Exclusive Glee First Look Video: Sue's Catty New Sidekick Gives Kurt a Reality Check

Kitty’s got claws! And the catty new Cheerio digs ’em into lingering McKinley grad Kurt Hummel in this exclusive first look video from Season 4 of Fox’s Glee.

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Sue introduces the aforementioned Kitty (played by series newcomer Becca Tobin) to Kurt, and viewers, as her new “head bitch,” when the brassy blonde dutifully takes Sue’s newborn for a diaper change.

This Kitty, though, isn’t about saying hello. Instead, she gives Kurt something to think about — namely his in-flux status as a high school grad still lamenting his turn-down from NYADA. As the cheerleader muses, “I thought all gay people were successful overachievers?”

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Will Kitty’s cutting words give Kurt the nudge he needs to make a move in his life? Press PLAY below for the sneak peek, then watch Glee‘s season opener next Thursday, Sept 13, at 9/8c.

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  1. Lorena says:

    Why does this show have to make it seem like going to a community college is a bad thing? At least he had plans to attend college instead of wallowing around in sadness for not getting into NYADA which he should of since he nailed his audition instead of stalking the person holding the auditions like Rachel did, after he choked on hers.

    • Sara says:

      As someone who attended CC for their AA Degree, and then transferred – I totally agree.

      • Lorena says:

        Exactly. I got my AA and instead of transferring to a traditional 4-year, I instead went for a certification in Business Management and now have a great career. I can’t with this show making it seem like there is only one way to make your dream come true.

        • Grace says:

          If Glee were real life, 80% of the seniors would be going to schools in Ohio. Believe it or not, there schools in Ohio that don’t suck. Oberlin College is one of the top-ranked liberal arts colleges in the country and Ohio State is a top 20 public school. College of Wooster and Miami University of Ohio are also pretty good.

          • Lorena says:

            pretty much. and state schools aren’t all that bad either, considering it would make one’s tuition a lot cheaper. Rachel being roomies with Kurt, having all that money going to her boarding go to waste, truly boggles my mind. you don’t get that money back, not all of it anyway.

          • Scarlett Rose says:

            Yeah… Miami University is #2 in undergraduate teaching in the nation. Ohio State is a phenomenal school, and then there’s Case… I’m not sure the writers did their homework on Ohio colleges. What a surprise. People rarely go out of state because the schools in-state are so highly ranked.

        • Grace says:

          Also, congrats on your degree and making your dreams come true :)

        • RDH says:

          “I can’t with this show…” ? Good job on the a AA.

    • Kat says:

      Kurt nails his audition and doesn’t get into NYADA. Quinn, who spent her senior year scheming to get her baby back, randomly decides to apply to Yale, one of the most competitive colleges in the country, last minute and gets in. Really? That’s pretty much offensive to anyone who goes to college.

      • Lorena says:

        wow, when you put those two next to each other it makes me even angrier at Glee’s cruddy planning and writing.

        • Aren says:

          Must admit was pretty lame. Quinn was all over the place with her insanity then just turn into one with the most sound advisor and what you should do with your life knowledge. Besides, the whole business of cloning the original characters for McKinley and the New Directions is just totally unimaginative and a bore. What, Sue season 3 got preggers and turned into a New Direction believer and helped them into Nationals win then into the original Sue with her isms and bullying. Kitty the new Quinn. This will be something to tune out for me. Not interested in the least. And what? I’ve seen Batman costume on Blaine in spoilers. Please!! Spare me. As for Kurt and community college, I see nothing wrong with it. He’s going to NY and find his place and passion for himself-fashion. That was what he was season 1 Fashionista extraordinaire.

      • Dell says:

        College admissions can be a toss up. Get over it already. There are MILLIONS of talented seniors across the US who don’t get into top musical programs.

      • waldorf says:

        kurt didn’t get in in because he basically had a blank page. he hasn’t a curriculum full of activities, is sad but it’s true. he was not rejected for his vocals skills. he’s very much talented and he’s truly wonderful. his rejection it’s really unfair but due to the lack of credits. that’s all

      • em says:

        Seriously. I worked my butt off, did all the activities I was supposed to, and didn’t get into Yale (I did apply). This isn’t a complaint; I ended up at OSU, which I loved and fit what I needed and wanted. There are more ways for life to go and I hate how unrealistic this seems. I know this has never been Glee’s goal, but really. There is nothing wrong with a state school. Ahhh. I don’t know what I’m trying to say. Glee has just ticked me off for the last time (and I hate how they portray Ohio! And this is coming from a girl who can’t wait to get out!).

