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Once Upon a Time Season 2: Jennifer Morrison Teases 'Complicated' Reunion, Magical Emma

Once Upon a Time Season 2Breaking news: Once Upon a Time‘s Emma Swan is Alice in Wonderland — or at least she will feel like she is as Season 2 opens with the Storybrooke residents newly aware of their true identities, and just as Mr. Gold aka Rumplestiltskin has brought magic to town.

“The world is upside-down for Emma,” Jennifer Morrison shared on the red carpet at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, where Once was nominated for Visual Effects, Costumes and Prosthetic Make-up. “Not that she is Alice in Wonderland, but in a sense she [has] gone down the rabbit hole. Up is down, down is up, left is right…. Her whole world is shaken up, and she’s sort of a new being.”

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Of course, many fans of the ABC series — which was last season’s highest-rated freshman drama — want to skim over such mind-benders and focus on the sure-to-be-awww-some reunion between Snow, the Prince and their long-lost daughter. But that family get-together, Morrison cautions with a laugh, is “complicated,” for a number of reasons. (As Once cocreator Adam Horowitz says in our Fall Preview Q&A, “After experiencing the initial joy of finding her parents, Emma struggles as she learns how to be parented.”)

Besides, Emma is still focused on the youngest member of the Charming clan, young Henry, whose life she saved in the season finale with a peck filled with love. With Regina outed as the Evil Queen and magic ostensibly within her grasp, “[Emma] has to find a way protect her son and her relationships with her family, and figure out how to move forward without being so [emotionally] guarded.”

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Speaking of emotions: Somewhere amidst all the mayhem, might Emma in Season 2 find time for romance? Morrison “can’t say” if Jamie Dornan will or will not be back as the Huntsman/Sheriff Graham, but asserts, “There’s definitely romance coming” for the former bail bondswoman.

But is magic coming for her, as well as for everyone else? “It’s going to be a long process of discovery,” the actress hints. “In trying to keep everyone safe and trying to figure out what [magic returning] means for the world, you’re going to start to discover the sorts of things that she’s capable of — and she’s going to discover that, too.”

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Once Upon a Time Season 2 premieres Sunday, Sept. 30. (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Mehvash says:

    bring graham back. his episode was easily one of the best and most intense last season. what a shame they let him go.

    • melosm says:

      I agree. He was one of my favorite characters. It was such a bummer when he died.

    • Elena says:

      I have hope that he’s coming back since the people on the show are keeping their silence rather than just saying plain “no, he’s not coming back.” I won’t get my hopes too high, but at least there is a chance Graham might return.

    • Annabelle says:

      I agree, his episode was so interesting and opened up a lot of possibilities for the character. Plus, he’s tied to the Snow White story and seems like a good fit for Emma.

      • Amelie says:

        ITA! ^^ I love the fact he is so tied to the SnowWhite story and for this the special connection he has with Emma ^^ He spared SnowWhite and for that he ‘lost’ his heart and Emma gave it back to him, thanks to her he could feel again ^^ Aside from that I love Graham/the Huntsman, he’s still my favourite character and like you said there are still so many possibilities for his character, so many things to explore about him that it would be a shame to waste them…He have to come back ^^

      • Patti says:

        The connection between graham with emma and snow was such a deep and cool connection. That I wish the show would have explored it. Killing Graham was the first time I worried the show would follow lost’s formula and mistakes. Lost would kill off characters as a stakes/attention gimmick and develop connections between characters and instead of letting the characters know about the connection and explore them killed the characters or seperated them. I hope Once doesn’t do that with graham and emma and also emma and her dad.

    • joshjacksonasbaelfire says:

      I know the show likes to mention and joke about how how the huntsman/graham is but I liked him for more than just hotness. He was a great and interesting character and I loved his chemistry with emma.

    • Kristina says:

      Would love for him to come back!

    • Natalie says:

      AMEN to that!
      Also, I mean I like August with Emma, but if you ask me, they don’t have the kind of chemistry that Graham and Emma had.
      Such a pity that this promising (and hot, I’m sorry, I’m a girl) character had to die so soon.

  2. veronic says:

    Another romance for Emma…..seriously, is necessary??????
    She has her son, her parents, her mission….enough. No more romances.

  3. melosm says:

    These teases are killing me. I was better off not thinking about the show. After reading it, I want the season to start NOW!!

  4. Kai says:

    Would be kinda funny if she messed up and revealed a major plot twist that Emma is in fact Alice.

    • Stormy says:

      She’s more like Rapunzel. Taken from her parents, fostered, incarcerated, ever lengthening blonde hair.

