Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Predictions: Glee Bust-Ups, Blair's Fate, an Engagement, the First Cancellation and More

The new TV season has arrived, and it really hits its stride the week of Sept. 24. (Seriously, we’re talking almost 60 premieres.)

With an eye on that onslaught and the many questions that will come with it, TVLine staffers held hands, collectively ventured out on a limb and came up with 32 predictions for shows including — but by no means limited to! — Glee, Gossip Girl, The Good Wife, Once Upon a Time, Vampire Diaries, Private Practice, Supernatural, Dexter, Person of Interest, Arrow, Elementary and The New Normal.

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See what we’re thinking, then weigh in with your reactions as well as your own look into primetime TV’s crystal ball.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. JJ says:

    Your Idol … and X … Factor predictions …. are ….. priceless.

  2. Katy says:

    The breakup episode is for Finchel (official breakup) and Klaine not sure about Brittana.

    • tw says:

      Agree. Finchel (finally!) is over officially over, and (sadly) so is Klaine. Please say it ain’t so Brittana.

      • Kay says:

        So the promises that were made in Season 3 (Kurt to Blaine: I promise you’ll never lose me, I’m never saying goodbye to you,) meant nothing. So much for Ryan Murphy and his “happy endings.”

    • freyoda says:

      Brittana won’t breakup, Finchel is confirmed and Klaine not yet… But there have been rumours about the a new love interest for Kurt, so 4×4 could very well be the end for them…

      • Karen says:

        Ugh, so over the Finchel drama. Keep them together!! I didn’t sit through 3 seasons of their BS for them to just break up again. Not even a fan of them and I just want them to be happy and settled. Not excited for my Klaine to have drama, but I guess it needs to happy. Don’t care for Brittana at all so I hope Santana gets a new LI.

        • Danni says:

          I’m a Finchel fan and tbh I don’t mind drama, and I expect it after the finale but adding another love triange/third-party to their relationship is just getting old, annoying and boring at this point. To the point where if it carries on heading in that direction much longer I will just end up switching off.

          Klaine isn’t my favourite I’ll be honest but I love Kurt and want him to be happy, but I also kind of want to see some drama for them, and I think it would actually make them a little more interesting for me to watch. Either way I have a feeling its going to be a rough road for both pairings so I feel for Klaine fans as well.

          As for Brittanna I don’t really care either way as I’m not a huge Brittany fan but I think it would be intersting to see Santana with a different girl for a while.

          • Kay says:

            I don’t think these writers know any other way to create drama than to break people up. They have been doing that for as long as this show has been on the air. Shouldn’t be surprised then that all the couples will probably break up. I will continue to watch the show, because I love these characters and whether they are with someone or not, hopefully the writers can create interesting storylines for all of them. If we are lucky enough to see some of the couples get back together before the end of the season, great. Otherwise, I guess we just watch and see what happens. Hopefully the music will be entertaining.

          • glee says:

            I agree- the writers dont know any way to create drama than to break people up. Glee is getting really old. Klaine needs to have some drama- but breaking up one of the most inspirational couples on tv is kind of a bad decision. Finchel has honestly been focused on enough. Don;t get me wrong, I’m fine with finchel, but I have a feeling this will soon become the brody-finn-rachel love triangle show. But Ryan Murphy can’t let go of his creation, so I have a feeling we will still be seeing more of them. As for Brittana- I want both of them to be happy, and I honestly don’t think either is right for eachother.

            Klaine has always been my favorite couple, and I want them to be happy- both of them. Kurt has been sad enough for most of his life, and bullied, and teased. Theyre perfect for eachother, but now they are just boring.

            I dont want glee to get bad, becuase I have stuck with it for a while, but I have felt a little bit self concious about being a straight, catholic gleek and about the religious bashing on the show, so its not going to take a lot for me to stop tuning in.

  3. Hamza says:

    Hoping 20 to be true. Evangeline Lilly needs to be on TV!

    • Sareeta says:

      She’s the only reason I clicked. I don’t watch Hawaii Five-O, so I’d rather see her show up on Once Upon a Time. Josh Holloway and Matthew Fox need to return to my TV too!

