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Exclusive Video: Glee Cast Talks New Romance, Old Rivalries and Dark Twists: 'I Die This Year'

Glee Lea Michele Season 4 InterviewGlee‘s new season kicks off tonight (Fox, 9/8c), and TVLine hit the show’s splashy premiere event Wednesday with one goal in mind: to get as much scoop on Year 4 as humanly possible — even if said scoop involves the “death” of a beloved character.

The show’s best dad ever, Mike O’Malley, dropped a (faux) bombshell when he revealed what good ol’ Burt will be up to while Kurt is in New York pursuing his dreams. “I die this year,” the actor deadpanned. “If [Kurt’s] in New York, I don’t have anymore episodes. [Burt’s] in Ohio or Washington; I have no reason to go to New York.”

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So, there you have it, folks: Burt Hummel, “killed” by lack of airtime… for now, anyway.

Lea Michele, meanwhile, talked up Rachel’s “unpredictable” relationship with NYADA standout Brody (played by Dean Geyer) — intel that may not sit well with ‘Finchel’ fans — while Glee newbies Melissa Benoist and Becca Tobin took some time to introduce themselves to their growing Gleek following.

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And that’s just the start of the spoilerage! Press PLAY below for more Glee goodness, including news on Puck and his baby bro, the identity of Blaine’s new bestie and some fun Sue and Will rivalry talk.

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  1. Kim says:

    Obviously Brody and Rachel are going to get romantic towards each other. Hes there to cause drama to the oh so boring couple, Finchel. Yawnnnnnn

  2. Regina says:

    Yeah, I just felt like Lea deadpanned on her comment about Brody too. “Unpredictable” means she probably doesn’t know much. Still, of course it means trouble for Finn and Rachel, who are the real thing we’re bound to see happen again and what we are really expecting to see. TV is always about wanting the main couple to get back together. Finchel is forever, after all.

  3. plzno says:

    Darren no.
    You’re killing me. I’m literally dying inside because of all the disappointment in your voice.

    • Kay says:

      I don’t know why the have to make him change like that. I think he should be confident and believe in himself, but to be mean and nasty is a total change for him. I hope he will snap out of it and become the Blaine we know and love.

  4. lantern says:

    is it me or do you think they’re trying to kill blaine and get darren off the show by making blaine unlikable?

  5. Tina says:

    Looking forward to Glee except for third parties. Doesn’t anyone remember season 3? Finchel Forever!!!!

  6. Daniela says:

    I think that rachel needs to have a new romance she loves finn but she has to know that he is not the onlyone and the new guy is so so so HOT !!!

  7. Cynthia says:

    I just find the third party boring and predictable. Sorry Lea nothing is unpredictable about putting someone in between Rachel and Finn. I hate that this is the way Glee causes drama and I am so bored with it that I will skip the first few eps in hopes that Brody is gone going into mid season and then we can really start to see a story with hopefully Finn and Santana joining Rachel and Kurt in NY. As far as Blaine I feel like they might be giving him the Finn treatment of the back half of season 2. Like I said bored Glee, I’m bored

  8. Taz says:

    Brody is a massive slap in the face to Glee’s extremely loyal Finchel fan base. After everything Finn and Rachel went through, there’s no way I can take this Brody fling seriously. I see it only as a way for Rachel getting over the hurt of her breakup with Finn, but ultimately will choose Finn in the end when she realises he is ‘the one’. You can’t just throw 3 years away after 5 mins with Brody. If Brochel becomes anymore serious than that … then sorry Glee, I’m done!

  9. Amy says:

    Forgot about Brody for a minute. Ya’ll are aware that Finn is getting a new love interest to right?

  10. Bee says:

    I’m getting pretty tired of these third party love interest story lines. I’m sure there couldve been more creative ways of writing angst for Finn and Rachel without the use of yet another love interest. This story just gets recycled over and over again, to the point that it gets frustrating to watch as a fan. I really could care less about this Brody character or the actor playing him for that matter. Those Brody and Rachel scenes are definitely ones I’ll be fast forwarding through while I patiently wait for Finn to return.

  11. XXX says:


  12. Michelle says:

    All of you Finn/Rachel fans really should look at the entire picture. I’m excited about Brody. If they keep Finn and Rachel together without any drama or issues, they will be boring, boring, boring. We all know they are end game, but if they keep their happily ever after consistent, their end game will not be near as exciting and magical.

    I think Brody will be an exciting storyline for Rachel, because we’ve never really seen her with any other guy (well except Jesse, which was poorly handled). I also think that Brody’s character will be significant for Rachel’s character growth.

    • Kay says:

      I agree with you. I’m hoping the same will apply with Kurt and Blaine too. I want both of these couples to get a “happily ever after” ending.

  13. Fil says:

    I don’t like Finchel.

  14. Sushi says:

    Damn you fangirls. “Finchel forever”? Barf you guys sound like freaking school girls. It’s one thing to like a tv couple, it’s another thing relentlessly nagging when the story doesn’t involve the couple attached at the hip for the whole goddam time. STFU! I say it every post I make.

  15. Elyse says:

    Brody Brody Brody <3 i love him

  16. j says:

    I really love Burt!! He’s a great dad

  17. Alyssa says:

    She is a college Freshman, almost NO high school couples last after graduation. Finn and Rachel are in no way done, the audience wants it and they would be dumb not to listen. I just think we should give this Brody guy a chance, Rachel needs it to grow up and experience life without Finn.

  18. Amanda says:

    High school couples frequently break up after graduation, so it makes perfect sense for Rachel and all the graduates to explore new things, new people, etc. And if people could just get over their Finnchel worship, they’d realize that Brody could be an interesting character, and the actor who portrays him is certainly talented and gorgeous. Overall loved the premiere and all the new characters. TV show plots and characters have to change in order to stay interesting, and I think the Glee writers are doing a great job showing our favorite characters mature and grow while introducing engaging newbies. Yay Glee!

  19. Diamond says:

    Finchel forever. People who hate finchel can have their opinions just don’t post things to put finchel or their fans down. #sorrynotsorry

  20. Everyone says:

    I miss Finchel. Brody sucks. Brochel suckes. Give me back Finchel. Glee sucks this year :(