A&E Renews The Glades for Season 4

The Glades Season 4It looks like we will hear Callie’s answer to Jim’s marriage proposal after all.

A&E has renewed The Glades for Season 4, the cabler announced on Wednesday. Production on the new run — of 13 episodes — will begin this fall, to premiere next year.

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Factoring in Live+7 DVR data, The Glades‘ Season 3 averaged 4.1 million total viewers per episode — up 5 percent from its sophomore run.

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The Glades, paired with the new hit drama Longmire, made A&E the most-watched ad-supported cable network on Sunday nights this summer.

Are you glad about The Glades? And what do you think Callie’s answer will be?

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  1. clare says:

    i really like jim and callie together.it will be such a shame if callie turns him down because he has gone through alot.

  2. Linda says:

    I LOVE Callie – I just hope she comes to her senses and realizes the future lies with Jim and that her son is not old enough to be abandoned by his mom… she needs to come back to Palm Glades Hospital as the CEO and give up medical school.

  3. Grant says:

    Jim is great, Callie was great in the 1st season. I do agree she has become a bit annoying. I found her more attractive the 1st season and I am sure it is the way she carried herself. I look forward to the next season.

  4. Agnes says:

    So glad Jennifer is gone for good I hope.

  5. poohlover1983 says:

    Does anyone know when Season 4 will premiere? I have been waiting so long for it to come back on TV or just to find out when the new season will start.. They aren’t even playing the reruns like they did with the other seasons.

  6. wolfgirlidaho says:

    I really like Callie!!! I have always liked her as an actress. Go Callie!!! Don’t listen to the negativity. You are a great actress. Not her fault that the writers decided to make her whiny as you put it.

    • Dory says:

      Come on guys do you really believe Callie and Jeff will be taken off the show because of GP. He/she didn’t even know who Jeff is. I somehow don’t feel he/she has that kind of reach. I think h/s is just trying to gather a lynch mob metaphorically of course. A kind of cheap way to get attention. The die is cast, they’re filming and Callie and Jeff are back. None of us individually have that much power.

  7. pj says:

    lets keep callie and bring ali larter in for competition…..

  8. Tonia says:

    I enjoy the show the way it is. Callie is a sexy woman and I like them together. The actress seemed to have gained a lot of weight last season and looked different Perhaps this season she will look like herself again.

  9. Tim says:

    I’m not w/the ‘in crowd’ as I got hooked on Glades through Netflix and Amazon. I really like the show and it ushered me toward other crime dramedies like it, though I like it best. I can really do without the Callie thing too. I usually like Kylie Sanchez but as Callie she just seems judgemental and irritating. It MUST be television, because I wouldn’t wish marriage to a woman like that on any man. I mean, I know it’s complicated w/the kid by an ex-felon/wittness protected father playin the shadows, but if this guy who happens to be an officer shows you he cares about you and your seed, what’s the issue? At se point, it seemed she didn’t want him at all, but was angry when a WOMAN stepped up… Seriously? He should have told her to kick rocks then. Those facial expressions would drive me crazy too.

  10. deb says:

    So glad its coming back!!! Love the show wouldnt chg a thing if I didnt like it I wouldnt watch it DUH

  11. Put Season I and II on A&E or On Demand. Season I was great. I agree with Kate. If Callie does not say yes, I will. More than once.

  12. Put Season I and II on A&E or On Demand. Season I was great. I agree with Kate. If Callie does not say yes, I will. More than once.Jim and Callie are great as lovers.

  13. Effie J Ervin says:

    I love The Glades Jim And Callie are awesome together cannot wait for it to come back on.. Hope Callie say yes they are good together.

  14. Kitty says:

    Callie a whiner? Are you kidding? The last season wasn’t as good because they changed her characters personally. Must be a bunch of men saying this because they don’t put her in low cut blouse. As for jennifer- what kind of cop dresses like a hooker and yes she acts and looks like one. Jim doesn’t belong with someone who is willing to wreck a relationship. She is a cheap character and doesn’t belong with Jim. Keep Callie and let them marry. This isn’t a soap opera. Callie is gorgeous but the writers dress her down for a reason- wholesome is for Jim.

