So You Think You Can Dance Performance Finale Recap: Ballet Down the Law [Updated]

“You already know how this will end.” That was the refrain of the song chosen by classically trained Chehon Wespi-Tschopp for his final solo of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9, but it was also fitting commentary on the suspense level most of the show’s fans felt going into this week’s telecast. Surely, there was no way hip-hop animator Cyrus and effervescent ballerina Eliana wouldn’t become the first male/female co-champions in series history, right?

Well, maybe not. Faster than a speeding quickstep and crazier than Mary Murphy describing Stacey Tookey as a “three time Nommy-Emanated” choreographer, head judge Nigel Lythgoe pulled a last-minute switcheroo, telling Cyrus that despite his tremendous growth over the past 16 weeks — and despite his compelling personality — “I’m not gonna vote for you tonight.” Wait, British dude, aren’t you the one who’s been shouting for weeks that this is supposed to be about choosing “America’s Favorite Dancer”?

Uncle Nigel couldn’t have shocked me more had he sported an oversized, sleeveless, tangerine-colored “CHE force” t-shirt. (Not as shockingly, Sir Lythgoe rightfully praised Eliana, referring to her as his favorite dancer in SYTYCD‘s nine-year history; personally, I’m not 100 percent sure I’d go that far, but girlfriend would definitely make my Top 5.)

But here’s my question: What was Nigel’s end game? All season long, he’s avoided specific critique of Cyrus’ actual dancing, instead focusing on the guy’s can-do attitude, general magnetism, solid performance skills, willingness/quickness in picking up choreography despite a lack of formal training, and connection to the voting public. So why, suddenly, did our judge/executive producer put the magnifying glass up to Cyrus’ technique, drawing a direct comparison between the seriousness of his dancing dreams versus Chehon’s lifelong pursuit of excellence?

The cynical side of me sees a twofold reason: With his comments, Nigel tried to appease critics who’ve complained he’s been far too easy on the Season 9 street dancer, while simultaneously whipping the guy’s fan base into a speed-texting frenzy. (After all, who doesn’t enjoy participating in a backlash against Nigel?) It’s the equivalent of a politician speeding away from the scene of a car accident to go give a speech about how he’s tough on crime. The blindly trusting side of me, however, says Nigel was just speaking his mind, without any consideration to a larger agenda. (For the record, I buried my blindly trusting side under the floorboards back in mid-1997.)

Either way, there’s a chance that a pair of ballet dancers will rule the SYTYCD kingdom till (hopefully) the show returns for a 10th season next summer.

Anyhow, without further ado, here’s my ranking of the 10 pairs routines from an absolutely terrific “ferpormance nifale.”

eliana alex sytycd1) Eliana & All-Star Alex: Contemporary — Here’s Exhibit A about why we don’t really need a long, convoluted explanation from the choreographer telling us the meaning of the routine we’re about to see: Eliana and Alex (who should be paired together, forever) brought so much passion to this performance about a man and woman at a crossroads in their relationship that I totally understood why it resulted in a standing ovation from the judges. Eliana’s extension was so magnificent, she practically reached through my TV screen and texted a few votes to “83676.”

2) Eliana & Tiffany: Broadway — Every professional stripper in America can pack up her pasties and go home: Eliana worked that pole like a 9-to-5, plus overtime, in a way that quite possibly redefined the genre. How she slithered upward, outward, and around the top of the prop is a mystery worthy of Popular Science, although the judges’ failure to remind voters that Eliana once worked the pole for Cirque du Soleil seemed a little dubious. Tiffany was solid on this one, too, but Eliana definitely had her beat in terms of extension and flexibility.

3) Tiffany & All-Star Will: Contemporary — Nigel’s best critique of the night was telling Tiffany that despite her diminutive size, her wonderful lines extend like a woman twice her height. Her body positioning in that final lift was so stunning, someone should paint it against a half-shell backdrop and put it in a museum. I’m squarely on #TeamEliana, but if Tiffany pulls off the win, I can’t be upset in the least.

4) Chehon & All-Star Allison: Contemporary — I can’t blame Cat for raving about Chehon’s one-handed lift (wowza!), but it has to be said Chehon may have won the night for me on the men’s side from that simple yet evocative slide off the stage that began this lovely piece about a couple struggling to balance love and outside successes. Along with last week’s “suitcase” number with Kathryn, I finally have to agree with the “jidges” that Chehon really has learned to connect more viscerally in his dancing.

5) Eliana & Chehon: Ballet — Eliana’s assisted turns at the end were so insane they should’ve been fitted with a straightjacket and dragged off to the asylum. I’m just not sure why choreographer Marat Daukayev gave poor Chehon so little to do.

6) Cyrus & Twitch: Animation — I’m not entirely sure I’m correct in ranking the night’s closing number as low as No. 6, but I suppose it speaks to the depth and excellence of the performance finale in general. Watching these two “Hulks” break out of their glass cages and test out their “genetically altered” bodies was a hoot, and even moreso was seeing the possible (likely) men’s winner get a chance to truly, completely shine.

7) Chehon & Cyrus: Jazz — Cyrus impressed me with his aggression and commitment to the movement, although Chehon definitely had to pull off more lifts and a few more tricks than his not-as-trained counterpart. I liked, however, the way guest judge Rob Marshall highlighted the sense of camaraderie the guys displayed on stage. I was getting a very “two guys on a post-apocalyptic journey” vibe up in there.

8) Tiffany & Chehon: Rhumba — Please tell me I’m not the only one who loathed the fluffy white “chestplate” dress Tiffany got stuck with for this

9) Tiffany & Cyrus: Lyrical Hip-Hop — I actually thought Tiffany hit this routine from Tessandra Chavez a little harder than her hip-hop-leaning partner, but both of them brought a nice performance quality to the table that was worthy of the judges’ praise.

10) Eliana & Cyrus: Paso Doble — Throughout the night’s opening routine, I found myself more distracted by the lack of fluidity in Cyrus’ performance — it seemed as though he was in step-step-step mode, rather than embracing the spirit of the cape — than able to appreciate Eliana’s general ferocity.\

And now, my who will/who should win prognostications:

Will Win
Eliana & Cyrus

Should Win
Eliana & Chehon

Actually the Two Best of Season 9
Eliana & Tiffany

And with that, I turn things over to you. What did you think of the Season 9 performance finale? Hit the comments and share your thoughts on which guy and which gal deserve the dual Season 9 crowns. And for all my reality recaps, interviews, and news, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Has to be Tiffany & Cyrus

    • Joseph A says:

      Except the season has been horrible when it came to Cyrus and the judges, because all season long no one had said anything negative about Cyrus just that the vote should be about best loved not best danced when I came to him. it is for this Reason why I stopped watching, and based on the ratings do did more then half of the audience.