        • livelife says:

          that carmen was impressed by him i agree with waldorf he was rejected because he had a blank resume. (naya voice of the whole fandom pointed out that it was a stupid rejectio haha ) but we know he’ll be in NYC soon so if he takes some clubs and stuff he could re apply.
          Kurt deserve everything good in his life (: altough drama aside i’m just happy to see his face again

        • Lynn says:

          It’s not about Ohio as a specific, and it’s not about state schools/ community colleges. It’s the fact that Kurt had all of these huge dreams of going to school in New York and being where the action is, and making it, and instead… he stayed at home. I understand that it is more cost effective and a good education, and I’m sure that the writers don’t actually think poorly of CC. I’m just let down that he didn’t charge into New York, or apply to any other performing arts schools, not that he’s doing CC.

          Plus, Santana is going to the University of Louisville (or some state school in Kentucky), and didn’t they say that Mercedes was also taking classes at CC while in LA (though I may not be remembering clearly)? The point is, the writers aren’t putting ALL of them at fantastic schools. But, I do think that putting Rachel in NYADA, Quinn at Yale, and Mike at whatever dance institute place is supposed to be a message to kids that if they follow their passions and work hard, their dreams can come true, no matter where they’ve been or what has happened to them.

          • katebust46 says:

            Well said!

            And I’m sure the writers don’t have anything against community college. It’s a very in-character response to Sue to diss community college. And the line works because it’ll likely be one of many (from others and likely self-infilicted) that erodes Kurt’s forced positivity until he picks himself up and heads off to New York. Community college is a great option for some people, but for the show, won’t it be more interesting to see him go to New York then stay in Lima? Moreover, Kurt achieves his dreams without even going to college (the internship at Vogue), so he’s showing an alternative to education entirely!

      • Filiberto says:

        I don’t know how it is the selection in US (I’m from Mexico) but Quinn actually was a good student in the other years and also had extracurricular activities, does the last year is the only that counts??

    • Rocker Rocker says:

      Seriously? “Nailed” the audition? Only in the world of GLEE would a Kurt even be allowed to audition for any music school. (Then again, NYADA isn’t real. I mean, Jessie St. James is an infinitely superior singer and even he didn’t get in.) No music school in the country would take his shrill vocals or spazzy dancing.
      But he’d do fine in the theater department of his local community college.

      • Dell says:


      • waldorf says:

        “No music school in the country would take his shrill vocals or spazzy dancing.” this is offensive and repetitive. and i don’t agree with you at all. but again we’re all different, thank god.

      • Anna says:

        If you’re going to stretch reality for Quinn, why not Kurt? Kurt’s at least likeable.

      • evudently says:

        lol. yes.

      • springdrop says:

        You have to draw a distinction between the actor and the character he’s playing. Jonathan Groff is an amazing singer, period. But you heard what Carmen told Jessie when they spoke at Nationals. Obviously, in the story-line he wasn’t a good enough singer to get into that school.
        It’s the Blaine story all over again. Darren Criss is not the best, still he’s a fairly good singer. Blaine is, however, the star, the super duper talented kid with tons of experience and who everybody worship.
        Mercedes, too. Nobody in their right mind would ever try to compare Lea Michele and Amber Riley in real life, because their voices and styles are way too different. Still, in Glee Rachel is a better singer than Mercedes.

        It’s fiction, and in fiction Kurt nailed his audition and was rejected. Rachel failed miserably, whined about it for the rest of the season, got solos at Nationals and got in. It’s not about who’s more talented. It’s about Rachel being the main character of the show and getting her way for the plot to make sense. And it’s about Kurt not getting his way immediately, then waking up and realizing that singing is not the only thing he’s passionate about. They’re trying to teach a lesson in their weird, our-writing-sucks-but-whatever kind of way.

        And anyway, I know of people who got into music schools even though they couldn’t carry a tune and who became outstanding performers. So really, you make no sense.

    • Nguyen says:

      It’s a bad thing for Kurt. He was born to be a star on Broadway.

    • dude says:

      Is it possible for a Glee fan to make a comment without turning it into some dig at another ship/character. If you have to tear someone else down to make your point, it’s not a very strong one.

    • dude says:

      Is it possible for a Glee fan to make a comment without turning it into some dig at another ship/character. If you have to tear someone else down to make your point, it’s not a very strong one. I do agree however about community college, I graduated from the journalism program at Durham College this July and found that their hands-on learning was far more effective than anything I’d learn from a university textbook.

    • Kim says:

      This bugged me too. Community college is cheaper (which in this economy is a good thing). But they’re playing it off like he’s a Lima loser. I just finished my LPN program and going on for my RN all from a community college. Oy…

      • haha-please says:

        i think everyone is missing the point. kurt doesn’t seem too ashamed about having to go to community college. it’s SUE that is finding something to pick on him about. and did you not forget that SUE was a bitch and has done that for practically a living? no one here should argue about community college vs. university, we get it. honestly, in las vegas (which IMO has some not-so-good colleges and universities) our community college and our univerist of southern nevada have the SAME QUALITY in courses. So what most students do is get most of their core classes done in community, then transfer. because it does look better getting a degree in a university, everyone can agree on that. So yes, kurt is taking a step down from something better, but that does not mean he doesn’t have a chance to turn it around.