    • Lee Ann says:

      Well… Callie can be a bit of a downer BUT she is smart and when working with Jim does add something. If they marry it might stop all the bothersome situations that seem to be bothering people. If they don’t ….well who cares??? Just bring the show back!!!

  15. Lee Ann says:

    I’m so happy the show is returning I don’t give a crap if Jim & Callie get married or not!!!!

  16. Alan Shields says:

    Callie @ Jim make the show. Besides she is hot

  17. Argyle1968 says:

    Started watching for Taylor Cole, and wound up watching each episode of the show twice through, and I can’t understand the support for the Jim and Callie dynamic. I really can’t. As a supporting character, she’s fine, but as a romantic partner, it’s beyond rational comprehension that anyone would still be attracted to her after what she’s put him through in the time they’ve been together. She’s been repeatedly ambivalent about her feelings toward him, only interested when it’s convenient for her. When it isn’t, she pushes him toward old girlfriends or work colleagues, but only until they become viable threats, at which point she confesses just enough feelings for him to confuse him all over again and keep leading him on. This sounds like a woman who plays fair and square and deals honestly in relationships?

    Jennifer Starke was a much more suitable partner for Jim–assertive, self-assured, and she knew exactly what she wanted and went about pursuing it in a straightforward and respectful fashion. She respected the fact that Jim had a girlfriend, and she didn’t interfere with that relationship until he confided in her that it wasn’t working out. Then and only then did she admit to him that she had feelings for him. At this point, Jim and Callie are not married. They aren’t engaged. Ironically, only in the twisted world of feminism and sisterhood, can this this type of honest dealing by a woman be labeled as being a “hooker”…..

    • Dory says:

      Very unfair for JS to be labeled as a hooker and I thought so all along. As is my right to like who I like, it is yours to speak up for Taylor Cole. When fans were attacking Callie, Miss Cole posted a complimentary comment to her. i thanked her. i have seen her on other shows and she did a good job and of course is drop dead gorgeous. As for feminism and sisterhood – it’s easy to adhere to a philosophy than to live it. I am happy with the Jim Callie outcome I have been with the show since the pilot. i hope you willrespect my rights as I have yours. Thank you for something intelligent to think about.

  18. Kitty says:

    You haven’t watched too closely if you think JS didn’t try to go after Jim. Put Callie back at the police station and let the fun begin. I liked the fact that Jim isn’t easy prey for a women like her. That is what his character should be. Too many shows have too many people cheating- lets leave that to the soaps.

    • Drine2010 says:

      Again, Jim isn’t anyone’s “property”, a fact a lot of you seem to be missing. They are two single people, and for most of three seasons Callie has sent Jim pretty conflicting signs about what her feelings are. Enough so that Jim himself is asking Jennifer how she knew when her own relationship ended. That usually is a pretty telltale sign. As pointed out above, Callie has repeatedly rebuffed Jim when he has tried to advance the relationship. In fact, she point blank told him he needed to go finish things with his ex. When he does find happiness with someone else, she has a change of heart and swoops in to tell him “I don’t think she’s right for you.” So what impression is a fellow supposed to form from these kinds of on/off responses from her–assume that he’s her boyfriend even though she’s disinterested half of the time? That’s completely irrational. Until she shows even an ounce of commitment, any intention of being with Jim through the long haul, she’s nothing but just another passing ship in the night.

      And as for your comment about “cheating”, you may want to also mention that before Jennifer even came to work at the Palm Glade sub station Jim’s already had two “flings” while he’s supposed to have been hung up on Callie…. it’s not “cheating” if you don’t even have a relationship.

      • Dory says:

        I don’t know what others saw as cheating. The only real cheating was Jim’s relationship with Sam in Chicago when she cheated on her fiance with Jim (as written). He was happy with Sam? For a while then she dumped him on his butt. Then HE began to pursue Callie again. I think a good idea would be to assess his relationships with others. Not always Callie. I never saw him as cheating with Jen. Just another writer’s ploy to spice things up. The show goes on in spite of Callie bashers etc. Remember these are not real people but characters who are written.

  19. Lesley says:

    Callie will say no but I think she will still be in the show . The chemistry is undeniable.

