Glee Exclusive: Cory Monteith on Finn's Return, 'Break-Up' Drama and Being Called a [Spoiler]

Though next week’s big “Break-Up”-themed Glee marks the return of Cory Monteith as Finn, the former New Directions warbler has more pressing concerns than the ambiguous state of his relationship with Rachel. Like, for instance, the treatment we see him receiving when the episode briefly visits him at boot camp!

“I’ve never been called names like that before,” the actor tells TVLine with a smile. “‘Wormstool’ is the one that sticks out in my memory.”

VIDEO | Glee‘s Lea Michele on “Break-Up” Episode: “Get Your Tissues Out!”

Thankfully for Finn, the army detour is not only short-lived, but it leads him to head to New York to reevaluate his romance with Rachel. Monteith — who’s spent the last month flying back and forth to Philadelphia to shoot the indie film McCanick — was careful not to reveal the outcome of the couple’s deliberations. However, he did acknowledge that, for all involved, the hour was an emotional roller coaster.

Far less gut-wrenching to tape was a sequence that’ll air on Nov. 8 (the show’s comeback after its baseball-induced hiatus): Monteith covering Foreigner’s “Juke Box Hero” alongside Glee Project Season 2 champ Blake Jenner, who’ll recur as McKinley newbie Ryder Lynn.

“It was cool, because I felt like I was passing the torch in a sort of awesome way,” previews Monteith. “Ryder inadvertently auditions [for New Directions], and it turns into a fantasy in his head, which explodes into dancing girls, throngs of screaming women in the crowd, and he turns into the ‘Juke Box Hero.’ He’s on drums, and I’m on lead vocals. It’s epic.”

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Now fully settled back in at the Fox hit, Monteith is finding the changes made in his absence invigorating. “There’s still a part of me that’s nostalgic for sure,” he admits. But “all of the possibilities are really exciting.”

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  1. Hallana says:

    Can’t wait to Finn to return Glee and to Finchel back together, I miss them sooo much! Glee isn’t the same without them, they’re my fave part about the show! Cory is the BEST ♥ #finchelforever #stayawaybrody

  2. luc says:

    Finally! It’s about damn time! Glee is not the same without him! :)

  3. KR says:

    No one does Glee better than Cory! We love & miss Finn…as played to perfection by Cory. I hope this season brings us lots of good Finn music, comedy, drama, and …dancing. :)

    • Fat Amy says:

      Yeah, don’t put me down for drama. I’ve had way too much of it from Finn these past three years. xD I wish he’d just be a Gary Stu already. Let him find out what he loves, send him where he belongs, fulfill his life already!

  4. Siren says:

    Finally, Finn is back!!!!!
    I want a decent storyline for Finn. Cory have so much potencial.
    I can´t wait to see new Finchel scenes!!
    Finchel Forever

  5. Kristin says:

    FINN!!!!!! I’m just so excited for him to return to my tv screen!!!

  6. Sam says:

    Finn needs to come back and kick Brody’s ass

    • Fat Amy says:

      Why? Rachel chose him. He actually cares about her and respects her boundaries, and on top of that, he’s actually mature and knows what he’s doing. And I don’t mind that he told Rachel to change. He didn’t say to be all “I’ll go out with you if you change your look.” He did it on the basis of “You’re in college now! You’re in a new city. You should find the new you.” That was really romantic in my opinion. :)

      • Deanna says:

        wow, do you have brody blinders on? he’s not respecting anything about Rachel at all. respects her boundries? OFFS such BS.

        • Ben says:

          And do you have Finn blinders on? Because even though Finn did Rachel a lot of good, he scarred her the most. It’s true. Brody did respect Rachel’s boundaries. He let her come to him, and he was into her for who she was. Give me one good reason that Brody is a bad choice for Rachel, and how he doesn’t respect her. If he wasn’t a respectful gentleman, Rachel wouldn’t be going after him.

  7. Julia says:


  8. sara says:

    finally some stuff on finn! so happy he’s finally coming back. and juke box hero? that is gonna be so amazing. cory’s voice was made for songs like that. thanks for the scoop, looking forward to more!!

  9. Amanda says:

    My heart is melting with happiness I miss Finn

  10. Natt says:

    Oh Cory!!! Finn is back!!! All i want is a great storyline for Finn and amzing scenes for him. Of course i want finchel back but i can wait that if Finn is finding himself!!!Go, go Finn

  11. AnOfficialGleek says:

    This show hasn’t been good without Finn. Now he’s finally back. THANK THE LORD. Glee is not Glee without Finn. This exclusive is exactly what we needed. Happy to have you back Cory ;)

  12. Simone says:

    I miss Finchel so much! Glee’s been torture without them! When we had Finchel it was the best part of my week. Now it sucks :(

  13. Jaime says:

    Thanks so much for interviewing Cory. He seems to have been MIA from most of the Glee promotion over the past few weeks (probably his movie filming schedule). I’ve missed him! He always seems positive and energetic about the show! I hope Rachel and Finn part in a mutual/amicable/mature way. I’d hate to see their inevitable reunion tarnished.

