Sons of Anarchy Boss Defends Shocking, Brutal Death, Says 'It Will Color the Rest of the Series'

Sons of Anarchy OpieThe following contains major spoilers from this week’s episode of FX’s Sons of Anarchy.

FX’s Sons of Anarchy has killed its fair share of characters over the years, but no death has packed quite the punch as Opie’s grisly murder in this Tuesday’s episode. To recap, grimacing anew with every keystroke: Per the terms laid out by Damon Pope to solve the Sons’ prison problem, Jax would not only cede half of the club’s coke-muling earn, but also sacrifice one of his brothers. (Tig’s life however was not on the table, as Pope also insisted that his daughter’s killer rot behind bars, forever.) And while Jax adamantly refused to give up a Son, Opie made the tough call for him, forcing his way into an off-book prison melee that had only one possible outcome: his death, via several blows to the head with a steel pipe.

During a Wednesday conference call, Sons creator Kurt Sutter told TVLine that he first mulled Opie’s fate during Season 3, and firmed it up at the end of Season 4, when the character’s dad, Piney, met his own maker, at Clay’s hand.

“I got to the end of that season and realized there is this circular dynamic happening with Jax and Opie that I felt was very difficult to get out of,” Sutter explained. Having informally set his sights on a seven-season run, “This is the first [season] I’ve had to think about the end game, and knowing where I wanted to get my hero and knowing how I wanted to get there, the road I wanted him to travel,” Sutter continued. “And Jax needed that emotional upheaval, that one event that happens in a mans life that can change the course of his destiny — the death of his best friend was [that].”

Sutter acknowledges that the manner of Opie’s death and the suddenness was hard-hitting, but promises it was not served up lightly. “I knew this would be a gut-wrenching episode and difficult for people to wrap their brains around, but… the death of Opie will color the rest of the episodes for the rest of the series,” he stressed. “It’s not a death that will happen in vain. Of course there’ll be a sense of vengeance, something that drives out guys to retaliate, but also the emotional impact that his death will have on the rest of the characters will always be there.”

Other topics Sutter addressed during the press call:

WHY OPIE GAVE UP HIS LIFE | “I do believe that some of it was a sense of, ‘Here’s an opportunity for me to go out doing the right thing, to be of best service to my club’ — and also to his family,” Sutter said, noting that Opie never really reconciled his life with his relationship to his ex and their kids. “Jax wasn’t going to force himself to make that choice [of who dies]. Opie saw that … and had to step in and make that choice.”

GIVING RYAN HURST THE BAD NEWS | “It’s a difficult thing. He is very plugged into the show and loves the character, and Ryan is a super-sensitive dude, so it was difficult for both of us to figure out how to do this,” Sutter related. “In the end, when he read the script and saw the episodes that follow, he understood the nature of it and the importance of it in the mythology of the show.”

WHY SUTTER HIMSELF ‘SPOILED’ THE BIG DEATH | For a showrunner who is extremely averse to spoilers, Sutter’s use of Twitter and the like to talk up the looming death was, to say the least, surprising. “The reason I ended up teasing it … was really because of social media and the speed at which information travels,” he explained. “It was about giving people a heads up that if they weren’t watching the episode [live] to stay off social media until they did, so it wouldn’t get spoiled.”

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  1. Mark says:

    Huge loss. Opie was one of my favorite characters.


      • @therichratliff says:

        I would have rather seen Oppy from the Andy Griffith show die, but I’m sure it’s under control…

        • kg6fen says:

          @therichratliff. Your comment about opie from the Andy Griffith show is uncalled. For its mean. I love the old shows and Ron Howard did a good job I watch sons too. Too bad for opie. He will be missed.

        • Liz says:

          Hilarious! Truly LOL.

          • Liz says:

            Lol @the Andy Griffith comment. I haven’t watched any of season 4 or 5 so I’m super bummed out Opie had to go :(

      • Starmoran says:

        He was a true bother and a good friend. He will be missed. And I cried when he died. It was bad that his wife and his dad and now him. How is his kids going g to think

        • Lawren Ludwig says:

          Yes it was a TRUE BROTHER TO LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS CLUB! But it was so hard to watch I’d cried so hard I was shaking. I loved opie he was one of the best & Jacks is #1 of course but we all will miss opie very much! I think is should of been Clay??? myself.


          • mary says:

            i agree it should have been clay, i dont like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • monique says:

            yes i agree it should have been clay

          • monique says:

            oppie was my fav too

          • Barry says:

            I thought opine and max were going to lead the club down the path to johns vision for the club….. Like toys for tots or something!

          • Nanarudolph says:

            I agree it should have been Clay Opie was my fav

          • Clay will die but not just yet since IRA only trust dealing with him…

          • carol says:

            i wished it would have been clay too, hes a nasty dude

          • tabby says:

            i couldn’t have agreed more i don’t like clay on bit and for opie to go out like that was horrible i couldn’t stop crying i yelled at my own tv and wished it was clay instead!!!!!

          • Sir, I swear to God Almighty Himself, you just described my whole night ( in detail, I might add ), I, too, cried my f….. eyes out, and still, I’m an undecided fan on whether I really even want to watch the rest of the show. And, yeah, why wasn’t that ass… Clay, not killed off? That was not the best ending I really wanted to watch. And as for Jax, I hope he kills everyone that had anything to do with the deaths of Op, (his wife) Donna, and, Op’s Dad, too. And I do mean, TIGS.!!! I personally want to do it myself…(speaking on the character: TIGS, not the real person..) And before I go, I really wanna see the head doctor in the hospital take a pivotal role in the show, and kick some ass…. Don’t forget…she has a past.!! She was a bad ass, dude.

          • mouse says:

            thats right it should have been clay. i loved opie morethen anyone on the show.

        • oxidious says:

          I was SOOO PISSED!!! I punched a wall cause of this. Kurt Sutter you effin genius! You got me so emotionally hooked on this character that I hurt my hand when he died.

      • I was so geared up for episode 3 to find out who was going to die, and never in my life did I think it would be Opie!! I have watched every deason and every episode of Sons and I literally had tears streaming down my face! My daughter said, ” Mom it’s just a show”, to which I replied, “No it’s the Sons…it’s a way of life!!” I dearly loved Opie and do understand why he did what he did, but he will be tragically missed in my opinion!! Love you Ryan Hurst and RIP Opie!!

        • sue says:

          Exactly how I felt. He was my favorite.

        • e.dent says:

          I too agree with this comment how could it be opie ? I do understand why he did what he did but i think it was more for jax than the club.

          • Kathy says:

            I agree, at first I couldn’t understand why Opie would do that since he had two kids at home.. After watching the epsidoe a second time(DVR’d it) I caught how Jax was about to volunteer himself up to be slaughtered but Opie pushed him back and the rest is history.. Who didn’t get choked up at the scene where Opie and Jax made eye contact one last time before that final blow? Man I had to grab the the tissues.

        • MS Terry says:

          My thoughts exactly. Your right it isn’t just a ‘TV Show’. That’s what awards are made of.

          • Ren says:

            the show will never get an award/nominated because sutter has pissed off the academy and bashes them every chance he gets. he spoils it for himself sadly.

            Question: was jax going to sacrifice himself or was the club going to take their chances and fight the guards, resulting in the deaths of all of them??

        • Denise says:

          this is true my husband said the same thing i said no to me i am right there with them its my life too … plzz get rid of Tara i can’t stand here Gema is the real queen !!!

          • Shiela says:

            I agree jax needs to divorce that shank & marry me!

          • sandra says:


          • Calvin says:

            my god NO! gemma is the worst part of this show. this bitch can’t keep her mouth shut at all. tara is annoyin as hell too. i wish the white guys that raped her would have cut her head off. so much drama coming from someone that doesn’t even matter. KIll gemma and clay together they belong together

          • Michelle says:

            Every show has to have at least one drama queen and gemma is it.

          • Paul says:

            Gemma is essential to the show and may be the best actor/actress next to Jax in the whole show! her and Tara are both annoying yes but need to stay because they have so many angles working in their favor and they effect everyone in the show and make you as a fan and the other characters, think about things differently. I cant wait to see how this season unfolds and I see how killing Ope does set up the show for an even better conclusion now, although I also loved Ope! LONG LIVE SOA!

          • Hugh says:

            Gemma needs a shot in the head the sneaky, coniving, manipulative slag……Tara is straight up, smart, loyal and hot……long live the new MC Queen.

        • Donna Butler says:

          I did the same thing, the show comes on 3 times back to back and I normally watch it 3 times but not this time. I just couldn’t make myself watch him getting killed again. I will really miss you Ryan Hurst and Opie. Time for you to move on to other things I will be looking for you soon! Best of luck to you!!!

          • Ann C. says:

            Same here! I usually watch it 3 times that night but I couldn’t bring myself to watch it again…yet! I have it recorded too! I cried and screamed too while it was happening and afterwards! Thank goodness only my dogs were home but they all looked at me like “What’s wrong?”… it was tragic! Very emotional!

          • Jennifer says:

            Me too! I actually had to fast-forward through it, I couldn’t stand watching Opie die. I was in complete and utter shock. I felt extremely depressed afterwards, like what is the point of this show? Opie was one of my favorite characters and I wanted to see him get back his life again.

          • Karen McDowell says:

            I usually watch it 3 times in a row myself, but the last 2 have been to much. Tig’s daughter getting burned alive in front of him, then Opie going out like that. It’s a true testament to Sutter, that even though I know it’s fiction, I felt like I lost someone that I really cared about. Ryan, you did an amazing job playing Opie, best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

        • coldshroom says:

          I feel sorry for your offspring…

          It’s a TV show. It’s over-the-top, extremely exaggerated, and not, in any way, shape, or form, a ‘way of life’.

          Put down the remote.

          My goodness.. you people have some serious issues.

          • Dave says:

            I was wondering how many comments I would have to read before someone stated the obvious.

          • marla hiesel says:

            Now why do you have to go that far and say we have issues we know its a show we were just stating how we felt

          • Sefor says:

            TO ALL THE NEGATIVE PEOPLE: TV Show or not, we all get attached to different things. Opie was a character on a show, that was very loved. By millions of people. And all of you who dis us for cherishing him, you have no soul. No heart. And no imagination. To those of you claiming you’re not gonna watch anymore, you’re not true fans. And you have no respect for Opie’s decision to protect Jax, his brother and best friend, from certain death. To those of you dissing Jax, I agree, to an extent that he wasn’t ready to lead this club. Bet each of you a milli

          • Sefor says:

            TO ALL THE NEGATIVE PEOPLE: TV Show or not, we all get attached to different things. Opie was a character on a show, that was very loved. By millions of people. And all of you who dis us for cherishing him, you have no soul. No heart. And no imagination. To those of you claiming you’re not gonna watch anymore, you’re not true fans. And you have no respect for Opie’s character, or his characters decision to protect Jax, his brother and best friend, from certain death. At LEAST attend his funeral (vicariously of course, for those jack holes that wanna give us a hard time for getting into a TV show). To those of you dissing Jax, I agree, to an extent that he wasn’t ready to lead this club. Bet each of you a million dollars he’s ready now. And Opie’s death is what will take him there. To those embracing this bold ballsy move by Sutter, see ya Tuesday at the funeral….(once again, vicariously, for all those dill weeds with no heart).

