Fall TV Preview

NCIS' Season 10 Premiere: 11 Quick Observations

It’s that glorious time of year when the networks start letting loose with screeners of returning shows’ season premieres.

Previously, TVLine has covered Castle’s super-intense/sexy Season 5 opener, Glee’s Season 4 bow and Scandal‘s totally twisty sophomore premiere. This time, it’s the Season 10 premiere of CBS’ NCIS (airing Sept. 25) that showed up on our cyber-doorstep.

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Here, quickly, are 11 not-at-all-spoilery observations about how Harper Dearing has rocked Gibbs’ world.

• How many total casualties were there in the car-bomb attack on the NCIS HQ? “Enough,” one higher-up tersely reports to another.

• The “hand-off” from Ducky to Jimmy Palmer, glimpsed at in this promo, makes me verklempt all over again just recalling it. (That said, Dr. Mallard is down but not out. In fact, he later uncovers a critical clue.)

• Someone who believes themselves to have emerged from the explosion unscathed in fact did not.

• One of the agents hears from his/her dad in the immediate aftermath.

• While trapped in the elevator, Tony makes a James Bond reference that is totally lost on Ziva yet otherwise nails the (intimate-ish) moment perfectly.

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• Dearing is not done blowing up federal agents. Gulp.

• Abby, rendered cynical of the world by Dearing’s treachery, charges one of her colleagues to “Kick. His. Ass.”

• Gibbs quizzes the gang: “What’s a four-letter word for surviving a terrorist attack?”

• Gibbs’ plan to halt Dearing’s reign of terror is met with vocal opposition from at least one of his agents.

• There are two time jumps, of about six weeks each.

• Why is Gibbs measuring his basement space…?

Will you be tuning into the NCIS Season 10 premiere?

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  1. Of course and even recording just in case…

  2. Of course I will be watching the season premiere! You’ve left me wanting to know even more now. Thank you for sharing this with us. You Rock! :)

  3. Susan says:

    Woo-Hoo! Cannot WAIT to see this!

  4. Mel says:

    Go Abby! This makes me even more excited (and nervous) . Thank you so much!

  5. Amanda says:

    I haven’t watched NCIS regularly since Sasha Alexander left (yes, it’s been awhile), but this might get me watching again.

    • Kim R says:

      Amanda! You must go back and catch up. I’ve watched from the very first episode and it is fantastic story telling in the way that only the NCIS peeps can do. :) In my humble opinion, that is. ;)

    • morecowbell94 says:

      Do it Amanda!! :)

    • Jennifer says:

      That’s funny to me considering I started watching when Sasha left the show! I’ve seen repeats with her and was not impressed, wasn’t crazy about her character and chemistry was not as good.

  6. linda says:

    Yes….I love this show

  7. Brenna says:

    cant wait!!! been missing my tiva :)

  8. Luis Matoso says:

    Of course i will watch NCIS Season 10. I’ve seen NCIS since the 1º season and i still love it.

  9. Bill Bruce says:

    Yes ofcourse, my Number 1 show to watch in fall.

  10. Dreamrose says:

    “NCIS” had something of an inauspicious start with its two-part backdoor pilot on “JAG”. I was more than a little put off by some of the frankly weird stuff (like the bizarre corpse-vision and Ducky’s truly creepy demeanor) at the time, but I found it again a few years later after “JAG” went off the air. Boy, am I glad I did! “NCIS” remains one of my favorite TV series, both on and off the air, and I can’t wait for season 10.

    • guest says:

      I agree the JAG episodes of NCIS were not very appealling (the corpus vision and the fact that Gibbs went after Harm were part of my dislike lol!) But I have loved the show since season 1 and can’t wait to see Season 10, will definately be tuning in on Sept. 25th!!!!

  11. Svenja says:

    I am a huge fan of this website and the teases and I know it’s my own fault when I read spoilers but I think this combined with the preview, the promotional pictures and several other spoilers and statements gives too much away. I can already combine 3/4 of the episode with the information this year. The beauty of NCIS was always the aspect of surprise and their strict and secret informational policy. I don’t know.. I love scoop and spoilers and my opinion might be unpopular but I think this year there is too much information on the premiere out there.

