Glee Season Premiere Recap: Vexed in the City

brody rachel gleeLike the bracing slap of an icy cold slushie to the face, Season 4 of Glee began with Rachel brought low in New York City, the remaining kids of New Directions on a nasty power high in Ohio, and a new girl named Marley stuck in the middle of potential popularity and crippling insecurities, between small-town life and big-city dreams.

In other words, while there’s always a little sting where change is concerned, it also feels like something unexpected and even a little dangerous has been awoken in the show’s writer’s room. And yes, while it’s understandable that longtime fans of Fox’s (former) high-school musical have some anxieties about where the mothership is headed — No sign of Finn, Mercedes, Quinn, Puck, Emma, or Santana! So many new kids! — I’m personally thrilled at the prospect of seeing characters like Rachel, Kurt, Tina, and Blaine (among others) grapple with the intense changes, often terrible decisions, and new connections you’d expect to see made by any kid on the brink of adulthood.

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Finchel, Klaine, Britanna, and Tike 4EVA? Call me #TeamMaybe. But let’s be honest: The odds on high-school sweethearts making it to their Golden Anniversary aren’t exactly phenomneal — and without some genuine self-discovery beforehand, they’re closer to nill. And if ever a season premiere could/should convince shippers to think twice before they jump ship, this one was it.

That said, if you were too busy pouring moonshine into your fruit smoothie to catch the episode, here’s what you mixed (typo, and it stays) on Glee.

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* We opened with Kate Hudson’s much-buzzed-about NYADA instructor, Cassandra July, chewing out a not-rail-thin girl in Dance 101. Rachel’s reflexive glance of disgust/dismay caught Prof. Evil’s eye — and not in a good way — and the wide-eyed Ms. Berry wound up getting every abuse short of a slushie to the face in front of her clasmates. When Rachel later (foolishly) blurted during class that she could smell alcohol on Cassandra’s breath, it led to this jab from the nastiest dance instructor this side of Abby Lee Miller: “You’re not just on my list, [David] Schwimmer, you are my list.” (If only Rachel knew that Prof. July drinks because of all her failed Broadway dreams. Nah, actually, she’s just a total bitchface.) It’s gonna be a long semester, although I have to say it’s kind of refreshing (and somewhat realistic) to see Rachel realizing her wide-eyed ingenue schtick might send some folks into a borderline homicidal rage. Time to grow up, toughen up, and fight back (when it makes sense), sister!

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* It wasn’t all mortifying failure for our protagonist, though. Rachel capitalized beautifully in one of her two chances to sing this semsester in NYADA’s unbelievably gorgeous “Round Room” in front of the terrifying Carmen Tibideaux. Being in a room with no corners means there’s “nowehere to hide,” but Rachel’s flawless rendition of “New York State of Mind” meant there was no shame necessary.

* Rachel also met a hot, naked upperclassman while doing her skincare regimen in the co-ed bathroom in the middle of the night. (Loved the realism of the trials of college showers for small-town freshman in need of a little privacy.) The fact that she hadn’t heard from Finn for over two months certainly makes her vulnerable to a little romantic longing, no matter how much the Finchel Nation considers her (possibly) wandering eye as a total betrayal. “In case you’re wondering — which I’m sure you are — I’m straight,” said Brody. Hey, you’ve got to double-check when a dude is that carefully manscaped. Later, Brody and Rachel had a nice, not-quite-romantic bonding moment that featured my favorite line of the episode. “I feel like I’m gonna throw up all the time,” admitted Rachel, perfectly capturing the main emotional response to the first week of college. Still, how come we don’t see her connecting with other terrified freshmen?

* In other NYC news, Kurt began to lurk the halls of McKinley while waiting for the semester at his local community college to begin. (Side note: Why do TV writers act like going to community college is the life-dreams equivalent of coming down with a mild case of Ebola?) After being insulted by the Cheerios new beast in charge Kitty, and encouraged by boyfriend Blaine to go spread his wings, our dapper dandy was leavin’ on a jet plane to Manhattan. (Don’t know when he’ll be back again.) Burt’s farewell speech was a thing of beauty, but isn’t that always the case when Mike O’Malley guest-stars? His final words — “You can always come back. But you won’t.” — made me reach for the Kleenex.

* Also tear-jerking? Lonely, scared Rachel and finally-where-he-belongs Kurt, reuinited (and it feels so good). Besties! Roomies! Make it happen!

