The CW Eyes Wonder Woman Origin Tale

Well, rope us with a Lasso of Truth and call us Diana: It looks Wonder Woman may actually return to the small screen after all.

The CW is developing a new script based on the female superhero’s early years, Vulture reports. Allan Heinberg (Grey’s Anatomy) is penning the project, tentatively titled Amazon.

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The new Warner Bros. TV/DC Comics venture reportedly will be about her origins in the same way Smallville followed Superman’s high school days. (The late-’70s series The New Adventures of Wonder Woman, starring Lynda Carter in the title role, chronicled WW as an adult.)

Before you take a victory lap into your invisible jet, remember that the project is only in its script phase, and there hasn’t been any pilot commitment thus far.

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Our advice: This new Wonder Woman better start invoking her bracelets’ protective powers now. NBC ultimately passed on David E. Kelley’s much buzzed-about Wonder Woman pilot (starring Friday Night Lights’ Adrienne Palicki) last year, and a Joss Whedon-helmed project about Diana of Themyscira never came into being.

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  1. Eneko says:

    Allan Heinberg, by the way, wrote ‘Wonder Woman’ in comics, a series he left unfinished. He has also created Marvel’s ‘Young Avengers’.

    • T.T says:

      Not again with the wonder woman pilot. Every year its the same thing I want a wonderwoman show as much as the next guy but I’m sort of sick of these lame attempts at trying to make one work. I hope it does but I’m not getting my hopes up like I did last time with Adrianne Palicki.

      • cjeffery7 says:

        well, without these lame attempts nobody’s ever gonna get it right. at least nothing has made it to air and THEN failed, cause that would really put a cork in the topic for an even longer time. i agree though, i want to see something done well, but i’m not getting my hopes up, especially if it’s from the CW… that’s just not my style anymore.

      • sarcastic troll says:

        You got your hopes up with Adrianne Palicki?

    • Evan says:

      He didn’t leave it unfinished. He finished it in the Annual. Now if you want to rightfully complain about the length of time it took from his last regular issue to the annual that’s a whole other story.

      But he did finish his story.

  2. Mikaylah says:

    I saw someone mention on Twitter that Phoebe Tonkin would be great for the role of WW and now I can’t NOT see her as Diana. If done right (like Smallville was, IMO), I think it would be really great.

    • Completely agree she has the right look.

    • Stephanie says:

      Okay I completely agree with your Smallville comparison if they can do a WW origin story and make it as good as that it will be an awesome show. But you have got to be kidding me with this Phoebe Tonkin thing. I saw her on Secret Circle. Her voice is whiny, she can barely act and she needs to eat a freakin’ sandwich before the wind blows her away. No way is she believable as an Amazonian Warrior Princess. You need somebody badass for the role like Lynn Collins or Kristanna Loken.

      • JC says:

        Lynn Collins is 35 and Kritanna Loken will be 33 next month. I think their days of playing high school students are behind them.

        • Stephanie says:

          Because 30 year olds never play younger people on tv and I said like them if you think they are too old find me a younger version of them and I will be perfectly happy too.

      • She’s too thin? I think Pheobe’s body is perfect but she’s downright curvy by young actress standards.

        • Stephanie says:

          “downright curvy by young actress standards” which means what she’s a size 2 among all the size 0’s out there. She is a very pretty girl but she is just not believable as Wonder Woman. They need someone athletic, someone looks like they could actually win in a fight.

      • katy917 says:

        I couldn’t agree more!! I just don’t get all these tweens and their Tonkin obsession – she CAN NOT ACT!!! I am very interested in the concept, especially if it’s like “Amazon: WW the early years” type thing, but if she’s in I’m SO out!!

    • Zye says:

      Ummm as much as I love Phoebe Tolkin, she looks too young and is physically how WONDER WOMAN!!. They need someone older and muscular, athletic and however wonder woman is.

  3. Stay says:

    Intersting! If it’s going to be something like smallville it will be nice. Depending on the script and cast ! So the CW goes completly supernatural! Probably a replacement for Supernatural(the show):

  4. ck says:

    Phoebe Tonkin or bust.

  5. Dyra says:

    I nominate Katie Cassidy

    • snix says:

      unfortunately she’s already Dinah Lance on Arrow. She’s amazing in it though!

    • Zye says:

      She hasnt got the right physique either to be WONDER WOMAN, let her stay in Arrow. Adrianne palicki was great casting for WW.

      Too bad for some people who felt threatened by her perfectphysique. thats is ther problem. They wanted a watered model like actress, thats no wonder woman.

