The Voice Season 4 Shake-Up: Cee Lo and Christina Out, Usher and Shakira In!

The Voice Judges Season 4When those chairs swivel around this winter on The Voice, contestants will be looking at two new faces — and at least one pair of hips known to speak the truth.

R&B star Usher and Latin pop goddess Shakira will replace Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera as coaches on Cycle 4 of the NBC singing competition, scheduled to air in early 2013.

Lest you think the network is saying “Forget You” to one half of its coaching panel, NBC assures Voice fans that Aguilera’s and Green’s absences are project-related. The former is about to launch a tour in support of her new album Lotus, and the latter is working on new music and developing a sitcom based on his life for the Peacock Network.

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The other coaches, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine, will remain through the fourth cycle; both Green and Aguilera are expected to return next fall for Cycle 5. 

Might the addition of the big-name Grammy winners have something to do with the buzz created by Britney Spears’ recent addition to Fox’s Voice-similar The X Factor? Or perhaps with American Idol adding Nicky Minaj and Keith Urban to the judges’ panel? What do you think about The Voice‘s new coaches? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Amanda says:

    I LOVE Usher & Shakira!!!!!!!!!

  2. Karen Marie says:

    Interested to see the cee lo/usher switch but will definitely be fast forwarding through shakira. I feel sorry for anyone on her team because I won’t see much of them. Why on earth would the voice pick shakira?? Shes so annoying. I can probably think of at least 25 people I’d pick first!

  3. Damian says:

    Im not happy that xtina will leave….but I am happy to see how Shakira will impress many, for those of you who did not know Shakira is the biggest latin female artist of all time..writes, composes and sings her owm music, she has been active since 95 hit after hit, if there is anyone who understands the industry it would have to be her..and come on , eventhough she has a different and rare voice it does not mesn she cant sing, it is known worldwide and has won several recognitions.

  4. Fernanda says:

    Shakira is a great artist, has a unique voice. I want to see shakira

  5. Johey says:

    You really see who is Shakira, a global artist … Usher is amazing, I want to see them together with Adam

  6. Phoebe says:

    Lets not act like Shakira isnt the most globally successful who has ever judged on a tv show.

  7. Ivan says:

    We are not saying she is the most globally successful artist but she is huge. In the U.S. most people know her for her hips because those are the only type of songs that became hits. She does all types of music, like I said before she did an MTV Unplugged several years back before she even started singing in English. Not too many female singers todays can say they have done one or can even do one because many of them don’t even sing live! if you don’t like Shakira’s voice is one thing but she can sing, she changes her voice, has great control of it and her main sound is Unique! Look her up, read about her, get to know all her songs and lyrics, her Spanish lyrics are nothing but poetry! U will see how much she knows about music and singing as a coach on the Voice!

  8. andres says:

    I cannot say that Shakira is the best among all the female singers but she is definitely unique. Being a Latina who had to learn english for her first english album and seing her now as one of the more recognized celebrity in the world is definitely unbelievable. She might not be that popular here in the States but USA is not the whole world and Shakira is more than any other artists in countries like Germany, France, just to mention a few. She mey not have the best voice but she can sing live and not like other USA singers who are just plastic artists.

  9. Sammi says:

    The only thing Usher should be doing, is showing people to their seats.

  10. Sammi says:

    I love the related article. Simon Says NBC Pitting The Voice Against X Factor Is ‘Dirty Tricks,’ Frets Britney Will Be ‘Devastated’

    Who is this ahole fooling? That’s what he did with AI. As for his concern for Britney, we all know the only thing he’s concerned about is himself. Gid I say ahole?

  11. Shirley Tedford says:

    Oh no, I don’t want them to leave the show. It want be complete without Celo and Christina, the four are so good together. They are all so funny together and work together to make The Voice.
    I don’t know if I will even want to watch it again. Blake and Adam so glad they are staying, but it’s still won’t be complete.. Do what you have to just to keep them there. Please don’t let them leave do what you have to NBC to keep the group together!!!!!!!!!!! I have watched from the beginning, and have loved it. Not one night goes by without a good laugh from one of them. Like I said THEY ARE THE VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Alea's 2 Cents says:

    I love the show, but I agree with others. They should just wait until fall to run the new season when all the original judges are available again.