  12. ann says:

    you better believe I will be there and recording it..Have to go back I watch it more carefully..Love the show..

  13. Nicole says:

    It must be Ziva’s father that reaches out after the attack. It was spoiled that Eli David would be in the season opener.

  14. Suekay says:

    Can’t wait for Season 10!!!!

  15. Joy says:

    I’ll be watching. Wouldn’t miss it. McGee better come back. There has been so little mention of him.

  16. Joy says:

    BTW I hope Gibbs has said bye bye to JLC. She was not a good match on the show IMO.

  17. Kelly says:

    Oh I’m there! Can’t wait wait to start the season!

  18. Kath says:

    I was close to giving up last season (because of the emphasis on Gibbs, Tony and Vance) but these spoiles sound good. I will tune in, and see what Glassberg has made of the whole gang.

  19. Liana in San Diego says:

    Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Even without your post, I will be there, AND record as well so I can watch again and again. My favorite show. I must watch reruns 6-7-8 times and never tire of any of the shows, even though I know what is going to happen. Stellar acting and writing. LOVE. THIS. SHOW!!!

  20. Chloe says:

    Oh, yes!!!!!!

  21. Carol says:

    Will have to watch On Demand – premier is on Yom Kippur :((

  22. Larc says:

    I’ve been anxiously waiting for S10 since last season ended. NCIS is easily the highlight of my TV week, followed closely by NCIS-LA.

    • Dorothy says:

      Need new writers on NCIS LA too much “G” bakground, if some died on NCIS I would be devistated, it happened on NCIS LA I would just wonder who they would replace with. No fun no believable Hetty is so important. get some new characters on LA

  23. Aimee says:

    Yes, but I have to say that I am tired of being jerked around with the Tony and Ziva thing. Enough is enough. Make a decision one way or the other and stick with it! We are entering season 10 and there is only so much teasing before you just need to p*** or get off the pot!

  24. channeld says:

    Why is there no mention anywhere of the fate of Tim McGee? It almost makes one think that he must have died in the explosion (despite Sean Murray’s contract renewal). Why is he always the forgotten character when it comes to spoilers? He has tons of fans!

    • ohlala says:

      why would you think he is dead if you know he got a contract renewal? pull ur head outta ur a** before commenting

      • channeld says:

        Well, that was certainly unkind.

        My point remains, though: Why do none of the spoilers. and none of the promo pics, mention/show McGee? We have seen/heard mention of *everyone* else on cast but him.

      • RJ says:

        Wow, that was really rude and uncalled for. Characters under contract get let go or quit all the time. Case in point, Sasha Alexander. There has been no mention of McGee in any of the promos or spoilers, so many fans want to know what will happen to him. McGeeks are the forgotten fans…sigh.

        • ohlala says:

          he probably just packed on a few pounds again so they’re 86ing him from promos. regardless, if they got rid of him, they’d have no one for abby, ergo, his ass is still on the show. t’inquiète

  25. Delirious says:

    Gibbs quizzes the gang: “What’s a four-letter word for surviving a terrorist attack?”
    -> My bet’s on “Ziva”. By my count, she already survived at least 4, right? The cafe bombing when Gibbs was in Mexico, the bombing in Morocco, the suicide bomber when Agent Cassidy is killed, and this last one… Did I miss any other attacks?

  26. Stucky says:

    So excited!! Only show I’m look forward to this fall. LOVE LOVE LOVE NCIS!!!

  27. I’ve been a fan from the back-door JAG episode pilot up until the present. I can’t wait for the premiere.

  28. TexasGreatGrams says:

    Of course, I will be watching. One of my favorite shows

  29. Anne says:

    The four letter word is Luck.

  30. Patty says:

    Answer to Gibvs question: LIVE. Do not let the terrorist win.

  31. arial2 says:

    Although I love JLC and Dr. Ryan, I just wasn’t feeling the chemistry. I’d prefer the “other” Abby, Diane Neal’s Coast Guard agent. Even if it’s just as friends, I’d be happy to see her back because I just love the way those two actors play off each other. Re Matt’s ending question: of course I’ll be there; never miss an NCIS premiere!

