Report: Common Law Unlikely to Return, Political Animals and Two Other USA Shows on Bubble

Common Lawmen Wes and Travis may have cracked their last case, Kate Reed may have negotiated her last peace and Dr. Dani may have shrunk her last superstar, as a total of four USA Network series lay in limbo, awaiting word on renewal or (gulp) the other thing.

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Deadline reports that Common Law, which wrapped its freshman run a month ago, is unlikely to cop a Season 2 pick-up, seeing as USA has let its options on the actors’ contracts lapse. Plus, showrunner Craig Sweeny recently boarded CBS’ Elementary as an exec producer, though in theory he could return to Common Law if it’s renewed.

Also on the bubble with what our sister site says is a “50/50” chance of renewal are Necessary Roughness, which recently aired mid-Season 2 finale, and Fairly Legal, which just barely earned the second season it wrapped in June.

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Meanwhile, Political Animals — despite delivering a star-studded summertime crowd-pleaser, and in fact has always been a candidate for renewal — failed to garner many votes from Nielsen viewers as it faced off against the likes of Breaking Bad, HBO’s buzzy Newsroom and A&E’s formidable freshman Longmire. So its fate, too, is uncertain, though there is hope that the undeniable cachet it brought to USA could eke out a benevolent Season 2 order.

(Psych, which still has Season 7 to premiere later this year, is not considered on the bubble at this time.)

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  1. Hope says:

    To whomever chooses which shows stay and which are cancelled, Please give Common Law a 2nd Season. Thanks!

  2. Kelly says:


  3. Nichole says:

    I watch all the original programming on USA Network, would be extremely disappointed if they cancelled Common Law and Necessary Roughness, as would my mum who I got watching them both this year!! Fairly Legal has struggled from the start, good concept, but the female lead wasn’t lol!! Political Animals was great and would love them to follow on with it, but if it doesn’t, no issue here as went into it knowing it would only be for 6 episodes. Considering they tool In Plain Sight from us this year, I’m hoping they give us more of their other shows.

  4. anna says:

    Do not cancel Fairly Legal!!! I love this show

  5. S says:

    I watch all these shows and cannot choose just one!

  6. onyx says:

    They can’t cancel Necessary Roughness, it is just getting good with Dani and Nico.

  7. Scott says:

    Political animals needs to come back for a second season – incredibly addicting show!

  8. Lauren says:

    LOVE LOVE “Common Law” (which got me thru the cancellation of “The Secret Circle”) and “Political Animals”….”Necessary Roughness” has really grown on me…can’t wait for second half of season 2 to premiere!

  9. Norma Stone says:

    I really enjoyed Political Animals. I saw it “On Demand”. I didn’t know what night it was on so I just kept checking On Demand to see if another show was added. I finally realized it was over. I am sooo disappointed! I really enjoyed the show and even if there was some resemblance to the Clinton’s it was still enough different not to be a story about them. I hope it is brought back.

  10. AMY says:

    Common Law!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE IT!!!!!!

  11. lovecommonlaw says:

    Common Law !!!

  12. pepper says:

    common law was my favorite in this will regret if you don’t renewal it .

  13. Lulu says:

    I love Common Law, it’s such a hilarious show. Relaxing and so much fun. Friday night made its harder for me to catch up with it though. But I do hope USA renew it. 1 season and done is not fair for a new FRIDAY NIGHT show!

  14. Jen says:

    Please bring back Common Law!
    It’s one of those rare tv shows where you can watch an episode over and over again. There are moments in the episodes that I’ll forever love! Wes and Travis have great chemistry!
    USA, please make a right choice and bring back CL!

  15. serene says:

    common law common law common law common law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Shandra says:

    Common Law really developed as it went. It was reminiscent of Due South, the drama and the humour present. The actors really started to click midway through the season. Fingers crossed for a season 2

  17. Kathy says:

    My husband and I have been waiting for the season premier of Fairly Legal and now we understand that the show may be cancelled. It is so frustrating to be a dedicated viewer and then the network leaves you hanging without any type of ending or closure to the series….What’s the point of being loyal? The show is entertaining!!!!! I like the interaction with the characters. I think I will stick to reading books at least you know the author isn’t going to leave the last part of the book filled with blank pages for you to finish the ending yourself!!!!! I pretty much told my husband that I will not watch any new series premiered on USA—-sounds like nothing ever stays too long…

  18. BHM1304 says:

    “Fairly Legal” was excellent its first season then just slipped right off the cliff and became garbage its second season. It should be canceled.

  19. sam says:

    I really hope Necessary Roughness gets renewed. Love this show. Cannot wait for it to come back in Jan. Love all of the characters, they act so believable too. I wont be happy if it gets cancelled.

  20. Michelle Holt says:

    I did a lot of research tonight to find why Political Animals was not on anymore or when it will be coming back. I finally came upon the site that said it was up in the air if it will return. I personally am not much into politics but really liked this show. I really hope they do continue Political Animals. I did a vote and see that it is currently in the front running of the 4 shows to vote for, so I am hopeful!

