Glee Season Premiere Recap: Vexed in the City

brody rachel gleeLike the bracing slap of an icy cold slushie to the face, Season 4 of Glee began with Rachel brought low in New York City, the remaining kids of New Directions on a nasty power high in Ohio, and a new girl named Marley stuck in the middle of potential popularity and crippling insecurities, between small-town life and big-city dreams.

In other words, while there’s always a little sting where change is concerned, it also feels like something unexpected and even a little dangerous has been awoken in the show’s writer’s room. And yes, while it’s understandable that longtime fans of Fox’s (former) high-school musical have some anxieties about where the mothership is headed — No sign of Finn, Mercedes, Quinn, Puck, Emma, or Santana! So many new kids! — I’m personally thrilled at the prospect of seeing characters like Rachel, Kurt, Tina, and Blaine (among others) grapple with the intense changes, often terrible decisions, and new connections you’d expect to see made by any kid on the brink of adulthood.

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Finchel, Klaine, Britanna, and Tike 4EVA? Call me #TeamMaybe. But let’s be honest: The odds on high-school sweethearts making it to their Golden Anniversary aren’t exactly phenomneal — and without some genuine self-discovery beforehand, they’re closer to nill. And if ever a season premiere could/should convince shippers to think twice before they jump ship, this one was it.

That said, if you were too busy pouring moonshine into your fruit smoothie to catch the episode, here’s what you mixed (typo, and it stays) on Glee.

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* We opened with Kate Hudson’s much-buzzed-about NYADA instructor, Cassandra July, chewing out a not-rail-thin girl in Dance 101. Rachel’s reflexive glance of disgust/dismay caught Prof. Evil’s eye — and not in a good way — and the wide-eyed Ms. Berry wound up getting every abuse short of a slushie to the face in front of her clasmates. When Rachel later (foolishly) blurted during class that she could smell alcohol on Cassandra’s breath, it led to this jab from the nastiest dance instructor this side of Abby Lee Miller: “You’re not just on my list, [David] Schwimmer, you are my list.” (If only Rachel knew that Prof. July drinks because of all her failed Broadway dreams. Nah, actually, she’s just a total bitchface.) It’s gonna be a long semester, although I have to say it’s kind of refreshing (and somewhat realistic) to see Rachel realizing her wide-eyed ingenue schtick might send some folks into a borderline homicidal rage. Time to grow up, toughen up, and fight back (when it makes sense), sister!

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* It wasn’t all mortifying failure for our protagonist, though. Rachel capitalized beautifully in one of her two chances to sing this semsester in NYADA’s unbelievably gorgeous “Round Room” in front of the terrifying Carmen Tibideaux. Being in a room with no corners means there’s “nowehere to hide,” but Rachel’s flawless rendition of “New York State of Mind” meant there was no shame necessary.

* Rachel also met a hot, naked upperclassman while doing her skincare regimen in the co-ed bathroom in the middle of the night. (Loved the realism of the trials of college showers for small-town freshman in need of a little privacy.) The fact that she hadn’t heard from Finn for over two months certainly makes her vulnerable to a little romantic longing, no matter how much the Finchel Nation considers her (possibly) wandering eye as a total betrayal. “In case you’re wondering — which I’m sure you are — I’m straight,” said Brody. Hey, you’ve got to double-check when a dude is that carefully manscaped. Later, Brody and Rachel had a nice, not-quite-romantic bonding moment that featured my favorite line of the episode. “I feel like I’m gonna throw up all the time,” admitted Rachel, perfectly capturing the main emotional response to the first week of college. Still, how come we don’t see her connecting with other terrified freshmen?

* In other NYC news, Kurt began to lurk the halls of McKinley while waiting for the semester at his local community college to begin. (Side note: Why do TV writers act like going to community college is the life-dreams equivalent of coming down with a mild case of Ebola?) After being insulted by the Cheerios new beast in charge Kitty, and encouraged by boyfriend Blaine to go spread his wings, our dapper dandy was leavin’ on a jet plane to Manhattan. (Don’t know when he’ll be back again.) Burt’s farewell speech was a thing of beauty, but isn’t that always the case when Mike O’Malley guest-stars? His final words — “You can always come back. But you won’t.” — made me reach for the Kleenex.

* Also tear-jerking? Lonely, scared Rachel and finally-where-he-belongs Kurt, reuinited (and it feels so good). Besties! Roomies! Make it happen!

* Back at McKinley, Jacob Ben Israel got the party started with his standard bit of expository video. Seems the fortunes of the New Directions kids had changed. Sam went from “hobo stripper” to glee-club celeb. (Loved him doing an awful Taylor Lautner impresh). Tina’s ego grew two sizes too big (and she got herself an assistant/minion). Oh, and her “make change forever” tattoo? That was an alteration of “Mike Chang Forever.” Don’t judge: Long-distance relationships are hard! And Brittany, too, was feeling the pain of separation from Santana. “You can’t really scissor a Web cam,” she sighed.