      • lipsticksocialism says:

        She’s the only reason I clicked too!! I want them ALL back on my TV!! I don’t watch H50, but I did watch the Reiko Aylesworth episodes, and I really want Evangeline there! Her coloring goes so well with the nature of Hawaii :)

  4. lauren says:

    If this is just guesses, I can tell you that you’re already right about Mark Pellegrino being on Revolution.

  5. Marie says:

    if that’s really how the GG finale goes down, i would die of happiness. i mean it would be hilarious trolling on the writers’ parts (and are they not the biggest trolls in the biz?), but also a dan/blair ending would be amaaaazingly satisfying. unfortunately, i doubt you guys are right about this one lol.

    • jamie says:

      I would love this times ten billion. Can you imagine the reaction of the Chair fans? I would laugh for days!

      • Elyse says:

        don’t hold your breath ;)

        • Edwina Westwick says:

          I don’t think anyone’s holding their breath but GG is a soap opera that lives for OMFG moments. It’s not out of the realm of possibility dear. ;)

          • Elyse says:

            very true. if Dair ends up being the end game i’ll be pissed i didn’t stop watching after they graduated from high school!

      • Willa says:

        Oh, poor Dairlusional. You aren’t getting jack. Get used to it

        • jamie says:

          Oh, we all know it’s a pipe dream. But the way you guys get so vehemently angry at a PREDICTION would make your actual reactions beyond hilarious. A girl can dream.

        • Trolly Trolly says:

          You know who did get Jack? Blair. Y’know, how Chuck was selling her to him?

          • A girl says:

            Oh please, she went there voluntarily long before the IP incident. Remember? When Chuck’s dad died so Blair got horny with his uncle?

            On a side note, CB ending up together has been so obvious since S1 I honestly can’t believe there were some people who doubted it for a second lol. Don’t you watch TV?

    • You think a last minute flash-forward ending would be amazingly satisfying after Dan spends the season

    • trying to trach the whole UES (including Blair) and Blair spends it wearing Chuck’s engagement ring? Okay then.

      (Accidentally pressed the enter button half way through my comment, oops)

    • hera21 says:

      I would love it too!! Very doubtful it will…but they planted it in my head so it there now. lol.

    • Ally says:

      Dair = the best ship on the worst show.

      • Kitt says:

        Lord if that happened I would laugh about it for years to come! I think what’s even more hilarious is that considering the writers’ M.O. when it comes to knocking the wind out of ALL of their fans, this is completely possible. Chair fans wouldn’t be so pressed over this innocent prediction if they didn’t know that it was actually a possibility with this crazy show. Troll on writers. Troll on! Hehe. All in all, a Dair ending would make NO sense after 5×24, which makes it even MORE possible, lol. Dair at the end or not, this show cracks me up, regardless! It’s just so ridiculous.

    • Alicia says:

      I was secretly hoping that this would happen and I’m glad to see I’m not alone. I can’t believe how much I got to love Dair, given how I loathed the idea of them ever getting together. They were the only reason I still watched the GG, and if they done, I’m done.

  6. tirpse says:

    You are as predictable as always.

  7. Niki says:

    No Castle prediction :(

    • I know, I was hoping for something! Especially since this was by the team and Matt seems to be the Castle scoop king (at least when it comes to this site :P). I’m guessing (OK, hoping) that something happens to Castle and that’s when Beckett first tells him that she loves him. And/or something happens to Alexis and Beckett is able to prove to her that she’s with Castle for the long run. And MAYBE a Caskett engagement by season’s end.

  8. Missy Kelly says:

    I thought Animal Practice was going to be the first drop. Watched both Pilots – Guys with Kids and Animal Practice. Although both were mundane, they each had charm but not enough edge to carry. Loved the New Normal though and set it up as a series record on the DVR. Would love to have the Good Wife switch to Tuesdays though, Sunday night is just tough with Revenge and Masterpiece (if they’re running a mystery)

    • Elyse says:

      i thought Mob Doctor would be the first to be dropped.

