Fall TV Preview

Grey's Anatomy Scoops: Crisis For 'Calzona,' Mer/Cristina Ep Intel, Owen's New Foil and More!

To improve your vitals as you prep for Thursday’s ninth season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy (9/8c, ABC), I dropped by the set and snagged you not one, not two, not three but four — count ’em, four — exclusive storyline scoops.

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So, after you scroll through the spoiler gallery below to learn what I got out of Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sara Ramirez and Kevin McKidd, be sure to hit the comments to share your thoughts/predictions about the drama that’s about to unfold.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Linderella says:

    You gave me a little hope that Callie and Arizona will still be together and alive but perhaps I’m reading too much into your scoopage. I guess we’ll all know tomorrow night. Can’t wait!

    • CJ says:

      I think Arizona’ll just end up losing her leg or something life-altering like that. I don’t think she’ll die but hey, this is Grey’s Anatomy, so who really knows. .

      • chris says:

        KMK tweeted a pic of AZ from ep 4 which he directed (abc quickly made him take it down) so AZ doesn’t die. Greys had a casting call for KMK’s ep for a female who was a left leg midthigh amputee (for pics of their stump) – so AZ losing her leg seems a given.

    • Lindz says:

      Callie and Arizona are constantly shoved down viewers throats and it’s getting VERY OLD. Regardless of my own personal beliefs on homosexuality, the way they hammer this relationship to the audience gets very annoying and you can see right through it.
      Also, Christina has gotten obnoxiously irritating and arrogant, at first it was cute and quirky, but ever since her abortion, she’s been extremely selfish and self absorbed and it’s bordering on hateful. And PLEASE, come on, BREAK UP Derek and Meredith……their relationship is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.

      • Jordan says:

        If you don’t like it, don’t watch the show. No one is forcing you.

      • ThatGirl says:

        “Regardless of my own personal beliefs on homosexuality”

        Ahh there it is… so you’re not annoyed they’re on TV, you’re just annoyed they’re on TV and gay.

        • Judy says:

          Thank you!

        • rachedd says:

          Love it!!!!

        • Carrie says:

          Yup. It’s pretty obvious how JOrdan feels about homosexuality & I’m guessing that JOrdon does not believe in a woman’s right to chose, since anyone who watched last season could tell you it was Owen who became selfish, Owen who refused to accept he had married a woman who had repeatedly told him she does not want to be a Mom and it was Owen who had an affair because his selfish refusal to accept his wife for who she was, led him to arrogant, selfish, destructive behaviour.

          • Ninna says:

            CONGRATS Carrie!
            The first person who told it bold and with all letters.
            Let me add that the annoying position of the show in the rehab of a man who cheated because he had the social excuse that he had a’ bad wife’ is at least, chauvinism. Not to say disgusting.
            When Addison cheated on Derek there were no possible rehab for her. But ‘poor’ Owen has a wife who doesn’t obey him and doesn’t put to his entire disposal, her life for him to use it as it pleases him.
            This man is a PIG and now they are trying to turn him in a saint. What saddens me is that there are so many women of different ages that simply go along with this type of writing without questioning properly that.

          • Rachel says:

            It wasn’t Jordan who said it. It was Lindz. Jordan just said that if Lindz didn’t like the show, to stop watching and that they weren’t being forced to watch it. I agree with you 100% and I also agree with Jordan. Lindz apparently doesn’t like anything about the show, so Lindz should stop watching the show. :)

        • janetbratter says:

          Hammer hits nail on head!

      • kristina says:

        I think your completly wrong and it makes the freaking show!!

      • Lola says:

        Hater! It’s not a reality show, calm down..

      • julie says:

        If you don’t like the show and your that bothered by the characters then don’t freakin watch it and shut up and let those who do, enjoy it!!!!!

        • Heather says:

          TY!! People act like they’re being forced to watch the show!! You don’t like it, don’t watch it, move on, and let those of us that do enjoy it, have fun with it!!!!

      • danielle81 says:

        Lindz, u basically just cut up the whole show..if you hate it so much, why are u so interested in it? And reading articles on it?