* Back at McKinley, Jacob Ben Israel got the party started with his standard bit of expository video. Seems the fortunes of the New Directions kids had changed. Sam went from “hobo stripper” to glee-club celeb. (Loved him doing an awful Taylor Lautner impresh). Tina’s ego grew two sizes too big (and she got herself an assistant/minion). Oh, and her “make change forever” tattoo? That was an alteration of “Mike Chang Forever.” Don’t judge: Long-distance relationships are hard! And Brittany, too, was feeling the pain of separation from Santana. “You can’t really scissor a Web cam,” she sighed.

* With Rachel out of the picture, Jacob asked the central question looming like a cloud over the New Directions choir room. “Who’s the new Rachel?” Artie, Tina, Brittany or Blaine? Or would it be Unique, making a transfer from Vocal Adrenaline? Artie, putting on his director hat, judged a “Call Me Maybe”-off among the remaining quaretet, and declared Blaine the winner. (I’d have picked Tina.) But then Schue made his most dishonest/ridiculous statement ever: “We don’t win with stars, we win as a team.” So why did the Lady Berry have so many solos back in the day? The story, as they say, is developing.

* There was also a need to fill out New Directions’ vacancies, and Puck’s never-before-seen half-brother Jake came and nailed his audition on “Never Say Never.” Seems, though, the kid has a chip on his shoulder — and he likes it! He knocked over the music stand when Schue cut his number short, then refused to reconsider his heinous attitude when the kindly teacher (whose fiance I kinda missed!) tried to talk some sense into him.

* And then there was the matter of New Directions auditions, with absolutely impossible-to-root-against newcomer Marley — daughter of the morbidly obese lunch lady — nailing her audition, making the cut with Schue & Co., then questioning if she wanted to be a part of a group that sat with the popular kids and openly made fat-phobic jokes. I loved seeing her admit the lunch-lady was her mom, and I loved that it was Sam who apologized first and revealed he knew what it was like to be poor and have your mom stitch designer labels in your second-hand sweaters. New Directions’ apology accepted! Welcome to the club, Marley. And here’s a nasty slushies for you and Unique, courtesy of Kitty & her football-jock buddies! Unique wins the award for Best Ever Response to a Slushie: “Unique’s eyes! They’re on fire!”

* Finally, Sue Sylvester has a daughter, and her name is Robin, which promoted a joke that had me mumbling “too soon” under my breath: “[The name] recalls hope and springtime and my favorite dead Bee Gee.”

With that, let’s hand out some letter grades for tonight’s musical numbers:

Tina, Brittany, Unique, and Blaine, “Call Me Maybe” | Grade: B+ (side note: What was Artie smoking when he didn’t name Tina the winner of the “Thunderdome-style” sing-off?)

Cassandra, “Dance Again”/”Americano” | Grade A-

Jake, “Never Say Never” | Grade: B

Rachel & Marley, “New York State of Mind” | Grade: A

Blaine, “It’s Time” | Grade: C+ (Sorry, Darren Criss, it’s not really your fault. This song is kinda weak for me, and in the context of the scene, even weaker. Plus, those aggressively rolled jean legs are working my last nerve, especially since your character doesn’t dig clams for a living.)

Marley and New Directions, “Chasing Pavements” | Grade: B+

What did you think of the Glee premiere? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Amy says:

    Not gonna lie I was legit bored seriously it was bad.

  2. Kaby says:

    Glee was underwhelming. I miss Finn. Finn and Rachel are the heart of this show. One of them missing doesn’t feel right.

    • Leo says:

      I thought the majority of people complained that Finnchel is sucking up most of Season 3 but now they’re giving Finnchel a rest, all of these “Finn” loves pop up! What is wrong with you guys?
      I love Brody, Cassandra, Marley, Jake (Slezak’s crazy not to give his solo an A), Unique (though I agree it’s ridiculous to dress up in high school) and Kitty.
      Loving Tina’s new diva attitude, and I can stand Blaine in this episode so good things. Not a news about Rory? Yay. And I don’t miss the old cast that much. Just Finn and maybe a small dose of Quinn. Mercedes who? Puck who? Santana who?
      Anyway, great great episode. I feel so great after watching it. Glee is really my guilty pleasure.

      • G-one Shaw says:

        i guess you’ve got things wrong….finchel sucked and will always suck…finn isnt nearly as good an actor as blaine…never mind his voice…and santanna’s each moment sizzles, whereas Rahael’s just keeps on smoking….