        • SaraP says:

          That’s the impression I got too. I mean, Ryan Murphy’s from Indianapolis and went to IU-Bloomington, so I think he and Glee are portraying the angsty love-hate (mostly hate) relationships that many teenagers have with their hometowns if they’re not from fabulous places like NY or LA rather than specifically ragging on Lima, Ohio, or the Midwest. (I’m from a small town in Michigan, so I remember that desire to escape and the hope that life would be better elsewhere–anywhere else, really.)

          As for the community college piece, you can get a good education just about anywhere if you show up and do the work, plus it’s often a much better fit since the professors are generally there to teach and aren’t up to their eyeballs in research (and, you know, there’s the whole less debt thing, which is also pretty huge). Hopefully Murphy will take the opportunity to show that through Kurt.

          • Lex says:

            Just saying, it’s not only kids from small towns that want to get out. I grew up in the heart of San Francisco and couldn’t wait to move to a smaller town. I think it’s just kids wanting to prove that they are their own person and leave the nest.

    • Lydia says:

      I agree. I go to a community college and I’m as successfull as any of my other friends that go to universities and HBCU’s.

    • MiniMeRedhead says:

      i agree 100% and community college is awesome! peopple who get into university think ppl in community college are ideots. but we get the practical hands on learning where in university it’s all the text book thoretical stuff! I’m proud to go to community college!

    • Ross Wiley says:

      A charcter makes a statement and automatically the entire show is about that? The new girl, who is obviously rich and bitchy, thinks community college is a fail. I hate to break it to you, lot of people think that, doesnt make it true, doesnt mean the show Glee, or any of its writers think its true.

      In season 2, David bullied Kurt. Made homophobic comments. Does Glee hate gay people? In season 1 Artie was thrown in a dumpster. Does Glee hate handy-cappable people? For 3 years, the New Directions have had slushies thrown in their faces. Does that mean Glee hates glee clubs? If I know Glee, they will spend a couple of episodes, where Kurt is unsure, and maybe dissapointed with his choice to be in community college, untill a life affirming event happens making Kurt realise, it doesnt matter what other people think, and its a valid choice for his life.

      • thank the lord jesus christ someone realized this!! I mean for gods sake people..this is glee! sometimes we are unsure about ryans choices but they all work out in the end for the better and obviously,Kitty is suppossed to be a bitch and so is sue freaking sulvester so who cares what they think..obviously Kurt didnt very much you can hear it in his voice

      • Emily says:

        Exactly! :)

    • Darren says:

      It’s more like they’re stomping on the fact that he got rejected from NYADA and has to go to a Community College which is the complete opposite in “rank.” I think the point was to rub in the fact that he was rejected.

    • Matt says:

      Since the beginning, the show has poked fun at gays, lesbians, asians, latinos, jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, obsessive-compulsives, teachers, coaches, virgins, and non-virgins. But somehow community college students should be off-limits?

    • Filiberto says:

      Here in Mexico, all the Public/community college (universities) are the most wanted and respected, while most of the private college/universities are considered to be schools for lazy rich people that just assist to class in order to buy their degree (of course this is in a general sense, there’s big and great exceptions to this perspective), it’s such a shame that in US, wich have a great education level, dimise the work of such great institutions

      • Boo says:

        It’s the same in my country, too.
        I personally think that spending 50k a year to get the same education you’d get at a community college is a scam. You’re not paying for your education, you’re paying for the name of the university. And people being in debt at 18? That’s just sad, honestly.

      • Randi says:

        just to explain the difference, community colleges in the US are not the same as public universities in other college. community colleges in the US are usually 2 years schools where one goes to get their general education, AA or a career certificate before moving on to more schooling. They rarely have dorms and you usually have to have been living in the state for at least one year to attend. Some people even go to take “fun” classes like art or dancing because you can pay per class/unit. i know many people who have succeeded from these programs but also a lot who just drop out b/c its easier to work and get caught up in “high school drama” still

    • Ruby says:

      Totally agree. Kurt did excellently in his audition.

    • CardNation says:

      Yeah, and why do people break out in song all the time, and why is Sue always making fun of and being mean everyone. Oh that’s right, because it’s not real life. Wow. You guys nee do calm down and realize it’s a fictional t.v. show. If someone decides not to go to a community college because Sue Sylvester (a fictional character from a fictional show) made fun of it, then that person has a lot more issues that they need to work on other than choosing a college.

    • i agree but its sue thats what she does

  2. James says:

    Still mad Kurt didn’t get into NYADA

  3. Chloe says:

    I tell you man, these Glee writers really know how to be original with their new characters.

    What’s next? Kitty Kat gets knocked up by Puck’s younger brother, but ultimately chooses Marley in the end?