      • Katherine says:

        I’ve been spotting Rapunzel links–especially the hair, which tends to reflect Emma’s emotional state. And the fact those locks just too perfect for such a non-girly girl. BIG HINT last night–when Snow and Emma sat down to eat with “Lancelot,” the first food that Emma picked was…RAMPS…which are the onion/scallion-type plant that Rapunzel’s mother craved and that Rapunzel’s father stole from the witch’s garden, which led to the whole “I get to take your baby” situation. That said, this may be an even twistier version of the Rapunzel tale, since Henry was actually stolen by a witch and kept imprisioned in Storybrook. And that kid, as we all know, does nothing BUT disregard anyone who tells him to stay put. He’s constantly breaking out of any “tower” that someone tries to put him in, particularly Regina.

  5. Gilda says:

    From a story telling point, the huntsman staying dead gives the show real danger and is a good idea. But dear god I want Jamie Dornan’s face back on my tv.

  6. veronic says:

    I prefer Graham died. If he lives, it would be very CHEAP. But Hunstman can be in the show, yes.

    • prish says:

      Hey, this is fairytale land. They can die in Storybrook, but still be alive in fairytale land. Maybe they are in a state of suspended animation, like Midas’ daughter’s love. They should all go back to fairytale land at the end of the series, imho.

    • Angelique says:

      ITA. People should get over the fact that Graham is dead. I’m also not against bringing him back as the Huntsman (and some romance with Red would be hot) :)

    • Amelie says:

      If you think like that, then also August have to stay DEAD, because i would like to remind you that he was turned into wood (=dead) BEFORE the curse was broken so he is dead too! If bringing back Graham is CHEAP, same thing goes for August, I don’t like double standard, you obviously prefer that Graham stay dead just because you ship Emma with August , but like Michael Sacal well-explained below this is a show about magic and fairytales so bringing back a character is NOT cheap at all, especially the ONE that more than everyone deserve a happy-ending because without him sparing Snowhite, bye bye Snowhite, meaning no Charmings no Emma, no story…So the same I would love Graham back or even better Emma meeting the huntsman (and there are so many ways for making that happen:)), I wish to August to reunite to his father Gepetto but August & Emma never was a couple in s1 and also from the flashback we got, it was more like big bro and lil sis vibe, the only true romantic interest of Emma in s1 was Graham and even if he will not be back the new romantic interest have to be someone new, someone we see Emma is really interested in like she was to Graham till day 1 ^^ As for me Emma & the Huntsman will always be meant to be (like Henry said “You two have a special connection”) and I hope one day they will find each other and get that happy ending that Regina stole them…

      • Andrea says:

        August is not dead. He’s trapped in a different form, but that’s not the same as having your heart ripped out and crushed to dust.

        • Amelie says:

          I disagree, August/Pinochio was already given a possibility by the fairy to become a real child/human but he had to behave well, he failed so he was turned to wood and in real world a wooden man = dead, now magic is back but it was turned before the curse was broken so only because of magic they eventually can bring him back, yes Graham’s heart was ripped but the difference with Daniel or Peter etc… is that that happened NOT in fairytale world (his world) but under a cursed town where even Regina had to give up Daniel’s ring to get some magic to work, that mean that now that the curse is broken we don’t know how things will work and if the things happened during the curse can be undone… if the writers really want they can bring back him or like I said there are lot of possibilities to have the huntsman and there are so many ways for making that happen…we’ll see^^

          • Stormy says:

            August was NEVER under the curse in the first place. He came through the wardrobe with Emma. The Blue Fairy made him real and now that magic is back, she can make him real again.

          • Amelie says:

            stormy I know that August was never under the curse my point is
            the blue fairy gave him already a possibility in the past to become a real child/human but he had to ‘behave well’ and he failed to do so, so it’s all depend if he is given a second chance and anyway if the fairy ‘restore’ him she will do it with magic… The writers promised to finish his story so I think they will reunite him with Gepetto, for me one of the most touching scene of August was the one of him with his father in Storybrooke, so I’m glad if they get reunited ^^

          • stacey says:

            August’s job the blue fairy gave him was to make Emma believe, and maybe he did that just in time, or she believed just in time, meaning that August turned back into a human. Or it could be a mixture of the two the fact Emma believed and that magic was restored. but like I said with proof in my other post August is very much alive now.

      • stacey says:

        AUGUST IS NOT DEAD!!!! iv’e seen a few people think he is because he turned to wood but get this. After Emma helped break the curse she went back to where august was on the bed when he turned to wood and he wasn’t there. presumably he walked out. If that is enough prof for you then how can a dead guy send a post card huh? remember when the curse broke and then right at the end of that episode…or the beginning of the following one Henry’s dad got a post card saying the curse is broken. I mean come on guys if you were truly fans then you’d remember the promise august made to bellfire aka Henry’s dad that once the curse was broken he would let him know. AUGUST is very much alive!

