Castle Recap: Was It Good for You, Too?

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the Season 5 premiere of ABC’s Castle.

Worth the wait, Castle fans?

After 139 days and the “occasional” piece of reporting from yours truly, Season 5 of the ABC drama arrived Monday night, and the first order of business was a bit of monkey businessuntil, that is, mama Martha came a-knocking, bring to a halt what would have been, by Rick’s count, “Round 4.”

We then got some terrific physical comedy from Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, as Beckett most begrudgingly hid in Castle’s closet, and again moments later as she tip-toed out of his place while he distracted Martha and a hungover Alexis with a dissertation on, what was it, the evils of OTC pain relievers?

Regrouping at Kate’s place, Rick explained himself  — “I was operating on instinct,” “I want to keep what we have together to ourselves” and all that. Still, “It wasn’t your finest hour,” Kate scoffed. But when Ryan came knocking on Kate’s door, she urged Rick to pull a similar disappearing act, but as Rick argued, “I have my pants on,” so there’s nothing to hide.

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On Ryan’s mind: The target of the season-finale break-in at Montgomery’s was a photo album, and the missing pic — reproduced via the negative — is the guy Castle had been secretly meeting to secure Beckett’s safety from the conspiracy behind her mother’s murder. Through some impressive-slash-remarkable-slash-OTT observation and compilation of clues, Rick, Kate and Ryan ID the guy as Michael Smith. Alas, they arrive at his place too late, after Cole Maddox has tortured him within an inch of his life.

Before heading to the hospital, Smith gasped to Castle a clue that led to an (of course) abandoned building where Smith once had an office. Thing is, Maddox was there too, and he promptly zip-tied Caskett while he went to crack a safe. Rick labored to free him and Kate to no avail, at which point he grumbled, “If we got murdered right now, I’d feel so ripped off!” Then: “At least we had last night…. We shoulda done that four years ago!”

“Done what four years ago?” Espo asked as he came through the door to the rescue.

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Beckett got the drop on Maddox, but before justice could be served and the file retrieved, he went out with a bang, as the safe had been booby-trapped — and its contents turned into confetti. When Gates shows up and grills the suspended Beckett on what happened, Ryan plays it down the middle with his version of events, then later does the gang one better, delivering the file shreds. After some puzzle work, they glean the account number that a money order/pay-off was deposited to — and, thanks to Espo’s ability to recall a password he once used years ago, they learn it belongs to one William Bracken aka Senator Bracken.

Smith comes out of surgery and lives long enough to fill in some blanks for Beckett, but refuses to testify to what he knows. (As he put it, he owed Montgomery, but “I don’t you.”) Before Caskett can convince him otherwise, they step away from his room long enough for someone to silence the old man for good. And that leaves Kate fearing for her life. “Let me take you someplace, Kate, someplace where you’ll be safe,” says Rick. She frets, “I’ll never be safe.”

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The next morning, Rick wakes in Kate’s bed (Kate’s bed!) to find her gone and on Bracken’s trail. Through the deft planting of a cell in his pocket, she leads the politico to a very private meet-and-greet. She wants him to admit to his treachery and the trail of bodies left in its wake, but he argues that it’s not about who has the gun, but who has the power — and with her being a suspended cop obsessed with her mom’s murder, he, an upright politician, has that power.

Au contraire, Kate says. Bluffing that the second file was found intact, she lays out her terms: The deal Bracken had with Smith, he now has with her. And no one near her gets even a scratch. “Whoever it is you think I am… you have no idea what I am capable of or how far I will go,” she growls. “I am done being afraid; it’s your turn now.” One nasty pistol-whip later, her business is done.

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Back at the 12th, Beckett asks for her job back, but Gates forces her to sweat out her full suspension. But what ever will she do with that free time, Rick asks. “I’m sure I’ll think of something,” Kate said with a mischievous smile… and an apparent grab at her guy.