      • Diane says:

        I absolutely agree with you. My husband and I quit watching regularly when the judges continuously hammered the most gorgeous ballet dancer many seasons ago, voted him off the show, and kept a bunch of inexperienced people instead. It became unbearable to watch after that. I only record the show and fast forward to watch some of the performances now. I understand Nigel’s love of dance and his desire to inspire that love in others. But maybe they need a show for newbies and a separate one for experienced dancers. They judge the untrained dancers with a completely different set of standards. There really is no comparison in my opinion and it is difficult to watch. They need a new format .

  2. Ha Ha says:

    Nigel is so unprofessional it isn’t even funny. He simultaneously ruined Cyrus’s moment and possibly swayed votes from Chehon. Unprofessional.

    • Vanessa says:

      You are absolutely right about Nigel’s comments against Cyrus. I’m a huge fan of SYTYCD from day one, and admit as much as I’ve enjoyed the show rarely voted. However, I went into the “save the Cyrus” mode tonight by repeatedly voting until I couldn’t anymore, along with calling family members requesting they do the same. I wanted nature to take the lead and predicted Eliana, Chehon & Cyrus as winners in that order. Nigel provoked me into a defense mode I didn’t expect. This has been one of the best season ever! Great job to all the finalist.

      • JoJo says:

        @Vanessa – Then I have the feeling that Nigel got (manipulated) precisely the reaction he intended. It makes a mockery of these beautiful dancers AND the public on so many levels. Disgusting.

        • Nigel Is Pervy says:

          @JoJo – DISGUSTING truly is the perfect word to describe Nigel. It’s a shame because the dancers and most of the choreographers are so talented. LOVE this show, although it would much better without Nigel in front of the camera.

          • ultimate troll says:

            So Ha Ha, JoJo and Nigel is Pervy are all like a perfect parody of ridiculous, spazzy and venomous “fans”. Good one.

      • Lana says:

        It’s because of people like you, Vanessa, that has taken the joy of SYTCD from me this season. I love watching real dancers with all the different types of dances and Cyrus can only do the one kind. What I mean by a real dancer is one who is so well trained that no matter what genre is required to dance that dancer can do it. Cyrus was only great in one and could not do anything in others. Everything was dumbed down for him. He has a wonderful personality and smile but so do so many of the other dancers who have actually trained their butts off for years in dance. I always knew I would be devastated when SYTCD was canceled but right now thanks to how America has been concerning Cyrus and the lack of care for actual dancing talent I won’t be upset. I can’t believe that people would just vote this way just because they don’t like Nigel. How petty and how unfair to the dancers who really deserve the votes. I don’t understand all this hate for Nigel either he was just stating the facts, Chehon is the better “dancer” and Cyrus is the better “personality” and since he felt he needed to vote for an actual “dancer” he had to vote Chehon. That is the truth and that is what this show is about, Dancing!!!

        • Lana 1 says:

          This is comment is by Lana1

        • cat naz says:

          I think it’s funny. The show isn’t called “So You KNOW You Can Dance”. Professional dancers shouldn’t even be allowed on the show. I didn’t know that Eliana danced for Cirque du Soleil and I think it’s cheating that the “JIDGES” didn’t mention it. I love Tiff and Eli. I definitely was voting for Eli, but now I think Tiff should win because of Eli’s previous job. Sorry Eli. And I think the Cyrus is right where he should be on a show called, “So You THINK you can dance”. Cheon was priviledged enough to be trained professionally at The Royal Ballet School in London and he already works with the touring company of Twyla Tharp’s Broadway Show ‘Come Fly Away’. He doesn’t need this win.

          • Dude, seriously? No really… SERIOUSLY? Do you even watch this show? They did a 7 minute segment on Eliana when she auditioned all about how she trained at the Joffery, danced with Alvin Ailey and then took a job in the Elvis Cirque Du Solie doing aerial poll work. Half of the contestants are already professional dancers. From this season alone I think maybe 10 of the top 20 aren’t already working. Let’s see. Eliana, Cheon and Daniel are all professionals in Ballet, Lindsay and Witney are national champion ballroom dancers, Alexa is one of Mia Michel’s choreography assistants (hence the reason she didn’t choreograph till after Alexa was gone) and Brandon not only teaches at a big studio in L.A. he is one of the principle dancers in the crew on Step Up 3D. Those are just the ones I know off the top of my head without going back and looking up their bios.
            This isn’t the first season it’s been this way. Ever since this show started it’s had professional dancers. Benji was a world champion ballroom dancer before he came on the show as was his cousin Lacey, Dimitry, Anya, Pash, Ryan DiLello and his wife Ashley. Will worked for Debbie Allen which is why she recused herself from judging that year, Ryan worked as Tyce Diorio’s choreography assistant, Travis taught and choreographed for his mother’s studio which is a competitive dance studio in Florida. Alex Wong was a principle in the Miami City Ballet and Melissa had an entire career in Ballet before she came on the show. Again, these are just the ones I remember off the top of my head. I’m sure if I went back and read through the bios of everyone that has been on the show even more of them would have been professionals. If you don’t like it, that’s fine but that means you don’t like the show, period. That is the way it’s always been. Don’t blame the show because you weren’t paying attention when they gave you back story.

          • Vanessa says:

            Wow, what an eye-opener as I didn’t know either danced professionally or the show allowed such. As indicated by cat naz the show is called “so you think you can dance not KNOW! The finalists are all outstanding! However, Cyrus has gotten a standing ovation on most, if not all, of his routines!

          • Steph says:

            This show wouldn’t be half as good if it didn’t have professionals or well-trained dancers. Yes, it’s unfair for people like Cyrus, but honestly, the majority of the enjoyable dances are the ones with dancers who have enough training to pull off more than one style. I’ll watch 20 trained dancers any day over the awkwardness of 20 with limited training.

        • H mejia says:

          Nigel comes across conflicted because he is. He’s human and flawed in word and deed…just like the rest of us. I believe he is sincere and honest and that is what makes us privy to incongruities in his logic/emotions. This in the end is refreshing and acceptable to me..

          In truth, sometimes the better dancer will win and sometimes the “favored” will win.

    • Nigel Is Pervy says:

      Nigel is a good Executive Producer but a truly annoying judge. I wish they would refresh the judging panel like other talent shows have done. Leave Nigel backstage, off camera where he belongs. Loved the dancers, though!

    • Paul says:

      I agree! I can’t believe what I heard. My wife thinks Cyrus should win while I think Chehon should win. I think Nigel was playing at something. He could be trying to upset people to vote for Cyrus but either way I personally think he should have kept his mouth shut! I’m Canadian, so I am unable to vote which tick’s me off!