        • florence says:

          Oh my God Blaine is the worst ever, from his personality to his outfits he just makes me wanna throw up. I have nothing against Darren Chris but Blaine sucks as a character

      • -A says:

        Oh, hi Ryan. Not surprised to see you’re still in your egomaniac, delusional bubble. Like Harmony would say: this year is gonna be a bloodbath. Good luck! :)

    • JR says:

      I thought they did a good job resetting the show’s focus. And I appreciate that they are keeping the Glee HS storyline as well as allowing the lead characters the opportunity to encounter challenges and grow. I like the new McKinley kids and think NY will be interesting once Kurt, Finn and Santana join Rachel. I did miss Finn and can’t wait to see his story. I agree with other posters that while Rachel is heart of Glee, Finn is the soul. I think it’s going to be a good year!

      • lola says:

        In the past I have rearranged my life so that I could watch Glee live that’s how much I loved this show. Last night was the first time I did not watch live even though I could. In fact I waited til this morning to watch it. I think it was mostly because I knew Finn would be absent, but also think I might be suffering Glee fatigue. I was rooting for a NY spin off to happen so colour me surprised to find myself bored with the NY scenes. Getting Kurt there was a good start, but they need to add other familiar faces or it will get tired really quick. Brody doesn’t do it for me as he came off as a very weak actor. I am still with them for now, but if Finn’s story is not something special, they will lose me pdq.

      • Michael says:

        It felt fresh to me. I actually enjoyed, immensely, the New York scenes because when I moved there, I got a little ego-bruised and, I too, felt like I wanted to throw up every minute of every day during the first month that I was there. I also enjoyed the new New Directions dynamics. The newbies have piqued my interest for now. It could, of course, crash and burn but for now I’m happy that Glee has returned. It put a smile on my face for an entire hour and sometimes 2 minute scenes with Mike O’Malley are more satisfying than entire episodes of other shows.

        Great episode.

      • Nikki says:

        Oh my goodness you took EVERY WORD OUT OF MY MOUTH!! What you just said is exactly what I was feeling!

    • You know, I really enjoy this show and I’m a regular reader and poster on TVLine but I can’t post on Glee articles very often. Mostly because every single foam at the mouth ship insists on clogging the board with hundreds of posts that consist of nothing more than “my couple is the best, it’s better than your couple and they are most important couple on the show”. It is incredibly annoying. Talk about the acting, the story, potential story progressions, the quality of songs or maybe the quality of the singing but this endless, pointless argument about which couple is important and which isn’t is inane and futile. There will NEVER be an agreement on this from Glee fans. Never. Constantly posting about it is annoying.

    • Nikki says:

      I think finn comes to visit Rachel in episode 4 though…
      I’m SO excited!!!

  3. Jenna says:

    I miss Cory, too. Not seeing the spark between Rachel and Brody. Disappointing. I’d rather have Finchel back.

  4. Amanda says:

    I was soooooooooooooooooooo bored. I miss Finn. Finchel is general. Brody sucks. I just want Finchel back

  5. Jackie says:

    Where was Finn? I wasn’t going to watch this season but I really wanted to see what the aftermath of that train scene was. No Finn? No Finchel? No thank you.

    • Ari says:

      I heard that they are gonna break up for good this time :(

      • Jackie says:

        Why? Like, who thought that was a good idea? Glee isn’t Glee without Finn and Rachel inappropriately making out everywhere.

        • Alex says:

          I don’t know, it’ll be fun to see something different for a while, where the writers really explore them with different people. I’m willing to give Rachel and Brody a chance for now.

          • Gina says:

            Have you seen the car scene from the s3 final? It just does not make sense to me to see them with other parteners. Strugling separately to find their individual paths, yes, that would be good for them, but why do they have to add love triangles all the time?L

        • Kay says:

          Brad Falchuk said they were going to challenge all the couples on the show, some would stay together, some would fall apart. Well, Mike and Tina already kaput. Rachel and Finn are in limbo. Kurt and Blaine are together for now, but with Kurt in NY and episode 4 coming up with drama for both Rachel/Finn and Kurt/Blaine who knows what will happen. Brittany/Santana could have the same fate also. I don’t have much hope for any of the couples surviving except I have a feeling Rachel and Finn will probably be the only couple to make it. I don’t have any faith in these writers anymore.

          • Kay says:

            But I am hoping that Kurt and Blaine will realize what they mean to each other, and reunite in an romantic and epic way. Please, Ryan Murphy, make it happen.

