Glee Recap: Come on, Vogue? [Updated]

sjp gleeAfter three-plus seasons of watching Glee — and its myriad jaunty guest stars — I couldn’t help but wonder: Was it possible for Ryan Murphy & Co. to bring in one more bold-faced guest star who’d fit seamlessly into the fabric of Fox’s high-school musical while bringing it some much-needed dazzle and luster?

Tonight, that answer arrived from behind a rack of clothing, sporting a black, paneled minidress and a killer smile: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Vogue editor Isabelle Klempt rescued the fair Kurt Hummel from a life of serving coffee to beastly high-school cheerleaders and began the process of turning his penchant for “rather…bold clothing choices” into a possible career path.

Meanwhile, THAT FINAL SCENE! Finn arriving at Rachel’s apartment, smack in the middle of Rachel’s first kiss with Brody! I’ll confess two things: First, I have no qualms with the Glee writing team having Finchel explore other options — they’re kids, for cryin’ out loud! But on the other hand, wouldn’t it have been more interesting if Finn had knocked before Brochel (?!) made it physical? For me, it would’ve been a more layered and possibly unpredictable fallout if the show’s central couple was grappling with an emotional betrayal, or rather the seed of infidelity and not an actual sprout. Who’s with me? Also, was this actual infidelity in the wake of that heartbreaking scene in the car in the Season 3 finale?

But let me back up for a moment. In case you were trapped in the Vogue “Couture Vault,” here’s what you missed on Glee:

* Kurt landed himself an internship at Vogue, and while I could easily rail against the preposterousness of a recent high-school grad landing himself this kind of coveted gig based mostly on a portfolio of his homemade outfits, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I mean, with Ugly Betty off the airwaves, why object to any story arc that gives us weekly opportunities for hot fashion montages/she-beast editors/bitchy one-liners? (Side note: Is it too early for an America Ferrera guest spot? Of course not!) (Other side note: J’adored hearing SJP use one of my fave words — “verboten” — in a brainstorming sesh.)

* Turns out, though, that Kurt’s Ohio-born boss was filled with insecurities: She’s an artist, not a manager, and her inability to say “no” has led her to a point where she doesn’t feel like she can tell the difference between a good idea and a crazy one. But wide-eyed Mr. Hummel might be on the brink of reversing her fortunes. His makeover concept video — where he and Isabelle transformed Rachel from country duckling to city swan — scored Isabelle her first “Great” (via email) from an exquisitely succinct Anna Wintour. But Kurt’s work successes came with a price: Porcelain was so busy going to Grey’s Papaya for hot dogs and attaching hideous animal tails to his back belt loop that he completely ignored Blaine’s pleas for help selecting a bowtie for an important McKinley event. (More on that in a moment.)

* Oh, and the subject of that makeover — one Ms. Rachel Berry — began to feel a little more body confidence after rocking an insanely gorgeous tulle wedding gown and ablack dress with the sequined bodice and ruffly skirt (among other fashion confections). A hot rehearsal with suddenly omnipresent Brody led to an impromptu afternoon touring New York City’s Highline (with a momentary hand-hold in the street) which led to Rachel cooking, well, burning dinner for her new guypal, and the aforementioned smooch that he said he wasn’t going to plant. Oh the look of shock on Finn’s face when he saw Brody in repose over Rachel’s shoulder. But does Mr. Hudson have a right to feel hurt? Wasn’t he the one championing the whole “if you love someone, set them free, then don’t respond to their phone calls or emails for two whole months” philosophy?

* Meanwhile, back in Lima, OH, the kids of New Directions were involved in a class-president election subplot that was, in essence, the bland cracker designed solely as a vehicle for future plot developments. (“Who in God’s name gives a wet, hot, steaming dump about student government?” asked Sue, in a message approved by my inner grouch.) Still, the showdown between a bored-without-Kurt Blaine and incumbent repeating senior Brittany — with Sam and Artie as their respective running mates — yielded some innnnteresting developments. Sugar asked Artie on a date (proving his theories about women liking men with power). Brittany and Sam had their second “moment” in two weeks (they really do make sense as a couple, no?). And Sam and Blaine planted the seeds of a beautiful bromance.