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  1. James says:

    While I loved the episode. I do have to say i felt the senator bit was a little anticlimactic. after all that build up about the ‘Dragon’ and it ending up being some senator i feel they over stayed thier welcome a bit with this plot arc. and I personally loved seeing Kate go full Badass on the guy at the same time it felt to easy. we’ll have to see how it plays out. however as I said commented last night I believe the writers proved that their getting to gether will not comprimise the integrity of the show.

  2. Leigh says:

    The more I think about last nights episode the more I realize I still love it! And as for “The Dragon” I remember reading he is supposed to be in future episodes this season so I am sure that there will be more tension to be worked out. It was great to see Beckett punch him and even better to see her and CAstle be able to lean on each other through this. Very excited for next week!

  3. Erika says:

    Castle’s Season 5 premiere was awesome it met all my expectations and the wait was worth it. That morning after scene was just great. I’m happy they clearly set that it was not a just a one time thing and that they are both in it as for as long as it lasts. I agree that their reactions to Martha’s arrival was hilarious and Beckett’s closet and apartment exit were hilarious…I loved it. Stana is awesome how she can show vulnerability in one moment and another be such a bad ass. The hug between her and Castle was worth the 5 season wait I love that she finally gives in and allows Castle to be there for her, to allow him to take care of her. Castle desperation to find the files shows her how much he cares for her. Oh and that final scene with Becket and Castle on the elevator makes this season look like so much fun. Next episode is going to be hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing during the next episode piece and I saw it so many times.

  4. Song4ten says:

    Except for the first few minutes, I was bored, quite frankly.

  5. lilu says:

    awesome! epic! Can’t breathe for gods sake!!!! must watch again

    and again

    and again and again !!!!

  6. Danny says:

    Spectacular start to the season! This was just right…perfect mix of case, character, romance and comedy. Castle is doing this thing right! Since the show started, I have been amazed at how in sync what we get on the screen is to what the show creator (Andrew Marlowe) says he is trying to portray. I believed every obstacle was purposeful and important to bring us where we are now.

    Oh, man! Nathan and Stana have the best chemistry on television, bar none. They are both so adept at comedy and drama. It is obvious that they trust each other as acting partners because everything is so natural, but also chemistry filled. Love them!

    Thank you, Andrew Marlowe, for proving that getting your “will they/won’t they” couple together isn’t the end of the story….it is just the beginning!

  7. Tom says:

    Overall a good episode. The Beckett’s mother story is tired — just solve it already and move on. I thought the Caskett-to-plot ratio was about right. “The relationship” wasn’t overdone. I think that is a good sign. Although I don’t understand why the Caskett relationship now has to be a secret. I’ll buy it for a couple of episodes while Castle and Beckett figure out their new circumstances, but if it goes the whole season, the “secret” relationship is going to get tired. I see they’re still stuck on the Golden Delish vintage video look. I don’t hate it, just bump up the shadows a bit so it doesn’t look like you’re shooting the show in a tunnel. I realize this isn’t a show that requires technical accuracy to be enjoyable, but some of the lapses can be distracting. For instance, a file folder sitting on top of an explosive device in an unconstrained space wouldn’t turn the contents of the folder into confetti — it would just blow the paper all over the room — maybe burning some parts. I also wondered why they just didn’t ask Mongomery’s wife to identify Smith.

  8. April says:

    I just love this show. And I was happy with this premiere– it needed to do a lot to follow up on last season’s finale, and I think it was done well. We got enough fun Castle/Beckett interaction to give us a taste of what’s to come, and a semi-resolution to the Big Case stuff to get that out of the way for a while. Like many people, I find the stuff about Beckett’s mom’s murder a bit heavy and increasingly convoluted, but they really couldn’t have a different focus for this episode. It had to be dealt with and shelved to get to the fun stuff. Which looks like it’s coming next week!

