Glee Recap: Come on, Vogue? [Updated]

sjp gleeAfter three-plus seasons of watching Glee — and its myriad jaunty guest stars — I couldn’t help but wonder: Was it possible for Ryan Murphy & Co. to bring in one more bold-faced guest star who’d fit seamlessly into the fabric of Fox’s high-school musical while bringing it some much-needed dazzle and luster?

Tonight, that answer arrived from behind a rack of clothing, sporting a black, paneled minidress and a killer smile: Sarah Jessica Parker’s Vogue editor Isabelle Klempt rescued the fair Kurt Hummel from a life of serving coffee to beastly high-school cheerleaders and began the process of turning his penchant for “rather…bold clothing choices” into a possible career path.

Meanwhile, THAT FINAL SCENE! Finn arriving at Rachel’s apartment, smack in the middle of Rachel’s first kiss with Brody! I’ll confess two things: First, I have no qualms with the Glee writing team having Finchel explore other options — they’re kids, for cryin’ out loud! But on the other hand, wouldn’t it have been more interesting if Finn had knocked before Brochel (?!) made it physical? For me, it would’ve been a more layered and possibly unpredictable fallout if the show’s central couple was grappling with an emotional betrayal, or rather the seed of infidelity and not an actual sprout. Who’s with me? Also, was this actual infidelity in the wake of that heartbreaking scene in the car in the Season 3 finale?

But let me back up for a moment. In case you were trapped in the Vogue “Couture Vault,” here’s what you missed on Glee:

* Kurt landed himself an internship at Vogue, and while I could easily rail against the preposterousness of a recent high-school grad landing himself this kind of coveted gig based mostly on a portfolio of his homemade outfits, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I mean, with Ugly Betty off the airwaves, why object to any story arc that gives us weekly opportunities for hot fashion montages/she-beast editors/bitchy one-liners? (Side note: Is it too early for an America Ferrera guest spot? Of course not!) (Other side note: J’adored hearing SJP use one of my fave words — “verboten” — in a brainstorming sesh.)

* Turns out, though, that Kurt’s Ohio-born boss was filled with insecurities: She’s an artist, not a manager, and her inability to say “no” has led her to a point where she doesn’t feel like she can tell the difference between a good idea and a crazy one. But wide-eyed Mr. Hummel might be on the brink of reversing her fortunes. His makeover concept video — where he and Isabelle transformed Rachel from country duckling to city swan — scored Isabelle her first “Great” (via email) from an exquisitely succinct Anna Wintour. But Kurt’s work successes came with a price: Porcelain was so busy going to Grey’s Papaya for hot dogs and attaching hideous animal tails to his back belt loop that he completely ignored Blaine’s pleas for help selecting a bowtie for an important McKinley event. (More on that in a moment.)

* Oh, and the subject of that makeover — one Ms. Rachel Berry — began to feel a little more body confidence after rocking an insanely gorgeous tulle wedding gown and ablack dress with the sequined bodice and ruffly skirt (among other fashion confections). A hot rehearsal with suddenly omnipresent Brody led to an impromptu afternoon touring New York City’s Highline (with a momentary hand-hold in the street) which led to Rachel cooking, well, burning dinner for her new guypal, and the aforementioned smooch that he said he wasn’t going to plant. Oh the look of shock on Finn’s face when he saw Brody in repose over Rachel’s shoulder. But does Mr. Hudson have a right to feel hurt? Wasn’t he the one championing the whole “if you love someone, set them free, then don’t respond to their phone calls or emails for two whole months” philosophy?

* Meanwhile, back in Lima, OH, the kids of New Directions were involved in a class-president election subplot that was, in essence, the bland cracker designed solely as a vehicle for future plot developments. (“Who in God’s name gives a wet, hot, steaming dump about student government?” asked Sue, in a message approved by my inner grouch.) Still, the showdown between a bored-without-Kurt Blaine and incumbent repeating senior Brittany — with Sam and Artie as their respective running mates — yielded some innnnteresting developments. Sugar asked Artie on a date (proving his theories about women liking men with power). Brittany and Sam had their second “moment” in two weeks (they really do make sense as a couple, no?). And Sam and Blaine planted the seeds of a beautiful bromance.

* Oh, in case you were wondering, Blaine and Sam prevailed, thanks to the former’s pithy indictment of the Pierce Administration’s first term; the latter’s impromptu striptease (girl, look at that body; Sam works out!); and Brittany’s proposal to outlaw summer vacations and weekends.

* And finally, Mr. Schuester, out of ideas and out of inspiration, decided to apply for a Blue Ribbon Panel to improve arts education. Sue wrote his enthusiastic (if not entirely truthful) letter of recommendation, while Emma offered nothing but support despite the possibility that her man might have to leave Lima for a few months, and delay their nuptials. Will that come back to haunt her?

And with that, let’s recount the episode’s best zingers:

* “Unexpected leather should be in the back pages of the Village Voice.” –Kurt, reacting to a fruitless Vogue pitch meeting

* “Filipino: They’re very hard workers and family is important to them.” –Brittany, in response to the question “What’s your favorite color?”

* “Lose the bowtie: It makes you look uptight, or like a young Orville Redenbacher.” –Blaine, offering solid (and long overdue) fashion advice to Blaine

* Becky refusing to hype the announcement of the election results with a “xylophone flourish”

* “They prefer to lay their eggs in couture!” –Isabelle, explaining her long absence from NYC movie theaters

* “I thought you said you were straight.” –Rachel, reacting to Brody’s confession that he used to be a huge fan of Ace of Base

Before I hand things off to you, let me also grade this week’s musical numbers:

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World”: B+
“Celebrity Skin”: C
“The Way You Look Tonight”/’You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”: A-
“A Change Would Do You Good”: C+

What was your favorite musical number from “Makeover”? Were you thrilled with the arrival of SJP? And how about that final kiss? Compelling? Disgusting? Confusing? All of the above? Take our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Person says:


    • F. Dillinger says:

      Actually they killed her during Saturday Night Glee-Ver when she decided to give up her dreams for a boy with no idea whatsoever about his life; this “new Rachel” is much more like the real Rachel Berry than the creepy submissive Finn supporter we had to endure last season.

