Blind Item: The Grim Reaper's About to Claim the Life of a Beloved Leading Lady!

UPDATE: BLIND ITEM SOLVED! You know how hard you usually work to identify the subject of our blind items? You may not wanna do that today, because once you figure out who this one’s about, you’re probably not gonna like it!

You see, a longish-running (more than four seasons but fewer than nine), 60-minute series is gearing up to bump off one of its lead female stars. Even more upsetting, the soon-to-be-deceased is going to meet her maker off screen. (Her “last” episode will take place at her funeral. Closed-casket, even!)

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That the actress in question is on her way out won’t come entirely as a shock, mind you — for a while, the writing’s been on the wall, if not on her character’s tombstone. But, since you won’t get a chance to say a proper, sorta in-person goodbye, it’s highly likely there will be a bit of backlash.

So, do you dare wager a guess as to whom is about to become roadkill? Hit the comments below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jinjeon says:

    It’s so obvious who it is. It’s Claudia Joy on “Army Wives”. She missed plenty of episodes in sixth season and won’t appear in seventh thus dying off screen in car crash. Such an easy BI.

    • Maria says:

      It’s not that easy at all. Army Wives hasn’t even begun to re-negotiate new contracts with any cast members, let alone started writing ANYTHING for the new season. It’s definitely not Army Wives.

      • Apolonia says:

        sorry, I disagree. Think it is definitely Kim Delaney. This way we can finally dispense with all the unbelievable excuses for her absence. It has been unfair to the rest of the cast. Good decision!

  2. Rob says:

    Private Practice (Addison) was the first to pop in my mind, since we all know she is leaving anyway.

  3. celine says:

    It can’t be deb. Apparently two important characters are gonna die this season but it seems that Deb will be present all season(from the spoiler we have) and this article says that the character will die very soon in the season.
    I don’t think it’s Addison, why would she give her a son and a new guy to kill her?And besides Addison can’t die early in the season because she’s the main character on PP…

  4. mike says:

    If it is a network show (and not a cable network), only these shows are in their 5th=8th seasons (Grey’s Anatomy is in it’s 9th and he said less than 9):

    • Supernatural (2006–present) (The WB, 2005–2006)
    • Gossip Girl (2007–present)
    • 90210 (2008–present)
    • The Mentalist (2008–present)
    Criminal Minds (2005–present)
    Private Practice (2007–present)

    • I would rule out Criminal Minds from the hints he gives. No one on the show have been “on the wall”, or whose exit would be in a car accident off the screen. Also, Tripplehorn just joined, AJ Cook is contracted till the end of the season. Not sure about Kristen Vangrness, but she wouldn’t fit the hints, either. Garcia’s everywhere.

      Private Practice don’t fit the hints, either. All of the female characters have been prominent since last season. They’ve all been having strong stories and major screen time. So, I don’t see how they’d fit “on the wall” and why they’d been killed “off screen”, as Shonda loves a good “crushed by a plane” drama.

      I don’t watch Supernatural regularly, but as far as I know, it doesn’t really have a female lead.

      I’m really thinking it’s cable, from the “60 minute” hint, as most network dramas run for 42 minutes.

    • Isaac says:

      Also Bones (on season 8)

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Your forgetting Bones (Season 8) and Castle (Season 5)

  5. J2565 says:

    Addison on Private Practice

  6. Chris says:

    I wouldn’t think anyone on greys anatomy because they just did a plane crash would they really want to throw a car accident on top of that? It’s too much drama, to unbelievable. So I would say Army Wives maybe but that whole show has gotten ridiculous. A new tragedy every episode and its suddenly forgotten about in the next.

  7. RA says:

    Olivia Dunhum from Fringe?

    • celine says:

      Nope, I consider her the only female lead on the show and the article said one of the female leads and besides Olivia is supposed to have her happy ending and we know she’ll be there for the entire season.
      It has to be a female lead that can be written off early in the season and who has other female leads.

  8. Nat says:

    With the criteria, it should be one of these:

    Criminal Minds
    Gossip Girl
    Burn Notice
    Sons of Anarchy
    True Blood
    Mad Men
    Private Practice
    Army Wives

    • TM says:

      I doubt it’ll be Castle,Bones,Fringe, or Psych, as they only have one leading female character each(although I don’t know if Juliet can be considered a lead) and it says here “bump off one of its lead female stars”.

      • Don’t know about Psych, I’ve never watched it (I think it is the same?), but pretty sure you can rule out Bones, Castle and Fringe, especially because they only have one lead, AND they haven’t been “on the wall” about leaving. They have strong storylines that are always there.