            Sefor Deacus

          • Jaime says:

            I think that yes the show is exaggerated but the show does convey a better example of the inner workings of a club than most shows ever will. The level of violence of drama and blood is heightened but it’s real and it’s out there as we speak. Not every piece of life can be wrapped up neatly in a 1 hour show like they do on cop shows and medical shows. I mean the show itself would become boring if it just showed the club members running strip clubs and brothels like the clubs i know. It’s TV and yes they dramatize it but as I said before it’s also based in a real way of life. Roll on SOA.

          • Shayne says:

            You obvoiusly haven’t been a fan since the beginning. You begin to feel what they feel. I like most I’ve seen here was a huge Opie fan and was very sad to see him go. I ama 42 year old father of 4 and cried in front of my wife like a baby. I felt depressed for days. I’m not saying that isn’t wierd crying for a fictional character, but thar is the beauty of Kurt’s vision. I also could not bring myself to watch this episode over again. Too painful. Watching the glance between Jax and Opie, who had been friends since childhood, and the subsequent blow was too much for me. Anyone who has lost friends can relate to loss.

          • Hugh says:

            Hey if you don’t like don’t watch…I’m sure Antiques Road Show is on somewhere. The show is depicting a life style; that the majority of us would not embrace but with the excellent acting and script we suspend our disbelief and become emersed in the show. We have enough reality in our lives don’t berate us for taking a break from it.

          • ssfancynancy says:

            Yes it is a TV show but that does not mean that you do not get emotionally involved…it is pure fiction and that is why I love it so much. I think a lot of people have a little bit of “biker wanna be” in them but in a fantasy world. Just because you enjoy and get involved in a TV show does not mean that we have serious issues. I enjoy the escape into fantasyland…helps me to deal with real life.

          • isaiah says:

            shut up, you have time to sit here and read what these people write only to say something stupid to them? it would be better if you would shut up, continue reading and then be on your way, instead you say something stupid to people to get a reaction? well, here is the reaction, now go on, eat a d!(k and shut the f*ck up.

          • kg6fen says:

            Coldshrewm. Or what ever your user is lol. It’s a show so what. Haven’t you ever gotten attached to a show of great chstacter before? Don’t bash us.

          • bella anima says:

            Up yours coldshroom and up yours too Dave!!! F**k you both and anyone else that says something else about sons fans… I am one of the few that can say I have NEVER been a TV junkie NEVER got into a show but SOA is AMAZING!!! Great story line and great characters. It IS a way of life. If being loyal to the ones who are loyal to you and keeping anyone from hurting them is a joke to you then don’t watch the show and don’t comment on the sites because true fans are the ones who get it… go watch desperate housewives!!!

        • TVman says:

          I think Otto should have died…he sold out the club

        • Trees39 says:

          I agree … This may be a tv show, but I’m invested in it. Lol, they feel like a part of extended family. Very well put.

      • Richard Cole says:

        Opie was one of the most loyal sons there was. I hope.
        His death wont be in vain

      • Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage says:

        He was a work of fiction.

      • Lisa Mercer says:

        Got what he deserved for killing June Stahl

    • Mia says:

      Why Opie, he could have waited. I wanted to see his and Jaxs brotherhood grow and reform the club.:( Very upset.

      • beth says:

        i wanted to see the same thing.. :(

        • Angela says:

          Opie already had more then enough trama suffered at the hands of the club. He should have been given the chance to get revenge and avenge his wife and father. He should have stayed alive to be Jax’s right hand man at the table and help form the club to what JT had visioned. I’m not impressed that Opie was taken out that way. The show is ruined for me now.

          • Michelle says:

            Please dont let this ruin the show for you. Opie was also one of my favorites but he chose to go in with the rest of them to make sure they stayed safe. Ultimately his death did just that. Yes I agree Clay should have been the one to die, but the worst thing for Clay is to be around when Jax turns the club around and makes it everything if not more then his father JT wanted it to be, despite what Clay turned it into. Clay will get his just you wait and see. How ever Opies kids have a very hard life ahead of them now. I do feel very sorry for them. Opie will be so very missed. But rest assured Jax will avenge his death I promise you that.

          • Michelle says:

            Please dont let this ruin the show for you. Opie was also one of my favorites but he chose to go in with the rest of them to make sure they stayed safe. Ultimately his death did just that. Yes I agree Clay should have been the one to die, but the worst thing for Clay is to be around when Jax turns the club around and makes it everything if not more then his father JT wanted it to be, despite what Clay turned it into. Clay will get his just you wait and see. How ever Opies kids have a very hard life ahead of them now. I do feel very sorry for them. Opie will be so very missed. But rest assured Jax will avenge his death I promise you that. I am a true believer and die hard fan of this show.

          • Angela Pehl says:

            I agree I can’t see any good coming from Opies death I still get sick to my stomach thinking about it. This will only make Jaxs go in the wrong direction. I am no longer a fan That will be the last show for me . I have had SOA night at my place since the show began . Sorry everyone SOA night is canceled you will have to find somewhere else to watch. Oh wait they quit watching too. Stupid move Sutter.

          • Michele says:

            I think that Jax and Tara will end up adopting Opie’s kids – the porn queen is Ok for a couple of weeks, but not long term, the grandmother is nuts – so Jax and Tara will adopt them and take care of them for Opie.

      • Opie’s character was in such a dark place, that I don’t believe that he would not have been able to help Jax reform the club. In fact I saw his character distancing himself further from everyone and eventually going rouge. His death was inevitable in my opinion, doing it this way just gives new drive to the club.

        • Jennifer Jessie says:

          At first I was upset about opie but listening to describe him and his train of thought with everything going on I definitely agree with you
          I think Jax is going to get his revenge and get revenge for Opie as well for piney. The show is the best I love SOA. THANKS KURT SUTTER

          • Upset about Opie, but you know something was going to happen. I have to agree with Jennifer Jessie; it’s the best show & great ideas & writing. Thanks for an adult show.

        • Katy says:

          Love this response and fully agree!

        • G says:

          You have said it best. I saw this coming myself.

        • KC says:

          I totally agree with you. I may be the only one here but I was not a huge fan of Opie’s as of lately. That doesn’t mean I wanted to see him die the way he did but I think his death opened up the way for a lot of good. Also am I the only one who thinks Tigg is the major a$$hole here…he IS the one responsible for killing Opie’s wife? I guess I have a love hate relationship with Tigg.

          For all of you saying you won’t watch the show anymore because of his death…you aren’t a true fan.

        • Josh says:

          I agree, ope was one of my favourite characters and I was truly gutted to see him go but his death did make sense to me

      • KerryAnn says:

        Same here. Huge loss. Great character. I’m very sad!

      • aniuta says:

        Me to I read no social media before the show, so as I lay in my bed when they started to beat him I turned it went back just to see the final blow to his head, I almost cried and then I started cussing lol…. my husband watched the episode yesterday and once again I got up and walked out of the room RIP OP you big sexy man

        • tnkzldy says:

          R.i.p Opie… I could NOT watch… My eyes werr filled with tears… </3

          • tnkzldy says:


          • michelle says:

            Me too! I saw the first blow and cried and covered my eyes for at least 10 minutes while bawling and curing at the tv. I feel like I lost a friend ;( I wish they could bring him back somehow!

          • Wendy Ooms says:

            I was in total shock and disbelief with what happened to Opie, but in the grand scheme of the show, it totally makes sense and Kurt Sutter is pure genius and sees the “big picture”…I, as well, could not watch the beating…covered my eyes and ears and cried….RIP Opie – you will be missed.

          • Gman says:

            Ditto, and I’m a grown 63 year old Biker. My daughter called me from Orlando Florida crying and was so pssed off, She said, “Dad, I’m NERER going to watch Sons again”. I’m in so cool, SoCal. Used to be an “Outlaw Biker” myself with the Devils Deciples in the 70’s when I returned back to the World from Vietnam’ 1st Chopper was a 48 Pan Head.. I’ll keep watching though, and pretty sure my daughrer will also. C U -Gary

        • Coni says:

          I agree my husband thought I was losing it. I cried so hard I was sobbing. You well be missed.

          • debbi foley says:

            I thought I was losing it as well I truly sobbed cursed out poor Kurt Sutter , now reading this I get it .But wow did not see myself losing it like that over a tv show (yet) S.O.A. fans are deep.thanks for the post

          • Fre says:

            Very sad episode…will it Stop me from watching the Son’s.? # I think not.. I wish him the best in his future acting career roles.. I definitely will be a fan no matter where he goes.. As for you Mr. Sutter cant wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.. Much success to you and the cast.. :)

        • sheila says:

          Omg I almost had a heart attack. Watched it at work look, couldn’t look, look couldn’t look. A lot of yelling and cussing people thought I was nuts. Nephew stated he can’t watch Sons with me anymore I was too emotional. Poor opie and jax. My heart aches and it’s only a show lol

        • Jo Ann says:

          I sat before the TV with my mouth open! I could not believe first of all that Opie made the choice, and that the killing was so very brutal. Kurt Sutter is a genius, life does not work out the way we “plan” I believe this is best said in a song by Van Zants “if you want to hear god laugh tell him YOUR plan”

        • Kim says:

          He was sexy wasn’t he, I really don’t like the stringy hair guys but it just made him look even sexier!!! RIP OPIE…

          • Tela says:

            He was my favorite son… gangsta & sexy, I know it’s tv but i couln’t stop crying when he died…rip op.

      • Chrisst Zufall says:

        I think Tigg with his poor acting quality should have been the one to go and they could have figured out how to get the rest of them out of jail. Opie has already gone through enough with the death of his wife, his ex and her BS and then being a single dad, Tigg..his attempt at really feeling sorrow when his daughter got burned alive sounded like a sissy the way he was screeching!!! Wrong move in my eyes, to get rid of Opie :0(

      • daleah keen says:

        Yea why opie he was the only reason i watched that show. He’s made it awesome. Love you Ryan Hurst “opie”. You will definitely be missed :)

        • Pat Chaplin says:

          I feel the same way. I was so excited when OP rode in to be close to Jax. I said here we go OP is back. real sadden here

          • Kim says:

            I expected Opie to take up as Jax’s right hand man and Tig to be the one In that room. I loved the room. (Tig being loyal to Clay and all) The death of my second favorite club member I did not see coming.
            On another note I am impressed to see Tara standing up to Gemma and beating her at her own game. I look forward to seeing how Tera grows into her part in this royal family.

      • Tina R says:

        He may do just that through his sacrifice . . .

      • Danielle says:

        I was hoping for the same…..a reunion of the brotherhood between Jax &Opie so sad!

    • Randy says:

      SAME HERE!!

    • Shannin Zapfe says:

      One of the few times a television show made me cry. I loved Opie. I am still sad.

