Weeds Series Finale Recap: High Drama

The following recap of the Weeds series finale, by its very definition, contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched it yet, be gone! Everyone else, proceed.

Weeds capped eight seasons of messy drama with a flash-forward episode that allowed the Showtime series to neatly — perhaps a little too neatly — wrap its major characters’ storylines. The journey down mary jane lane managed to include a considerable amount of minor players, as well – some of them not seen since the show’s early seasons.

But was the trip to the future a fitting end for such a hot mess of a heroine? You be the judge. Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em, because here are the major points from “It’s Time.”

• The episode takes place in the future. We can tell because the dry cleaners are automated; smart phones are clear, thin pieces of plastic; Stevie is a junior high schooler and marijuana is legal. Oh, and Nancy has blond streaks in her hair.

• Nancy’s a widow (RIP, Rabbi Bloom) who owns The Good Seed, a wildly successful chain of marijuana cafes that Starbucks wants to buy.

• The occasion of Stevie’s bar mitzvah brings a bunch of faces from the past together. We learn that Silas and Megan are happily married with a baby daughter, Shane is an alcoholic cop with a trashy girlfriend (guest star Natasha Lyonne, incredibly underused here), and Andy owns a restaurant and has a child – though Nancy and her former brother-in-law haven’t spoken in quite some time.

• Other revelations: Dean and Celia’s daughter Isabelle has had a sex-change operation and is now “Bruce,” Jill is living in India, Sanjay and Clinique are still married (though he’s still gay), and Doug is a guru with purple-jumpsuited followers. (More on that later.)

• Guillermo, moved by Stevie’s resemblance to his biological father, waxes heroic about the deceased mayor of Tijuana. Problem is, Stevie thought his dad had been a upright guy. The truth about his own origins causes the young man to give a truly epic speech in place of the one he’d prepared to read at the synagogue, and he chooses not to go through with the Jewish ritual. Nancy doesn’t get very angry – in fact, they still throw the big party — and she gives in to his desire to attend boarding school the following year.

• An “enlightened” Doug has disciples, a tour bus and fame. But what he really wants is to reconnect with his son, Josh. So he kidnaps him twice, and after offering up a secret from his past that bonds them, the two reconcile.

• Just when Nancy thinks Andy won’t show up, he does. And though she throws both herself and her business at him, going as far as offering him the equal partnership he always wanted, this newly chill Andy gently turns her down and tells her she’s finally free. “There’s no one to hold you back from becoming the person you wanted to be,” he says, adding that it’s time for her to figure out what she really wants. After their tearful chat, Nancy decides to sell her café chain to Starbucks.

• As “With Arms Outstretched” played in the background, the core characters – Nancy, Silas, Shane, Doug and Andy – get high one last time together to close out the series.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the last Weeds ever? Grade the finale in the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your assessment!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Joan says:

    I can’t believe Andy and Nancy weren’t together. I get it she was once married to his brother but who cares. That’s what really got me down. I mean I can’t believe next summer weeds won’t be in my lineup. :(

  2. Jeff says:

    I enjoyed it for the most part…was bummed there was no Celia though.

  3. jasie says:

    A half assed series finale for a great show. I didn’t like the huge time jump. I didn’t like the story line of Shane. I thought the Doug bit was funny though. Really wished we would have had a cameo of Celia.

    • ErinMarieDean says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. Shane was always my favorite and I was sad to see how he had deteriorated into an alcoholic–still with his taste for skanky women–and what was with that moustache??
      I guess Doug finally learned why God wanted him alive haha.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I thought it was great. Shane was always more screwed up then everyone else, even first season trying to kill a mountain lion. I kinda got the feeling that nancy might have been in love with Andy, her reactions to the Andy is he or wont he be coming saga were heartbreaking. Goodbye to the Botwin family. Loved the Isabel/Bruce update.

  5. Cheekee says:

    Ah man! Hard to believe i won’t have to complain anymore about having to wait so long for the next season. All done :(
    No matter, in spite of the fact that i had always hoped in a way that Nancy and Andy would end up together, the ending wasn’t all that bad. Missed Celia though. Could have been better.

  6. Kalee says:

    Wait, so no Celia? WTF

    • Don says:

      I really hated celia. She was so mean and every time a word came out of her mouth i was kill. But she was so stupid. i hate her. But weeds wouldn’t be weeds without her.