      CW have got to get that right.

  6. Manie says:

    I don’t think wonder woman origins is the best of choice for a successful show… Of all the comic heroes I’ve seen being made for TV or theater, WW always gets shut down and I’m pretty sure she has bad luck or something LOL

    • Zye says:

      I have to agree with you there Manie, Wonder Woman isnt an easy to adapt character. This is exciting news but damn, it wouldn’t be a surprise if its went down under.

      we can hope.

  7. Sheldon W. says:

    This could be interesting, but it depends on which origin we’re talking about here. The character has been re-imagined so many times that there are several origins – and several variations on each of them.

    • Yohannon says:

      Fair enough… but the same could be said for ALL of the super heroes, especially those with “golden age” origins. Superman, Batman… heck, even SpiderMan has been modified a lot, and that series started in the 60’s. If done correctly, this could be the WW re-boot needed to spawn a movie.

    • Delirious says:

      If they go for the “growing up in Themyscira” story, isn’t it going to be like, extremely boring? And if they go for the “she’s sent to Earth and has to learn everything earthly” one, won’t it just be the same thing as any other superhero series, and hence just like any other WW idea/pilot/etc pitched in the past, all of which were subsequently declined/discarded?

  8. I saw the horrible TV pilot and am THRILLED it was not picked up. Diana living with 2 names besides WW, the public knowing the 2 are the same, having a company she owns fund the cost of her toys (ala Batman) and Steve Trevor an ex-boyfriend working for the IRS (or some governmental budget agency).

    If they go the Smallville route, this will be better.

  9. Jake says:

    Ugh c’mon stop with origin stories catered to teens, wonder woman is so much better that. She’s such an awesome woman, give us that!

  10. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I’m not a comic book reader, so forgive my ignorance, but is this picture from the original Wonder Woman comic? Because this picture makes her look like a dude. She looks like she could be fronting a Motley Crue cover band. (Don’t take it down, TVLine, it’s making me laugh really hard.)

    • Zye says:

      She looks fine, WONDER WOMAN is very much that WOMAN and more she a warrior. The picture shows off her masculinity (side) not make her a man.

  11. Phoebe Tonkin would be a good choice. She is talented and she is quite tall.

  12. I thought the NBC pilot was surprisingly decent. It had major problems, but all those problems could’ve been fixed with re-shoots and with future episodes. And the action was great. It was nice to see a live action Wonder Woman who seemed to have superpowers aside from spinning in a circle to change clothes. And that’s where CW would never match it. We’d get an emo soap opera Wonder Woman but we’d never really get to see her kick ass.

    I just don’t get what a young Smallville type Wonder Woman would be like. Wouldn’t all of her young days take place on Themyscira. If you’re going to do a show like Smallville, wouldn’t Wonder Girl make more sense?

    And for the life of me I will never understand why, if they want to continue using DC properties, they still haven’t made a G.C.P.D. TV series. That comic is screaming to be a TV series. It’d be a way to get a Batman property on screen without having to use Batman and without the budget that a normal Batman show would need.

    • Alan says:

      i fully agree about the gotham central show, that comic just screams tv series every time i see it. its got the procedural elements which networks love, it can be marketed as a batman show and the stories are really well written and have a great variety that can be adapted and expanded upon. apparently they were blocked from making it a few years back because they didnt want people to get confused with the movie series, which is such an idiotic reason its not even funny

      • snix says:

        seconded! Gotham Central is one of the best Batman series out there and would totally be able to translate well to a television series.

    • april-ann says:

      “It had major problems, but all those problems could’ve been fixed with re-shoots and with future episodes”. I agree with you but, really? Have you met a network?? There’s no chance at future episodes without practically through the roof ratings right out of the gate unfortunately. So many good shows gone because there’s never even a chance let alone a second one.

    • rocco says:

      Who says she is going to be a teenager, why do people got to jump to conclusion for? To make your selves look like a bunch of smart asses?. This is why they requested a Wonder WOMAN not girl, its going to be someone older likely later 20s, 30s, even plus. Arrow doesn’t have a teen, neither does Nikita (in lead) or Supernatural not all CW shows have teens. Smallville was very much a grown up show despite Clark kent being in high school. It was a coming of age story, a story of friendship, family and responsibilities.

  13. murley says:

    I would love to see a well done wonder woman series on the air. it would be interesting if they took a cue from the new 52 and really delved into mythology. if nothing else I am catainly curious to see where this goes.