      • Laura says:

        Me, too, but I guess it depends on the network. Does NBC tend to pull the trigger faster than everyone else? I remember being surprised by last season’s first cancellation, but I can’t remember which show that was.

    • CJ says:

      I think GUYS WITH KIDS and ANIMAL PRACTICE have potential. My guess for first casuality is MOB DOCTOR. The ratings weren’t great last night and will sink more once ABC and CBS roll out their new shows next Monday.

  9. sarah says:

    Totally disagree on SoA. As unlikeable as Clay is, the show is nothing without Clay/Jax drama.

    • V says:

      I agree. I don’t think Sutter would kill Ron Perlman…just yet. I can see it happening in the last season but not just yet.

      • Jamie says:

        I agree, I have seen a few interviews with Kurt Sutter where he suggests that Clay could have a part to play in the next season and perhaps even the season that follows.

        I think Clay will find his feet again, and eventually try to regain power, I can’t see him shuffling off quietly. I do think we’re due a big death or two this season, but I think Jax and Clay will survive until next season. I think any of the following could die; Juice, Tig, Unser or Tara…

  10. That GG prediction is just stupid. But you’re right no-one would be satisfied by it.

  11. Willa says:

    TVline your Gossipgirl prediction is terrible. Just because you didn’t get your wet dream of Dair you say that? Not happening and I can’t wait for Chuck and Blair to be married with kids. As always, keep trolling like idiots

  12. Pearl says:


    “Chuck and Blair will reunite in the Gossip Girl series finale, but a flash-forward in the final minutes will reveal that she ultimately settled down and had children with… Dan! In a separate but possibly related prediction: No one will be satisfied with the Gossip Girl series finale. No. One.”

    Please, make it happen!!! I’m already seeing Blair going out for a busy day of work, shile stay-home daddy Dan, is giving breakfast to the oldest boy, while carrying the youngest girl, Serena, in his arms. Blair omplains that he’s smelling , and meet Dorota at work, where she is now the right arm of Blair.

  13. Lili says:

    If that’s your prediction for GG, I have to ask you if you have seen the second half of season 5. There is no way that Blair ends up with Dan. That’s the most stupid prediction I have ever seen. This would make their audience angry and most people wouldn’t bother buying the DVD’s

  14. Jess says:

    In regards to Glee the break up is for Klaine and Finchel NOT Brittana

  15. omabin says:

    This was fun! Comments:

    Fringe: I agree, quite likely (I think it will be Olivia)
    Dexter: couldn’t agree more, couldn’t be more excited about a show coming back
    Once Upon a Time: maybe, dont have an opinion actually
    Bones: easy guess, I agree
    Nikita: I agree, what is left are the core fans, the show will survive with ratings similar to last season
    The Good Wife. agree with the poor ratings, dont understand why would they move it to Tuesday, Fridays are much much more likely
    Arrow: lol, i dont know about that, maybe
    Private Practice: agree about it ending (and hope so, even though i lvoe the show). hope amelia ends up at seattle, but i dont know who else would go (jake?). As for a third cast member in scandal, maybe, but not right away
    First Full Season Pickup: hmm it’s a good guess, I might agree
    The Vampire Diaries: let it be true about Phoebe
    Person of Interest: 100% agree
    Evangeline Lilly: I adore this woman and I would love to have her coming to 5-0, but why this rpedicion?
    First Cancelation: Mob Doctor will go first I think now
    Revenge: could be, but I think at some point Emily and Victoria will actually become allies to take down a common enemy
    Apartment 23: agree about Joshua Jackson
    Supernatural: agree
    Mark Pellegrino: that’s too much, but at least one of those yes
    The New Normal: disagree, Go On will have far superior ratings, in a tougher timeslot

  16. Nathan says:

    I’ll probably get a lot of hate for this but I don’t want Supernatural to be the new Smallville. I’ll always be loyal to SV over SPN. I’d be very upset if it broke the record for longest running American Sci Fi show that Smallville just broke in 2010.

  17. Elyse says:

    there is no way that will happen on GG! i hope the Office prediction is true… would be awesome. i would not be surprised if PP ends when Kate Walsh exits but PLEASE don’t bring any of them to Greys.