  7. Dee says:

    I thought it was great. I thought the Shane storyline was sad but fitting. I did miss Celia but loved the rest. I’m glad there was a time jump mostly to see how things turn out and I loved the last homage to the first 5 and their pot! Not necessarily neat and tidy, but again Nancy is alone trying to figure out how to survive, just like she started. At the beginning she was alone (no husband) with two young children to support and now she has all the money in the world but still has no purpose. The whole show has been about her finding her purpose.

  8. dbearbrown89 says:

    I thought it was extremely clever of a series finale. Personally I’d have liked there to have been at least one regular episode with the aftermath of the Andy & Nancy hookup and whatnot and show them heading down their paths, and then showing this flashforward episode. Still I think it was a great way to end the series and it’s crazy to think that there will never be a Sunday where I hear “little boxes” in anticipation of a new episode of weeds. Great series and great conclusion, one of my all time favorite shows!

  9. ggny says:

    Best part about the finale is that Silas and Megan ended up together. Those 2 where awesome together and after 7 season of her being gone that they even remember to bring her back…That is just awesome

    • Em says:

      I know! The minute that I saw her onscreen in last week’s episode I had my fingers crossed that they would end up together. I’m so glad that Silas got his happy ending. I love him and Megan together!

    • Nancy says:

      I didn’t get why Megan hates Nancy – did I miss something or am I forgetting something?

  10. Pat D. says:

    I liked it a lot, but then again, I never felt the series stunk the last few seasons like so many “die hard Weeds fanatics” would have us believe. Honestly, my favorite season out of all of them was the one that ended with Shane putting Pilar in the pool.

  11. Pat D. says:

    Also—Shane with the porn star mustache—ROFL—that was a brilliant little bit by the writers. And I liked how they used the original “Little Boxes” singer for the opening of the final show.

  12. Bliebs77 says:

    Sad to see it all conme to and end. Can’t say I didn’t shed a tear in the final scene. Once Californication wraps up I will really feel lost! I liked the episode though, despite no final Celia, Conrad or Heylia cameos.

  13. sam says:

    in the hallway scene with nancy and andy, I felt as if she was trying to make amends to andy, as opposed to just becoming his girlfriend. she needed to know he did not hate or resent her, and once he told her he would always love her, he freed her to move on.

  14. Eliza says:

    I can’t even post my thoughts about the finale or this show ending because my emotions are all over the place! Seven years with The Botwins & company. I will miss them tremendously.

    P.S. I loved seeing Justin Chatwin return.

  15. Nicole Murray says:

    I hated it. I’ve never been so disappointed in my life. Nancy used to be so bad ass. And Shane’s mustache was stupid. I dont get why Megan had to be such a bitch. And SHE PICKED THE RABBI??!? In so mad that her and Andy didn’t end up together.

    • ggny says:

      Megan said it was because she hated the way she raised Silas

    • 1) Silas has told Megan about everything Nancy put him through. Megan is a good person and as a result she thinks Nancy is a very bad person who screwed Silas up, and if she’s screwed her own kids up what’s she going to do to her grandkids? My wife holds a grudge against my parents for how I was treated, that’s sometimes how love works…

      2) You say she picked the rabbi as if she had a choice! Andy left because he realized as long as he stayed Nancy would continue to string him along and he’d always be waiting for her. Nancy didn’t realize she wanted Andy until he finally made the choice to move on. They would never work for that reason. She never completely gave up on Andy, but she knew it wouldn’t work.

  16. ron says:

    entourage set the bar pretty high for really bad finales, weeds has made a valiant attempt here

    • No Thanks says:

      Yeah, they were pretty close to that entourage finale weren’t they.

    • Kristoffer says:

      I thought the finale was terrible. For the first 30 minutes it felt like I was watching a totally different show. It felt like the writers sat down, smoked a bowl and wrote the ending in one afternoon. And when I say writers I mean people that had never even seen the show. To me, it didn’t even feel like Weeds. Why spend this last season having us get to see Shane get a serious girlfriend only to have her disappear with no mention. Why bring Conrad back for one episode and not have him in the finale? Why no Haylia? The entire episode felt choppy and thrown together. It seriously felt ‘off’ to me. Weeds has always been kinda ‘off the rails’ since they left Agrestic but they totally ran off the track and crashed with this finale.

