Fall TV Preview

Once Upon a Time Sneak Peeks: Snow's Q&A, Fairytale Land's Fate and Rumple's Revenge

Once Upon a Time‘s Emma has questions — but does Mom have answers?

That issue comes up in one of three new Season 2 video sneak peeks released by ABC ahead of the show’s Sunday, Sept. 30 return.

VIDEO | TVLine’s Spoiler Alert! Talks Once Upon a Time and Other Returning Shows

In this first clip, Mary Margaret/Snow White asks Emma if she has any questions in the wake of getting confirmation of her fantastical origins and delivery into our realm. Next up, Regina is behind bars as she answers another burning Q: Why isn’t everyone back in Fairytale Land?

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And last up, Belle reveals to Rumplestiltskin the devastating details of her forced imprisonment, which leads the irritable imp to channel Emily Thorne and plot his revenge on the Evil Queen!

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  1. veronic says:

    Charming Family.
    They are gonna be my favs this season¡

  2. Cat says:

    Thanks for the teases! Can’t wait for the 30th…it just can’t come soon enough!

  3. Zed says:

    I still don’t get how this show didn’t get nominated for any (major) Emmy’s this season.

  4. I shouldn’t had click on this article, but I couldn’t resist. Can’t wait for the premiere next sunday.

  5. Isaac says:

    It’s rare that genre shows get nominated for major emmy’s. It’s alright though. We know this is awesome TV. Not EVERY show needs to be Breaking Bad.

  6. gossip2010 says:

    so happy to see the charming family ! i was waiting for them
    It’s gonna be a great season

    • guest says:

      Agreed! So excited to see the Charming family relationship!! Also, for some reason I really want to see Snow and Henry interact now that she know she is his Grandma!! :)

  7. the girl says:

    Considering that Regina goes back there herself, we know she’s lying. But why? Yeah I am really excited about this. Grin.

    • Me says:

      Regina never went back to fairy tail land. In the episode “an apple red as blood” Jefferson reaches for a specific moment in time (the past) to retreave the poison apple. Regina has a bunch of stuff hidden in the town it’s self from the other side, but has never actually gone home.

  8. Manie says:

    I’m like overexcited, it’s getting dangerous!!! LOL God I can’t wait for Once to start again

  9. Car says:

    I died with the Rumbelle scene. Seriously I watched it like 10 times. And I cried the whole time.

  10. Holy crap, I CAN NOT WAIT for this. Watching Snow and Charming go full out Mommy and Daddy on Emma is going to be priceless. Not to mention the realization that Emma is a princess. I’m all tingly just thinking about it. All those who think that Rumple is just going to let Regina go unscathed, please raise your hand. ::Jiminy chirping:: Yeah, he is going totally Emily Thorne on Regina’s ass and I can’t wait.

  11. Robin says:

    Umm those clips abuptly ended! gah! lol

  12. Moe says:

    Oh, those were great! They’ve got me very excited for the coming season! And glad to see that Regina didn’t regain her powers. I think that might have turned me off of the show. It’s bad enough she’s all powerful in the flashbacks, we don’t need that in the present as well!

  13. patti says:

    I love the Charming family and Emilie de Ravin rocks as Belle. I am so excited for the season premiere.

  14. Brenna says:

    super super excited for the 30th!!! that rumbelle scene was amazing :)

  15. Pat says:

    This is all very cool. I am digging the charming family coming together and Emilie de Ravin deserves props as an actress (she was under used and under valued on Lost) She is amazing in that clip. I am looking forward to more of her character being explored with Rumple and on her own.

  16. BrianR says:

    Emma’s going to need something stronger than wine.

  17. Reward says:

    I cheer for Regina. Seriously, she is awesome, the best character of the show. Stop with the battle with good VS evil … the evil, for once, must win.

    • Stormy says:

      Not a chance. The only way Regina can win is by redemption. She can give up her evil ways and find her heart.

      • Reward says:

        I know it, this is only my hope. I’m really bored that the good wins ever. I mean, I understand that people need some hope, but for once … evil can win xD

        • Lisa says:

          It is a show about fairytales, the battle between good, bad and morality. The majority of the audience are between the age of 12 and18, seriously it would be not very educational if bad would win in that case and makes the audience believe that it is allright to kill their fathers, ex lovers and destroy others people lives.

  18. Letr says:

    This show ain’t about evil or good in mayor size it is at least for me about evil and good’s fight inside the people,nobody is going to lose or win but the situations they all are going to be into are gonna be great and the end well …it better be awesome

  19. Kaliera says:

    Why exactly is Regina in jail? By which I mean what CHARGE was she actually arrested for? Becuase I would so love to see that in front of a judge now that they can leave Storybrooke. “Your Honor, she cast as spell on us!” I’d also love a judge to point out that Regina is STILL Henry’s mother. Emma has no actual legal claim to him. AT ALL. I love how no one ever points that out.