  13. Sher Johnson says:

    No one can replace Cee Lo (you can’t help but smile when he smiles), I think Usher will be a good temporary replacement. I’ve always loved Christine’s music and will continue but she just seemed over the top in her diva attitude this year. I hope her life is going int he right direction – would hate to lose her. But Shakira – she’s got a lot to prove. I can’t imagine the show without Adam and Blake. They just seem so genuine.

  14. Charlie says:

    Yay an entire season with out having to sit through Christina’s bitchy attitude and repetitive comments! Going to miss Cee-Lo but definitely looking forward to seeing what Usher and Shakira will bring into the mix and how they’ll do as judges.

  15. Josephine says:

    Xtina can sing her toosh off but it doesn’t make make her any more bearable to watch. Great singer but stoked to get a break from her sour attitude and obnoxious crooked cleavage. So sad Cee Lo wont be there but at least its while hes making his own show.. Usher, cool and although shakira’s music never fancied my taste im definitely happy to look at that face, and proper cleavage. Yum. As for playing the show back to back, enjoy it. Dont complain for getting more of what you wanted. The growing fan base is why they’re making it more often.. Duuh ;) anyway, opinions are to each there own this is just mine.<3

  16. Doug says:

    Can The Voice leave the EGO CLOWN-LOOKING Cristina OUT?? She’s so damn dingy, and her voice s*cks!!! I’ll take any new judge at this point. After Season 1 I quit watching just because of her.

    • Vg3dck says:

      Christina’s voice is phenomenal, not sure what your listening to, the range n depth she has, her versatility is what 80% of artists will never have.

  17. Jerry says:

    Why Shakira???
    Beyonce is way better! :)

  18. Mafe says:

    Shakira will be a great judge if she can go back to her roots, basically to her Pies descalzos Album, before she sold out to “crossover”

  19. Kathy says:

    I love the voice just like it is. I just hope they return to season 5. The voice is aussium that what my grand kids say.

  20. suzanne says:

    I love the judges now, they really make the show. Christina will be missed love her, and love Celo he is so genuine sad to see them leave for a season!!!!

  21. Reno says:

    I think Fergie should replace Christina! That would be interesting!

  22. Reno says:

    I think Fergie should replace Christina! That would be interesting! After all she’s wayyyy better than Shakira

  23. tony lyman says:

    I’m going to miss celo green he mad me laugh with the things he did on the show.I agree about liking what the show is about and as far as Christina or other taking over I think it sucks just does make it weird like when Simon left American idle just became dumb to me even if Simon was wrong half the

  24. Sam says:

    Love that usher’s on theshow now.But id rather celine doin or lady gaga or maybe even avril lagvine for christina?

  25. Vg3dck says:

    Prefer them over Britney Spears anyday, hell I’ll take Beiber over Spears…lol

    • Kaileo says:

      Spears was good in her prime at least…. Bieber’s just a teenage boy with an overinflated ego. Who got famous for singing like a girl.

  26. none says:

    great finally some real talent and relevant artist join the show cee lo is a one hit wonder and christina has not neen relevant for years see ya

  27. Connor Dsi says:

    Never cared for Usher, but will give it a chance and watch. More interested in Shakira, she seems to be very interesting. As per Christina, I think she was the weak link with the judges playing too much of a Diva and less humble than the other ones. Will definitely miss Cee Lo.

  28. Saddie says:

    The show is about the contestants not the judges. Yes the judges make it interesting at times, but who cares who the judges are. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT THE CONTESTANTS AND THEIR TALENT. Besides the article states this is temporary, not permanent so stop freaking out people. I love how people bag on the artists. Go out there and try to do what any of the current judges and soon to be judges do. If you can actually sing and entertain a crowd, then you have a right to make a judgment. If you can’t, get over yourselves and stop complaining. Just because you don’t like someone, doesn’t mean others don’t.

