Glee Recap: Britney, Baby, One More Time

glee rachel oopsJust because Glee dipped into the Britney Spears songbook for the second time in its four-season history doesn’t mean Fox’s (partial) high school musical is out of fresh ideas. (SPOILERS ahead, so stop reading if you haven’t seen this week’s episode.)

Indeed, “Britney 2.0” found Rachel channeling her inner sex kitten (while still finding time to whip up an oversized serving of foot-in-mouth stew), Brittany grappling with loneliness (and her catastrophic academic record), and Mr. Schuester huffing and puffing that New Directions might come under fire from the National Show Choir Board of Review. (Insert eye roll here.)

Okay, okay, so Schue’s persnickety brand of self-righteousness is familiar territory, but two out of three’s not too shabby, right?

Anyhow, if you were too busy hanging with Lord Tubbington and his new gang, here’s what you missed on Glee.

* Sue ousted Brittany from the Cheerios because of her pitiful grades (apparently drawing a “crayonscape” of Happyville, the town where math was never invented, wasn’t the right way to go on her algebra test). The subsequent ban on her rocking a high pony, along with a lack of attention from college-set girlfriend Santana, sent Brittany into a tailspin than included binge eating, a violent assault on Jacob Ben Israel using an umbrella (he was kinda asking for it), and eventually, an unsuccessful attempt to lip sync a New Directions performance at the fall assembly. While fellow dim blonde Sam eventually offered a little understanding — and possibly a romantic rival who might draw Santana’s wrath? — and helped Brittany recover from “rock bottom,” the girl who can’t tell the difference between George Washington and Glenn Close (a truly amazing sight gag) ended the episode with a case of melancholy, staring glumly aT an instant-message program that found Santana “unavailable.” It was a sad end to an episode that contained dozens of Brittany-centric laughs, not the least of which was “Kiki,” the smart older cousin of Siri that lived inside the super-cheap phone Brit found at the laundromat. (Here’s hoping Kiki becomes a recurring presence in Brittany’s life throughout the season, yes?) (Also priceless: Sam’s map with the misspelled message “meet me hear.” I know Brittana fans don’t want to hear it, but from an intellectual perspective, Sam and Brittany were kinda made for each other, no?)

* Cassandra July continued to torment Rachel in Dance 101, calling her “awkward and tentative” in her body. This prompted our plucky heroine to enlist new crush Brody and some of her classmates to put on a piping-hot performance of “Oops!…I Did It Again.” When the wretched dance instructor responded by telling Rachel she was best-qualified for roles like Maria von Trapp, Willy Loman and Shrek, Rachel exploded, telling Ms. July that she’s nasty to her students because “we’re the future, and you’re just some YouTube joke!” (“Crazy July” it seems, fell from Broadway grace a decade ago after attacking a cellphone user in the middle of a performance. We won’t quibble that YouTube didn’t launch till 2005.) Due to school policy, Rachel was allowed to return to Dance 101, but was forced to hand-wash the class’s dance belts as punishment. (As if!) And so the torment will continue?

* On a personal front, Rachel went and painted the exposed brick wall of hers and Kurt’s $1,800-a-month apartment in Bushwick, with a giant heart and the name Finn. (I hate to see what her landlord will charge her for that act of “redecorating.”) But by episode’s end, she’d painted over the romantic installation, possibly because the persistent Brody had shown up at her dance class, and then at her apartment bearing gifts of orchids and promises that he’d always be thinking about kissing her. The real question, though, is whether there was foreshadowing in Cassie’s passing comment about Brody’s continued interest in “ingénues.” If this isn’t the dude’s first time trolling the freshman dorms for naive love interests, one has to wonder about his intentions, no? Still, I applaud the Glee writing staff for at least temporarily ignoring the brickbat-wielding mobs chanting “Finchel!” and exploring the realistic story of a young woman exploring her options in a new city and a new life — even if she ends up making bad mistakes along the way. One burning question though: Would Kurt so readily make himself scarce to give Rachel and Brody their space, when it might lead to his BFF breaking his stepbrother’s heart? It’s possible, but I’d have liked a little more clarity on the matter.