  32. sladewilson says:

    I can’t see them killing McGee but I don’t trust the NCIS crew – they’ll kill somebody quick fast. All I know is that McGee better be okay…

  33. Stacey says:

    I think it was said by one of the producers that Gibbs is doing another basement project. But it won’t be revealed until the season finale, just what he is building. Makes me wonder what? And how it fits…

  34. Lana says:

    Didn’t know about the Jag beginning, my husband and I discovered NCIS on USA through reruns and fell in love with it and slowly but surely caught up with it and finally started watching the new ones just a few years ago. There was a lot of back tracking but we have now seen all of the seasons shows and have been up to date for two years and this is our favorite show. We love all the characters though Abby is our very favorite with Ducky a close second, or maybe… Oh hell the rest are a close second !!!

  35. hru says:

    could never miss this one

  36. vikki says:

    Definitely I’ve counting down since the season finale thankfully the reruns have prevented me from going into withdrawal

  37. grys03 says:

    be nice to see a “guest appearance” by the JAG team in official capacity or maybe as retired JAG’s looking for help…

    • Kate says:

      There were a few in the first season or two..one of them was Call of Silence…Faith Coleman (character), Bud Made an appearance.

  38. Absolutely I’m gonna watch this! It’s one of the top shows I can’t wait to return (the others being Castle, Once Upon a Time, Bones, SVU, Parenthood, and The Mentalist). I just want it to be premiere week already!

    Also, like everyone else, I’m worried about McGee. Haven’t read anything on him re: the premiere. I hope he’s not the one who’s injured but thinks he isn’t!

  39. DPS says:

    I’m actually worried about Fornell. I’m worried he’s going to get 86’ed. :( It is Ziva’s dad who calls, I think Tony shows some signs of PTSD or something to that effect, Tim takes a while to recover from his injuries and Abby really needs a break from all things bad- so she’s going to take it. (Just my guess.)

    As for what he’s building in his basement- Lord only knows.
    I DO have a feeling someone’s going to end up knocked up by the end of the season.

    • Larc says:

      I certainly hope your fears about Fornell aren’t justified. It would be nice seeing more of him rather than less. The chemistry between Gibbs and him is great.

  40. I wonder if it’s McGee’s dad and McGee that is not ok and thought he was ok. McGee was not shown in the promo, except at the time of the explosion.

  41. LBurke says:

    I wonder if the person that thought they emerged from the explosion unscathed but didn’t was Tony.

    It would might a certain amount of sense…..

    Give Gibbs and Ziva a springboard for some good emotional displays. Give Tony and Ziva a shippers a moment in the elevator and then they could wipe it out with a head injury and memory loss.

    Not to mention it would lead in nicely to what we know about Tony’s Dad coming back.

  42. flowerfriend19 says:

    Yeah!!! It’s the #1 show in our household. We enjoy each and every charector.

  43. DPS says:

    I do think the scathed person is Tony- especially after MW’s little video yesterday.
    I wonder if the Bond reference is from an exchange between Vesper and Bond.

  44. “Someone who believes themselves to have emerged from the explosion unscathed in fact did not.”


  45. Disappointed says:

    Can we work on casting? The laxative lady as Jethro’s love interest? Come on! What next Maybe Gloria Steinim as the director of NCIS and Rue McClanahan to replace Ziva.

  46. Gemini says:

    Love NCIS! Can’t wait for the new season. Did not like JLC and Gibbs…no chemistry. Hope all the characters return.

  47. Taurus says:

    Bring back Hollis Mann as Gibbs love interest. That was chemistry!!! :))

    • Sami says:

      Yeah, I agree. Gibbs & Mann made a great couple. Would love to see her back and if not her Boren would be great. I worry about Ducky, nobody has said anything about him. I would hope we would learn more about his relationship with Gibbs…how it started.

  48. Carol says:

    Definitely will watch. Love all the characters on NCIS and Michael Weatherly (Tony) is wonderful!

  49. Taylor says:

    I think I’m most excited for the last one haha. New boat? :D

  50. Sheryl Cigler says:

    I think I have caught up on all past episodes but why do they not carry all 9 past seasons on Netflex? It would be so easy to go back and catch up.