  6. John says:

    Best episode since the original 13. I’m as shocked as anyone else, believe me.

    • dude says:

      COMPLETELY agree! Like seriously. I never gave up on this show. I really loved Season 3 but nothing Glee has done since the original episodes has felt that strong or genuine. It’s so unfortunate they’re really getting their act together this late in the game because no one beyond its true fans is going to take Glee seriously anymore. that said, it sucks that Fox is forcing them to do another Britney episode next week. I really feel like its going to derail the great start this season already has.

      • Ally Oop says:

        Yuck. Not looking forward to the Britney episode. Not watching it. I will just read the recap afterwards on this site to find out what happened with the various characters. That way I won’t have to suffer through that awful excuse for music.

    • Zak says:

      I agree with that statement. No relationship drama really helped the episodes cause. I’m cautiously optimistic about this season after this episode.

    • dan says:

      It was great. I really like Marley, and am looking forward to the adventures of Kurt and Rachel in New York.

    • amylee says:

      “Best episode since the original 13. I’m as shocked as anyone else, believe me.”
      AGREED! No finn and no mercedes = the best episode in a while. That’s not the only reasons obviously, loved Rachel’s whole NY storyline, including the hunky Brody, loved Kurt realising he needed to be in NY. The ND coming back down to earth and accepting people for who they are. Kate Hudson was pretty good, same goes for Jake and Marley. Really looking forward to the rest of season 4!!! :)

    • fellah says:

      I agree. Let’s hope that they continue in this trend.

    • greysfan says:

      I agree it was a great episode and felt like Glee sort of went back to the roots it started with. I like the freshness of it all and its not just the same old. Marley was great and the new kid Jake.

      For those saying they are bored are entitled to say it but it beats a lot of the episodes Glee have put out over the past 3 seasons for me. Not having Finn and Mercedes was great to be honest with you. Those characters are the ones i don’t really like anyway.

    • Sandy says:

      Completely agree, really enjoyed this episode and like the new addictions. Long may it last.

  7. Cynthia says:

    I would love to see Rachel connecting with other girls her age as opposed to what she was offered. I believe Rachel will wait for Finn and if not I can tune out

  8. Mike says:

    Loved Marley. Didn’t love Brody.

  9. Louise says:

    I miss Finn! I want to see Cory and Lea working together as much as they can! I want Finchel together. And I don’t want this Brody between them.

  10. Dave says:

    Seriously underwhelming. Unique is so dreadful that I actually miss Mercedes, the most insipid TV character ever. The lack of Santana was jarring. Trite & predictable … but on the upside, Schu cut his ridiculous hair, Terra Nova guy is hot as **** and Marley’s voice is amazing.

    • Mark says:

      Ah Terra Nova! I was wondering where I knew him from. Yes, he’s yummy. Terra Nova sucked but glad he found something good to do afterwards.

    • Ann says:

      I agree. Unique is awful. He ruins all the songs he sings! I hated him on Glee Project and hated him last season….now they took one of the most annoying people on tv and made him a regular. I sure hope he fades to the background like Samuel Larsen’s character!

      • Ally Oop says:

        Agreed! Unique just seemed to be forced into the story and I find him extremely annoying. Hopefully his character will come to an end on Glee.

  11. deb saine says:

    i’m glad “order has been restored” …

  12. Nicole says:

    I don’t understand why Artie couldn’t be the new Rachel, he has the best voice out of all the remaining glee club members

    • dude says:

      Because he’s a director and never passes on the opportunity to judge people. I loved that line :)

    • Brendan says:

      They did not even consider Sugar (appropriately) or Samuel (did he even say a word this episode?). I personally miss Santana and Mercedes the most – but it’s very strange without the rest of Glee. Like going to a family reunion with only one half of the family there. It’s a constant reminder that all good things come to and end… too bad it came in the middle of the series and not at the season finale.

    • Beth says:

      Yeah, it should have been either him or Unique.

    • fellah says:

      Because directors direct, and don’t take centre stage?

  13. Bryce says:

    I’m sorry. Glee is not Glee without Finn Hudson to me. I even missed Santana and she’s not my favorite! It IS a betrayal for Rachel to have a wondering eye especially if she is still calling Finn her boyfriend (ummm… what happened to fiance?! Oh, it’s Glee). Which I think is stupid because I thought the train scene was a break up. They should have went with that, but no, they want to have more angst and give them an official break up in episode 4. When this happens, I’m out. I missed Finn too much and I miss Finchel scenes.
    I like the Jake character A LOT. Marley annoys the crap out of me already though.