* Meanwhile, back at McKinley, Marley continued making googly eyes at Jake, he invited her to hang out by the bleachers, and she said “heck yeah” despite his rep as a womanizer. A kiss almost happened, but Marley dodged it at the last second, opting to let Jake chivalrously loan her his jacket to ward off an autumn chill. Mr. Schue then brought Jake’s estranged half-brother, Noah, all the way from California for what amounted to a 60-second pep talk in the McKinley choir room with a basic message of “join glee club; it’ll change your life.” (Wait, so these guys meet for the very first time, and all they discuss is whether or not to join New Directions?) Noah did have “a date with a chick who was third runner-up on The Bachelor,” though, so I guess you can’t blame him for not sticking around. Still, who paid for that plane ticket? The episode closed with Jake agreeing to attend practice in the choir room, Marley thinking it might be a sign of a brewing romance, and then Kitty revealing that, nope, it was too late: She’s Jake’s new girlfriend. Love triangle instated!

And now, let’s get to grading this week’s musical performances:

* Brittany and the Cheerios, “Hold It Against Me” | B- (might’ve been an A- had it not been for the aggressively fast editing that made it impossible to appreciate the actual choreography)

* Blaine and Artie, “Boys”/”Boyfriend” | B

* Unique and Tina, “Womanizer” | B+

* Sam, Tina and Joe, “3” | C (this just felt like a time-filler with no connection to the episode; also, I really think this might be Britney’s worst single ever)

* Marley and Jake, “(You Drive Me) Crazy”/”Crazy” | A- (clever, clever mashup)

* Rachel, “Oops!…I Did It Again” | A- (Anyone think for a moment that Rachel might throw in the rap from Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted”? A recapper can dream.)

* Brittany and New Directions, “Gimme More” | N/A (We do not grade lip synced performances, lest we come under scrutiny of the National TV Recappers Board of Review)

* Marley, “Everytime” | B

And with that, let me turn things over to you: What did you think of “Britney 2.0”? What was your favorite musical number? Take our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mitch says:

    Am I the only one thinking that perhaps Cassandra July’s comment to Brody wasn’t having any meaning? He didn’t act all hurt or like she should shut up, perhaps it was just a passing comment. You’re all going crazy saying he’s stalking her, he’s in no way stalking her.. He went to her place because other than Kurt she has NO-ONE in NYC. I’m not favouring him, nor Finn, I personally think the show is built on Rachel and regardless of who she chooses it’ll be great, but it’s pretty clear that he’s just a road block right now which is sad. My prediction is that Brody and Rachel will kiss just as Finn returns or something and make it all complicated and dramatic. He’s clearly not in it for the long haul which is a shame but they’ve said Finn has a new love interest too so perhaps they’ll both leave each other alone and continue to grow by themselves as Rachel clearly is? :3

    • F. Dillinger says:

      I completely agree with what you said, and I think Cassandra’s comment had more to do with those spoilers suggesting her and Brody had some kind of affair long ago, but you never know.

    • Kay says:

      I read somewhere that in episode 4 Rachel and Kurt are getting ready to go out when Finn and Blaine show up unexpectedly. Not sure if this has any impact at all on how the break up happens, but I’m just wondering if maybe Finn walks in on something or overhears a conversation about it. I thought that Kurt was going to skype Blaine every day and he told him that he could come visit every weekend, but apparently that is not the case because they come unannounced that weekend that this all takes place.