  4. Claudia says:

    Glee can honestly go eff itself. I’m so tired of this crap. Stop using your gay characters as your punching bag. This clip is offensive. It is not funny. And Glee should be ashamed of itself for trying to act like it is so inspiring when all it does is put people who are different down and make them fail at everything they do.

    • anne says:

      I agree that it’s not the least bit funny.

    • Kay says:

      I totally agree with everything you said.

    • Lynn says:

      You know what I’m so tired of? If something bad happens to a gay character, people automatically link it to the character’s sexuality. If we are going to sugarcoat fictional life for gay characters on TV, that’s actually treating them differently, and contradicting the idea that gays and straights deserve the same rights. People have to be separated from their sexuality, and it doesn’t define them.

      Kitty and Sue are representative of the bigoted people that do ridicule gays, and the audience is supposed to dislike them. It’s the exact opposite view of the writers, who exaggerate these views to show how offensive they are.

      Also, to those debating whether or not Kurt should have gotten accepted to NYADA, consider this: “It’s All Coming Back to Me”, was a MUCH better performance than “Not the Boy Next Door”. His voice is great, but kind of a one trick pony, and I frankly found his choreography to be off-putting. Chris Colfer is a great actor, and Kurt is a great character (one of my favorites, actually), but if you can with a straight face say that Kurt deserved NYADA over Rachel, you’re crazy.

      This is not an attack on his sexuality or anything like that. I am judging based on performances alone.

  5. Leslie says:

    Dear Glee Writers: There is nothing wrong with being in a community college (I’m attending one right now, in fact) but the whole arc of Kurt’s story has been about his desire to leave Lima asap. In season one he said of his own inner strength: “It’s what’s gonna get me out of this cow town.” He has always felt stifled there, in a place where his father gets threatening anonymous phone calls about him, a place where his life was threatened by his closeted bully.

    I can live with the fact that Kurt’s dream of being a performer has been unceremoniously abandoned. But I absolutely REFUSE to believe that Kurt would roll over and accept staying in Lima past high school. Kurt Hummel, a detail-oriented master planner, would have had a hundred backup plans for out-of-state schools in case NYADA fell through. This is really ridiculous and out of character. And it’s painful to watch an authority figure calling him pathetic after all he’s been through.

    • Kay says:

      I so agree with you. I don’t understand what they have against Kurt. Why does he never catch a break. He gets screwed out of the college of his choice (NYADA) when he clearly should have been accepted. Then when he does plan to attend a community college, he gets bullied about it by a student (Kitty) and a supposed “educator” (Sue). Sue is the biggest bully there is and I can’t believe they allow her to get away with the crap she gets away with. I’ll be glad when Kurt does finally get out of there and go to NYC. I still don’t understand how he got the Vogue.com internship since he had no journalism background (I don’t recall him ever working on the school newspaper or anything like that) but this is Glee and they really take liberties with their ideas.

    • marley says:

      “It’s what’s gonna get me out of this cow town.”
      exactly my point, he deserved to get out it was the first one who wanted to make it on his own.

      “I can live with the fact that Kurt’s dream of being a performer has been unceremoniously abandoned. ” i kinda disagree/agree to this. because after watching kurt and his dreams shattered i still can’t believe it that he will stop pursuing the broadway career. i mean if it’s not nyada he could still re aplly to another school with a music departement. or in my humble opinion he could still re try with NYADA, this time with a full curriculum! that was the only reason of his stupid rejection. carmen was impressed by him and with some actives there and there he could make it. they should have built a storyline around this fashion thing.. it’s all too fast.

      “But I absolutely REFUSE to believe that Kurt would roll over and accept staying in Lima past high school. Kurt Hummel, a detail-oriented master planner, would have had a hundred backup plans for out-of-state schools in case NYADA fell through. This is really ridiculous and out of character. And it’s painful to watch an authority figure calling him pathetic after all he’s been through.”

      i agree. he was bullied by the whole school plus karofky, he got assulted, name called, he lost his mother, almost lost his dad, had broblem with his step brother, changed school,changed school again, lost some of his friends, lost the election (totally unfair he really could have made a difference) lost nyada (and he nailed the audition), there’s more?? just make it stop.

    • Ben says:

      It’s pretty hilarious how people think Sue speaks for the show. If Sue uses it to bully someone, you can be pretty sure that’s NOT how the writers feel about community college.

  6. Nicole says:

    That girl would so get my hand around her face,,, if that was me,, and I am very slap happy and heavy handed… she trying to be the new Santana or something,, aint working dudette

  7. Michael says:

    Glee seriously might have the worst writing team on the planet. What’s even worse is they seem to know it, and they find it hilarious. Just look at the line of making fun of ‘Quinn.’ The show jumped the shark HARD and FAST after season 2. I, too, attended community college before transferring to get my BA [now working on my MFA in screenwriting] and was surprised by how many people actually take that route. The first 2 years of college are basically two extra years of high school. Why pay 20,30,40thousand+ a year for that when you can attend a community college for a couple hundred dollars. Once again Glee manages to not only insult itself, but the rest of America too.