    • nick1372 says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but this site has no infulence on a show’s renewal or cancelation. That’s up to USA, and the renewal is based on whether or not it makes money for them.

  21. T says:


  22. I love Common Law, especially Wes! I’ll be mad if it doesn’t come back. Quality show! My mom and I watched episode after episode on our DVR.

  23. TLD says:

    I don’t watch Necessary Roughness because I haven’t much liked anything Callie Thorne has done since Homicide: Life on the Streets. I gave up on Political Animals after watching the entire pilot episode because, surprisingly, I really didn’t like Sigourney Weaver in her role (or Ciaran Hinds, in his). I really like both actors, but I just couldn’t stomach watching either of them in this show.

    I like the premise of Fairly Legal, but Kate’s character was beginning to grate on me – although her idealism was attractive, her immaturity and constant jerking around of other characters was annoying. I also didn’t like the addition of Ben as a character.

    Common Law was amusing and the leads were attractive, but the storylines were so outlandish that it was also hard to watch. The worst part was that the best episode of the season was the finale – if all of the episodes had had that much depth, it might have been a more rich and complex story about the two leads.

    If ONE of these four shows COULD be renewed, I guess I’d vote for Fairly Legal – for me, it had the most realistic characters and the most complex relationships among them. I would have liked it a lot if they could have delved into the backstory of Justin and Kate – what was the deep bond between them that kept them from being apart, and exactly what were the issues that Kate had with being married to Justin that kept her from staying with him?

  24. Becky says:

    I will never get into another show like I have political animals I am a mom who can only watch shows after my little one goes to bed and everything that’s usually on stinks however I found myself counting the days for political animals I recorded the series on my DVR and asked many people to watch that hadn’t and every one calls me to find out when season 2 will be on seriously they need to find q better way for statistics b/c I have not found a one person ( including my grandmother ) who can’t wait for it to return Please don’t cancel it!

  25. rahul says:

    thanks you for comment

  26. Mariba says:

    Only had one choice so I chose Political Animals. Great show but I equally like Necessary Roughness. I hope both return. I could never get into Common Law. Didn’t like the way it flowed.

  27. Jamea T says:

    Political Animals was only supposed to be a mini series. So there is no reason it should be on this list. Not only that it bored me. The actors were okay, but nonetheless I had to force myself to watch and eventually gave up watching. The commercials for the show were better than the actual show in my opinion.

    I’m rooting for Common Law. It’s hilarious, script is tight. Wonderful acting from all the actors.

    Necessary Roughness has escaped me in the last few episodes and I have not really been interested in Fairly Legal.

    Please bring back Common Law for a season 2.

  28. Barbara says:

    I watch all the mentioned shows, except potical animals not because of black or white they are good shows. I look forward to seeing fairly legal return I hope.

  29. Jane Singer says:

    Get rid of Political Animals – ugh! What a terrible show! Disgusting. Who needs more politicians? Keep Necessary Roughness, Fairly Legal, and Common Law – all terrific shows.

  30. Ingrid says:

    I find it fairly cruel to ask me to choose between Political Animals and Common Law. Both of them deserve second seasons! Why can’t I have nice things? USA Network is why I can’t have nice things.

  31. krys says:

    Doesn’t it figure that of the five shows I actually get to watch and enjoy thoroughly two of them are apparently likely to be canceled. I’m so disappointed after hearing the news that Necessary Roughness (which for those of you who think it doesn’t know if it’s a crime drama or a comedy, it has VERY little to do with police and more to do with a woman learning and growing as a mother and a shrink and has just about as much to do with group therapy as Michael Jordan has to do with the Oakland Raiders) and Common Law (which as a police officer’s wife I can tell you if your part of a good force is more realistic and easier to relate to than half of the other cop dramas out there) may be cancelled I feel like I could cry. I know they’re not your typical “adult” shows but they are entertaining and they’re two of the fewer and fewer shows that I could watch with my whole family not just my husband.

  32. Ali says:

    I will be extremely dissapointed if Political Animals is not renewed! It’s an excellent show. USA should change the time slot or do an appropriate promotional campaign to get the viewers to watch it.

  33. the cmc says:

    guy i love plitical animals and i wish usa reniwed it with more episode

  34. Thatoneguyyouhate says:

    Common law is the best one,I don’t really care about the other shows,I never bothered watching them

  35. Taylor Aiken says:

    Common Law had some weak points, but overall it was a great show. It was definitely better than Psych. CBS Television Studios and Junction Entertainment should hire better writers and bring Common Law back to USA Network.

  36. Ashley says:

    Necessary Roughness will not be cancelled, it managed to stay alive. Political Animals, Fairly Legal, and Common Law hang in the balance. Unfortunately, their odds are currently not good. Although Warren Kole from Common Law will have a recurring role on season 5 of White Collar as Neal’s new handler following Peter’s arrest.