    • Ian says:

      don’t think its Psych or Bones. Psych tends to lean more to comedy then drama. Yes it is considered both but it still leans more towards comedy. James Roday the star is one of the producer and is dating Maggie Lawson one of the two lead females and why would they kill off Chief Vick. My bet is its Army Wives even though I don’t watch the show

    • Emily says:

      It can’t be True Blood, have they even started breaking their new season yet? Besides, who dies of a car crash on True Blood?

  9. david says:

    She won’t kill addison. it will be the same thing as killing Meredith off of Greys it doesn’t accomplish anything. And say what you want about Shonda she kills for the story no for sake of pointless killing. Addison will probably leave the practice to work somewhere off in the wild and enjoy being a mother. Its not gonna be Serena either only because gossip girl is not that kind of a show (Georgina maybe). Its going to be unrealistic but I’m hoping its annie on 90210.

  10. greysfan says:

    Automatically the clue 60 minutes tells me its a cable drama. Which one i don’t know but something tells me its Mad Men for some reason.

  11. Please let it be Serena…please let it be Serena…please let it be Serena…

    • Em says:

      It isn’t. It says they die off screen. GG is already filming episode 8 out of 10 and Blake Lively is still very much there so…

  12. The Voice. They’re killing off XTina. :x

  13. Beth says:

    This is obviously Kim Delaney on Army Wives. “Even more upsetting, the soon-to-be-deceased is going to meet her maker off screen, in a car accident. (Her “last” episode will take place at her funeral. Closed-casket, even!)” – It is an actress that is not returning to the show hence why it will happen off screen. It has been announced Kim is not returning. If this was Addison on Private Practice, the car crash would happen on screen.

    • Maria says:

      Army Wives hasn’t even begun to re-negotiate new contracts with any cast members, let alone started writing ANYTHING for the new season. It’s definitely not Army Wives.

      • Chanel says:

        Actually from a few days ago after deadline reports that Kim Delaney’s might not returning here’s what was said on this very site.

        Question: I’m ecstatic Lifetime has renewed Army Wives, but what’s going on with Kim Delaney? Will she be part of the new season? —Diana

        Ausiello: If she is, I hear it will be an a limited capacity. The actress doesn’t have a Season 7 deal in place and word is, she’s unlikely to return as a series regular. A source close to the show, however, insists no final decisions have been made — and they most likely won’t be until closer to the start of production later this year.

  14. shawhs says:

    last time i checked Olivia is the only female leading star -one of its lead female stars-the item says (unless georgina now counts as leading or Jasika counts too)so i count fringe OFF – besides they killed olivia in s3 with close caskett and she was back anyways not to mention they usually kill olivia with bullets in the head so car accident is too NOT fringe way to die especially for Olivia

  15. Katherine says:

    My first guess was Gemma or Tara on Sons of Anarchy, but I can’t imagine either of their deaths off-screen.

  16. PFitzDC says:

    I think it IS Private Practice, altho NOT Addison. The show has been teasing a second-episode shocker, with Addison receiving “a phone call that changes everything” and the title of the third episode is “Good Grief” and part of the description is “Addison attempts to mourn in private.” Maybe Amelia?

  17. It’s Skyler from Breaking Bad. The writing kind of is on the wall for her character.

  18. Molly says:

    It saddens me to assume Kim Delaney aka Claudia Joy on Army Wives, but that’s my guess. “…for awhile, the writing’s been on the wall, if not on her character’s tombstone.” The character always has some kind of medical crisis. Not going to be happy if it’s her. And really, a car accident? She already survived one of those.

  19. Winona on Justified? OH, wait. You said “beloved”. Never mind :P But she could die at birth :)

  20. lily says:

    “60 minutes series” -> that’s a cable show
    “more than four seasons but fewer than nine” -> Army Wives

  21. Oh, crap. No. Not Amy Pond. Please no. The current run of Doctor Who is technically a separate production from the original show and they even refer to seasons/series as one through seven. Aagh. It’s her, I know it. If she truly does die, the backlash will make Donna’s exit seem like a red shirt death. I just hope, if I’m right, that this car accident death is after she and Rory got mad stinking old long after retiring from TARDIS adventures.

    • Summer says:

      I can’t see Steven Moffat pulling something like that, to be honest. I don’t think it’s Amy.

    • CJ says:

      While there is nothing in the clue to effectively eliminate Amy Pond from consideration, I just can’t see them doing that on Doctor Who. It would be a helluva twist though…so until we see for sure on Saturday I wouldn’t count it out entirely, but I don’t think it will be her.

