Post Mortem: Rookie Blue Boss Defends Andy's Choice and Previews Season 4 Time Jump

Rookie Blue Ben Bass Missy PeregrymWARNING: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s season finale of Rookie Blue — and beyond. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

In Thursday night’s Season 3 finale of Rookie Blue, Andy finally got from Sam what she’s wanted for so long: to hear him say “I love you.” But still aching from their abrupt break-up and feeling like she’s neglected her career, the rookie decided to leave for a secret task-force assignment — with fellow cop Nick joining her on the undercover mission — instead of meeting up with her ex. Meanwhile, Traci decided to stay at the precinct to be with her son, and Chris pondered a move to be with his own boy.

Below, executive producer Tassie Cameron explains Andy’s big decision and previews where the action will pick up in Season 4.

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TVLINE | This season has been kind of heartbreaking with Dov’s storyline, Gail getting kidnapped and Sam breaking up with Andy. Do you go into it intending to do something a little bit darker?
We always go into every season trying to be as honest as possible about where we think our officers are in their own growth. We all felt after two fun seasons of young cops on the beat and some big storylines, we wanted to show them growing up a little bit. That involves a little bit of a change in tone and involves some of the darker storylines. I don’t think we set out to be darker this season, per se, but we were trying to grow our characters up and grow some of the stories. That, obviously, meant that some of the stories had to go to darker places.

TVLINE | Sam finally said those three little words to Andy. But she still chose to leave for the task force. What’s going through her head when she makes that decision?
We try really hard with the Sam and Andy stuff to design situations — and write these moments with these characters — in a way that they both have very strong and very different perspectives on what is going on. When you’re looking at this from Andy’s perspective, she has been fully into this relationship all season. She said, “I love you.” She’s trying to make it work, and then he dumps her after this horrible thing happens without a word of explanation and breaks her heart. She’s been sidelining herself at work… She doesn’t know he’s going to come back. So she needs to move on. She needs a fresh challenge. She needs to prove herself and distract herself and get on with it. She doesn’t know that he’s going to come in and say this thing. It’s frustrating. We tried to build it in a way that she had a really good argument for leaving and not being that girl, the girl who’s going to stick around just ’cause the guy finally decides he made a mistake — and with the perspective that if he really loves her, he’ll be there when she gets back. Then we tried to build that he has an equally passionate and righteous argument about how things went this season.

TVLINE | Will the action take place in multiple locations next season, with Andy and Nick in one place and Chris maybe in another city?
That storyline is tied up in the first episode. You’re going to feel like you’re back on our show again by Episode 2.

TVLINE | Is there a bit of a time jump, then?
We are jumping ahead six months. We’re picking up with [Andy] and Nick in their undercover operation at the moment that it intersects with [Precinct] 15.

Rookie Blue Charlotte Sullivan Peter MooneyTVLINE | How will their unexplained departures affect Sam and Gail?
I hope that is the fun of watching Season 4. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Sam, in particular, doesn’t seem like one to let this unanswered question go by.
I just gave you my passionate argument on Andy’s behalf. I could give you an equally passionate one on Sam’s behalf. He would be pretty upset. He’s been back and forth with this girl a number of times now. He would be pretty frustrated.

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TVLINE | He seems like the type that would go digging for answers about where Andy is.

[Laughs] That’s interesting. I actually had a similar conversation with Ben Bass [who plays Sam]. We’re shooting Episode 1 [of Season 4] right now, and he’s like, “Does he know where she is?! He would know!”

TVLINE | Will the cliffhanger about where Chris ends up be resolved in the Season 4 premiere, too?
Not in the first episode. He’s going to have finally received an answer from the other police department about whether he can go or not. It’ll be a decision he’s trying to make.

TVLINE | Dov’s storyline was really interesting and complex and messy this year. Since it wasn’t touched upon in the finale, can you talk about where he’s headed?
We felt that the end of the story, in some ways, happened in Episode 11. We like leaving it in that slightly messy place for him and then picking up six months later to see where he’s at. What I can say about Season 4 is after quite a dark Season 3, we’re hoping to have a little more fun with Dov in Season 4.

TVLINE | Is Dov still with the sister of the guy he killed? Did you mean to leave it ambiguous?
It’s over. We feel we played that story out. It was complicated and messy and hard to do. We were nervous about it. When he gets beaten up, he leaves her alone. I don’t know. Maybe we should have been more conclusive about it and finished that up. Maybe we’ll address that in one of the episodes [next] season. But for us, that was the ending.

