Spoiler Alert! Season 2 Premiere: Fall TV's Best Bets (and Busts), Plus Scoop on Glee, Dexter

One Fall TV season premiere you may have forgotten about (but let’s face it, you didn’t) is TVLine’s very own Spoiler Alert! web series. Well, cross it off your list because Season 2, Episode 1 is here for the having.

My colleague Matt Mitovich and I open our sophomore run by reflecting on this summer’s hits and misses, then dive into our opinions on the fall’s most promising new series… and those that failed to get us (hint alert!) Fire‘d up.

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Then, as we dish on Once Upon a Time, Fringe, Revenge and the other returning shows we’re most excited for, the scoop gets scooped out, including a deadly Dexter teaser and Meg Masters’ spoilery red carpet interviews with a gaggle of Glee stars including Lea Michele, Darren Criss and Matthew Morrison.

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To Spoiler Alert!‘s returning viewers, welcome to Season 2! And to any new eyeballs out there… what took you so long?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Babybop says:

    Was on the fence about Nashville, but now I think I’ll check it out when it premieres. Now I’m super curious about Once!

  2. NYC FTW says:

    God I love the dramatics of Lea Michele. She cracks me up. Also give Brody a chance.

    • Frank says:

      I like her too, sure she is over the top but that is what is interesting.

      • Kay says:

        Did anyone else think Darren was kind of rude to the reporter? I felt he was sort of snippy with her when answering the questions on the red carpet. Normally he is really pleasant and nice when answering questions, but I felt he wasn’t as friendly as usual.

        • Kay says:

          I noticed Darren gave a little wink when he said “Might happen to Klaine” – what was that all about? Is that a hint that maybe some of the spoilers on the internet might be wrong? Or is that wishful thinking on my part? Guess will have to watch and see, but I will have my tissues handy…

    • blair says:

      same about lea, but no thanks no. i’m tired of third parties. and he gave me a creep vibe honestly.

      • stp says:

        yeah we know that is one of the Finchel spam taking points to say he is creepy.

      • Bruce says:

        I totally agree, If Finn is not going to be back in the pictures with Rachel, then it’s probably time to move on and watch something else. I actually watch for the music, and the incredible singing that goes on, but I also like the story lines, and without Rachel and Finn (eventually) together. Lots of people will probably stop watching.

    • was says:

      Lea queen of the theatrical.. you go girl.

    • Alex says:

      It’ll be interesting at least to see how Rachel is when she really gives someone else a chance at this point in her life.

  3. Russ says:

    I thought Rachel and Finn broke up last season in the car before she got on the train…?

    • its glee says:

      So did everyone else except the writers. They want re-do the drama.

    • Inigo says:

      Ambiguity is lost on some.

      • zek says:

        it was lost on the cast becasue over they summer in interviews they thought they had broken up too.

        • Sil says:

          I think the actors really want something to work with as a story for ther characters. Juice things up. That is what Glee is doing. I don’t think that Brody is going to be a real focal point for Rachel as a love interest-a distrastion perhaps. But she needs him as a mentor for the moment. That is a good thing. Finn needs his time to grow and be a man for himself. He desperately needs to man up and find a calling before he can be anything to Rachel or any other girl(friend). I’m tired of triangles and I hope the writers don’t gp that route. They just allow the characters to grow as individuals.

          • Chelle says:

            And Rachel just plain needs to grow up before she deserves anything. Temper tantrums are not secure or mature and hers are abusive.

          • Sm says:

            @chelle They are both very immature and need to grow up. So they went to the next level of their relationship does not make them grown up. They both desperately need this time to grow as I individuals.

    • He told her he was setting her free but there was the feeling that they were waiting for each other. Obviously in this episode they really let go of each other and stop holding out hope. If you “take a break” from someone under the circumstances they did, you’re not going to get over that person in a day.

      • Kay says:

        I wonder what Darren meant by “everything turns upside down – whatever that means to you.” I am not sure what that statement means.

  4. Kim says:

    So many new shows and and very few will work.