      • Nel says:

        do you even understand who Rachel Berry is. Ships aside, what she’s doing is pretending to be something she’s not. Clothes don’t make you grow up, life does.

        • Pearl says:

          Rachel Berry si a girl who wanted nothing beyond her carrer in Broadway.
          But, like any girl, when she falls in love she really fall, even if that means forget her true dreams to support her boyfriend/fiancée.
          The thing is, if she was ready to do whatever it takes for him, he knew that she would be a very bitter woman if she didn’t follow her dreams, and it would probably poison their relationship.
          So he BROKE UP with her. He had his own problems too, finding who he truly was, and he separated from her.
          Yes, he could not be able to answer her calls every time, or receive her e-mails allways, that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t ask for a call to her mother/Kurt/Hubbel/Rachel to tell about what he was doing, or, that he simply couldn’t be in touch (what would make much more sense).
          Two months without the ex-fiancée having any contact with Rachel, she feel alone, like anyone in her position.
          Shes focusing on her dreams, and, there is this gorgeous guy by her side, helping her to make her dreams come true, because he has the same dreams she have. He’s the only guy who really understand her passion for Broadway besides Kurt, because to understand you have to live it.
          This girl has been growing a lot, she showed that can make compromises, and commitments, and is living far away from her dads, in a new big city, in a hard school. She grown up.
          Now she finally was able to let herself be herself. Why? Becaus ewithout her ex-fiancée nearby, she can focus only in herself, she doesn’t need to compromise, she doesn’t need to lookout for him. She’s focusing on her, and allowing herself to try new things, to explor teh world, the city, the realtions she can have. She’s a single woman in an exciting city living her dreams.
          A girl feels lonely, feels in need of a romance, of some action. She feels like she has greaty chemistry with this guy, who really clarified his feelings for her, so… Why not?
          The minute she asked him for dinner, she was taking cotnrol of the situation and saying “I want to try it”. When the moment between them happened, this guy gave her a pass out, “I wont touch you” (if you dont want to) but she didn’t look elsewhere, she didn’t pull herself of him, so, her actions said “i want”. So they kissed, she was happy HAPPY!
          This is Rachel. A girl with dreams that want to be happy. That want to try new things, and meet new people. She won’t be herself anymore just because she’s not with a certain boyfriend. No one have to be with a certain person for the rest of her life just to be (her)himself. This is nuts. She’s not the Finn’s girlfriend, she is Rachel berry, she exists without him. Let her be!

      • cat says:

        Lol the only creepy person in Glee is Brody but you tried.

      • Jess says:

        That is so funny and what dream is that exactly? Living in New York and going to school yeah he sure killed that one for her! Oh wait that is exactly what she is doing.

    • Alex Rodriguez says:

      The lip-synching in this episode was actually more insulting and bad than normal… I love Glee… but COME ON. REALLY!? …. Lets all Lip-synch a little better people.

  2. Ba says:

    The final kiss was disgusting. I can’t even… Brody sure is a sketchy character, and I’m not sure that I like the new Rachel.

    SJP was amazing though, and just glad to see Finn’s face back on my television screen.

    • Louie says:

      Haha! It’s so funny hearing the comments of everyone raising torches to run Brody out of town… I for one applaud Rachel growing up a little bit and seeing that there’s more to life than pining away for high school memories. I hope she does end up with Brody despite everyone trying their best to make him look like a creeper (he’s not) and all these die-hard Finn supporters? Please go get your own boyfriends… you’re all as creepy as you’re trying to make Brody out to be

      • Alex says:

        I totally agree. I’d like to see Rachel move on, grow up and experiment with her life. If Brody brings that, then Brody it is. I have no particular excitement for the character, but he seems (for now at least) to be everything Finn isn’t. That’s fine by me.

        • KevyB says:

          No kidding! Baby, bratty Rachel is fine with a bunch of other kids around her, but if she’s going to be half this show she needs to grow up and be a likable character. The longer this Finnchel crap continues, the harder it will be to get her to that point.

      • TheBeach says:

        I agree also. While I recognize the (sometimes fanatical) devotion of Finchel fans, we had the same Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson for 3 seasons. Rachel is no longer in high school but it would be unrealistic (yeah, Glee is the furthest thing from realism) for her and Finn and Kurt to not move on and take the next step in their lives. Rachel is living her life-long dream of living in NYC and attending MYATA. She and Kurt changing, maturing and experiencing life. We all do. It’s part of growing up and on Glee it’s called “character development” and I applaud them for it.

  3. Darth Pablo says:

    I can watch Brittany dance all day, but she aint the best singer. Why are they trying to cram her singing down our throat.

    • Drew says:

      I love me some Brittany, but agreed! I’ve had enough of her singing for one season and its only episode 3. More dancing and no more flirty moments with Sam please. Britt/Santana and Sam/Quinn ftw!

  4. Not feeling very Gleeful says:

    Not at all happy that they chose to make Rachel a cheater yet again! They should have left the train scene as a break up which it was!

    • Katie says:

      Cheater? Finn broke up with her and she hasn’t heard from him in two months when she kisses Brody!

    • dude says:

      Their break-up was pretty ambiguous. Finn has to take some responsibility for ignoring her for months on end.

      • ddutchie88 says:

        lol.. they were on a break! no they weren’t! yes they were!

        personally, I don’t think Rachel did anything wrong. Finn let her go. Also, I’ve never been that much of a Finchel shipper, but that Brody guy creeps me out so much that I basically cheered when Finn showed up at the end.

    • Liz says:

      How the hell is she a cheater? Finn broke up with her. You can’t cheat on someone if you aren’t dating them. This isn’t a “we were on a break thing”–there was an actual break up. I’m sure Finn didn’t think she would be dating guys in NY; he’s not much of a thinker, but that doesn’t mean that getting close to Brody is cheating.