      • M says:

        who are you?????? SERIOUSLY??? in other words your saying you hate the whole show!!!! …Do us all a favor (and yourself) and STOP WATCHING!

      • Shanna says:

        If you don’t like what’s going on, on the show…..why do you continue to watch????

      • Claire says:

        Dude, just shut up. No one said you had to watch the show. Quit whining and find something new to watch. And cool your tits.

        • Natalia says:

          I’m sorry, this is totally off base, but as I read this comment, I could see Alex Karev making his “whatever”-face while saying these exact words. Loved it! “cool your tits!” lol! Great! Oh, and btw, I totally agree with everyone else. It seems you may be a bit too far off to the right to enjoy this show. You are entitled to your opinions, and you are also entitled to just change the channel. Hope you find something more to your liking soon. In the time, don’t hate on Grey’s.

      • emily says:

        Really? You know what’s annoying? People like you. You have so much negative things 2 say about the show then don’t watch it. Yet I bet you will be glued 2 your Tv tomorrow. If you feel that strongly about it watch 16 and pregnant. Now that’s a perfect REALITY show for you. Grey’s anatomy is not real. Its just for entertainment and if your not entertained then change the channel. Just saying

      • Jtrowdygirl says:

        Are you serious? Like anything you had to say was positive…what the heack is your point on watchingthe show then, do us all a favor and go watch honey boo boo or something and quit hating on Grey’s…and especiallly my favorite….and I don’t judge their sexuality…Calzona.

      • Ashley says:

        Callie and Arizona are the best couple on this show. So get over it,this is the 20th century so grow up. People should see that homosexuals can be happy without all the society crap. Including you.

      • manda kay says:

        Stop watching it! U r griping about 3 of The main things about The show. So dont watch it if it bothers u.

      • Jordan says:

        Shut up. I you can’t appreciate the complexities of a drama, stop watching.

      • guest says:

        what are you talking about? that was the one normal relationship last year. It just feels that way to you because you think homosexuality is not normal. so get over it and enjoy the ride.

      • Leah says:

        Wow, right wing Christian by any chance? Don’t think a show like this – ie, non-judgemental and liberal, is for you then.

        You sound ridiculous.

      • Sarah says:

        I only agree with about Christina ( she’s been extremely selfish and self absorbed and it’s bordering on hateful )

      • Ashly says:

        I have to say I agree with you on some of your points. Cristina really went down hill for me this past year. She was one of my favorite characters in the past (along with George and Izzie), but this past year she really came off as completely insensitive and selfish. However, I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel for her. Her comments about how Owen is her person made me think she could grow up a little.

        Meredith, I have always disliked her from season one til now. Thank goodness this show is an ensemble show and I don’t have to watch her all the time. I’d rather see Derek with someone other than her, but it doesn’t bother me that they’re together.

        I think Callie/Arizona are forced down our throats like every couple is forced down our throats. Cristina/Owen, Mark/Lexie, George/Izzie are just a few examples. This show doesn’t do subtlety or a slow burn that well:)

        Although I critique the show, it doesn’t mean that I don’t still enjoy it. I can rewatch the first 3 seasons on Netflix, plus I am anticipating the story lines for Cristina, Alex, Bailey, Jackson and April this year.

      • lana says:

        oh please you sound so ridiculous right now >> some people do live happy lives>> dont be a hater try go get a happy life since your sucks

      • Karla says:

        Why do you even watch the show?

      • dee says:

        I don’t know if you know this or not but there is button on your t.v. or remote that says channels. If you don’t like the show or Callie and Arizona or Meredith or Christina then you have the right to change the channel. No one is forcing you to watch it at all. So if you don’t have anything nice to say about the show then why on green earth are you watching it for.

      • Alex says:

        So you’re a homophobe. I’m sure you’re very proud of your nasty attitude, since you trumpet it here.