  5. sam says:

    not only am i done with glee i am never watching this show ever again you can count on it they deliberately douchbag finn for ratings go to hell ryan murphy

    • danni says:


    • Sil says:

      bye sam get a grip. You nor I nor the viewers have any hold on the creativity of Glee. That solely belongs to Ryan, Ian and Brad. We have to accept what is given us to watch and enjoy it or not. Furthermore, Finn IMO was not nor ever was a douchebag. We all have our opinions. You are entitled to yours. All the characters will grow and become better people. Season 4 will be Finn’s development year. IMO, he has needed one and deserves one.

  6. gre says:

    So Nashville might be something to at least check out never been a Hayden fan though.

  7. setg says:

    They are pushing the glee newbies too much to fast.

  8. Dan says:

    #notobrody. There is my contribution to the car crash that seems to be Glee this season.

  9. Kaitlyn says:

    Finchel is forever!!

  10. Why can’t Finchel just stay together for once :( But i will forever believe in them!

    • just a guess says:

      because a lot of people don’t like them together and watching two teens in a boring relationship doesn’t help the story any ?

    • Alex says:

      It’s no fun and she’s the main character. Couples like Brittana and Klaine don’t need midgame ships and can breakup and get back together without third parties because they aren’t the focus. I think Lea said something about how it’s like Felicity, and I agree. Brody is probably her Noel. TBF I shipped Felcity/Noel more than Felicity/Ben and I’ll probably feel the same way about Rachel and Brody.

    • Alex says:

      And can I just say, to all the Finchel fans complaining about them never staying together, what exactly were you doing while the season 3 Finchel suckfest was airing? They spent the whole season together, with their usual boring, contrived drama. Rachel with Brody or just single not pining over Finn could be just the thing to happen to this show.

      • murley says:

        well i am not whining about them not being together but for the record as a fan of their relationship i loved their story in season 3. i thought the teen marriage storyline was a really creative way to keep it dramatic without constantly breaking them up and thought the writers did a really good job of portraying two people who really loved and cared for each other in a deep and healthy way despite being young and naive about their future. i hope they show them trying to make it together despite distance and their changing selves/ environment as opposed to another breakup/love triangle scenario but i guess i’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store.

  11. Lilly says:

    Your bias against Finchel is once again obvious and obnoxious, Ausiello. I agree with Lea on this break up episode; screw it. I just want it over with. Only excited about Finn finally returning. I’m tired of Brody after only one episode and he’s as exciting as watching paint dry. The only reason people want her to “go there” with him is because they like his six pack. Shallow. There was zero chemistry there and to have to watch him try to keep up with Lea in scenes is just painful. Call me when Finn and Finchel are back and maybe I’ll care again.

    • blair says:

      also his american accent is terrible and i don’t feel like cringing through more of it.
      but i agree with you.

    • Beth says:

      Totally agree!

    • Bee says:

      Totally and 100% agree with you! Brody was boring to watch. Having a character that has a “hot” body just thrown in there for the sake of drama is unnecessary. Also having an actor who 1) can’t really act 2) who completely lacks chemistry with Lea (like Dean has constantly exaggerated time and time again in interviews) 3) has to have Lea carry both of their characters in their shared scenes is just such a waste. If they wanted Rachel to have another sort of support system, geez, give her another girl to talk to rather than a beef cake character with no substance. But yes, when Finn and Finchel are back, then I’ll probably start caring again too.

  12. Siren says:

    This is why I LOVE Lea…”Screw that episode” hahahaha.
    Our Finchel Queen!. Finchel Forever

  13. blair says:

    oh glee
    i am so tired of third parties
    why can’t finchel have couple drama WITHOUT a third person being involved?
    like really is that TOO hard to write?

  14. urgh says:

    Here come the Finchel fans right on clue.

    Spam away and annoy the hell out of everyone SPAM FInchel SPAM.

  15. Emily says:

    I dunno what new shows I’ll be picking up. Maybe none. I’m sort of interested in Revolution, Elementary and Arrow after seeing the pilots, and Nashville is just being so critically adored I feel like I have to check it out, but that’s about it, and none of those have floored me.