      • LilAngel says:

        exactly! Finn is boring because he is dumb. He broke her heart, doesn’t respond to her mails/texts/calls/… during over 2 months. So he gets what he deserves. Because, honestly, Rachel is way out of his league!

      • Inigo says:

        The problem is that because of the ambiguity of the car scene, Rachel didn’t consider that she and Finn had broken up for the first two episodes of S4. She considered herself and told Brody that she was still Finn’s girlfriend. So it raises the spectre of infidelity although I agree that she wasn’t cheating. Finn let her go so she could have the experiences she needed to make it in New York. It’s understandable that Finn should feel betrayed that one of the experiences she felt she needed to have was a new guy. It’s understandable that Rachel, not having heard from Finn for two months, moved on although I wish they’d done a better job in explaining her emotional change of heart better than they did. To tie it to a makeover makes her seem shallow and needy, not independent and maturing.

        • Ashleytv says:

          Did you miss the ending of Britney 2.0? They didn’t tie her change of heart to her makeover whatsoever. In last week’s episode she had already chosen Brody over Finn – she got the flowers, looked through her pictures, and then covered up the Finn heart on the wall. It didn’t explicitly say so, but her thought process was clear – She had finally realized that Finn had broken up with her, his radio silence was confirmation of that, and there was a guy in NYC that actually wanted to be with her. She was letting go of her memories of Finn and moving on to her new life in New York. Her makeover was just the next step in that process. By shedding her Ohio, blushing virgin look that had carried her into New York, and adapting a more grown up, sassy college girl look, she was ready to move on with her life, her dreams, and more importantly for this episode, her heart. It was all explained rather clearly.

          Thus I don’t understand people that say Rachel had a “sudden change of heart”, or she’s a “cheater”, or even your comment that a makeover made her “shallow”.

          • Inigo says:

            No, I saw it. Following her confirmation to Brody that she was still in love with Finn and to the lyric that he was always in her dreams haunting her. Painting over the name wasn’t saying, “okay, that’s it, I’m over him. I can move on. Where’s some tasty man flesh?” It’s that process they dodged, leaving Rachel to make the move on Brody as part and parcel of the makeover – new look, new guy. It’s shallow because it has little to do with Brody as a person and everything to do with Rachel needing to prove something to herself.

          • Smiley May says:

            Frankly, it was obvious to me that Rachel painted the Finn heart as a way to test the three paint colors they were using for the walls. It wasn’t intended to stay on that wall. The covering up of the name was not her giving up on him, but simply painting the wall to cover up the test for the colors they considered using. Of course it shows the brilliance of the writers that we are even sitting here discussing this. And yes, this change in her is too forced and too quick to be liked by anyone. It is not a transitional change and that is not Rachel Berry. It took her 3 years to lose the knee socks…she became a new person overnight. Ok, and the “cheating” thing, it all depends what she felt, and if we believe what she said was that she was still in love with “her boyfriend”. So in that perspective, yes she pulled a Puck again. But we don’t know exactly how she really felt about the whole thing.
            What I find a little disturbing is that she has never mentioned to Brody about her engagement and weddings were planned, and that if it weren’t for her “fiance’s” actions she would be sitting next to him a married woman. Worst bull***t line?– the whole letter correction at 8 years old and “I have never even told Finn.” Like that was an act that she would be too embarrassed to tell him? Yuck…after all the stupid things she has done, that is the thing she was keeping as her dark secret. Ridiculous. Whoever wrote that needs to slap themselves in the forehead.
            Finn haters need to see that these two will be together again (They are the Ross and Rachel of Glee) when they are both more mature and sure of themselves. Brody is a temporary distraction for her, and good for her. As for now I think that the signs are there that she is jumping from the frying pan into the fire with Brody. Brody will have her for breakfast, chew her up, swallow, give a big burp and will be out the door by the end of the season. She will be running in her new high heeled boots back to Finn, and maybe this time he won’t be the one that is available. Uh, darn it more angst and drama…just what Cory Monteith wanted! Thank you, Cory…we love you! To quote Emma. Yea, yea Glee!

    • RT says:

      Was he not at boot camp? I’ve never been, but I don’t think you’re supposed to contact people much during boot camp.

      • sarah says:

        I agree, he hadn’t talked to her because he joined the army. When you first join you can’t exactly go making daily phone calls. And I was so upset with what they did to Rachel’s character this episode! Haven’t they always used Rachel as an advocate for people to not have to change their appearance to be successful? The scene with Kurt and SJP’s character was adorable, but this new Rachel needs to go. Plus Brody is so…creepy? Idk, there’s just something incredibly off about him.

      • Taylor says:

        I dated a guy who joined the army and went through boot camp. He called when he could, which was something like once a week, and he sent letters. Two months without contact is excessive.

      • LaShawna says:

        Having actually been to basic training, you are authorized weekly phone calls, and that was years ago before the advent of cell phones. And there are such a thing called letters if Finn really wanted to maintain contact with Rachel.

      • ashleytv says:

        And yet he can contact Kurt on a rather routine basis?

      • Smiley May says:

        They do usually have a “blackout” period. Don’t want the boys calling home crying to mama about how “mean” they are. But it doesn’t last 2 months. If you believe the spoilers out there he has a very good reason for not calling…but don’t know if all that is true yet. We will find out on the next episode.

    • courtney says:


    • WenRaz says:

      Cheater? Disagree. They WERE ON A BREAK! Schwimmer would agree.

  5. Mafer says:

    now I can say officially I’m done with Glee! what they did to Rachel, that’s not the character we all fell in love with! my poor Finn…I won’t wacth anymore it’s too painful…basically you killed a very large number of your audience tonight

    • de verdad says:

      Que ridicula Mafer, que ridicula.

    • Kim says:

      Completely agree. They ruined Rachel and destroyed the deep emotional “tether” that bonded Finchel. She doesn’t act, talk or look like herself at all. I can only see Lea Michele. Cory is an amazing actor, but Glee is now a tragedy.