      • calzona #1 fan says:

        Yes exactly.. I’m starting to think that’s why Calzona is very quite all the time.. ever since season 7 there have been little Callie and Arizona moments.. I’m getting very sick of it.. I love Calzona and I am hoping to see more this season 9

      • rowan77 says:

        Callie and Arizona are no more “shoved down viewer’s throats” than any other couple. We get tons of Meredith/Derek and Christina/Owen. We didn’t get enough Teddy/Henry, but what an you do. Whenever there is a couple of the show, they get plenty of play – the show is part medical show/part nighttime soap.

        You don’t like seeing the romance – change the channel.

      • Louisa Kaiserman says:

        I thinks it’s time you stop watching

      • In all honesty, people like you can either take the show or leave it. You fail to understand the message – love is not restricted by gender. Having my community represented on this show makes me proud. And having yours should make you proud as well yet instead you’re hell-bent on focusing on the negative. If it wasn’t Calzona on Grey’s, it would be another couple on another show you watch and you would complain about that. Get over yourself, accept that the world is changing around you, with or without your permission.

      • Michele says:

        Seriously…don’t like the show…noone is forcing you to watch. I love the couples portrayed here… gonna miss Mark and Lexi though. Such a negative comment…geez u kinda sound like Christine lately. Lol!

      • SarahS says:

        You know no one is forcing you to turn in.

      • M says:

        I agree that maybe Calzona fame is getting to be too much; I go on any social media and all I see anymore are pictures of Calzona! But breaking up Meredith and Derek? No. Seriously? No. They really are the only consistent couple on the show now! Meredith is pregnant again and they have a kid together! Why would Shonda break them up??? Like, seriously?!

    • Sarah says:

      I think she’s having two battles. She is having the traumatic amputation but also ends up with a new investiment in motherhood, not just with her current daughter but with wanting to carry one of her own, which she never considered before.

    • leah says:

      Okay, I hate seeing these comments of people “complaining and griping” about the show.. First of all, its just a show dont treat it like real life, second of all.. Dont watch the show if your going to hate on it! Just watch the show and be quite like forreal people. I love Greys Antomy and I dont complain about it I just watch it and accept the actions of the people in the show and there actions. So keep your complaining comments to _yourself it just creates drama!

  2. Alice says:

    Wait- Christina is going to be in Minnesota? How does that work? The show needs more Sandra Oh!

  3. Ana says:

    “Usually, we do one episode a year where it’s all Meredith.” Oh, she’s being modest. The entire 8th season was all about Meredith. This is one episode I would skip if it wasn’t because I love Cristina. The worst Grey’s episode ever, IMO, was the Mer-centered ‘Golden Hour’ back in S7. It was excruciatingly boring. And why is Callie doubting herself all of a sudden? That’s a bit occ. Since she came on the scene she has been a badass, uber-confident, don’t-care-what-anybody-thinks kind of woman. And she’s called herself a rockstar with a scalpel, and now she’s insecure? I’m not following…

    • Ashley says:

      It is called Grey’s Anatomy.

      • Emm says:

        exactly! GREY’S, as in Meredith Grey people, so of course the show is about her. And I think that Callie may be doubting her skills since Derek’s hand and career depends on her.

        • Dark Defender says:

          Um.. Maybe because she married a woman, her mother disowned her, she almost died in a serious accident, is a mother of a child who loses her father in a plane crash where her wife is severely injured.. I don’t know about you, but that would shake my confidence.. And I am pretty FN confident.

          • Greysfanatic says:

            Mark Sloan doesn’t die…he does leave the show at a later date..or so I read a month ago. They said he wasn’t going to continue his contract and they are writing him out of the show and its possibly due to Lexie’s death. (Again only going by what I read).

          • cdog says:

            Thank you for pointing that out. I also was a bit stupefied with the idea of insecure Torres…but I can see it now. She is on shaky ground. It will great to watch.

      • Chelsea says:

        Thank you! I don’t know why these people think we want to hear them rant. If you don’t like the show, that’s fine. Don’t watch it. But this website wasn’t asking for you to rant about cutting people from the show, especially the one the show is named after!!!!!! Start a forum and stay there let the rest of us enjoy! Jeez

    • chris says:

      agreed totally, the “golden hour” was one of the worst eps ever and Callie has never doubted her surgical skills. She called herself an artist and obviously believed it all last season as she was rebuilding hands and necks. I hate how this show constantly does 180’s on its characters.
      To be honest I’ve no desire to go on the AZ loses a leg ride. Rhimes deciding her lone lesbian should be the only character on this show to survive a bullet/car accident/drowning etc and not be whole/in one piece after – well it is just to sadistic for words.