      • Kallie says:

        He is absolutely playing at something- manipulating the public into voting for Cyrus so he can have the prepackaged story that he wants for the show. He’s been doing things like this since at least season 3: Danny was finally gaining momentum and delivered the finale performances of his life, but Nigel had to open his mouth at the last second and remind the public that a girl had never won before. Lo and behold, Sabra won! He’s gotten sneakier since then but the intention is still there; whoever Nigel wants to win, usually does.

        • ultimate troll says:

          That’s just what he wants you to think he’s doing!!! He really wants you to think that he wants you to think that you want to vote for Chehon but he doesn’t want you to vote for Cyrus but that he thinks you want him to want to vote for Chehon or Cyrus…CAN’T YOU SEE HOW HE’S MANIPULATING YOU!!!!

      • Mo Jo says:

        I personally think it will be between Cyrus and Eliana should be the top two…guess will find out.

    • V. HALSTEAD says:

      One can only hope you are right! This program is supposed to be about dance, not who you’d like to go out for a drink with. We elected a president with that kind of thinking and look how well that worked out. Maybe it was the ex-dancer in Nigel that spoke up at the last possible moment for excellence.

    • moray says:

      I agree completely, it was really unprofessional, insensitive and unnecessary. I want Chehon to win and I think the momentum was going his way anyway (completely disagree with Slezak, it didn’t use to happen, but it’s happening more and more, I think he’s getting a bit paranoid/conspiracy theory-heavy, no offense).Nigel’s comments for Cyrus were “commend you on being such a good sport” all night, and much more inspiried when it came to Chehon. To me he made it quite obvious he wanted Chehon to win. But I think his last comment to Cryus was ugly and unnecessary and ruined an otherwise great, beautiful episode. Before that I thought Chehon would win, and I still think (hope) so.

  3. Ha Ha says:

    Oh, and this is Eliana’s competition to lose. She is simply incredible.

  4. ladyhelix says:

    What Nigel said to Cyrus tonight didn’t surprise me at all. After what he’s been reading here and on other boards he KNOWS the “real dancers” in the audience felt abandoned all season. But I’m afraid it will back fire and cinche the win for Cyrus. It was way too little – way too late. I’m sorry we pushed him to that.

    • Ugh says:

      Cyrus isn’t a “real dancer”? Please clarify what you think a “real dancer” is.

      • ladyhelix says:

        I put it in quotes for a reason. Folks who have either been doing or following “proper dance” since they were 3 years old have a problem with street dancers – they have a problem that they get credit for being entertaining, being quick to learn, and engaging – because they don’t have “proper technique”.
        I love that the street dancers compete and do well – and you and I BOTH know what I’m talking about when I say angry people have been posting all season saying that Cyrus is not a “real dancer”. It’s not my phrase – it’s theirs. And that is who Nigel was pandering to tonight-the people who are mad at the show because voters have kept Cyrus out of harms way all season. It’s America’s favorite dancer…. and since the best dancer almost NEVER wins I’m not sure what all the fuss is about.

  5. lee says:

    Chehon is the best and my favourite all in one.

    I like Nigel but when it comes to Cyrus I have really disliked his commentary. All season Nigel has only been commenting on his one style refusing to critique him in the dance he’s just performed. He’ll repeat how difficult it is for Cyrus to do what he does. I commend that. I love Cyrus’s style but they’ll tear every other dancer a new one but this guy!

    Eliana, while not my favourite in the history of SYTYCD is certainly at the top of this season right beside Chehon.

    • ladyhelix says:

      This is not new; before Cyrus there was Ivan, Gev, Twitch, Hawk, Legacy, and Tadd (to name a few). Outside of their street dancing – their ability to entertain, their passion, and their willingness to learn was all they had. The judges often went light on them after performances, but they added so much to the seasons they were in. So why is Cyrus such a villan – because he might actually win?
      What am I missing?

  6. Lana says:

    Nigel is a joke.Even if Cyrus is not your cup of tea personally it doesn’t give you a right to discourage people to vote against him…because that is essentially what Nigeo did.I don’t care what audience he is supposedly pandering to now.Every year the best dancers more than likely are cut or don’t win and Nigel has given the same party line every time about voting if you don’t like what’s happening and often reminding the viewers this is not a best dancer contest but America’s fav.Cyrus is obvious well liked and a favorite so what’s the complaint.Nigel all but told his viewing audience to vote Chehon to win and it was disgusting and outright rude.

    • Lana says:

      Ps-I hope Nigel’s words backfire and Cyrus’s fans vote with a fury for him to win just to spite Nigel.

      • Lana 1 says:

        @ Lana I’ve been posting here for a long time under my name Lana and this is the first time I’ve seen you here. It’s funny cause you have said everything completely opposite of me. I like Nigel and I’m praying Cyrus doesn’t win. I never want someone to win to spite someone else as it hurts the person who really should win. I think I better change my name

    • ladyhelix says:

      It was indeed. And it will also mobilize the Cyrus fans and give Chehon fans a false sense of security – tilting the odds in Cyrus’ favor. Oops

      • If Chehon’s fans don’t get how this works, they haven’t watched any of these shows. Nigel was rude to say that to Cyrus and he knows that this mobilizes even people who wouldn’t normally vote. (See Season 8 of American Idol to see how the best doesn’t win when the judges say “nice for showing up to the underdog). I agree with those who say that the judges gave Cyrus a ride, a big one, throughout the competition. He was only a master of one style and far from the best. Actually, the worst. His personality is just okay for me.

    • JoJo says:

      @Lana – Respectfully, I think Nigel did just the opposite as Michael says in his review. I truly can’t imagine a more cynical and transparent effort to manipulate votes in favor of Cyrus than to feel “honesty” required him to say he would not be voting for him. Now, we only need to add that it was loathsome, throw in HaHa’s comment that it was unprofessional, and finish it off with a dash of utterly without grace or integrity. All this after what every one of those dancers have put into this competition…it’s sickening and very, very low.

      • JoJo says:

        P.S. to my comment above – just to be clear, I think Nigel said what he said to ENCOURAGE votes for Cyrus, not the opposite, out of a reaction to his comment. Now, next week, we can look forward to Nigel to apologizing to Chehon (should he lose) for “inadvertently” causing a reaction against voting for him.

        I love both Cyrus and Chehon, but this kind of manipulation sickens me and to my mind taints the experience of winning for these gifted performers. Each so deserve all the success that comes their way.

    • Nigel Is Pervy says:

      @ Lana – You are absolutely right. Nigel truly IS a disgusting joke. Definitely the worst part of an otherwise wonderful show.