  16. Tamara says:

    As usual, the writers have to bring in third parties to keep Finchel apart. #boring

  17. Lo says:

    Seriously. Third parties are so over done. Not to mention not needed. Glee took away all believability of Finn/Rachel wanting other people last season. Why does rachel need another guy? Can’t she just have friends? Hat a sad state of affairs.

    Brody is a cheap knock off of Finn. He has NO chemistry with lea. And that’s a pretty hard task to accomplish. This season looks like its headed straight into the trash.

  18. Siren says:

    What is the point of breaking up Finchel in the finale (I don’t care what the writers say, as far as I am concerned they broke up) just to break them up again in episode four? That just makes no sense to me.
    The car scene was sad enough. I think it’s cruel and unusual punishment.

  19. Kaitlin says:

    Not interested in seeing Rachel persue a relationship with Brody. We have know since the pilot that Finn and Rachel were the endgame couple. Let’s just get them together, because we know they’re going to be together in the end. Brody is just a plot device. Fans don’t want plot devices, they want characters.

  20. Lara says:

    I’m really disappointed that they’re breaking Finn and Rachel up again. And on top of that throwing in a new guy for Rachel. Sorry, but I’m so NOT interested.

  21. blair says:

    also can i just say how creepy brody was? he doesn’t /know/ this girl, yet he’s all over her acting like he’s known her forever. he showers at the EXACT same hour she does because of the EXACT same reason she does and it’s just a coincidence, no big deal. then he finds her IN THE MIDDLE OF NEW YORK.
    i’m sorry but what?
    rachel sweetie run away, this is how horror movies start.
    next thing you know he has a strand of her hair and smells it before going to sleep or something.

    • joni says:

      well you would know creepy, since you are proving to be a very creepy shipper. wow.

    • murley says:

      is it just me or does anyone else think it would be kind of AWESOME if brody turned out to be a stalker? not in a “finchel forever” type of way but just because i would love to watch the storyline of rachel being stalked or obsessed over and her reactions to that.

      • Maria says:

        that’s just about the only way I’d start liking Brody to be perfectly honest. As it stands he’s just a smarmy overconfident douche bag. Sebastian 2.0 the only difference is Sebastian was more tolerable because he was never praised for being an asshole by the show or the fandom.

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, I got a weird vibe from him, too, in that episode. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they went in that sort of a direction. Could be an interesting, albeit creepy storyline.

  22. onlyakb says:

    just mean, teasing us with the big twist in Once Upon A Time!! can’t wait for the new seasons!! and come on, nothing on Castle =(

  23. Person says:

    Finchel forever. Brody is boring and I’m not interesting in him being a part of the show. I’d rather watch paint dry.

  24. doches says:

    Finchel fans need to stop monopolizing every glee story.

    • blair says:

      we’re not allowed to voice our opinions apparently i see

      • shippers still suck says:

        you shouldn’t be allowed to spam all the glee stories. We get it you don’t like it. Finchel fans spam the stories, insult the new guy, harass his twitter account, tweet Ryan to the point of annoyance. Just embarrassing it is a fictional couple.

        • blair says:

          actually, we’re allowed to comment as many times as we want. we insult the new CHARACTER because we’re not feeling it, just like other people insult other characters because they don’t like them. they’re called opinions and we’re all allowed to have them and voice them.
          if you enjoy the new guy, then good for you. and that’s about it.
          i don’t even follow him on twitter because i honestly don’t give a f*ck about him or what he tweets. i watched a few interviews he’s done for other shows before glee even started, i’m still not interested.
          and in case you haven’t noticed, the person who ryan called out on hate tweets wasn’t a finchel fan, so…

  25. Angel says:

    Lea is the biggest Finchel shipper of us all. She is tired of breakups and so are we. There is only so much fans can take. Need an epic sex filled reunion. No third parties. Just growing up and ending up in New York with dreams coming true. I just feel bad that Lea has to endure all of this heartache and work with one of the worst actors on the show with a terrible accent. Bring Finchel back. Finchel forever.

    • bored with the spam says:

      Please if they broke up and kept it that way she will push that. You Finchel fans are so odd and need constant validation.