* With Rachel out of the picture, Jacob asked the central question looming like a cloud over the New Directions choir room. “Who’s the new Rachel?” Artie, Tina, Brittany or Blaine? Or would it be Unique, making a transfer from Vocal Adrenaline? Artie, putting on his director hat, judged a “Call Me Maybe”-off among the remaining quaretet, and declared Blaine the winner. (I’d have picked Tina.) But then Schue made his most dishonest/ridiculous statement ever: “We don’t win with stars, we win as a team.” So why did the Lady Berry have so many solos back in the day? The story, as they say, is developing.

* There was also a need to fill out New Directions’ vacancies, and Puck’s never-before-seen half-brother Jake came and nailed his audition on “Never Say Never.” Seems, though, the kid has a chip on his shoulder — and he likes it! He knocked over the music stand when Schue cut his number short, then refused to reconsider his heinous attitude when the kindly teacher (whose fiance I kinda missed!) tried to talk some sense into him.

* And then there was the matter of New Directions auditions, with absolutely impossible-to-root-against newcomer Marley — daughter of the morbidly obese lunch lady — nailing her audition, making the cut with Schue & Co., then questioning if she wanted to be a part of a group that sat with the popular kids and openly made fat-phobic jokes. I loved seeing her admit the lunch-lady was her mom, and I loved that it was Sam who apologized first and revealed he knew what it was like to be poor and have your mom stitch designer labels in your second-hand sweaters. New Directions’ apology accepted! Welcome to the club, Marley. And here’s a nasty slushies for you and Unique, courtesy of Kitty & her football-jock buddies! Unique wins the award for Best Ever Response to a Slushie: “Unique’s eyes! They’re on fire!”

* Finally, Sue Sylvester has a daughter, and her name is Robin, which promoted a joke that had me mumbling “too soon” under my breath: “[The name] recalls hope and springtime and my favorite dead Bee Gee.”

With that, let’s hand out some letter grades for tonight’s musical numbers:

Tina, Brittany, Unique, and Blaine, “Call Me Maybe” | Grade: B+ (side note: What was Artie smoking when he didn’t name Tina the winner of the “Thunderdome-style” sing-off?)

Cassandra, “Dance Again”/”Americano” | Grade A-

Jake, “Never Say Never” | Grade: B

Rachel & Marley, “New York State of Mind” | Grade: A

Blaine, “It’s Time” | Grade: C+ (Sorry, Darren Criss, it’s not really your fault. This song is kinda weak for me, and in the context of the scene, even weaker. Plus, those aggressively rolled jean legs are working my last nerve, especially since your character doesn’t dig clams for a living.)

Marley and New Directions, “Chasing Pavements” | Grade: B+

What did you think of the Glee premiere? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Dennis says:

    Love the new girl but i hate uniquealmost ruined the whole show. it’s not that he’s transgender but it would be better if they found someone like the transgender in kinky boots, he was likeable i also did not like the new mean girl but i’m glad that kurt is with rachel, is it weird that i like them together (their friendship) more then kurt and blaine as a couple

  2. Kelly says:

    I thought the episode was amazing! Much better than most of last season, def more like the glee of season 1!!!!!

  3. Siren says:

    I love Glee. I love Finchel, but I love both characters individually enough to watch Glee for their personal journeys. I love their chemistry and their story, so I want to see lots of scenes involving both of them, but I was so hoping to see a new storyline for them. New challenges. ANYTHING NEW. But no! The same old story over and over. And this made me so disapointed. Rachel doesn’t need a new love interest. Neither Finn

  4. Lena says:

    It definitely wasn’t BAD. I graded it ‘above average’. As always there was the ridiculous corny dialogue that makes me grimace when certain characters (*cough, looking at the new hot-but-no-way-in-the-real-world-would-any-straight-guy-ever-say-some-of-the-things-be-said guy). And no, that’s not being mean, I was watching with a bunch of guys and they were aghast that the writers would think anyone would say that. Other than that, music was pretty good and I thought the Ohio/NYC split was pretty darn seamless.

  5. Stacey says:

    I liked it. I did miss Finn. I know Cory was filming a movie, and they are keeping Finn’s story a mystery. Is he really in the army, or did he bolt? But I did miss him. But I liked it. I was surpised they did spend so much time at McKinley. Yet did seemeless at times bring Rachel into the action. Like when she is shown viewing Jacob’s video cast of her old friends. I like they acknowledge Jake is a Puckerman that even Puck didn’t know about… And I liked Marley. Maybe not Rachel vocals, but still pretty strong. And I agree, I though Tina and even Brittany won the “Call Me Maybe” off. The boys didn’t mesh as well.

    • Jenny says:

      Missed Finn too. I really do hope they don’t have Finn bolt from the Army. I hope that if he isn’t the Army where he returns it is that he really didn’t join. Only let Rachel believe it so she would go to NYC and/or only went there to find out more about what happened to his father.

  6. Jenny says:

    It was alright. But basically all the new characters replaced a graduating senior. Absolutely no creativity with the new characters. Even the Brody character was Jesse St. James without the overblown ego. I would rather watch the characters after graduation that I grew to love than their new younger versions. I will say I thought they did a good job blending between NYC and Lima. Finally CAN’T STAND Unique.