      • Virginia says:

        I am absolutely saddened by the killing of Opie..part of me doesnt want to watch the show anymore because he was my favorite actor on this show and I am angry they took him, I had a hard time getting the image out of my head of the blow to his head, I felt like it was one of my family members..the other part of me wants to continue to watch just because I want to see Jax get EVERYONE responsible for this b.s… I usually dont get attached to characters in shows but I was so drawn into this show and the characters.. I love jax too dont get me wrong but I was more drawn to opies character I think because he has been threw so much and I wanted to see things get better for him and now he is gone..Im so pissed still and cannot stop thinking about that vision in my head of his death.. I too hope that they bring him bac k like a ghost of jax’s conscious or something..the show wont feel the same without !!! while I understand mr sutters thinking I think he could have went another way to get that pull he was looking for not by taking opie :-( …. I will miss opie terribly on the show. :’-(

        • kathy mcginness says:

          I. Am so. Hoping that. This. Was. Some sort. Of.set. up. To. Appear. As. If. This is. What. Occurred. , maybe. Wishful. Thinking but, I believe that anything is able to. Be. Written, in. The. Twist. And. Turns of. This. Amazing. Show! !! LOVE. THIS. SHOW…BRING. BACK. OPIE! BBO”

    • gary SOA boston says:

      even that explained…… OPIE?!! really what did he do bang ur ol’ lasy sutter but otto is still breathing why not kill off the rat bastard

    • Theresa Howe says:

      As a writer it was brillant. He made us love him and broke our hearts in a swift brutal blow. It blew my mind and I never saw it coming. People had a false sense of security. And sometimes the good do die young. Opie was a broken man. He had nothing left to give. Not to his kids and not to the club. He died a hero. His death will be avenged and I for one can NOT wait for the rest of the season. Pope is a walking dead man and doesn’t even know it.

      • christina says:

        I completely agree. I mean, yeah there is still that sense of wait! why opie? but that is just because he was such a likeable character, and a father. plus you kind of wondered was he going to get back with the ex agin now that shes watching his kids…. but that’s why we all love this show. becasuse the writers are good at keeping us guessing. and I think pope is finally getting it. I just don’t think it will fully hit him till its too late.

      • John says:

        Very true. Opie was one of my favorite characters but sutter knows what he is doing.

      • Trish says:

        Well said, Theresa!! I completely agree!!! Bravo!!!

        • With this honestly Opie as well as Ryan Hurst himself has truly came full circle. As Opie was always torn between his loyalty to the club and his family He felt this was a one way ticket from the beginning so he made sure his family was safe and followed his brothers to lockup to make sure even if it was the last thing he would do Jax would make out alive. As the actor went from being inspired to fight for what was right as he watched his father die in “The Postman” to becoming the martyr that will inspire his best friend to step up and do what needs to be done for his family and for his club.

      • I am right there with you. He did make us fall in love with him and then it felt like I lost my brother! This was a brilliant move!

        • Kelli says:

          As much as I hated to see it happen, (because I could see him deciding when they were still in the cell together) I think it was the best move for the story. Opie went into jail with them to protect them and that is exactly what he did.

      • tobie says:

        well put Theresa, well put……..

      • Hollie says:

        Total agree with you

      • D. Detlor says:

        I agree :)

      • Tina D. says:

        Op will be missed very much, but he gave his life for his best friend to learn to do the right thing. Thanks for keeping it real. We Love this show.

      • Tracie says:

        I agree completely and your words are almost the same I used when explaining this to my friends… Love this show… love how the storyline just changed… Bring on the next episode!!!

      • Kitty says:

        Otto is already on death row.. And worked out a deal to get the date pushed up. Killing a man that is already dead wouldn’t have been believable that it would appease Pope. Pope will get his right along with the guards that took part.. And even the warden. Atleast im hoping..

      • Mona Russell says:

        I cried over Opie’s death, but what else would a guy like him do? What I think is so cool is that this show is so realistic, we are all talking like these people are really part of our lives, because we really feel their pain and joy. A show like this comes along very seldom!!!

      • margie huston says:

        My thoughts exactly, this is the best season yet. Sutter is a genius.

      • b1gd0gdad says:


      • Michelle says:

        Very Well put! Very upset and sad to see him gone but keep reminding myself “it is only a show on tv, and sutter is a awesome story teller would not arbitrarily kill of a cast member (especially so loved) if it wasn’t critical to the story line. BUT I STILL WANT TO SMACK HIM IF I SEE HIM LOL.

      • Paul says:

        Beautifully written and perfectly analyzed, Theresa – I agree 100%. From an artistic point of view, Opie’s sacrifice was nothing short of epic. Sutter has done it again.

      • Tracey says:

        I agree..but sure going to miss Opie!!!

      • Peter says:

        you sumed it up nicely Theresa. But when Opie died I think a little part of us all died to. Bravo Kurt you sure can spin a story! R.I.P. Opie. You will be missed.

    • malcolm smith says:

      great show-all these emotional comments that’s great acting and great art

    • Karen Ramsey says:

      This episode broke my heart, but it was a necessary part of the club moving on. I will miss Ryan Hurst, he was my very favorite. We are all complaining, but this is true Sutter Style. Emotional, hard-hitting, in your face, balls to the wall drama. Hello, isn’t that why we love this show so much. I would rather take this emotional roller coaster ride with Sutter and cast, than watch all of the other senseless drivel that floods the networks every single flipping night. Cannot wait to see Jax moving forward! Love anything Sutter does and I love this show!

      • Victoria says:

        I absolutely agree with you!!! Thanks for writing my thoughts! LOL

      • Lisa says:

        I love this show…….and your message is exactly why I watch also. Every week I cant wait to watch this show just because of the twist and turns in it!!! I loved Opie too and will miss him….was never so stuned watching a show….I love the intensity but Ops death brought tears to my eyes….and what about the kids??? Now will be raised by a Porn Star…….?

    • Debbie says:

      Opie was my favorite too! I am so lost now. :(

    • pg says:

      it was a shocker to sad..dont know what the plan is for clay,but he is really a ass,glad jax married tara

    • Rua says:

      I think telling people to get a life is rather aggressive Miss Hope. People were moved by the death of Opie-it tapped into some very deep things for people. Feeling emotion and sorrow is human and something to be thankful for. To quote my grandmother “If you don’t have something kind to say refrain from speaking at all”

    • Kevin Wiser says:

      With that straight from the heart action , there got to be more episodes and another series as well.

    • Kelly says:

      Great writing….Great series…..Great actors… prediction, Tara or Gemma is gonna off Clay in the end……

    • i would rather chivs beem the one to go not ope

    • Dan says:

      A truly “game-changing” episode. Found the comment Pope made to Jax interesting in that this is what makes “kings”. Another telling moment was when Gemma looked worried when Tara mentioned her husband killing her (Lets be honest she was involved in JT’s death as well) My prediction, Tig killing Clay on Jax’s order after Jax tells Tig how it really went down and not the BS Clay told the club, then Jax doing in Tig afterwards for the loss of Opie.

    • Craig Byrum says:

      Have Opie come back in a couple of episodes as a sort of spiritual advisor that only Jax can see and hear. His balance to his “dark, alone-time thoughts” That scene was “totally brutal” and emotional. Very powerful!!!

    • BILLY BRANDON says:

      Opie has been such a standup bro from the start always sacrificing for the good of the club. In turn the club destroyed his life and family and he still sacrificed his own life for them. We should all be so lucky to have a bro like him in our life. He will be missed as he was my favorite character.

    • great you left his kids to a pornstar ,with no way of saying goodbye to us. only one last smile before the deadly blow to the back of his head ,, great work sutter i love this show, kill jax next

    • Matt says:

      Dumb move!! I know Clay’s days are numbered and I hope it’s as violent!!

    • Frank says:

      Very huge loss to the show …..Sutter should have his ass beaten…. Don t like the way show is goin…..

    • AnnaMaria says:

      I was in such shock……and yesterday all I could do was cry! I believe in Kurt Sutter’s vision and I know its why the show has been so good. It’s made all of us part of the club, it is losing a brother.
      R.I.P. Opie, you will be missed……now he’s with the love of his life….Donna <3

    • BrookeS says:

      Yes it is a show… A damn good show! That rally’s all kinds of emotions and thoughts about the characters and their fates and predicaments! I’m not quite sure why other people have to bag on people’s responses. Everyone has a different take and mind set about things! Just do like the Sons do, kick back and enjoy the ride!

    • Bill says:

      This was one powerful episode. As most of us do not agree on Opie being the one, we just never saw it coming and was just shocked. As many replies have stated in here, I too felt anger and betrayal. But, hey that is what keeps us coming back for more.

    • tracy says:

      yea you should of waited to kill him off…. i would of rathter u showed us the relationship of him and jacks grow… i dont think your show will be as good now…… that was a horrible choice

      • Patty says:

        I think the relationship between him and Jacks will grow even more with his death. I think opies death will be what gives jack the drive as a leader and he will come into his own because of the death of his friend. There were many lessons learned and I can’t wait to see the consequences of opie’s death. And when a writer can pull off a show like this one, that is real art..great job..

    • jason says:

      no one wanted to see op go and man it was a brutal way of going and jaxs to watch it the way he did is gonna help him out personally i think jaxs has been to soft in the club but this is gonna change his outlook alot of pay back and killing but note this jaxs will be smart about it cant wait.

    • Neal H. Woods says:

      It s always amazing how deeply a tv show affects you……..seeing a character like Opie die saddened me so…..but you go back down the list of characteres over the years(yeah…..I m dating myself…..Coach from Cheers……..Henry Blake from M A S H……it really goes to show how much a strong drama………be it tv or otherwise affects us.

    • Rhonda Gragg says:

      I am so sad that they killed Opie off. Actually I am pissed off he was one of my favorite characters!!

    • Ash Martin says:

      I have been a fan of this show since episode one. Even though oppie is gone, i can see where the story could be going, and if it is as intense as these past 4 seasons, I’ll still say a true fan to this series. Rest in piece opp. You were truly one of my favorites.

    • jim holland says:

      Furst off let me say I am a hugh fan of the show opie was also my favorite always thought he would be rite beside jax when jax took over but its true opie never did solve family problems with the kids or the ret of the family but yes when I saw it I can honestly say my mind went completely blank and could not believe what I was seeing I still watch that scene days later and still cannot believe it but still an excellent show sutter is a master mind still a hugh fan and always will be

    • Briea says:

      I deff. cried when opie died. It was soo sad. I wish I could’ve seen him and Jax run the club together and see how that planned out but this was deff. a crazy turn I wasn’t expecting. It was still good, but upsetting. We deff. need R.I.P. Opie shirts now!

    • Paul says:

      yeah i figured out pretty much what Sutter was saying already and in the dynamics of it all it had to happen this way, and to this character! however Opie was one of my favs and he will be greatly missed

    • Doyle says:

      The sacrifice of his life will drive the club in it’s struggles. Opie was my favorite character AND this only strengthens my love for his great performance. No need to be sad…it is a fictional story. I think rather than mourn his loss, I will celebrate his tv life. Opie will live on in everyone’s life as a great example of brotherhood.

    • Bill DeFazio says:

      Kurt Sutter is one of the best writers ever to grace television! this episode and the series itself it one of the best shows ever. Every show is great and this was just another example of how deep he is and how real it can get. Opie was a great character but his ending was one of the best ever even if it was unexpected and sad as hell to lose him. I just can’t wait for the next episode. It’ll be a sad day when the series is over.

    • Kim says:

      I was heartbroken after watching tuesday nights episode, I loved Opie!! I just hope that his death is avenged just a brutal!!!!