    • kerin stevanovic says:

      It can’t b amy as she dies as a result of the weeping angels

  22. Night Shadow says:

    I believe it will be Camille Braverman (Bonnie Bedelia) who is the mother of the Braverman clan on Parenthood. She has not been prominent in the writing for a awhile. They have featured shows outlining the fathers heart issues, but nothing really concerning Camille. Since there are so many main actors on the show, I could see them dropping a big name due to budget restrictions. Also, it would be another major event to deal with in the Braverman world.

    • CJ says:

      I was afraid at first it would be someone from Parenthood, but it is only on its fourth season, so it’s out of consideration for this blind item. It has to be a show on its 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th season.

  23. BJ Wanlund says:

    *sharp intake of breath* I’m pretty sure it ISN’T anyone on Castle, even though there are a few female cast members, not very many would be considered “leads” on that show.

    I don’t know ANY of the other shows mentioned, and that’s good I think, because I haven’t invested so heavily in those other shows like I’ve invested myself emotionally on Castle and the new Dallas (which is AWESOME, BTW).

  24. Remy says:

    It wont be Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice or Gossip Girl because of all the previous spoilers we have had. So it has to be another show.

  25. Ana says:

    As long as it is not Arizona, and it isn’t based on the clue, I’m ok with anyone else. Selfish, I know.

  26. Pam says:

    Claudia Joy on Army Wives. She has not been around much lately.

  27. Dusan says:

    It could be Mrs, Westen, Sharon Gless

  28. will i was says:

    Sookie on True Blood

  29. Tasha says:

    While I think Gemma is a good candidate, I don’t see her going out like that. Gemma seen like the type to go out guns blazing. When I first read the blind item, the first name that popped in my head was Bailey from Grey’s. There has not been a lot of news about her lately and Shondra love to screw with people’s heads. And the 9th season has not started yet so…

  30. If it is on network, I’ll rule out Supernatural, because they don’t match the female lead. I’ll rule out Castle and Bones because they have only one leading female. I’ll rule out Private Practice and 90210 – the one just had an off-screen death and the other just had a car crash. I doubt it would be on CBS, which leaves one of GG or Fringe. They both enter the final season and I think that Fringe will have Wolter killed, but Astrid is the closest second there. And GG is a teen drama so everyone will live happily ever after there.

    • Yeah, even Butcher Shonda isn’t as stupid to do two off screen deaths, especially when there seems to be no motive for it: all female actresses have been engaged in the plotlines, have been strong in the show…

  31. Bea says:

    I’m thinking Theresa Lisbon or Olivia Dunham. Odds are it’s Olivia.

    • Please dont even say that – you scare me.
      But I think they both don’t fit because they are kind of “the” leading ladies on their shows. Plus Bruno Heller talked about a multi-episode arc for Lisbon, so that doesnt fit. And they woudn’t kill her off anyway-would ruin Jane and therefore the whole show!

  32. m says:

    no one mentioned good wife…..christine?

  33. Linda says:

    I’m thinking Claudia Joy from Army Wives. Maybe that’s who Michael is getting a phone call from saying his wife was in a car accident and NOT anything about the aircraft.

  34. Jessica says:

    Kim Delaney (Army Wives)

  35. Aljosa Mudri says:

    I read something about “Jenny’s Memorial Service” about GG. I hope it’s not her.
    The only reason it’s not her it’s because she is not “leading lady”.

    • Brandy says:

      You didn’t read the part where it said that was a “foiled”, plus Jenny’s not on the show anymore,hasn’t been for a season or two(two episodes in season four).

  36. hello says:

    Sounds like an actress is being problematic and they need to get rid of her. My guess is someone on 90210

  37. verver says:

    For everyone that thinks hour-long broadcast shows are 42-44 minutes because of the commercials–hour-long cable shows tend to have even more commercials.

    That said, I hope it’s not Sharon Gless on Burn Notice–not that I think it would be since they need to resolve her dilemma . . . but I really hope it’s not her.

  38. bellasara says:

    The blind item doesn’t fit Addison on Private Practice. It suggests if you just watch the show (not follow the media) that you could see the character’s departure coming. Nothing suggests Addison is leaving Private Practice on the show. She adopted a baby and Jake is moving in with her. Kate tweeted she will be in all 13 episodes and in a interview there will be a “all Addison” episode. Unless you follow the media, you wouldn’t be able to tell she was leaving. It has to be someone who has been missing from a lot of episodes/less screen time.

    • Exactly! I can attest that no one in PP, Castle (which have been ruled out for being ABC), Bones, or Criminal Minds fit that criterion! All ladies have been all over like always!