    • I’m not done with Glee. I guess I’ll never be, but I must say that I kinda hate this new Rachel too. And it’s not even about the fact that she’s not with Finn anymore (although I don’t like it), but her personality has changed too much. Don’t like her new Make up (way too much), don’t like her new style and I don’t like how she acts around Brody. It just doesn’t feel like her. She comes off as a girl I would never trust. That’s sooo sad, because I was such a huge fan of the old Rachel and felt personally hurt when anybody hurt her, but now… not so much. I hope the writers will make her realise who she really is soon.

    • Erick abidal says:

      Go watch another stuff u stupid false gleek! glee deserves better fans than you! Glee ROCKS this season! I was getting boring of the same PREDICTABLE things but now i don’t know what is going to happen… And that’s why i can’t wait for next, and next and next episode

  6. Mel says:

    The Final kiss was absolutely disgusting there isn’t even any chemistry between those two and why recreate Finchel. Can’t they leave something alone. Also Glee managed one laugh out of me tonight. There;s a reason they’re not getting any nominations or awards. these storylines won’t change that.

  7. lol Finn says:

    This epsiode was great till Finn came in.

    • Your mom says:

      Seriously grow up.

      • Pall says:

        This person was clearly stating his/her views about the episode. How about you grow up and let people have their own opinions? You’re pretty much promoting censorship right here.

    • Cassandra says:

      Stop commenting on tvline, Brody.

    • snix says:

      I completely agree the episode (and the last two) were better without him. And the promo with him singing “The Scientist” traumatized my ear drums. Rachel’s character is so much better without him but hey this is glee and no girl is allowed to have a storyline without her boyfriend or other white cis male that tells her what to do or how to act.

      • F. Dillinger says:

        Bless this post.

      • Smiley May says:

        I think you need to have your ears checked then. For the little I heard he sounds great.

        • snix says:

          we’ll just have to agree to disagree then. But my ears are fine, thank you for the concern.

          • sarah says:

            Lol well your loss then because Ryan actually said The Scientist is his favorite song of the season so far. And if Finn’s voice was so horrible I doubt the best selling song (Don’t Stop Believin’), which features him on lead, would have done half as great. Not to mention most of the songs that feature him on lead do incredibly well…

          • Pall says:

            Oh yes. And Ryan’s opinions should be EVERYONE’S opinion. Just because he liked it doesn’t mean everyone else should. It’s called personal taste.

    • Smiley May says:

      Well, Finn displayed more emotion in his few seconds that Brody has yet. The look Finn gave Rachel after he saw Brody looking up and down her new clothes and the way he moved his jaw is priceless. pure shock and betrayal. I guess that is why Cory is working on his 4th movie and the rest have done…maybe one?

      • snix says:

        just putting it out there that Dianna’s been in five, six if you’re counting the Glee concert movie and Lea Michele’s got two under her belt (3 again including the concert movie).

        • Smiley May says:

          I stand corrected about Dianna, she is fantastic, but I don’t really include her as the cast this season, because she’s supposed to be in only a few episodes. But I thought that New Year’s Eve was Lea’s only movie? I heard her say so in an interview, oh well didn’t know she had another one out. Sorry, I don’t count the Glee concert as a movie…it’s just their concert taped and some behind the scenes stuff. Not much acting going on.

      • Pall says:

        Brody has ONLY been in 3 episodes. Give him a break. We don’t know his character at all at this point. Don’t judge so easily. It’s very unbecoming.

        • ohlala says:

          you’re very unbecoming. i mean it bitch.

          • snix says:

            oh great come back (¬_¬) and so mature.
            and I do agree that there’s only so much emotional depth a character can create in only the 3 episodes he’s been in.

          • Pall says:

            Thanks Snix :) @ohlala. If you think having a different opinion makes me a bitch, then you must hate A LOT of people…

          • snix says:

            no problem, Pall! It’s fine, apparently you’re a bitch and I have ear problems. Where would we be if we didn’t have unimaginative tween/teen girls telling us what’s wrong with us? Bitches need to stick together.

    • Smiley May says:

      His 15 seconds was the only good thing in this episode…it was pretty bland–even the songs.

  8. Maggie says:

    Completely ruin Rachel’s character for what purpose. That is complete garbage.

  9. Kaby says:

    That episode was horrible. The only good part was SJP. The last scene pushed me over the edge. I want to be done with this show. They just made Rachel totally unlikable. Brody is a creep. I was fine with Finchel internal angst, but this third party business is ridiculous. The audience is going to turn on Rachel.

  10. Lily says:

    That’s not the kind of moment I wanted Finn to finally be brought back in on. What an awful way to be welcomed back from the army. Your girlfriend cheated on you! Congrats!

    Good job, glee.

  11. girl in md says:

    episode was ok liked SJP more than Kate Hudson favorite song was when Brittany and Sam sang together

  12. English says:

    I love Rachel and Finn but I am glad the show is going with a real life scenario. High school loves rarely stay together when they graduate and move away from each other. I am really excited to see how things turn out. If Rachel and Finn are meant to be they wil be able to make there relationship work outside of their severely sheltered high school bubble.

  13. emily says:

    leave it to glee to destroy one of the best characters on tv, rachel berry, than turn her into Lea Michele

    • E says:

      Except, wouldn’t a young Rachel Berry actually WANT to become Lea Michele? A successful, professional actress on TV and Broadway?

      And who stayed exactly the same after they graduated from HS and moved out of the house for the first time? I certainly didn’t.

  14. Sara says:

    I can’t believe they would really change that fast in one episode. Completely unrealistic.

  15. I'm Out says:

    Glee you just made your leading lady and your ultimate underdog totally unrootable for me. I have no problems with her hooking up with Brody after the break up. I never thought I would say that I am glad that Finn will be in McKinley for awhile.

  16. Pam says:

    I hope Finn finds someone who deserves his love.

  17. Stephanie says:

    NO NO NO. The “new” Rachel? Gag me. Brody is, as always, boring, creepy, and has yet to show the slightest bit of actual chemistry with Rachel. Thank GOD Cory Monteith is finally back, because this show is damn near unwatchable at this point. Let’s just hope they don’t drag this “brochel” mess on too long and alienate yet more of the fanbase.