* Oh, in case you were wondering, Blaine and Sam prevailed, thanks to the former’s pithy indictment of the Pierce Administration’s first term; the latter’s impromptu striptease (girl, look at that body; Sam works out!); and Brittany’s proposal to outlaw summer vacations and weekends.

* And finally, Mr. Schuester, out of ideas and out of inspiration, decided to apply for a Blue Ribbon Panel to improve arts education. Sue wrote his enthusiastic (if not entirely truthful) letter of recommendation, while Emma offered nothing but support despite the possibility that her man might have to leave Lima for a few months, and delay their nuptials. Will that come back to haunt her?

And with that, let’s recount the episode’s best zingers:

* “Unexpected leather should be in the back pages of the Village Voice.” –Kurt, reacting to a fruitless Vogue pitch meeting

* “Filipino: They’re very hard workers and family is important to them.” –Brittany, in response to the question “What’s your favorite color?”

* “Lose the bowtie: It makes you look uptight, or like a young Orville Redenbacher.” –Blaine, offering solid (and long overdue) fashion advice to Blaine

* Becky refusing to hype the announcement of the election results with a “xylophone flourish”

* “They prefer to lay their eggs in couture!” –Isabelle, explaining her long absence from NYC movie theaters

* “I thought you said you were straight.” –Rachel, reacting to Brody’s confession that he used to be a huge fan of Ace of Base

Before I hand things off to you, let me also grade this week’s musical numbers:

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World”: B+
“Celebrity Skin”: C
“The Way You Look Tonight”/’You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”: A-
“A Change Would Do You Good”: C+

What was your favorite musical number from “Makeover”? Were you thrilled with the arrival of SJP? And how about that final kiss? Compelling? Disgusting? Confusing? All of the above? Take our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ana says:

    I didn’t watch because Greys was on. From here on out I will have to catch Glee on demand but I am looking forward to see Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker. She looked absolutely adorable on the clip. I have no doubt she did an excellent job.

  2. JVC says:

    Good insight Rowan. I missed the first half of the episode so I can’t make a legit opinion yet. I came in on Brittany’s debate about no summer vacation. I enjoyed SJP and I think not getting into NYADA was the best thing to happen to Kurt. And he’s got great mentor. I just wished Kurt could’ve just sent Blaine a text that he would call later. I am happy they are making Blaine and even Brittany legitamate characters now, as well as the friendship between bla

    • Kay says:

      Yes, I do believe Kurt could have at least texted Blaine that he was busy and would talk later. That was so rude to just hang up on him. They were just all standing around talking small talk. It’s not like it was a business meeting or anything. I felt so bad for Blaine. He just seemed so low. I’m glad Sam was there to talk to him and make him feel important.

  3. Aria says:

    I’m so confused- is Rachel just hung up on Finn, or are they actually still a couple? I thought it was pretty clear they broke up in last season’s finale, but he looked like he felt betrayed when Brody stood up.

  4. Ricki says:

    I wish some hardcore Britanna, Klaine, and Finchel shippers would chill out a bit. I personally don’t mind those core couples taking some time off. These characters are supposed to be teenagers, they should be allowed to experiment and pursue other interests.

  5. JVC says:

    Didn’t get to finish. I am hAppy for the friendship between Blaine and Sam. And I know Brittana fans don’t want to here this, but I am totally behind Sam and Brittany hooking up id it hapoens. and for blaine i felt for him. he gave up being with the warblers all for kurt and now that he is gone he needs something to fill the void. Now on to the Finn/Finchel crisis. Chill out people. I know I am in the minority but haven’t missed Finn at all the last two episodes. And Kurt said it himself, he gave Rachel her freedom. They both need to grow up and mature and see what else is out there for them. While I kinda wished the Brody and Rachel kids didn’t happen, it didn’t make me like Rachel any else. But I am hoping she doesn’t hook up with Brody so soon. My main disappointment is that she hasn’t bonded with ANY of the freshmen in her class. I know she has Kurt with her, but stil surly she can make at least one new friend in college right?

  6. aj says:

    I can’t believe that people are saying Rachel betrayed Finn… the guy hasn’t been in touch with her for 3 months, is the girl supposed to wait forever? Seriously, Finn was an epic douche bag for leaving her hanging.
    Also, did anyone else find it a bit ironic that an episode about new beginnings and makeovers didn’t feature any songs from this millenium? Seriously, the newest song they did in this episode was “A Change Will Do You Good?”… from 1997.