    • Amy says:

      Like Jake a lot too. I heard he’s also a great dancer. I think I read he got into Juliard for dance but chose to pursue acting and got Glee right after.

  14. Mark says:

    Well I loved it. The ending made me cry for some reason. I think I found the reunion between Kurt/Rachel to be touching. I teared up.

    I liked Rachel’s new guy. HOT HOT HOT. Yum.

    Kate Hudson is fun as hell. Liked her character a lot. I find it funny though that only 7 years separate her and Lea’s real life age.

    Whoopi Goldberg <3 Glad she was back.

    The new girl Marley is like bleh. Poor girl with fat mom. Bleh. Her voice is good but she's dull as could be.

    Puck's brother had a nice voice and I agree, he's sexy.

    The songs were good. I liked all of em really.

    Unique is like mehhhh. I like his voice but his character I can see becoming quite grating.

    Kitty is okay as the new mean girl. She's kinda like been there done that. HATE the black kid though. So annoying and obnoxious and not in a fun way.

    Looking forward to seeing more of the key players like Beiste, Emma, and a bit more Sue. She was very much under the radar this episode.

    I really think this episode captured the magic of the show like in season 1. Glee's my fav show and I gotta say, it didn't disappoint me here.

    • Kate says:

      Agree with everything you’ve said plus: Mike O’Malley just golden, absolutely golden. Really looking forward to the NY stories also.

    • vrn says:

      mmm i found interesting that everyone likes brody just because is hot… that´s what glee wants? superficiality everywhere!

      P.D: I want Finn back.

  15. Person says:

    I would prefer Brody to be friendzoned because after all she and Finn went through last year hoping into a new relationship feels really cheap and really sh*tty. I think he has potential to be a good friend, but this is Glee and love triangles, rectangles and pentagons are the only way they bring in drama I’m sure oh I don’t know by the end of episode 2 half naked boy is going to try and make a move… Marley and Jake were lovely and I can’t wait to see where that goes, but I’m still hung up on Finchel and Brody isn’t going to change my mind.

    • Ing says:

      yeah, but a new college freshman hopping into a new relationship after a serious high school relationship is over is EXACTLY what happens when you go away to college. I can’t tell you how many break ups and get togethers I saw on facebook within the first few weeks of my freshman year. You are surrounded by a whole bunch of new people and you are away from home and your friends. Getting into a new relationship right away is right on. Do these new relationships usually last? Hell no. But it is very real.

  16. Mafer says:

    mmmm this felt weird without Cory! and I can say it now that I’ve watched the episode that I really don’t like this Brody character AT ALL!! and that wanna be Quinn needs a reality check! Besides that, I loved the Marley story and can wait to see Jake and Puck’s story as well…oh one more thing #FINCHELFOREVER

  17. Sharon says:

    Why is everyone here so negative? I notice that the Finchel fans are just complaining over no Finn, but personally I enjoyed the episode, especially Marley and her mom’s storyline, which I thought was touching.

    • Amy says:

      I’m not a Finn fan or finchel but even I missed Finn (and I can’t stand him lol)

    • Holly says:

      See I found Marley VERY annoying and the mom as a fat lunch lady was offensive to me as my mother is a larger lunch lady. I usually let things slide when people whine about being offended but seriously not cool. I liked Jake. I can’t understand Brody when he talks and yes, I did miss Finn and Santana, as they are my favorites.

      • Zach says:

        How can you be offended then? The point of the story line was not that making from of overweight lunch ladies is fun. It was clearly shown as wrong and that everybody should be accepted (the message of Glee as a whole!). There is literally no logic to that statement.

        • Kay says:

          I agree. I was glad that Marley admitted to them that she was her mom. I did not think it was very nice of them to be making fun of someone and then to find out it was Marley’s mom. I’m glad marley stood up for her mom instead of hiding it.

      • Lisa says:

        What’s not cool? That the show was promoting kindness towards a character who has a few similarities to your mother? That the show portrayed the character as loving and providing for her daughter and it showed that her daughter loved her right back? I’m not getting the offensive part of this.

  18. Bryn says:

    I actually enjoyed the HS side which shocked me. I think I need more than just Rachel and Kurt in NY. The new guy, Brody, isn’t needed, IMO. Give Rachel some girl friends for once and then get Finn and Santana to NY. I really missed Finn and Santana tonight. :(

  19. Sarah says:

    Dean Geyer’s American accent is awful and I’m pretty sure he’s the first person in history to have no chemistry with Lea Michele. I think I’m taking Glee off my DVR for the first time in two years. Tonight’s episode was awful.

