Exclusive: Revenge Boss Reveals Why We Won't Meet Conrad's MIA Son -- For Now

Revenge fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of Conrad Grayson’s other son — the one from his first marriage — heed our advice: Patience is a virtue, and one you’re going to need.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the previously reported introduction of Daniel’s half-brother has been tabled for the foreseeable future — but why? As showrunner Mike Kelley explains, there’s already too much testosterone-tinged chaos happening in Emily’s life during Season 2 without him.

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“Right now, we’re really exploring the character that Barry Sloane is playing,” he tells us, “which is someone who was in revenge school with Emily and was really her first adult love.”

In order to truly delve into this male character — whose relationship with our leading lady organically “turned into a really satisfying story” — Kelley and his trusty team have decided to “hold off for a little while before we bring in another young man to complicate this further.”

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The EP shares that the chemistry between Emily VanCamp and Sloane, as her new-old flame, “is really strong,” which should tide viewers over until the time comes to bring on the Grayson mystery man. “We’re enjoying [telling] their flashback stories,” he says, “and also [exploring] a present-day dynamic between these two really passionate people who share a common goal, but are at odds with how much they trust each other.”

And, assures Kelley, “We do still plan to get to Conrad’s first family [in the show] during the latter part of this season.”

Thoughts on the MIA Grayson delay? Intrigued by Emily’s new man? Hit the comments!

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  1. Gerald says:

    That makes sense, so that’s okay. Besides, it seems that they already have way too many characters already this season (and we don’t want a True Blood situation here)

  2. Mary says:

    I can understand not wanting to bring in another male just yet since Emily already has 3 love interests. For the record I don’t understand her supposed great love with Jack, they were friends one summer that doesn’t translate into adulthood love.

    • GeoDiva says:

      Agree…. her and Jack are dullest of them all.

    • Agreed. I still fail to see the appeal of Jack and Emily. She’s almost become another person now, that doesn’t have anything to do with the little Amanda anymore. And Jack is in love with who Amanda WAS. I don’t think he’d fall for the new version of Amanda/Emily.

    • lilys87 says:

      Thank you ! This show is full of inconsistencies but this one really bothers me the most.

      • iMember says:

        Haha! The last thing Revenge is full of is inconsistencies. This show is very consistent when it comes to the tiny details as much as the big. It’s one of the reasons why it’s such good television.

    • cj says:

      i think it’s mostly because emily is stuck in the past, mentally & emotionally. ever since she was 9 years old or whatever she’s been on this revenge track, so on a certain level she hasn’t really grown up. the idea of being with her childhood sweetheart sounds appealing, and normal, which she hasn’t had since her dad died. but ya’ll are right, she’s not the girl she used to be, and settling down with jack is probably not the most likely scenario if and when he finds out who she really is, which is to say her personality and character, not just that she is amanda.

      • Mary says:

        They knew each other one summer, how is that childhood love?

        • iMember says:

          Because as children, there are certain people who leave large imprints on us. For Emily, a person who lives in the past (specifically that one summer), it’s not a mystery why Jack means so much to her. I mean, for goodness sake, she gave him Sammy when she had to leave and look how long that dog lived! Sammy is kind of a symbol of that in a way.

  3. mia says:

    Seems like a wise decision. Its comforting to know the showrunners are reflecting on what they are doing and doing what’s best for the series. Makes me believe we’re in good hands.

  4. luli says:

    when did they mention that conrad had a son in his first marriage???!

    • Ethan says:

      I want to know this too. I don’t recall anything about a second son.

      • darcywilson says:

        It’s been established that Conrad was married to another woman before Victoria, and Mike Kelley has said he has children from that marriage, I don’t think it’s come up in the show, but that’s where it’s been heard.

      • soarin829 says:

        I was also really confused, trying to remember when this had come up before. Glad to know I’m not crazy. Well, for this reason anyway… ;)

  5. jake says:

    I still want to see Emily with Daniel and I hope that daniel’s about shift in personality after his closed door meeting with his father is revealed.

    If you don’t already know, Revenge moves to Sundays at 9, followed by fellow Brothers and sisters alum’s Dave Annabelle in 666 Park Avenue at 10 on sept 30th

    • Gina says:

      I was hoping Daniel had decided to run the company on the up and up and make amends for the death of David Clarke eventually. Blood is thicker than water though. Sounds like there are going to continue to be lots of twists and turns ahead.

  6. shuayb says:

    They never mentioned it, but they have said that Conrad was married before hence he had to have a child from that Marriage.

  7. Dean Girl says:

    No way people Jack is the better man.

  8. George2k says:

    Im on team Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross ,,, the relationship is there the undertone if true love is there to.

    They both have each other back anytime and they fight like they are a married couple :)

    • Mary says:

      I enjoy their friendship but I’m not rooting for them as a couple. To me they fight more like brother and sister then a married couple.

  9. roro says:

    Emily will never love Daniel. It’s over. Even if somehow his company makes amends for her Dad’s death, I don’t think Emily could truly love him. And she will never forget how he violently attacked her. I agree that Jack is the better man.

  10. Maryam says:

    Emily and Jack will be endgame. No if and or buts about it

    • iMember says:

      You can’t really say that. In a show where anything can happen, there is no certain endgame. Only the creators of the show know where Emily’s endgame will be. Who knows, what if the end of this story is Emily’s death!?

  11. Diorite says:

    The new guy is not attractive!

  12. omelus says:


  13. lorna says:

    Maybe cuz i’m palz with the actor, but team jack/emily van camps character. Daniel pissed me off., plus the dying dog scene. Wah!

  14. LALAlady says:


  15. bella says:

    you people may think emily and daniel make a better couple than emily and jack but you need to keep in mind he is her half brother at the end of the day! they may look nice togther but he is a grayson after all just remember blood is thicker then water! i think takeda has a very big part in this as he appears and disapears when even he like and wen he does appear he does somthing drastic for instance he shot tyler, at times i think hes the bad guy cause hes mysterious and private. takeda could also be behind amandas pregnacy as i do not believe that baby is jacks, it could be to keep emily on track and for her to not be distracted by jack as emilys goal is and always has been to bring her fathers honour backa nd take revenge on the graysons. plus i believe lydia is dead as she is not needed any more. also that the white haired guy is a good guy as he has yet not told conrad that emily is the one and only amanda clark plus he knows that she has bugged his study as he pics the photo of emily and daniel where the camera is inserted and winks at it! cant wait for season 2! :)

  16. Annie says:

    Emily/Daniel cannot be half siblings since they do not have the same mother nor the same father..perhaps they could be considered step siblings. I am an Emily/Nolan fan. Jack doesnt fit and Daniel has too strong blood connection with his family.

  17. Steffi says:

    I think It would be gross even in the eyes of the writers f they want to hook Emily and Daniel knowing that they are half-siblings. Emily and Daniel are not half siblings even though they both shared the same half sibling which is Charlotte. And they are not step siblings as well as step siblings mean that when one of your parents remarried the children that the parents have before the marriage that have no blood relations with you is that step siblings. Both Victoria and David came close of eloping but it didn’t come to realization. So there is no way that Daniel could be half sibling of Emily and vice versa. Otherwise in the future it will be revealed somehow that they share one parent.