Rookie Blue Missy Peregrym Peter MooneyTVLINE | With so many characters possibly in different places next season, will we see new character interactions? Andy and Nick have lots of potential, we’ve talked about Luke and Gail before. There was even a great scene with Sam and Gail in the finale.
Yes, I think so. [Laughs] It’s tricky. It’s hard to say more. Andy and Nick, we’ve showed quite an interesting, strong friendship developing between those two in Season 3. Now they’re going to go off and work together for six months without anybody else, so that’s going to deepen the friendship, which is always complicated. We always try and come up with new dynamics for our characters every season to keep us — and them and you guys — on your toes.

TVLINE | Will Traci regret her decision to stay at the precinct?
In the wake of her private tragedy with Jerry, it was so clear to that character that leaving her son at this moment for an undetermined time [to go] undercover would just be the wrong decision. I don’t think she has a huge amount of regret about that. But it is really interesting working on Traci’s character and where she’s at after last season, because it was a pretty heavy one.

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  1. Cindi says:

    Overall, Season 3 was really good and I enjoyed watching. I always looked forward to Thursday nights and I’m looking forward to Season 4!

    I hope that Season 4 is not going to have the story line of a love connection between “Nick Collins and Andy McNally or Gail Peck and Sam Swarek.” That would be extremely predictable and poor writing. There are always characters on a TV drama that belong together, that viewers tune in to see, and that keep strong supporters of the show coming back season after season. It is like that with “Sam and Andy.”

    I’m not sure how much viewer feedback matters, however my feedback is to keep Collins and McNally good friends and don’t mess with Gail and Sam. Please don’t create predictable story lines!

    • Joanne says:

      I actually started watching this show this Season (season 3) fell in love with it and definitely had to catch up and ordered seasons 1 and 2. Andy and Sam have to stay together and work out their problems – Sam definitely has issues he needs to work on. Andy and Nick are really good friends leave it that way. Besides Nick is really good for Gail.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I love RB and will definitely be tuning in for S4, but this is the first time where I’m not leaving the season already clamouring for the next one. Disappointing. Yes, Sam/Andy mostly sucked and I’m a fan, so that blows, but the writing felt more like set up for next year. Too many things were brought up and never revisited – or dropped completely. Dov/Crystal = dropped. Frank and neighborhood connection against the police = dropped. Sam suddenly guarded after years of pining = not explained. Claire and why she left = never revisited/glossed over. Chris having a son (or does he?) = sort of dropped (more due to timing). Oliver and his cheating wife = dropped. The McSwarek break up = happening off screen. Thanks for telling us about all their interactions in the post- days. (sarcasm)

    You get the point. There were amazing things that happened (Dov’s shooting, Jerry’s horrible and heartbreaking death, Alice getting kidnapped by that pedophile, Oliver and Nick singing with their witness, McSwarek eating on his tailgate, etc…), and despite my above complaints I still love this show, but it is by far the weakest of the three. I really hope we don’t get more of the half-told tales next year.

  3. Olivia says:

    I want Sam and Andy back together in the next season. He better not hook up with Gail or that new girl. Him ad Andy are made for eachother. The thing I look forward to the most, and it’s quite possibly the only thing I look forward to each week, is Sam and Andy!! The season finale was great! Except for the Sam and Andy part of it. Each season finale they’ve left eachother! It’s frustrating. We’ve all been waiting for Sam and Andy since season one! You can see that they’ve played this love story since then with them almost hooking up in season one, there’s gotta be a reason. They are meant to be! So make them be! I will be disappointed if they are not together when Andy comes back. They NEED to be together. I think the show will lose viewers if they don’t…

    • Monika says:

      I think the same thing. The first series was a figure so that the two belong together. Sam and Andy have to be together. So far it was only suggesting (attempts relationship). A large number of spectators waiting for such an end Sam + Andy

  4. Anuu says:

    I really love what Gail and Nick have going on, and I would LOVE to see more of that in season 4! If Andy and Nick hook-up, I’m definitely not watching rookie blue anymore, it would be pointless, since andy and sam were perfect for each other and so was Gail and Nick (which we need to see more of) and it would be pretty cool if Nick purposed to Gail again, would be quite interesting to watch !