  8. ladyruth54 says:

    People still watch Glee?

    • murley says:

      i watch it. apparently everyone else just watches clips of it and reads articles about it and then complains about it with an undue degree of intensity.

    • me3muffins says:

      I think about that every single day of my life and yet here i am :P mostly for klaine though

  9. alla says:

    meh i’m only watching the show because of kurt so i’m happy to see him
    though i agree with some of you. sue is really a bully.

  10. ano says:

    you only watch less than one minute scene and you already complaining, it happened to every glee article. i swear gleeks are the worst fan who took everything too seriously, relax a little bit

    • drels says:

      i don’t think they complained about the clip. more the storylines in general. lol which is fine i guess. i would be mad too but yeah we should all wait for the ep. ;D

  11. Rocker Rocker says:

    The comments on this board are hilarious. Reality check, your Kurt fans. Kurt would never – repeat, NEVER – get into a NYADA in the real world. His shrill, limited vocals (pretty when not high falsetto, but not nearly good enough in that range for any music school) and his spazzy, awkward, laughable dancing wouldn’t get him through the door, let alone into a prestigious musical school.
    I mean, Jessie St. James – an outstanding singer – didn’t even make it in, how the eff do you think Kurt would?
    Murphy was absolutely correct in making his character NOT make it. It’s the only real thing GLEE has achieved all last season.
    This is not my opinion – this is the fact. I know it’s only make believe, but nevertheless. It’s delusional.

    • PSliv says:

      Look this is your opinion. i’m not going to argue with you. evrybody has different opinions, and many people don’t agree with you. so unless you don’t want to say nice things since this article is about kurt and you clearly don’t like him you should stay out of this. comment the things you like instead of bashing the things the others ? lol

    • waldorf says:

      yet the internet and various journals were full of articles about the fact it was stupid rejecting him so this is clearly your opinion (;

    • Boo says:

      So, where’s your degree?

    • Lynn says:

      I agree with you whole heartedly. And, as proven in the first episode of season 3, there are thousands of kids just like Kurt, probably most of which have better voices. There are thousands of Rachel’s too, but Lea Michele obviously can hold her own on Broadway, and is just as talented as most, if not all of them.

  12. waldorf says:

    btw i don’t like that hat (but i really like the outfit!) his hair are awesome. haha #freehair please.

  13. FSG says:

    I’m tired of everyone complaining that Glee is portraying community college as bad. Of course Community colleges aren’t bad — they’re just not ideal for most people. Many people transfer out of community colleges to attend four year universities (I hope to next year). Of course, life circumstances can make community college ideal for an individual (can’t afford 4-year tuition, family, work obligations) — still, enrolling into a community college isn’t traditionally seen as the pinnacle of achievement.

  14. Guadalupe says:

    Really is this a positive commentary, Kurt had a new view point about the life After the graduated, remember he is more stronger and never give up, He is inspirational, Leave Ohio for his dream, and probably lose his boyfriend. Teenagers enjoy their times in the school.

  15. Heidi says:

    I don’t know why I still watch this show to be honest. I think at this point its just for the cast’s performances even that started lacking last season. I used to watch glee for its story now its just for the performances. Kurt going to CC is not a bad thing glee you know what is bad a thing girls relying on there boyfriends or some man to save them and teach them a lesson each time. Start working on some strong female characters not pathetic can’t take a step without the help of a guy that’s being a loser imo.

  16. epete says:

    Is everyone seriously upset about this college thing on Glee? It’s a television show people. Get over it.

  17. Naomi says:

    I don’t understand American Universities or Colleges, in scotland you pick one subject to do at university/college and do it! Unless you pick a joined degree then you pick 2 also you can apply for as many places as you want… I’m applying for UCLA next year and I’ve NO idea what I’m doin D:… But iii don’t understand how Carmen LOVED Kurt but didn’t let him in?? Sad times poor kurt

    • I think Scottish universities (or even British universities) are altogether more accessible entities than their American equivalents. Of course in Scotland we don’t pay tuition as home students at a Scottish university, but the cost involved with studying in the US is still significantly higher even the most expensive fees in the most expensive places to live.

      As for the subject thing, I don’t know if you’re discussing this in the context of having attended a Scottish university already but heres how it worked for me. I applied for a joint degree of two subjects, but throughout my first and second years (the two pre-honours years as it were) but was still required to pick two outside 20 credit courses in another subject.