  20. Pat says:

    I like the show – glad it’s returning. My only problem with “Callie” is her hair – it looks dirty too often!! Keep it washed and “done”!!!

  21. caren says:

    very happy the glades will return, but what took so long? great show. love jim — he is a doll. callie is ok, but jim is the show!!!!!

  22. Ripley says:

    Never mind whining about Callie – let’s petition for more episodes each season and to get it on over the winter (ALL WINTER)
    The more MATT the better

  23. Dory says:

    Good one Ripley! Those who don’t like Callie have made their point. More eps would not only please theI fans, but employ more people for longer. Good for local economy. If TPTB want to take action on these comments so be it. I live in NYC and it would be nice to have a light entertaining show like Glades & Longmire. We know Callie will be on season 4. Do they think they’re going to throw her off if they keep nagging. I just don’t know how to petition. Do you mean on the message boards? Thx for good possibility.

    • Ripley says:

      Thx Dory – Not sure how to petition but I’m sure more support here won’t hurt – I’ll do some investigating and see what I can come up with – anyone have any ideas ?

  24. Dory says:

    Ripley, Nice of you to reply. Keep me posted. Tv line is the only one I go. Been on others but like the way Matt runs this one.

  25. Sandra Roberts says:

    Jim and Callie work great together. Their relationship adds nomalcy, wit and intrigue to the script. Go team Jillie!!!

  26. Jim and Callie are great together. Keep them together and she must say yes, yes,yes. Also, bring Callie back to Fla. and have her help him with cases. She can become a doctor in Fla. This is my favorite show and they are my favori ite show. CALLIE IS NOT A WHINER..I love the way Jim does his job. Bring Erica back for Daniel,

  27. Repeat Season 1 and 2 on A&E or On Demand.

  28. Dory says:


  29. Kitty says:

    totally agree….put her back on cases – the conflict between her and Jim was the show and when they took that away it didn’t work. This is not a soap Opera and how many TV shows do we have to be subjected to where everyone fools around and relationships don’t last.

    • Dory says:

      Great post Maxine. As a person in a good relationship (after 10 years) I know it takes communication and the most important ingredient is LOVE

  30. Dory says:

    Not to be a pain but I would like to petition for more episodes of Glades. I don’t pretend to know how it would be done but somebody TRY.

  31. Kitty says:

    i would sign that….they are way to few of them.

  32. Kitty says:

    yup, short for Katherine

  33. Dory says:

    Heard from a friend that MP had posted on twitter that Ed Asner will guest on the show in season 4. Went to site and sure nuff there it was. MP was very excited about it. ME TOO. MR. GRANT.

  34. Samantha says:

    I love Callie in the show and feel that if they remove her, the story will definately falter. Also, if Jim goes for Jennifer, I will quit watching. I don’t like the homewrecker character they have given Jennifer. It is like from the minute she found out Jim was taken, she has been trying everything possible to break the trust between Callie and Jim. I hope Callie says yes and I hope there are many seasons to come for this show.

  35. Nick says:

    I honestly think that they should bring back the glades sooner than fall of 2013.. Too late i want to watch it now!

    • Dory says:

      I thought they said summer. Possibly June. Not really sure. They have been vague about it. Hope we’ll hear soon. Fall is too far away. OMG that’s a full year.!!! I agree with your post. Let’s get the show on the road. Nobodies getting any younger.

  36. Pat Philpot says:

    I, too, want to know what takes so for a new season to begin. Also, why do we never see any reruns. I love this show and that good looking hunk. Hurry up, people.

  37. Susan says:

    I want to know WHEN. I am looking forward to the next season. Callie should say Yes. Jim should support her through Medical School. Jeff should move in with Jim. Carlos’ daughters should be in the stories more.

  38. Dory says:

    I would like to repeat that I would like more eps added. Maybe if we are as insistent as some of the fans who essentially want people fired off the show we will get some action.

  39. Angela Shih says:

    I just watched first two seasons on netflix…love it..now just bought season 3..bring CALLIE home…season 3 is ok..first two were awesome…look forward to season 4 if they don’t mess it up…keep up drama with callie and jim…great show!!!

