NBC Pulls Saving Hope, Final Eps to Run Online

There may be no Saving Hope — at least when it comes to viewers in the United States.

Having already shuttled the Canadian-produced, Erica Durance/Michael Shanks-fronted medical drama to Saturdays and postponed its final two episodes from Sept. 1 and 8 to Sept. 8 and 15, NBC now has pulled the show wholesale from its schedule, sources confirm to TVLine.

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In its last Thursday outing, Saving Hope delivered for NBC 2.54 million total viewers and a 0.5 demo rating. America’s Got Talent repeats, which last Saturday did barely 2 mil and a 0.4, will stay put in what was to be Hope‘s burn-off slot.

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Those who get Canada’s CTV — which has already renewed Saving Hope for a Season 2 — can watch the final episodes, “Ride Hard or Go Home” and “Pink Clouds,” on Sept. 6 and 13. After the episodes air up north, others can watch them online at NBC.com.

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  1. Just to let anyone on here know who missed the last two episodes of Saving Hope. You can watch them online at http://www.ctv.ca/savinghope Try that. Maybe we can watch episodes after they have aired. Right now you can watch them here. Or at least any you may have missed. http://www.nbc.com/saving-hope/episode-guide/

  2. Sarah says:

    This was my FAVORITE show..wow. NBC is short-sighted, because it’s a great story, the actors, Erica Durance and Michael Shanks are so talented that the story could exclude all of the other characters and their dramas and I would STILL watch the show…Charlie was just waking up! Don’t you (NBC) see how powerful that cliff-hanger was? Everyone I know watches this show and is so disappointed that NBC won’t be picking up season 2. Even my eight-year-old neice watches the show and now she’s very disappointed…C’mon, another network…step in! We will watch!

  3. “NBC” Truly Sucks / Man I Live n The USA & The Only Awesome Show Worth Watching on Here Was Saving Hope / A Amazing Show & As Usual NBC U Failed The US People On Showing Great Series By Canceling This One & Esp. Not Letting Us See The Last To Shows / NBC U Just Keep Us Hanging On The End Of The Season Of Great Shows. This Tenn. Family NO LONGER WILL B WATCHING UR NEW Or OLD SHOWS & Friends Will Also Follow My Choice On This So BYE BYE NBC !!!!

  4. Arch says:

    NBC knocks off one of the most fun-to-watch shows of the year–in the same year they did the same thing to The Firm. Same ole BS. Replace it with some more reality crap or Revolution-type mindless mayhem! Will U.S. viewers be able to access the CTV episodes online in season 2?

  5. NBC SUCKS….. saving hope raises!

  6. Karen E says:

    I LOVE SAVING HOPE!!! And I agree, USA would be a great new home for it! After all, I love White Collar and Burn Notice and I watch all those reruns of NCIS & Law and Order SUV on USA ALL THE TIME!!! I propbably watch USA more than any other network!!

    • Saving Hope was # 1 on Canadian TV, followed by another great show, Flashpoint! so it will definately be back for another season…NBC just needs to find a home for it, although it would best be served on a non-cable network like NBC. I will watch it no matter what! there is also talk of putting it out on DVD already! So, keep up the great work, Michael, Erica, Wendy and all the others! Look forward to next season!

  7. Jen says:

    Why is it that NBC finally has it’s first really good show in a very, very, very long time, and the network cans it? For what this time more House Wives from god I don’t care where! So tired of all the reality tv! If people would invest in their own lives they, they wouldn’t have to watch somebody’s crappy one on tv!

  8. Moe says:

    I hate NBC they suck! Saving hope was great and they should at least try for a second season to see if ratings get better. I won’t watch any shows on NBC anymore. I’ll stick with others that can actually. Commit.

  9. Edie says:

    I am upset with NBC, the last shows I was not able to watch do to the NFL! Saving Hope is a GREAT show and now it is pulled!

  10. Fran Waldmann says:

    This is truley disappointing. Never again NBC, I give up on prime time with this network, you finally air a show I like and it’s gone. I guess all the fans will be in limbo just like the main character the story line. Shame on you NBC to leave us hanging!