      • Margaret says:

        Oh I think Opie’s death will be revenged. Think sh++ will for sure hit the fan on this one. Opie put himself in prison to watch over the guys and Jax, He now sacrificed himself for them. Think things will blow up now.

      • Michelle says:

        I agree Opie was my fav too. He will be missed! Tara did say she had some work to do at the prison!! Bring back Opie!!!

    • Robert says:

      dude its not gonna be the same his kids are left wit no parents or grandpa R.I.P the character of OPE was a great ride dude im not gonna lie i wanted revenge was so angry lol like he was my bro and it sucks he died in remember the titans to good actor hope to see him in more stuff

    • jamie turner says:

      rip opie u made soa

    • Don Smith says:

      I don’t know if I can watch the show anymore….why Opie of all people???

    • Marnie Jacobs says:

      And there went the last bit of respect I had for Opie. His constant self-absorbed whining was bad enough, but what he did in episode 7 was suicide. He’d lost his way, and rather than focusing on his children — who have suffered the loss of their mother, their grandfather, and their 2nd mother Lila — he basically chooses suicide. He didn’t die for the club. He died because he wanted to die.

      • MamaNavyBrat says:

        To a certain extend I have to agree with you here, He took the easy way out, rather than go one without the one’s he lost, and made sure that his kids were taken care of by someone who loved them. Say what you will about her being a porn star but she loves them and they love her.

      • KC says:

        Thank you…I thought I was the only one who felt that way about Opie. Was never a fan of his on SOA.

    • teresa says:

      very cutting edge you must be working with persons that live the life style how else could you get it so dead on it broke my heart

    • DIXIE LEE HUGHES says:


    • Moko Heathers says:

      I agree a huge loss I adore Ryan as an actor & I will now for the first Season STOP watching because of Sutter getting rid of Opie!! Shame on him!

    • DocB_California says:

      @Star Moran – Perhaps it should be #starmoron (just saying) literacy can be fixed (it’s called stop homeschooling yourself with penthouse forum magazines and get an education) I also realize that a LOT of us here are should realize it’s JUST a TV show. It’s a hard life, it’s NOT for the faint of heart but again… TELEVISION SHOW people! I know that Jerry Springer comes on in the morning and your janitorial job probably lets you out just in time for the show, but really? The only one that made sense so far MaryEllen Procko. As for the others… I think perhaps you should throw away your cable box, stand in front of Tiger Wood’s Escalade and take one for humanity. Your services are no longer required and you’re just proof that the internet is NOT for everyone! WOW.

    • Katrina Hueston says:

      I will miss Opie SOA is a great show

    • Karen says:

      OPIE!!!!! This was really hard to watch. I know it happened for a reason, but he was one of my favorites. He will be missed!!!

    • Dan says:

      In the grand scheme of all of this, this is the journey of Jax. Opie plays a MUCH more important role to Jax with his death. This is what will push Jax to becoming the man that is going to lead the SONS and shape him into either Clay or JT. Going to miss opie, but his death will set such a mood that it’ll be as if he never left the show.

    • RealMC says:

      Hello People, this is hollywood, Its a fake M/C after the filming he got up and went home

    • Ben says:

      I know the boss figured this would be a good move long term……but long term is having people in a series that regular people can relate to or admire in some way, like Tony Soprano, it gives staying power. Opie was the grass roots tough guy, with a bad history of loss that in real life that would make him lean on his club brothers more than ever and be dedicated to everything they do because of his hard life. We the fans were robbed (in the same way fx dont ship to Canada ….the dicks) that our first or second favorite member of our TV Crew was taken… bros wife cried when we watched this…..and we were pissed. The only chance of making it another two seasons is if someone with some pull talks to someone at FX and adds other countries to their online order destination list like Canada and keeps our new Spanish friend….. from a canceled series called Cane (which would have kicked ass by the way, had they they not had a puss for a son or an out of place white girl as his wife on the show. I am mad as hell……bikers around North America, unite and tell them to put Opie into a coma and let him live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!change the show.

    • lyn says:

      me too!! i kept screaming “No, No”, not Opie! i had to close my eyes – i thought i was about to cry! i thought for sure he would end up leading the club, right hand to Jax. But i’d probably react the same way with the other characters coz i love them all! Except Tara, for some reason, i dislike her more and more every week. You can kill off Tara next, i would be okay with that :)

    • Ken Cavill says:

      Really liked Opie ; now
      bring his identical twin on

    • marla says:

      I”m right there with you Opie was my favorite on the show and I haven”t even watched the episode because of what I heard happened to him such a sad loss!!

    • Jasmine says:

      That wld have been to easy…I really liked op.

    • Scott says:

      I agree, I liked Opie….I hope he has something special in place for Tig, that guy has done nothing but create problems. Also, WTF was with that dickhead Clay going into that brothel acting like he owns the place? He is wearing on everyones last nerve, hopefully they have a special demise for that prick…..

      • Margaret says:

        Oh I think they will take care of Clay. They need him right now. But once business is done, I think Clay will be taken care of By who? Not sure

    • Bern says:

      Ryan Hurst is one of my favorite actors he is like a cuddly grizzly. I hate that he died on the show but man was it a shocker never saw it comming. Hope to see Ryan in another show that is equally great. Love Jax even named my dog after him.

    • mel says:

      yeah i agree was actually considering not watching sons of anarchy anymore wasnt happy at all. kurt sutter mustnt want viewers his death actually hit me hard.

    • JoAnn says:

      I agree…Opie was one of my favorites…big loss

    • Ill miss opie…he was almost as hot as jaz…yes im that shallow just like a guy, lol but i probably won’t watch it anymore….maybe

    • Paul says:

      It should’ve been tig to go in that room!! He started the heat with the 9iners and POPE

      • Margaret says:

        No too bad it was not Clay. He had started this all by lying. Tig thought it was them and went after one. He was aiming for the one guy and the guy had grabbed the girl and put her in front. She would of still been alive if the guy did not do that. . Clay should of been one to have to go to Prison

    • carol says:

      opie was my favorite as well, yep i cried , had to watch it twice to make sure, was a sad episode, wish it wasnt opie they picked to die tho.

    • B.D. says:

      I have to agree, the show will have a big hole now that opie’gone

    • Badbrad says:

      i am honestly shocked at this . and it was very hard watching that episode . seeing opie get killed . but to add with that it was in its way even harder seeing his wake. i will be honest i hoped and hoped that the next episode we would just find that he was in a comma and might recover . since ther was nothing in the eposide of the fight . showing that opie was in dead pronouced dead . but to the sadness of it . Opie was dead . the wake was the hardest i cried even harder watching that part of the episode 5 . biggest part is i grew up around biker’s ive been to biker funeral’s . so it felt very real to me . i remember those brother’s gone . and just honestly believe Opie’s character is at a better place with all he’s suffered . but yes the actor him self is truely a great actor all since the start . he was always my favorite character in this show . wont replace that for 2 reasons i expect doesnt need to be explained . a big part of me does wish he could just get a chance to be another character just to see him in this show yet again . but i know that wouldnt happen . i hope this comment reaches out to those within the show . and th crew of it . so you all can know that episode 4 and 5 will forever be remembered . this show is one of my most fav shows EVER . its not much of a show to me . its got so many aspects of the child hood life i grew up around . and live around . its alot of . as u may say . familiar . and true . minus the depth of the gang murders and arms deals and drug runs and such . from Canada .RIP Opie Live Long .Ride Longer

      • Badbrad says:

        I just want to make a correction sorry . meant epispode’s 3 and 4 . not 4/5 . got alittle side tracked on the epi number with the season number . since we are now in season 5 . sorry for the miss print

        heres my correction one
        am honestly shocked at this . and it was very hard watching that episode . seeing opie get killed . but to add with that it was in its way even harder seeing his wake. i will be honest i hoped and hoped that the next episode we would just find that he was in a comma and might recover . since ther was nothing in the eposide of the fight . showing that opie was in dead pronouced dead . but to the sadness of it . Opie was dead . the wake was the hardest i cried even harder watching that part of the episode 4. biggest part is i grew up around biker’s ive been to biker funeral’s . so it felt very real to me . i remember those brother’s gone . and just honestly believe Opie’s character is at a better place with all he’s suffered . but yes the actor him self is truely a great actor all since the start . he was always my favorite character in this show . wont replace that for 2 reasons i expect doesnt need to be explained . a big part of me does wish he could just get a chance to be another character just to see him in this show yet again . but i know that wouldnt happen . i hope this comment reaches out to those within the show . and th crew of it . so you all can know that episode 3 and 5 willl forever be remembered . this show is one of my most fav shows EVER . its not much of a show to me . its got so many aspects of the child hood life i grew up around . and live around . its alot of . as u may say . familiar . and true . minus the depth of the gang murders and arms deals and drug runs and such . from Canada .RIP Opie Live Long .Ride Longer

    • JASON says:


    • joe blow says:


    • Carrie says:

      Opie was another character in this show for why I watch this, and I know alot of people who watch this and said , why did they take Opie, we loved him, we wanted him to be Jax’s right hand man, not take his life for the club, Clay need to Die, he has started this mess of Death. And Tara turning to drugs, with babies in the house, she is turning into Gemma.

      • Jean Handley says:

        I have watched all series, 1,2,3, 4, and love the sons. but wish I had not read these reviews, as here in Australia, season 5 is not available yet.Now I guess when it eventually gets here, I had better stock up on a box of tissues, as I get so caught up in the show. As for Clay, I can,t wait for some one to get him.. OMG, I,m a 79 year old nana, and here I am who can,t kill a fly!! and yet I,m hooked on this violent show. nannan

    • allbean32 says:

      I want to understand why Opie (my favorite character was killed), but like Sutter said its going to be hard for people to wrap their brains around. As saddened as I was I think it had to happen as I don’t think Op’s would have been the same after the death of his father. He was too much of a soldier to off himself so he went out fighting. Plus it gives Jax “purpose” to hopefully take his character to a new level. I will give Sutter this! He knows how to make you feel a powerful scene. I’m still thinking of that scene when he looks back & then his face as the final blow killed him. And why the hell is Clay still alive?!?!? Answer me that Kurt!!!!

    • Why didnt they show a funeral for the most loved person on the show? do anyone kno

    • Rambo John J says:

      Opie was the man Jax should be, but isn’t…… Sutters mistake… this series has now past the highest following its going to get….. all downhill now, the Gemma show until the end.

    • DJ says:

      SUTTER, YOU ARE AN IDIOT. I am done. I will never watch this show again. It was important to the mythology of the show??????????? Please. Only a complete amateur pulls a George RR Martin for no reason. Grow up, dude.

    • adrianna hrbek says:

      Tell me about it

  2. Balaji K says:

    I was moved to tears. R.I.P. Opie.

    • Jerald Goffney says:

      I’m a big strong dude and not a whole lot brings me to tears but I was really chocked up when one of my favorite characters died last night “Opie”.

      • ADELE CARPENTER says:

        i agree i dont cry when people on tv are killed but damn it was like watching a family member get killed i cried like a baby and couldnt sleep at all that night that scecne kept playing in my head.

        • Allison Hope says:

          Really ?? If it impacted ur life that much, you need to get a life . That’s just the honest truth! And also opie wasn’t suppose to Evan make it past the first season. If y’all new more about the show you Wouk know why! I love the show too. But c’mon really !!!!!