  39. hello says:

    oh, and haven’t Shonda Rhimes killed enough people already

  40. Cindy says:

    Don’t know whom but l can tell you l am loving these snarky sarcastic remarks about Shonda”

  41. Kalee says:

    Paget Brewster from Criminal Minds. She already left and faked her death and came back again only to leave again (“the writing’s been on the wall, if not on her character’s tombstone”) and since it’s an off-screen death and closed casket, Paget probably didn’t film anything. I don’t know why Private Practice’s Addison would have a closed-casket off-screen death when she’ll still be very much a part of her final season.

    • JayH. says:

      Agreeing with you and add to it her alias Lauren Reynolds died in a car accident (fake) Sadly this is the end of Prentiss off screen of course! And hopefully CBS’s End of Brinkmanship directed at her. Dancing on her grave…. If I hadn’t read the tweet @CBS [Nina Tasslers Glass/Tea- House] did send her on 9/26/12, which now is ominous deleted, I wouldn’t knew 100%. Heck, I should have taken a screenshot or retweeted this ‘cold-war-show’.

    • She’s no longer a lead lady or part of the cast. She’s officially out of the show!

  42. JBS says:

    Blair from Gossip Girl. For her, death would be a better fate than life with Chuck Bass.

  43. Josh says:

    Maybe Betty or Megan doesn’t survive this season of Mad Men. Megan was eying that balcony during this season.

  44. The answer you are looking for is: Audra McDonald, Private Practice

    • Sara says:

      That is interesting. This could lead to Addison’s exit. She could take baby Henry and move back to New York to adopt Betsy.

    • Y says:

      Interesting guess. I wouldn’t say she’d qualify as “one of the leading ladies” though, seeing that she has left the show as a regular for over a year.

  45. GLuisa88 says:

    Well we can at least eliminate Supernatural! :P

  46. Brandy says:

    A lot of guesses for Army Wives.But 1.Have they started writing or filming season seven yet?I think since AW is a summer show, they wouldn’t start filming til winter.But it sounds like the epiosode in the bi is already written & filmed.
    2.Would they’ve written KD out just in case she didn’t return before they knew for sure she wasn’t or before it was public she wasn’t coming back unless they kept it a secret for quite a while?

  47. John Clayton says:

    A close second for me would be January Jones (Mad Men). However, if this spoiler was less specific, and more generic, I would expect Chevy Chase to get this treatment since he’s continuing to bad mouth the show he’s on.

  48. Britta Unfiltered says:

    There are 4 shows I can think of that fit in the parameters that could easily have spoilers leaked. I’m not counting shows like Mad Men where I know that kind of info could never get released or shows that aren’t really on my radar like any of those NCIS or CSI shows. So the 4 shows I can think of are Private Practice, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, and Breaking Bad. Someone mentioned above even though it’s known Kate Walsh is leaving Private Practice, Shonda said the character won’t be killed off. I guess I have to trust that, even though I don’t really trust Shonda. So cross that off. Sons of Anarchy…yeah, I could totally see them killing off Gemma. They’ve stated we’ll lose characters (plural) that we’re going to miss this season and Katey does that have new pilot she’s going to do. Plus it seems like a Gemma death is something that’s been foreordained on that show. It would make sense for such a spoiler to come out because we’re in the middle of the season now. Seems like kind of a crappy way to kill her off though. It doesn’t really feel like Sutter would do that, so I’m not convinced. Now that Deb knows about Dexter, she’s either going to have to keep his secret the rest of her life or spill it, and I’m not sure she’s the sort of person that can keep that in long term. Is the handwriting on the wall with her though? I’m not sure about that. It seems like a Deb death would come out of left field and would they really kill her off in such a lame way? Now for Breaking Bad…seems somewhat likely Skyler could get killed off, everyone has been waiting for it, but the show is so far off from starting production, would a decision like that even have been made and leaked at this early point? Would Gill kill her in such a lame way? My choices don’t feel great. I think it’s either Private Practice and Shonda is lying, or else it’s going to be a show I don’t watch.

    • Oh, Brittabot. I dunno what it is, but everyone seems to be picturing a car accident as a less than spectacular, humdrum kind of death. Add a little Michael Bay to your imagination. Remember the bus crash on House? Walter White running over the rival drug dealers. Michael Britten’s (the guy from Awake) life splitting into alternate universes. Connor on Rescue Me. The school bus on Veronica Mars. Lex Luthor knocking Clark off the bridge. The blood on David McNorris’ car after a drunken blackout. There’s been so many spectacular accidents and wrecks on TV that I would be surprised if there ever was a year of TV that did not have any.

  49. Alt says:

    Best choices would be Claudia Joy from Army Wives because the phone call and possible plane crash set up several possibilities for those who may no return; the second would be Gemma from SOA because Kurt wants her to star in his other show but leave it so that his lady can return if the new show didn’t work or for future SOA story lines.

  50. AngellaW says:

    What about Christina on Greys?