      • emma says:

        It’s GREYS anatomy for a reason!! And Golden Hour was the BEST episode of S7!! A full hour of the leading lady of greys anatomy! What more could you want! Plus callie is badass and all but there has been times before when she’s doubted her surgical ability…when she was chief resident, after she wasn’t hired as an attending in S6. So I get that plus its one of the top neurosurgeons in the worlds hand so like no pressure! :P

      • Shuayb says:

        Golden Hour was one of the best eps ever!!!

    • Samantha says:

      The Golden Hour was very Meredith centric but it certainly wasn’t all Meredith by any means. The patients were great and she had some great scenes with Lexie and Teddy who she normally doesn’t have a lot of interaction with. Looking forward to the Cristina/Meredith episode and there will be other people involved. Other character centric episodes that were really good was Derek operating on the hospital tech with the inoperable spinal tumor and Arizona with her patient who died and his parents donated millions because of her.

  4. Dawn says:

    I think the first part of season eight was about Meredith but the second half was more about Cristina. IMO.

  5. katie says:

    I swear if Arizona dies…..I won’t watch the show. That’s my women and if something happens to her idk what id do!!

    • Jtrowdygirl says:

      uhh me 2!!! I really do not want her to lose her leg…I think that is crazy stupid, but I guess if we had to choose her losing a leg or dying, I would have to choose the leg…Ugh…not liking it though. Maybe Shonda will have some grace and allow her to keep her leg. Let’s all have a moment of prayer…lol.:)

      • Abau88 says:

        Say hypothetically that Arizona does lose a leg. I don’t know how I am supposed to believe that a women married to a surgeon as talented as Callie has to lose a leg but Derek smashes his hand with a rock and is doing surgery in the first episode? Come on Shonda.

        • JKR says:

          Well, I’m thinking Arizona loses her leg and Callie, Ortho extraordinaire either builds her the most awesome prosthetic ever…or does some OR magic and a leg transplant?

          • janetbratter says:

            Very interesting idea. Remember when she did the double arm transplant?? Maybe she’ll prove herself the ortho-goddess again and give Arizona another leg….Apparently it can be done(?)

        • Alex says:

          Yeah, like Callie can just automatically stop Arizona from losing a leg. Come on, Abau, be reasonable. If Arizona is badly enough injured, Callie won’t be able to stop her from losing the leg. As for Derek, he might try to perform surgery, but most likely will not be able to do it right and have to quit. Besides, there are differences in severity of injuries. One person with an injured hand might need amputation, while another might regain normal use. Likewise, one person with an injured leg might need an amputation, and a person with an injured hand might be able to perform surgeries again. Common sense.

  6. tammy tarver says:

    Luv whole show caint wait

  7. Ashley says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens!

  8. Leigh says:

    Mark dies. Its obvious. Why would they keep him alive when lexie died? And what’s his face who plays him didnt sign on for the whole season. :( major bummer

    • chris says:

      yah, Danes just has the first two eps and given how they built him up as this great dad (even though he threw money at Sloan Sloan’s mom for an abortion and never looked back, and then apparently never tried to find his grown daughter after she didn’t hand over her kid to him to raise), I can’t see them writing him as just walking away from Sophia. So either killing him off or putting him in a perm coma seems the only way they can write him off.

  9. Alexa says:

    I’m still PISSED lexie died.

    • julesie says:

      I’m so with you. I was loving the frustration with her still being in love with Mark… how can they just drop that??