  14. Clay says:

    A Wonder Woman series would be a great choice to pair up with Arrow next year.

  15. Danielle H says:

    This has almost happened so many times in movies and tv. Come on already!

  16. mia says:

    This could actually work, I’d check it out. If they take the Smallville structure, a high school badass lady heroine would be cool. Hopefully she’ll have some spunk like Buffy

  17. Templar says:

    How long before the Hollywood recyclers resurrect Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, The Shadow [again], Dick Tracey [again], Boston Blackie, Greatest American Hero, Captain Marvel? Do we have to rely on the Brits to get anything original? Even Amy Sherman Palladino is just recycling Gilmore Girls into Bunheads. Sick of it.

    • The Squatch says:

      Actually, I would love a new Greatest American Hero series. It was one of my favorites when I was a kid and always hoped they would bring it back somehow, either as a new TV series or as a movie. I like my superheroes to have a bit of humor with them. I’m burned out on all the “teen angst” type shows like, well, pretty much anything on the CW.

      As for Wonder Woman… I’m not sure I like the idea of a show based on her origin story. Smallville was an okay show, but it got better once he actually started becoming who he was supposed to be and they brought in other heroes in guest spots. Honestly, I think most people who would watch a show like this would already know her origins. That is always my least favorite part of all these comic hero movies that have been coming out lately. They spend the first half hour, or more, of the movie explaining their origin when I bet 99% of the audience already knows it. They could use that time for a more robust storyline or more action scenes or more characters instead.

  18. iMember says:

    PHOEBE TONKIN OR NOTHING! I can’t NOT see her being in this role as Diana. She’s perfect for it!

    • rocco says:


      All you phoebe fans are starting to get annoying and irritating. We all know it aint going to happen, so shut it.

  19. Michelle says:

    All hail Phoebe Tonkin!

  20. Matt says:

    I’m not one to actively root for a show to fail but Heinberg did a horrible job with her comic, so I hope this doesn’t happen.

  21. april-ann says:

    I think Jenna Dewan would be perfect. A fringe benefit could be that Channing Tatum shows up sometimes too….

    • JC says:

      Jenna Dewan is not exactly an Amazon at 5′ 3″

      • april-ann says:

        I didn’t know that! Nor did I know they were looking for an Amazon. Why in this day and age of (very) high-heeled boots, special effects and someone who can dance would they want someone who would most likely tower over every guest star male or female?

      • rocco says:

        LOL, gush these stupid fan casting make me want to bash my head on the wall. Just because you like a certain actor or actress does not mean they are perfect for a role. What part of 5′ 3″ screams amazonian princess.

        • april-ann says:

          The part which screams that ratings matter. And in keeping with that thought rocco, I do agree with you that Wonder Woman is a Woman not a child. But not beyond her 30’s as you suggest above. To that end, just which actresses in their 40’s or 50’s or beyond would you recommend play her?

    • Samantha says:

      I think WWE DIva Eve Torres would be a good Wonder Woman. Aside from being beautiful, she’s very fit and well built to play an amazon. Though I doubt it will happen :(

  22. Liam says:

    Lynda Carter must play her Queen mother!!!

  23. Fabricio says:

    Smallivlle for girls. They try it with Aquaman and failed. They try to make a Martial Manhunter spin off and failed again. I don’t think WW is coming back to the tv any time soon. Lets see how she will appear in the upcoming JLA movie.

    • Zye says:

      Smallville is for girls?, laughable &. lame tell that to the millions of men who loved and watched this show. Aquaman only missed out because the owner (or lack of a better word) of CW, at the time was lame, otherwise it didnt fail. it was well received and liked by millions. . I dont know why people say nonsense when they haven’t even researched what went down.

      • Eli says:

        I’m starting to think you’re not just bad at reading now, you’re actually stupid… wow

        • Zye says:

          Why because you couldn’t think of a better come back, because your arguments are flawed?, And yes they are, and I just diffused them all.

          • Zye says:

            FYI whoever said it, there never was a Martian Manhunter show to be spinned off. But they did try to get a Deadman show of the ground and it had to be back burned because the creator, ie the guy who worked on supernatural was busy with other shows, you know the one doing NBC revolution. its rumored to be still in development.

            GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT, before opening le mouth/s.

          • katy917 says:

            He is saying that because you misread the comment as Smallville IS for girls when he meant that WW would BE smallville for girls. And my reply to that would be I’m a girl and I watched Smallville from being 15 up to being 25. You need to read, comprehend and THEN reply!