  18. Lena says:

    People REALLY need to stop saying how it’s a travesty that Kurt didn’t get into NYADA and is still in Ohio. For one, both he and Rachel were IDIOTS for only applying to ONE COLLEGE. Two, you can have a stellar GPA, many extracurriculars and special talents and still not get into a school! And again, WHY did they make it out like NYADA was the only performing arts school in New York? There’s NYU, Columbia…there are THOUSANDS of school in New York!

  19. jules says:

    first of all its television…suspend ur disbelief…second of all it was kurts dream to go to nyada which is why they focused on that…no one evr said community college is bad…they were trying to make the point that these kids were all underdogs with big dreams and because they worked hard, they can begin to make their dreams cone true

    • Pac says:

      Second of all, it’s television: plot twist. Suspend your disbelief and come to terms that Kurt did not get in.

      • liza says:

        I can come to terms with him not getting in. But I REFUSE to believe that he’ll let the fact that he didn’t get in to stop him from achieving his dreams. or leaving lima, ohio.

    • Kay says:

      Actually, Kurt and Rachel first mentioned Juilliard, but Emma advised them that it didn’t have a musical theater program but suggested NYADA instead. So they picked NYADA.

  20. nameless says:

    lol all of the rage over a clip

  21. gleek's anatomy says:

    One question to all gleeks who are angry about these 50 sec. ! Why don’t you guys relax, be excited and look what will happen ? WE DIDNT HAVE SEE ONE EPISODE YET !!!
    So please … PLEASE chill your lives and stop complaining for one day ! Sincerely, a rally big Lea & Chris Fan :-)

  22. aaron says:

    Lol you can’t take anything Sue says to heart people

    • liza says:

      there are times when you don’t take what sue says to heart because she’s obviously lying. and underneath her cold hearted lizard skin is an actual human heart with feelings. but everyone once in awhile she says really rude bitchy things. and that doesn’t excuse anyone. no one should be allowed to get away with saying bitchy things. not santana. not sue. not kitty.
      I’m sort of really tired of how glee tries to be funny by making bitchy characters.

      • Matt says:

        If you’re that tired of it, then stop watching. Problem solved. :)

      • Lynn says:

        Does every Glee fan forget the point that Sue actually has a large soft spot for Kurt, and every mean thing that she says and does is usually to motivate him to stop feeling so damn sorry for himself. Kitty is probably trying to impress Sue to become head cheerleader, and that’s probably why she’s being so crazily mean.

  23. Sydney says:

    … I love Glee… You haters can keep on hating, but im just saying ppl have too much time on their hands..

  24. Jeff S says:

    Will everyone get over the fact that they Kurt said he was attending CC. Thats not even the point of the whole thing and everyone is making way too much about it. The point was almost for the fans of Kurt or even characters in the show to almost be disappointed that Kurt who has so much ambition, drive, character, and big dreams is settling just cause he didnt get in NYADA. Thats the point. There’s nothing wrong with CC but the point was for everyone to route for Kurt to find the drive that he lost and not to settle

    • sacha says:

      i really don’t care if he’s going to community college because he will be in nyc by the second ep (: i hope he will apply some place there! i’m just disappointed because he should go to some other school with a music departmement and not make vogue a full career.. but i’ll wait for the ep.

    • me3muffins says:

      im sorry but when i read CC the only thing i could think about was CrissColfer. silly brain

    • liza says:

      I was more disappointed of how weak of a character they made Kurt. I like that he’s in Lima in the beginning because they totally ignored him after the season finale when they said he didn’t get in. Having him suddenly in NY would be weird because there was no story to explain how he got there.
      I however hate that he has to deal with some prissy Quinn 2.0 who by the way CAN NEVER REPLACE DIANNA AGRON OR QUINN, and Sue, aka,cold hearted dragon lady. Glee has officially sucked. It has been slowly dying and is now stinking up television. The actors are amazing. but the storyline…? not so much.
      I also hate, though, i do enjoy klaine, that blaine of all people has to be the one to push him up and remind him of his dreams. because seriously, i don’t mind blaine. it’s just how weak they’ve made him that he can barely stand on his own two feet without his boyfriend.

  25. anonymous says:

    Glee is all about the extremes when you’re a teenager/young adult. It’s an extreme situation that portrays many high schoolers who do believe that CC is beneath them. Of course CC is a the better opportunity for a vast majority of people. However, Glee has never been about being realistic. I’m sure we can all think of a situation that seemed like the end of the world when we were 15-18, and look at it now and laugh. The mean girls really did seem that mean, the jocks really did seem that stupid, the nerds really did seem that socially awkward. Being a teenager is dramatic, and Glee tends to poke fun at that.

    • archeyangel says:

      I agree totally with this, except I do think that the fact that Glee does this IS realistic, BECAUSE of the fact that things happen to seem so extreme and that way at that age.

      • liza says:

        glee can be sometimes be realistic be extend things that aren’t very realistic very often.
        in example: no high school principal in their right minds should’ve ever hired someone so mentally unstable as Ms. Pillsberry.