    • I actually feel the exact opposite. I like this new Rachel a lot and I like how mature Brody is. He asks Rachel questions about her life, he listens, he brings her flowers and he’s really sweet to her. Not that Finn hasn’t been sweet, but he’s done some pretty awful things (cheating is at the top of the list). I like Finn, I do, and I love Cory, but I think Finchel needs a break.

      • WenRaz says:

        Totally agree with this.

      • Inigo says:

        When did Finn cheat on Rachel? We’ve known Finn since he was 15/16. Of course twenty-something Brody is more mature although I’ve yet to see him do anything on the level of maturity that Finn displayed in the car scene at the end of S3.

        • He cheated on Quinn with Rachel. He condoned cheating when he started pursuing Quinn when she was still dating Sam. So maybe he didn’t cheat on Rachel, but he seems to find the smallest little details to break up with her. He also went out with Brittany and Santana when he was still together with Rachel, lying to her about it and then breaking up with her right after the date.

          And it took Finn three seasons to do something for Rachel instead of himself. Brody has shown some signs of being just as mature through listening and backing off when he knows he has to back off.

          • Inigo says:

            I’m sorry but you need to rewatch “Hell-O.” Brittany and Santana asked Finn to go out to dinner with them, he said yes, he broke up with Rachel, and then he went out to dinner with Brittany and Santana. The only other break up – over the “smallest little details” – was when Rachel cheated on him with Puck with the deliberate intention of hurting him. If your partner did that to you, I really don’t think you’d find it a detail to be waved off. Finn did a lot of things for Rachel over three seasons. Maybe you need to rewatch all of them again.

          • Haley says:

            Thanks, Inigo, for establishing the difference between breaking up with your girlfriend to go out with two other girls before the date, and breaking up with your girlfriend to go out with two other girls after the date.

        • In response to your last post, ok, fair enough. I was wrong about Hell-O. But I do remember that Finn pursued Rachel when she was with Jesse, even though he knew they were dating. And didn’t Finn break up with Rachel in Hell-O for a stupid reason and got upset when he found out that she started dating Jesse? And when was the last time we saw them go out on a date that didn’t end in disaster?

          Finn’s done some things for Rachel, I’ll give him that. But he also seems to initiate the break ups and I just feel like he could treat Rachel a whole lot better than how he used to treat her.

          • Inigo says:

            As Rachel pusued Finn while he was with Quinn even though she knew they were dating. Twice. If that makes him a cheater, Rachel’s still well ahead of him. Finn broke up with Rachel in Hell-O because she bull-dozed him into a relationship immediately after he was betrayed by Quinn over her pregnancy. He had little say in it and wasn’t even sure how it happened. Hell-O was about him trying to work out what he really did want and at the point he said he didn’t want to be her boyfriend, he was searching for his inner rock star, wanting to play the field a little. He was over it by the end of the episode but it was too late. She’d moved on to Jesse. Rachel and Finn were together more than eighteen months all told and we didn’t see all their “dates.” No doubt a few ended like the one in the “The First Time” when Rachel killed the mood by admitting she was offering sex to help with her acting but they wouldn’t have been together that long if they all did.

  18. Amanda says:

    I’m so done with Glee.
    This is NOT the Rachel Berry I loved for three seasons.
    And poor baby Finn, his face broke my heart.

  19. Lore says:

    This episode was the worst ever!!!! This is not the Rachel we fell in love!! I don’t even recognize her!!! I hate this Brody and everything Glee is doing in this season. I’M OFFICIALLY DONE WITH THE SHOW!

    • HAS says:

      Okay, I’m pretty sure this has to be the same person just saying the same thing over and over again under a different handle…I really can’t understand how you can be that upset about tv characters.

      Anyway, this is probably one of the most realistic things Glee has done. It is very rare that people that were together in high school stay together. Even if they do end up together it would be healthy for them to explore other relationships. Personally, I think they’re too different and Rachael is way out of Finn’s league.

      • Louie says:

        @HAS, you have to understand that these fans are the same people who have elevated people like Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus to superstardom. They’re also still in high school and have no concept of what life is like beyond that. Please just pat them on the head and move on before they form a riot chanting for your head

  20. A Few Pointers says:

    Forget about the music tonight! Whoa.

    1.) Is Glee setting up Sam and Brittany to date? That’s how it feels.

    2.) I guess people could change a lot in 4/5 months, but is Rachel Berry really Rachel still?

    3.) You know how I know Brody and Rachel have no chemistry? When they were dancing, they moved all wrong together.

    4.) Couldn’t believe the kiss in the end.

    5.) By the end of the episode, I forgot SJP even guest star-ed.

    6.) I wish I could skip all the Lima stuff.

    7.) I haven’t rooted for Finn and Rachel since Season 1 but now its so on.

    • Megan says:

      1) agreed. Sam and Brit, im liking it!
      2) people grow up. shes been in NYC for 4/5 months away from family and friends in a new school and headspace, of course she will change. Shes still crazy ambitious and sure the insecurities are still there
      3) not sure there is no chemistry rather there is less chemistry than Finchel, which is understandable as they are a real couple now…
      4) loved the kiss!!!! brings new tension
      5) SJP was awesome!!! loved it
      6) Lima storyline was a bit think this week… can 10000% see this was JUST to build all the break ups for next week!!
      7) mmm… he did look good huh? maybe about time he got in touch. what is this crap about her cheating, HE BROKE UP WITH HER!!!!

      and music. sorry what music??!

  21. Mark says:

    i seriously thought this was a decent episode. SJP was normal, but I like that choice by the creators because she doesn’t overshadow Kurt or Rachel. The ending I completely predicted but it set up very well for an emotional episode next week.

    As for The WMHS plot, I like the bromance between Blaine and Sam and I applaud the writers for at least trying to make Blaine an actual character. Brittany still gives me a chuckle or two and Artie interactions with Brittany were hilarious. Will is not my favorite character, but if they are trying to create tension with him leaving Emma and the kids for awhile with this Show Choir Commitee thingy than I am all for it.