  14. Cynthia says:

    I really just adore Cory and so glad we will be seeing him opposite Lea even if they are sad scenes. The two of them opposite each other is like magic!

  15. akary says:

    Finally Glee would returns in my TV. I never expect not watch Finn on glee would be a problem but it is I glad he is back season 4 was boring without him

  16. Nicole says:

    I love Finn!! I missed him so much!!! I also love finchel !!

  17. Jc says:

    So excited!!!! Glee has severely been lacking with no Finn/Cory!!!! I’ve missed Cory so much!

  18. Jon says:

    So happy to see Finn back soon because the show is lacking some good acting talent. I feel bad they have Lea opposite the train wreck that is Dean so hopefully she will get to be with Cory on occasion.

  19. Natalia says:

    My Finn will be back soon s2 #FinchelForever

  20. Ethan Petty says:

    I’m just so damn excited I love Finn and Cory so much! :D

  21. Anonimous says:

    YAY!!!! Finn and Cory’s AMAZING acting Skills are back on Glee!!! Can’t wait to see Finn’s Story line unfolds, and I’m shure it will lead him to NYC and Rachel! Finchel Forever!

  22. Mafer says:

    so glad that the half missing of the most epic tv couple is back! now just bring them together #FinchelForever

  23. Kim says:

    As a passionate Cory supporter & lover of Finn, his return can be no less than EPIC!!! Too bad we have to go through breakup torment. Hoping Finn gets what he dreams for, and we get lots of Cory performances and his usual stellar acting:)

  24. Fernanda says:

    I always knew, it’s not Blaine, Sam or even Will Schuester. Finn is the male lead of Glee.

  25. Aly says:

    Yes! Finn is back! My baby! I hope he moves to NY with rachel,kurt,and santana this season and finchel reunite!

  26. Hallana says:

    I miss Finn and Finchel soooo much! So glad to have you back Cory! #FinchelForever

  27. Yayyy!!! The show isn’t the same without Finn!! i can’t wait for him to return. Hoping for an epic Finchel reunion ASAP!!! No more love triangles please – DONE TO DEATH!

  28. Cat says:

    I’m tired of the back and forth with Finn and Rachel. Such an unhealthy co-dependent relationship. It’s as unhealthy as Santana and Britt. I know I’m in the minority on this. I’m not big on things that are strictly supported by romance and that’s all. Glee first started as a simple show about acceptance and trying to fit in. It’s been drowned out by this romance and that.

    I want Puck to come back and more scenes with him and Jake. Being the mentoring big brother.

    • claude says:

      Finn and Rachel getting together is the metaphor for Glee’s key message of having two worlds who are least likely to be together come together; so if you’ve been watching Glee and paying attention closely, you would have caught on with this. My only wish is that the writers continue telling this story without being distracted by unnecessary hubris.

  29. Roby says:

    Italy loves Finn!

  30. Lisa says:

    Dear Michael, Did he tell you anything else about his storyline? They have been so good at keeping whatever Finn storyline is a secret. I hope they are giving him something good. He is such a good actor, some drama for him please.

  31. Jess says:

    I can’t wait for Finn to be back! Glee is not the same without him! I am excited to see his story this season and I hope he finally gets a dream he can hold onto.

  32. Gina says:

    Wow, so looking forward to here Finn singing Juke Box Hero. So glad Finn is back!

  33. Alissa says:

    So happy that Finn is back!!
    All summer waiting for new awesome Finchel scenes.
    Finchel is the best of Glee.
    Finchel Forever

  34. Irene says:

    I know he will be back in Ohio for some time, and we know he will be broken up with Rachel. But what I’m really hoping to see is Finn and Santana being roomates in NYC, this would be epic and make for some good comedy. Hope the glee writers will consider this.

    • Dan says:

      I would seriously love this. Cory and Naya have some great acting chemistry and abilities. I don’t think it would go down too well with some parts of the fandom but for me, this would be so ideal. Love to see them live together in NYC and perhaps later in the season unite with Rachel and Kurt. Sobs because it’s never going to happen.

    • guest says:

      Finn and Santana taking on NYC would be awesome! Would love to see them become the best of friends.

    • Fintana and Finchel forever!! says:

      ^This! would be awesome!!

    • AnOfficialGleek says:

      That’d actually be perfect. Finntana in NYC!

  35. emma says:

    YES I NEED CORY BACK. <3 I miss finn and finchel so much!!