  11. TD says:

    SAVING HOPE was the BEST show NBC has had for quite some time. Heck, I watched reruns of the Voice from the nights before, LAST NIGHT!!! That is stupid, stupid. Their shows are cruddy and I for one am going to stop watching NBC. I so very much enjoyed Saving Hope as many others, now we have to have stupid shows like Go On, Grimm, Americas got talent reruns over and over during the show times, Some kind of Animal Medicine monkey show…etc, dumb and ridiculous shows. BRING SAVING HOPE BACK ON TO US WHO LOVE SHOWS WITH HUMAN CARING!!!!!!

  12. Aurora says:

    It maybe that they gave Chuck a shot…trust me when I say I’m sure it was for reasons that had nothing to do with ratings. They have done this for years! They pick and choose what shows they can manipulate to fit their agenda and then promote the heck out it. Other shows they don’t have that much control over they dump and rarely show commercials for. I don’t think I saw more than short blurbs for Saving Hope ti the tune of about four in a three week period, but I saw the hundred of extend spots for The New Normal, which BTW looks like a bunch of agenda pushing crap!

  13. Emily says:

    Really bummed… Not jus me but my kids loved Saving Hope. It had become our Thursday “thing”… It’s very hard to find a show that’s not reality, not too Disney and not to mature for a family. I hope it gets picked up by another network. Booooo NBC… Now I refuse to watch their new line up :-/

  14. vivian says:

    I Am sooooo mad that NBC decided to pull Saving hope…..please help us get the show back.

  15. Sandy says:

    I am really really starting to avoid NBC, everytime they have great shows on they CANCEL them, except those phony stupid “reality”shows, I watch none of them. There needs to be a shake up at NBC and get someone in there that doesn’t can all new GREAT shows every damn time. I think I will boycott NBC, plenty of other channels USA is a good one, and if the other 2 popular networks start acting like NBC – it will cable shows for me ALL THE TIME. NBC your programming director needs to be CANCELLED!!!!!!!


  16. Jo Shaneybrook says:

    NBC is so quick to put junk on with their reality and loser comedies. Saving Hope could have made you something, NBC. Now I just go back to the cable shows for better entertainment.

  17. Jason says:

    NB-why can’t they C should be there name!!!!!! Saving hope was my new fav show wonderfully done brilliantly acted had the whole family watching it and loving it. Save our HOPE pls and BRING IT BACK

  18. L. Ludwig says:

    Bad move NBC, too bad the network rather have shows on that focus on celebs and tabloids. Nothing against “The Indider” and or “Entertainment Tonight” amongst others. Saving Hope showcased much of what we tend to forget, love, humanity, faith in one another and never giving up on yourself, the ones you love and even the ones you dont.

  19. Evan says:

    I’ve also noticed are that not only are the final two episodes nowhere on NBC’s website, you can only view them on Hulu if you have Hulu Plus.

    Sorry, I shouldn’t have to pay extra to watch episodes you couldn’t bother to actually show on network TV. They should be available the regular way on Hulu.

  20. Maria says:

    does anyone know the name of the song and who sings it of the season finale right at the end?

  21. Maria says:

    I hope someone can help me with this! Does anyone know the name of the song and who sings it of the season finale right at the end of Saving Hope?? Thanks

  22. Wendy says:

    Is NBC terrified of good medical shows or is there a batch of DUMP BUNNIES wrote takes off good show. Why don’t you let the TV watchers vote for the show instead of old has been to say NO. I am a student doctor & I have learn so much from the MEDICAL SHOWS that had help me on labs & tests, it like cheat notes. So, if there any medical students or nursing students out there you might know what I am talking about. Thank you.

  23. Brit says:

    What the he.. is wrong with the execs at NBC? Seems to me they can’t quite come to any decision and stay with it! The consistently cancel the shows I enjoy. Just when I think they would’nt they do!!!!! Maybe they don’t make enough to make good decisions!!!