    Overall “decent” episode and next week looks like it is going to be good especially since it is the most talked about episode this season.

  22. James says:

    Am I the only one that liked this season of Glee until Finn arrived? I can’t stand that character…

    • Nell says:

      Well I was waiting for Finn to arrive. I’ve missed him terribly for the last 2 episodes!

    • Jo says:

      no your not the only one

    • MTSU4 says:

      I loved this whole episode until Finn shows up. its finally getting to a good start. I love how rachel has changed. Shes growing up. I changed when I went away to college. Its afact of life peoe change.

      • Lia says:

        Growing up? All in the span of what, two days? Growing up is a natural process yes, not a whirlwind and sudden personality transplant made by conscious decision.

        • Louie says:

          Honey, sweetie… each episode of Glee takes place over the course of a few days, sometimes weeks as well as time passing between each epsidoe and season. This message brought to you by the good folks of Common Sense

    • LilAngel says:

      you’re not alone! I cannot believe I’m rooting for Brochel but Brody is such a better match for Rachel than boring and useless Finn

    • Dahlia says:

      Finn was the saving grace of that episode. Brody creeps me out so thank goodness Finn showed up when he did.

  23. nosi says:

    lol i know after watching the final scenes all finchel fans will rage in this comments section

  24. Nancy says:

    That kiss was DISGUSTING! I hate this new Rachel. I totally agree that the writers shouldn’t have crossed that line. It absolutely felt like a betrayal. It looks like the makeover not only changed her appearance, but also her heart. I’ll always be a Finchel fan, but right now I am so disappointed in Rachel. Team Finn. Not looking forward to next week, but at least I get to see Cory again and hear him sing. I’ve missed Finn so much in S4.

  25. Hated the episode! I feel like I don’t even get glee anymore! The heart of the show? It’s not the same… I’m fine with Rachel’s new clothes even though I loved her old outfits but I feel like she’s not even the same Rachel anymore and at this point it’s a do or die for me. Sorry glee I’ll watch something else and hope the writers come back to their senses. Maybe I’m just too angry that she kissed that new guy and that they had Finn come back at this exact moment. it’s okay glee we get it you love breaking our hearts, but for me glee is all about Finn and Rachel. Their best scenes are the ones together so breaking them up AGAIN for ANOTHER stupid love triangle storylines is just ridiculous. They are wasting a lot of potential for season 4. And to say I was so excited for it! I just want my Finchel back :(

  26. Bee says:

    I dont even know what show I’m watching anymore. I couldnt even stomach that kiss at the end, along with the non-existant chemistry between Lea and Dean. And to also add onto the fact that I have no clue what’s going on with Rachel. I feel like Finn is always getting the short end of the stick and to come back to this mess with Rachel and Brody. This is ridiculous. This whole third party stories are ridiculous. Good job on turning the audience against Rachel. Fans aren’t going to be forgiving this time around, especially since we’ve already witnessed the cheating from season 2.

  27. Bender says:

    they broke up, finn did not send a single email,note,carrier pidgeon for months. how did she cheat? she moved on, sht happens.

  28. Lena says:

    oh my god, go away Finchel fans. I’m a diehard Glee fan and I thought this episode was great! Finn and Rachel are 18 years old and learning how to grow up. Going to the biggest city in America to end up with your Ohio high school sweetheart is just naive and fairly stupid. I love Finn and I love Rachel..but I’m fine with them apart for good, not as will-they-or-won’t-they, because I think the show just got better.

  29. Kay says:

    I was more upset about how Kurt ignored Blaine’s phone call when he called to tell him about winning the election. Also, when Blaine was talking to Kurt via Skype and Kurt kept going on and on about his work and ignoring Blaine trying to tell him about what he was up to. I felt so bad for Blaine. I knew that was going to happen – Kurt is so caught up in his new career and friends, he has no time for Blaine anymore. I think that is why Blaine makes up some story to make Kurt mad enough at him in next week’s episode that he will want to break up with him. I hope they can work this out and get back to the way they were but I’m not sure if that is going to happen.

    Yes, I agree Rachel should not have kissed Brody yet. He knew she still loved Finn, but he still went ahead and kissed her anyway. I felt bad for Finn to have to walk in to that scene.

  30. Sm says:

    I’m just disappointed in this episode. The bright point is and are SJP and Kurt’s story. I liked Blaine song. The others sucked. Glee has created some wonderful covers but tonight Rachel and Brody’s song was pretty bad. OMG, Celebrity Skins was ruined. McKinley with moron Brittany is old. Blaine realized finally why he is there? Rachel being lonely and just after 2 months with no Finn she cheats. RIB really like to bring a comedy down to inane triangles. The premiere was good but the last 2 episodes were a washout. I get that Mr Shue will be gone for a few months, wow, inventive, this is where Finn takes over the Glee club. Not buying this season so far. The comedy went out the window. Personally, I think that Ryan Murphy really wants Glee to fail this season. So many fans general audience love to watch for Finn and Rachel and their comedy. Since season 2 Glee has lost the comedy part and has transitioned into a drama.

  31. Kay says:

    My favorite song from this episode was “Everybody Wants To Rule The World.” Did not really care for any of the other songs. Glad Blaine and Sam are going to be friends and hang out together. Blaine needs his friends right now, since Kurt is ignoring him.

  32. Sarah says:

    RIP Rachel Berry who was faithful to her boyfriend.

    • Thea says:

      Cause she didn’t make out with Puck to get back at Finn lying about sleeping with Santana?

    • F. Dillinger says:

      She hadn’t heard from him in months, after he “set her free” and got her into a train to New York; it’s not cheating!! Seriously, Finchel shippers need to calm down,

  33. Elizabeth says:

    Just…no. The McKinley repeated storylines are crap. I don’t want to watch seasons 1 and 2 all over again. Where was Tina tonight? What happened to her? There is WAY too much Brittany. I don’t get why the writers don’t use her in small doses, which is when she is at her best. I’m bored with everything in Ohio.

    Now the SJP/Kurt storyline I am on board with. Isabelle was charming and I like Kurt having a strong role model that makes him believe in himself. For me, that was the best part of the night.

