Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Grey's Anatomy, CSI, Fringe, Hawaii Five-0, NCIS: LA and More!

How will a reduction in the head count affect the guys of Grey’s Anatomy? How does high drama personally impact Ted Danson’s CSI? Will Broyle join in Fringe‘s future fight? Read on for answers to those questions plus other teases from hot shows.

Grey’s Anatomy | While there has been much talk about how Eric Dane’s imminent departure will affect the women (left) in Mark Sloan’s life – namely, daughter Sofia and baby momma Callie – his absence will trigger a shift among the gents, too. “Owen and Derek definitely start to lean on each other more,” Kevin McKidd shared with TVLine during Ausiello’s visit to the ABC drama’s set. “Owen needs a friend and so does Derek, so in the first few episodes they do check in with each other quite a bit. And it’s nice to see that friendship flourish.” Especially since Owen is still dealing with his fractured marriage, while Derek copes with a fractured hand. “Guys, being guys, are not great at talking all the time — they’re not like the ladies on the show, sitting around pouring out their feelings,” McKidd notes, “but [Owen and Derek] do have some moments that they share where they are both at in a very real way.”

Fringe | You’ve got to pity poor Broyles, because if anyone is caught in the middle as the Fringe team marches into the final season, it’s the boss man who in 2036 is compelled to do Observer overlord Captain Windmark’s bidding. As first glimpsed in last season’s Episode 19 (repeating this Saturday at 11/10c), “[Broyles is] basically collaborating with the occupying force and trying to do the best that he can for humanity in that capacity, to make the best out of a terrible situation,” Lance Reddick tells us. “This season is really going to be about negotiating where his loyalties lie and the decision that he makes about those questions.” Given the nature of the final 13-episode run, is Reddick getting any brand-new notes to play? “So far, the two [different] things are getting to be a little more emotional, and getting to shoot guns more!”

NCIS: Los Angeles | Finally, a bit more insight into the coming season’s Episode 2, which show boss Shane Brennan has promised will be “hilarious.” Up ’til now, all we had was this exclusive photo from Deeks’ vacation  — but then we spoke to Barrett Foa and Renee Felice Smith (aka Eric and Nell) about what’s ahead for the CBS procedural. “The second episode is a big one for us,” said Foa. “There’s some steamy stuff going on.” “Relationship-wise for our characters,” Smith added. OK, but what about the “funny” business beyond any such funny business? “I have a fun scene with Linda Hunt where Hetty is coming down hard on Nell,” Smith shared. “She gives me a task based on my IQ. ” Foa, meanwhile, says Eric will be left to “give a lecture to [Granger, played by] Miguel Ferrer about nuclear physics, basically trying to stall him. Hilarity ensues!” There’s that H-word again!

Hawaii Five-0 | I finally got around to screening the season premiere (airing Monday at 10/9c), and while I know a few of you are less-than-enthused about meeting Mama Garrett (played by Christine Lahti), I must say, for a woman of a certain age she’s quite impressive, especially in her confidence and her attitude. (For one, her own nickname for Danno is “Smart-ass.” There’s also the nature of the question she lobs at Steve’s crush Catherine the instant they sit down for small-talk.) A few other quick notes on the alternately grim, intense and light hour: You’ll learn what the exploding of the HPD was really about; there’s a shoot-out that probably expends the most bullet casings ever in a TV show; Catherine proves herself to be rather kick-ass in her own right; and you’ll get a kick out of the new ringtone associated with Danny’s ex.

CSI | Though the abduction of D.B.’s granddaughter is sure to have a happy-ish ending, don’t be surprised if the incident has a ripple effect on his marriage. “We’ll discover that Barbara Russell (played by Peri Gilpin) may not be so happy about their transfer to Las Vegas,” says exec producer Don McGill. “And if she was missing Seattle before, with her granddaughter taken and her daughter a wreck and her husband packing a gun and launched into this mission to get his granddaughter back, taking him right to the edge, Barbara will really be questioning the decision to move the family to Las Vegas by the end of the premiere.” That said, Ted Danson cautions not to fear the worst for his CSI’s marriage. “The love is still there,” he notes. “I think [the writers] want to pick away at something that’s strong and challenging, not destroy it.” As for that nod to D.B. waving a gun around in pursuit of young Katelyn, “It’s startling,” Danson attests. “It really is.”