          • Lisa says:

            Don’t comment if u aren’t gonna be positive. There’s always a Debby Downer in the bunch…

          • gary SOA boston says:

            if he was ment to die in the first season he would have…. they killed his wife to get mixed emotions about clay …building up to resent events, so if u knew more about the show u wouldnt be posting un-enlightend info

          • Ken says:

            Hey Allison….never mind, you’re not worth the effort….

          • r0oster says:

            1. The fact that he wasn’t supposed to make it past the first season is entirely irrelevant. He did. and that’s all that matters.

            2. Television has this effect on many people, and the claim that if it does, that they have no life. Well it’s just ridiculous ignorant stupidity.

            The whole point is to tell a story that’s going to hit you emotionally. and to watch it with your closed mind is to not experience it to it’s fullest. We’re humans, not robots.


          • Tammy says:

            We need to get a life??? Why it is every other damn show now is some kind of reality show? Most of us have a life but we get so attached to characters that you can not fall in love with them and feel as though they are real people. I cried and I do have a life! Sorry you don’t feel that connection to the show to have feelings. That is your choice. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us who do. By the way it’s EVEN not EVAN and what exactly is WOUK?

          • hugefanofSOA says:

            Really Allison!!! True fans are the one’s who get upset and emotional…. you are not a true fan.

          • Hollie says:

            Well I think Miss Allison Hope that you need to keep your thoughts to yourself because your not being very nice. I understand Opie was not suppose to make it past the first season but they kept him on for a reason and this show may only be a show but it does impact peoples lives with the emotions that humans feel for one another weather its happiness, sympathy, sadness ect… it human to feel these emotions even for a TV show. And it is hard to deal with the fact if you love the show and Opie was your fav. characters that his life was taken but it all in the direction that the show is going so let people get there feeling out on here and if you don’t agree then keep it to yourself everyone deals with stuff in there own way but to be negative toward people for writing how they feel about the loss of Opie on here and to tell them to get a life maybe you need to get a life yourself!

          • Megan says:

            Allison, this show is different than most in that many viewers are moved by the stellar writing and acting of a very dramatic storyline. I’m sure everyone has lives and watches other shows that don’t seem real or hit nerves like SOA does. Perhaps you should refrain from being such a negative person and bashing others. Why comment at all if you’re going to be rude? I truly think Opie’s death was horrifying but it was supposed to move us and make us think.

          • Kt says:

            If U were really into the show it would affect U as well. Opie was his BFF. He should have been his VP. And the point is he didnt die in season 1. Donna did. There was a reason for that. And not 2 go out the way he did at his age. Jax n Opie are the only ones born into the club. Not patched in. I dont care what fire Jax needed lit under his feet for future episodes. Kiling off Opie makes no sense. Id rather he have made a decision out of the 2 options and chose Chibs.

          • Neal H. Woods says:

            gee and if you re at a point where things of sensitivity don t affect you Allison…… about it be you……….that “gets a life”.

          • Patty says:

            wow really… you are too shallow to see that a great script should move the soul. People can see real life in these maybe you don’t understand about family. So your coldness just says so much about you. Really…c’mon really. Great outstanding writing…

        • Lisa says:

          I know what you mean. I am still choked up about Opies death…family member about sums it up! :(

        • stacy says:

          I also felt like I was watching a family member being killed I cried like a baby too. That was so hard to watch.

          • Brandy Pennington says:

            Watching the reactions of Jax and Chibs as Opie was murdered made it that much harder! Kudos to the entire cast for making us all fall in love with the characters, and hurt so bad when we lose one!!!

    • Jerald Goffney says:

      I guess I will go back to watching Board Walk Empire, oh I forgot, the same thing happened to one of it’s main characters also. Jimmy Darmody. R.I.P. Opie. As the famous words of Esther Rolle from the show Good Times says when her husband James died. Damn, Damn, Damn, Opie. Jax, lets kill all these bastards that had something to do with Opie’s death. I can understand why Pope is upset that his daughter was murder by a Son’s member, but you guys didn’t have to kill off Opie. You guys should have gotten rid of one of the members who didn’t move your die hard fans so much. This is a bunch of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • lynn says:

        I AGREE!!! I felt the same way with Board Walk Empire too…

      • alicia says:

        Yeah like that Irish guy with the scar…he shouldve died he doesnt do anything. what is his pourpose? I dont even knoe his characters name. because hes just not that importent.

        • Beth says:

          Chibs is the link to the IRA…. that’s why he couldnt go…..

          • gap016 says:

            No it could have been anyone of the sons. But the only characters that would make Jax go to a darker place (lack of better words) are Opie, Tara, or Jax’s kids. If it were Chibs,Juice,Bobby Elvis or Happy it would have an effect on Jax but not as emotional. Remember Jax and Opie were inseperable growing up. They were like brothers. It puts Jax where he needs to be for this season. The situation is more complicated then the last 4 seasons. Jax is up against the CIA and a very smart man who knew what to do to get him where he is. But Pope may not have realized the Jax is a problem solver he uses his brain more So that with the anger burning inside should make for a great 5th season.

        • Heather says:

          uhhh Chibbs???? if u dont even know him then how can u call ur self a SOA fan

          • Kt says:

            Its actually Chibs Telford. He s not Irish. He is from Scotland but grew up in Belfast. Chibs is a nickname. The word “chib” is Scottish street slang for a blade, a slash or a cut (a “chibbing” is usually a disfiguring facial attack with a knife or similar sharp object).

        • jnogel says:

          chibs telford, he was a medic in the IRA and JimmyO stole his wife and daughter cut up his face and kicked him out of Ireland, he is a major connection for the Sons and the IRA,….have you ever actually seen this show?

        • Leah Jacobs says:

          His name is Chibs. Was appointed sergeant-at-arms by Jax. Chibs is extremely loyal to Jax..

        • Sinead says:

          Firstly chibs isn’t Irish, he’s Scottish, big difference, and you don’t know how the rest of the season will turn out, kurt sutter has done well so far to keep us glued to soa so why doubt him now, I’m also devastated by opies death as he was my favourite character but it’s done now so why bother moaning about it

        • Sergi says:

          Irish?don’t know the name? C’mon really

        • punk6912 says:

          well for 1 he is scottish not irish and was part of the IRA at one time and for 2 u really havent watched the show much if u dont know his name is Filip “Chibs” Telford or that he is the sgt at arms for the club

        • gary SOA boston says:

          yeh chibs is the link but also his story isnt finished his wife and baby girl are still being held hostage by the ira…my thought on the matter anyway

        • Mary Jo Bell says:

          His name is Chibs Telford, he is Scottish, not Irish (but the character did grow up in Ireland so I will give you that one) and he is the current Sergeant-at-arms which is a VERY important role. His purpose is being a bad ass! He is down for whatever, whenever. His loyalty is unmatched by anyone else on that show and unlike Tig, he is very smart and thinks before he acts. I find him to be an awesome character. But I was so sad to see Opie go. That poor man. SOA put him thru Hell over the years. R.I.P Op.

        • Beth says:

          His name is Chibs and apparently he is important to the story or he would have been killed already.

        • Dooke says:

          The Irish guy is not Irish, he’s Scottish, and his name is Chibs. Without him, we would not have had much background on Jimmy O’Fallon and the whole IRA thing. Have you watched more than this season? It’s a great show!!!

        • t says:

          You must have just picked up on the series in season 5. Chibbs plays a very important. It’s the quiet and observant ones you gotta watch out for. How ignorant can you be? Go back to watching Barney and learn how to spell, punctuate, and use proper grammar. Maybe actually watch the show before posting some nonsense like you know something. Chibbs is the lifeline of the club when when it comes to the IRA and he’s not Irish.

      • Kim says:

        I agree. All in all, we love the suspense of SOA and before this, I thought the show was brilliant. Personally, I love happy endings like Jax getting his son back from the Irish and the intensity of the whole season while we waited for it. Sutter didnt see a way to resolve the rift between Jax and his best friend?? Ya, ok. I was hoping Opie would help Jax take out Clay and then ??? But killing off Opie and making us watch that gut wrenching and over the line graphic nature of it…plus Clay still being alive and calling shots…..Im not staying up late for this show anymore :( Bobby, Juice, Chibs, anybody but the future VP Opie. Time to retire the SOA gear, quit buying the DVD’s, and try to find a new favorite show. Dexter maybe?

        • punk6912 says:

          uh is Bobby not the VP?

        • Michelle says:

          Are you freaking serious??? Stop watching because of this??? When i watched last weeks Episode at the end I looked at my Husband and said “Opie is going there to die for Jax” and it’s what he did. He couldn’t leave the club and have a friendship Jax, it wouldn’t work!!! And he couldn’t stay with the club after it killed his wife and father! He can’t kill clay because of the Irish so Opie had to go! He was my favorite character, and I bawled my head off but it had to happen.

          • Mikel says:

            I think you captured the idea behind the death of Opie, Michelle. There was so much conflict in his life, yet the loyalty could not be destroyed to Jax. This was a disturbing episode, for all the right reasons. The show will continue to get more addictive as the next events unfold.

          • kara says:

            I totally agree with you that is the way that i look at it too. Even though I loved Opie and he was a loyal friend to Jax and the friends that he made thru the club to his gruesome end. R.I.P. OPIE!!!!

        • Paula says:

          My immediate reacton was that I just couldn’t watch the show anymore too but the more I thought about it, I knew I just couldn’t quit. I cried over Opie’s death and the look of utter loss in Jax’s eyes too, it was gut-wrenching. I can’t let Opie die in vain, I need to see how this plays out.

          • Stacy says:

            I truly felt th same way….I couldn’t even watch when Opie stepped into the box…I walked away……I knew he was dead….I cried, ranted and raved, my husband just stared at me like I lost my mind….I swore I would never watch the show again……But like a true die-hard SOA fan that only lasted til the morning….Now I need to see Jax and the rest of the club step up and take care of business……

        • Connie says:

          Come’on Kim… reallly? Put on your big girl panties and deal with it. Opie is dead. Sing a sad song, but to quit watching? I doubt that. If you are a true fan, you’ll be watching.

        • Jayne says:

          I agree I’m done… Bad idea! This story could have went many good ways with opie still alive and now … What a mistake!!!!

        • Jo Ann says:

          To be a fan means enduring the ups and downs of the club, they are “motor cycle enthusiasts” surely no one was expecting a group of men who cut someones balls off when it all began to hug and go to the fair on the last episode?

        • dino cee says:

          ibet you watch next week ,lol

      • Mark Brownd says:

        To me, Jax is the heart of the show and Opie was the soul. Without a soul, your hollow, which is what SOA will now be. A cheap sell out by Sutter to create a “WOW” moment. He even set the buzz in motion by letting everyone know a main character would die. Jax and Opie was supposed to accomplish what JT and Piney couldn’t with the club. So, congratulations Mr. Sutter for ruining what was once a great show. Maybe with that scene you may win your Emmy, (you certainly paid enough for it)!!!!!!!!!!

        • Nox says:

          It’s easy, when a show this magnificent, to become so attached to likable characters that experiencing a loss makes one feel betrayed. Sutter knows more about Jax and Opie than ANY of us fans.