  36. Jade says:

    I hope this means we will finally be getting quality scenes. Having Lea and Chris in scenes then throw in some Cory and hopefully Naya and all will be right with the world. I hope they get all of those actor’s characters in NY soon!!

  37. lisa nyles says:

    I miss Finn so much can’t wait to see Cory’s gorgeous face on my screen. Glee hasn’t been the same without him! I need my Finchel fix! Cory is such a class act and an amazing actor. Lea and Cory’s chemistry is magical! Can’t wait for Finchel to reunite even though i know it will be a tough road, they will ultimately overcome all obstacles. Finchel is Forever!

  38. nLs says:

    I just really need Finn and Rachel in each other’s radar. Keeping two fantastic actors with amazing chemistry and story history apart for too long is not going to help Glee’s falling ratings.

  39. Rhys says:

    I’m really wondering how his army storyline is going to be handled. I hope it’s written well, and not just conveniently plot device storyline for Finn to come back to Glee. Bah, but I’m not keeping my hopes up. Well at least Finn gets to come back. I’m torn.

    • JR says:

      I worry about Finn’s storyline too. Too often, Finn has been used to propel other character’s storylines at the expense of his character growth.
      I hope this season we see Finn realize his dream. And, I hope the storyline is worthy of Cory’s talent. And, ok, I hope after he welcomes/launches Ryder (the duet does sound epic!!) into ND, he makes it back to NYC and Rachel!! Finchelforever :)

      • Dan says:

        ‘I worry about Finn’s storyline too. Too often, Finn has been used to propel other character’s storylines at the expense of his character growth.’

        This so much. Not only do I hope they give Finn a decent storyline that actually results in growth but I hope that it’s fully fleshed. On too many occasions it seems his storyline is rushed and tacked on as an afterthought.

        • Ben says:

          Agreed. I really wish they’d portray Finn as the “man” that he’s always wanted to be. His role has always been inter-dependent or co-dependent with other characters. I want to see what Finn can be like when he’s not having to rely on others, or vice versa. I want to see what he’s like on his own, and what can become of him, and more importantly, what the hell he’s doing as a career.

  40. Gillian says:

    TGP winner Blake Jenner said that Cory was the actor that he most wanted to work with and I’m really glad they got to have scenes together. That song spoiler is awesome! I’m really looking forward to the scene.

  41. Kaby says:

    So happy to read about Finn! I love Cory so much. Finn is by far my favorite character on Glee. He’s so realistic. I relate to him more than any other character. These last two episodes have really made me realize how vital Finn is to the show. Without him, Glee isn’t Glee, and my god have I missed Cory’s presence. I’m counting down the days until his triumphant return!!

  42. Nicole. says:

    Cory is without a doubt one of the best actors on Glee and I’m so happy Finn is finally coming back. I love Finchel so much but I’m also keen to see Finn win this year and get his future planned out. I know it’s gonna be good and then Finchel will reunite and all will be right again. I’m excited. Finn is amazing and I can’t wait to see his story!

  43. daisy says:

    I finally feel excited for this season of Glee. It is so not the same without Finn!!

  44. amy says:

    Finally, i can watch glee now! Cory is back!

  45. Josie says:

    Yay! I can’t wait for Finn’s return. His reunion with Rachel is going to be so emotional, but watching Cory and Lea acting together will be worth it. Hopefully Finn’s return to Lima is short-lived and he can return to NYC soon. I miss Finchel and hope that whatever problems they face will be resolved so that they won’t be apart for too long. Finchel Forever.

  46. Federica says:

    yes yes yes!!!! it’s not Glee without Cory!!! I miss Finn so much and I’m so freaking excited for his storyline! Let him go away from Lima tho! He deserves better!

  47. AJ says:

    THIS is what’s been missing from the new season! Glee just seems so lackluster without Cory. He really is one of the best actors on the show besides Lea and Chris. Sad we won’t see Finchel back together for awhile but I’m definitely so excited to see Finn have his own storyline. Plus I can’t wait to hear him singing again! Classic rock songs like Juke Box Hero are just so perfect for his voice. Welcome back, Finn!

  48. finchel stan 4 life says:

    i can’t wait for finn to come back and let psycho brody know that it’s not ok to pry on vulnerable freshman like rachel plus he should totes sock him one in the face too!!! finn 5ever brody ttyn

  49. Liz says:

    I am thrilled! Finn come back asap. You are needed to kick Brody out of Glee! We don’t want him anymore.

  50. TL says:

    YAY Glee is not the same without Finn or Finchel! They’re truly the heart and metaphor of the entire show and although next week will hurt I can’t wait to see them find their way back to each other and achieve all their dreams! Bobby who? Or was the new love interest named Toby? Who cares.