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Exclusive Glee First Look Video: Sue's Catty New Sidekick Gives Kurt a Reality Check

Kitty’s got claws! And the catty new Cheerio digs ‘em into lingering McKinley grad Kurt Hummel in this exclusive first look video from Season 4 of Fox’s Glee.

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Sue introduces the aforementioned Kitty (played by series newcomer Becca Tobin) to Kurt, and viewers, as her new “head bitch,” when the brassy blonde dutifully takes Sue’s newborn for a diaper change.

This Kitty, though, isn’t about saying hello. Instead, she gives Kurt something to think about — namely his in-flux status as a high school grad still lamenting his turn-down from NYADA. As the cheerleader muses, “I thought all gay people were successful overachievers?”

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Will Kitty’s cutting words give Kurt the nudge he needs to make a move in his life? Press PLAY below for the sneak peek, then watch Glee‘s season opener next Thursday, Sept 13, at 9/8c.

Comments (160)

  • That drumming was way too loud, hope they fix the score volume when it airs (not that I’ll be watching, have seen enough previews now to know I’ve outgrown the show), could barely hear the dialogue.

    Comment by *sigh* – September 9, 2012 03:37 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I wonder if everyone commenting here is seriously offended by the show ‘community’?

    Comment by murley – September 10, 2012 07:08 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Did Glee really need another female character on that show that every time she opens her mouth spews hate and makes someone want to reach through their tv and slap her? In real life someone like Kitty would have already had her butt stomped when she said something like that to just the wrong person with anger management issues. It seems like they are trying to replace Quinn, Puck and Rachel with these new characters of Kitty, Jake and Marley. What’s next, Blake from the Glee Project will play a character that is a lot like Finn and there is another convoluted love quadrangle between the four of them that made me sick of the whole thing by the end of Season 2? Then are they going to add two new characters to the Jessie and Santana parts of that whole nonsense. I was hoping for more originality than this.

    Comment by Debra – September 10, 2012 11:33 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • i want dianna agron to stay <3 quinn febray <3

    Comment by LoRi RoDrIgUeZ (@luv_lorisuicide) – September 12, 2012 12:26 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • .
    The ‘Makeover’ episode of ‘Glee’ was a complete INSULT to anyone
    who has ever tried to break into the magazine or fashion industry.

    Even with all the connections and experience in the world — it would be
    next to impossible to land a job that amazing (especially after having
    confessed that “in four years” you’d hope to remain there “part-time”).

    Even if a person actually followed the proper procedures and channels — they
    could not even get an internship at ‘Better Guns & Ammo’ as easily as ‘Glee’
    so FALSELY portrayed Kurt Hummel “somehow” managing to do at ‘Vogue’.

    And worst of all — the audience is expected to IGNORE the FACT that Kurt
    is supposed to be a 3-month’s prior HIGH-SCHOOL grad who was on the
    wait-list to get into his local OHIO community-college — and, yet, without a
    college-degree (ex. fashion merchandising, fashion design, magazine copy,
    etc) or even a single college-credit — our young 18-year old kid, who hails
    from some small town located “in the sticks” of Ohio (the “fashion capital
    of the world” — oh wait, I’m sorry, just like everyone else on the planet –
    I keep mistaking Lima, Ohio for being Paris, France … my apologies) as
    he simply email’s “various pix of his ebay-purchased and hand-made outfits”
    (or as they referred to it on the show, his online “resume” … give me break).
    Glee failed it’s fans in it’s handling of storylines ranging in everything from
    domestic-violence to outed-athletes … and now it insists on insulting it’s fans
    – in making it appear that a person can fail their audition TWICE — yet STILL
    get accepted into NYADA (while the one who had nailed the audition in flying
    colors, is rejected); that a high-school senior would apply to only ONE
    college; and that a person can move to NYC — get a large apartment
    – and within days to weeks of their arrival, manage to get what
    would be THE MOST COVETED internship in the world
    of fashion or magazines via emailing pictures of outfits.
    What a pathetic portrayal of life after high school.
    In the media world the term “jumping the shark” is used when
    a television program has run out of steam and creative ideas
    – and — in a last-ditch effort to maintain it’s fan-base –
    decides to throw in one totally-preposterous storyline.
    It seems to me that the ‘Glee’ has clearly managed to “jump the shark”
    with the ridiculous Vogue-internship storyline of the ‘Makeover’ episode.
    – and by doing so — may have managed to strike the final nail in it’s coffin.

    Comment by Notsogleekynow Smith – September 28, 2012 02:20 PM PDT  Reply To This Post

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