Weeds Series Finale Recap: High Drama

The following recap of the Weeds series finale, by its very definition, contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched it yet, be gone! Everyone else, proceed.

Weeds capped eight seasons of messy drama with a flash-forward episode that allowed the Showtime series to neatly — perhaps a little too neatly — wrap its major characters’ storylines. The journey down mary jane lane managed to include a considerable amount of minor players, as well – some of them not seen since the show’s early seasons.

But was the trip to the future a fitting end for such a hot mess of a heroine? You be the judge. Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em, because here are the major points from “It’s Time.”

• The episode takes place in the future. We can tell because the dry cleaners are automated; smart phones are clear, thin pieces of plastic; Stevie is a junior high schooler and marijuana is legal. Oh, and Nancy has blond streaks in her hair.

• Nancy’s a widow (RIP, Rabbi Bloom) who owns The Good Seed, a wildly successful chain of marijuana cafes that Starbucks wants to buy.

• The occasion of Stevie’s bar mitzvah brings a bunch of faces from the past together. We learn that Silas and Megan are happily married with a baby daughter, Shane is an alcoholic cop with a trashy girlfriend (guest star Natasha Lyonne, incredibly underused here), and Andy owns a restaurant and has a child – though Nancy and her former brother-in-law haven’t spoken in quite some time.

• Other revelations: Dean and Celia’s daughter Isabelle has had a sex-change operation and is now “Bruce,” Jill is living in India, Sanjay and Clinique are still married (though he’s still gay), and Doug is a guru with purple-jumpsuited followers. (More on that later.)

• Guillermo, moved by Stevie’s resemblance to his biological father, waxes heroic about the deceased mayor of Tijuana. Problem is, Stevie thought his dad had been a upright guy. The truth about his own origins causes the young man to give a truly epic speech in place of the one he’d prepared to read at the synagogue, and he chooses not to go through with the Jewish ritual. Nancy doesn’t get very angry – in fact, they still throw the big party — and she gives in to his desire to attend boarding school the following year.

• An “enlightened” Doug has disciples, a tour bus and fame. But what he really wants is to reconnect with his son, Josh. So he kidnaps him twice, and after offering up a secret from his past that bonds them, the two reconcile.

• Just when Nancy thinks Andy won’t show up, he does. And though she throws both herself and her business at him, going as far as offering him the equal partnership he always wanted, this newly chill Andy gently turns her down and tells her she’s finally free. “There’s no one to hold you back from becoming the person you wanted to be,” he says, adding that it’s time for her to figure out what she really wants. After their tearful chat, Nancy decides to sell her café chain to Starbucks.

• As “With Arms Outstretched” played in the background, the core characters – Nancy, Silas, Shane, Doug and Andy – get high one last time together to close out the series.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the last Weeds ever? Grade the finale in the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your assessment!

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  1. Mike says:

    ughhh! i love weeds but this finale was such a let down for me personally. i know that life isnt all about happy endings. I also understand that, even though tv shows are fake illusions of reality, the writers still like to tie in morals and plots that are highly comparable to real life…. BUT COME ON!!! this is a fake tv show so how about a happy ending? or at least a finale that leaves a little more to the imagination. we pretty much know that andy and nancy will never end up together and that everyone’s paths end the way they are shown in this last episode. i completely understnad what this artivle means when they say
    “Weeds capped eight seasons of messy drama with a flash-forward episode that allowed the Showtime series to neatly — perhaps a little too neatly — wrap its major characters storyline.” …. they’re talking about how they didn’t leave much up for us, the viewers, to decide for ourselves. a lot of shows like to end its series with us viewers predicting our beloved characters fates with open ended finales… but weeds just pretty much wraps it all up for us and doesnt give us he satisfaction of imagining our own ending. i would have loved to see nancy and andy work things out but i do however understand why it wouldnt be able to work. doesnt matter though, a television show is a false pretense so why couldn’t they have just have ended up together for peeps sake!!!! this finale was just a disappointing as desperate housewives finale. all these middle age women just part ways and move on with there lives and never speak to each other again….. ummm they weren’t in college…. they were 40 something year old housewives. who the hell just up roots there lives like that at that age after settling into suburbia like that. oh well, i dont know. im just upset but overall the show is brilliant just like desperate housewives and many others. Love you mary louise parker and the rest of the cast!

    PS…. the actress who plays Celia must of left the show on bad terms or something because if she didnt i know see any reason as to why she couldnt make a cameo, not for just the finale, but for the whole last season.