  5. laura says:

    andy and sam back or i just not watch ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jackie says:

    I think the writing is getting worse. They never let Sam explain his behavior and if thing go as they look like they could with Andy and Nick I think that would be the wrong direction. It seems like they’re kind of turning Andy into the precinct tramp. When she was dating Luke she almost had an one night stand with Sam. Now she’s with Sam and if she sleeps with Nick that would betray both Sam and her friend Gail. How about some romance where a couple works out their problems instead of sulking or running away and hopping into bed with someone else.

  7. Sommer says:

    Andy and Sam belong together. We waited 3 seasons for them to be together and then it ends already? Come on!! Put them back together!

  8. Kathryn says:

    Overall, it was another really strong season. This is a great show run by some terrific people who really pulled off some casting magic. There were a couple things that ticked me off about the finale, but I’m pretty much over it, and I’m sure they’ll find a way to make us love next season or they wouldn’t have taken the risks they did. Even with only 13 episodes per season, they have to try to break new ground and find new things for the characters to face, so I’m fine with things being a little darker this year. Even with all the amped up tension, they still kept a fair amount of the trademark Rookie Blue humor to balance things out. No other show makes me spend so much time thinking about it, not even more “ground breaking” shows like Breaking Bad or Mad Men. So kudos to everyone involved for pulling off such an involving show on a very tight budget.

  9. Vicki says:

    I love Sam and Andy together! I tuned into episode 1 of season 3 anxious to find them back with

  10. Jack McFarln says:

    Dov’s was a hard year. Sam was out of line breaking it off with Andy like that. I saw right thru his excuses…, or lack of. I’m getting so tired of Gail, I can think of about three words that describe her kind. I hope the sanctions placed on her mature her. Did I miss something- what is this “task force doing?!” So glad Traci chose her family! I agree that Jerry’s was a quick and senseless death. More shock value than adding anything to the story. And, speaking of adding something to the story, I think Sam and Dov would make a good couple!

  11. I hated the end of season3,how can you give us sam and andy, then do this to us,i hate that a new woman could be a love intreast for sam and i would hate it if you put andy with nick or sam with any one else other than andy,please don,t let us go to long with out our sam and andy,i love the show the actors are all amazing,i,d like to say well done to the wrighters, and the crew, but please,please give us back our SAM AND ANDY

  12. Abby says:

    I think this season was the strongest except that the season finale was tame compared to some of the earlier episodes. It felt a bit disjointed too. I really would like to see some of the humour come back too. I don’t care much for Sam and andy so they could do whatever they want with them. think there should have been closur to the Dov and Crystal story. It seems that only the writers knew that the storyline had ended in Ep 11, especially after his conversation with Frank in the next episode.

  13. Donna says:

    I love the smokin hot character of Sam, played by Ben Bass. I agree he is good to look at…those dreamy eyes and aura of testosterone…who cares who he is with? Just PLEASE NOT GAIL. I don’t like her sneering character and wouldn’t mind seeing her go to France and be written out of the show. However, whoever is with whomever, how about making the show just about being a cop? My husband watched one episode, said it should be called “Sex in the Police Station” and that was it for him. It is currently a relationship soap opera that has so much potential to be a really good cop show. More crime solving episodes, please.

  14. alma says:

    sam and Andy back togeher :)

  15. Laura says:

    the final episode of season 3 was the best epsiode of the show! a real cliffhanger that just wrapped the story up perfectly. the same way sam went away on an undercover mission when andy couldn’t repay his love (mid season 2), andy is now going away and leaving sam to figure out how he really feels! perfect!!!!

  16. mili says:

    Let me start by saying I really loved all 3 season’s of this show. It is funny how people can see the same thing and yet every person has his own interpretation of things. The way I see it, Sam was trying to get back together with Andy in episode 11, when he wanted to speak with her and then he chickened out and asked for the keys instead. This guy has real problems to get in touch with his feelings, let alone to say them out loud and I guess that this is part of his appeal, unfortunately the rest of his appealing qualities disappeared completely in S3. I mean he is not very good looking (in my opinion) but the fact that he was this hot shot, smart, cool and mysteries in the 2 first seasons made him attractive and interesting character. In S3 he was this average cop, not very impressive…. Don’t get me wrong, I want Sam and Andy back together, just with more sparkles and for Sam to be worthy of been chosen over this handsome detective or any other guy. I hope the writers won’t choose the cliché of Sam sleeping with some other girl or Andy sleeping with Nick during these 6 month – I do expect more creative and quality writing than this. There is no doubt that romance is a big part of the show but it can’t be the main issue because sooner or later the viewers will lose interest, therefore I hope we will see a lot of interesting story lines in S4.