    • Patti says:

      Since they brought something over from fairytale land to our world then yes bring the Huntsman over to our world. so the Huntsman lives in the present.

  7. andrea says:

    People need to stop telling the writers to bring graham back! I like him, but I swear if because of this demand they came out with ridiculous story to bring him back I will be so pissed off, I’m fine if they bring the huntsman in flashback, but not graham, get over it! Parents True Love > True Love romance

    • it’s all relative. find just ONE fairy tale in which a dead character comes back to life due to magic and that’s all the justification they need to bring him back. for instance, doesn’t the beast die in Beauty and the Beast and Belle brings him back to life?

      • veronic says:

        It’s not the same. Graham died, he is gone. More Hunstman, no more Graham

      • andrea says:

        Even magic can’t bring back the dead, they already said it too many time in season 1, if they can why not daniel’s regina? Peter’s red? Why just Graham?

        • there are many fairy tales in which magic brings back the dead. the beast is but one example. I didn’t memorize season one, but if there were references that said magic couldn’t do that then those references ignore a fundamental aspect of those tales.

          • andrea says:

            Yes, they already said it so many time in season 1, watch it again if you have time, that’s the reason why I’m not into this “back from the dead” plot, I seriously think it will ruin the show

          • andrea says:

            Lol that’s an interesting idea

          • Patti says:

            little henry was dead dead not just sleeping, true loves magic brought him back. also since they went back in time and grabbed an apple from fairytale land into our world, they could do that with the huntsman.

          • Good point! Snow White was dead dead in the very first episode, and Charming’s kiss brought her back to life.

          • Mary says:

            Yes. In The Shepard. When King George wanted Rumple to bring back Charming’s twin brother, Rumple said “Magic can do much, but not that.” And then he told him about Charming.

          • Jaime says:

            The beast was not dead, he was only nearly dead. It’s the same with Henry. He may have “died,” but it was for only a few minutes. Even without magic a person can be brought back after only a few minutes. Graham is six-feet-under dead. That is drastically different.

            There is onlt one fairy tale I can think of where (if I remember correctly) a little boy comes back from the dead. The title has something to do with a tree. In the story, the boy’s stepmother kills him and pretends the boy disappears. The father ends up finding out the truth, and I think the boy comes back to life.

          • Zach S. says:

            To Jamie, who last commented on this comment at 6:32 PM. You’re thinking of The Juniper Tree, which is really the male version of Snow White in a lot of ways. He doesn’t come back to life so much as his soul turns into/possesses a bird and acts as a guilty conscience for his stepmother and eventually kills. Eventually the bird turns back into him and he goes on to live with his father and ever devoted half-sister.

            While I agree that a major theme of fairy tales, folklore, children’s literature, and Romance (the four genres this show draws upon the most) is that “death is an illusion”, it must be stated that there are differences between death and “perceived death” which most of these things make a strong difference between. The “perceived death” is the death that is undone in fairy tales. The actual death never is. So we get that feeling that “death is an illusion” that these genres tell us, but our brains don’t go haywire because it was simply “assumed” that the person died or was dead to the world. Or if these stories actually do a “come back to life” theme it’s usually when the protagonist goes to the afterlife (Heaven usually–Shakuntala is what I’m thinking of), which is usually metaphor for the protagonist having died and reuniting with his love in death. If death is forced to cough up the “loved one” it’s usually because death is personified and made to look like a fool and is either cajoled (Orpheus) or he loses a bet (Alcestis). And in those cases the focus is on a character that is already beloved by the protagonist. All we got from Graham/Emma thus far was a spark of desire, an attraction–but was it actual true love? The jury’s still out on that one. I got that they had a desire/lust for one another, but actual love? I don’t really buy that. Why would Emma want to bring Graham back? What would be the purpose of doing so? What is his importance? Why him? Why not Regina’s Daniel? Those are questions that should be answered first before anyone considers resurrecting anyone. What would they add to the show if they came back? Which is better for the plot? That they stay dead and add to the “body count” of evil being evil, or that they come back to life and suddenly it means less that Regina kills people.

            Sure, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a fan of redemption story arcs and situations of “death is an illusion” being revealed. However, I like them when they’re well done and with a purpose. And undoing a death of a character that actually had more meaning and purpose being dead than he had being alive, just makes no sense and undoes a lot of the drama and tensions that this show has going for it.

        • Andrea says:

          Snow White and Henry were not dead. Sleeping curse, y’all.