    Don’t even get me started on Rachel. What happened to her? This whole Brody storyline is ridiculous. There is no chemistry there and he just keeps coming off as creepy and forceful. I agree with whoever said Rachel and Brody never should have kissed. It would have been much more interesting story-wise if that hadn’t happened before Finn came back. Everything involving this “love triangle” is turning me off. RIB better fix it fast.

    I don’t know what’s going on with this show. It’s almost painful to watch now.

  34. Crystal says:

    The way you look tonight was the best song. Everything was perfect. Upset about the whole Brochel dinner and kiss and Finns broken face at the last scene but I’m still gonna root for Finchel.

  35. CMG says:

    I hope the Finchel people will excuse the interruption… ;) I’ll just respond to the music. “Everyone wants to Rule The World” was my preference, but it was just a very straight cover.

    “Change Would Do You Good” was just AWFUL for me. Props to the show for trying something different, but it didn’t work at all. And “The Way You Look Tonight” proved that SJP has even less vocal ability than Heather Morris. Both were terrible.

    I didn’t think “Celebrity Skin” was all that bad… it’s at least a style of music that can accommodate Heather Morris’ more limited vocal ability, and I thought she did OK.

    • wmjindsm says:

      She sings fine, she was on Broadway singing too. Yes she was young but she’s not a bad singer.

      • ohlala says:

        no, she really is a bad singer. autotune saves her ass in most songs, but homegirl’s a dancer not a singer, and celebrity skin was la pièce de résistance

  36. Thea says:

    I don’t know why I’m bothering, but everyone claiming Brody and Rachel have no chemistry is seriously reaching. It is impossible NOT to have chemistry with Lea Michele. I repeat: I M P O S S I B L E.

  37. Amy says:

    Rachel and Finn broke up and I think Rachel might be moving a little fast but she did nothing wrong. She is an 18 year old girl and Rachel has always been emotional. I was more upset with the way Kurt was treating Blaine than anything else. Overall I thought the episode was good. Also I was wondering is Rachel not Vegan any more? she was trying to cook Duck.

  38. ano says:

    didn’t kurt tell rachel last week that finn gave her freedom and she should accept it? i don’t think i will consider rachel as a cheater because she’s just finally accept the fact that she has to move on and the reason why it is feel like they’re still together because rachel was still hang up on him. i actually think the car scene last season is the breakup

    • Hannah says:

      I know! People seem to all up in arms, saying Rachel cheated, but Kurt told her to go for it. Why would Kurt do that if they weren’t broken up? I think people are just mad that Rachel is kissing someone who isn’t Finn. Well guess what, people break up and move on. Especially relationships from high school. I’m glad they’re going a more realistic root, than keeping Finchel together just to appease people. I think most of the Brody hate is because people are so attached to Finchel, which is great. It means the show did a good job. However, some people here are making such nasty comments, and I just don’t get it. Give it time. I’m sure Finchel is endgame. No need to go all nutso. Although, I personally was finding Finchel to have gotten a bit boring, so I’m glad the show is mixing it up.

    • Jenny says:

      I like Finchel but I don’t think what Rachel did was cheating. But I could see how Finn is totally hurt. It is clear he till has feelings for Rachel and the last thing he expected was to see Rachel with another guy. But she didn’t cheat. I will bust a gut laughing if at some point next week Rachel uses the line “We were on a break.”.

      I just hope after this these writers actually allow Finn to FINALLY figure out what he wants in life. So sick of every time he finds things that make him happy he gets stomped on. From the first episode Finn was the one character I didn’t want to see become a Lima Loser.

      • Missy says:

        Yes, I agree with you completely. Last year with the dad’s overdose story line, Finn, as a character was destroyed. Now he will find his niche, and eventually get his girl back. Last season they turned him into a Lost Lima Loser…now it is time for him to shine.

  39. JR says:

    Wow. This season just feels weird. Flat. Listless. Dull. Humorless. I’m not loving where they’re taking Rachel Berry. Everything seems really OOC. And while I love SJP the song she, Kurt and Rachel sang, while sweet, never would have happened in S1…it felt cut from a bad 40’s musical. And, really all the awards to Cory Monteith who in 2 seconds conveyed more emotion with his face than the rest of the characters in all the previous 3 episodes. At least the promo promises more Cory (singing!) along with all the heartbreak. Maybe once we get thru the next episode it can start being Gleeful again!

  40. Pita4826 says:

    That episode was terrible. Quickest way to turn off a majority of your audience? Make Rachel Berry someone you don’t want to root for and that’s exactly what you did tonight, and in a spectacular way no less. You made that heartbreaking car scene in the finale mean absolutely nothing. And I would like to know how Dean says Brody is being respectful to Rachel and is hands off and then is kissing her, when he knows she has a boyfriend who she isn’t sure as to what their status is. Rachel is my FAVORITE character, and between that end scene and what I’m sure will be more BS next week, you’ve made me dislike her so much. And I thought that that was impossible. This is not the Rachel Berry that we’ve known for 3 seasons. And she really changed that fast in one freaking episode? I was excited for Finn to be back, but not in this way and not to get screwed over by Rachel of all people, because she has Brody telling her she’s sexy every five minutes. And is this all going to be for nothing when we find out that Brody does this with all the freshman? Finn’s her home, but the writers sure had no problem moving her onto Grody the stalker in a ridiculously short amount of time. Just because he says nice things. I thought she had more confidence than that. And I had more confidence in GLEE and its writers until tonight. I’m done.

    • LilAngel says:

      I’m a Rachel fan (just watching the show for her) and I love seeing how she’s evolving and becoming an adult. Chill out, Finchel is endgame, but she needs to experience other things (other boys ;-) ) before realizing it. And Finn has to grow up and stop making feel bad about herself.

