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Vampire Diaries Hot Shots: Is Someone Dying?!

The evidence is in, and it sure looks like someone on The Vampire Diaries is about to bite it.

The following pictures from the CW thriller’s second Season 4 episode, titled —hello! — “Memorial,” show the gang attending a very solemn-looking church service.

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Now, couple that with this ominous little snippet from the official description for the Oct. 11 premiere (The CW, 8/7c): “Pastor Young (guest star Michael Reilly Burke) and the Town Council members begin rounding up the vampires and their supporters, leading to an unexpected tragedy.”

Of course, this being Mystic Falls, the sadness eventually gives way to utter terror as something — or someone — interrupts the ceremony.

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Elsewhere, something’s wrong with Tyler, and Caroline has called upon Stefan for help.

Flip through the following gallery and then hit the comments with your thoughts/theories.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Victoria says:

    Couldn’t this be for Alaric?

  2. Nina says:

    Maybe it’s a funeral for Ric? If not, then….. plssss be Bonnie.

  3. Luz says:

    Someone give Elena a blood bag!!!! She looks terrible!

  4. RobMF says:

    Pretty much everyone is accounted for in these photos except Bonnie & Meredith… and if it were either of them I’d be happy so…

  5. Paris says:

    If they kill Bonnie then everyone else would eventually die since everyone needs her to save their ungrateful asses.

  6. mac says:

    It could be for Meredith, Alaric, Klaus, Rebekah, Elijah, Liz, Major Lockwood or someone else entirely…

  7. Janneke says:

    I doubt that it will be for someone like Bonnie or Sheriff Forbes, Elena, Caroline and the rest of the gang do not look that heartbroken and they would be if either of the previous mentioned names died, plus if a mother or best friend dies normally you would sit in the front row instead of somewhere in between.

    A memorial for an Original vampire also seems highly unlikely because they aren’t the most welcome creatures in town and everyone rather sees them leave than stay.

    My guess, a memorial for Ric or someone we haven’t met yet, for instance didn’t we already get a clue that the father of that new girl who is an old friend of the Gilbert family is already gone after 2 episodes? Might be his memorial…

  8. Ashley says:

    I’m just happy to see it’s not Jeremy.

  9. KK says:

    I hoping it’s Tyler…..I think I’m kind of over him and he could easily die when Klaus “leaves” his body non?

  10. Alyssa says:

    T.A.D. THE END!

  11. brandy says:

    You all have some great ideas. Did anyone other than myself notice how in the last photo everyone seems to be running away? It is like they are all shocked and scared, which leads one to believe that it is a supernatural someone that they are seeing. I can’t image the whole town would turn out for an original’s memorial service, or that they would even give the one in the first place. You can rule out anyone seen in the photos, that leaves bonnie, which is unlikely, caroline and elana would be much life upset if it was bonnie. I am guessing ric he seemed to be well liked by the whole town and he was a supernatural which if they bring him back from the dead in the middle of his memorial that would send everyone running for cover for sure! Just my thoughts.

  12. Manie says:

    It’s not Bonnie, spoilers for her goes as far as episode 7! So Bonnie haters can keep on hating because the girls who saved everyone at the end of last season is still alive and kicking.

    They said in the spoilers that April’s return to Mystic Fall (and first time on screen in Episode 2) was due to the death of her father. SO I’m putting my vote on April’s father.

  13. Julie says:

    There sure are a lot of black extra’s, which makes me think, either, Bonnie or Abby will die

  14. This is Mystic Falls, so isn’t the answer to “is someone dying?”, ALWAYS. It looks like Tyler (well, Klaus in Tyler’s body, if he’s still in Tyler’s body) got shot. Stefan appears to be holding a bullet in the last photo and examining it. I doubt they’d give it a second thought if it was a normal bullet… Maybe he’ll have a scare. I’m thinking the memorial service would be for Rick though.

  15. Shuayb says:

    For Goodness Sakes its NOT Bonnie… No matter how hard you arm chair writers pray or wish, Julie and Kevin are NOT killing their little plot device anytime soon! Its either for Ric, Meredith or someone we haven’t seen yet who meets his / hers untimely death in the Mystic Falls. Be reasonable.

  16. Alyssa says:

    It’s a surprise Vampire who is going to kick their asses and take names.

  17. SsvenjaE says:

    Ok for me it looks like someone was shooting Damon, the way everybody is getting down in photo 6 and in photo 8 it looks like stefan just got some kind of bullet out of damon, who lies on the couch i think.

  18. Jason says:

    I look for either Sheriff Forbes or Mayor Lockwood to bite the big one.

  19. Maybe it’s a memorial for everyone that got killed or went missing in mystic falls

  20. Katie Perkins says:

    In my oppion we can’t guess who it will be that is the beauty of a cliff hanger like the last episode of season 3. I new that eventually Elena would become a vanpire it was just a matter of when. It might be somebody who meant a lot to somebody whoever that maybe, but let’s see how many of y’all will get it right. I can’t watch it until it comes out on Netflix.

  21. Norah Thuo says:

    most probably its alarics because of elenas reaction…..

  22. Linda316 says:

    i think the funeral is for ric. then when everyone is running, its the preacher coming for the vamps. they’re all in one place, easy scoop up. caroline is shown shackled in a van later with another blond i can’t make out (rebekah?) which crashed and tyler looks like stefan is taking a bullet out of him in the library. i know the preacher dies at the end of eps 1 so if the service was for him how could the preacher come for the vamps? and connor doesn’t show till eps 4′ flashback so he can’t be who scares them in the church. there’s also a coffin with bonnie at the witch house (woohoo) klaus will get switched back early!

  23. Amy says:

    Judging by done of the teasers on episode 1 it’s probably one of the people that rounded up the vampires and vampire supporter & that it was Elena that killed him/her because she had no choice but to feed!

  24. Alyssa says:

    I know it isn’t Bonnie or Alaric…it is most likely who ever Elena kills to complete the transition. Julie Plec hinted at it being a new character named Pastor Dave

  25. Rosalie says:

    After seeing the premiere i would say it is for the pastor and the group of people he killed along with himself at the end of the episode.