  2. Tiffany says:

    More New York and Less Ohio, i have no interest in whats going on back at the high school, Glee will be my dvr show so I can fast forward through those scenes. One thing for sure the talent level of Lea and Chris is even more evident now over the rest of the cast

    • NY says:

      I agree with you, the new kids are like Disney Chanel they are cute can sing but can’t act

    • Kay says:

      Well, the show is about the high school Glee Club, so how can you not include them in the show? They really should have had a spin-off of the ones that graduated but instead they incorporated them into the storyline. I think it makes it more interesting to have both worlds, high school and college. I do agree though that there are alot of characters to juggle all those storylines, so they probably won’t be telling all of them. Alot of the characters will just show up for special events (holidays, school plays, reunions, etc.).

  3. Kayl says:

    I really miss Finn, i miss Finchel, Glee is no the same without them,

    Finchel Forever

  4. Reno Botelho says:

    I’m surprised that know one has seemed to noticed the similarities between the Marley-Jake-Kitty triangle and the Rachel-Finn-Puck one. It seems that they are going to try to bring in the version of that which was abandoned.

  5. Mandi says:

    I really really really tried to give Brody a chance, but after last night’s episode, I really don’t like him. Brody said he would respect her boundaries but he still proceeded to make a move on her. It reminded me of a guy I met in college and I replayed the entire thing in my head. No. Just no. As far as people saying Finn did the same thing with Quinn. Quinn kissed him. They were both in the wrong for Season 2, but I would think that the writers would be smart enough not to rewrite the train wreck of Season 2. And another thing, Rachel shouldn’t be dating a guy because he is hot. It’s clear that he has a thing for younger students, I was hoping for a Jesse St. James type guy, but its not even like that. So now, I can’t wait for Finn to come back and make the show way better. I hate to say this considering I am a faberry fan, but I really want Finchel back.

  6. Kayl says:

    NY need Finn and Santana…

  7. Elizabeth says:

    I really only watch for Finn and Rachel and I keep getting my hopes up thinking that he will be back but I know he won’t be back until like the end of next week’s episode. It’s really sad. I am losing my favorite show. Time for me to tune out.

  8. zoot says:

    I know they broke up and now they are just boyfriend/girlfriend. But how does Rachel go from planning her wedding and having a fiancé, to just only having a boyfriend and trying to stay true to him while at college. She is barely 18. I say she should check out Brody!

  9. Everyone says:

    Michael, there’s NOTHING realistic about dating other people RIGHT AFTER you were engaged. Right after you were willing to spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE with someone. It just doesn’t make Rachel look good, and it makes her look increasingly shallow since the only feature Brody has is his abs and his looks. It’s just not right for her to be ‘moving on’ when Finn is in boot-camp trying to make something out of himself for her. This is the thank you Finn gets for the selfless act he did in the finale? He’s already lost everything in his life, why is Rachel disregarding that and being so selfish? He hasn’t contacted anyone because hello he’s at boot camp, I’m sure they can’t even contact people there.

    Also, I’m glad it was hinted at tonight that Brochel will not be long-lasting, Brody is not perfect. He has creepy stalker vibes. He goes after vulnerable fresh-mans, and doesn’t respect their relationships or boundaries. He saw the Finn on the wall, he heard her say she’s not going to give up on him, and he STILL tries to kiss her. Like dude, if you were decent – you would take a hint. Even when she rejects his kiss, and he says ok I’ll respect your boundaries, he follows up with but he’ll always be thinking of kissing her. THAT’S NOT RESPECTING. So I can’t wait for this to all crash down. Dean is a terrible actor as well, he can’t keep up with Lea. They don’t have chemistry.

    And Glee can expect I won’t be watching any episodes live (and hence giving my ratings) while he’s around and Finchel is separated because that’s just boring. Been there, done that. No thanks, come up with new storylines Glee other than love triangles and then I’ll be interested again.

  10. Kim says:

    I miss Quinn.

  11. Mick says:

    Was that melanie moore in the oops i did it again number?

  12. No acting skills says:

    Can they stop wasting time with marley, kitty and jake? They are like the cosplay from the ordinal cast

  13. kay says:

    Now that rachel is in new york, I’m all for her being with a new guy! Let’s go Brochel!