      • Olivia says:

        I agree with everything you said, except the” he makes her feel bad about herself?” All he has ever done in make her feel good about herself. He is not perfect, mind you and I am not a great fan of Rachel Berry..her voice, yes..her character? not so much. When she blew her audition and was the Lima Loser during the prom, it was his words to Quinn , inadvertently yes, that made her give her the Prom Queen role. His words words while they were dancing were responsible for her pushing through and getting into the school of her dreams. He needs to grow up, but I think they have been pretty even in the hurting each other and supporting each other ratio.

    • janie says:

      I don’t know about you, but the Rachel I don’t want to root for is the mopey, whiny, Finn-obsessed Rachel (“every other word I say, revolves around him”). The Rachel who can’t stand on her own two feet and needs a boy to correct her behaviour and make her decisions for her. That Rachel Berry can go die in a fire, and not before time.

  41. Rowan says:

    I’m ok with Finn and Rachel exploring their options. They’re kids. I get it. You open yourself up to a whole new world when you go to college. But what’s the point in showing that kind of growth in Rachel if she’s just going to run right to Brody? Let Rachel be single and figure things out then decide who she wants to be with. Her storyline with Brody just feels very forced and I’m not buying it. I hope the writer’s know what they’re doing because I can’t see how this is going to work out?

  42. Patricia says:

    Rachel and Finn were not my favorite TV couple i’m not upset at all that they are heading in this direction with Rachel, they both cheated on each other he is not the love of her life just her first love. l like Rachel and Brody but I think he is just playing her I think she is heading for another heartbreak but it’s still fun to watch. Also I really don’t care about what goes on at the high school anymore tonight I just fast forwarded to the NY scenes, the only one I still care about is Blaine he needs to drop out and move to NY

    • Jess says:

      Finn never cheated on Rachel.

      • Aud says:

        Yes he did. With Quinn. Season 2. Gumball. Tongue. They got mono. THAT IS CHEATING. What Rachel did is called MOVE ON.

        • joe says:

          quinn was cheating on sam, but finn was single.

        • JackorJill says:

          I think you mean season 1, when he went out with Satana and Brittany before breaking up with her. I think his lie to her about still being a virgin was pretty despicable as well.

          • Jenny says:

            He broke up with Rachel before the Breadsticks date with Brittana. He did cheat on Rachel. He didn’t tell her his total sexual past that happened when they weren’t together. I also don’t think what Rachel did was cheating.

          • Inigo says:

            He didn’t go out with Santana and Brittany before breaking up with Rachel. He agreed to go to dinner with them, broke up with Rachel (who’d railroaded him into the relationship immediately after Quinn) and then went out to dinner. To call that cheating is absurd but even more absurd is to say that he “cheated” when he didn’t tell her about losing her virginity to Santana. He lied. He didn’t cheat. At the time he had sex with Santana, Rachel was in a bedroom getting cold feet with Jesse.

  43. Gracie says:

    I won’t be buying any of the music tonight, although I did enjoy Blaine’s ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ and Rachel, Kurt & Isabelle’s trio was sweet. Just a very lackluster episode overall…although it did get interesting in the last 5 minutes. Cory Monteith’s face was the best part of the episode for me.

  44. Meg says:

    That has got to be the worst episode of Glee I’ve seen. The only good part was SJP! I don’t even know what happened to Rachel but that is definitely not the character I fell in love with. I can’t stand to see Finn heartbroken again….don’t think I can support this show anymore!

  45. Gina says:

    The whole season (thus far) is just…blah. I actually fell asleep during the middle of it. And, didn’t much care. I liked the innocence of it. Even when they were racy, or snarky–there was something idealistic about the whole thing. Now, there is this rather creepy obsession with Brittany (a girl who, IMO) is good in very small doses, and Rachel has taken about 3.4 minutes to dump the “love of her life” for a dude who is a self-professed womanizer. And…does Kurt have superpowers, or what? He can walk in anywhere and magical things start to happen! Puh…leese. I love Kurt but…give me a break. Even the music is off. I have not been moved to download a thing and, in the past, I have downloaded stuff before the show even aired. Fading fast.

  46. F. Dillinger says:

    I really loved the episode, and I’m a total gleek; I just get very frustrated by shippers. Seriously, people, can’t you enjoy a show for what it is? Sure, couples are fun to cheer for but they’re not everything. As long as the fandom is so immature, Glee will never be able to really move forward.

  47. Sharla says:

    You guys are crazy!!! That was a great episode! All of you guys talking about how rachael changed, to me, she changed for the better! How many of you can say you still dress exactly the same as you did in high school?? She’s growing up… There is nothing wrong with a makeover.. She still looks and act the same to me.. She just was starting to move on with Finn.. Which is normal.. I would do the same thing.. I love Kurt and Isabelle storyline And I also felt bad for Blaine… Next weeks episode looks great! There is nothing wrong with a little separation… Everybody knows finchel and klaine are endgame.

  48. Katie says:

    Am I the only one that remembers Rachel has not heard from Finn since he broke up with her? She is being given attention by an attractive guy who likes her, she’s 18 and she’s a little drunk its what any real life young woman would do.

    • Olivia says:

      She has changed alright…at this point not sure if it for the better, but only time will tell. I want a normally progressing new relationship for her. I just don’t think this Brody character is it. He symbolizes Lust and Finn symbolized Love. I think there are indicators right now that make Brody less than admirable; he is working too hard to get her and the freshman comment by Cassie along with Rachel being a freshman lets me know there is a reason he doesn’t date anyone other than freshmen. Namely that the ones that will date him are the ones that don’t know or have heard about him. However, we all need to have our heart stumped on ( part of growing up, yes?) and I think he is set up to be the perfect character for it. Loving it!

  49. Allyson says:

    omg people! This is real life! We all change and envolve. If if remained the same people as we were in high school, we would never go anywhere in life. Yes I like Finn and Rachel, but I am enjoying the chemistry between Brody and Rachel! The people who are saying this is the worst episode ever are bitter Finn/Rachel fans. I enjoyed this episode. I like that Kurt might be finding his future in fashion. Proud of him. I think Rachel is maturing and I do like this new side to he

  50. Devastated gleeks says:

    Tonight’s eposide made me cry. I really am hurt by what Rachel did to Finn. Poor Finn