    • niece says:

      Lexie got killed off cause she wanted to spend time with real family Lexie worked with the writers to kill her off

      • katelin says:

        okay that makes sense but why???? why couldn’t she be selfish and continue to work as lexie. i love lexie. :(

        • That does NOT make sense, because Chyler Leigh wanted out, like so many actresses want out of their contract. And that’s fine! It’s her decision, she has all the right in the world to be with her family. I’m sure everyone can agree on that. But how many of them *have* to die? How many of them get such a stupid, senseless death? And, for cryin’ out loud, they let Eric Dane go, couldn’t both Lexie and Mark have been so traumatized by the plane crash, they eloped and decided to go to Doctors Without Borders or something? Couldn’t they have realized they want to be together, away from that stressful environment of SGMW hospital? That’s what doesn’t make sense. Shonda’s need for tragedy to strike. She could just as easily have given them a happy ending, but, noooo, she had to eff it up. This is why I’ve quit Grey’s Anatomy, and it feels great!

          • Sarah says:

            You “quit” but are still commenting/reading? It sounds like a chain smoker saying “I quit” and then sits in the smoking area to inhale the second hand smoke!

    • Aussie says:

      Come on, live moves on after someone dies as much as it hurts for awhile, time to move on.

    • Ava says:

      I’m pissed that she died and for the rest of the episode it was like it never happened. Like Lexie never existed. It was just so anti-climactic. I didn’t even cry because it was so sudden and then done. I’ve cried harder for patients of the week than I did for a character who was one of my favorites! Lexie’s death was poorly written.

  10. Hope Christina and Owen work it out!!!

  11. Becky says:

    The best show in the world. I can’t wait for tomorrow night. Have to know what is going to happen next.

  12. Misty says:

    I was SO hoping that Christina and Owen would get back together. I guess that’s not going to happen with her being a the Mayo Clinic. :( I also am anxious to find out what happens with Arizona.

    • katie says:

      i know that this is probably wishful thinking but how awesome would it be if maybe christina went to mayo for just a little bit long enough to realize how much she misses mer and owen… and then eventually get’s the cardio position since teddy is leaving

  13. kajalovescalzona says:

    Calzona forever!!! =)

  14. sam says:

    is the last photo from the new season? if so i’m not real thrilled about kepner being back. her character annoys me!

    • Dark Defender says:

      I totally thought that was a pic from last season when they were waiting to see which OR they would get for their solo surgeries.

    • nikki says:

      Kepner hasn’t left the show yet she’s finishing out this year if u watched season 8 Owen said he can’t hire her for next year then the plane crashed yet so she will be there til everyone leaves.

  15. Cari says:

    You guys lost me when you killed off little Grey.

  16. Debbie says:

    {:-O where’s mark?? :,-(

    • katie says:

      i know i was sad to see him go i looked up info and he said that he loved being on the show but he wanted to move on to different things i just hated it tho

  17. Rona Daigle says:

    can’t wait for the show to start

  18. christina :) says:

    i can’t wait!!! i love this show :) so excited!!!!

  19. Kayla says:

    I love greys anatomy! I’m like so addicted to it! I think that Arizona will make it, but might have to amputate her leg and Well derek hand is going to be ruined… But he maybe can still operate. Im just really excited to see what happens!!! :D 1 More Day!!!!!!!!

  20. Jessica says:

    I seriously cant believe you would kill off Mark…that is so sad if he is gone too…

  21. brandy says:

    it has already been said that Dane will be leaving the show but in a multi episode phase out. So he won’t die any time soon.

  22. Christina says:

    So nothing mentioned about Mcsteamy…hhmmmm. Maybe he doesn’t make it?

  23. Kathleen says:

    i really hope they dont mess up the relationship between callie and arizona i hope if anything this will bring the two closer… and like all the others i love this show i have become very invested in this more so than i have ever before on any other show ever. i just want it to flow well… so many people have come and gone on this show but this wave of people that have left has upset me the most. i just hope that i will continue to enjoy it i am really looking forward to watching it tomorrow!!!

  24. Viviana Vasquez says:

    I cant wait for the new season to begin!!