  14. ceebee says:

    My 2 cents…Heather Morris was Great last night!! I was cracking up @ the Brittany meltdown!! Marley’s voice doesn’t have the same star quality to be the “new” Rachel. Kitty!! Ugh!! Enough said…there was no originality with this character at all..(I mean…even the same hair color as Quinn)….Unique needs to Go!! The character tries WAY TOO HARD to be sassy/funny……Kate Hudson is bringing a Lot more depth to her character then I expected….Finally…Lea/Chris truly show why they are standouts on this show…Can’t wait for SJP!!…I think she will be really funny with Chris C.

  15. Ashley says:

    The finchel/ Finn stans are really creeping me out… It’s like the same person posting the same thing about brody..please stop!!

  16. Lauren says:

    The best part about yesterday’s episode was the one minute Puck and Santana were on screen

  17. Britney says:

    Being really similar to someone makes for a good friendship, but a really boring relationship. While I’ve always liked Brittana and supported them being treated with respect, I was never really what I’d consider a shipper, but seeing them separated last night, and hearing Brittany talk about it, really made me realize how close they were, and how much they’ve always got each other, and how they just don’t really work with other people. Yeah, Sam got it eventually, but Santana would’ve got it from the start.

    Anyway, other than the Brittany parts, which while offensive to Britney herself, were at least funny/entertaining, the rest of the episode was pretty boring. Those choir room performances felt so empty with so little people in there and some of the best reaction shoot givers (like Rachel, Quinn, Santana and Mercedes) not being there. I can just imagine the judging looks Santana would’ve shoot Blaine/Artie for that totally inappropriate song choice, or the raised eyebrow/wanky line she would’ve given at two members of the God Squad singing a song about threesomes.

  18. Jill says:

    No to the bram romance to a friendship I say yes. Glee needs more male/female friendships that don’t turn into romances Marley and Brittany would be great friends for him to have. It took Sam a while to figure out what Brittany was planning it would’ve take Santana an instant to figure it out. Also the whole best friends and the little things comments as well as the skype scene at the end shows how much they love each other. I want Brittana, as a couple, to be taken seriously this season. There is either Sugar or Tina for Sam. I want Brochel too.

  19. Lore says:

    A person just being ‘hot’ is not a good argument to have him in a show. Even more in a show about underdogs accepting themselves. Dean is boring and not a good actor. I prefer see Finn/Cory 100 times than see one more scene with him. And I still don’t see the point to throw Rachel in a new love interest after the beautiful scenes of season 3. The writers are screwing this season.

  20. Fabricio says:

    If there spanish people who love glee.. this is my recap
    Me encanto que recrearan el ascenso y caida de Brittany/Britney, quien no sigue prensa rosa no entendera porque Brittany le pego con un paraguas a Jacob, o se quizo cortar el cabello o actuo pesimo con Gimme More imitando lo que hizo Brit en los VMA’s

    Sin embargo pese a ser el segundo episodio dedicado a ella, no se volvio a honrar su musica como en tributos anteriores como Fleetwood Mac, Rocky Horror, MJ, Whitney y el sagrado “Madonna episode”. Nuevamente se uso de referencia a Britney como icono mediatico cuyas canciones no trascienden mas alla, es por eso que al igual que el primer tributo se incluyeron tambien otros temas, aca de Bieber y el de Aerosmith.

    Solo Marley reinvindico a Brit con el tema final “Everytime”.

