Fall TV Preview

Super-Sized Premiere Week for The Voice Pits NBC Songfest Against Fox’s X Factor

NBC has extended the The Voice’s upcoming two-night premiere to three nights — and its final evening will put the Peacock net’s singing show directly up against Fox’s The X Factor.

Christina Aguilera is a Voice coach. Britney Spears is X Factor‘s newest (and biggest hyped) judge. Throw in a little Justin Timberlake, and we’ve got a real Mickey Mouse Club situation brewing.

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NBC originally scheduled The Voice’s Season 3 debut for Monday, Sept. 10 and Tuesday, Sept. 11. It announced Wednesday it would bump a scheduled repeat of America’s Got Talent in order to air a third part of the “audition event” Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 8/7c – which is precisely when the first night of X Factor’s Season 2 bows on Fox. (X Factor‘s premiere week wraps that Thursday at 8 pm.)

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While the musical competitions have their differences, they’re similar enough that the decision to choose Voice Night 3 vs. X Factor Night 1 may come down to whether viewers prefer their blonde pop stars “Dirrty” or “Toxic.” Where do your loyalties lie?

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  1. Steve says:

    NBC Is sleazy and playing dirty – Just because of this, Im giving up on the Voice- heck who wants to see this for 6 hours over 3 consecutive nights. People have lives NBC! Are you going to go against Idol in the spring too? How many spinning chairs and “youre great” “youre voice is so unique I had to turn” “Sorry I didnt turn but I really think youre great” “Come with me; I wont last year” “Come with me, I won the year before. “I can teach you to be a diva” “I rent a white cat to make me look even crazier” WHO CARES? GO XF..SImon should find a way to f-k NBC too. Theyre cannibalizing both their audiences but theyre trying to kill the XF before it starts so that it gets bad publicity. THey werent even scheduled to be against each other.

    • NO says:

      The Voice is not at all playing dirty. They are playing the game that SIMON COWELL started. He and L.A. Reid have consistently bashed the Voice and CHristina Aguilera for a year. Simon is borderline obsessed with the Voice and has gone to great lengths (hiring Britney, Christina’s biggest rival…and Demi Lovato…one who can steal the Voice’s young core audience) to try and get ratings. Hell, a girl even tried out for the XFactor singing ‘Aint no other man,’ by Christina and told them she wanted to be as famous as her idol, Christina Aguilera. LA Reid went onto tell the girl that she should want to be like Britney because she’s more famous and NICER than Chrsitina?! Really?! Way to really nurture the talent and push them to worship talentless hacks there, L.A. Point blank, the Xfactor likes to dish it out, but they’re upset now and cannot take it back. Simon is cocky, conniving and deserves to have it all blow up in his face.

      • JohnT says:

        I highly doubt Britney sees Christina as a rival. I mean come on, Christina can’t even launch a tour on her own, Bionic tour anyone? Oh right, that was cancelled because nobody bought tickets.

  2. Jake says:

    I hope the voice flops big time this season. I’m much more interested in dancing with the stars all stars.

  3. Awesome Pawsome says:

    I think x factor will win cause all Britney’s fans will watch the show to see thier idol, and all of Britney’s haters will watch to see if she sucks or has a meltdown or shaves her head on national television or whatever.

  4. angel says:

    vamos xtina leyenda =)

  5. Dimitri says:

    Britney o/

  6. Sander says:

    The Voice, it is such a better format than X Factor. Also, Christina has more credibility as a coach than a non-talent like Britney has.

  7. Imagine Dragons says:

    Let’s be honest: Who the hell is Christina Aguilera ?

    • Ha says:

      Lol. The woman that influenced Britney Spears to become a coach on Xfactor…and the woman that Simon Cowell is desperately trying to take down, which is why he got Britney Spears (an ex rival) to try and do it. Oh, and she’s a 5 time grammy winning, vocalist deemed the ‘voice of her generation’ by many legends and her peers as well. A Britney fan wouldn’t know anything about credentials or actual talent, though, would they?

    • Lady Gaga says:

      A Shadow

  8. Lady Gaga says:

    Britney and Demi >>>

  9. Lady Gaga says:

    also nobody cares anymore about pigtina aguilera. I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE IS STILL BREATHING

  10. uchiha madara -q says:

    pfvr vamos esquecer dessa porcaria de enquete e nos focar na do vh1 -.-‘

  11. Amanda says:

    LEGENDTINA!! Baldney sucks!

  12. it’sbritney X Factorney !

  13. Tristan says:

    The Voice because of Xtina! I don’t see how an industry puppet like Britney is going to judge others. She looks like Christina in her new Elle issue, and then the studio pic where she’s posing like she’s belting a Whitney/Christina note? GIRL BYE! Britney is just lucky to have so many loyal fans cause let’s just be honest..she can’t hold a candle to Christina Aguilera. Go XTINA! Go THE VOICE!!

  14. Bradley says:

    Only delusional people here make fun out of Christina Aguilera, come on bitches, as Britney fans you guys are the last fanbase on earth to make fun of the tripple-treat 5x grammy award winning Queen that Xtina is.

    • Kyle says:

      This is Britneys first time doing one of these shows. Christina is so fake on The Voice. I always loved Britney even during the Baby one more time days. It’ll be good to see her again.

  15. clowns scare me says:

    LOL…… Wont watch brain dead Britney Spears……..FAIL SIMON………………her voice annoys me and she has ZERO talent and ZERO brain cells left……

  16. Shezette says:

    I will, without hesitation, vote for The Voice.

    I am ultimately tired of American Idol and The X-factor, because I have seen many Great singers go down because of their Looks or Social status; and sometimes, their emplacement in the Economical ladder. I believe that the voice is different, and judges the “Voice” of the participant, not the person itself.

    Another plus to it is that the Judges CAN SING. I am seriously pissed at Shows having J-Lo Or Britney spears as judges. As one of our old sayings Says: “One drowning man cannot save another.” Taking singing advices from Britney Spears is hilarious, not to mention Completely Unhelpful.

    I don’t really care about who wins this Vote, we all know the real winner is. And it’s not X-factor.

    That said, Have a good day People. :)

  17. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! MOTHERFOCKER OF SIMON!! >_< I HATE YOU SIMON!!! MY TWO PRINCESS :'( Against!! :'( Because To me?

  18. Puta!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ahora que Hago???? :'( :'( Son mis 2 Princesas en Contra!!! :'( :'( Llorare!!! si elijo a Solo una! :'( la conciencia no me dejara descansar!! :'( No se que hacer!!! :'( I Love you XTina, Y Love You Britney!! <3 :'(

  19. Lori says:

    Wow take a good show off like Saving Hope to watch people sing. If I want to watch people sing I can go on Utube. So tired of this stuff. Really tired!!

  20. Tommy says:

    Britney is more than fully capable to judge talent. She’s been in the industry for over a decade, and has been in the contestants position. Every one likes to forget that Britney has had some of the most iconic performances and has some of the most influetial music releases in the past 14 years. No she isn’t a vocalist. But Britney HAS the X Factor, and that’s why she’s still scoring #1’s while Xtina RESORTED to a reality show to help her dying career. X Factor all the way >>>

  21. Jamie says:

    X-Factor… the talent is INSANE this year.. seriously not one sucky singer made it to boot camp. Just wait and see..

  22. Sajad says:

    britney???? talent???
    are u kiddin me??
    for sure ill watch the voice because of legendtina