          • Mary says:

            Yes. Regina told Snow when she gave her the apple that it wouldn’t kill her but put her to sleep with dreams of regrets. But it was a very deep sleep and when Red and the others found Snow, and Red checked her breathing it looked like she was dead. And since the apple that Regina used in Storybrooke to make the turnover was the same one she had used on Snow, then Henry wasn’t really dead either.

        • john says:

          peter was eaten and daniel was lame/lacked chemistry so he couldnt get a magical save from his magtc heart death cause that wasnt true love

        • Jaime says:

          I found the fairy take. It’s called The Juniper Tree.


    • Annabelle says:

      Since the Mad Hatter is able to pull items (the apple) from their world as long as he knows what moment in time to take them from, it’s not a stretch to say that someone could go back for the huntsman. Unlike almost everyone else, he would only have his fairytale identity and would have to adjust to the real world. But Emma aside, it’s unfair that he sacrificed so much for Snow, and saved Charming’s life, only to die because of Regina’s jealousy. I’d like to see them make an effort, even an unsuccessful one, to bring him back.

      • murley says:

        that could actually be really interesting. with the rest of the characters reconciling their past identities with their current situation having one that only knows his “fairy tale” existence would make for a different dynamic to play off of.

      • Amelia says:

        Two problems with that- #1, if Hatter could do that then why not bring Daniel back for Regina? Or Peter back for Red? Or his own late wife for himself?

        #2- If Jefferson brings the Huntsman from FTL, that means that the Huntsman no longer exists there. Which means that Jefferson will be altering the past because no Huntsman in past FTL would cause there to never have been a Graham in Storybrooke and drastically alter past events.

      • I like that idea, but my problem with that is if Jefferson’s hat could go back in time and bring the huntsman to Storybrooke again, why not go back and get Daniel? Geez Regina could have saved everyone a bunch of heartache if she had just done that from the beginning. lol

      • Amelie says:

        Yes, like you said it would be interesting to have someone that “only have his fairytale identity and would have to adjust to the real world”… and I agree that, Emma aside, him more than anyone deserve his happy-ending for all what he did (sparing SnowWhite, helping Charming, giving up his heart, being abused by Regina,…)… on another note I wonder if we ever see Snow White to use that whistle….

        • Jan says:

          They’re actually doing the story with a fairytale characters who has no real world memories and identity story with Belle in season 2. Adam & Edward talked about it in an interview and teased some of the problems she’ll have adjusting to the real world. I would have liked to see it with someone else (not Belle and admittedly not the Huntsman either), but yeah… it’s gonna be Belle’s story.

          • Amelie says:

            Yes, I know about Belle but the difference is that Belle have all her memories and remember Rumple instead the Huntsman wouldn’t know anything about who Emma is (and what happened between them) or the curse (and for this why they are in this “new” world) so I would have found it interesting but I agree with you that is unlikely to happen for now, in the first part of s2 there is already so much going on for the main characters and new characters to explore so these things will be the main focus…

  8. Olivia says:

    What about August/Pinnochio? Is he going to be OK? I have to say I can’t choose between August or Graham for Emma, they are both too hot and cute!
    And I love RumBelle!

    • prish says:

      I bailed from Covert Affairs and became attached to Once Upon a Time because of Eion Bailey. I want him to become a major player, which is what the Pinocchio character is in fairytale land. He is a great actor. I say August and Emma because Graham seemed he was looking for someone, unconsciously. Maybe the wolf that follows him is a clue.

    • I want to know about August too. I haven’t found any clue online about what is going to happen to him. I know they are going to address it, but I want to know now. ;)

  9. veronic says:

    If Emma has to have a romance.AUGUST, please.
    And give me more Snow&Charming epic story¡

  10. Emma says:

    I know people love graham, but I just want to know what happen to August! Please let him survive, I already love him! They took graham please don’t took pinocchio too! Oh and I think henry’s father will be the “new romance”

  11. Me says:

    What about August!?!? I want him back!

  12. Cindy says:

    We already got news about the charming, regina, mad hatter, heck even archie! But none about august!!!!! What the hell is wrong with you spoiler’s people!!! Get to work and give us news abut him, we are dying!!!!!! Do you want an apple hmmm?

  13. Mrs. Peele says:

    I enjoy the characters and the dual story lines in both worlds. But now that magic has returned to Storybrooke and everyone has their memory back, I wonder how the ‘story’ will continue? The big secret of the town has now been broken and how are they going to continue the dual worlds now that everyone remembers his/her real identity? Will they branch out into the rest of the world? Or will they still be stuck in one spot? I wish that they would have rerun the entire season since I missed some of it but looking forward to visiting the fairytale realm again.