    • rwfblog says:

      Lana, you and others are critical of Nigel for publicly favoring Chehon to win best male dancer. What I find curious is that there doesn’t seem to be the same backlash concerning his much stronger favoring of Eliana to win best female. Nigel didn’t tell people to vote for Chehon, just that his personal vote would go to Chehon.

      • Kel says:

        The real problem was that it was just plain rude and uncalled for to say. Cyrus obviously doesn’t have the technique or skill set as the other dancers, but Nigel choosing that moment, when he could have given constructive criticism throughout the season, to pull the rug out was just wrong! I applaud Cyrus for his passion and positivity. We should all take note…

        • I totally agree that it was the wrong time to say that. He’d already said as much earlier when he said that Cyrus was his favorite person of the season and Chehon was his favorite dancer. But interestingly, right after Nigel’s comments a poll popped up on the SYTYCD app (which is awesome, BTW) asking if people agreed with WHAT he said — and over 90% of respondents said yes.

    • V. HALSTEAD says:

      Do you not comprehend the meaning of the word “judge”? Nigel and the others are supposed to evaluate the dancers so that the uninitiated in the voting audience can have some expert advice on judging the dancers. Were you irate when Nigel said time after time that Eliana was his favorite this season? Were you not free to vote anyway you wanted? I personally resented the lack of judgment shown toward Cyrus’ performances throughout this season.

  7. Lark says:

    I don’t really understand why they are so set on Cyrus winning since Chehon is obviously the far more gifted and trained dancer and a very winning personality. Cyrus is sweet and has worked hard in his genre but didn’t even start dancing until 15. It takes a lifetime of work to do what Chehon does so well. Can anyone give me a theory as to why they want Cyrus to win?

    • Olya says:

      People vote for dancers to whom they can actually relate. Because Cyrus is a street dancer and didn’t have any formal training, people see that he is a hard worker and vote for him. It’s that simple.

      • V. HALSTEAD says:

        Your reasoning baffles me. If I needed brain surgery, I would not ask for the most likeable hospital orderly to operate on me. I would want the best possible neurosurgeon. With your kind of logic, please tell me you are not a registered voter.

        • Olya says:

          What the hell? There is a difference between a doctor operating someone and a dancer on a TV competition. If you think that SYTYCD is a show about the most professional dancers than You are the one who is wrong

    • Who exactly are the “they” you are referring to in your first statement? The judges? The voters? Because I’ve thought that all along the judges were almost sheepish in their praise of Cyrus, touting his work ethic more than his dancing. And the choreographers have been magnificent in tailoring their routines to showcase his strengths and hide his weaknesses. On another note though, Chehon has only been dancing since he was 13.

    • KD says:

      Easy answer. They have two winners. Nigel has had two primary messages for this show, two “journeys”. First: celebrate the dancers who train all their lives to develop their craft. Second: celebrate dancers who are self-taught or have little formal training. Both paths have been lauded on this show. Both are differing examples of people with a driving passion for dance. With a Cyrus + either girl win, he can end this show’s run with the poster children for both sides, his “legacy” to America. All signs point to non-renewal, so he can put the show to rest feeling like he accomplished his biggest goals. Thus the reverse psychology approach to the last few moments. Does anyone believe that Nigel actually takes time to vote? As far as I know, he’s never put it so directly before.
      What I hate most is Chehon’s stock had seemed like it was on the rise in the last week. His twitter support & activity was buzzing like mad. Now, even if he does win, it will be tainted in the eyes of many. He’s worked just as hard as Cyrus, though that was rarely mentioned. I hate this for both of them.

  8. Juli says:

    My TV has been dark for a few minutes, but I can’t stop thinking about Nigel’s bizarre commentary at the end. He made a point of telling Cyrus AGAIN and AGAIN that he wouldn’t be voting for him. This ruined the moment for Cyrus and Twitch’s routine–and was utterly unnecessary and very weird.

    • big cheddar says:

      THANK YOU!!! I don’t understand why he chose the end of Cyrus’ dance to announce that he was voting for the other guy. The comment really sucked the air out of the room, as cast a pall over an otherwise joyful night of performances. I went on twitter to see if anyone else had the same reaction I did, only to find tweets from Nigel bascially encouraging people who were upset about want he said to bring it and also wondering why the show wasn’t trending. So now I’m wondering of it was a calculated move to drum up some controversy.

    • Rachel says:

      I agree, I thought it was so rude. Every time Cyrus does a routine well, I feel like Nigel goes on and on about how he’s not a “real dancer”, basically negating anything good he says. And to say that, on national television, after he did what I thought was his best routine of the season (I was so thrilled to see Twitch! And to see Twitch and Cyrus!!!) was so out of place and wrong.

    • gemapet says:

      I agree it was bizarre. I thought judges are not allowed to vote so why bring up what his vote would be at that time?!

    • I think what happened here is that Nigel got carried away in trying to face down the thousands of Twitter bombing haters that have been plaguing him with insults against Cyrus and he was defending himself all night by standing by his position that Cyrus deserved to be there and then he realized at the end “oh, sh!@, it sounds like I want him to win” and he threw that out there so that even though he’d been having a love fest with Rob Marshall all night for Cyrus that people would know that just because he deserved to be there didn’t mean that Nigel thought he deserved to win. It would have gone over much better if he had told Cheon that he was voting for him because of his years of dedication and phenomenal technique and making it a positive thing instead of saying it to Cyrus making it a negative. ::shrug:: His mistake, he’ll know better next time.

  9. Kallie says:

    Since you asked why the ballet choreographer gave Chehon so little to do, I thought I’d shed a little light on it. He didn’t actually choreograph it, per say. It’s the standard choreo for the Nutcracker grand pas. Go to almost any Nutcracker and you’ll see it. All he did was make sure it flowed around the cuts in the music. If anything, he added steps for Chehon. Traditionally, the pas is followed by variations for each dancer and then a coda, each of which gives the male dancer a chance to shine. The pas, however, is all about the ballerina. The fact that Nigel didn’t explain any of this- and even admitted to never having seen the Nutcracker!- really made me remember that this show has nothing to do with the actual world of dance and just exists in it’s own tv show bubble.

    • IdaRed says:

      WHOA. Wait a minute. I missed the Nutcracker routine and didn’t hear that Nigel had never seen the Nutcracker. WHAT??? He’s now lost ALL credibility with me.

    • big cheddar says:

      I thought Nigel said he didn’t remember that part from the Nutcracker, not that he hadn’t seen the Nutcracker. I think he’s too much of a dance snob to admit to seeing a holiday classic that even childen have seen performed on a stage. Either way, you’re right about the fact that they should have taken a moment to educate the audience/viewers about what was just performed and why.

      • Kallie says:

        You’re absolutely right- I misremembered his comment. I must have equated not remembering the grand pas to not seeing the Nutcracker because the Sugarplum Fairy is the leading role.