      • Christine says:

        You are so right and I must add that the Doug story line which took up about a third of the whole episode was pretty stupid!

      • mwende says:

        Agreed. I did not even realize it was the series finale until AFTER I had watched it. I was thinking, “Well, where could they POSSIBLY go with this show after THIS?”

      • cecy says:

        i agree 100% i have watched every episode for weeds i know im late but thats neflix for u ..anyways the season finale was the worst episode it did mot feel like weeds at all im really disappointed i feel like i skipped a whole chapter and nothing made sense !!!!

  17. Devon says:

    I thought it was a pretty good episode, so sad that it is over now, I really loved the final scene, had to watch it a couple times over.

  18. Sara says:

    That was the worst season finale that I have ever seen. It had nothing to do whith what happened in last weeks episode. It should have just left off from last week instead of jumping 7 plus years. The show was so great and it ended horrible. I get the family being together at the end but there were some unanswered questions. Very dissapointed fan

    • What would they have done after last week’s ep though? Silas stayed in Cali while Nancy went back to the east coast. There’s no telling where Andy went, it seemed as though he ran off and never spoke to Nancy after that for years. Doug was busy with his cult and probably off with that. There was no other reason to bring them back together, and I think this was the best way to do it.

  19. After she mentioned having the blue painting I was sure we’d get an ending of her looking at it and asking someone if they smelled cheese with that being the end. It would make having Tim as her assistant make a bit more sense and bring us back to earlier in the season when he wished her dead.

    • Becky says:

      Oooh- I think seeing blue and smelling cheese is an amazing idea! From now on- that is how I will imagine this show ending as it is much more in the vein of the Weeds I loved than what I just watched.

  20. Rachel says:

    After discovering this show only 2 years ago, it became my weekly ritual to watch it and subscribed to showtime for the souls purpose of my Sunday night Weeds fix. I am extremely upset that I will never watch another new episode of the show and am cancelling my subscription to showtime because of this. I believe Weeds was the most inspiring and entertaining shows I have ever had the pleasure of watching and will deeply miss it. Even though Nancy and Andy didn’t end up together I wish there had been more focus on the fact he chose to walk away. It seemed to easy for the both of them. I never saw Nancy as a bad mother, just a mother who did what she had to do for her family, they weren’t always the right choices but it was never a question whether or not she loved her kids. I am very sad to see the show come to an end!

  21. anon says:

    The opening statement of this recap is wildly off the mark.

    “Weeds capped eight seasons of messy drama with a flash-forward episode that allowed the Showtime series to neatly — perhaps a little too neatly — wrap its major characters’ storylines.”

    “Neat wrapping up”?? The finale was a series of meandering exposition with no plot to drive the hour and a half. It’s like the writer just threw up random fates for the characters – then hoped to distract the viewer from the complete absence of story by throwing in random cameos.

  22. Joe says:

    This finale was horrible, the part i anticipated the most was the aftermath of sndy n nancys front lawn quickie, they pretty mych skipped it and showed us it was over, there should have been a scene where nancy goes after andy and trying to stop him from leaving, ultimately confessing her l each other to stop them from leaving

    • The aftermath was that Andy went off and didn’t talk to Nancy for the next 7 years. Even if he went off to find him he would have tried his best to keep her from finding him. It would have been an episode of nothing happening.

  23. Lusa says:

    Awful finale. Made no sense. Anon’s comment was right on. I cannot stress enough how bad this was. Shane’s storyline was so bad that I felt bad for the actor who had to deliver those lines. SO much more should have been done with his character. None of this would have happened. I felt like I was watching a completely different series? And the high carb diet you lose weight on?????

  24. kay7777 says:

    The Finale — a Masterpiece. With Nancy the centerpiece, per usual.
    There was a moral to the Nancy Botwin story, and that’s what the finale was all about. Mary Louise Parker was brilliant.
    That’s my take. I’ll go back now and watch all 100 episodes again.

    • tara says:

      I loved it too! Enjoyed the winks at the future tech and advances in society such as nutrition, the acceptable marijuana consumption – and the juxtaposition of extreme pot and alcohol use (the cult members vs old drunk cop). Of course I would love more episodes and more details, but they have to end the series at some point.

  25. Sg. Grant says:

    I really hope Showtime picks up some outstanding new show for next summer. This will be hard to replace. Sunday nights in the summer without Weeds and Entourage… At least The Newsroom was good. HBO, Showtime, and, to a certain extent, Starz, have the best shows on television.