      • Angel says:

        Oh haters who are spamming Finchel comments. Go away. Finchel is a big part of Glee. It’s a metaphor of the show. Deal with it. Lea loves Finchel. And she get to work with her boyfriend, so why wouldn’t she. Whatever. Again. It’s not spam. These comments are all different Finchel shippers. Deal with it and grow up

        • truth told in this post says:

          But it isn’t the only part. Lea loves her job. I am not saying she wouldn’t like working with Cory when ever possible. But she has said she loves working with nearly everyone she has been paired with including Dean. She said she couldn’t do SA without Jon. I love Lea but she is the biggest cheerer for almost everything. For god sake she even sold the hell out of NYE.
          FInchel fans just want to believe the actors love their ship the most when in actuality they love to get good stories and they promote those stories.

  26. Nikki says:

    I question the sanity of the Glee writers on a regular basis. This season is supposed to be about individual growth and development which I am ALL FOR, yet in the first episode Rachel gets a new love interest. Is it character development for a new guy with abs and little acting ability to tell someone over and over how wonderful they are? Didn’t think so. This tells me they’re not even going to try to continue to write interesting stories for great actors like we witnessed in the train scene. Lovely. And then Finn and Rachel break up in the fourth episode even though everyone who watched that train scene thought that was them breaking up. Well, that’s redundancy if I ever saw it. I have yet to see any information that would lead me to think this season is going to be worth watching. Just get Lea, Cory, Chris and Naya together in the New York scenes and then maybe I’ll give it another try.

  27. get says:

    Team Rachel and whatever makes her happy.

  28. Veronika says:


  29. Bryn says:

    I hate they are doing this to Finn and Rachel AGAIN! It really is getting old and hard to watch. I think I will skip the episodes for a while.

  30. Jon says:

    Kinda tired of all the Finchel drama. Let the other couples have it. Geeze

  31. nel says:

    Excited about Jake and Marley!!!

    but yeah, not so much about this Finchel break up. I’m all for angst and conflict but no third parties, already bored of those. I just want Finchel to get back together and work their things out!

  32. tvislife says:

    Maybe FINN realized it was a breakup, but did anyone eve think that maybe the reason to do it again is that Rachel didn’t GET IT? It seems to me she’s exactly the type that would continue to think that they were together and misunderstand what Finn said to her.

  33. Michelle Marquis says:

    I can’t believe you teased us that way about Once Upon a Time! That was so mean!

  34. blair says:

    in other news, since i realized i forgot to mention, i’m excited about the newbies
    and i can’t wait to see what they do with blake jenner

  35. Will says:

    Finchel fans are silly and overdramatic.

    I would be completely satisfied if we never saw Finn again. I’m very excited for the coming season so we can finally get past him being part of the primary focus of the show, if all goes well. He was just never a character I was interested in, and every person Rachel has been involved with has been more compelling, including Puck. I love the inclusion of Brody thus far, and would love to see the (much more realistic than them staying together) breakup between Rachel and Finn become a permanent thing, even though we all know Finchel is endgame anyway. Since episode one, the character that is Finn has been a fly in the soup that is Glee for me, and I was very excited to see none of him in episode one this season. I’m sure I would have liked him better had they cast a better singer as him initially, but when you cast Cory Monteith and try to bill him as the best male vocalist even of the original Glee crew, let alone a suitable male lead with Lea Michele, you’ve already lost the game, and I haven’t really been able to develop positive emotions for his character, because from the get-go his existence was so far-removed from what the show wanted us to think about him that his character never seemed to fit in the first place. This most recent episode was my favorite episode in a long time, and I hope Glee continues with this trajectory, because it was so comfortable and enjoyable to watch that it almost feels like this was the show Ryan Murphy intended to write in the first place.

    • blair says:

      believe me, i’ve seen plenty of silly and overdramatic within the finchel fandom, PLENTY OF IT. like, sometimes to the point where i find myself facepalming just like every other fandom has made me facepalm. but your point against the SHIPPERS is that you dislike finn (and cory) and the ship itself? it’s just laughable

    • Alex says:

      This comment is beautiful.