  29. Debby says:

    I for one enjoy the commaderie on the show. The teasing and the support makes it seem like family. I will miss Christina and Cee Lo. Hurry back, you will be mised

  30. John says:

    Well I think this is the pits, I guess this show is going the way of American Idol, not good for most of us over 40 viewers !!!!!! John

    • Kaileo says:

      Not really. If you read the article, they’re coming back in Season 5 and are taking a leave for other projects in Season 4.

  31. Ruthie says:

    I love Christina and Ceelo and they will be missed, but I will check out seasion 4 only cuz Christina and Ceelo will be back in season 5 if not this will be my last seasion

  32. Deb says:

    I love CeLo and Christina… don’t really care about the 2 new judges. They’ll be fine but hope the other 2 come back.

  33. mm says:

    with out Cee Lo and Christina i think should not be THE VOICE should have some other name and anyway i waiting for both of them come back

  34. Jules says:

    Christina was a primadonna…glad she’s gone…you could tell who she didn’t like just because they don’t sing the way she does. She did not seen genuine. CeeLo I will miss…he is truly talented and recognizes unique talent. Can’t wait to see how Shakira does, I’m a fan…Usher I don’t really care about.

  35. C.M. Fant says:

    I love “The Voice”. All of the judges are honest with their opinions in a way that is kind, not hurtful. Cee-Lo and Christina will be missed, but I’m sure Shakira and Usher will do a great job filling in for them.
    AND–who wouldn’t want to see Adam Levine???
    I have a crush on him and I’m 66 years old!!!

  36. Flame Evermore says:

    I think casting Shakira was a mistake. I know you’re trying to pull in the latino crowd but why not pick an excellent singer…Gloria Estafan, etc. It’s The Voice not, The Dance. Sorry.

  37. Kaileo says:

    Despite the fact that Christina and Cee-Lo won’t be coming for Season 4 I’ll likely still watch it, because it’s probably clear that the show’s mechanics won’t change (at least not in ways the fans won’t like — I liked the addition of the steals and the way the live performances were handled in Season 3). I’m glad they did come out and state they’ll be returning for Season 5 and have a reason not to take part in Season 4. It shows that they’re still committed to the show but merely have other things taking precedence at the time…

    Better than all the Idol switcharounds to say the least. Now let’s just hope Usher and Shakira do a good job.

  38. suzy Q says:

    soooooooooooooo glad christina is leaving or taking a break

  39. beky says:

    I think that shakira will be a great judge. All Yu ppl saying that she can’t sing need to get some help emmediatly cause somethings wrong. Or just cause y’all will miss xina dosnt mean that shakira can’t sing.. I bet Yu can’t even hit half a note never mind sing like her. I think shis hilarious and fun..plusses the desision is already made Yu don’t like it ought well there’s not a thing Yu can do ant it and Yu pol saying Yu Hanna stop watching the show well that’s Yur problem

  40. Tony says:

    Shakira 70 milion albums Cristina 40.christina has a great voice but shakira is truly an artist she can an amazing body lenguage.nice guitar.etc a tru rock,and pop star diva.Christina only sings and thats

  41. Dappy says:

    I’m happy to not have to look at Christina for a season.

  42. ash says:

    I’d prefer the other coaches.. not so much Christina but hey gotta deal with what they give u! They coulda found someone better than shakira usher or christina…

  43. SHIRLEY says:

    I love the voice its amazing. I think the 4 judges right now have great chemistry together. They are fun to watch. Good choice. Adam,Shakera,Usher, and Blake. They are great.
    This competion is the best for me so far. I love watching THE VOICE!!!!!!

  44. Linda says:

    I vote to leave the judges just as they are right now. They are funny, respectful of each other and the contestants plus they are doing just what they are supposed to be doing, listening and judging fairly. I love the fact the Shakira shows up wearing clothes. I can now watch the show with my 12 year old grandson without wanting to cover his

  45. Linda says:

    Nothing like the original voice four with celo and Christina
    A magical and hysterical combination

  46. Maureen says:

    Shakira and Usher are the best!!! They should stay on much better than Christina and CeLo
    Loved this season the best!!!!

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