Parenthood | Lest you fear that all of the Season 4 drama will be as weighty as that revealed at the close of this week’s episode, here are some smaller dilemmas on tap for the Braverman bunch: The Luncheonette will discover it has a very cranky neighbor lady who’s fed up with them dang rock ‘n roll musicians hogging the parking and littering the lot with cigarette butts, while Max will attempt to lead a student council rally to “veto” the school dance. Sigh. I think I tried that once, because let’s face it, I was a big(ger) dork at that age and had no swag. Again: Sigh.

If there’s a show you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Mikaylah says:

    I’m really excited that Catherine is going to be a regular on H50 next season. I think the character is great, and I like Steve having a steady gal around him. What I’m not looking forward to is Mama McGarrett. I doubt she is going to be all rainbows and sunshine.

  2. steve says:

    Not at all looking mama mcgarret. I was hoping they had something else up there sleeves for the shelburne storyline.

    • JayCee Lynn says:

      Something else other than the fact that Steves’ mother, presumed dead for 20+ years, turns out to be alive, having had faked her death to protect her family, and is in a way kind of responsible for the death of Daddy McG & is now back in Steves’ life…oh yeah, did I mention she was in the CIA?

  3. I hope Parenthood gets a season 5, I hope NBC knows that its one of its better shows even if its ratings arent great.

    • Jasmine says:

      Not only should Parenthood get a 5th Season, OMG, it should be nominated for an Emmy! If Monica Potter and Peter Krause aren’t nominated, I really have to question the credibility of the Emmys. Also, no nomination for Michael B. Jordan this year, OUTRAGEOUS!

  4. Adam says:

    Im not really looking forward of watching Cath on h50.

  5. Ana says:

    I love Derek but don’t really care for Owen. I have never found their friendship believable. I rather have Derek interact more with Arizona or Bailey. Just get Owen out of the picture.

  6. meah says:

    Yay for hawaii 5 o..love that catherine is gonna be more kick ass..her and mama garett should be fun to watch..can’t wait to see alex on ma tv screen..and pls let’s stop the catherine hate till we see the episode..

  7. anonymouse1013 says:

    yay derek/owen bromance!

  8. JJ says:

    I’m very excited for the S-3 premier of H5-0 and that includes seeing Mama McG being a bad-ass! Speculation on how all of the last season’s loose threads will play out can be fun, but you haters, just stick to talking to yourselves.

  9. King says:

    CSI! I don’t want to lose you but I’m not really excited with the DB family hour. Why?

    • Jasmine says:

      I am and have been a Ted Danson fan, but cannot watch him on CSI! He’s awful in this role. Also, the old cast is really looking so old. There should be some changes or maybe it’s time to retire the unit.

  10. Lily says:

    I didn’t know I was watching the Steve show starring Steve, Doris, Cath and Danny. I thought this show supposed to be H50 not Steve show.

    • Tara says:

      I dont know what show you have been watching but the show has always revolved around Steve and the mystery around his parents “deaths” with a healthy dose of everyone else. This story has been a slow burn and I for one am not complaining one little bit.

  11. lipsticksocialism says:

    Christine Lahti back on TV?!!!! YESSS!! She was already a kick-ass heart surgeon while Cristina Yang was a fetus (and I love me some Yang!). I will definitely be tuning in :) Can’t say I was crazy about her on SVU, but I have a feeling this role in H50 will be much better :)

  12. Ninna says:

    If I were Derek I certainly wouldn’t let Mer available near the McCheater while he is drunk. He’s not trustful. When he drunks a little, he throws himself between the legs of any blonde. So, or Derek hides Mer or dyes her hair in another color!

    • anonymouse1013 says:

      you do know Meredith and Owen HATE each-other.

      That and almost everybody on that show has cheated one time or another. (including Derek, Mark, Meredith, Callie, George, Lexie, Alex, etc) Why does Owen get all the hate?