  26. R.E. Harris says:

    I think there should have been at least 2 more episodes before the Series Finale. This show and last weeks show didn’t connect; and where the hell was Celia???

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  28. TVOR says:

    I thought it was horrible…as soon as it started I immediately lost interest, time jump finales are really lame, it just takes what happened in the second to last episode seem so pointless. andy running off was a great cliff hanger then it just ends up going no where, and she just left the rabbi why would she go back, it should of ended with her chasing after andy, but no it just kind of half ass put things together and expects us to except this stupid weeds in the future thing. it was just such a let down and felt so out of place with the rest of the series…. it was the most un weeds thing to ever happen in the show. it had a completly different tone to. kevin nealon was of course funny but even though andy and nancy kind of reconcile It just felt so empty and what not to me it lacked any real substance. the second to last episode and the series finally just didnt connect there was no flow it was like watching a completely different show to be honest, like wtf were the writers thinking… ultimately nancy learns nothing, at least silus got his happy ending. and then its like wtf is shane doing… he was so out of place in this finale…. it just seemed so rushed….. six feet under did the time skip properly because it was only the last scene, it made sense. you cant just skip 7 years with no follow through it just leaves the audience so empty handed… this was one of the worst series finales I have ever seen, it wasnt worthy of the show that came before it. thanks weeds for having a real crappy ending…

  29. Benjamin says:

    I Think it was nice to see the series end on a high note (Literally). I was never once under the delution that Nancy and Andy would end up together. I was happy that it wasn’t a tradtional happy ending but more of a new start for Nancy and everyone, and what a fantastic last scene, really sums up the series and gives you a nice last thought of the show.

    Goodbye Nancy Botwin

  30. EveatEden says:

    Not terribly pleased with the finale. Liked Silas and Megan together but not how Megan wouldn’t even let Nancy hold the baby. Couldn’t stand the ending for Shane. Yeah he’s always been screwed up but he’s always been smart and the lifestyle they showed him living was not smart at all. I don’t know, a lot of it felt forced. It could have been better.

    • A lot of smart people get caught in substance abuse. They’re so smart that sometimes they escape into other things to keep themselves from thinking all the time and worrying about the state of the world around them. I think that Shane wants to do the right thing (even when he killed the woman with the croquet mallet, he felt justified in doing so because she was threatening his mom and his family) but is so affected about all the corruption around him that he escapes into alcohol to numb it all.

  31. Balaji K says:

    What a weird aimless season and what a weird series finale….This series should have ended at 6 seasons at best.

  32. pecola says:

    I’m just glad the show’s gone to pasture…it had lasted several seasons too long.

    • A says:

      Agree. I haven’t liked this show really since S4ish, but still kept watching, not exactly sure why. Someone above mentioned the finale was random exposition, but the whole series has been random exposition with no end in sight since S4. I’m just glad Nancy didn’t have a happy ending, she really didn’t deserve one

  33. No Thanks says:

    To be honest, after they left agrestic and then ren-mar, the show really struggled to find a solid footing. This last season seemed like they got the train back on the track pretty good, and then hit a tree in the finale. That was the worst finale I think I have ever watched. And I have watched some terrible shows in my day.

  34. sonya says:

    Where do I begin, first the kid playing stevie was just pardon me a white kid with big ears nothing like little stevie. Shane the really only truely smart kid in the family is just a alcoholic cop with off duty hooker as a girlfriend…really ? Silas marrying the deaf girlfriend from season 1. Who now moralizes against nancy ? She who’s parents called her whore, had her pregnany ended and shippe off. Oh yeah she can talk. And the rabbi ? come on !! I was disappointed.

    • Jessica says:

      I agree about the kid playing Stevie in this episode, the one who played him when he was young at least looked half mexican, the one this episode looked not at all mexican. When Nancy said that he looked just like his father I wondered how she could be so blind. Bad casting choice, but at least it was just one episode!

    • mwende says:

      Yeah, the kid playing Stevie did not look like toddler Stevie at all, nor did he look like Esteban, or even part-mexican, for that matter.

  35. chacha says:

    Mmmh, not the worst series finale ever but defo could have been SO MUCH better! General lack of storyline & conflict throughout the epi as well as Nancy’s badassness.