  17. carrolljt2 says:

    I think you should put andy and sam back together they have said they love each other der realtionship may be complicated but dats the fun part it wil show that they can work through anything cause they love each other. Der wnt b no better match.

  18. Brad Harrison says:

    I did not start watching till the third season. I do not see Andy and Sam together. It interferes too much with them doing their jobs.Am I the only one that thinks all this coupling at a small precint is not natural. This is an entertaining show but is it realistic?

  19. Merryn says:

    When you have a good thing it’s wrong to mess with it Andy and Sam finally get together me and other fans have been waiting for this and you split them I know it makes people watch but……….

  20. fun says:

    I can’t believe those so called writers had the nerve to kill Noam Jenkins. I mean really, couldn’t they kill Charlotte Sullivan? Hate her character. Now they want to go and murder the whole thing by splitting Sam and Andy up, that’s gonna suck and hey just so they are clear, so will the ratings of the show. Just dont ruin the series for us please. Keep Sam and Andy together.

  21. Lea says:

    Oh my it’s so interesting to see others really hankering after Sam and Andy cementing there relationship, I do too, but I think there’s much more to this, I think the chemistry of the actors is perfect and its for this reason we need this union to happen, it happens so often in real life polar opposites wanting one another, go tassie ride the undercurrent.

  22. cysal says:

    I love sam/andy relationship. As for gail and nick I think that one is over she is not one to wait. I like gail and dov…I do not like the idea of a new love interest for sam. He loves andy that’s that. As for luke he needs someone new or just leave again no luke/andy she didn’t really look that happy. As all those who said sammy didn’t treat andy right shame. Everytime something happened to her he came rushing to her. I was disappointed andy left but now I hope she comes back stronger and more mature. sammy needs someone strong not all mushy

  23. vicky says:

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  24. pam says:

    i have followed rookie blue from the start, sam and andy definately together nick and someone new, dov and his bomb disposal girlfriend back together and gail and chris, and you were totally wrong to kill off jerry he was brilliant, but i will be waiting for s4

  25. emmy says:

    i honestly cant wait until season 4 because this is my Favorite show . and i agree jerry should not have died . and i think andy ans sam should sooooooo! get back i would rather watch this then hanna montana or any other kidy show and that says alot considering im onley 12

  26. Frenchgal says:

    don’t care about Andy/anyone.
    Only rooting for Gail/Chris. They’re so different it makes their relationship adorable.

  27. curious says:

    When is season 4 airing?????

  28. Monika says:

    Hi, I apologize for my English. I am from the Czech Republic and the English do not use very often. Series Rookie Blue watch in our television. I’m very fond of him. I want to ask Sam and Andy have to be together!! Please :-) Andy and Nick do not go together. Nick is here for Gail. She deserves it. We just aired the first and second series. I watched the third series in English on Interner. It was very hard for me. By this time I did not use much English. But I had to know how it turns out. ‘re Shooting the fourth series, please think of me and help create a Sam and Andy shared a wonderful life. Thank you very much and I look forward to the next parts! Rookie Blue Because I’m willing to improve in English.
    Even then: very glad I had some contacts at Ben Bass and Missy Peregrym. Please advise me
    Thank you M.

  29. Monika says:

    this show because I loved the first and second series. The third series I therefore very excited, but I was very disappointed. series I enjoyed for its lightness, the humor of the third series …. me very disappointed in the end – it was frustrating.
    Please look forward to the fourth series, so Do not let me. Sam and Andy are together!

  30. Plz guys i’d love for sam n andy 2 stay 2geda thy rili make a great couple n wit jerry passn i cnt afford 2 loose anada 1 of ma perfect couples# huge fan#

  31. Ken says:

    Sam has took up for, put up with crap from Andy but I do like them together on here, show loyalty between the officers no sharing girlfriends & boyfriends. Real cops don’t crap on each other like that well few do but their outsiders so keep Sam and Andy together guys you already ticked me with killing Jerry off the show.