  25. Carissa says:

    If you read Eric Dane (Mark Sloan) on Wikipedia it says he will only be on for two episodes and he decided to not do season 9. Also I heard they are doing two locations in this season. So Seattle Grace and somewhere else… Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, and Patrick Dempsey had all signed on for two more seasons. Can’t wait for tomorrow though, I’ve been dying. Not like them But just on the edge of my seat going crazy. :)

    • katie says:

      yea i think they are going to do the hospital in mayo too

    • Dark Defender says:

      The other hospital could be in Omaha where they are treated after the cash.. I’m guessing at some point in the season, Cristina returns to SGMW or her going to Mayo gets delayed by the crash aftermath. Either way.. We get 3 hospitals.

      • The *only* way I was going to continue watching the show, would have been if Meredith and Derek has been the ones to go to Mass Gen. But since that’s a no no, with everything that happened, I’m a goner. Even if Cristina is the goner.

  26. michelle says:


  27. Cheryl Schultz says:

    so excited for the new season. Being in a domestic relationship myself i can really relate to callie and arizona and feel sadened that sophi won’t know her dad. Any how I am ready and can’t wait to see what this season brings. i’ve only been watching for the last 5 season’s my partner got me into the show and now can’t go on without it. Props and love to all the cast. What a great show to watch, but i am sad that mark and little grey are gone. But at least the died knowing that they still after it all loved each other.

  28. mcyummy says:

    @Dark Defender I agree with a lot of what you say about Callie having it rough except the part about marrying a woman. I highly doubt that hurt her confidence because she loves Arizona and always has. Arizona not wanting to be with her anymore would shake her confidence and for some reason, I think Az is going to push her away because she feels messed up due to her leg injury. Arizona is a stubborn “do it herself” strong willed character, and being confined to a wheel chair isn’t going to sit well with her. No more Heely’s = angry Arizona..and of course she’s going to take it out on her wife. Thus hurting Callie’s confidence.

    • Dark Defender says:

      @mcyummy.. Not saying it was a problem marrying a woman- but that it was the cause of stress of her mother disowning her. I love everything about Callie and Arizona.. They are pure awesomeness!

  29. Carissa says:

    Also this summer my goal was to watch every Greys ever made, which I did with plenty of time to spare! I was a late comer so I enjoyed seeing how everything had came to be. <3

  30. Leo says:

    How is this gonna work without Christina.

  31. lei says:

    I love greys im just pissed off that they killed mark.. i tot when they killed lexie, they will finally make a story of mark and callie and sofia!.. sooo sad.. still hoping he can make it and evrythinh its just a dream!

    • Rose says:

      there is no Mark ,Callie and Sofia thing!
      i still can’t believe people have hope on the Mark/Callie thing.
      Callie loves Arizona,Callie is Married TO Arizona! seriously get over it!.

  32. marie says:

    Cant wqit i am so excited to watch..i wanna see who is in this season

  33. frostie says:

    Mark’s story ended when Lexie died. It’s sad Sofia won’t have a dad though. I hope Calzona make it work though, cause they are such a beautiful couple.

    • I’m just sad to see Mark go. Sofia will have two mothers who love her deeply (since pictures of Jessica Capshaw have been posted!). We don’t know if Mark will die. A family is a family in any constitution, don’t forget that.

  34. judy go evans says:

    I am excited also. While everyones posts; I see we all agree that it sucks we have lost Lexie and will be loosing Mark as well. I too hope things go well for Calzone. After watching seasons 1-8 during the summer and reading all the teasers, I too am at the edge of my seat wondering what will be next. I love this show and am sadden when our favorite charactors get killed off. The navy scrubs btw, look fantastic on them. I cant believe how it compliments their eyes. ie: Merideth & Arizona. Tomorrow cant get here fast enough. Love Greys!!!

  35. Lucy says:

    They have systematically done away with all the original characters with only a few left. I hate it! Sure signs of a sinking ship. McSteamy was an original and a favorite….:( Guess it’s been on nine years and they are phasing it out. I hope not and I hope they didn’t ruin the show by pulling one or two original characters too many.

    • sorry to bust this to you, but McSteamy (Eric Dane) was NOT an orginal he came in season 2 as a guest character to try and get Addison back after their affair, then became regular in Season 3 when they realized he was quite well liked by the fans.