      • Ninna says:

        Of course I know they HATE each other. But it’s not him who said when he’s drunk he doesn’t see to where he goes?

        It’s not true that everyone cheated on the show. Cris for instance and Mer was not with Derek at the time. She was trying to start a new relationship.That’s not cheating!
        Why does Owen get all the hate? For a start because he always was shown as an almighty god riding the high moral horse and fall from the horse in the possible worst way: Fuc*ing a whore in a place where half of the hospital staff pass by.
        Next I could list 20 more reasons that are so obvious that if you didn’t see them by now you’ll never understand for sure.

      • I will hate you forever Owen says:

        Because he posed as Prince Charming only to turn a toad.
        While Alex or Mark show their true colors and only goes there who want it and fully aware of what they are, Owen makes girls think he’s perfect and then grabs any tattered excuse to cheat on his wife. Even Alex or Mark don’t cheat when they are in a serious relationship. This moron was the only one who cheated on his wife even after she have showed signs of wanting to mend things.

        • Bobo says:

          Wow if you have this much hate for a fictional character I’d hate to see what you are like with REAL people you don’t like. Lol

          • I will hate you forever Owen says:

            yeah, don’t be my enemy Lol but I have to say in my defense that I love with the same intensity. ;)

          • AnnaCM says:

            Careful. You never know what may jump out of your computer and come after you. And if someone loves as intensely as they hate…well watch out for what you may find boiling on your stove top. Remember Fatal Attraction? LOL

          • I will hate you forever Owen says:

            AnnaCM, you’re terrible Lol ;)

    • That is not at all what happened. Lol. Owen wouldn’t ever try to hit on Meredith. I don’t condone what Owen did at all, but the idea that he would drunkenly take a pass at Meredith is laughable.

      • Ninna says:

        Of course it’s laughable. I meant to be ironic.

      • I will hate you forever Owen says:

        I’d like to remember you that Owen was the only guy on the show who wouldn’t sleep with someone. See where he’s now!

        I think with the right amount of complaints about wife and the right amount of drinks he might go there too. LOl

  13. chris says:

    “how Eric Dane’s imminent departure will affect the women (left) in Mark Sloan’s life – namely, daughter Sofia and baby momma Callie” — last time I checked Arizona was Callie’s wife, Sofia’s mother, and the woman comforting Mark at the crash site and telling him she was there for him/”waiting for him too.” So are you telling us you discount AZ as a woman in Marks life? OR that AZ is gone too?

    • Kate says:

      Agreed! It’s really frustrating that the media continue to ignore Arizona’s role, i.e. by saying that if Arizona dies Callie loses a wife, but if Mark dies Sofia loses a parent. If Arizona dies Sofia loses a parent either way.

      (That said I wouldn’t object to that if they’d said ‘best friend Callie’. But Arizona is Mark’s baby momma too, no matter how much I hate that phrase)

      • chris says:

        agreed, the media are constantly discounting AZ as Sofia’s mother and Callies wife. Shonda has done no one a favor by writing Mark into the middle of Callie and Arizona’s relationship. The whole thing stunk of them being Marks “sister wives,” but the constant discounting of AZ as sofia’s mother and AZ/Callie as a married couple unto themselves is just beyond the pale.

        • anna says:

          The media totally sucks when it comes to talking about the unique familial relationship that Mark/Callie/Arizona/Sofia have, but I thought Shonda did a great job portraying a type of family that you don’t see very often and the types of problems that they might have. There are definitely children in this world being raised by 3, maybe 4 parents, and this just happens to be one that has a few boundaries issues (which Mark and Callie have always had – see past relationships with Erica and Lexie).

  14. Dee says:

    Not thrilled with the soap tone of season 3, hopefully it plays better than it sounds. Waiting to see how the mama drama plays out. Definitely disappointed that Cath is being added as a regular. Don’t see that it’s necessary as a little bit of her goes a long way. Don’t need to see the relationship drama along with the Mom back from the dead. I don’t see a romantic connection with Cath more like friends with benefits. I hope Cath isn’t just Lori with a different name. Neither one of them has any chemistry with McGarrett. Most of all, don’t make it the Steve and Cath show at the expense of Chin, Kono and Danny as happened last year.