    While the idea of a time jump is kinda cute, it did nothin more than show how the characters ended up… no conflict or guessing there.

    I would have preferred a funnier and more heartstopping finale that would keep me excited throughout the episode and leaving me on the edge of my seat at the end yellin “OMG I CANT BELIEVE THEY JUST DID THAT” like in some epis before. A finale like this would have been better than one which has a sad tone and makes me just wanna hug Nancy!

    • To me it felt like an epilogue that let us know where the characters ended up. To me the tension was all in the characters. It wasn’t about outward influences, but how they react with all that Nancy had put them through over the years. I don’t like how many series finales don’t give you answers to the futures of the characters, and that was something I thoroughly enjoyed with this one.

  36. A says:

    Every time Nancy cries I just want to hug her. Mary-Louise Parker is such an amazing actress. She really makes you feel the pain Nancy’s in.

  37. slayer767 says:

    The finale left me wondering… could there be room for a series focused on Nancy Botwin and her life after the illegal drug trade? … Silas has made his peace, Andy has moved on, Doug is content, Stevie is going to boarding school but Nancy & Shane were really never wrapped up… Could we see a new show with them? Kenji really left it open for that I think…

  38. Kevin says:

    One of the best series finales I’ve ever seen.

  39. mawhi says:

    I wish the flash-forward had been like, the second half hour. Or the last fifteen minutes. Why the whole hour? I don’t know this new Stevie actor. I don’t care about him. I like him, so now I’m bummed that the whole season didn’t take place when he was this age. But I think too much of the finale was focused on new exposition and a Stevie storyline that wasn’t interesting because he’s basically a new character.

    I think some things worked. I liked the last scene. I like the first scene opening the same way the pilot did. I LOVED how they brought back Doug’s son.

    I just think the episode tried WAY too hard to be a *series finale* – this show for years has been STELLAR at cliffhangers and season finales. Overall, I was disappointed.

  40. Dennis says:

    The show has not been the same without Celia. She should have been back for the finale.

  41. A says:

    Megan pissed me off the entire episode. Who does she think she is? I mean we all know Nancy was no saint and yes she’s done some bad things but not once did she ever stop loving her kids. She sacrificed a lot for them and although she has many flaws she always loved them. I mean seriously, she went to JAIL for Shane. Who is Megan to judge her. I mean has she had two husbands whom she love that died (well 4 if you count Peter and Esteban). And its not like Nancy hasn’t changed as evidenced by the time jump. She has a real job, goes to PTA, raised Stevie. She is what she always was a mother—flawed or not. Megan was being stupid. The whole time Nancy wanted to hold the baby I felt for her because you could see how sad she felt when she couldn’t. :(

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I agree, it was really strange and very out of line. Nancy didn’t abuse or molest her kids, she didn’t abandon them, she always made sure they were taken care of, and Silas at least grew up to be a successful, loving, caring man, so how did she screw up with Silas there? I think that’s some pretty successful parenting if you’re able to pull that off. I think Megan was the one who was a bad mom, trying to deny her a kid a relationship with its very loving grandmother, and sort of trying to keep her husband from his mom too, because it looked like she was attempting to keep a lot of distance between them, both physically and emotionally. That episode made me hate Megan when I never had before.

      • mwende says:

        Agreed. Megan was a real bitch, and I thought she was pretty slutty when she and Silas were originally together. I thought she was like a teen-aged Nancy, which is why Silas was so taken with her. She allowed him to work out his Electra Complex.

        • So just because she was slutty means that she was a teenage Nancy? I don’t really think there was any other similarities between the characters, and Nancy was more slutty because she was an opportunist than anything else, I didn’t see that in Megan. I understand Megan’s bitchiness to Nancy though. Nancy screwed up Silas’ childhood, now that Megan is a mother she needs to look out to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to her child.

    • Ben says:

      I’d think Megan would realize the detriment of not letting Nancy have anything to do with her daughter. All Nancy wants to do is show affection to her granddaughter, not enlist her in the weed business.

  42. temple5150 says:

    I would love to have seen the first three quarters of the hour finale be what we saw — then have Nancy wake up in a cold sweat — LOOK TO HER RIGHT AND SEE JUDAH LYING NEXT TO HER. Sorely disappointed in this finale.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      There’s no way they would have gone that direction, it’s become a bit cliche (and also pretty lazy) in modern day writing to do the whole “It was all a dream!” ending. Only the most hack shows would do that.