  7. star says:

    I seriously loved everything. Better than seasons 2 and 3 combined.

  8. Robin says:

    I liked all the new kids…well except for Kitty (but we aren’t supposed to like her really…) but there were many people missed from the episode…

  9. Peter from Toronto says:

    With over 70% rating this an A or B I’m surprised by the negative comments. Perhaps the happy people don’t take the time to comment, because they aren’t whiners. I loved it. Got a little misty eyes twice, laughed, loved the music and great dancers in NYATA, and Brittany’s line to Unique “love your haircut Mercedes, didn’t you graduate?”. Classic. Reminds me why I love Glee. Welcome back.

  10. JVC says:

    I’m with slezak on this one, I would’ve picked Tina on the “call me maybe” battle. And Blaine being the new lead gives me mixed feelings, the negative reinforced early on from last season. I mean yes, he was the big break out from season 2, I didn’t like how in the first 4 episodes he got 3 solos when Finn barely did anything up to that point. It’s what i call “Blaine overdose.” Also shouldn’t the leader status go by default the other senior members, them being tina and artie? And Schue was such a hypocrite, this is the guy that gave rachel a solo in ALMOST EVERY competition she’s been in. Hopefully this will be rectified before sectionals comes around. All and all, I did enjoy the premiere episode. There are just some things to nitpick at. 1. i know this is trivial but they could’ve at least mentioned what happened to rory, since he was an underclassman. After all they at least told us what happened to sam when we thought he wasn’t coming back. 2. This coming from a guy who went to catholic high school that had a dress code, is none of the faculty going to call out wade when he’s unique? Just curious is all. 3. Okay this is actually more than a nitpick, but are the adult characters (besides Burt Hummel) be more developed this time around and not be completely useless (looking at you Schue)? Over than that, I am open minded about the new season.

    • Molly says:

      Regarding Rory, I am pretty sure that he said in the Valentine’s day episode of season three, while competing with Artie for Sugar Motta’s affection, that he would have to return to Ireland at the end of the school year.

  11. Jared says:

    Loved it! Period. End of story.

  12. Ana says:

    I just realized that is not Rachel I dislike, its Finn and Rachel. The episode felt better to me without Finn. I have to admit I was very surprised. I did not expect to like it as much as I did. The writing was solid. The story flowed well. It feels like a more mature show. Quite a difference from, well, ever. I like Marley. She has an amazing voice. Didn’t like Jake’s singing at all. His voice is too nasal. But I liked his acting. Did not like Unique. At. All. How long before he goes? Missed Santana. Hope she’s back soon. Can’t we have Sugar as a regular? My favorite scene hands down was the Rachel/Kurt reunion. And these are my two least fave characters so that says a lot. Kate Hudson brings an extra edge and substance to the show. Good call. The songs were kind of weak though. The best was Call me Maybe. Cant wait for next week.

  13. Pam says:

    Can I request Rachel just get some friends and friends only? The last thing she needs is another love interest especially since the world knows she still loves Finn. This really seems like a pointless storyline. Also, Jake and Marley I LOVE!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for more of them as individuals and maybe a little together.

  14. Tom Charles says:

    Two things need to happen this season, as quickly as possible. First and foremost, we need an episode that is nothing but 42 minutes of Cassie putting Rachel in her place. Second, Sam, Joe, and Wade/Unique need to go.

    • Ana says:

      Omg! So agree! It was fun watching Cassandra beat up on Rachel. And Joe and Unique can leave immediately. Please. But I like Sam so I will keep him.

    • murley says:

      sam is too awesome to get rid of. his taylor lautner impersonation was my rewind moment. i probably watched it 5 times! hilarious.

  15. Peyton says:

    I NEED THAT IPHONE CASE!! Any ideas where to find it?

  16. Overall I liked the episode. The two worlds were blended beautifully, and it was great to both see the comfortable familiarity of McKinley and the new setting of New York. As always, I love Jacob ben Israel’s lead-in to the year (more Jacob this year, please!), and I can’t wait to go back and watch again and freeze the frames to examine the new school clubs (the 80s Club and the Choking Club were two I caught) and hallway signs and all the other great little details Glee meticulously includes in the background to our amusement, delight, and sometimes to help further the story. There were times when it felt too heavy handed — there was a bit too much exposition saying “this is the lesson,” and very little nuance and subtlety used to get points across, but sometimes that comes with trying to lay out a story for the year.

    For McKinley: The “we’re finally popular” thing was a bit on the nose and predictable and unbelievable — there’s no plausible way to think all of those Glee kids valued popularity that much over kindness & diversity; not after 3 years — but it allowed for some funny moments and a few good lines, like the GoT “winter is coming” reference (would have been funnier if not spoiled way, way ahead of time in multiple articles) and Brittany’s “I’ve always been popular. But sometimes I forget to wear underwear.” And it was a fairly standard way to reset one of the major themes of the show — having people be true to themselves is more important that fitting in to the social order and going along with the herd.