  7. Jcq says:

    OMG, people, it is a freaking TV show. If the contrived events of fictional characters upset and/or anger you so, you need to get a life. While I love the show, I recognize it for what it is. These are NOT real people. If you don’t like the story, quit moaning and groaning and change the channel.

  8. dude says:

    I’m really loving the chemistry between Brody and Rachel. I love Rachel with Finn but they’re kids and I think it’d be good for them to explore other options.

  9. Mo says:

    I feel like the minority here, but I actually liked this episode. Even though the end was kinda predictable and Brody does seem to be a little creepy by always calling Rachel sexy and beautiful etc. overall it was good.
    Sure this season has a different vibe than the previous seasons, but I kind of like it better than last season (so far). It’s different and not just the same old thing.
    Also side note to those die hard Finchel and Rachel fans CALM DOWN. Its just a tv show and to be honest you should be looking up to these characters as role models anyway. They are all flawed and any ways people do change so don’t take it so hard.

    • dani says:

      Well said. I liked the episode too.

    • Liz says:

      I liked it as well. This season seems a lot more promising than last year, although it seems like they’re making Sam more stupid than he was in the past. Maybe they hadn’t focused on him all that much, but he didn’t seem as dumb as Britney–at least she knew what a debate was!

      The Finchel fans are nuts. I have never seen more rabid fans (and not in a good way) of a tv couple–and I watch soaps (those JaSam and Liason groupies on the General Hospital sites are scary)!

      • RT says:

        Lol, I always loved a scene where Sam says, “Everyone thinks I’m dumb,” and Quinn says, “Not…everyone…”

      • The Chair fans from Gossip Girl are worse, but not by much.

        Oh, I remember when I used to be a Finchel fan. But I’m pretty sure I never got as angry as some of these fans. I mean, attacking Brody for what? How is he a creep? Is he forcing himself on Rachel? Or did I mishear when Brody said that they could remain friends if that is what Rachel wants? She’s the one that initiated the date and the kiss. So why y’all hating on Brody? Because he’s not Finn? Of course he’s not. Rachel’s not in high school anymore. Neither is Finn.

  10. Beth says:

    I loved Glee but now I hate it! It gets worse with each episode. The breakup episode will be even worse. There is no more glee left in Glee! It is just tedious rehashing of previous story lines. Can’t do this any more. Grey’s Anatomy was amazing tonight and promises to be amazing next week as well. I’m done with Glee and I’m sure many others are as well! It’s no fun any more!!

  11. bob says:

    The only thing I’m pissed about is the setting up for dumb Brittany and Sam to date. So typical.

    • RT says:

      I’ve read that episode 4 is supposed to be where the 4 main couples are “tested,” so perhaps it’s a setup for that, then it will be over. We can hope.

    • Alex says:

      Ugh, mte. Not only because it would highlight the double standards one more time (Brittana fans never had the opportunity to see much of them being a full blown couple… or talking to each other for that matter, so it would be too soon to break them up for it to be a good storyline). But also because I’m tired of Glee inane pairings. Britt and Sam? Why, because they’re blond and suddenly Sam is dumb as a rock?

      As a Brittana shipper, I would be ok with a break up at some point if it was for good storytelling (which Glee seems unable to do for 2 seasons now). But not now, not before we get to see them having real couple interactions like Finchel, Klaine or even Tike have had. And certainly not on the grounds that “the dumbasses should get together”. BTW, I hate what they’ve been doing with Brittany since S3. Being an airhead is a thing, but this is going too far to be enjoyable right now.

      Also, I miss Quinn, Puck, Mercedes, and of course, Santana. Even Beiste’s absence is felt, and she wasn’t the most prominent character. I have no interest whatsoever in the 2.0s, Unique and that no1curr from TGP even if he didn’t show up yet. He was annoying enough on TGP to begin with.

      The episodes are dull, aside from some NYC parts and a few one-liners. Although I like how Rachel is starting to grow up, and I hope that if she ends up with Brody, he won’t become a Finn type of guy.

      And seriously, who still cares about who is president? Don’t they have more important storylines to tell at that point?