  26. christine says:

    No one realizes that this show portrays real life. Look, alot of stuff that Glee portrays may end up controversial or offensive to some people. but no one realizes this is WHAT HAPPENS in real life. There are going to people who think community college sucks, even if it doesn’t. And that’s just a small point. Think of this bigger point: Kitty is supposed to be a pretentious bitch, from the looks of it. That comment is exactly what a pretentious bitch would say. And Sue is Sue. She always cracks an insult in, even with the relationship she has with Glee now. The message is not that community college sucks – the message is that Kurt is not getting over his rejection from NYADA, and it almost seems as if he has lost a lot of his ambition, which would be very sad for Kurt, since he has alot of talent. Think realistically.

    • sacha says:

      that’s why people are angry or sad because it’s not like kurt. again, it’s glee. i’m not angry about the comments because sue is a bully and kitty looks like a .. well uhm. they don’t mean anything to kurt. kurt is really, really talented he will get to nyc soon and he will be hopefully happy since he got nothing but crap for 3seasons

      • archeyangel says:

        I’m sure he will :) I just hate how people hate on Glee’s writing because of stuff like this and do not ever think about what Glee is actually trying to portray. They always go negative instead of positive, when there’s a perfectly logical and realistic style to the show’s storyline. Can’t wait till Kurt’s in NYC.

        • sacha says:

          @archeyangel meh i guess it’s a common feeling with other shows too. they always complain about gossip girl or doctor who haha. i guess that sometime kurt is a little bit more close to home for many of us. many people can relate to him that’s why people are angry because he reflects life in some way. i can’t wait too i just hope he will be finally happy because it does seems it’s like a punching bag for some writers. i still remember when he said “one day you will all work for me” (;

        • liza says:

          Sweetie, people bag on glee’s writing because it’s bad.
          How do you explain Rachel celebrating Christmas when she’s jewish? Or crappy storylines revoling around songs rather than songs revolving around the story line? how can you explain crappy Christmas episodes and of them singing “do they know it’s Christmas” to homeless people? -.- crappy cliches man.

    • Bebi says:

      If Glee portrays real life, then I’m the Queen of England.

  27. jess liv says:

    i don’t get why everyone is complaining: glee isn’t putting down community colleges. community colleges may be a good option for some people, however, for someone who wants to pursue a career in music, lima is not the place to be & a community college will not offer the opportunities kurt needs.

    the comments from kitty & sue are more about how it feels out of character for kurt to be sticking around when he had such BIG dreams & he was so motivated to get out of lima. however, as an aside, the audience should note that kurt’s lack of motivation to get out isn’t out of character, it’s human. he obviously feels like he’s been punched in the gut, he might even be suffering from a form of mild depression … which is not surprising, considering he basically had his dream ripped out from under him, then watched as it fell into rachel’s lap after she flopped.

    though, i can see where everyone is coming from — i guess it makes more sense to get hypersensitive about a community college degree & how glee is poor portraying one of its own characters than to actually consider how the sliver of real human nature left in the show might come into play.


    • jess liv says:

      *poorly portraying

    • veganhothead says:

      Finally, a sensible post here. People have weak and defeated moments. Even fictional ones we all really like. It’s part of the human experience. And from the looks of things he’s due to snap out of his post-highschool funk and get the hell out of Lima like he’s been wating all along.

  28. anon says:

    Glee is awesome but seriously,,, it’s not real life, get over it and go find yours…

  29. Chris says:

    Calm down people….Kurt gets out of Lima…they won’t keep him from NY and Rachel very long…

    • liza says:

      I know Kurt will leave lima. I’m just mad at the fact characters that are made to be bitchy can get away with it in the show. I’m mad at the fact they’re retelling a joke that was never funny. I’m mad that the only way that glee can be funny is when someone says something stupid or when they’re making fun of others. and it’s never funny.

  30. Derick Sieberhagen says:

    You people are all a bunch of nitwits. It’s a freaken tv show and a bit of comedy. Laugh with and enjoy it!

  31. Felicity says:

    I agree about Glee making characters who are a little different’s lives miserable. Give Kurt a break already, sheesh!

  32. Chris says:

    Kurt’s gonna be writing for Vogue…we all know that…so relax…he will get his break

  33. Em says:

    All I have to say is…. THE OLD SUE IS BACK, BABY

  34. Aria says:

    Is Kitty thirty years old? Is she like Drew Barrymore in “Never Been Kissed” – the reporter posing as a high school student?

  35. Bianca Wilkinson says:

    you people are idiots! IT’S A TELEVISION SHOW. Community college, University, Homeless WHO CARES, It’s Sue’s opinion! Sue is a terrible person anyways! SHE’S NOT REAL. Get over yourselves.

