. Jake says:

    Oh and to top it off by asking the annoying keener to come back as somehow a replacement, or a reason for her to return, for mark????

  32. zmopardude says:

    Very sad begining of the new season. Hated the show last night, I felt cheated. Wish they had continued with the doctors in the woods. And I felt we lost a lot of good shows by the jump in time forward. Also Addisons new show was off to a bad beginning. The show was a sleeper that was really boring.

  33. Kik says:

    Why does it have to be Arizona? Effing Shonda!

  34. esromjk says:

    Why the hell was Callie able to operate on Arizona- wouldn’t she have been band from operating on family??????

  35. Sarabi says:

    This episode was totally predictable and somewhat boring, thanks to the spoilers. I still kind of hoped that Arizona wouldn’t lose her leg, but I should have known better by now. Come on, Shonda! Why destroy the only wonderful character on this show? Why, why, WHY? I doubt that Arizona will ever recover to that same upbeat, perky self she once was, and that’s almost as if Shonda had killed her, because that was the soul of Arizona.
    It’s pointless to stress how deaths of Lexie and Mark could have been avoided, since all of us already know that. But still. Shonda, how could you? God forbid you just write them off to another town or country. Actually, moving them to another planet would be more acceptable than this.
    I used to love this show, but for some time now it has been the show I love to hate. And that’s sad.

  36. Svenja says:

    The episode was well done and written and everything, but how can Shonda do this to her fans. She killed Lexie, Mark and Pete on Private Practice. She really has no clue how to write a character off without killing him/her. I rarely cry over TV show episodes but I sobbed. I was an emotional mess after this one. It didn’t leave me with a good feeling. Right now I am tempted to never tune in again. Not because the show is bad or sucks, but because I can’t take it emotionally any longer. I think it’s quite cruel to put fans through this. Some drama and pain is necessary, but this is too much. Sorry, I really don’t understand it. And then taking Arizona’s leg, too. It’s so sadistic. I wonder why all of these doctors are not admitted into psych clinics just yet. No human being could possibly take that much pain. :( I feel empty and bad and this is not entertainment to me. This is torture. Sorry about this little rant, but it’s just how I feel right now.

  37. EveatEden says:

    I’m ok with Mark dieing. At least now he and Lexie can be together in the afterlife. I am not cool with Arizona’s leg being amputated. Seriously???? Arizona who we first saw rolling around the hospital on sneakers with wheels? Not cool! I love bubbly Arizona! *sigh*

  38. Dominique says:

    And then in one or two years from now, Shonda will cry out and wonder why this show got cancelled. Enough is enough woman! Lexie is dead, Mark is dead, Bailey’s the laughing stock of the hospital, Arizona’s leg is gone, Cristina works for a bunch of weirdos, we got a whole bunch of newcomers no one cares about, and after 9 years, Alex is still the doctor who screws all the women.
    This was bad. Really bad. I think the only thing that made this episode just a tiny bit better, was Alex and Mer, the fight, and him coming back to her.
    The “that’s easy; Lexie Grey” line thrown in during one of the flashbacks was a cheap way to get to the Slexie fans.

  39. lauren says:

    Not getting all the hate for this ep, mark’s death, still lexie’s death…grey’s is moving forward so either hop on or hop off and vent your frustrations on a thread meant for that. One thing I just wanted to mention regarding seeing a mark and lexie reunion, I don’t think it was possible because chyler didn’t have a contract? Right? Same thing when people were calling for George to be seen one last time, but the finale was his send off.

    • LCS says:

      Thank you! That was my point as well. Chyler, plain and simple, was not on set and had nothing to do with Grey’s when they started production off in July. She did not have a contract. If they were going to do any ‘funeral’ type memorial thing, they would have had to do it last season when Chyler was still around. Which is not how it works. And seeing as how they had no idea who was and was not sticking around after the finale last year (I wholly believe any number of people could have died because of contract negotiations and whatnot). I think it was up in the air until early summer, honestly. The point is Chyler was gone in the finale last year. That was her send off. That’s it. I LOVED Lexie. And I LOVED Mark, but they both got poignant send offs even though Lexie’s was pretty short, but that’s the reality of the situation that happened with the crash. It’s tough to balance out the drama you get on this show and the reality that viewers expect. You’re never going to please everybody, there are too many factors to consider when writing an episode/season.

      Also, I just have to mention, if anyone else read the article on E! that Kristin Dos Santos wrote about the people who left the show, anybody else think the “very legitimate reasons” that Eric Dane was not brought back was because of the drug addiction that he’s been battling for a while now? I for one thought last season he looked very gaunt and ill. Just a thought. But there is so much stuff that goes on behind the scenes of a TV show that I think we viewers forget about. It’s a business and those actors are real people with real lives — and it is just TV show (as much as it pains me to say that.) There are a lot of factors that go into such decisions: contract stipulations, money, production issues regarding continuity, etc. It’s crazy. I for one, can’t wait to see how this season unfolds – especially with Callie and Arizona. I was one of the many who followed spoilers over the hiatus and knew the amputation was coming, but I was still not prepared. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. My prediction is that this storyline is going to earn Jessica Capshaw and/or Sara Ramirez and Emmy nomination. They’re going to kill it, I can feel it already.