  20. Ashly says:

    Episode was better than I expected, but I kept wondering where Finn was. I really missed him. As cheesy as this might sound, when Rachel heard someone singing in the shower I was hoping it would be Finn on a surprise visit. It would have been a tad creepy, but a nice throwback to the pilot.

  21. Darth Pablo says:

    Better than what I thought it was going to be

  22. KenBud says:

    Jake. Is. Hot.

  23. linq1 says:

    i miss Finn. Something is missing when you leave one of your main characters from a season opening. Especially coming back from last seasons shocker. A glimpse of him would have been perfect.

  24. vrn says:

    I like Brody like a friend I only see that…a nice friendship… but i dont see chemistry as nothing more… #FinchelForever

  25. Denise says:

    Am I the only one who sees a better version of Faberry in Kitty and Marley? Mitty? Karley?

  26. Holly says:

    How shocking that Blaine was the New Rachel?! Not at all since he got the majority of solos last season. God, I’m so over him. I used to love Darren’s voice but they shoved him down my throat SO MUCH.
    Love Jake. Annoyed by Marley. I can’t understand Brody when he talks! WTF? UNIQUE IS THE WORST ACTOR ON THE SHOW EVER (And… this is coming from a show that had Dianna Agron and her gaping mouth everytime she said something)

    • the girl says:

      I have to admit, I was really annoyed Blaine was named “New Rachel”. Not for nothing, but Tina totally outshone him in that number. And since when has he been in need of solos? Schue needs to check these guys on their egos. How is it that they keep forgetting what it means to work together that they need a reminder lesson every single episode?

      • Kay says:

        Well, I was glad Kurt gave Blaine the advice about making sure everyone feels special (he said Rachel did that too). I think Blaine will be more fair about the solos because at the end of the show when they sang “Chasing Pavements” he told Marley that she could sing the solo. So I think he will be fair about sharing those. At least I hope so.

    • fellah says:

      I think it fitted. Just because Rachel said Tina;s the new Rachel, doesn’t mean she should get it by default.

  27. Melissa says:

    Well this wasn’t biased at ALL. You just really dont like the main ship do you? Here’s a quarter to call someone who cares. Let me know when Finchel comes back. Then I’ll get interested. Brody can’t act to save his life. #stayawaybrody

  28. Bee says:

    I have to agree with the previous posters. I was really underwhelmed and pretty bored with the episode overall. Watching Rachel and Brody was pretty boring and lackluster as well. I don’t know what chemistry Dean is talking about, but I didn’t see anything there. I’d rather be watching Finn and Rachel instead. I did enjoy Marley and Jake’s storyline, but that was basically it.

    • bet says:

      It was good. Music was good. Must admit I agree with you. All in all it was a “good” episode. As much as I was reluctant with the new characters they were the best part of the episode.

  29. Lucy says:

    “Plus, those aggressively rolled jean legs are working my last nerve, especially since your character doesn’t dig clams for a living.”

    Best line ever in a recap!

    The show would have been better without Kitty and Unique. Really hope Unique doesn’t stick around.

  30. Siren says:

    The new love interest is really what makes me the most angry about this whole episode. The fact that Finn let her go so she can make it in NYC, not so she can go find some other guy. That’s why if anything does happen with Brody, i’ll be even more pissed. So much potential for a good storyline..and they come up with THIS.
    Finchel don’t necessarily have to be together, but to bring in 3rd parties yet again just bores me. It cheapens the whole of S3 for me. Did this mean absolutely nothing? Regardless of how nice Brody might be, I really don’t care for his character. If there’s no Finn, there’s no Glee for me.
    And Rachel tempted by muscles and a pretty face?, come on, she’s smarter than that.
    She is in love with FINN. There is no place for other person.


  31. Stephanie says:

    WHERE IS FINN? Frankly, it just felt like an integral part of the show was missing tonight. I get that the writers want to shake things up a bit, but there is zero chemistry between Rachel and Brody. I’m all for her making new NYADA friends but if they’re really going to continue trying to sell him as her romantic interest? GOOD LUCK. Cory and Lea have an amazing chemistry that needs to be showcased.