    • tewence says:

      YES!!! you took the words right out of my mouth. as a male dancer, it is unfortunate that the guys get no credit for all that they are actually doing during a pas de deux…and i might add that the fact that it seemed chehon wasn’t doing very much is actually quite a compliment as making partnering look effortless and keeping the attention on the girl is no easy feat. (if he had done his variation immediately after, there would have been a completely different impression of how much he did).

      secondly, that whole bit about not remembering the grand pas from the nutcracker?!?!?! i was so appalled….as somebody who is in show business with a dance background AND the producer and JUDGE of a DANCE SHOW, nigel should actually have a clue about the nutcracker. “dirk squareface,” ceo of “apple pie investments” who was dragged by his wife to his daughter’s nutcracker performance would probably remember the grand pas…?!?! makes me hate this stupid show even more. [side note: yes, i watch it…every now and then, there are lovely dancers (chehon and eliana) or the occasional creative solo or duet – i am a dancer, so it is hard for me to avoid it…i still hate it though haha]

      and you are right, this show has little to do with the dance world. the fact that desmond richardson and dwight rhoden have graced that show with their choreography and performances on several occasions is amazing to me and somewhat encouraging…sytycd should be so lucky to have that caliber on their stage…something that is almost non-existent in the normal competitors.

    • Pointing Out the Obvious says:

      Except…they did explain it. The judges said that it was the grand pas de deux from the Nutcracker, which unfortunately didn’t have many big showy moments for the male dancer. They mentioned that during their critique of the routine. If anyone is still confused about this, then they need to learn to actually listen to what the judges say.

      • Kallie says:

        But they didn’t explain that this is centuries old choreography, or that it was only an excerpt from one section of the grand pas, or why there were no big moments for the male dancer. Nigel’s dismissive comment about “not remembering” made me think that he neither knew nor cared to know about those rather important details.

  10. IdaRed says:

    As far as I can remember Cyrus has never once been in danger of being voted off so the judges have never been in the position to save him over another dancer. They’ve been honest in their commentary about Cyrus all season. They’ve never said he was the best dancer but instead, applauded his heart, tenacity and enthusiasm. This is why it is so upsetting that Nigel picked tonight to sucker punch Cyrus. Why couldn’t he have just let Cyrus, like the other three, enjoy his moment and let the votes fall where they may? His comments were narcissistic, cruel, in bad taste, badly timed and completely unnecessary. He doesn’t even GET a vote. What an A$$!!

    • Nigel Is Pervy says:

      @IdaRed – I couldn’t agree with you more. Nigel truly is a narcissistic @ss with poor taste. Totally. It’s such a shame because this is an otherwise wonderful show!

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      I felt he was equally out of place telling Eliana she was his favorite dancer on the show ever which must’ve been a slap in the face for Tiffany after her glowing comments from the night…couldn’t he have held off until doing post-show press to share these views?

      • Dee says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I looove Eliana, but I did feel bad for Tiffany as he went on and on how Eliana was his favorite.

  11. Andrea says:

    I absolutely adore Eliana and want to see her win the girls title. Tiffany, while a great dancer, isn’t an extraordinary dancer. She’ll always be good enough to make a company or chosen for a high profile group number but she’ll never get chosen as the front-and-center spotlight dancer. She just doesn’t have IT. Eliana does.

    As for the guys: it’s Chehon’s exquisite technique versus Cyrus’s magnetic personality. I like them both for different but equally compelling reasons. Still don’t know which of them to vote for.

    • Olya says:

      I totally agree with you. Sometimes Tiffany dances immature. I thought her hip hop with Cyrus wasn’t that good because she looked like she was convulsing. But maybe it’s just me

      • Dee says:

        I actually thought the same thing! When everyone loved it and said that she hit harder than Cyrus, I thought I missed something, lol. I felt that routine had a lot of potential to be great, but all the jerky popping made it awkward for me.

  12. Dan in TX says:

    All of the final four are fantastic in their own way. But Nigel’s comments are completely understandable, even if they’re a bit late. Of course he would like to have the show respected by the professional dance community. It would be incredibly hard to garner that respect for a show that purports itself to be about all-around dance ability, incorporating all the various styles, and still have Cyrus as your male winner. I say that, and I love the guy. Who doesn’t?

    Clearly there were multiple dancers, even among those who were eliminated who were far better all-around dancers than Cyrus. But…as Nigel himself has said over and over, it’s not about choosing the best dancer, it’s about choosing America’s favorite within this privileged group. I’m not totally thrilled with that, but it’s the format they’ve chosen. No matter what you think about the format and the goals of the show, just keep in mind that first and foremost it’s entertainment. And there’s certainly no denying that this season has been very entertaining.

    If there was an overall winner, it would clearly and overwhelmingly be Eliana in my opinion. For the male winner, Cheon is simply too good a dancer to overlook. Keep in mind that his personal growth in dance performance on the show has also been remarkable, even though he started out as an incredible technical dancer right from the start.

    The vote will most certainly be interesting, and one way or the other there will be a lot of happy fans as well as a large number of disappointed ones. I’m guessing I’ll be one of the disappointed ones.

  13. Michael says:

    How about Tiffany’s pre-solo package? It was practically a Slezak directed documentary on the life of SYTYCD cannon fodder.

  14. Ariel says:

    I did not like Nige’s comments at all. They were completely inappropriate. And what the heck? Nigel has a favorite person- Cyrus, a favorite dancer-Chehon, and a favorite dancer ever – Eliana??? I think Cyrus will win vs Chehon because Chehon does not have the personality. I think Eliana will definitely win – especially after everyone implied she was the best dancer in the history of the show. I really liked what Tiffany said in her piece/before her solo. She was not featured properly before the show started. Nobody knew her. And then she was dancing with Audrey who she looked exactly a like. It’s surprising she’s made it this far because of those things.

  15. rwfblog says:

    Good summary. I hope Chehon and Eliana win.
    I hope I’m wrong about one thing though — there seemed to be a sadness, a finality in the way Nigel called Eliana the best female dancer in SYTYCD history. It was if he knows the show is going to be cancelled, but waiting until next week to make the announcement.

  16. Becka says:

    I have had issues with Cyrus never really being criticized. Just because he isn’t a trained dancer in any of the other styles should not give him any kind of handicap. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the guy and what he does. It’s cool, it’s unique and fun. His attitude is engaging and entertaining. BUT…let’s face it..he not as technically proficient as his companions. And the folks that were the more technical were ripped apart when they did something wrong. Chehon is a prime example…and they were right to ream him a bit about needing to get more fluid and relax his posture when not in ballet. But they never really got that way with Cyrus. They just praised him left and right and I don’t think that was doing him any good to grow as a dancer past what he already knows how to do. I think he really tried harder than anyone, which I do fully commend. Most people would just write him off when he couldn’t really do the other pieces as well. No one can say that they boy doesn’t have heart and passion.