  40. Scotty B says:

    I started watchin the show because of Callie. She was great in A Perfect Getaway. Her and Jim have great chemistry, so they need to be together. Like Booth and Bones, Mulder and Scully, etc., they make a great team too. Love the casting, and the writing. Love that edward futlong was in an episode and kripke from big bang theory was in one too. The whole cast does a great job. Does anybody else remember that Carlos was on Friends? Even if Callie says no, that just adds drama! Jim and Callie forever…

    • Dory says:

      Good piece of info on Carlos. I only watched reruns of friend so I missed that. I did see him on an ep of Criminal minds. He played an inspector in a small town in Mexico. Did a great job. I love the cast of CM but the “unsubs scare the hell out of me. Kind of had to give in up but I do check in once in a while.

    • Dory says:

      Don’t forget Castle. He’s a mature sexy guy. He can be a jerk at times but he’s so funny. Stana is beautiful in a classy way. Love it. Glad its not on the same time as Glades & Longmire.

  41. Robbie says:

    I think Callie is hot, and since she is rarely wearing a bra and has a come do me look all of the time, they need to give her a lesbian to give Jim something to think about. Whoa threesome!!!! You people are really needing for to get life

    • Dory says:

      WOW. I,v read some weird comments on the board but this is sick. Where was it ever indicated that Callie was interested in a lesbian relationship. How do you know she isn’t wearing a bra. XRAY EYES?

  42. JEANNINE M says:


  43. Debi says:

    She will really want to say yes, but there will be some reason that she will be unable to follow her heart. This reason will be discovered by season’s end. This program is one of summer’s highlights.

  44. alyssa says:

    She was gone bcause she was pregnant n real life. That was their way if hiding her pregnancy. I love her and jim, I would not like it id they changed that.

    • Dory says:

      It certainly seemed she was pregnant. Then a very brief announcement that she would have the baby the beginning of Jan. Kiele is a tiny little doll and on a small women evthe babyery pound shows. She still looked beautiful. It was announced that she came to the set for hair & makeup photos.I couldn’t access but hear she is back to herself. Long hair & just gorgeous. This according to Mr. Campbell who I have never before seen give such a compliment. So far i have heard nothing about the baby. I don’t blame people in the public eye for keeping their children out of the spotlight. Too many NUTS out there. Congrat to Kiele & Zach.

  45. justin says:

    I really love Callie from the glades and she should say yes to Jim.

    • Dory says:

      Justin Checked the board before I retired for the night. Your comment made me smile. Short and heart felt, Isn’t this a prolific board? I love it even when the comments are negative.

  46. Lynda says:

    Hope it will be yes but afraid it will be no… Love Jim and Callie.. So ready for the season to start!

  47. SJ says:

    I am so glad to hear the show will be back and I hope that Kallie will accept his proposal. We have closed out each season with a possible break-up and each time they have come back together. They should see this through, it would be fun to see how they work through the long distance aspect of their relationship, as in “real life” so many couples are faced with the same situation. I would love to see them together.

  48. Ellen says:

    Does anyone know when the Glades are returning to TV?

  49. H.A. says:

    callie is great character… with some flaws. plus, callie and jim have had 3 seasons of love/ chemistry, and i think they should just get the marriage over and done with. then there could be some new… but what ever happens, the makers of this show will make it just as cool as ever.

  50. patty foster says:

    I love that they are coming back!! I wish it would be before fall!! I’m not fond of Calli.. Her acting is horrible! I say the answer should be . No! Have him move on someone else!! Maybe have Cali go back to school or whatever she was gonna do. Have his own child thus having deeper meaning of life and fighting for justice. Love the show! Please bring it back over and over again. Seems like the shows I like get canceled. Like CHOAS, and Chuck and a couple others. So please have MERCY. Don’t cancel the GLADES. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    • Dory says:

      No question the Callie haters have every right to their opinions. I do have a couple of question re your opinions. When do you want all these changes to occur? I,m sure you did some research before posting. The show has been filming for 2 months. 1 month ago they had titled 4 eps. Probably more by now Matt on interview Access Hollywood seems happy with Kiele & Jeff on the show. I don,t think they are going to yank them off now. I really believe MP has a lot of say on the show. He is the STAR.