  2. Sabina Wise says:

    Clever? Great? WTF!!! It topped Seinfeld in being the worst send-off ever! Ugh. From Best Series Ever to Lame-o-Lame-o. Metaphor: Wish I hadn’t seen the body in the casket so that I could more readily remember the good (great!) times.

  3. de de says:

    Only show ending I hated more was the way Roseanne ended. HATED ENDING OF WEEDS, NEEDED BETTER ENDING FOR SHANE, for
    Megan to pull the stick our of her butt, and Celia!

  4. Damon Jones says:

    I enjoyed it. I’m sad Celia didn’t make a return. :/ I think it’s cool they played the original “Little Boxes” song at the beginning. And if you noticed, the song the played during the finale ending credits, was the same one they used for the very first episode. Awh :( I’m going to miss this show…

  5. Weezel says:

    I loved weeds best show i have ever watched! Sad way things turn out:( hate to watch it end hope the creators make another great serious. And a quick sorry for China the girl at the end finds out shes not Jewis to. Loved all the great actors. Shane most of all funny dude

  6. ina says:

    i am not sure, she did not end up with andy. not at the moment….. but when he sat next to her at the end, he kind of laughed, like: here i go, giving in to her again and her smile felt like: ok, i will do my thing now, but they are all my boys…..

  7. megylucy says:

    I hated the ending. I agree with some posters above, where is Conrad, where is helia? How did Shane and his gf end?

    The only way they can fix this is by coming out with a season 9. Open with them smoking, maybe have Nancy’s face turn from content to sad. Then she wakes up- it was all a bad dream. She then realized she can’t just be as good mom to just stevi. She has to be a good mom the even her grown kids. She fixes things with Megan and Silas. She keeps up better with Shane and prevents his bad future. And goes after Andy. She doesn’t marry Andy because she’s afraid he’ll die too like the others, and she strung him along because she didn’t want to lose him. Andy and Nancy raise stevi (he still ends up Jewish because of Andy and he still has a normal good childhood, so stevis future stays the same) together as best friends and lovers. Maybe he even knocks a girl up before hand and still has his biological kid that he always wanted. Nancy doesn’t end up sad and alone.

  8. alex says:

    no black people at seasons finale, first episode she was so close to them.

  9. A says:

    Terrible series finale. The writers got tired and lazy and resorted to the tired, cliched, deus ex machina. Nancy was a selfish, irresponsible, terrible mother and person and she didn’t learn one damn thing it seems. It was great to see Andy finally realize that she ruined everything she touched and would never do anything for anyone unless it directly benifitted her. It was also nice to see Silas get a family and a stable life in the wake of that hot mess of a mother. Everyone keeps bashing Megan for not letting Nancy hold the baby, but clearly those people weren’t watching the same show. She did a horrible job with her own children, there is no way in hell I would let her anywhere near mine either. As far as I’m concerned Megan was right to not let Nancy near her kid. Shane? While Shane’s demise was sad and difficult to digest for fans, unfortunately it was justifiable. The boy had issues from an early age (talking to and seeing his dead father, murdering Pilar, the list goes on) and continued to have them, while Nancy, being the terrible mother that she is, never seemed bothered enough by her son’s breaks in psychosis and proclivities towards violence and sociopathy to get him medical help. Shane’s outcome was not that surprising considering. What can you say about Doug other than he’s the hilariously lovable phuck-up whose ending seems fitting and satisfactory. Still baffled as to why they failed to follow up on Celia. The woman was such a pain, and the character was so larger than life that I felt she was owed a tip of the hat and a decent send off. Overall, the writers failed.

  10. patrice says:

    Did anyone miss Nancy threatening to kill Megan on the season finale part 2 of titled It’s Time? Why is no one talking about this!!!!!

  11. Lauren says:

    Nancy and Andy SOOOOOO should’ve ended up together!!!! :'(

  12. Angie says:

    Late coming to the show as a Netflix viewer. Watching shows marathon style gives a different perspective. It held my attention til Season 8, and then it seemed pretty rough. Kind of copied “Gone with the Wind” with the Andy romance story line but in a much less satisfying way. The real story line is motherhood. Nancy may have terrible choices, but I do think her children where always in her mind. She went to prison for Shane and took her licks for bad choices. Motherhood is running a gauntlet, and in the end your kids run off and tell you to go find yourself, lol. It is uncomfortably real. What the finale needed was Celia showing up after all the men bailed. That would have been funny and satisfying IMHO.