    • They’ve been wanting to add another girl (one with a “lead” status higher than Kono — beats me), for a while now. They tried it with Larisa Oleynik, And with Lori what’s her real life name, and neither of them worked out. Now they tried Cath. I like Cath. I think she has potential to be kick-ass. She had lead potential because she’s involved with McGarrett. She has darkness potential because she’s a marine. Will Michelle Borth be able to pull it off? We’ll have to wait and see? Thing is, in the 60s (70s?), not even Kono was a girl, because shows like that only had guys in the cast, before Charlie’s Angels. Now, there NEEDS to be women in the shows, there needs to be sexual tension, there needs to be that sort of stuff. Beats me why, I watch for shirtless McGarret :P But I like Cath. I was happy when I saw she was cast as a regular. I mean, they weren’t going to quit trying, so, I hope it’s *her*.

  15. Loki says:

    I prefer to think of CSI as a spin off of Cheers now, where we find out that Russell used to run a bar in Boston (way back) and Barbara used to work at a Seattle radio station before the move to Vegas. Of course they changed their names along the way…

    Also Christine Lahti is still really good.

  16. Grace says:

    Danny has the best chemistry with Steve! So long as the bromance is alive, the show will be great. Excited to see how Mama McG plays into the storyline, and also Catherine as well–Kono is great but the show could use a few more kick-ass women.

  17. Lily says:

    First how can Cath be a kickass chick when they say the something about Lori and look how she turn out. Why do the show need to fix h50 when it wasn’t broken in the first place in s1?! I can’t stand seeing the show leaning toward to soap.

  18. maria says:

    hawaii 5-o ,lo mejor kono-steve, los demàs , especialmente Cath un desatre1 McKono forever!!!!!!!

  19. A says:

    I like H50 but I have to agree w some ppls abt Cath, not a fan of having her on the team. I think she is the Lori 2 and they r pushing her more on screen than chin and kono. Why there are more spoilers on Cath and Doris than Kono and Chin.

    • Linda E/ says:

      Catherine is not on “the team” and will not even be in all the episodes. We were subjected to twelve to fourteen consecutive episodes with Lori. That won’t happen with Catherine. I think she’ll work out.

  20. Mary says:

    Really excited to see how Doris’s storyline will develop, expecially after watching the sneak peek they released. That is a great dynamic! I think we will get many answers by this storyline, plus she will be a recurrent character, won’t be there everytime, won’t affect the dynamics of the show I think we all love: McDanno relationship and four main characters who interact with each other as a team but also as Ohana. In my opinion, Catherine will be another Lori, another pointless and useless character. I didn’t like her even when she was a recurrent character, find her boring, flat, and see no chemistry between her and Steve. When you see the sparkles between Steve and Danny you can’t help but notice the difference. I really hope she will be there for a short time, that her storyline will be temporary.

  21. tp says:

    I don’t understand how NCIS:LA is going to be funny when the last time it aired Callen shot a guy in cold blood.

  22. Brit says:

    I love s1 of h50 and the Ohana feeling, I don’t get the love in s2 and now in s3 due to force on Steve and his ladies. I don’t like the newbies on the show.

  23. Lindsey says:

    The Mark and Derek bromance was great from the begining and I could see why they were friends even if fractured. Derek and Owen have nothing in common but the twisted sisters and seems so forced. ED is not the greatest actor but I will miss his comedic moments and one liners that I thought he totatlly owned when he was McSteamy, which went missing the last few years. The writing needs to improve to get me to a Owen/Derek sincere friendship.

  24. lunchboxthermos says:

    is it possible that catherine & mama mcgarrett are secret-baddies together?? i don’t mind catherine on the show, but boy i’d love to see her storyline written as something totally random like this. it’d be much more exciting that that terrible storyline they wrote for lori.

  25. Jim says:

    H50 – We never use the phone to call ahead, we have to run over there really fast in the car and get there too late. It takes us forever to figure out that Steve’s mom shot 3 bullets into the floor, and danno couldn’t use the phone then either, had to run over and tell steve personally. Are there new writers this season? They suck!