    • Sil says:

      Personally, I think Cory sings wonderfully and sings beautifully in duets with Lea. All of the actors at one time or another have sung songs better than others. This is not just equated to Cory. Lea, Matt, Darren and all the rest have had their misses. I also believe Cory is one of the strongest actors on the show. Outside of Jane and forgive me, I cannot remember Kurt’s dad’s name-this actor is awesome. Lea, Chris, Cory and Naya are parallel in their talents of acting. Each member of the cast has special talents some better than others. It is your right to your opinion, but it is not every other viewers opinion. We all have our own.

    • vtr says:

      Nah, I think what is silly and overdramatic are people like you, People who believe that they have the absolute truth or how the show should be are even more pathetic. Glee is not about perfection nor about the couples. It’s no about perfect matches. RIB did cast Cory as Finn because that was what they were looking for, they rejected a lot of theater/broadway actors. Cory beated all of them because he has what it takes for the role.

  36. ggny says:

    I still think the new plan for Glee is gonna fail pretty bad and they are gonna try Finn,Rachel,Santana,Kurt,Brittany all in NY together next season to try and save the once great show

  37. Blair says:

    I hope they keep Finn and Rachel a apart for the whole season.

  38. Kayl says:

    I’m with Lea. I just want it to be over with already.
    I’m so tired of reading about the break up episode, hearing about it and being trolled about it by murphs, it’s making my head spin.
    I want it done and over with so that they can talk about something else..something more positive.

  39. Lauren says:

    I just want Finn back, Brody is so boring!

  40. Melissa says:

    Lea is the GPOY of the whole Finchel fandom. We hate it too. Can’t these guys write something OTHER than third parties? lol guess not. When Finchel is back, so am I. Bye glee.

  41. Leah says:

    Oh, my God. Enough already! I don’t know who has the more annoying shipper fanbase, Gossip Girl or Glee. It’s like a broken record of vacuousness.

  42. OnceFan316 says:

    Damn you on the Once Upon a time Tease I WANT TO know. Oh well I guess its better that we don’t know.

  43. Jet says:

    Finchel fans can comment and voice opinions like everybody else. We put up with this crap last season — hateful comments from other fandoms that weren’t even a direct part of the Finchel story. This season we’re not going to do that :)

  44. Patricia says:

    Oh no Chicago Fire not sounding good, I’ll still give it a try I hope it’s like Third Watch plus They had me at Taylor Kinney still upset he’s not on Vampire Diaries anymore. Last Resort and Arrow are my top choices everything else looks kinda blah but I’ll give them a try like Revolution last night, I’ll watch a few more episodes. Exited about Dexter, hope Deb realizes she’s not in love with her brother, hated that story line.

  45. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I just had to skim through all the Glee comments trying to see if anyone had any other shows to talk about that were mentioned. That was extremely tedious, and sadly no one had any other shows to mention. I’ll start a new topic. I really think Dexter wouldn’t have been that bad last season had they not done that weird storyline where Deb thought she was in love with Dexter. Yuck, that was so gross. I hope this season will be awesome!
    Did you get a new hairstyle, Aus? There’s a character in a movie you look a lot like with your hair that way. I won’t say the character’s name, but the movie is Back to the Future. The first one. Discuss. And I dig the retro look.

  46. Fabricio says:

    Lea Michele, it’s not Santiny,, it’s BRITTANA

  47. Maria says:

    I don’t ship Finchel (dont care either way) but i hate brody and wish he would diaf.

  48. Rachel says:

    Michael, I love you, but you pronounced Lima wrong.

  49. Kay says:

    So the promises that were made in Season 3 (Kurt to Blaine: I promise you’ll never lose me; I’m never saying goodbye to you) meant nothing. So much for Ryan Murphy and his “happy endings.”

    • Kay says:

      Well, even if they do break up, there is still a chance for them to get back together. I’m not going to give up hope yet.

    • F. Dillinger says:

      You know they’re teenagers, right? And you know things can change between two people in a relationship, right? That’s why divorce exists. It doesn’t matter if they promised each other all those things if things really aren’t working out anymore. Relax, they’re probably getting together at the end of the season because Klaine shippers would explode the country if Kurt and Blaine stayed apart. I’m a gleek but I’m starting to hate almost everyone on the fandom. Mostly shippers.