    • liza says:

      Of course people are going to care despite it being a television show. People that loved in the beginning spend a great deal caring and liking it only for it to turn into a pile of crap. Of course they’re going to care. Thanks for being so dismissive of other people’s feelings.

  36. Tessa says:

    MOVE ON GRADUATES!! This show is about a high school glee club. Ryan Murphy knows that these kids don’t have enough talent to to support themselves outside of Glee. There is only a couple that will make it as actors for years to come. There is so much talent that remains after the graduates left. Why not show us what they got instead of dragging on with boring characters? Artie, Joe, Tina are all very talented. They never got to shine since the show wrapped itself around Rachel. I’m tired of hearing songs that only she can sing. Write a show for Rachel and let those who like that character watch. I love variety that ALL the characters could bring to the show if Ryan Murphy allows all of them to show what they can do. Come on Ryan Murphy, let Rachel grow up and move on.

  37. Jodene thompson says:

    Why is Glee legitimizing the word “Bitch”? Why is it ok to use such a demeaning term in a casual way? Jane Lynch made a wonderful public service announcement denouncing the use of “the R word” but she’s ok with this???

  38. Mel says:

    I have to say this, Glee is a television show, and although there are certain storylines they hit upon that do happen to real people; example – Karofsky’s attempted suicide, it is, ultimately, supposed to be slightly over the top! All the characters have had their chance to shine, and whether Kurt was accepted into NYADA or not, he had fun at his audition. Also, it means we get to see Chris Colfer more. Sue, Kitty, Miss Pillsbury, Quinn, Santana, and all the other ‘bitches’ at McKinley are put there for a bit of drama, some over-the-top comedic scenes, that doesn’t happen often in real life cos guess what? It isn’t! I love Glee, and imo, if theres anyone reading this that doesn’t like Glee, has stopped watching, doesn’t like the writing, then what are u doing on this page anyway?! Here’s an idea, stop interjecting your opinions on things u don’t care about and trying to ruin it for us fans that like it? This page is meant for FANS, not naysayers, all you’re doing is making fools of yourselves :) Gleek here, through and through. That is all. :)

  39. Elisha says:

    Omg, you guys know that this show is fiction right? They break out into song in the middle of class.

  40. Just an Observation... says:

    Gleek here with a public service announcement: All of you who complain “OMG IF YOU DON’T LIEK GLEE DONT OOMMMMENT, MMKAY? YOU JUST MAEK YOURESELF LOOK STUPIDD” don’t help the cause. This is the internet, there will be naysayers. You’re just as guilty of looking foolish.

  41. Good Lord says:

    Petition to get Liza to stop posting and to discuss her Glee problems with a professional.

    • Nancy says:

      hateful much? I think everyone has a right to talk about what they like and dislike.

      on another note, glee’s making me really sad, but I hope the first episode will change my mind. :)

  42. Bessy boop says:

    Wow! Its just a frivolous tv show! It’s not meant to be taken so seriously and literally! If you can let it get you so riled up then you have some serious problems. Stop over thinking everything, the characters aren’t real, they aren’t saying that the storyline is 100% accurate. Soapies do the same thing…it’s just for entertainment! And if it does get your blood boiling then for crying out loud don’t watch it!!

  43. japanesenut says:

    I have no idea what a community college is (we have lots of public colleges and they are very respected), but shame on glee!!!
    But yeah! A younger version of Quinn? I dont think so…That kitty girl is like 35 or something! It was hard believing Diana Agron, Leah, and the rest were highschoolers but this Kitty woman looks ridiculous in that outfit!

  44. DarrenCrissLvr says:

    theyre not actually ragging on community colleges… they’re trying to get across that Kurt Hummel is NOT community college in Ohio… he’s New York City and the fact that he has given up on his NY dreams because of his turn down from NYADA which was completely unprecidented.

  45. Stephanie says:

    Everyone needs to stuff it. It’s a tv show. It’s about creating emotions, which in most of you, it has done exactly that. If you haven’t already gathered that Glee exposes different touchy topics, then you clearly don’t watch enough, and you should stop posting your opinion.

  46. Gabriel Aquilina says:

    To all you guys taking this stuff too seriously…don’t, I mean it’s a TV show! We do enough analyzing in real life, don’t bring that into a show meant for entertainment, just have a funny bone and move on!

  47. no one can replace Quinn ever and that kinda seems like what they are trying to do

  48. Amber says:

    i just wanna see Rachel and Quinn meet up and be friends already in NY, mannn. They’re too close now not to visit each other. don’t really care about kitty atm (sorry!).
    I just started college in NY at an arts school (traveled by train to get here like Rachel too haha) and it makes me more excited to see her parts of the story since i’m kind of in the same position, the difference being I’m not Performing Arts but Visual.

  49. Bria-Letã says:

    Everyone That commented on this is doing to much like relax its just a show..if you don’t enjoy it then just don’t watch it… I’ll be watching :-)