  14. Sally says:

    Thanks for the scoop! I’m so excited for season 2!!! And so curious how Emma and her parents get along now that they know who they really are and how things in town will change.

  15. Nat says:

    Bring back Graham. Jamie Dornan rocks in the show.

  16. Angelique says:

    As long as this romance thing is with August Booth (because the chemistry is there and he would make a great step-father for young Henry!), I can forgive them for keeping us in the dark about his state.

  17. Andrea says:

    Still think a love interest for Emma is completely and utterly unnecessary at this point. She has enough on her plate as it is. Dealing with the reality of the world she lives in, her role as the saviour, her parents, her son, Regina… I’d rather see them focus on all of these aspects in detail rather than rush through some of them to squeeze in an unnecessary love interest. Among the adult actors, Jennifer Morrison has the best on-screen chemistry with Ginnifer Goodwin and Lana Parrilla too. So why take away from that already. If the ratings don’t drop the show will easily get a third and fourth season. They don’t have to rush into love stories. And you can have a female lead character be single for a while, y’know. I don’t understand why tv shows always force love interests on the female lead characters. Male leads can be single with maybe a flirt or two for season after season, but women aparently are not considered complete characters without an obligatory love interest.

    • daniexj says:

      They force women into relationships because there aren’t enough women who are show runners instead of just the writers. When there are show runners who are women, (or really good guy show runners, like in the case of Bones) more often than not the female leads have a chance to actually have a story that doesn’t have to do with babies or men. Awesome….

      This show was supposed to flip Fairy Tales on its head right?? Well, Huntsman and Emma getting together, that’s just regular old boring fairy tales….. (and actually as much as I love the show) none of the stories have been anything ‘different’ it’s all been boring fairy tale-ish crap.

      I’m still waiting for what those first teasers promised…. I vote for keep her single (well, actually I vote for her getting together with one of the other characters, but, as I’ve found in this forum before, it’s not a pairing that is looked well upon for sure….. Swan Queen forever though! :))

  18. Dominique says:

    Am I really naive for thinking that Jennifer not being allowed to say if Jamie is back or not, kinda tells ME that he IS coming back? Why else all the secrecy?
    If it’s not him, then I’m not interested in a romance for Emma, because I feel like it would be way too soon with everything that’s happening.

  19. Ann says:

    I’m 99% certain Graham will be back eventually (there’s always that 1% because you know… :P) and season 2 will open up to a lot of new possibilities. Plus, the show has been making a point to keep Graham alive in our memories with very unecessary participations from Jamie. Why his presence in the dating ad? Why the love letter? Why not just say Graham’s dead and gone? The crew isn’t making much of an effort (or an effort at all) to move on past his death.

  20. Ridley says:

    Wait,what about Henry’s REAL father? I have heard he is coming this season, so could he be anyone? Because how would he even know about Storybrooke and where to go plus why now after the curse is broke, does he remember too??? Could this be a romance for Emma also…uhhhh so many questions

    • andrearb says:

      They were filming scenes with him this past week, it’s obviously a flashback to Emma’s 18 year old days.We’ll see him then.

      • Ridley says:

        Oh that makes sense, thanks!

        • Noelle says:

          That could happen but Emma never has flashbacks, that’s why her past is so mysterious. The producers said Henry’s real father would be an ah ha moment. I think Baelfire is Henry’s dad and his return to storybrooke will shake things up especially with Mr. Gold!

  21. kelli says:

    I hate graham. Love august. Grahams dead. Get over it already! August and Emma have history and he actually cares for her.

    • Amelie says:

      Sorry to break this news to you but even August at the end of season 1 was dead, he became wood before the curse was broken so he need magic to come back too…and with due respect you are noone to say people to ‘get over it’ because, like it or not, there is still a huge part of OUAT fandom that want Graham/The Huntsman back and this show is about magic and fairytales so having him back is totally fine. About history Emma owns her own life to the huntsman and moreover she fell in love with him without even knowing it, till now he is the ONLY one in the show she fell in love with so if we talk about history Emma&Graham have a lot more history and a beautiful one ^^
      You like August&Emma that’s fine and you are totally free to like them as much as you want,I will never say to you to get over it, the same way you are not entitled to say people to get over Graham/The Huntsman, it will NEVER happen because this character have still so many things to say, he is tied with Snow White story and he and Emma were/are just perfect for each other ^^

    • Dominique says:

      Oh yes, he cared so much for her when he left her behind as a baby. He cared so much when he didn’t look after her as promised. He cared so much when it took his OWN leg to be turned back to wood, to finally come to Storybrooke. I like August just fine, and he’s doing a good job trying to redeem himself. But please don’t go and act like August has been her knight in shining armor, when really, he was just lying on a beach somewhere, thinking about everything and everyone BUT Emma.