  43. Britta Unfiltered says:

    It was kind of depressing. I always thought of Nancy as the kind of person who couldn’t be alone, and that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just the way some people are. So the fact she has to go out there and be alone now kind of bummed me out, especially after seeing her grasp so hard at straws to try and keep someone, anyone, in her life. It just seemed like nobody wanted her. It bummed me out that Megan treated her like crap to the point where she wasn’t even allowed to hold her own grandchild, and Silas was fine with that. Silas didn’t seem to really want to be around his mom, and Andy certainly didn’t want to be around her. I was always rooting for Nancy and Andy to get together in the end, and while their chaotic hook up on a stranger’s lawn was a lot of fun and a whole lot of sexy, it just wasn’t enough for me. Basically, the only thing that saved this finale was for me was realizing that Nancy’s future was not written. She could still have a better relationship with her kids and grandkids, Megan could stop being a total b*tch to her, and she and Andy could still find a way to be together one day. Nancy is a force of nature, and anything is possible. The audience just doesn’t get a chance to go on that journey with her anymore.
    This is weird, but I went the entire season without recognizing who Shane’s cop friend was. I always thought he looked familiar, but it didn’t hit me until the credits were rolling…that was Steve the Drunk from Deadwood, no? I didn’t look it up, so I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that was him. He has distinctive eyes.
    So no write up on the Boardwalk Empire premiere? It was a pretty freaking awesome episode, I thought. I enjoyed it much more than the Weeds finale.

  44. aaron says:

    I haven’t liked this show since season 3 when they still lived in Agrestic. But despite the show moving on to weirder and more wildly stupid storylines, I still felt the need to watch the finale. And while it was completely uneventful and boring, I still enjoyed it tremendously. I felt like this was the closest thing to the original weeds since the original weeds. It didn’t involve convoluted drug plots, no one went to jail, got shot, or married any Mexican gangsters. It was just a seriously messed up family with a whole lot of down to earth problems, and of course, good old fashioned weed.

    I think this was the calm, yet quirky, finale the show needed. It wasn’t a great episode, but it was a great finale.

  45. Shelley says:

    I don’t know, it just didn’t sit right with me. I think they got some things right, that in the end Nancy kind of pays the price for being a really screwed up mom. But the worst was Shane- I thought that maybe he would become a successful police officer, and that to me would be the true juxtaposition, in that in all their life of crime he grows up and becomes someone who fights crime….Shane is just too smart to have become what he was. As for Silas, I think the writers went in the right direction with him. But yeah, the episode was just lackluster, feel robbed, after investing myself so much in these characters for so many years. But on to bigger and better…excited for the Homeland premiere!

  46. Andrew says:

    I thought the finale was terrible. Boring and a waste of time. How sad after 8 years of watching the show.

  47. Carolyn says:

    What about the neat phones they all had are they out yet? I want one

  48. POOR Shane Botwin/Alexander Gould! He has done such an excellent job on the show for the past 8 seasons and I feel like he just got screwed in the end. The very last scene when they did a closeup of Shane and those tears started to form in his eyes, it was a beautiful moment. I really felt not only the character but also the actor letting go and saying goodbye. So, it was very sad to me that years pass(both in terms of watching the show and the show’s timeline) and he is presented as a prostitute-datin’, alcoholic with a ‘stache straight out of 70’s porn.

    • mwende says:

      I thought Shane’s porn ‘stache was funny, but I would have liked to see him end up with the African-American girlfriend, and have her standing by him, out of love, even though he had a drinking problem. Then support Nancy during her “intervention”, where he agrees to go to rehab. That would have made more sense, particularly since they finally gave him a girlfriend who was worthy of his intelligence. Then, he would have had a brighter future, if not a happy ending right NOW. After watching him grow up on this series, he earned that much, imo.

      • It makes sense to me that he didn’t end up with that girl though. He has been more corrupted by his past, and I don’t see her as being that damaged like he is. For that reason, when he sided with the corrupt cops by not ratting them out in the fake questioning it can easily be determined that she wouldn’t stick with him. She has a different set of standards than he does.

  49. Jimbrown says:

    What was the make and model of the phone that was Use in last night Season finale

  50. Robert says:

    Nancy deserved to die or to be locked up for good she got off easy stupid writers they got it wrong