  12. dani says:

    Brittany rocks! I don’t know how everyone can hate on her so much. Always enjoy her songs and performances more. I can’t wait to see how her story develops this year. I am glad they got her a friend (Sam) too since she has been lonely without Santana there, and I doubt that will turn into any kind of romance like I know some fans afraid of. I think it will be a good example of how a guy and girl, who potentially could be attracted to each other, can be close friends without getting romantically involved.

  13. Rachel says:

    Surprise, surprise! Glee can’t do anything but make it physical. Brody is HANDS OFF but then they’re rolling around on her floor. What a disappointment this new Rachel is. Also — to those who complained about the vegan thing? Rachel was cooking him duck. So, there goes that.

    This show just continues to be a disappointment.

    Who is this new Rachel Berry? I’m not liking it. Finn Hudson was the only .5 second saving grace of that episode.

    • me says:

      I totally agree, but I really liked SJP starting to plant seeds of wisdom on Kurt and to be his mentor. She had flaws too. I never got over how people would hate on Finn for his vegan mishap, but overlook Rachel cooking duck for B. This show has just jumped off track and gone to the cliche story lines. The other guy-I’m so lonely. Oh yeah, the same stories that were told season 1 and 2. Look, even Jane said in an interview that you can really tell in one’s storyline if Ryan Murphy was mad at them. Look at what happen to Quinn and Puck. Personally, I think they are fresh ot of wit and ingenuity from here on. I don’t care for the path the writers are taking and it will take a strong constitution to watch this season. For me Glee is simply a silly teeny bopper soap opera anymore. It has lost its snarky wit and dark humor. It has become 90% drama and soap opera. It shouldn’t be in the comedy category for awards show. Oh wait, it hasn’t been nominated since it became a dramedy. This is my opinion only. But the new has warn off since season 1. The writers are trying to go a different direction for the core cast but what it’s done is alienate its diehard fans by angst and troubles to its characters. This is IMO beyond angst. I, for one, welcomed angst to the characters to make them grow up. But to have them sing pretty unremarkable song saelections and lackluster performances to utilizing facts and circimstances that a certain celebrity faced and did in public just to mimic a Glee character’s plight. For me this is not inventive and original character building.

      • me says:

        Furthermore, as a 40 something year old I loved the different genres of music and the characters stories were spread out to include the adults season 1. Will was ruined in season 2. Emma was also. Sue just got meaner and crazier. The different age groups who followed Glee vanished away due to high school stories only and that the adult characters became thin and inconsequensial. The humor is not humor but ridicule, bullying gibes and moronic one notes. As a cast member and employee of Glee, Lea has said that these 2 episodes were hard to do, draining and sad. She was glad they were passed them. So it hasn’t just affected us fans but the actors as well.

  14. Siren says:

    We’ve been saying where’s Finn?. Now I’m wondering where’s Rachel?The girl on my screen tonight was definitely not her.

  15. Liz says:

    I don’t understand how people think Brody is a creep. He is a nice guy, who happens to like Rachel. He hasn’t pushed himself on her in any way, and as a matter of fact, SHE was the one who asked him over for dinner. In my experience, a girl doesn’t just decide to make dinner for a guy she knows has feelings for her if she doesn’t reciprocate.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do like Finn and Rachel together, but you have to face facts, the person you date in high school is rarely the person you end up with for the rest of your life. I am so glad that the writers are allowing Rachel to spread her wings a little bit and see that the world is bigger than what she knew in Lima. I am a little upset that it looks like most of the main couples are breaking up next week, but I think it is time that they all see what other fish are out there in the sea. (Also, after the way Kurt has been treating Blaine so far this season, I am glad that it looks like Blaine is breaking up with him–he deserves better.)

    • Kay says:

      agree about Blaine and Kurt. I just hope that Kurt will finally realize what he had and they find each other again before the season is over. I felt so bad for Blaine. I don’t think Kurt knows how hurt he made Blaine feel.

      • mark says:

        oh guys. dear lord. we didn’t see a scene like that because we have 45 minutes or so but kurt was thinking of rejecting the call. like. i turn down calls all the time when i’m working and i never broke up with my gf. he was busy , not deadly busy, but still busy.. jeez. don’t blame this on him for some stupid mistake., he’s human. his life doesn’t revolve around blaine he’s finally doing something for himself. i wonder how many other characters like finn, or santana or quinn ingored calls too and nobody eve said anything but kurt pass as the bad guy? it’s wrong and i’m sure that when he got home he tried to calling him again because it was conflicleted. plus “the way that kurt is treating blaine???” come on. they love each other. kurt actually did some great thing for blaine. i’m tired of this one sided blaine. you don’t take sides. kurt is a great bf and blaine is a great bf.