      Graham is a very beloved character, whether you like it or not, and seeing how this show is about magic, there’s always a good chance he’ll be back again. So stop telling people to get over it.

      • Sunny says:

        August was a CHILD when he left his foster home and Emma. You cannot possibly blame an overwhelmed young child send to a scary new world with no one to help and guide him for that. Yes, he could have come looking for her earlier, but we don’t even know his full story yet. But that’s the OUAT fandom for ya. Always quick to judge.

      • Angelique says:

        Oh come on, Pinocchio was a kid! They say he was 7 years old but he LOOKS like 7, we aren’t even sure he was 7 when he became a real boy. What you are saying isn’t fair for him. Poor boy was ripped from his father, had to take care of a BABY, in a world he didn’t know. How come you expect a little boy to take care of a baby when he can’t even take care of himself!

        • Dominique says:

          I’m NOT expecting a 7year old to know what the right thing to do is here, I didn’t say that. I’m merely pointing out that Kelli seems to be watching an entirely different show, because August NEVER cared for Emma until it started to effect HIM.

  22. Patti says:

    I am very excited for the charming family reunion and getting to know each other. I hope Henry,Emma,Charming and Snow interact alot with each other. I hope its not just snow/emma bonding but emma with charming and henry.

  23. Sonya says:

    Emma Swan is the worst female character in the show. I hope she gets sidelined because i can´t stand her anymore. I don´t know if it´s the writing or that Jennifer is a terrible and inexpresive actress but i just have to fast forward all her scenes.

    • jen says:

      what???? hope you didn’t fast forward her scene in the woods(the stranger) with august. wow…one of the most powerful,impassioned,,well acted scenes of the whole season by both actors. not alone in this opinion. jen really rocked it.

      • Zach S. says:

        Agreed it was quite well done, it actually surprised me. That said, while I could see them using August/Emma as a possibility, I get more of a brother/sister vibe from the two than a love vibe from them. He likes to take the role of “big brother” to her too much for me to take a pairing of them seriously.

        The show is less about lovers than it is as, how Rumpel puts it: “what True Love creates”. The show is more about parents and children and less about true lovers. When it focuses on the lovers the show usually falls flat. Where the show gets its strength and moment from is when it focuses on parents and their relationships with their children and I actually like that focus more. Which is why, for me, Emma’s happy ending is being reunited with Henry with no threat again posed by Regina–not her being swept off her feet by some fairy tale guy. And that speaks more to me and feels more real in this show than much of the love matches (Snow/Charming included). The parental love is what drives this show the most and is what really this show is about, and I like it all the more because of it. May it never forget that.

  24. john says:

    regina is annoying and lame. after killing her own dad and graham she’s not redeemable. she wouldn’t even offer belle to get gold to help her save henry.

    also E.B. was the worst actor on the show. Hope August stays dead.

    • jen says:

      my #1 (august) and #3 (regina) fav characters? regina went psychotic and had a little temper tantrum. august is just incapacitated. as for eion bailey,he sold me on a wooden puppet and i hate puppets.

  25. Starbuck says:

    Other fans wouldn’t roll their eyes at some of the rabid Graham/Dornan fangirls if they would at least try to come up with more than spamming the usual I WANT HIM BACK hogwash.
    If they could acknowledge that the show has established a set of rules. This includes: Nothing, no magic, not the truest and purest love, reverts death. Actual death and not coma or a death-like state caused by spells and other forms of magic. There is a difference. And it matters.
    It would also help if they acknowledged that the show’s foundation is based on the irreversibility of death. If Jefferson’s hat or any other kind of magic could bring people back from the dead, Regina would have brought Daniel back and they would live happily ever after. The crux of the matter is: She can’t because dead is dead. This fuelled her thirst for vengeance and culminated in her activating the curse. All of this is established canon and has been repeated time and again on the show and in interviews with the writers.
    You have to be aware that this is not only a question of giving some of you what you want if you just beg long enough. From a writer’s perspective, reverting rules you have established for your fictional world has consequences for the entire show. It affects the logic of the show, it affects the way certain characters have been shaped and developed, and it weakens the writing in retrospect.
    What do you expect the writers to do? Bring back every beloved dead character? How about Daniel? Or Snow’s father? Charming’s dead twin? What about Peter for Red? Or do you want the writers to make an exception only for your favorite character and everyone else just doesn’t matter?
    Movie and tv show characters die. It’s sad, but it happens.