  18. Rebekah says:

    LOL at your Gossip Girl prediction.
    Newsflash guys:

    There’s a reason Blair didn’t tell Dan she loved him. She didn’t. So she has to magically fall in love with him somehow this season. A season where Dan is dark and on the warpath against her and her friends. Moreover, he’s been spotted re-living his S1 romance with Serena. Lastly, the CW is clearly pimping Derena and Chair and there are only 10 episodes left.

    So if there’s going to be a flash forward in the future it sure won’t be Dan and Blair. It will be Dan and Serena. Duh. It’s not that hard to figure out once you escape your Dair bubble.

    This is pathetic and sad. You’re just getting the Dair fans hopes up only to crush them. LOL. Dair is dead. Deal with it and stop torturing their fans.

    • jamie says:

      We’ve all come to accept Dair is dead, but we find comfort in connecting with the like-minded, sane fans that realize it shouldn’t be. Thanks, TV Line, for the shout-out!

    • renee says:

      I never understand the argument that Blair didn’t love Dan. Did you not see her face when she looked at him?! She told Chuck she was no longer “in love” with him and then gave her heart to Dan minutes later. She did love him. Chuck just needs her more and Blair loves to be “needed.”

      Anyway, I don’t know about anyone else, but when/if GG does end with Chuck/Blair together I’ll always believe that five years from wherever they leave off Blair and Dan will be back together. A love like Chair’s cannot last. They both bring out worst in each other not to mention their insecurities. Sure, it’s dramatic and OMFG! to watch but it’s not stable. When Blair grows out of her “I think I can change a bad boy” phase, as we all do, she’ll understand what she lost.

      • A girl says:

        Well then you’re not watching GG, are you? If you want to take the characters and make up endings for them, that’s totally fine but it’s not GG. Blair only exists on GG and she doesn’t/didn’t love Dan. Not even for a second, or she would have told him, wouldn’t she? She probably would have shown it, wouldn’t she? Even if not to Dan, maybe to the audience? But she didn’t. Not on the show. Maybe in your head, but not on the show. See, what gives me pause for concern is when fans (mostly Dair fans, I have to say) talk about Blair like she’s real. She’s not. She won’t ‘grow out’ of anything beyond the span of the show because …. she doesn’t exist beyond the realm of the show. You get that, right? It doesn’t matter what you want for her – she’s not real. It doesn’t matter if you feel bad for her – she’s not real. It doesn’t matter if you think she’s a poor little rich abused puppy who has severe issues and a chubby nose – she’s not real. Get it? She’s not real. So you can make up an ending and create a backstory and second-guess her real ‘feelings’ about things, but unless it coincides with what the show says, it’s ultimately little more than a fanfic-verse.

  19. However the OUAT prediction seems like a fairly obvious thing that will happen.

  20. Emily says:

    I can see Walter dying. Can’t see Peter or Olivia. As if their story hasn’t been tragic enough!

  21. Saint Alicia says:

    “The Good Wife will, sadly, see less-good ratings, prompting talk of a move back to Tuesdays.”
    With any luck it’ll be more than talk and will lead to an actual move, but CBS is pretty obtuse so they might alternately choose to cancel TGW instead. Unfortunately CBS is really that daft. -___-

  22. Sam says:

    Lol get ready for rabid GG fans to get pissed about that last prediction. Get over it. Y’all take this too seriously evidently since every time the show is mentioned the comments are littered with insults towards the two opposing ships about who is better. Just shut up already. Chair fans should be spending more time rejoicing about the inevitability of your ship getting back together. Why are you concentrating so much on another relationship that you claim doesn’t even matter?? Move on. Dair fans saw something you all didn’t. It’s called perspective, let them have theirs.

    If that prediction did come true though it’d be the best series finale troll ever and I would be pleased. You can’t actually deny how hilarious that would be.

    • Willa says:

      It’s not happening. I get Dair fans are wetting themselves, but you guys are done especially since Serena and Dan are in each others pants.

      • Sam says:

        Except i never actually said it was gonna happen. it would be funny in theory if it did happen. i don’t think the writers/producers have enough spine to do something like that because they’re ACTUALLY afraid of certain fanbases which is a little ridiculous to me but i digress.