          In allowing Opie to basically sacrifice himself for Jax (and I honestly feel that Opie wound up being loyal to Jax rather than the club, and for all the right reasons), Sutter and Opie have given Jax a wake-up call. No more wishy-washy self-pity about your ability to lead this club, Jax — it’s time to play the game the smart way and realize that some people are going to have to die to achieve the end result, and you will be holding the loaded gun.

          As a fan of the characters, I hate losing the connection with a character I liked. As a fan of the series, though, this is brilliant. Jax already started living up to Opie’s challenge by bringing Tig to the knee and shock-collaring him to unquestionable loyalty. No other character’s death could have brought that change in Jax so swiftly, except maybe Tara. And I honestly think that, once Jax has gotten what he needs out of Tig, he’ll find some smart way for Tig to pay the price for Opie’s death.

          What Jax has been missing in terms of character progression has been motive — a real reason to have ambition. Not about satisfying others (ghost of JT, Gemma, Tara, Bobby, and others who have offered insight one-on-one) or reacting to a problem immediately at hand. JT’s death was too far removed to push Jax, but Opie’s death? Now Jax has a motive — revenge — and it will be sweet to watch as it unfolds.

      • JO ANN JANSKY says:

        I strongly agree with what u are saying, Opie was very AWSOME !!!

      • CKat says:

        The point of Opie being killed is because he was so loved. His death will cause everyone who loved him to revenge his death, including hurting Clay when all is revealed. This was to create the emotional upset so Jax could move forward and as Pope said, become a King of Kings. Remember revenge is sweet and Jax will make them pay, hopefully without further loss to him and his family. As far as what happens with Tig, did you forget his daughter was burned to death for the killing Pope’s daughter? That also was quite intense, but no one seems to care about his tragedies. If you look deeper into his life, it hasn’t been so great, he certainly is a tragic character. Now, because Jax gets him out of jail, he will follow him to the end. If and when he learns about Clay, his reaction will be interesting since he would discover he has been used again and set up by Clay because of his love and loyalty to him and the Club. Now he gives that love and loyalty to Jax. Real life situations where things don’t go as planned and those you love can certainly be hurt in the aftermath of deeds gone wrong. Love the SONS. Great writing Kurt Sutter.

  3. Opie :( I’m totally gutted and still so upset about this, but I am a Kurt Sutter supporter and will continue to watch no matter what!

    • bettyjean says:

      this is my favorite show of all time i love everyone and look forward to this show please don’t end your run anytime soon this show is so huge and you are great!!!!!!!!

    • mae says:

      I feel the same way. I loved who Opie was and what he did for the club. RIP Opie. I’ll continue to watch the show to know exactly how important Opie is to Jax. I support Sutter also!

    • Dooke says:

      Me too! Heartbroken or not, it’s one of the best shows on TV. Sure as Hell beats all those train-wreck “reality” shows!!

  4. Louie says:

    Hearing this explanation is still no consolation… sigh

  5. Elaine says:

    RIP Opie. I miss Ryan already. Wherever he goes next, whatever he does next, I’ll be watching. He’s one of my favorite actors today. Can’t wait to see what he does next.
    Just wish he could have been kept around longer. :-(

    • Elaine says:

      If I could have picked who had to go other than Jax….. Opie’s character would have been the last one I’d have picked. Anyone, club member, family member, whoever, Opie woulda been the one I’d have kept. Which, I guess, if you’re gonna write a death to rip this series wide open, Opie was the smart choice. I’m gonna miss those sad Opie eyes. In my perfect world, of all the characters, including Jax, Opie is the one I wanted to find happiness (and not after-death happiness either).
      You broke my heart, Kurt Sutter, you damn well broke my heart. :(

      • Tayla says:

        I agree with everyone here, it was indeed te saddest
        Episode but if sutter has plans on busting the series wide open them he is the genius behind the
        Show , so I trust he wld make the right decision, it kills me op is gone, JAXs will avenge his death tho, I wld have liked
        To see clay killed
        Like that he’s the one deserved to die not op! SAd forerr it will nevr b
        The same op ur forerr missed! Wel love u

        • Jen says:

          I totally agree it is past time for Clay to go he is past getting under my skin I mean how much more damage can he do? Let the club figure out how to handle the guns without him. They should have found a way to deal with Pope and get Clay killed and saved Op,I guess we will just have to see where this leads us now…

      • Margaret says:

        I too would of picked Opie last.. Yet you figure Opie put his own life in prison too. When he walked up to the cop and punched him ,when they were taking in the others. He went in to take care of and to see that his men were going to be okay. He would do anything for them.. Now he again stepped in to save his club members. Dies a hero to the club. They are free now too. . Yep he will be missed

    • tony says:

      I agree. I got hooked on the show via netflix watched seasons 1-3 ended up buying season 4 because I liked it so much and really thought Ryan(Opie) was going to be the Vp of the club with Jax as President. His character really got a bad deal though from the death of Donna to losing his dad in season 4. I can see Kurt Sutter’s point and he definitely got the desired effect out of me last night.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Brilliant episode. I had a feeling it was going to be Opie after Jax told him everything. The club killed Donna and Piney what else did he have left besides his kids that he never sees. Still wicked sad losing Opie, definitely one of my favorites, but I cannot wait to see what Jax is going to do now. Especially after seeing his eyes after Opie died.

    • Robin says:

      Completely agree with this comment. I saw it in Op’s face when Jax was telling him everything in their cell. I just knew he was going to somehow be the hero, as that was Opie’s nature. However, I did NOT expect the scene to be SO POWERFUL and to find myself bawling my eyes out and running for a tissue. Way to go Kurt. Brilliant episode, Opie’s character will be HUGELY missed, but I think the story line went above and beyond the bar set in previous seasons. I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat on Tuesday nights! (Oh, and I appreciate Kurt’s warnings about social media and avoiding the spoilers)

    • mezzy says:

      the club didnt kill donna or piney it was that bastard clay now clay needs to die clay is the one that will kill the entire club that pos

    • Jay says:

      When Opie put the “For Sale” sign on his bike, that told me he was going to be gone, one way or the other! Props to you Kurt! You’ve accomplished what you went out for! I believe Tuesdays episode was the most widely talked about ever!! Excellent writing!!

    • Marilyn says:

      I completely agree with Rebecca and Robin. Although it was extremely sad and heartbreaking, (I cried for a good 10 minutes). And yes I know some of you will say it is only a tv show. But it is an amazing show that I’ve been watching since the first season. What a way for Opie to go. I thought the same thing by the look in his eyes that he was going to sacrifice himself to save his best friend. Although I don’t like the fact that he died in the show. He went out in a most heroic way for his best friend and his club. And now Jax has a completely different focus. You are an amazing writer Kurt Sutter. And although we don’t always like your story line, you keep us on the edge of our seat. And keep us coming back for more. This is my most favorite show on television. And one of the best by far. I hope that SOA goes well beyond season 7 but no matter what I will be watching until the end. Thanks for a great tv series.

    • TWOFEATHERS says:

      I knew Opie was gonna step up. Sad but very authentic. Curt you’re. A genius! Well done!

    • As heart wrenching as it was to see Opie die, I think that it was a brilliant way to shake up the dynamic of the show and these events take Jax’s character to a new level. Right from the beginning, this season has been so explosive that I cannot turn away; I am glued to my set.

      For me, tt has been a while since a TV Show has envoked so much emotion; I was shouting at the screen OMG, OMG OMG. Well done Kurt Sutter.

  7. Sam says:

    I’ve heard some really really strong arguments that make a case that Opie is the Ophelia character in this Hamlet-esque show. And once you actually think about it, it makes sense. I know a lot of people are pissed and saying the death was pointless but I honestly think we’ve been heading towards it for a couple episodes. Opie’s talk with Lila last episode should have been a big indication.

    And it’s slightly endearing because even though he thought he didn’t know HOW to love anyone anymore I think that he did still know how to love Jax. At least enough to sacrifice himself and save him. For that, Opie goes out on top in my book. This is really going to have big repercussions and drive a lot of storyline/emotion for the rest of the season. Especially with Jax. I’m really sad but I applaud Sutter for being one of the few showrunners who doesn’t cater to the fans and therefore sacrifices his storytelling. Too many showrunners do that these days.

    • the girl says:

      I agree with your last two sentences completely. Sutter could have wimpered out and sacrificed someone like Unser, who is already sickly and not actually a member of SAMCRO, or Juice, who many people would have been okay with losing after he betrayed the club last season. What Sutter did, taking out Opie, was brave and bold – and difficult for all of us. I did not want it to be Opie, and I was left feeling an intense amount of rage towards Tig for his unsanctioned actions that precipitated this entire conflict. When you are watching TV and find your blood boiling, that is when you know the showrunner has succeeded. Bravo.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I think you are right. Tara never really seemed Ophelia-like to me, and it does make a lot of sense that it was Opie. Good thoughts, sir.

    • Donna says:

      well said

    • Beneficial says:

      Sam, you summed it up perfectly although I concluded that Opie giving the money to Lyla and his conversation with her was just about him jumping in with the SOA members while they went to county lock up. It was very heart wrenching as Opie was one of my favorite charchters but those are angry with Sutters storyline and refuse to watch the show anymore are in my opinion not true fans. It made the story better because this is what will push Jax over the edge as far as dealing with the clubs enemies and it will/should make what SAMCRO does best…. retaliation and revenge for Opies death that much sweeter. I comend Kurt Sutter and his show SOA and think it is one of the best ever.

  8. Jessica says:

    I’ve loved SOA from the very beginning and trust KS completely. I’m saddened by Opie’s death because after Jax, he was my favorite character, but I am so excited to see where the rest of the season and series go.

  9. So, upset… STILL!!!! How they gonna kill Ope? WTF? I’m a fan for sure- we own DVD’s, clothing items- hell my desktop pic & screen saver is both of SOA material… but this has really, REALLY pissed me off, KURT!!!!

    • Mystic says:

      i am with my aunt on that i love the show and i am a HUGE fan…but opie really..he had or had two kids to live for..whats gonna happen to them

      • D says:

        Come on people! He had to do it! Plus, this is a show about A CRIMINAL BIKER GANG, it is not a fairy tale!! everyone can not be involved in illegal activity and live forever. People die everyday, and this is just more proof as to why Sutter is a father to this show, he makes it how he thinks it should be, and not how the fans want it to be…I loved Opie too, I cried like a baby…but it was damn good TV!

  10. trncegrl says:

    While very hard to watch, the emotion of that show is what makes me love Sons so much. Opie was one of my favorites & Ryan Hurt’s quietly powerful portrayal will be surely missed. (Still, shoulda been Clay… Just had to throw it in.)

  11. Rick says:

    As a deputy sheriff, I want to balk at the idea of there being firearms in a county jail.. this would never happen in a real jail setting.. but I have to realize there has to be ratings made..

  12. ken1313 says:

    I still tear up reading this (R.I.P. Opie)……….gut wrenching and heart breaking……but I absolutely can not wait to see what horrific deaths await the Prison guard and (hopefully) Pope.