    • Amelie says:

      First of all I think you didn’t read all the post about Graham/The Huntsman because if you did you would have seen that aside from one or two comments they are more articulate than the ‘usual’ I want him back
      And the other fans you are referring to are August&Emma fans or SwanQueen fans that doesn’t want Graham/Huntsman back for obvious reasons lol
      In fact the only ones that said get over it are those fans, the other fans just comment about the show without caring of people that ask about the huntsman (or ‘roll their eyes’) or like Brandy below express the wish to both August/Graham to stay dead and that’s it.
      Second sorry to say but I’m not a rabid Dornan fangirl (even if I would like to be still a young girl but I’m afraid I’m a little over aged for that), I love Graham/Huntsman CHARACTER and yes I think Dornan played him well and he have lot of chemistry with Emma but if you imply that people want him back just because is ‘hot’ sorry but it’s not the case for me, surely Dornan is handsome but if I have to go only by the look Sebastian Stan is the ‘one’!
      But when I watch a tvshow I don’t go for the look, maybe you do, I don’t care if it’s hot or not because what I find hot is the character-per-se, the way it’s played, the chemistry, his story, what the character has to tell and the many things he can add to the story…
      Just to say a few things I look for, and for this Graham/Huntsman is still my favourite character on the show^^
      Third, because you talked about ‘interviews with the writers’, maybe you missed what Adam Horowitz said time ago about Emma/Graham in an interview : “All great relationships start off with hope,and the hope that it can overcome all obstacles.What greater obstacle is there than death?”
      So if they decides to bring him back (be it Graham or the Huntsman) it will be well planned and not affecting the logic of the show (a show about magic and fairytales by the way lol)
      Even in this interview Graham topic is brought up so it’s only logical that people in the comments talk also about it and Jen herself says “can’t say”, she could say ‘Oh,Graham? Sorry, but he is dead and gone…’
      There is a big difference between Graham and Peter, Daniel etc… They died in fairytale, their own world where rules are the ones we know instead Graham died in a CURSED town so with the curse broken we can’t know how the rules are gonna be
      And even if they won’t bring back Graham they can bring back the Huntsman or make Emma been transported back in the past to fairytale land and meet the Huntsman.
      Aside from that there are already so many theories that makes sense about bringing him back that I trust the writers will do it well if they decide to do it^^
      About Jefferson’s hat we saw in the finale it can bring back things from the past but it needed magic to work and because Regina had only little magic (Daniel’s ring) she could only bring back the apple but I wonder if with a more powerful magic it can also bring back people…
      The fact is Jefferson only helped Regina because he had his own reason (Grace) otherwise he wouldn’t have helped her so in future even if it could bring back people I doubt he would use it to help Regina to bring back Daniel…
      We’ll see but noone is entitled to say people to ‘get over it’ or call them ‘rabid Graham/Dornan fangirls’ (like if all the Rumbelle, August&Emma, SwanQueen, Charmings etc…fans have among them only matured and clever mind lol) because everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and it’s not anyone fault if Graham is still so well loved differently to other characters ^^

    • andrearb says:

      You’re going to be sooo disappointed

  26. Brandy says:

    I personally don’t get all the fuss over Agust,August/Emma,Grahm,Grahm/Emma as I don’t care for them and I’d be fine if Grahm & August stayed dead..I like Regina/EvilQueen & Snow WhiteMM.I can’t wait for this show to come back.

  27. jen says:

    did love graham/huntsman. but along came august. now i don’t care who emma winds up with,i just want august back in human form. that actor’s amazing. and i’m getting pretty po’d at being kept in the dark on what’s happened to him.

  28. whiteowl82 says:

    I really don’t think Emma needs a romantic interest right now, but if there’s going to be one, it should be a new character, instead of one already on the show.

    And people, Graham is dead. He is not coming back. We might see the Huntsman in flashbacks, but that’s it. Bringing him back would take all the meaning from his death.

  29. nick1372 says:

    Can it be September 30th NOW?

  30. Jessalyn says:

    For all of the arguments that people are making on here for one or the other, I think it’s pretty clear that there is room for the huntsman and August. Just looking at the cast of regulars, women outnumber the men. They’re great, but some male personalities in there (and interacting with each other) would add a lot to the show. Since magic isn’t the same in this world as it was in the last, it’s more plausible that the huntsman could appear in this world, and that August would return to his human form. I’m hoping for both, even if it doesn’t happen right away.

    • Andrea says:

      I think the series regulars and recurring characters combined actually makes it even – 5 women (Morrison, Parrilla, Goodwin, Ory, de Ravin) and 5 men (Dallas, Carlyle, Gilmore, Bailey, Sbarge). I like the men on the show, but I don’t really need more of them. I like that we finally got a show with more than one strong female character and the relationships between strong women at its core.