    No esperen “Britney 3.0”, pero despues de esto quiero “The power of Madonna 2.0”
    In english, I liked the episode, but I don’t expect the Trilogy. I’m still waiting to see “The Power of Madonna 2.0”. I really enjoy the parallelism between Glee’s Brittany and the real Britney. The best part of the episode, “U Drive me Crazy/Crazy”

  21. Bec says:

    I’ve watched, and been obsessed, with Glee since day one, but I’m really struggling to find any connection with season 4 so far.
    I don’t care about any of the new characters (including Unique and Joe) so am instantly left cold to a lot of the episode.
    The Jake/Marley/Kitty thing is a complete rehash of Finn/Quinn/Rachel so I’m bored with that before it’s even begun.
    I’m not a Finchel fan (think they get far too much screentime and am bored with their constant on/off/on status), but Brody is adding nothing to the show. It’s poor acting and merely attempting something that Jon Groff did infinitely better. Dean was clearly added to the cast for his looks and not his acting.
    The pacing of the McKinley High scenes last night was far too quick. I felt like I’d missed chunks of scenes getting from one place to another.
    Wasn’t overly keen on the direction last night either – something didn’t quite click for me and I felt as though some of the Lima scenes were being forced at me and left me claustrophobic.
    The NYC stuff isn’t working for me either. I’m hoping that’ll kick up a notch when Kurt gets more of a storyline there (and again, I’m not a massive Kurt fan either – felt S2 was far too overboard on his story) – watching Rachel getting dumped on by the new Sue Sylvester (aka Cassie) is again, just rehashing old ground. How much longer are we going to have to wait for Cassie to admit she’s only being mean becauser Rachel is clearly the star and needs that extra push to realise it?! (It’s signposted a mile away)
    I’ll openly admit to being a much bigger fan of the adults of the show, rather than the kids, but realise I’m in the minority for this, so my pleas for more Will, Emma, Beiste, Figgins, Sue, Burt & Carol will fall on deaf ears. They are a constant in a world where the kids grow up and move on – maybe some more of them would help me realise this is still the show I loved before even though some things have changed.
    And I realise that this will leave me open for stoning, but I thought that Lea was only average in the Oops I Did It Again number. Vocally, as she was unquestionably as strong as ever, but the dancing? Meh. It was the background dancers doing all the work, she contributed little ‘sexy’ to that scene for me.

    Given all the above, it’s hard to say what I want to see as I feel I’m contradiciting myself at times but I suppose the 60 second Puck intervention, and small Will & Emma scenes (Jayma only being a Guest Star now may be a blessing in disguise for her seeing as the show is dying in my eyes) bought it home:
    I want Season 1 Glee back. I want the warmth and charm of the original characters in their original environment. To me, the show is about the Glee club at McKinley High (hence the name of the show), and that’s where the focus should be. I’m not bothered about what happens when people leave and their story then, but in the same respect I don’t want new people to join – they feel alien to that original lineup and I just cannot love them in the same way.

    As I can’t have any of that though, I’ll go back to watching the season 1 boxset and say goodbye to this incarnation as it’s not working for me. I’m honestly thinking it would have been best to end last year with most of the cast graduating – it would have been a much neater way to tie up the narratives of all the characters. I fear that Ryan Murphy may be getting a repuation for not realising when it’s best to call it a day by going out on top, and dragging out his shows for a season or two longer than they should be.

    • Lily says:

      @Bec… I also like the original cast of Season 1 because I have seen Season.1 . Not everybody is that fortunate and they may have seen Glee only from Season 2 or 3, so they are not that invested in the graduated students like Kurt, Rachel and Finn…

      As much as I love Rachel and Kurt… I do look forward to Blaine, Sam, Artie and Tina and how their characters grow over Season 4… hope they don’t get too much highjacked by Marley, Puck 2.0 and Kitty..

  22. Martin says:

    Okay, i’m just going to say it, i am falling in love with Jacob Artists’ VOICE. He is an AH-MAH-ZING singer, sorry Blaine – my new favourite male singer on Glee, second favourite out of all singers next to Lea Michele, after only two songs.

    Also, Team “Brochel?” all the way.