    The intros of Jake & Marley & Kitty were all well done, and compelling stories were set up to get us interested in the stories of Jake & Marley, although they got a bit too preachy in the scenes with Marley & her mom and Jake & Will. I liked the nod back to the Pilot with Jake watching the club rehearse form the back of his auditorium like Puck watched them sing DSB. All three of these newbies were brought in cleverly to show us that the story about Glee, high school kids, and the battle between being popular and be true to yourself “never ends; it goes on and on and on and on.”

    Kurt’s not being able to let go of school was well-written and acted — loved him sorting out the sheet music on the choir room floor, and how “in” to the audition process he was. His scenes with Sue & Kitty were good; I really liked the way the choreography of “It’s Time” showed Blaine & the high school students playing schoolyard games to point out that Kurt has grown beyond that. And Mike O’Malley’s portrayal of Burt, forcing his son to go with a smile knowing, all the while, he’ll never come back once he gets to the place where he belongs, was one of those pure and perfect moments that Glee delivers so powerfully.

    As for the New York side of things — Rachel’s encounters with Cassandra July were great, and set the stage for her to really struggle, which is what is needed for me to be really invested in her story. I have to know there is a very real chance she will fail in order for her story to be compelling and for me to be on the edge of my seat wondering what happens next. It feels like the episode set us up to see a traditional, easy story where she’ll survive the class, win over the teacher, get that recommendation for a part on Broadway from her, and be on her way to the stage. But this is Glee, so maybe it won’t be that easy — maybe the tension between her and Cassandra will be drawn out and get much, much, much worse. And maybe Rachel won’t, in the end, win her over, and will have to find another way to the stage.

    The other stake introduced for her, of course, is whether she’ll sing at the Winter Showcase — something yet to be seen (but a perfect time for various characters to conveniently come visit her in NYC to see her perform right before the show goes on its holiday hiatus). The “Round Room” is gorgeous, and the “New York State of Mind” duet was the stand out song of the episode by far. Also of note is that people can apply to NYADA for the winter semester. We know Kurt is trying for this. Are others who may want to become stars in NYC listening as well?

    The part of the story that didn’t work for me was the use of Brody’s character. I’m a Finchel fan, so I’m predisposed not to like him, but he was a perfectly likeable character. The problem I had here was with the role he’s being given to play: after he’s introduced in yet another nod to the Pilot’s Finn shower-song (the way we also met Sam in 2×01) and we learn he, like Rachel and Kurt, prize skin care, and he had a bit part on Broadway, his role was reduced to that of deus ex machina mouthing wise advice from the writers — there was no real character there, just someone spouting support & sententious lines.

    This was at its clumsiest in the scene where he delivered the show’s title by encouraging Rachel to be the “new” her; whereas that phrase was worked perfectly into the McKinley half of the show, here it left me wondering what is meant by him seeing her becoming a “new” Rachel when A) he has no idea who the “old” Rachel was and, according to the show iself, she is still being the “old” Rachel — she hasn’t yet moved to being “new”; she’s just in a new place. This entire scene fell contrived — like the writers were trying to force a set-up for Rachel to become a new, developing character, instead of letting the natural realities of her being in a new city, a new school, and a new phase of her life do it for her. I didn’t come away from the scene sold on the reset; it felt like it came way too early in the story of Rachel’s new life in NYC. Had it come several episodes down the road, once she actually has started to develop some in response to her surroundings, it would have been a better fit. And had the character of Brody been written less heavy-handed in scene after scene, it might have worked OK; it certainly would have worked much better if there was more to the character than just The Voice Of Wisdom From On High speaking Sage Advice From The Writers.

    It’s the same problem I had with the way the character of Blaine was introduced, and largely written, all through Seasons 2 and 3 — he was there to spout “courage” and tell Kurt how to get through things and never was developed as a character on his own. So while I found the story of Kurt getting a boyfriend interesting, I could never develop an interest in Blaine — he always felt like a cut-out of a Disney prince to me. And Kurt, for most of Season Three, played this role as well, popping up again and again to dispense words of wisdom to Rachel, to Finn, to Dave, and to others, without much time really being spent on his story.

    This gets boring fast, and it feels clunky and heavy-handed. The character came across, in dialogue and acting, as being way too vanilla and bland. It made half of the Rachel scenes bog down for me as a result, which is a problem for the show that needs to be corrected quickly. It’s not going to work to have a good portion of Rachel’s scenes fall flat because she’s someone who can’t figure out how to succeed without a Wise Voice repeatedly telling her how to do so.

    And beyond that, it’s a problematic way of rebooting the character. Rachel Berry’s essence is that her drive and ambition and ego propel her to leap into pursuing her career goals with an over-abundance of self-confidence, only to trip on her own sense of self. Where she’s lacked confidence in the past has been in getting along with others. Much more conflict with Cassandra, and maybe seeing scenes with Rachel trying to tell her fellow freshmen students how to sing and dance only to have them shun her for being a stuck-up know-it-all, would have felt more like the Rachel Berry we know who needs to grow, and would have introduced some more actual tension to her situation and isolation in her new life. Instead, we saw her with no self-confidence in her abilities at all, needing Wise Advice Guy to prop up her sense of self, and a way-too-easy for Rachel Berry path to making a new friend to root for her without any meat to that story. Hopefully this corrects itself soon in the story and we start to see a new Rachel who returns to being the real Rachel we’ve known from the start, not this odd, scared, out-of character person who can’t figure out how to be a star on her own.