  16. RT says:

    I don’t think Rachel has been a great character since season one. Please bring Santana back soon. I can’t handle this show anymore.

  17. *small voice* I know this has already been brought up, but Finchel fans, you guys do realize that they broke up, right? *small voice*

    I know it doesn’t seem like it, as Rachel has been going on and on like they’re still a couple, but they are, in fact, broken up. So she did not cheat on him. And besides, Finn’s cheated on her with Quinn. Ok, well, he’s cheated on Quinn with Rachel and has condoned cheating when he got Quinn to cheat on Sam, so he’s not totally good. And I don’t mind Finn and think Cory’s a sweetheart.

  18. gw says:

    I really enjoyed the SJP and Kurt storyline. Probably because it’s the only new material they are apparently writing. Romance, President elections, cheating? snore.

  19. Kayla says:

    they changed rachel too much i miss the old rachel who was talented and great but had just enough self-conciousness in her mind to make her relatable now she’s just not the same character at all

  20. ksm says:

    Clearly some of you people did not go away this is exactly what happens.

  21. This episode was horrendous. None of the songs were necessary but had to be there since it’s a show with singing. Sarah Jessica Parker was a fine addition and had some great moments when she was only interacting with Kurt. The rest of the hour didn’t really make a whole lot of great dramatic sense in terms of character or plot.

  22. Tracie says:

    How can people say that they hate where Rachel is going? This is the most I’ve liked her since season one. I was HATING her character before. She was so boring and ready to get married and give up on her dreams and she was still a kid! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to get married young, I was MOH at a friend’s wedding when she was 18, but ‘Finchel’ was just too much. I don’t think she was ever more honest with herself than when she decided she wanted to move to NY and not have a guy holding her back. That’s who Rachel Berry is. “Finchel” was getting old… I’ll admit at the beginning of the series it was cute, but that conversation I was just talking about, wrapped them up pretty nicely. Maybe Rachel and Finn are “End game” but until that happens, they both have a lot of growing up to do and I think Brody is good for her.

    I’m willing to bet most (Not all, but most) people who are complaining about her, are still in high school, or right out of it. She’s in college! She’s allowed to make mistakes and explore her options. But I really don’t think that kissing Brody was a mistake. I think that she and Finn were broken up- unless something happened off-camera after that last scene that we didn’t see- and she was having a hard time moving on from him, but now she’s ready… I’m just pissed that Finn is probably going to make a big deal out of this.

  23. Jet says:

    I really wish people would stop telling Finchel fans to chill out or calm down or something else totally stupid and rude. People are allowed to be upset. People are allowed to feel disappointed in Rachel’s behavior. Glee is not about realism or being realistic. Ever. Therefore, I personally don’t believe Rachel is being “realistic” for Rachel. I want to see my favorite TV couple be happy, together, on my screen. That is my want/desire and I am allowed to feel that way. You don’t feel the same way; that’s not my problem. Finchel fans are hurting, yet again; we’re allowed to feel that way, and we’re allowed to express our feelings just like the haters.

    • Eew stop says:

      lol no wonder people hate your fandom. so freaking obnoxious.

    • I understand that Finchel fans are upset that these two have been broken up for a few months. It’s only when they verbally start attacking another character just because of their involvement in Finchel that I feel like I have to step in. I mean, Brody hasn’t done anything wrong here, yet some fans are acting like they just murdered Finn in front of Rachel. Yes, he did try to kiss Rachel but once she said that she was ‘taken’, he backed off but continued being her friend. Rachel initiated the date and kiss.

      Of course Finchel fans are allowed to be upset, but I don’t feel like attacking Brody or Brochel fans (calling him disgusting, a creeper, a stalker, ect) is right.

    • 2arod says:

      Joss Whedon once said (and I’m paraphrasing) that a good writer give fans what they need, not what they want. What fans want, a happy and together would be boring. Moreover, people would hardly be so passionate about this couple if things were easy for them. People root for them because the overcome the obstacles and the challenges that other couples have to face (and then some). This IS glee after all and permanence and consistency have hardly been this show’s strong points.