  9. maria says:

    I loved everything about this episode. The morning after scene was everything I hoped for. I really loved the Beckett that went from being shy, to being sexy, and to being funny! She nailed them all!. The scenes at Castle’s loft and at Beckett’s apt were so funny, adorable, and amazing, The chemistry between them is so real. It’s so cute to see them a little akward with each other, but there is a certain “warmth” between them that is so obvious. The scene between Beckett and Senator Bracken was intense and spectacular! IMO, there are just so many words to describe this scene. I don’t think I blinked for fear that I would miss something. It had me at the edge of my seat. I couldn’t read Beckett’s reaction, and at one point I really thought she was believing everything Bracken was saying, especially when she lowered her weapon. I was shouting at the tv, “Beckett he’s lying1″ I’ve never been so committed to a show before. And, when I saw badass Beckett surface, I just couldn’t contain my excitement. WOW! what suspense. This scene, IMO, was one of the most powerful scenes I’ve seen for quite a long time. Beckett’s acting was superb. She needs to be given an ‘EMMY” It’s just not fair!

  10. taliesin says:

    I really felt the episode was lacking intimacy. I don’t mean sex. I mean the handsy/kissy playfulness that new couples tend to have. There was some intimacy at the beginning, and then some more at the end when Beckett “touched” him in the elevator but it needs more hand touching, brushing of cheeks, quick kisses, etc. Those are the things new couples tend to do in the honeymoon phase. Their relationship came off to me like friends with benefits rather then a new couple in love.

    • ashley says:

      They’ll get there. They weren’t quite relationship-y here because they didn’t have time to figure it out. Remember, this all happened in a day and a half. They slept together. They love each other. But they haven’t really learned how to be in a relationship yet.

      • Kath says:

        Well said. And I’m looking forward to seeing how they try to be in a relationship.

        Not to mention they’re trying to hide if from everyone that they are together.

  11. Mary W says:

    Overall, I liked the episode, and all the actors were great. I agree with others that I will really get tired of the show if they continue with the conspiracy story line. I do not want to watch a cat and mouse story with the senator, vice president, etc. Kate’s mother’s murder has been solved. Move past that! Also, I can’t believe that Beckett didn’t tape the scene with the senator! She is much smarter than that. I want to see the “Core Four” move on to new cases and new lives!

  12. Joe Petitjean says:

    This season 5 opener was well worth the wait and build up and it did not fail at all,Kate will get her answers by season end and her and Rick are just to fun not to watch as they land in some positions that you would have never thought they could be in.Next week episode looks like a fun one and cute.

  13. arial2 says:

    I loved the slapstick comedy performances of NF and SK; well done! It’s strange, but in all the ongoing action, my favorite (and, IMO, most believable) line was Smith’s “I owed Montgomery, but I don’t owe you.” And I believed he would have stood by that if he’d lived. Good one, writers!

  14. WenRaz says:


  15. Mari says:

    This episode was so good SO GOOD. What a great way to start the season. And BTW Stana deserves all the Emmys.

  16. Liana in San Diego says:

    Clearly in the minority here but I didn’t believe for one minute that there was chemistry between Castle & Beckett. She was more sultry, cheeky, flirty, but between them there was a chasm as wide as the Grand Canyon. Sorry, I think everyone is deluded by their romantic notions of what “should” be happening. Frankly, I found it almost embarrassing to watch how hard the actors were trying to be gushy. Nothing “read” real to me. And the whole evil bad guy uncovered plot was ludicrous. So disappointed in the show.

  17. Kath says:

    Amazing episode. Hit all the right notes.

    First, finally, Beckett and Castle got together. Perfectly done, and now we can move on from all the stupid contrivances of the last two seasons to keep them apart. Both Martha and Alexis used just right.

    Then we got just enough on Joanna Beckett’s murder …. and now it’s off the table for a while.

    Good use of Ryan, Esposito and Gates. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Ryan/Esposito conflict plays out for a little longer.

    Really great work by all. Possibly the best season opener I’ve ever seen.

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