  13. Raya says:

    You are not alone, I’m SOOOOOO PISSED they killed Opie. He was the reason I was watching, how dare they kill the best person on the show. While I was watching I was yelling out “No No not my Opie” I was in shock for like 5 mins, it was so raw how they took him out. So what if Chibs was the logical choice they should have took him out. Opie need to kill Clay for all of the things he did to his family and now we will never see Opie get justice. I’m only going to watch so I can see Jax get revenge for his death, then I’m done. I know that sounds bad and I’m sure that was a risk they were willing to take losing viewers. R.I.P Opie, The best Son there was :)

    • ken1313 says:

      Clay will be gone in 2-3 weeks tops……Jax is gonna turn his anger to Clay now…..Clay made up the story about who shot him….which led to Tig’s actions…….don’t think for a second that Jax isn’t gonna remember that. PLUS…Clay (I’m guessing) dropped a dime to the cops about the Escort service which led to Gemma getting arrested. I think those are the final straws for Jax…….he keeps saying he needs Clay for the deal…..but I think he is just gonna say &%#@ it…and take complete control of the whole situation and tell them they need to deal through HIM now…. We’ll see I guess…but I wouldn’t count on Clay living any more than 2-3 more weeks

      • Lynette says:

        I was shocked and saddened about Opie
        and will miss his character, but know he will be in the back of our minds when the retaliation is being dealt. I agree with your idea that Clay dropped the dime, but my family says it was the girl Gemma beat up…why do you think it was Clay?

      • Heather says:

        They wont kill Clay off.. Y would they.. He is it.. who would be left to ruffle everyones feathers. Dont get me wrong, Opie dying was awful and the show isnt going to be the same.. but the show is going in the direction it needs to go and we needed Jax to lose a lot to open everything up.. I doubt they ever kill Clay… Juice, Chibs, Tig.. all of those maybe but i personally think Jax and Clay are in til the end

    • Logical. says:

      so you say. and that’s what a lot of people have been saying, but do you REALLY think the revenge will happen in the next episode or 2? no way. it’s gonna be dragged out for the rest of the season. and by the end of the season, yea, no opie, but there will be something else that drags you in. ever since the death of donna, opie has been my favorite character, prior to that he didn’t have any depth, but the show goes on, and if you want to see opie get his justice against clay, well, keep watching. i guarantee you by series end, clay will be no more. not gonna be at opie’s hand, but hell, there’s so many options, one of his kids may be the one to do him in lol sons is a crazy show and unpredictable, only time will tell. as upset by last nights events as i was, i am not ready to stop watching the only watchable tv series on air right now because of one death. maybe now jax will stop worrying about becoming clay, or john, or anyone else and he can be JAX. avenge his friend’s death and quit being such a p***y. 6 more days…

      • ken1313 says:

        Kurt himself said the Jax/Clay situation is not gonna drag out…it’s gonna come to a very quick conclusion………..and last night’s show gave Jax 2 more reasons to kill off Clay.

    • All men die, but not all men truly Live. RiP Oppie, he went out like as a Man, who Choose his own death.

  14. SuperJohn420 says:


    • Connie says:

      No, he’s not to be trusted! I think something bad is coming from Jimmy Smits

    • Joe T. says:

      Everybody automaticly assumes the protection in jail came from the cartel but jimmy/Nero also has/had a crew who he himself said.where eitherdead or locked up that protection couldhave been Nero. Just food fot thought

  15. June says:

    I love all the characters, some more than others. I had a feeling it would be Opie & I blame Clay for his death also since he so “noblily” went by to visit him letting him know Jax was in trouble & needed him. Did anyone one else catch that or am I just a big Clay Hater? Opie was more or less out of the Club anyway but it was still hard to watch. Maybe this will toughen Jax.

    • Logical. says:

      it’s ALL clay. donna’s death, piney’s death, opie going to jail with them and then dying.. it’s ALL been clay. as awesome as perlman is, it’s all been clay’s fault. he killed jt; then donna when he thought opie turned rat (via tig); covered jt up and then letters surfaced about ‘the truth’; to which clay had to kill piney to cover up – which caused tig to go rogue and kill pope’s daughter due to another of clay’s lies, sending the sons to prison, and after clay’s pep-talk opie decided his own fate to go to prison with the other 3, where he ultimately paid the price for being easily manipulated. look back to season 1 – opie was working in a lumber yard and was convinced by jax to come back.. that there was the downfall of opie. poor man gave everything to the club that gave him nothing but pain and misery.

  16. Mystic says:

    Opie should still be alive whyyyy not tig or clay

  17. June says:

    Jimmy Smits is a little nuts. Who called in the raid?

    • Logical. says:

      pretty sure this should be the obvious – clay. i could be wrong, but it seems like something he’d do. i would say maybe gemma, but she seemed as caught off guard as everyone else. only time will tell, and 6 days is a long wait.

    • Sue says:

      Simple! Clay!

    • Kim says:

      I think Clay called the raid, he’s such a P***Y

      • Rob says:

        The Disney hooker with Clay called in the raid!! Come on people Kurt is a genious when it comes to misdirrection so there is NO WAY it was Clay BUT I am sure Ashly Tisdale is not a 1 episoder so there will be a sub-plot built around her and what a better way to pull her in than having her be responsible for Gema getting arrested?!

  18. Robbie O. says:

    I couldn’t watch the screen. I couldn’t. Kurt Sutter, your brilliance is just phenomenal, but you’re so dark and twisty that there was no way this couldn’t have happened, as much as we didn’t want it to. Opie was just that constant in Jax’s life, now he’s going to have to learn how to deal without that constant, and a HUGE unfortunately,so are we. On a lighter note? Juice is pretty awesome. PLEASE don’t kill him off.

  19. Tony S says:

    With that episode, I no longer have any interest to see where this show ends. I admire the creative bravery, but it’s too dark and real. I don’t find that entertaining.

    • Kyle says:

      Did you find the rape of a woman in S2 to be light and not real then? Come on, man…

      This show has always been dark.

    • popesy says:

      I agree totally with everything you said .. Would have liked Opie to have got some justice .. I think Kurt Sutter hates Opie .. Look at what his been through .. Did 5 years jail for the club .. Wife murdered .. Father murdered .. Hot pornstar wife taken away from him .. Now his murdered as well .. Spot on with the creativity of the episode, but Mr Sutter has just lost himself a very loyal fan of the show

  20. Mandy says:

    I have to say, KS certainly succeeded in making me feel the raw emotion of the death…. I literally had a panic attack and fell to my knees crying! Not even bcuz Opie is a fave, but the whole thing felt so real that it was as if I were there with Jax watching helplessly. I get that it had to happen for the story line, but I wish I’d been warned about the grisly-ness!

    • Logical. says:

      uh. where have you been the previous 4 seasons? SoA is not for the feint of heart. back in s1 when they cut off the child rapist’s balls.. oh yes. that was what hooked me. lol the fact that they were going for the rawness was what piqued my interest. although at this point, i miss the days of them fighting off different gangs and just riding lol. but this series is definitely not for you if you thought opie’s death was “too much” lol go watch the saw series, then SoA won’t seem so grisly. :D

      • Mandy says:

        Maybe I didn’t explain what I meant very well lol. I’ve seen every episode many times and I’m very accustomed to the violence. I never said it was too much, what I was trying to say is KS did a really good job of making it feel personal for me. Watching Opie’s head explode with that final crack of the pipe would have been no different than seeing Kyle get his tattoo Son-removed if it hadn’t been for the way he built up to it.

        • mezzy says:

          was it me or did anybody else notice rite b4 opie was hit with the pipe in the back of his head when he looked at jaxs opie had a smirk on his face

        • Kellie says:

          Look at all the responses to what happened Tuesday night??? If it had been built up and everyone knew before hand what was going to happen, do you really think there would be such an exposion of emotions? No, thats where KS is a phenominal writer, he knew exactly how to get the gut wrenching reaction that he did infact get.

  21. Rob says:

    I was not expecting that and going to miss Opie on the show, but damn that was a smart move Kurt. I feel this will push Jax to be the leader he should be. People need to look at the bigger picture and see where he is trying to lead the show. I can’t wait for future episodes. It is going to suck when this ends after seven seasons.

  22. the girl says:

    I know Kurt Sutter already has a vision for the endgame, but my dream scenario starts with offing Juice for being a part of the RICO thing, then once he’s out of the way and RICO is over, we take out Clay. And by we I mean Jax. No one else can take out Clay. It so has to be Jax. That gets SAMCRO out of the deal with the Irish and the Cartel. Not quite sure yet how we deal with Pope, but man it’s gonna be good.

  23. Brandi S says:

    Opie, in seaon 1, physically reminded me of my husband. In a weird way, my husband and Opie act a lot alike, in the sense that they both tend to not say a lot but sit back and take in everything. In all the season, I have cheered for Op and even after he grew out his hair and beard, seeing him still brought my husband to mind. As we laid in bed last night watching, it was extremely hard for me to watch. I will miss Ryan Hurst!

  24. Nikki says:

    I have never sobbed so much at a TV show in my life. I literally sat there on my own watching it sobbing shouting “NO! NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” at the screen! Opie was my absolute fave and I am heartbroken! The storyline and the way it came about was brilliant, but I am gutted it had to be Opie, even though I understand it. I am proper bummed out now, I can’t believe how attached to this show I am! A testament to how brilliant the show is.

    • Beth says:

      I can totally relate to ur comments.I waited til last nite to watch & had to stop it & cry….still crying when I think about it & read all these comments. Opie was the the ultimate SON!
      I cant wait for the newly harden Jax to come back out & kick some serious ass! You can see it in his eyes, he’s a different man that has a mission now, more than ever!
      Can’t wait to see how this season plays out & continues into the next….
      This is a real reality show!

    • Sammy says:

      I agree. I have never yelled and freaked out at a TV show. Briliiant Mr. Sutter Bravo!

      Even though I’m pissed off.

  25. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I feel like Opie’s story was mostly played out, so it wasn’t a bad decision on Sutter’s part. He was one of the few morally grey characters that I was sort of okay with though, so that aspect bugs me. I kind of soured on him a bit though with the way he took out Stahl. It’s a big man who kills a woman when she’s defenseless and her back is turned. Ugh. And I’ve always felt Opie’s wife’s death was more on Tig and Clay’s heads than Stahl since they were on the ones who made the ugly decision to not trust Opie when he said he would never rat them out. Stahl may not have been perfect, but she didn’t pull the trigger on Opie’s wife, and she didn’t deserve to go out the way she did. But regardless, Opie had a lot of heart, and he went through a lot of crap in life because of the club. It seems fitting he’s dead and his kids are orphans because of the path the club chooses to walk. I wish Opie had been thinking about his poor kids and what would happen to them and how they would feel before he made that decision. His kids should have been more important to him than Jax.
    Gemma’s freak out on the hooker was beyond my ability to comprehend. First off, why do this over someone as gross as Clay who beat her senseless? Second off, why beat up the hooker who was just doing her job instead of beating up the guy you’re married to who made the decision to have sex with the hooker? It was one of those violence against women moments that makes me wonder why I watch the show. And I felt like Sutter was trying to play it up to make it funny, like, oh, look at how hilarious it is when Gemma goes psycho and beats up whores because they slept with her husband. I could almost hear a collective laugh across the country from the show’s viewers. I really don’t find it funny. I hope I’m wrong that other people do.