    I totally saw what Nigel tried to do last night…and in effect I think it rigs the competition. He was basically telling America to vote him the winner..I think it did an injustice to Chehon and not Cyrus. Though if Cyrus was quick enough on the uptake to what Uncle Nigel was doing, it would be very crass and would bug the crap out of him. My FB friends who watch the show are all up in arms saying how negative and mean Nigel was and they just didn’t get what he was doing.

    So I think the winners are Eliana and Cyrus. Which is odd to have the two people who started out partnering both win the competition! As Nigel is always saying..this is about America’s favourite dancer…not the best..which I think is wrong, but hey…what do I know!

    • KD says:

      ” I think he really tried harder than anyone, which I do fully commend. ”

      I just can’t agree with this. That was the drumbeat that the show gave us and I’m certain Cyrus worked hard. But the other dancers and esp. Chehon, worked extremely hard and that rarely came up during his critiques. It was all about how stiff he was and how he lacked warmth. Chehon often worked late into the evenings, perfecting the routines, and stayed up all night a time or two, working on solos. In final week, he had trouble sleeping because his back was throbbing from all the lifting he had to do. He had more and harder lifts to do with Cyrus than Cyrus had to do (he had one full lift…that was it). He had to carry Cyrus around and toss him, and more. I doubt anyone worked any harder than Chehon did to get ready for this week. And beyond that, he nailed every lift and dance. I hate Nigel for ruining both boys’ efforts at such an important time.

      • Dee says:

        I actually have to disagree, while all of the dancers bust their behinds, I don’t feel like Chehon worked “harder” than Cyrus. Cyrus want trained in anything, never did any choreography, yet he was given a short amount of time to grasp everything he learned. Now I have always thought Chehon was a phenomenal dancer, but he was pretty much stiff and uptight in a majority of his routines and/or he lacked emotion. I think he would have been a clear cut front runner if could emote the passion and emotional connection in conjunction with his dancing. But Cyrus has an inspirational story, I think that is what has kept him safe, his humanity, he stuck around and persevered after his othe dance crew members quit. He has fought just as hard to stay in the game. It’s interesting, they posses the opposite qualities that the other needs. But I absolutely agree, he ruined the moment for both Cyrus and Chehon, because of his big blunder, it will definetly impact the votes.

        • KD says:

          I didn’t say Chehon worked HARDER than Cyrus. I said he worked AS HARD as anyone else. That is a different meaning. I also said he had more and harder lifts in their paired routine. It is very easy to check that by watching video of the dance. Cyrus has one lift, plus assists Chehon during a cartwheel by having Chehon brace his hands on Cyrus’ knees. Chehon has 6 lifts and some of them require him to carry Cyrus, to spin him around a few times, to throw him as a dead weight, and so on. There is just no comparison between the difficulty levels (and resulting back pain) of the two. My point is Cyrus was often credited as being “so hard working”, which is true. But so was Chehon and he was never lauded for that effort. It’s a fairness issue with me. I want so badly for them to be specific in their acknowledgement of Chehon’s “heart, passion, work ethic” and all those other nice “character” things Cyrus heard every week. I could see in Chehon’s face every week how much he wanted to be affirmed for those attributes rather than always being characterized as a talented but cold technician. I love Chehon the way many people love Cyrus and just wanted to hear that. I think he deserved it.

  17. LisaM says:

    I have to agree with the majority here and say that Nigel was incredibly rude to Cyrus last night. My initial reaction was one of shock and then I thought “he’s trying to manipulate the viewers into voting for Cyrus”… takes away from what was otherwise a truly wonderful finale. I dvr’d the show and watched several numbers over and over again. I’m hoping for Eliana/Chehon to win and also hoping for a 10th Season. Despite the annoyance known as Nigel…I do love watching the dancers pull off some amazing choreography…like Eliana, Alex Wong and Travis Wall working together….that’s dancing ambrosia.

  18. Magically Suspicious says:

    This is the first time, for me, that at the Final Four mark, I’m happy with any result. I think they all are brilliant and worthy. Eliana’s been my favorite from day one, but Tiffany snuck up on me and I think she’s a different dancer, but just as good.

    I love Cyrus and I’m not sure what Nigel’s motivation was with his comments, but they were uncalled for. It ruined a moment that was well-earned for Cyrus.

    Bottom line….both Cyrus and Cheon will go on to have huge careers in dance. So, Nigel’s justification that ‘this is only the beginning for you and he’s worked all his life’, was total BS. Cyrus has danced his whole life as well, just not in the form and style that Nigel thinks worthy.

    I think the true victim in all of this will be Cheon. He’s a stunning dancer and he’s worked so hard, and I think, prior to Nigel’s comment, the votes would have been close to reflect Cheon’s achievements on the show. Now that Nigel stirred up the fury of the voters, Cyrus will run away with it, and that’s unfortunate. Not unfortunate that he would win, but unfortunate that the votes won’t accurately reflect how equally deserving the two of them are.

    • Marisa says:

      Cyrus has only danced since he was 15. Not his whole life. And I doubt he will have much of a career because there’s not exactly a huge demand for “animators” who can’t do anything else.

      • Ugh says:

        You “doubt” he will have much of a career? Like tWitch or any of the other hip hip style dancers that have been on the show? Twitch (who didn’t win) has a GREAT career. I hear more about him than say…Benji, who won the show. Just because YOU don’t think he will have much of a career, doesn’t mean he won’t.

        • Kallie says:

          There’s a difference between tWitch- who can dance every style of hip hop- and Cyrus- who can only animate. Just looking at the two of them together last night, I was consistently drawn more to tWitch than Cyrus, and tWitch is not an animator. I think Cyrus will have a great career as a one scene cameo in Step Up 5, as well as in the gigs he does with his crew, but I can’t see anything more than that. If he decides to take classes and improve in other areas of hip hop then I will gladly take back my words and congratulate him on a well earned career but as is I can’t see him making it long term.

  19. Jane says:

    Great comment, Michael. Tiffany’s pre-solo clip was very poignant — this young woman saying she felt ignored through the entire season and yet through her tenacity, talent and viewer appeal has made it to the final 4. I was especially interested that she was the only one of the top 20 to have been sent to choreography. She’s the classic underdog and the fact that the judges pushed her under the bus last night — Eliana the best of all seasons? — shows how underrated she is.