  24. Dave says:

    To me it is cheating for the simple fact that Rachel herself still thinks Finn is her boyfriend. She’s the one that said to Brody that Finn’s her boyfriend, in the army, and she’s not turning her back on him. If the season had started with the understanding that she and Finn were broken up I would have no problem with her moving on. Finn was at bootcamp, not sitting at home being intentionally cruel by not calling her.

  25. Kel says:

    SJP was wonderful. The rest of the episode and the previous two have been disappointing. The whole Rachel thing doesn’t really surprise me. Not crazy about it but I understand her moving on. What I find is the surprising is absence of any other females or freshmen for Rachel to bond with. I think what fans really want to see is an independent Rachel who makes it on her own. So great to have Finn back but I do wonder how the story would have been written if Cory had been available for the start of the season. I think the show can do much better. I friend said that hopefully during the hiatus the writers will learn to write better scripts..

  26. Cory says:

    The Finchel fans getting riled up and lashing out at Dean/Brody is the funniest thing ever. Grow up.

  27. Olivia says:

    It”s about time Rachel moved on!! Let’s go Brochel!!!

  28. Aud says:

    GREAT episode! I love Brody and Rachel they’re super hot! I’m happy for Kurt and sad for Blaine! And I’m loving Sam and Brittany’s friendship (maybe romance?) And don’t get me started on Artie and Sugar! Sounds promising.

  29. Emmy says:

    Shippers suck all the fun out of watching shows. Reading the majority of these comments makes me realize that a lot of the viewers of this show need to grow along with the characters instead of living in the past. Life doesn’t work that way and neither do people. I applaud this show for letting the characters grow and change. Rachel is trying to find herself, which is what people do in college. She’s not supposed to be the same Rachel from season 1. She’s moved past that immature behavior. Everyone who has written this show off because they aren’t keeping Finchel together were never true fans of the show.

  30. Patti says:

    The final scene was just horrible so I am glad I watched Grey’s live. So ridiculous what they are doing to Finn and Rachel for the 100th time.

  31. kavyn says:

    You know what I find more annoying than glee lately? The people that comment on here talking about Rachel and Finn (or Rachel and Brodi) non-stop. I don’t even understand what the point keeping McKinley high around if all anyone talks about is Rachel and Finn.

    Personally I don’t care who Rachel ends up with. I think it’s great that the writers are giving Rachel some other boy toy other than Finn and letting her grow up as an independent woman in New York, although to be completely honest I think it would have been better to just let Rachel and Kurt be single for a while and let them develop their friendship and show them struggle with the transition (Kurt’s transition from being scared of moving on to becoming a confident fashion intern within two episodes just seemed unrealistic to me, and they easily could have fleshed that out).

    You know who I want to see? Santana. I’m excited that she’s appearing next week, and I hope they decide to show what’s going on with her. The glee club story just seems like they’re getting the garbage treatment while the writers focus on Rachel, it’s incredibly obvious how little the writers don’t care about the glee kids. The election stuff was so stupid and really I couldn’t care less about any of them at this point. They all have the same tone in their voice and it all feels like the scripts were written by one or two people.

    Their idea to split the show into two isn’t working, and funny enough it’s because of the glee club side of the show.

  32. L says:

    Finn stans are on a roll with their… ‘Omg, how could Rachel do this to Finn?!!! Nooooooooooo! I hate Brody! He’s a creep!’ comments.
    Lol you guys make me laugh. Please keep going.

  33. emmyxx says:

    this is was no Ross and Rachel, they broke up, he has no right to be angry with Rachel, of course she is going to develop feelings for someone else, finn hasn’t been in the picture
    and loved SJP hope to see more of her

  34. Gretchen says:

    God, the show is so dumb now. It’s like it’s written by Brittany.

    Kurt the magical fashion elf made me gag. This powerful fashion icon is pouring her heart out to him within five minutes of meeting him?

    • Kay says:

      That is what I thought as well. I really don’t care for his “fashion sense” yet – haven’t really seen anything spectacular that he wears. And that “makeover” in the vogue closet was stupid. They are making Kurt to be some kind of fashion genius and I’m not buying it.