    It was still a good episode, and clearly a lot of it was exposition and setting up the story. The next episodes will hopefully get the characters being themselves building on who they already are as the mature and grow, not being OCC simply for the purpose of giving them a low starting place from which to climb high and far.

    And a final note — it really did feel weird, coming off the end of 3×22 and Season Three where their stories were so big and their futures left so uncertain, not to know more about what’s happening with Finn and Santana. I’m looking forward to having those stories told in depth once they reappear.

    • Jade says:

      I don’t have anything to really add to this, I just wanted to say how refreshing it was to see a comment actually discussing the episode instead of complaining about not liking this character or that character, or saying so and so shouldn’t be on the show because “I” don’t like them. Mature responses seem such a rarity on comment boards that I simply wanted to let you know it is appreciated!

    • Kay says:

      Very good review of this episode. I think someone should offer you a job as a television critic. Awesome reading. Thank you.

  17. Troy says:

    Olk I didn’t enjoy the episode. I found myself fast forwarding through. I am not a “geek” but I have been faithful tothe show since it premiered. I TRULY MISSED SANTANA AND MERCEDES ….. It was just blah to me. I even missed missed Fin and Puck. I didn’t like the new people because they were “unique” to me and UNIQUE NEEDS TO GO

  18. Troy says:

    Ohh Rachel singing was excellent

  19. James says:

    Honestly, why are you missing Finn? Brody was really good with Rachel in ONE SCENE, while Finn was a total douche with her for 3 SEASONS! Anyway…
    I think it was a refreshing start (reboot) for Glee. It felt nostalgic, yet new. Can’t wait to see the second episode and also find out what happened to the other characters.
    Great job!

  20. Ruby says:

    I thought the ep was wonderful! And the new guy Jake has a phenomenal voice. In fact the last time I remember being this excited over someone’s voice was when I heard Lea sing for the first time. Love it. Nice, fresh change.

  21. dude says:

    UGH the shippers really ruin the Glee fandom. All they care about is if their character/couple is getting enough screentime. It doesn’t matter how good or bad the episodes are. This was one of the best Glee episodes ever and its “boring” because Finn wasn’t in it? I don’t think so and I say that as a diehard Cory Monteith fan who loves Finn. My favourite character is Santana but I think this episode proved as great as the original cast is, they’re not necessary to the show as long as they have good singers and Lea Michele. I already love Marley. She’s such a great find and her backstory is so intriguing! Also, how great was it to see Tina as a central character in the storyline? Even if they did end up choosing Blaine (snore).

  22. cote says:

    Ohh stop complaining! I miss Finn (and Santana) but you don’t have to go bananas because of that! And Finchel fans, every tv couple break up at some point, and get back together again… just hang in there dammit

  23. Josie says:

    The show was good but not great. I miss Finn and Finchel. Finn and Rachel are the heart and soul of the show, and without them together it just isn’t the same.

    • Penny says:

      I actually always found the core group the heart of the show. Not Finchel. I think the problems storytelling wise came in when they focused more on the relationships than the friendships and competitions. Seriously, was SO over it by the end of season 3. Such poor storytelling.

  24. j says:

    I really enjoyed it. All of it, really. Although I did miss the absent ones. Unpopular opinion: I like Unique. I still love the old characters and I like the news ones. I loved New York State of Mind, It’s Time and I thought Call Me Maybe was fun to watch.

  25. My opinion. Suck it. says:

    Me, being a fan since the first freaking episode, loved (and I mean LOVED) this episode. It’s seriously my favorite (along Nationals) since the first season. It was completely new, freshing, beautifully treated and so heart-tugging. Loved every second of it. Even Alex Newell.

  26. JoshuaO says:

    I thought this was, beyond a doubt, one of the BEST episodes of Glee in a loooong time. I’ve been a fan since day 1, despite some serious writing struggles, and I love the core characters but I thought the show transitioned nicely between NYC and Lima. I really wish NYC was its’ own show but I understand why they didn’t do it(yet) and thought they balanced the time out nicely. I’ll look forward to all of the graduates, Emma and Beiste making their pop-up appearances and I must say my hat is off to Ryan Murphy and co. for a great season 4 opening.

  27. Martin says:

    Like Brody, he is hot. Jakes’ audition was stunning, it had me thinking I was having something with a high amount of calories because something that good can not be good for you. Like honey for the ears, love that song anyway but i thought his was better – Side note, wasn’t that song featured on Greys’ Anatomy, if not it should be.

    Marley is nice and easy to root for and Kitty is a bitch, would love to see what happens when Santana meets her. And how long before she joins New Directions.