      • John DeMayo says:

        Sorry, but there is no way Grey’s is getting any more Emmy nominations. The competition is just too fierce, and the Academy has clearly moved on from the show.

        The thing people are complaining about is not that Mark and Lexie left the show… it’s *how* they left. A plane crash? Really? That’s the best Shonda could come up with to write them out? She promised a resolution for them that would be “worth the wait”. Was that “worth the wait”? The way it was handled was unrealistic and cheesy.

        Ultimately, letting the contracts of your actors, or the demands of a studio dictate the creative decisions of the show won’t help you make a *quality* show.

  40. DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

    Right around a month after a major injury to his hand, and Derek is testing his hand out in surgery already? Doesn’t physical therapy, etc take longer than that? I mean it had to HEAL open wounds and stuff first too!

    • Brother M says:

      I think more than a month has passed. They only indicated that Mark has been in a coma for 30 days. That doesn’t mean he was in a coma when they found them in the woods. He may well have been awake and recovering for aseveral weeks and then something happened, stroke, complications with his heart and he got worse. I read somewhere it is supposed to be 3 months later or something. Think about it, Alex said he postponed Johns Hopkins twice ( or was it three?) times already and that they ‘won’t wait forever’ this implies to me it’s been more than just a month. Also Cristina is at Mayo and it doesn’t look like she just got there, she;d have to have recovered for a while first. She would not have walked out of the woods and then straigth onto another plane and off to Minnesota. Same with Meredith. I don’t imagine she got a reputation as Medusa in the space of a couple of weeks.

  41. No surprise says:

    Guess I read too many spoilers as Mark’s death and Arizona’s leg was no surprise. Rhimes is a cold one. The Mayo parts were just plain boring. Next weeks episode looks better but I wish Owen had left farm girl where she was.

  42. Aoife says:

    I know it’s kind of irrelevant but I wish they had given Lexie this kind of send-off.

  43. Joe says:

    She likes to kill off characters , look what she just did to Pete on pp

  44. Vicky says:

    I’ve been a Grey’s fan since season 1, but is anyone else ready for the show to be over? Seasons 2 and 3 were the best, and since then it seems like they’ve been trying to play catch up. I miss George.

  45. Bella says:

    I was hoping they were going to kill Arizona off. Honestly, she whines more than anybody, even Meredith.

  46. ggny says:

    I like the new Interns. 3 actors i know it a nice change

  47. Joe says:

    Greys liost me during the ghost sex season

  48. HarperSmith says:

    First of all, did no one notice MARK’S LEFT HAND?! It was bandaged up. Derek’s left hand was severely injured. I think there’s going to be a sweet story there. Plus, Callie told Derek that he has been cleared for weeks, yet Mark was only in his coma for 30 days. I fear that Mark was awake when Derek needed major surgery on his hand and donated to the cause. Derek’s fear of surgery and his reaction to the numbness could go much deeper than it seemed last night.
    As for all the Shonda haters- this is TV! It’s best when it’s unpredictable, emotional, funny, and honest. Grey’s is all those things. I have no complaints. It’s TV that keeps you on the edge of your seat with a box of tissues next to you. I can’t get enough and I remain a loyal fan to the show that gives me 22-24 hours on an emotional roller coaster a year. I personally and looking forward to whatever happens this season!

    • Rudence says:

      I don’t think that he donated his hand to Derek… It makes no sense. Mark may well have been concious at first but why would he even consider donating a perfectly good hand to his friend? He’d never be able to operate, hold his daughter etc… Plus no hospital would take the hand of a living (or even in a coma ) patient.
      I also don’t see them doing two limb losing scenarios at once… I think it’s more likely that Mark WAS awake at first, maybe struggeling for a few weeks, and then deteriorated and slipped into a coma which would account for Derek having been cleared ‘for weeks’ even though Mark has only been in a coma for 30 days.

      • HarperSmith says:

        Haha I definitely didn’t mean he donated his entire hand. I guess I never made that clear. I was just insinuating that he helped out in some way. Not sure how because I’m not a doctor and can’t make any suggestions without sounding like an idiot. : )

  49. SourGumball says:

    I adored it. My only complaint is that if Callie and Arizona married in 2009 and Mark died in 2012, then Sofia should be three years old. Or 2.5 at least.

  50. Still A Fan says:

    My favorite part of the episode was Avery. It was so touching to see him go over all of his cases with Mark and then take the reins at the end. I can’t wait to see what happens when April comes back. I love the new interns. I love mean Meredith. I love that Mer/Cristina talk using face time. I think Owen is coming into his own as Chief though I was happy that Richard was the one to be with Callie and Derek at the end. I can’t wait for next week to see what happened after the crash. I’m all in for this rollar coaster ride. All of the death doesn’t bother me … it makes me excited to see what is coming next.