  35. amy says:

    I think the writers need to bring all the graduates back and write a sendoff episode for all of them. Or have a spinoff for all the graduates.

  36. Nunaya_Bidness says:

    I don’t care about Sam and Brittany potentially dating. But I DO care that Sam has been dumbed down as far as he has to push the pairing. It’s awful to watch my favorite guy being this painfully stupid. Just … NO. He was much more mature and it showed last season and a character shouldn’t have to be changed to be paired up with another character.

  37. Emma says:

    LOL please. Glee is just so realistic for seeing Rachel and Finn are so young and evolving and deserve to explore other avenues. Such a realistic show! Kurt’s situation would really happen in real life, get an internship within a day he’s besties with SJP and giving her advice, they’re dancing and singing with Rachel and that all has even a shred of believability to it. Not. Glee is fiction. Saying the Finchel break-up is like REAL LIFE is just an excuse to hate on Finchel. Barely anything that ever happens on Glee is similar to real life in any way, shape or form.

  38. Finn Hudson says:

    Wait a second, THEY WERE MAKING OUT?

  39. Eileen says:

    Not a great episode especially the ending. I still can’t believe they cast such a bad actor to be opposite Lea. Oh well, I hope Finn’s story starts well and ends well and I hope Rachel finds a balance between the old and new her.

  40. Amanda says:

    I am sorry but this show is just horrible anymore

  41. Lily says:

    Jesus CHRIST I’ve had enough of this Finn blaming so many articles are doing. If you knew anything about the army or boot camp, you’d know that it’s not really the easiest thing in the world to just pick up a phone or hit up a computer to have a conversation with someone any time you want.

    And STOP acting like what he did at the end of season three was some terrible thing. If he wouldn’t have put her on that train, she’d be miserable and resenting him in Lima right now. Nothing that boy has done for her has been out of malice. He loves her more than anything and it killed him to put her on that train but he did it anyways because he knows her potential and he loves her THAT much. If you’d just get your damn bias out of the way, you’d actually understand him a little bit better. But all you’ve ever seen for Finn is a life stuck in Lima with some nice random gal. In all of your articles you’ve always envisioned that life for Finn. I swear to god it’s like you block out every single thing he says. His biggest fear is ending up in Lima for the rest of his life. He’s terrified because doesn’t think he can be better than that.

    I’m so tired of him getting kicked on but being the one to continuously pick people up.

    And don’t even get me started on this new Rachel. I have no idea who this girl was this episode but the second the pounds of make up came on, the old Rachel I loved went out the window. She was so completely out of character in this episode and I don’t like it. I understand changing in college. We all do it. But there’s a difference between growing up and just changing a person entirely and I can’t say I’m a big fan of this new Rachel. Who cheated on Finn. Again. And you can say that he broke up with her at the end of last season all you want but the writers made it pretty damn clear that he was still her boyfriend in the first few episodes when she told Brody that she was still in love with him (her boyfriend) (stated in the last episode) and that she wouldn’t turn her back on him (stated in the first episode back). Guess she’s just full of lies, right?

    • becky says:

      God bless you for this comment. Seriously, it’s everything I could ever want to say.

    • First of all, Finn could have written an e-mail or even a letter to send to Rachel to let her know that she’s ok. Or hey, maybe to Kurt or somebody. I’m sure they allow letters at bootcamp.

      Rachel never cheated on Finn. He broke up with her. She was just emotionally still dating Finn for the last three episodes until, after Kurt’s nudging, she let him go and allowed herself to move on from her high school life. It isn’t high school anymore. Most high school relationships don’t last. I know Glee isn’t always realistic (or at all) but I appreciate that they try to be every once in a while.

  42. Tina says:

    I’m afraid Rachel is in for heartbreak. Go back to what Kate Hudson’s character said in episode 2. Brody always wanting to help female freshmen . There is something about him that can’t be trusted. I read somewhere that Rachel was in for hump and dump. Maybe that will make her truly independent. I don’t want to see her hurt but this is one way to help her growing process. I felt bad hot Blaine. Kurt was completely ignoring him. Can’t wait for Finns storyline. He too needs to grow before he and Rachel reunite. And for those who high school romances don’t last. There are many cases where they do I believe I read where Lea Michele’s parents have been together since they were 14.