  32. Kelly says:

    I thought it was a great intro to what’s going to happen this year. I think they split the time well and incorporated both Rachel’s story in New York and New Directions’ in Lima. This episode was touching and funny, just what Glee is. The musical numbers were awesome! Those new kids can really sing! I’m really looking forward to what the writers have come up with this season. I miss the graduates, but I mean when the story calls for it, they’ll come back. Hopefully, Finn comes back soon though, because although Rachel’s my number one fave, Finchel Forever. Oh and Tina soooooo deserved to be The New Rachel. Artie was totally wrong, but Blaine gets points for singing Imagine Dragons.

  33. Nancy says:

    It just didn’t feel like Glee without Finn. I really miss seeing Cory on my tv screen, although it was sweet to see Rachel looking at pics of him. Hopefully Cory comes back soon, and Finn and Rachel can make their way back to each other. The tether will never be severed.

  34. Jessica says:

    I think id much rather watch a show about Rachel struggling in NYC than all the high school drama we just suffered through, but then it wouldn’t be Glee anymore I guess. The “new rachel” looks like shes about 30…cant they cast anyone who could actually pass for a high school student?

    • the girl says:

      That Kitty chick is definitely pushing the age limit of actresses who can pass for high school students. She’s beautiful as a person, but as a high school student? No.

  35. Kayl says:

    I like Rachel in NY, but sorry, without Finn, without Finchel scenes, there is no Glee for me.

  36. Eric says:

    Oh Lord. Here we go. The Finchel fans are going to descend on this comment board like vultures on a diseased carcass. They are ridiculous. This show is more than just Finn and Rachel. This was a great season premiere. The transitions from New York and McKinley were great. Pretty seamless. The new characters were great and besides my girl Snix, I didn’t really miss anyone else. Sorry, Finchel fans. Great first episode. Excited for this season.

    • Ashly says:

      I’m not necessarily a Finchel fan, but I am a fan of Finn. If he would have been in this episode, I would have liked it all the more. After this episode, I am excited about this season. Maybe it won’t be as crappy as I thought it would be.

    • Ana says:

      You get all the points! Agree with everything you said.

    • mary says:

      LOL So you can miss your favorite character but finchel fans or Finn fans CANT. And YOU call them ridiculous?.

      • Lo says:

        Lol this was exactly my thoughts. I find it amusing that people can come here to leave their thoughts on an episode but the second anyone who loves Finchel says that thy miss them or Finn it’s the end of the world. People are entitled to say they miss their favorite characters/couple. And whether they want to believe it or not? Finchel is an intregral part of the show.

        • Eric says:

          I never said you couldn’t miss Finn. I totally missed Santana, but her not being in the episode didn’t ruin it for me. I thought it was a well written, nicely paced episode, that helped set the stage for what the new Glee is going to be. The majority of people are pointing to the lack of “Finchel” as the reason they didn’t like the episode. Finchel is not the heart and soul of Glee. Glee is so much more than that pairing. I’m just pointing out how reductive it is to HATE an episode or not to like it because one person isn’t there. It just shows that you weren’t watching the episode with an open mind. If you can’t handle Glee minus Finchl than maybe you should just not watch season 4 and re-watch your seasons 1-3 DVD’s over and over again.

  37. Ivanna says:

    I think it lacked soul. Missed seeing Finn and the episode. Hope he comes back soon and hope to see him in NY! Btw. Finchel Forever <3

  38. Pat says:

    I loved Jake and Marley and hope I get to see a lot of them. NY side needed more. I love Rachel but it just was a little lacking. Rachel’s new guy is cute but just like Jesse and I really wanted to see her try and make it workwith Finn.

  39. JAO says:

    Loved the episode and the “new direction ” of the show. High school romances don’t last. Glad to see the characters growing and changing.

  40. Chelle says:

    I have to agree with Rachel. I felt like throwing up the entire time too. Blatantly contrived everyone-is-against-Rachel plot to make fans feel sorry for her so maybe people will just forget the underhanded tactics she used to get into the school. Of course no one likes her. No one likes a spoiled little princess who will stab them in the back first chance she gets. And of course Kurt moves to NY to make Rachel feel better. BARF.