        This is what i mean about taking things too seriously. if you’re so certain it’s not going to happen then what reason do you all have to be so pressed about this? like please think about that. let Dair fans be as “delusional” as they want to be. Let them wet themselves. No skin off yours or anyone else’s back.

        • Addy says:

          The writers wouldn’t do it, despite their “OMFG” moments they seem to love to pepper into the series when it comes to season finales they are terribly predictable. It’s almost the same damn merry-go-round. I’m also completely on your boat. I don’t get why people seem to be throwing barbs at each other. Seriously people its fictional couples on an awful television show. They are behaving as badly as the twihards.

    • Addy says:

      Sam, you are using fancy logic and some fandoms just can’t handle it.

  23. msc says:

    lol! Your GG one is just dumb as hell! Do you watch the show? Have you not heard spoilers? Do you really think anyone would watch anything by Schwartz or Savage if that happened? FYI- Blair chose Chuck over Dan because Blair loves Chuck.I get you want hits and you’ll probably get some angry ones after this crap but quit trolling. You’re obsessed with Dair, but Dair is dead and even Old Ausiello said that. Move on

    • Trolling at its finest. Why are you getting so upset over people shipping Dair? I think the majority of us Dair fans get that Chair is endgame and blahblahblah, but calling the ship dumb, or at least the possibility of us being the trolling endgame? And thinking your ship is superior to all other ships and believing that nobody would watch a show by the showrunners if Chair didn’t happen is highly conceited.

      It would be nice, msc, if you would kindly keep your angry thoughts to yourself and at least try to communicate positive thoughts. I get free will and all that but embarassing yourself by getting angry over a TV ship isn’t worth the breath, because we Dair fans get it. Our ship has sailed. But, like some shows, it always has the chance to come back. So, you ship Chair peacefully and we’ll ship Dair peacefully. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  24. SAM says:

    Unless her performance is markedly better than what I saw last year and which drove me to stop watching “Secret Circle”, I hope that you are wrong about Phoebe Tonkin.

  25. mary says:


  26. Bianca says:

    The end of those couples? The end of Glee!!! Are they idiots or what??

  27. Laura says:

    I hope The Good Wife moves to Tuesdays at 9. It’s just terrible on Sundays because of football and its competition with Masterpiece and Revenge.

    I’d also like to see Community moved to a new spot.

    I’ve been reading bad reviews for The Mob Doctor and wondered if that would be the first to go,but I’d forgotten about NBC shows like Guys with Kids and Animal Practice. I didn’t watch their pilots because the clips I saw were so awful.

    Does anyone remember the first canceled show last season?

    • Dee says:

      The Good Wife will still draw a larger audience than Revenge. Revenge will probably win in the demo though. Since The Good Wife is far and away the finest hour of broadcast tv CBS had better protect its crown jewel. Tuesdays would be better…too much quality cable competition on Sunday and the football delays don’t help. CBS: do whatever it takes to protect TGW!

    • CJ says:

      Wasn’t it H8ERS on the CW? and FREE AGENTS for the regular nets?

  28. Sheldon and Amelia to Seattle Grace.

    • Dark Defender says:

      Defiantly Amelia to GA.. It will give them conflict for Derek.. Since him and Meredith are going to have a “love fest” season.. Maybe she hooks up with Karev now that he is a respectable Peds surgery fellow? That would be worth watching..

  29. Nicole says:

    To continue your Gossip Girl prediction,The first baby Blair does with Dan end up being a UFO & wants to destroy the world just like his daddy wanted to destroy the UES even if he desperately wanted to be part of it.When the baby grows up meet Chuck & Blair’s secret daughter & fell in love.They don’t know that they are brother & sister.That will be the reason that Chuck & Blair will see each other after many many years & their love flame will be turned on again,they will start talking & passing their time together trying to figure out what they will do with their kids.Time passes & passes & their kids realize that they are not in love anymore & they break up.At the end Blair & Chuck realize that they still love each other & they want to be together so they reunite.
    As for Dan,he get married to a rich planet Brooklynzon ufo woman & end up being a houseman,exactly like his dad.
    <<< This one is more possible to happen than your prediction.

