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Castle Q&A: Stana Katic Talks of 'Wonderful Lovemaking' and Beckett the 'Cobra Lying in Wait'

TVLINE | Moving from the interpersonal to the professional: What will happen next with the case of Beckett’s mother’s murder?
[The premiere] is an interesting episode because it’s a choice to face off with a person that’s responsible for everything, and then to approach it in a way that wouldn’t have been the way that she would have approached it in the past. The emotionality that drove so much of what she did in the past, especially when it came to this case, isn’t the driving force, because she has something else that is tapering that — and it’s not, “Oh, a guy came into her life and saved the day!” I think it’s a personal growth, which is interesting, because a person is more dangerous when they’re thinking very clearly, especially in the case of trying or planning on avenging, or seeking justice. The clear thinker, the Sun Tzu Art of War way, is really dangerous.

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TVLINE | Kate, though, has resigned from the NYPD. Does Gates want her back? Is any overture made there, or…?
No. But Gates is very aware of the fact that she is a very powerful member of her police force and a valuable person to have on her team.

TVLINE | And yet….
And yet she left, so…. The thing about Gates and the relationship with Kate is that there’s a bit of two strong women in a great way really knowing each other, and I think Beckett grew up a little bit over the last year. I think that Beckett sees the big picture, and a part of the big picture is being on that police force.

TVLINE | So it’s just a matter of Gates reconciling the baggage that comes with Beckett, the “loose cannon” aspect.
And yet she is not a loose cannon anymore. That’s the thing, that’s the difference. [With regards to Cole Maddox and the conspiracy] she’s kind of like a cobra, like a viper, lying in wait, and when the right moment is there to strike, she will. It’s a totally different game, you know? It’s like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. She’s scary because she is so streamlined. She’s going to go after exactly what she needs to go after, and she’s going to take her time and do it right. So to answer your question, I think there’s this wonderful possible relationship shift in Beckett’s and Gates’ dialogue. And if you’re asking if Beckett gets reinstated in the force, yeah, of course she’ll get reinstated.

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TVLINE | Before they pull you away from me, I wanted to talk about the movie you just wrapped, CBGB (due in theaters next year). For starters, what’s the overall story?
CBGB, the movie, is about CBGB the rock club in New York City…

TVLINE | I’ve been there. As square as I am, I’ve been there.
I think that’s probably the first “of-age club” that I snuck into, when I was 17, in the U.S. I was studying in Boston and some friends from New York City were like, “Oh, do you guys want to come?” My roommate and I were like, “Yeah, OK,” so we took the train and went all over the city and snuck into this bar. I remember this great band being up on the stage, but the thing that really stuck in my mind was, “Oh my God, we actually got in” — that was a really big deal for me. So the story centers on the club in the late ’70s/early ’80s, and on Hilly Crystal (Die Hard‘s Alan Rickman), who was the owner of the club, and the various characters that circled around him. It’s about him having the idea for this club, being passionate about it and fighting for it, in spite of everything. It’s about the music, too, about punk rock, so we have featured parts for a lot of the bands that played there — the Ramones, Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop…. I’ll tell you, one day the guys dressed as the Ramones were walking down the street, and it was uncanny.

TVLINE | And who are you playing?
My character is Genya Raven, who was the lead singer of the first all-female rock band called Goldie and the Gingerbreads, back in the ’60s. She was a mainstay in New York City, and she’s still alive. I got the chance to meet her. She was a dear friend of Hilly’s, she produced some of the bands that came out of CBGB and she was a rock star in her own right. She either played with or slept with the biggest and the best in the industry.

TVLINE | What’s your look for the movie? Are we going to recognize you if we don’t know it’s you?
You’ll recognize me just because there’s my face. But yeah, she has this wonderful wild hair, and everybody was kind of bra-less and tattooed and stuff, so she had some of that going on…. It was a fun piece to be a part of, and a really sweet role.