  23. Karen says:

    I’m really liking the new faces; especially Brody, Jake and Marley. As much as I like Finchel, I’m really looking forward to Rachel and Brody getting together. There’s some great chemistry there. I also wouldn’t mind a Sam/Brittany hook-up, even though that was not an option I’d never thought of
    But am I the only one out there wanting a little more of Aite.

  24. Heather says:

    Is Marley going to wear the hat all the time?

  25. margoret says:

    all want finchel

  26. D says:

    Glad they got rid of the dead weight that was Finn. Brody is just incredible in every way. And Jarley are probably the only thing i watch this show for. Bravo, Glee, you’re back.

  27. Kay says:

    I had the impression finchel broke up during s3 finale. I’m confused with all this “they are still together in some capacity” now. I don’t really like Brody and not because I’m a finchel fan, which I’m not, but because he //has// to be there in order to cheer the girl in doubt. Also I don’t know how on earth he wants her so fast. Ok, it’s college, I get it, but I assumed they were shooting for romantic~ looong storyline. On the other hand I really enjoyed Rachel and Cassandra’s interactions. Cassandra is actually growing on me. I’m also so looking forward for next week’s episode with SJP and Kurt. Finally a sl for kurt that I hope is just his own (or mostly at least).

    I’m not really interested in McKinley anymore but found considerably entertaining the Britany sl but just thinking about the new kids makes me yawn. What’s with these uninteresting characters. Glee could have done many mistakes but this is the first time they have come up with a true mary sue.

  28. Lexie says:

    My increasing problem with this series is the new characters. I really don’t give a hoot about Marley, Jake, Brody or Unique. At all. I want to know how everyone else is doing – I don’t even like Quinn and I miss her. Puck and Santana have barely graced the screen so far, and Finn and Mercedes are still MIA. And damnit, Tina needs an episode.

    The songs were kind of blah for me, but I’m not a big fan of Britney’s music. Marley isn’t a strong enough singer to take Rachel’s place.

    Brittany was her usually glorious self, and Sam was kind of awesome to her. I don’t really mind if they become a couple, but I think a friendship would be awesome.

    I’m kind of hoping for a Halloween episode, with costumes and maybe a mystery. A pipe dream, I know, but it would still be so much fun!

  29. amy says:

    The only thing I have to say about this episode is thank goodness grey’s premieres next week

    • You’ve said it. Out loud and in print. How truer words can be. Glee is not the show it once was. It’s trying to find its home with certain fans. But it has lost its original and steadfast diehard hardcore adult-over teenager years. I’m a fan of the season 1 Glee that had plots for the adults too. This catered to the mature audience with respect to the younger viewers, it showcased its young casts as students. Now Glee has totally abandoned its mature characters to focus just on the youth and their dilemmas and kid stories-triangles, couples drama, etc. Glee is a lone duck in the water. The audiences have moved on. Modern Family and Big Bang Theory are examples of shows that still have what it takes to make a success of a show. Ryan Murphy has moved on also with his 2 new shows. American Horror Story and New Normal. I personally, think the air has been let out of its sails. It is hard to remain an avid fan when one sees carbon copies of characters and repeats of plots. Someone on here said it right, Glee should have ended at the end of season 3 to sum up the characters and their futures, then let the show be. Or to revamp it to extend the characters beyond high school with fresh and stimulating and invigorating plots. A spin off, as it were. Not just about Rachel in New York but the entire cast. Grey’s Anatomy has new characters and new and different plots to keep its fans invigorated. Glee has landed into a time zone that may bring its downfall. I hope not for its sake. I just hope that since this episode was pretty much a fail even to some critics that Glee reorganizes its priorities. After all Britany Spears and her manager were extremely mad at Glee for its plot. Watching the episode made me cringe for Spears in embarassment for her. She’s past that but I don’t blame her for her anger.

  30. Nna says:

    Glee will never be what it was back in S1… I did like seeing puck and santana! I also really liked brody and will continue watching for brody and rachel scenes!!!