    • Beth says:

      Did you see the way Clay just sat there enjoying the ‘show?’ smiling like it was funny?! He probly couldnt get it up & nothing happened. & i believe it was Clay that called in a favor to get the escort business hit. Trying to tell Gemma he knows what’s up & his way of taking care of it w/o getting dirty or hurt. Cuz Jimmy Smits woulda kicked his ass & probly killed him!

    • I think that it was a lame way of trying to get Ashely Tisdailes character into the show with a bang. Why would Gemma be upset oer the situation, even though Clay has done the things he has to her she is still his wife of decades so there will always be emotions there towards him some good and more recently bad ones so she lost it seeing him there with any other woman.

    • joe says:

      It seems to me that you’re focusing on the violence against women too much and missing the reasoning behind it. Stahl knew that doing what she did would make opie questionable in the eyes of clay. So did her partners and coworkers. So did Opie. Stahl was an evil, lying, manipulative b***h. Her actions got donna killed, Able kidnapped, Gemma framed for murder, and then she even killed her own partner/lover to facilitate her greed. She was very much the cause of Donna’s death, and her own death had to come from the club, more-so Opie, who was forgiving of her earlier in the series when they encountered eachother. She was out of control.

      As for the hooker, I hardly believe people were using it as a comedy source. You have to realize, this placewas Gemma’s new safe haven; a place Clay could not get to her. Now she walks in to find him forcing himself into her life. He’s taken away that sanctity. Whether he had sex with the hooker or not, this was Gemma’s way of telling him he was not welcome here. He found some thing to pleasure himself in her new safe house, so she had to destroy it. If she didn’t, then she would be reminded of him every time was there.

      This show is very deep. Yes, there is a good bit of violence against women, but I think you’re focusing too much on it. This is a dark and twisted game being played out. The women getting involved know the rules and consequences. They know the possibilities, but they choose to play. There’s nothing happening on the show that doesn’t happen on the news every day.

      • Lyndia says:

        I think the reason Gemma went off on the hooker is because she still loves Clay. Not that she wants to but Clay wanted to prove it by invading her new safe place. Hence the smurk?

    • Jones says:

      That’s just classic Gemma though. That’s how she handled the other girl she knew Clay slept with back in season 2 or 3 (I can’t remember her name but the one who went to Ireland) I was rooting for Gemma and Jimmy Smit’s character to be together because I feel the way you do about Clay so why she even bothered to get jealous considering she has been screwing another guy is beyond me.

      • Kellie says:

        If it were me, (which I might add it never would be lol) I think I would have walked into the room as she did, but instead of beating that poor hooker to a pulp, walk over to clay as calm as a cucumber, smack his sorry, oxygen riddled face, turned around, maybe called her a little bitch or some endearing name, and walked back out. BUT that isnt good tv either.

  26. brie says:

    What exactly did Opie mouth to Jax through the glass before he got hit again?

  27. lisa says:

    Opie told Jax…..I got this…….so sad I criedmy eyes out!!!

    • Laurie says:

      Was sooo sad I cried and cried :( I never thought it would be Opie, he was a big part of the show, I wanted to see him by Jax’s side running the club. R.I.P Opie if it wasn’t for my love for Jax I wouldn’t be able to watch no more!

    • Jo Ann says:

      Did anyone see juice on the floor of Gemma’s safe house (escort service) seemed to be shot in the belly?

  28. Opie Lemansky says:

    Actually i think it looks a lot like in ”The Shield” when Lem died during season five if Kurt wants SOA to be a seven season show it can only mean the best for the rest. He had to make an important character die to make the show even better, again just like in The Shield the Jax/Clay beef is comparable to the Vic/Shane beef that’s i think Clay is here to stay to see Mc members die because of his past actions ( maybe to kill himself in season 7 ( just like Shane Vendrell ). I will Watch until the end and watch it again ans then show it to my children… Kurt you are the BEST !!

  29. Jim Edwards says:

    Opine was the conscious of SAMCRO.
    Like Ned Stark was on
    Game of Thrones.

  30. Joanne says:

    Opie will be missed. I hope to see Ryan Hurst take on many more future projects. He was wonderful on the show. But I do think after the club-related deaths of Donna and Piney, I don’t think Opie had a future in the club. No way could he sit at the table with Clay still around in some fashion.

  31. Randy says:

    Gonna miss Opie, but after Donna and Piney there was no real happy ending in sight. If you want to see how big of acting chops Ryan has, rent ” Lone Star State Of Mind”. You won’t even recognize him.

  32. Sue says:

    I don’t think Opie is really dead….Tara had some papers signed so she could work at the jail….I’m just sayin!

    • popesy says:

      I re-watched the death scene after seeing you write this .. Unfortunately there’s no way Opie survived that .. The first hit broke his neck and when Jax turns to face the screen you can see another one of the black guys in the back ground start belting into him again :/

    • brian says:

      Didn’t she get the papers to work there after Jax called her and wanted info on the guards? Just saying….

  33. my heart is broken but i understand why and i think jax is going to be darker this seasion and seasion to come..opie will be very very missed ;(

  34. James says:

    You gotta give Sutter credit here for having the balls to do it, not alot of show runners these days would have. I will admit that I got a little chocked up watching it even though it was clear from the previous episode it was going to be Opie. knowing Sutter the show will only get better from here, Jax is going to creep up to that line and peek over the edge if not jump off of it, which will be interesting to see how that effects his relationships with Tera, Gemma, and the Club. we’ll see what happens with Tig but I don’t think it will be good for him. all I do know is Michael from Lost, you’re about to get F’d up real bad.

  35. Jim says:

    Jaxs is looking more and more like Pope’s biker chick after that episode! He is too weak to be the club president..Clay would of never let it go this far…Pope would of be taken care of from the start not end up telling the sons what they do and what they don’t do! Jaxs is a wuss!

  36. jesse says:

    I understand why Opie was slain, but other then Tara who else in the club does Jax honestly trust and turn to? The one person I thought would have Jax’s back and be the one who helped Jax move forward with his/JT’s dream to make those drastic changes would be Opie. A man who lost and gave everything for his club/bf to help build a greater character and leader out of Jax. Any true leader, learns to endure tragic sacrifices and changes a man. We’ve all seen Jax’s character evolve drastically since season 1. This was almost a show breaking blow. KS was right, Opie went down the man we all knew him to be. A man of sacrifice who always carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. Yes, Clay is always to blame. He sent the club on its hell bent path with JT’s death as an opener. Though we still have yet to hear how Gemma’s role in this death was carried out whom Tara called out on last nights episode.

    Without Opie, Jax is forced to walk his own path. Along his side I believe will be my other favorite character Chibs who is now playing a vital role in the club. Regardless of how the last episode played out, im seeing the bigger picture. But still think Opie would’ve been a more vital role alive then dead. 2 men who have always been looking for a way out and always drawn back in. Season 5 will be an awesome setup for the next 2 seasons.
    A little disgruntled, but can’t wait to see the after actions. Regardless KS gave everybody another reason to watch next week

  37. Mike says:

    I feel that No matter what the reasons or end game was behind this. It just wasnt worth it. Sutter…. You made the wrong call for your series, and most of your fans hate you right now. (Not in the good way either…)

    • JULES says:

      I totally disagree that most fans hate Sutter for this. Most are upset, sure, but I think we all understand why this had to be done. This isn’t a fantasy, happily ever after series.

    • sandra says:

      i totally agree. Opie i will truly miss you. And if there is ever a time to bring a character back from the dead it would be now. I cried and screamed at the tv. Wanting to jump in and save Opie some how. This sucks. I hate you Kurt for killing off Opie.

      • Lynne Gunderman says:

        I cried my heart out.. couldn’t finish watching the beating after the 1st hit! :'( Opie was the last person I thought would go!! He’s the reason I watch the show!! I’m devastated n wish they could bring him back!! Wont be the same without him!!

  38. Lisa Marie says:

    I guess it makes sense the way Kurt put it but no matter what it’s a terrible loss and you will always be #1 to me Opie(Ryan hurst) truly missed and never forgotten xoxo

  39. kelly says:

    Omg why did u have to kill off opie this freaken sucks bad it shoulduv been clay or tig and ur explantionation doesn’t justifie it at all he was one of the main characters this sucks real bad I feel like I lost one of my own family members heck I been watchen for as long as its been on well I will still continue to watch but it will not be the same with out opie I just want to cry

  40. Mohanad says:

    Well , Obie suffered a lot from the club. He lost his wife first, then he lost his father. His death was very shocking and surprising. It was un-expecting. i haven’t been this surprised since the fifth season of The Wire. Ope’s death will make Jax stronger, and I hope he kills one of Pope’s crew or even kill Pope himself.

  41. cara says:

    So what’s going to happen to Opie’s kids?

  42. Rob M. says:

    Should have been chibbs, not opie. He’s an older man, no young kids, and the obvious choice. I mean Jax would have been heartbroken either way. You still had Bobby for the older, wiser veiwpoint that Jax needs from time to time. Opie was the quintesential biker, quiet and loyal. I looked forward to him being side by side with Jax to build the club that SHOULD have been, the one JT envisioned. Kill that piece Clay already, Im tired of KS trying to make us feel sorry for him. Cant wait to see how they handle the prison guard…..

  43. erin says:

    Kudos I hated the seen quite a lot and I love Opie and the concept around his relationship with jax it has been a deep ride between them and an extremely successful look at the male bond in turmoil….. Great pilot lead in however and totally emotional for the viewer…. Can’t wait to see where this is going to go….

    Well written well played. Rip Opie

  44. Walrus says:

    A lot of folks throwing out names of various Sons that it “should have been” overlook that there were only 4 options, Tig, Chibs, Opie, or Jax. It had to be someone that was locked up… otherwise it would have been easy and meaningless to serve up some nameless/faceless Son. The circumstances were that it had to be one of the four in County… make it three when you factor in that Pope said Tig was off the table. Jax basically had to make a Sophie’s Choice between Opie and Chibs. He wouldn’t make that choice, so Opie made it for him. I tend to think that if pushed far enough for a choice, Jax probably would have broken-heartedly picked Opie anyway. He needs Chibs when dealing with the Irish. Part of me wouldn’t have been terribly upset if it had been Chibs… I can’t understand half of what he says and am constantly rewinding to hear it again (j/k… well I can’t understand half of it, but I’m kidding about wanting him dead).

  45. Biser says:

    I think there will be a pleasant surprise at the end of the season…. connected with Opie. I hope so t least.

  46. Kat says:

    I don’t think I’ll be watching the funeral, a bit too much to take I’m afraid! I wish it hadn’t been Opie, he’s such a good writer surely he could’ve done it differently, I know making it stark and reality based is what they’re going for but geeez kill off some of the others not Opie or Jax. I’m just going to imagine somehow it was staged and he’s off in witness protection somewhere!!

  47. Kesha Vincent says:

    Im so sad Opie Im going to miss you.. He was my favorite :( I cant believe that I almost cried… I was in pure shock…

  48. jess says:

    opi was my hero in the show..i am seriously torn..i just dont think i care to watch it anymore

  49. Kyle says:

    All I could say was ” what huh? What the…. No way!”

  50. Dirt Face says:

    I was so shocked, RIP Opie