  24. Sara says:

    I would be very interested in this, if it was of the quality of Smallville. I mean, no other comic book based show will probably ever be as good as Smallville to me, but one can hope.

  25. Zye says:


    aha thats right CW, show all those other bastard and snobbish network what its all about. lame azz cowards that only think about $$$

    Where is the TV spirit and passion for the shows and fans. This is so going to pass, we will have Arrow & Wonder Woman by next year , while NBC and those other networks are producing failures.

  26. BonesFringeFan says:

    Anna Torv. She could play my mom and I’d believe her.

  27. Cathy says:

    I think Serinda Swan from Breakout Kings would be awesome.

    • rocco says:

      She was Zatanna in Smallville, so she is out. I dont think she is Amazonian Pretty either but she isnt such a bad choice. But yeah beng Zatanna disqulifes her

      • Eli says:

        WTF… why does playing a character in a completely different show suddenly disqualify her? I swear, the stupidity in these comments is staggering.

        • rocco says:

          Her having been another “superheroine” will likely be a major factor in not casting her. , In fact its a very common rule, TV shows execs just dont do it because it may confuse fans or they may not want to mix their brand with another former show’s. Its in very rare cases that someone plays two superheroes, it just isn’t seen as ideal. Its very common knowledge in industry, dont you know.

          Who is stupid one now, ha ha?

          • zan says:

            That usually only works if they had a huge role as the character. Tom Welling playing another superhero would be a problem, but I don’t see this as a problem. She was a guest star in only 2 episodes of Smallville. Not really a big deal. If she looks the part and can act the part, that won’t even matter, especially since she had been so enthusiastic about her role as a superhero and did justice to the character of Zatanna, that’ll give her bonus points. If a bigger star like Chris Evans who was The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies ca become Captain America in his own movie and The Avengers this should be nothing.

            But depending on how young they go with the character, Swan might not even be considered.

          • Joe says:

            If being another ‘Superhero/heroine’ disqualifies you as playing another one….why is Chris Evans Captain America? By that logic, he should have been disqualified as he was already Johnny Storm in FF? Plus in a industry that has only had a handful of ‘Superhero’ shows, how can there be a common rule? So far the only recent ones have been Smallville and Arrow. Not exactly a huge data point to compare…

  28. Fabe says:

    Phoebe Tonkin!!!!! If this project goes to pilot, no one else can play her.

  29. shuayb says:

    Awesome News! I second the Phoebe Tonkin Nomination. She has dark hair, olivey skin and good amazony type features. She could be goo for the role. Everyone is saying she is too thin, hello? So was Henry Cavill, Tom Welling and Stepehn Amell. They bulked up.
    The reason why David E Kelley’s pilot bombed was because he made it too campy and people are over campy shows. Look at the success of the Batman Movies, The Good Wife, etc. People want to watch somethinf of substance. If done right, this could be it!

    • rocco says:

      You are WASTING YOUR TIME..Her physique is not something that can be fixed by “bulking up”. she is all wrong for the role.

      She aint no Wonder Woman but just a teen bopper actress. Just because you a fan of the actress dont make them perfect for the role. It ain’t gonna happen.


  30. shuayb says:

    *sorry for typos. Typing in a rush!

  31. Shaun says:

    I’ve always wanted the girl from Legend of the Seeker to play WW.She has some fighting skills and is pretty fierce.Bridgette Reagan I believe her name is.

  32. Luke says:

    Phoebe Tonkin’s Secret Circle co-star Shelley Henning as Diana Prince! You’re welcome!

  33. i think Josie Loren from Make it or break it would be perfect

  34. Mikael says:

    As long as it attempts to stay close to the source material, I’m cool with it. That NBC show sounded like it would’ve been a trainwreck. If Arrow does well, I’d like to see it with the WW show, though there probably wouldn’t be any crossover because Arrow’s showrunners said no superpowers.

  35. Liz says:

    It really should only be started if the Smallville producers are involved. They did such a good job with Smallville, and Superman’s origin. I’d love to see some of Themyscira. I watched David E Kelly’s pilot and it was horrible. I love Adrianne, but none of it really worked.

  36. chloe says:

    Ashley Newbrough should be Wonder Woman. She’s gorgeous tall and i loved her on Privileged!

  37. ari says:

    I think if it was capable for Phoebe to bulk up she would be good. She has good facial features to play the ‘amazon’ look. But I think they’re going to find it quite hard to find an actor who has the look but can also play the part.