  30. coln says:

    NO to your Glee prediction.
    I want to see Brittana dealing with their long distance relationship, but why would they break up when they’ve been in each other’s lives since the beginning of Glee?

    • Karen says:

      Um… the same reason Finchel did? Rachel and Finn were set up as a couple LONG before Brittany and Santana. I’m not saying Brittana should break up or not, but your logic is not that intelligent. Actually, I hope they do break up. Santana needs a STRONG woman to match her personality and Brittany’s character is fairly useless and they oversexualize her while portraying her as a child.

      • Kale says:

        THANK YOU!!

      • Mary S. says:

        Santana and Brittany have been friends since they were kids. Finn thought Rachel was annoying until mid-way through season 1. (although he was portrayed as also being strangely attracted to her) Finchel may have been introduced romantically first, but Brittana has the stronger bond because they had that solid foundation. Finchel kind of went from one extreme to another, whereas I can’t see Brittany and Santana not being in each other’s lives at all, and that would be difficult to do if they broke up.
        What the show will do, I don’t know. (Though I kind of expect a Finchel break-up to add some drama with the new guy.) But logically, I think a Brittana break-up is less likely. (Also… Finchel has already broken up several times. It’s kind of their thing.)

  31. Diana says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA lol really B marrying Donut and having his kids…IN YOUR DREAMS Trollsiello!!! But good joke man, good joke..

    • Tara says:

      At least Dan wouldn’t pimp out their kids for poker chips while going on and on about how EPIC A FAMILY THEY ARE. (Granted I don’t think Chuck would do that at *this* point but there was a period of time I wouldn’t have trusted that Basshole with anything outside of a sea monkey)

  32. John says:

    Agree about the GG CHAIR issue: Clint Eastwood was sending a message. All I’m sayin’

  33. Riana says:

    I will be satisfied with the Gossip Girl finale if they bring Jenny back, considering I stopped watching after she left.

  34. hithere says:

    LMAO not even in your wildest dreams will that happen, Ausiello. Better accept that Chuck and Blair will have their happily ever after.

  35. On The Office, Toby is definitely the Scranton Strangler. Too bad he didn’t kill off Robert California, DeAngelo Vickers, and that new British chick.

    And the first cancelled show is definitely gonna be the inane Animal Practice, unless NBC and ABC come to a deal and merge it with Private Practice, creating Private Animal Practice.

    • Tom Charles says:

      A part of me still thinks Roy could be the Scranton Strangler. And my money on the first show being cancelled is Guys with Kids. Seriously, it needs to go. But it is the network that gave Whitney a season 2, so I’m guessing it’s going to end up instead getting the six seasons and a movie that are rightfully Community’s.

    • HanLin says:

      Guys, I seriously thought that they implied that Jim Carrey was the Scranton Strangler in the season 7 finale. Am I the only one who thought that?

  36. ingmarhappy says:

    I agree about Bones/Booth being engaged at the end of the 8th season. I also think PP will end the series after 13 episodes this fall. I doubt some cast members will be joining Grey’s though. Maybe Amelia though.

    Also, sadly enough, I predict that the 4th season will also be the last for TGW. Ratings will go down further. Sadly enough I predict an open ending.

    Blair/Chuck will stay together / end up together ; and Dan will reunite with Serena in the series finale.

    One of the current main cast of Revenge will not survive untill the season finale.

    Kurt/Blaine will break up in Glee.

    That’s all I can come up with atm.

    Oh yeah, I predict a sudden return of Katherine Heigl on grey’s this season. And either Ellen Pompeo or Patrick Dempsey won’t return for S10 when it gets renewed, even though they signed a contract for it.

  37. lariet50 says:

    Not a fan of “The Mindy Project.” Caught the pilot on Hulu.

    • Tania says:

      I liked what I saw in The Mindy Project. I hope that it succeeds.

    • CJ says:

      I don’t think this show is going to do as well as some people might think. I also think NEW GIRL is going to see a drop. I don’t see an all-comedy line-up for FOX on Tuesday being successful.