  36. katelyn says:

    Eric Dane did not renew his contract for this season. I believe he dies. Maybe somehow connected in the afterlife or dream sequence, him and lexi get married. That’s the only likely couple. Besides bayley.

  37. Betsy Cruz says:

    I´M JUST CAN NOT WAIT ANYMORE…i dont know what else to think in my mind….OMG…I´m getting all crazy….I really Love this show..

  38. kimberly wells says:

    Mcsteamy for your information is not an original cast member. He was introduced in the second season soon after we met Addison. I hate to loose little grey and mark hopefully that wont happen but even if that is what happens I watched the first ever episode and I will watch every episode until the very end

  39. ggny says:

    Yay Mac is recurring! Thought she might get the 1 and done episode

  40. emily says:


  41. JB says:

    There used to be a time I’d have read every single comment…now, on the eve of a new season, I’ve yet to watch the season finale and not planning on watching until the 4th or 5th episode air, after knowing what new Grey’s Absurdity storylines we will be subjected to this year… Season 8, was first time did not watch premiere live, watched following day. For someone who is presumably so fond of secrecy, lots of spoilers from Rhimes & who will be surprised when Mark dies; Arizona loses a leg; Callie’s plight monopolizes our screentime and Derek and Callie begin to spend more time together on screen than Meredith & Derek do? All in all…yes, I shall watch season 9 in some week’s time, doubtful it will ever be must watch Thu at 9PM, and continue to love the idea of the “legend” of Meredith & Derek, and most of all, Patrick & Ellen are back…the rest… very low on my interest barometer

  42. chris love says:

    luv the whole show , cant wait for tommrow . its been way to long already , missed this show .

  43. maya says:

    Maybe Callie’s confidence gets lowered because she can’t save Arizona’s leg.

  44. Maddy says:

    Love the show and can’t wait for Tommrow. It has been way too long….:) Need my Grey fix..

  45. biggest greys fan ever says:

    One thing is for sure…. I’ve seen every episode, and any and everything is subject to change… I hated when Burk left, when Alex dumped Izzy, when addison stol derek,when George died, the invasion but now i love Jaxson Shonda rhimes is brilliant. So im sad about Lexie hope Meridith doesn’t get slapped in the face again by her dad. and as far as Cali/Ariz every one knows you can’t pray away the gay. And tomorrow is a new day new episodes.. Yah

  46. out of left field says:

    I think Arizona and Mark are going to get married before Mark dies, Just to make sure Arizona is legally bonded to sophia..

  47. Kspyrus says:

    did u know that Camilla will be the new voice of Lara Croft in the upcoming tomb raider game?

  48. Kimberley says:

    So I thought, i’ll read every comment because i’m so excited. But the first comments are all about how someone who doesn’t like Grey’s and everyone is commenting about it. That was all the person wanted.. If you don’t like Grey’s, you wouldn’t know that this article was there so it’s just to get attention.. So no worries people, just ignore the haters ;).

    Well my favorite couple (like many others) is also Arizona and Callie. Even though a lot of people are sad about Lexie (which i’m not.. Well it’s sad that she had to stop at season 8, but it’s not very important to me.. Sorry lexie-lovers..), I just hope that they will be fine. We all know that there won’t be a Mark Sloan, so for me it doesn’t matter if he dies or leaves, because he will leave anyway.. It’s just a little bit important though, because it will change the situation for Sophia.

    I don’t think that we could know if Arizona will lose her leg. It is possible.. But the intense part Sara discribes, could also be the journey through the recovery..

    IF she will lose her leg: she will be badass

    IF she won’t lose her leg: she will be badass.


  49. Jill says:

    I love Callie and Arizona, please hurry Thursday!

  50. tx says:

    You all need to calm down. Oh and it isn’t all about Meredith Grey. They call it Grey’s Anatomy after the anatomy book titled Gray’s Anatomy. Just so happens Merediths last name is also Grey. Doesn’t have to focus on her. I hope Arizona is ok i love her character! It’s already sad seeing Lexie and Mark even possibly Christina go. It will not be the same….