    I’m not a total Finchel shipper, I think for fans to accept Rachel getting with Brody – Finn would have to break up with her. I think a Rachel/Brody relationship makes sense, Finn never got her craziness and he would.

    Only missing character i missed was Santana, Brittany without Santana is like Ben without Jerry.

  28. OC says:

    Mike O’Malley. FTW.

  29. Penny says:

    Oh pressed Finchel fans… LET ME BATHE IN YOUR TEARS. (Seriously she has more chemistry with her head band than Finn. Although I adore Cory… just never was able to drink the Finchel koolaid.)

  30. Angela says:

    I rather liked it. I thought there was a nice balance between the New York stuff and the Lima stuff, I liked the search for new people to join the glee club, and while I like Rachel and Finn together, I don’t get bent out of shape over the idea of Rachel’s attention going elsewhere-she’s away from Finn and she’s young, it’s only natural (I really hope the same people that freaked at the idea of Rachel and Finn making a lifelong commitment to each other aren’t now getting upset that she’s daring to possibly be attracted to someone else). I’m not sure about the guy, though, he seems nice, but I also get the feeling he could be made to turn out to be a bit of a jerk to her down the line, too. He just seems to constantly conviently pop up wherever she is. Will be interesting to see how that storyline turns out. And I was kind of hoping they’d do more with Kurt hanging around Lima, ’cause that story was interesting to me, too, but I did smile at the reunion between him and Rachel (and the scene with his dad got me a bit misty-eyed, no lie).
    Also didn’t mind the presence of Kate Hudson. She was just b*tchy enough, and I liked the song she did. So yeah. Not a bad start to the season. I’m willing to keep watching and see where all of this goes.

  31. Dani says:

    Brody is hot!!! Really looking forward to more Brochel scenes!! I hope Ryan gives Brody and Rachel a real chance at a relationship!

  32. Lee says:

    The episode was good… And I didn’t miss Finn one bit.. So tired of the finchel drama .. Loved rachel and brody so I do hope we get to see more of them

  33. Nicholas says:

    Why would Artie pick the girl who cheated on him with Mike?

  34. Aria says:

    Liked all the newbies, but when did all of the New Directions turns into a$$holes, making fun of the lunch lady, etc.? Especially Blaine, Season 2’s anti-bullying mascot. It just seemed out of nowhere, especially coming from this group. And Sam’s comment to Marley at the end, intended to be sweet, was also kind of awkward- that if you can sing and dance, you will be accepted by the Glee club members… so if you, like the lunch lady (and Sugar, for that matter), can’t sing or dance, Glee won’t treat you with respect?
    Finally, they need 12 people to compete. They allegedly had forty billion people audition. Unique didn’t have to audition, for whatever reason (because he’s a pseudo-celeb perhaps?). Therefore, I am counting: 1) Blaine, 2) Tina, 3) Artie, 4) Sugar, 5) Sam, 6) Unique, 7) Brittany, 8) Joe, and now 9) Marley. Might as well include 10) Jake, because there’s no way that’s not happening. But if you start off with eight people and have so many auditioning students, why are you only accepting ONE when you need twelve? Even if someone mediocre joins, at least you’d have something to work with who wants to be part of the club (before the downfall at the end of the episode) and you’d fulfill the competition requirements. And if they’re being selective because they only want “stars,” then what the heck are Sugar (who can’t sing) and Joe (who is as memorable as burnt toast) doing in there?
    In spite of my complaining, I liked this episode and thought they did well switching between NY and McKinley. Fan of Brody and Marley (Jake and Kitty haven’t quite hit the spot yet despite their being Puck 2.0 and Quinn 2.0). The music was okay, but the Kate Hudson number is randomly the one stuck in my head.

    • Adyn says:

      R.E. Filling the choir room quotas:….And, Blake Jenner makes number 11….Where’s the 12th member going to come from?…..The band, like last year at sectionals?…Or, maybe a certain Rory Flanagan will be brought out from the hole Murphy’s sequestered him in and dust him off for one last hurrah?…..Just a thought….Been done before….Remember Sam from last year?….After all, it will be ratings sweeps time of the year when he supposedly will be re-animated by Dr.’s “Murphenstein”, Inc. (i.e. Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk and the one and only Ryan Murphy himself….Not so sure Brennan had his happy face on when Murphy told him of his plan to bring Rory Flanagan back for “Turkey” time,though…He clearly has a stick up his arse when it comes to Mr. McGinty…..God only knows why…)…Probably wrong, though…Perhaps some of those TGP cast members will suddenly appear and rush in to save the day?…An awful lot of them are currently congregating in LA and hanging out together….Coincidence?…….Even Marissa V. from TGP1 has shown up in LA…Was at Damian McGinty’s 20th birthday shindig and went to the Glee premiere with Alex Newell…..Hmmmmm….. Another random musing…Maybe McKinley High will lose at sectionals this year (dun-dun-dun….cue the drama…)…. Perhaps those TGP cast-mates will constitute their new rivals and make a clean sweep at sectionals…Can you say competition?!….Finally!…:)….Sounds good to me…Maybe with the power-house voices of McGinty and Lindsay Pearce as their head-liners….”Damsay” as the new “Finchel” of the rival school….Throw in some of the people from TGP2 such as Lily Mae, Shanna Henderson, Aylin B. (not even gonna’ try to spell her last name) Maxwell Caulfield and Nellie Elisabeth (the stand-out! voices from TGP2) to round out the rival school’s choir….New Directions just might be up a creek without a paddle for the foreseeable future….. If only–oh, if only!– Murphy would have the foresight (Substitute your own word here…You know you’re thinking it) to initiate such an event—if ONLY! (Have my doubts as he’s too committed to servicing his darlings–favs—like Lea, Kurt, Blaine and now Unique!, emphasis on Unique—- god help us all on that last one!)…And on to infinity….Just the random musings of a habitual night owl…[One last musing…Wouldn’t it be great if Cameron Mitchell, Hannah McIalwain and Damian McGinty (the “threesome”) from TGP1 who still have an enduring friendship today, not to mention great onscreen chemistry, were reunited and brought back for sectionals (and longer….Yay!…Who knows…Anything’s possible in the world of Glee….Are ya’ listenin’ Murphy?)]……And that’s what I’d like to see on Glee…..:)…..[P.S….fooled ya’…One honest to goodness last musing….As McGinty is currently having problems getting his real life VISA renewed, maybe that is why he hasn’t been on Glee….Possibly— possibly— Murphy helped him by agreeing to bring him back to Glee to aid him in getting a “work VISA”…Don’t know what type of VISA he’s applying for…Or, maybe that “Twitter-riddler” (Mr. McGinty—a.k.a. theTwitter pro— is well known for puzzling his Twitter followers with riddles, of which I’m one….Follow him….He’s at times hilarious and other times inspirational….And occasionally “riddle”iculously maddening…Can you say riddles?) is having us all on and is implying via Twitter that the immigration/VISA story line is once again on the burners at Glee…And, that Murphy is going to FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY (Had ALL!!!last year to do it, though, but chose not to….Why?) do justice to the Rory Flanagan character….Tell it like it REALLY!!! is for people who try to enter the U.S….Damned hard process and extremely expensive….Unless of course you enter illegally!…Totally not jokin’ on that last statement…Bad stuff going on out there, people….Only time will tell what’s to become of all of these Glee conundrums…..Look it up ….Great word….:)….]…….Sun’s up….bedtime…..Zzzzzzzz…..

      • Aria says:

        We don’t even know that Blake Jenner will be part of New Directions- some have predicted he’d be a Warbler.
        I agree, they should bring back Aylin and a bunch of the other TGP alum. While I understand the need to pick one winner to make the competition a true competition, I wish they hadn’t wasted their “multiple winners” shtick last season when this season’s group was so much more talented.

  35. Benj says:

    Wait, Dianna Agron and Jayma Mays are no longer listed in the opening credits. What gives?

  36. Lee says:

    I loved the episode . Def want to see more of Brody!

  37. Lea says:

    I miss seeing Quinn, Puck, and Santana

  38. Gg says:

    Dean geyer is such a cutie <3 Can't wait to hear his duet with rachel

  39. Kalee says:

    Okay, Finchel and every Glee shipper for future references, get your act together! You can’t just hate the episode because a certain character is missing and new characters are thrown in to possibly wreck some couples.

    You’re getting distracted by the little things. If you actually watched in great detail, you’d know that this was one of the best episodes… EVER.

    I’m surprised as any obsessed and frustrated Glee fan, but the premiere was spectacular! From the fresh setting, new characters, editing, mix of humor and emotions, and invigorated returning characters, I had extremely high fan expectations and the episode easily surpassed them!

    Speaking of invigorated characters, it took 4 seasons long to introduce big-ego Tina? Big-ego Tina is best Tina.

  40. International Reject says:

    I’m sure that Finn will turn up in the next few episodes. I just hope the writers don’t glorify Rachel having a side man while her boyfriend is in the army. Let’s be real here. Those poor guys get dumped all the time in the military because the women can’t handle not having a man constantly at her side. Don’t make Brody a Jody, Glee!

  41. rick says:

    The reason why Finn and Santana need to be in NY soon isbecause I actually thought the NYC scenes were kind of boring tonight, I love Rachel but if they screw up the storyline from Rachel Berry in NYC by only showing her in the dance studio or with Kurt in the loft thus leaving people bored. Finn and Santana are dynamics and they make funny stuff

    The episode was good but I don’t feel the essence of Glee

  42. Robby says:

    I thought the season premiere was alright. Not perfect. Not horrible. Alright.

    As someone who has been out of school for a while, I appreciate the reality shown that not everyone you’re close to during these years is going to be standing next to you down the road. So though a bit jarring, it was realistic that we didn’t instantly see Mercedes, Puck, Quinn or Santana.