  41. F. Dillinger says:

    GOD is Finchel everything you care about? I thought Gleeks watched Glee because of Glee, but I’m probably mistaken. Anyway, I surprisingly loved the episode, and this season looks so promising! LOVED Rachel, Kurt, New Directions (and I actually wasn’t that much irritated by Unique as I thought I would be). Mixed feelings about Jake and Kitty. Oh and I didn’t think Brody was bad at all, though I do miss Finn, Santana, Mercedes, Mike, Quinn and Emma. Glad Glee’s back :)

  42. CH says:

    I thourghly enjoyed this season’s premiere. That being said, it’s a shame that Sleazak’s dislike of one particular actor (darren criss) and intense hatred toward Blaine so colors his recaps do that they become frustratingly difficult to get through.

    • Jason says:

      To be honest, I don’t think the recapper really likes the show! I am really impressed with the look and sound of this new Glee. The new characters look to be smart additions, though I continue not to be a real fan of Unique.

    • Rod says:

      Be more defensive, Darren Criss fan. He even said it wasn’t Darren’s fault when he rated It’s Time like that. Acknowledging others that are more talented is not dislike/hatred towards another.

      • Ali says:

        I don’t think he rated talent levels, did he? I think he rates performances, which is song choice + execution. Flawed execution and a producer picked song are what came into play. What you’ve done is basically say if Tom Brady has a poor performance during a game then he is less talented than the other quaterbacks. Faulty logic leads to fallacies. So, the statement wasn’t – here are higher grades for everyone else because they are more talented than Criss. I would also add that having a bias is quite natural even for a recapper. I bet you have some character bias. We all do.

    • fellah says:

      It’s his opnion, personally I thought It’s Time was lovely and had awesome playground-y choreo.

  43. Lola says:

    I thought it was good not great. I am used to seeing Finn and so it was weird him not being there. I love Marley and Jake though they will be great additions. Brody was boring and his accent was weird!

  44. Bryony says:

    Sorry Finchel shippers (note: I used to be one of you) but it’s so refreshing not having Finn there for a while! I’m not saying all the time because it’s not Glee without *some* Finchel drama at some point, but Finn’s character got a bit too stupid/thick for me to bear week in week out.

    Yay Kurt finally got to New York! And Blaine sending him off, and Burt Hummel, god I was crying into my pillow! Can we organise an Emmy just for being the no.1 onscreen father ever?!

    Tina, little too big for her boots but glad to see they’re all back on track! And I already want to smack Kitty in the face. Long post is long

  45. Lo says:

    I don’t know where Dean saw chemistry between his character and Rachel because what I saw was a disaster. Plus. Finchel fandom will have to go through the same old blablabla with third parties in Finchel relationship? Please. First, the Rachel we know went to NY (Thanks by Finn may I add) to find her way in Broadway, and wouldn’t be interested in the first guy she met. The Rachel we know went through 2 years to finally be with Finn. I just want to see Finn and Rachel manage to be together again.

  46. Samantha says:

    I did not miss Finn. I definitely would not have chosen Tina. I really liked Marley. Burt is amazing as always. And did anyone else think they saw Melanie from SYTYCD in Rachel’s dance class…?

    • Tina says:

      Watching with someone who knew nothing about the new characters and after the first Brody/Rachel scene wanted to punch Brody in the face. I thought this episode was boring. Missed Puck,Mile Chang,Santana and of course Finn. Didn’t sw right to not have him there. Of all the new characters I was most impressed with Puck’s half brother. Great voice and mid you’ve seen or read any of his interviews, he comes across really well. Also why can’t Rachel ever have girlfriends? She should be bonding with other freshmen. Not a new guy. The character is okay as a friend but nothing more. No chemistry with him and Lea Michele.

    • Tammy says:

      Yes I saw Melanie. I was only reading the comments to see if anyone else saw her.

    • Eli says:

      Melanie was there and also Ricky (from same season) and probably a few more ex-SYTYCD ppl that we missed.

  47. Anonymous says:

    The premier was good but it was definitely missing something very special: Finn. I really hope Rachel doesn’t give up on him, they have fought for so much so they could be together. As for Brody all I want from him is to be a FRIEND to Rachel and that’s all. Finn is the only one for Rachel, he always has been and always will be. It’s impossible for someone to have such deep feelings to just move on. Finchel is forever.

  48. Lisa says:

    I didn’t even miss Finn In this episode. I thought it was a great season opener and I can’t wait to see Rachel and Kurt explore NY together. I thought this episode was as good as some of the season 1 episodes. Can’t wait for more.

  49. Joseph says:

    I loved the episode and new characters. This was perhaps one of the best episodes. Don’t know what the first couple commenters were smoking. They all sure got on this thread so quickly that I’m assuming they are all the same person -posting again and again how boooored they are. Nice trick, guys.