  24. Kate says:

    I’m horribly dissapointed that NBC has not picked up a second season! I really liked this show for the fact that there wasn’t a lot of foul language or sex. But for those of you wanting to see the last 2 episodes in the season, they are availible on Hulu.

  25. Nancy Schmatz says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Saving Hope and recommended it to many friends. I am very disappointed in NBC for not showing the final two episodes. I did watch them online, and really loved them. I hope that someone at NBC sees these comments and reconsiders it for next season. It is one of the few shows I really got into recently.
    [ I also really miss Anne Curry — such a shame. What were they thinking? ]

  26. SaveHope Lover says:

    So Sad! I Loved Saving Hope… I literally couldn’t wait for the next episode. Then suddenly YOINK! I was left wondering if it’s maybe my Satellite Provider or a DVR accident. But NO, apparently they just “decided” to cancel it at the very end. After all the Emotional Episode build up!!! What’s the point of that? And now it makes people have to keep watching online? It seems to me NBC isn’t looking for “our” type of audience. If it had been on WB or SciFi they would have gone all the way.

  27. mike says:

    Saving Hope was the only show on NBC I watched as well. Bye bye NBC.

  28. Dottie says:

    I guess that answers my question. Ugh networks here in usa always cacel good shows and leave thr bad ones in:(

  29. ANK says:

    It seems that NBC is following Fox’s lead and choosing which should keep by having a monkey throw their sh*t at a board.

  30. Jackie B says:

    Missing saving hope!!!! I really would have LOVED to find out what happened in the end. If you’re going to start a program (especially one this GOOD) you should atleast have the desency to keep it on to the end! I’m not very happy about what NBC and all the REALITY CRAP! !backwards very is this

  31. dannyboy15@yahoo.com says:

    None of us know if NBC was making money or not. It is a bureaucracy thing – as usual. It the top executives don’t get a kick out of it – us little guys loose out. The rich dumbasses don’t know what us little guys like. As for the stupid reality shows – they suck. Can’t anybody that these third rate actorsare reading out of a script. Or is it just the guys watching the stupid things because of the skin being shown and the swear words bleeped out. Geez, I wonder what #*#*!?# word that was?

  32. Lynn says:

    Why is it that a show like this gets cancelled while more and more reality shows continue to air? One reality show is just like another and we all know that they really aren’t realistic at all! Come on NBC, at least let us know how Saving Hope turns out? Maybe TNT or USA will pick it up. At least they air interesting shows worth watching.

  33. Crystal says:

    I loved saving hope :( That is a big fat bummer!!!

  34. sherry says:

    Sorry to hear that the show was canceled, I did like it. I was wondering what happened to it, it just disappeared off tv, What is wrong with everyone all that they put on is reality show’s, who need’s that. I have enough reality everyday. I do not need anyone else’s reality thank you. I watch show’s and movie’s to take my mind off my problem’s. Guess pretty soon I can save alot of money by losing cable tv.

  35. John Conroy says:

    You’d think that the people who run the TV networks would have been able to figure out by now that most people don’t bother getting interested in first-year serial dramas until they’re renewed and summer reruns start because so many of these shows get cancelled. Saving Hope was a really good show. It seems like half the junk on television these days are stupid karaoke shows.

  36. NBC yet again looses massive viewing audiences because…..they always make the wrong choice …..I will boycott NBC from further aggrevation’s since they can kiss this household goodbye

  37. Lisa says:

    I REALLY loved this show!!!! Come on you get hooked on the show, charecters, story line, the cliff hanger was great I was looking foreward to watching this season.

  38. I really enjoyed Saving Hope and was just getting into it to find it has been cancelled here in Britain bad

  39. Gabe says:

    Really?! That’s so messed up.. I can’t believe NBC, but then again, yes i can. That’s right up they alley. NBC💩 “Yeah let’s take away the best show we got!” “Rates⤴are really gonna go up!” “Viewers☺ will love it!”
    NBC still 💩 Rates⤵ Viewers😲😭😒😤