  32. Diana says:

    I, for one, I’m very proud of Andy. I love Andy and Sam together, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t know how really committed he was in their relationship. At least Luke asked her to move in together. Sam? Leaving earlier, his place, her place… I got the impression he wasn’t really convinced about all this stuff with Andy, despite of what he was saying to her. Yes, there are a lot of things we don’t know about Sam, but what we do know… it’s enough. He’s selfish. He wasn’t the only one in pain when Jerry died. The one who really suffered the most was Traci. And she managed to pull herself together and move on. Sam blamed Andy for his death and drove away the only real comfort he had, Andy. And, when she finally manages to give a new direction to her life, he realizes he loves her. When? When she’s holding a grenade. How romantic!! Like confessing your love to someone who’s on his/her death bed because you didn’t have the guts to do it sooner.
    This is my point of view. I hope they end up together again next season, because they have really good chemistry. And do a good job together. But I hope she’ll make him work for it. Because, right now, he doesn’t deserve her.
    And about the crap Andy put him through. I hope we are talking on personal level, not professional… I’ve just had a RB marathon this w-e, and I honestly didn’t see any crap from her. Maybe the only time she screwed up was with the three months suspension at the beginning of S3. But I’m willing to bet Sam would have done the same thing if it was his career in jeopardy. And it was his fault in the first place. Yes, he always came to her when something happened, but he didn’t when it mattered the most. That’s a very big black ball in my eyes. Don’t help me when it’s easy to do it, help me when it’s hard!

    I love them together, but he has to get his s..t together. And soon.

  33. Patricia says:

    Sam and Andy all the way. Am addicted to this show.

  34. ore says:


  35. “We always try and come up with new dynamics for our characters every season to keep us — and them and you guys — on your toes.”

    Well I sure hope they don’t turn it into a Beverly Hills drama where every couple and ex couples are switching partners.

  36. Amy says:

    Rookie Blue is definitely my favourite series and I think Season 3 was the best season yet. I trust the writers and cast completely, and know that they’ll ultimately give us what we want. While I loved Sam and Andy as a couple, I look forward to seeing their individual character development and journey to get back together. I love this show!

    Keep up the great work; I know Season 4 will be brilliant!

  37. bklyngirl says:

    Come on Rookie Blue, Get Gail and Dov Together!!

  38. kathryn says:

    I think Andy and nick would be great! I’m kinda sick of all the ups and downs with Sam and Andy and how Sam treats her….

  39. Kali says:

    I just recently discovered Rookie Blue and am overwhelmed with how much I love it. All of it, but particularly the Sam and Andy of it all. Ben Bass does a spectacular show portraying this silent, strong, emotional and closed-off guy. Whenever Sam is on screen I cannot take my eyes off of him…every expression and movement, even when there are no words, is so telling, I’m mystified. Must be how Elia Kazan felt when directing A Street Car Named Desire and the audience would focus on Marlon Brando even when the other actors had dialogue and he was just standing there…
    So, Benn Bass is my Rookie Blue-Marlon Brando :)
    And as far as Andy and Sam go, for me, they are the Ross and Rachel of Rookie Blue. Their story has been beautifully set up. It has been established over and over again how much Sam cares about her and that for Andy, Sam is the “good candy” she didn’t want to save for later any more while eating the bad candy (Luke) first. So, as long as that’s an inalienable truth, namely that Sam and Andy belong, I have no trouble being patient and enjoying the ride.

  40. isme says:

    Can we please have season 4 now???????? when does it start in South Africa

  41. Ruthie says:

    I really hate wating soooo long for season 4. come on!!! This is just pure torture… Sam and Andy are meant to be together. I would like to see Luke and Tracy together, I think they would make a great couple.

  42. Turbo38 says:

    Nick and Andy have a chemistry that is sweet and infectious. Swarek is like every other indecisive guy out there who should grow a pair and man up, but handles conflict by cutting and running. Nick is the marrying kind. Swarek is the eventually leaving kind. And the Gail lesbian story?? Why?!? She’s tired of men so she tries women? Bad decision on the network’s part.

  43. maria says:

    i thought rookie blue was abot being a good rookie cop all andy is a stupid cop who has gotten sam shoot and put in danger. Andy is on the show to see how many cops she can sleep with and sam is a foo to fall for andy who i wont trust to protect my grandmother.
    i also feel the bipolar storyline was handeld badily but i feel thiis cop mental ill was a better cop then andy..finally i think the best female cops are tracy and gasil who is now gay.
    so put sam with andy but she will dumphim for someone else because sam is to sexy and andy looks as security guar not a rookie cop

  44. Linah says:

    I am so heartbroken about Jerry dying- I cried so much one would swear I was watching a real life scene. Andy and Sam breaking up would just be the last stroke for me

  45. If there is a time jump, the character, i believe it is West to be played by Cle’ Bennett, is he still included in season 4 to follow up on season three’s ending??