      • Jessalyn says:

        It really doesn’t even out when you considered that there’s been talk of limited appearances by Sbarge, Eion Bailey’s number of episodes hasn’t been revealed, and Jared Gilmore is too young for his own storyline. We have plenty of strong women, but I don’t want to seem them fight all season long now that the curse has been broken.

      • Stormy says:

        What about Anders/Whale?

  31. Mikael says:

    I don’t think Jefferson could bring people through the hat. Didn’t he specifically tell Regina that it had to be an object small enough to grab and pull through? And I would assume it would have to inanimate too.

  32. OUAT fan says:

    I personally want Emma with Jefferson.

    • me says:

      yes because nothing says love like kidnapping someone and forcing them to make a magical hat for you….

      • petra says:

        Hm…, what did Rumple do to Belle??? I think she fell in love with him though being held in hostage, or? It is the most popular ship in the Once fandom and nobody is reasking it, so why not Jefferson and Emma?? ;)

  33. inhighheels says:

    Bla bla bla, Emma, bla bla bla. Enough, gimme Regina!

  34. isupportLE says:

    Poor JMo it looks like she is always overshadowed by other actresses: Lisa Edelstein in House and Lana Parrilla in “Once”. They should get rid of JMo and cast Lisa in Once

    • jen says:

      who’s liza edelstein? love jen m…especially .
      with lana….like a tornado meeting up with a volcano. totally volatile.

    • Karo says:

      You can support LisaE all you want but do it without being nasty and wish other actresses particular JMo something ill.
      Lana Parrilla is great on Once so is JMo. I don`t know why some people have to make a stupid competition out of it.

  35. o.o says:

    mad & swan <3<3<3 XD

  36. becca says:

    I can not wait for s2! Only a few more days till the season premire! I have a lot of unanswered questions in my mind. One thing i really want to know is what happened to hansel and gretel? If i remember correctly, their episode ended with the two walking in fairytale land, looking for their father. Another question i have is the cinderella story. The flashback for that one ended with her prince disappearing because, “all magic comes with a price.” I also want to learn about baelfire. And how will jefferson/mad hatter reunite with paige/grace? And all those doors in the hatter’s hat, where do they lead? I have heard rumors of oz and narnia. I doubt narnia, but wonder, what about neverland? In s2 they will have hook, so will thdre be a peter pan story too? What about wonderland? That place has so many unanswered questions. So will there be more stories there? And who is dr. Whale? I personally think that the whale from pinocchio is too obvious and the writers will NOT do that. So many questions and more! Can’t wait for season two!

    • becca says:

      Also, how did regina get her powers? Who is henry’s father? What will happen to august? How will belle adjust to our world? What will it be like with magic? Why didn’t they go back to fairytale land? Where do emma and snow go? (See my next comments) who wrote henry’s book? How did mm get the book? How did gold find henry?

  37. becca says:

    I have heard that jefferson and cora will be back! Jefferson for a reunion with paige/grace and cora for, i think, her own story. Or possibly more of regina’s.

  38. becca says:

    I have been reading spoiler and some say that mm and emma disappear from storybrooke. I think that happens at the end of 2×1 because the little summary of 2×2 says, if i remember correctly, that charming/james/david/john doe :) is looking for them. And in another little summary, i think it says they (mm and emma) are in fairytale land, possibly with sleeping beauty and mulan and maybe hook, trying to find a way back to storybrooke. I really can not wait for season two! Just a few more days!

  39. Elisabeth says:

    I think that Emma will have romance……..when Henry’s father comes back. He is supposed to become very important and I think he is Rumples son. Maybe there is going to be a little triangle with him and Emma and August.
    I don’t think Graham will be in Storybrook because he IS dead. Maybe for flashbacks but nothing more.

  40. Heather says:

    Bring back Graham…please!!!!!!!!!! Him and Emma are sooo awesome together<3

  41. becca says:

    LOVED SEASON TWO PREMIRE! THE PEOPLE I WAS WATCHING IT WITH (and myself) LAUGHED AT “Grandpa?” Priceless! And now i do think it was a bit harry pottery. Though all in all, it was wonderful. See you next week, deary.

  42. melissa says:


  43. momo says:

    All I’m gonna say is firstly, Pinocchio and Emma never were a couple they were more so brother and sister. And yes he is dead… second The huntsman/ graham and Emma obviously were true loves because she broke the curse on him via kiss.. duh obviously they are supposed to be together! I’d like grahm to come bk! Asap. Emma deserves happiness. And I never understood why he just died in story brook and wasn’t ever mentioned again…Wtf seriously!

  44. Ragnhild says:

    Bring Graham back!! I love him! I need him to come back!! My favorit characters always dies, so pleas don’t take him!!!!!