    And yeah, any regular watcher knows Nigel is very sensitive to criticism from the classical and professional dance worlds. Last season the NYT did a story with professional NY dancers dissing nearly all the dancers except Melanie. And this season the judges keep Chehon on the show despite his low viewer appeal early in the season and then Nigel brags about having a Kirov dancer/choreographer on last night’s show. Plus they had Mr Natalie Portman/Black Swan choreographer on as a judge and had his dance company perform. Take that dance snobs, says Nigel.

    Nigel’s comment about Cyrus was befuddling — was it a cynical play to get more votes? Why would he want Cyrus to win, if he is so concerned about credibility? Why did they give him a pass all season? he didnn’t grow in the way Twitch did or any of the other hip hop dancers. He’s a charming presence onstage, but why critique any of the other dancers and then gloss over Cyrus’ missteps? He must have gotten a lot of votes all along. Anyway does it really matter who wins? Twitch didn’t win and he’s probably the most well known of the past winners, except for Travis.

    For me, until the last 2 episodes this season lacked oustanding dance pieces, no performances that you could describe in a few words, like “the door piece” or “the my-mother-just-died” piece or “dueling princes.” Chehon was always astounding but he didn’t play the heart on a sleeve emotion card and looked uncomfortable every time he had to solicit for votes. That hurt him the beginning. But the judges kept him on because, well, he’s probably the most gifted dancer ever on the show. Alex is a warmer presence and equally brilliant, but Chehon just has some immortal quality to his dancing. And, honestly, I couldn’t tell the female dancers apart but that’s probably more to do with the odd schedule than their talents.

    • KathyB says:

      And don’t forget, Travis didn’t win either!

      • KD says:

        That’s because Benji was awesome. Travis has said many time that he’s a choreographer mainly because he knows he’s not a great dancer. He was wonderful on his season, but not everyone agrees that “the best dancer didn’t win” that season. Benji was a “best dancer” in many areas and knew how to perform.

  20. Cheondaman says:

    Cyrus will win. BECAUSE NIgel said what he did. Any time head judge says “the other guy should win” the fans vote their fingers to the bone to prove him wrong. The fans have never put Cyrus in the bottom three, and they aren’t gonna start now. I love Cyrus, he’s a fantastic guy, and what he can do just boggles. That said, Cheon is a better dancer, and i wish he would win. He won’t but i wish he would.

    • seattlejohn449 says:

      Cyrus is likable and it’s good to see him make progress but I would so much prefer George (or even Will in his place)…watching last night his partners deservedly and consistantly grabbed the spotlight away from him…was I the only person who felt the number with Twitch seemed too tentative, reined in and not explosively bigger than life? Cheon for the win.

  21. Leela says:

    Eliana & Chehon deserve the win and should win. But until the voting is changed to 1 per device (and limit the devices!) popularity & shenanigans will prevail. Absolutely don’t understand Nigel’s comment/ploy/whatever and that points out another thing that needs to be changed on all the reality contest shows. Whether the celebs/personalities are judges, coaches, or cheerleaders, for any of them to select/anoint a favorite will sway voting either for or against. They need to offer their expertise, suggestions, and they can say they liked a performance but to single contestants out or pit one against the other is biased and unfair. Something the world just doesn’t need any more of.

  22. Rachel says:

    I think you guys are a little bit cynical. I think Nigel said what he said to Cyrus in order to GAIN credibility, not gain votes for Cyrus. I think it was a transparent attempt to say “I’m a REAL dancer and I only vote for REAL dancers!” and I thinkit had no place in the finale. I also think the only reason Cyrus is still there is because they never were given the opportunity to throw him off. They’ve done nothing but criticize him in every single routine, and I thought he did really well last night, especially with Twitch.

    • Craig says:

      Quote: They’ve done nothing but criticize him (Cyrus) in every single routine,.

      Oh, my. Go back to last week. Listen to their critique of Cyrus after the Broadway with Tiffany. Not one negative comment. I mean not even the hint of one. Then listen to their critique of Chehon in the chacha. Mary acted like she was personally offended by his lack of technique and Nigel’s only compliment was the fact that at least he didn’t drop her on the botched lift.

      Add to that: Cyrus has had 3 variations of hip-hop in the last two shows (they’re trying to name it different things…dubstep animation, hip-hop, but they are all in that genre), plus he has gone last in the pimp spot in the last 2 shows. He has had a couple of Broadways where they could focus on his character. Chehon has had none. He looked great in Tyce’s group Broadway, so he could have pulled it off. Chehon has had four ballrooms, Cyrus only two. If he had done that cha-cha with Witney instead of Chehon, there would have been no lift and he would have been lauded for selling it. Probably no mention of technique for him. I’d say the show has done everything it could to get Cyrus the win. Nigel’s comments were an added push of the accelerator. People were mad and got out their phones for Cyrus.

      • Dee says:

        Last week in his broadway routine, they didn’t criticize, because it was actually solid. Now I will absolutely agree, when critiquing him, they do use kid gloves. But when he does hip hop, they will say how his partner upstaged him, if he is doing contemporary, they will tell him what he is doing wrong, so that isn’t true. In his weak performances, they definetly well call out his flaws, they just judge him with kid gloves.

    • Dee says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more, that’s the same thing I thought. He folded under the pressure of the criticism they have gotten all season. But what I don’t understand is why everyone is up in arms if he’s never been in the bottom. It’s not like he stayed in the bottom and saved him multiple times, America kept him on the game.

  23. J says:

    I had to switch the channel when Uncle Nigel got all “honest” for us. I mean really. Does he need to telegraph his manipulation like Cyrus telegraphs his dance moves? I mean seriously. I just didn’t appreciate what Nigel said at all. It was not necessary, it was mean and it made him look like a complete a**. I hope Eliana and Chehon win. I am not invested enough to mind one way or another. Maybe Tiffany and Cyrus will win? Ok. Cheon and Tiffany ok…Eliana and Cyrus…fine…I’m just bothered that Nigel opened his mouth and shot Cyrus down. Cyrus did not deserve that. Nor did he ever deserve all the praise either. I also hope for a Season 10. I really really really do. But maybe what we saw from Uncle Nigel last night was the captain going down with the ship. :(

  24. Ann VerWiebe says:

    There has been a lot of great dancing this season, but that number with Alex and Eliana had me crying from the very beginning pose. I looked at the way Travis had their feet touching, like a shadow, and the tears just started.

  25. Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

    Well I also consider Eliana to be the best female dancer they’ve ever had and probably consider Alex to be the best male dancer, though he wasn’t quite there long enough for that.

    As for Cyrus, I think he’s okay. Nothing special even in his style, though a nice guy. I think what Nigel said was appropriate, but it would have been more helpful if he’d been saying those things all along. Cyrus is a big boy and he can take it.