    • Mary says:

      I also watched the pilot on Hulu and wasn’t impressed. To me the supporting characters outshined Mindy and I kept hoping Mindy would just drop out of the picture all-together. She’s a less likable Bridget Jones and not as relatable as the writers think.

  38. Layla says:

    LOL oh Ok Ausiello…. That will happen on Gossip Girl.
    But just in case, you better stay in your ”AU post seriers finale” fanfiction bubble.

  39. liddad says:

    I totally agree about guys with kids being first cancellation. It looks just horrible.
    Animal Practice won’t be long after (even though I had such high hopes for that show), and then maybe The Mob Doctor. I really do hope that Community will take Guys with Kids’ or Animal Practice’s timeslot. It really needs a boost. It had such a difficult slot last year, and everyone knows it’ll do better in pretty much any other slot.

  40. Em says:

    Hopefully Private Practice will send Amelia over to Grey’s. She is definitely my favorite character, and she is one of the only ones that has an actual connection to Seattle Grace.

    I also hope that the Good Wife doesn’t suffer too badly. This season is shaping up to be awesome, and I hope that an awful time slot doesn’t hurt the ratings too terribly.

  41. CrimTV says:

    America’s Next Top Model is not that bad of a lead-in. Also I predict The Good Wife to be cancelled this season….

    • CJ says:

      ANTM needs to end already. Big mistake letting Nigel and the two J’s go. They could have kept them and changed the voting as they have and it would have been much better. Don’t like any of the panelists at all! Already stopped watching this season.

  42. paula ward says:

    Disagree on the first dropped show – I feel it will be Mob Doctor. I do agree Booth and Bones will get together – probably after one is hurt and the hospital won’t give the other any information because they aren’t married. But I think they will either get married while out of town on a case (going back to Vegas would be good) or just go to a justice of the peace. So I don’t see a big wedding happening.

  43. I am really hoping the Guys With Kids projection is true. Community needs to take its place ASAP!

  44. joterri says:

    Walater to die for Oliva and Peter!

  45. Jenny says:

    I predict that Monkey is Gossip Girl

  46. Lilly says:

    lol at the glee thing. Everyone knows that any break or “break-up” for Finchel isn’t gonna be permanent. They’re the core couple. You can stop your celebrating now. They’ve gone through the most so at this point it’s not even a big deal anymore. Enjoy your pain, Klaine and Brittana fans. It’s about time you got that equality you’ve all been complaining about.

    • Bobbie says:

      The Klaine and the Brittana fans should experience what it feels like to have your OTP break up several times during the course of 3 seasons. We Finchel fans have sat through all the contrived drama and conflict for three freaking years!

    • CJ says:

      I was actually fine with Finn not being in the first episode and like the new potential love interest for Rachel much, much better!

  47. Louise says:

    So RIB is going to break up all of their couples in one swoop. Good luck with the ratings after that Ryan! Finchel/Klaine and Brittana have by far the largest fanbases. I’m a Brittana fan who likes Finchel and tolerates Klaine, but I won’t be watching if this happens!! My two favorites, Cory and Naya are already sorely lacking. Why can’t they keep them together and find different ways of making them interesting. Total lack of writing ability comes to mind.

    • Alice says:

      I like Cory and Naya too!!! At least there seem to be some spoilers about Finn’s storylines. What on earth is happening to Santana?

  48. Folly says:

    I wonder if Ryan Murphy is troll enough to break up Finchel, Klaine AND Brittana in one swoop. Twitter and Tumblr will have a meltdown if that happens! But an evil part of my brain shouts Bring on the Apocalypse!

    • Hannah says:

      I would love to see that

    • murley says:

      i loved it on last week’s episode of the new normal when the character based in ryan murphy was like ” hold on, i am just breaking up my lead characters so i can start a twitter riot” or something to that effect. that said another finn & rachel split will make me sad. i wouldn’t mind the other 2 couples having a bit of a shake up, even I love them both.

  49. Sam says:

    Bring back Chuck (and Sarah and Casey and Morgan, etc.)!