  43. Kay says:

    Disappointing. They’ve left Finn and Rachel’s status up in the air, so it doesn’t make her look great. Why couldn’t this have happened after they worked that out? And anyway – I think Rachel needs to be alone and discover and love herself without jumping so easily to another guy. And ultimately I hope to see Finn and Rachel reunited.

  44. Nel says:

    This episode was awful. The election was boring, I felt bad for Blaine because I understood his storyline but the way they chose to portray it wasn’t the best. I’m losing interest in the glee club and Will. Not even Sue is interesting. And apart from the new characters, I’m really not interested in any of the old glee club members right now.

    SJP and her musical number with Chris and Lea was the best part of the episode. She’s a great addition to the show.

    And sigh, not going to lie. I’m disappointed with Rachel’s makeover. This is not who she is and this is not what’s always made her Rachel Berry. Wearing sexy clothes doesn’t make you a grown up. I hope this is what glee is trying to show and I hope they resolve this soon because I already miss the sweaters and the high socks (metaphorically and literally).

    The end wasn’t really shocking, because I was expecting it but I feel like it was rushed. Everything: from the date with Brody till Finn showing up. This fast they want to be done with Brody?

    I’m still rooting for Finchel and I can’t wait till the next episode to see them explore everything that happened in this one more. And also, to listen to Cory sing. I’ve been waiting so long for that!

  45. angie says:

    The only good part of this episode was SJP. The scene with her, kurt, and rachel was all kinds of adorable. Other than that, this entire season has seemed so boring so far! I’ve missed Finn so much and I hate the way they brought him in to see the love of his life with another guy. I’m not one of those finchel fans that is going to acuse Rachel of cheating, but I hate that they went from her refusing his advances last episode to getting this unnecessary make over and being incredibly forward this ep! Why is she changing herself so much, I don’t get it? I’m all for a little finchel angst but this Brody guy is just not good. At least the other people they used to come in between finchel (Puck and Jesse) were likeable characters. I don’t know that I’ll watch, but if I do it will only be for Finn’s storyline!

  46. megan says:

    omg i’m so tired of people complaining and saying this finchel storyline “is just like reality, real life sweethearts don’t last” yeah, well real life doesn’t involve landing a vogue internship right out of high school either. so many things about glee are exaggerated and unrealistic–that’s the point. so who cares that people are getting mad about finchel not being together? it’s perfectly ok. they set up the last 3 seasons to make finn and rachel be a core couple to lead the show. it would have been fine to have them take time apart while rachel was in ny and finn did the army thing. but it’s the simple fact that they’re bringing in some other guy to create a love triangle (AGAIN) that is making everyone so angry. dean has absolutely no chemistry with lea, not to mention the fact that he’s a terrible, flat actor in general. and don’t even get me started in them destroying rachel’s character in this episode. really, throwing away old clothes and putting on tons of makeup and tight provocative clothes? last i checked the whole point of rachel berry’s character was to show girls that they DIDN’T have to do things like that. i love glee, i do but these last few episodes have just been horrible. i honestly don’t know if i’ll keep watching.

  47. Danni says:

    Uhh this episode killed Rachel and glee for me. I know Rachel is like lost and confused but you don’t call someone the love of your life, then kiss someone that soon after breaking up. And as she was still calling him her boyfriend in the first episode of season 4, it should at least have felt like cheating for her! Done with this ridiculous storyline and show!!

    • Eew stop says:

      You won’t be missed. At all.

      Though lbr, you’re still going to keep watching, I don’t know who you think you’re kidding.

  48. ale says:

    glee sucks without finn. i hope him being back will give it the boost it needs or else they can say goodbye to this show ever having another season

  49. ames says:

    I find it interesting how people are taking the ‘makeover’ at face value, that Rachel ‘moving on’ with Brody as a genuine interest in Brody the person, instead of Brody a guy who is interested in her. If Glee is to stand on its past values, one of Rachel’s arcs for the season will inevitably be to figure out how to grow up without losing herself or force herself into situations that make her feel grown up instead of just being grown up. I’m all for development of Rachel’s character (as well as all the others) but the progress we saw in this single episode was way too quick to be sustained, especially now that Finn is back to remind her of who she was (roots before branches, or something like that).

  50. bri says:

    i get having rachel grow up and stuff but i don’t get why they’re trying to throw her into another relationship. not really liking what they’re doing to her character…