    I’m resolved to having Tiffany & Cyrus win this season, and I also assume they will be the last winners of the show. I realy hope though that they can find a place for this show on some cable channel somewhere. Bravo? Lifetime? Does Ovation or A&E still exist?

  26. sadcanadian says:

    In my opinion, Eliana is absolutely gorgeous as a dancer. She shows incredible versatility and strength as well as a lovely personality. Everything about her movement makes me want to watch her over and over again. It will be shocking if Tiffany wins over her. Not that Tiffany isn’t a talented and strong dancer, but she is not a star. Eliana is. End of story.

    I still can’t believe no one called Tiffany out on the pole dance – their unison was way off and she danced like a little girl to Eliana’s woman. That would have to be my biggest critique of Tiffany as a dancer – she is 18 and dances like it. Finally seeing her in a dance with Eliana really shows that up. She just doesn’t have the maturity and depth to pull off “sexy” in a gritty way. Tiffany must have some massive fanbase of girlfriends because I can’t imagine how she has gotten this far!

    As for the boys, Chehon wasn’t my favorite in the beginning, but he has come a long way in his ability to express himself and make the audience feel it. I still much prefer AFW or Twitch, or lots of others- but he is a beautiful dancer who is talented and capable. I still don’t get why Cyrus has been given such enthusiastic feedback from the judges (with the exception of Nigels bizzarre reverse-psych or honesty of last night).

    Has anyone ever seen Cyrus do a friggin pirouette? Can he even spot? Can he do the splits, at all? Does he have any flexibility? I know they have briefly mentioned his back and such, but why don’t the judges ever comment on how the choreographers have simplified all their routines for him? It is so obvious. Yes, I get that he is fun to watch in his moments, but I still think Twitch was better and more fun to watch in that last routine.

    Ok. End of rant.

  27. Daisy says:

    Michael, I’m so glad that you said that you didn’t think that Eliana was the best to ever grace the show, because I feel the same way. I think she would make my Top 10, but while a beautiful dancer and while she does feel the pieces, for some reason, I’m rarely moved by her performances. I can completely appreciate them for what they are, but there have been other dancers on the show that I’ve gotten more chills watching or teary-eyed and I don’t know why. Eliana is a brilliant dancer with wonderful extensions and lines–I mean killer extensions and lines–for some reason, I don’t respond to her pieces as emotionally as I might or as I have with other dancers. I’m curious to know who would be in your Top 5 (you have to spill sometime).

    I’m rooting for Chehon and Eliana to win, though I didn’t watch the show in real time so I couldn’t/didn’t vote. I think that Cyrus is talented, and while it’s supposed to be America’s Favorite Dancer, I just want America’s Favorite Dancer to be a better dancer in all styles than Cyrus is. I love Cyrus–his personality is great and he seems like a great person, but I also was the best and most versatile dancer(s) to win too and for me that’s Eliana and Chehon. I will say though if Tiffany wins over Eliana, while I would be disappointed, I think Tiffany has had an amazing run this season too.

    I’d really like to believe that Nigel was sincere in his comments to Cyrus, but I felt that the finale was the wrong time and place for that to be said, which the cynic in me thinks was to manipulate votes or to sort of pander to the critics of this season being sort of over the whole dumbing down of choreography for a less-talented dancer. I don’t know.

    I think, though, that tonight’s performances, pretty much all of them, were really outstanding, so it was a great night for dance! Thanks SYTYCD!

  28. Dan in TX says:

    It was interesting that they all but admitted that Eliana was responsible for carrying Cyrus early in the competition while they were partnered. I had to wonder if that was fixed. Independent from their comments, I gained a lot of respect for Eliana early on because of how she handled that partnership in such a positive manner. After all, while they were being voted on as a duo, her neck was on the line too.

  29. Crys says:

    Twitch owned Cyrus in his own style.

  30. Benitah says:

    The reason Chehon wasn’t given more to do in The Nutcracker pas de deux is because that’s all that pas de deux really allows the man to do. They might have been able to squeeze in a wee bit of the male variation (a variation is when the two dancers in a pas de deux each dance by themselves) but it would have looked odd to have him dancing and her doing nothing because there would be no choreography for her to dance. It’s ballet and you can’t fudge with the classics too much. They should have gone with the pas de deux from Le Corsaire, that has some fiery male and female dancing.

  31. Theresa says:

    I really don’t have a preference who wins but I am frustrated and angry with Nigel. I think he owes Cyrus an apology for his “I am not going to vote for you” comment. To me, he is trying to sway votes and that remark is not called for but should be kept to himself. How often does he make a comment and the next thing you know, that dancer is in the bottom 3 and then gone the same night. He is a judge and should act like one and not play God with someone’s chances. If this is really suppose to be our choice at the end (last 4 dancers) then let us pick without caustic comments from a stupid judge.

  32. Mike says:

    If Nigel think Cyrus can dance then he definitely also think superman is real
    What really piss me off is that he thinks America is so f… dumb and stupid that they would believe his lies.
    Shame on all of them and especially on Fox that will air just another load of bull crap from NIGEL THE ”HAS-BEEN”.

  33. Ash says:

    This season had no outstanding items! Nigel always gets what he wants.

    I hated Lindsy and Whitny from the start, they were always in the bottom for a reaon, that’s because no one was voting for them, but lo and behold Nigel always saved the two blond Bimbos, whitny shone a little but Lindsy was terrible! I was so happy the day they voted her off she was to weak to even be allowed into the top 20!

    Having said that, after Nigels comments I’d love to see Cyrus and Tiffany should win, I agree with Theresa he should apologise to Cyrus! Nigel should remember its who America loves and not him!

    Can anyone Remember this happened in Season Five?? Where Jeanine won? She was not as Brilliant as the others yet she won? Nigel should just shut the hell up and let America vote!!

    Season nine was one of the worst seasons ever! Through

  34. me says:

    I have never even thought about commenting about this show before, but really, the whole Cyrus joke compels me to. It was pathetic to see the other dancers actually dancing around him on stage. Sonia commented about having to make him “step up his game” and Eliana said she felt that she finally came into her own once she was partnered with Alex (read “I had to work around Cyrus.”) I do not feel that “street dancers” are not “real” dancers; gads, I *luvs* me some Twitch, but Cyrus has just been sad to watch. One trick pony that rode outta town in Vegas…

  35. I actually agree in large part with the order of your list there. Plus, on the Broadway burlesque….not once in ANY of those audition clips did you see Eliana on the pole IN HEELS. For the positions she hit in those shoes…even if she wasn’t already my pick to win I’d have fallen asleep with the phone in my hand, dialing until they cut me off.

  36. Judy says:

    I just want to know when Elians and Cheogn are coming to Australia…. I could watch them both forever!!!! Good on you America for picking the right two!!!!!