    On the other hand, because I’m invested in the original characters, I have had a hard time warming up to the onslaught of new characters that have come on the scene recently. With the exceptions of Coach Beast, Becky and Sam (glad he’s back and really hope the other 2 return!), I don’t really care about Lucky Charms Guy (gone!), Jesus Dude, Spoiled Rich Girl or Mercedes’s Stunt Double. They feel like space fillers because their characters have been developed so poorly.

    I guess we’ll see where this season takes us…

    • Adyn says:

      Only one person was truly short-changed in the character development department—-BIG TIME!—-and we all know who I’m referring to….The actor’s name is Damian McGinty, NOT “Lucky Charms”guy…Please give him the smallest iota of respect by calling him by his real name……He’s had more than his fair share of disrespect thrown his way this past year as it is by Murphy and his henchmen….Please don’t jump on their bandwagon…:)….All of these TGP actors— which you referred to as “space fillers”— deserved better treatment by Murphy, Inc., so let’s not add insult to injury by throwing MORE insults at them…Sorry you haven’t taken to the Unique character, though, ‘cuz it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Murphy is going to showcase him alongside the ” Lea Does New York” story line for season 4….I personally don’t like the Unique character/story line and think it’s patently unfair that he’s been pushed to the front of the line, so to speak, story-wise… The majority of the rest of the cast is going to get short-changed because of it….It’s supposed to be an ensemble cast…Won’t be watching, though, until Murphy starts seeing the light, straightens out his priorities and treats ALL of the actors with respect…Especially Mr. McGinty….Bring back the Irishman and give him the chance to shine that he so richly deserves (and earned!!)….When I get news that that has happened, I shall return…..Patiently waiting, Mr.’s Ryan, Ian and Brad……still waiting…..Stubborn Dane here who doesn’t give up….:(…

  43. Amy says:

    Hated Wade but enjoyed Unique more than I thought I would.

    Personally not a fan of the split stories. It might get better when more characters go to New York but for me this episode, it felt like two different shows mashed together.

    As stated elsewhere, it felt like a mid-season filler episode. Too much going on, not enough oomph.

  44. a_c says:

    I haven’t seen the episode yet a lack of Dianna & Dot has my interest slightly down, but I have to laugh at all the it’s no good comments because Finn/Finchel wasn’t in it. Guess what the best episodes of Glee ever made had no Finchel in them, remember those first 13 episodes of season 1??? Rachel is better off without Finn and if he can’t even contact her in two months then she’s free to look where ever she wants.

  45. Maree says:

    It was a decent episode, much better than the trainwreck finale of season 3. I liked Marley and Jake, I just hope they don’t turn into another Finchel. It felt weird not to see Mercedes, Santana and Quinn (other than Sam, Brittany and Sugar those three are my favourites). Didn’t care about Finn at all, never liked him to begin with, same with Emma. Blaine and Tina need a good kick up the arse. I actually love Wade/Unique though I didn’t like how he and Blaine were just demanding to be the new Rachel even though it should have gone to someone who’s earned it. I’m looking forward to seeing the Britney tribute (and Brittana webcam scenes).

    • Ally says:

      Blaine and Tina’s bitchiness is surprising, But I’m not saying no to it Right now.
      It strangley fits both of them, despite them being mostly nice in the past. Now Rachel’s gone, the gloves are off.

  46. Celine says:

    It was bad enough that Blaine was chosen over Tina to be the new lead, but to hear that it was Brittany who came close second? That was beyond logic.
    Other than that, I too think it was one of the best episodes since season 1, and I was very surprised to like it as much as I did, since I was disappointed by seasons 2 and 3. As for the new characters, I like them, surprinsingly: Marley has a gorgeous voice, and her character was well introduced, Jake seems interesting. Brody was okay, maybe a little too “generic” for now, but I’m curious to see more.

  47. Jeremy says:

    It’s Time was actually the only song I bought from this episode. For me, there’s something almost whimsical and innocent about Blaine’s double dutch bouncing… it felt right with the gentle nudge Kurt needed to get out of his rut.

    I wish that Kurt would have had a bit more time to process, and evaluate. Just like how last season I wish Kurt was given a scene where we saw the fallout of him not getting NYADA.

    Not really in love with any of the new characters, but maybe that’ll change.

    • Kay says:

      Yes, it thought “It’s Time” was really good, and glad for the talk Kurt and Blaine had at the table before the song. Just wish we could have seen a more private goodbye between the two of them – naturally they hug – Kurt is leaving for NY and probably won’t be back for awhile (to visit, maybe) and all they get is a hug. Not even an “I love you.” I’m glad they at least had a good “goodbye” scene with Kurt and Burt. That made me cry. The show was good. Like most of the newbies except for Kitty – can’t stand her or those jocks she hangs around with.

    • Ally says:

      It was fresh and sweet, (and he hid the band in the stairwell ) lol.

  48. Polly says:

    went in expecting a disaster, turned out ok actually.
    if the show uses this as a starting point, it can be a good season.

  49. I absolutely loved it. I haven’t enjoyed an episode so much since season 1. There was actually a storyline! Loved the newbies especially, we desperately needed fresh blood! Looking forward to a Puck/Jake intro.