NBC Pulls Saving Hope, Final Eps to Run Online

There may be no Saving Hope — at least when it comes to viewers in the United States.

Having already shuttled the Canadian-produced, Erica Durance/Michael Shanks-fronted medical drama to Saturdays and postponed its final two episodes from Sept. 1 and 8 to Sept. 8 and 15, NBC now has pulled the show wholesale from its schedule, sources confirm to TVLine.

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In its last Thursday outing, Saving Hope delivered for NBC 2.54 million total viewers and a 0.5 demo rating. America’s Got Talent repeats, which last Saturday did barely 2 mil and a 0.4, will stay put in what was to be Hope‘s burn-off slot.

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Those who get Canada’s CTV — which has already renewed Saving Hope for a Season 2 — can watch the final episodes, “Ride Hard or Go Home” and “Pink Clouds,” on Sept. 6 and 13. After the episodes air up north, others can watch them online at NBC.com.

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  1. Kris says:

    This is why I don’t bother watching NBC shows. They can’t even burn off 2 episodes on a Saturday night in the summer for people that watched? They pull every show I bother with on that network. Live and learn, no new NBC shows for me.

    • Sue says:

      NBC sucks!! I will never watch another show on it again. Saving Hope is so much better that all those reality shows. NBC is not very smart either, Saving Hope has higher rating then America’s got talent and they are dropping it for the later. They could at least show the 2 two episodes instead of cheating those viewers. They are liars!

      • skillman says:

        I guess this answers the Is NBC picking up the second season question. I hope some other network picks it up. The show was one of the best done shows of the summer, to good for NBC.

        • Trish says:

          We have been looking for SAVING HOPE every week and hoping it would be back on soon. The mix just got very interesting and they take it off the air. NBC is going under because of moves like this. None of my crew generaly writes a note on line about a TV show. But we have been looking to see when it would return. I am shocked. Very disappointed as usual.

      • LadyC says:

        I guess we all now know that NBC stands for Nothing But Cretons!….or maybe National Bozo’s Channel. With all the other junk have on that channel Saving Hope was the only, repeat only thing I found I could watch on NBC……Maybe we should petition one of the other networks to carry it.

        • Sherry says:


          • Dfunk808 says:

            The best way to petition a show is to buy something from the shows sponsor and then fill out a comment card saying that you purchased this item because they aired a commercial during “saving hope.”

            If enough people do that the network will find out. Especially when sponsor x calls and says “we’d like to air Z number of spots during Saving Hope…that show made us a lot of money”

            Whoever organizes it should pick one or two sponsors only and target them. That way the number of comment cards will be too large to ignore ad they will
            Have to pass them
            On to the network.

            The ad money is the ONLY thing networks care about. If the amount they can sell ads for is large enogh and the cost of the show low enogh it will be back by next summer.

        • linda says:

          you know why they dropped it…it was a great show, but there wasn’t a lot of bad language and sex! Canada tv shows/actors/and movies have all proven to be superior to the US’s!

      • I agree. I am dropping all NBC Fall shows from my schedule. I’ll watch any channel but theirs.

      • I totaly agree,i have decided not to watch NBC again.And yes i feel cheated,comeon someone pick it up pppppllllleeeeaaaasssseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • jen says:

        yeah they stink

    • Matt says:

      In all fairness this is the same network that gave Chuck 3 more seasons than the ratings justified. Also they are very kind to Community which has never generated the numbers that it should considering how amazing it is.

      • lll says:

        That’s true. I guess it comes down to how loyal NBC is to a show. In terms of saving hope, its a summer canadian show. They may see it as a dime a dozen. Too bad. Hope saving hope finds somewhere else to go in the States.

        • CYNTHIA DRAN says:

          We should try to get USA to have ‘Saving Hope’, they have ‘White Collar’, which is another really good show!!

          • nick1372 says:

            I think SyFy would be a better fit than USA.

          • Jess says:

            I didn’t get into Saving Hope but I wouldn’t mind watching on USA, next with White Collar. I had to many shows coming on at the same time as Saving Hope, so I choose the shows I watched before. But if Saving Hope goes anywhere it should go to USA or TNT. And at Nick1372, don’t have it go to the Spfy channel, one its not science fiction and two Spfy has killed off every show I like. Micheal Shanks, who is on Saving Hope as the doctor, was Daniel Jackson on SG1 and Spfy killed the series where it was actually getting good again. So Spfy is like NBC for my opinion.

          • nick1372 says:

            The whole ghost thing makes Saving Hope scifi.

            But you’re right, it would have a better chance on one of NBC’s other channels, like USA or Cloo.

      • Kris says:

        The fact that they renewed low rated shows for additional seasons but won’t air 2 episodes on Saturday in the summer makes it worse, Matt. Clearly they are willing to overlook ratings for some shows and I get that. I also know I watched all summer and now they pull the last 2 freaking episodes. I get that the ratings don’t justify a season 2 (even if I was hoping for it to air in the US) but I don’t think any reason they can give for not showing the last 2 will fly for me. All it does is show they don’t care at all about their viewer’s time and investment.

        Revolution is out for me. Perhaps if NBC actually airs the complete season and its renewed I’ll watch on DVD.

      • Oliver says:

        Community did just well enough to justify renewal through its first two seasons, especially since it was in a tough timeslot and all of NBC’s other new comedies struggled. It got renewed for a fourth season because of syndication economics (which is why it has been moved into a death slot)

        No NBC “kindness” entered into it, purely a numbers-diven business decision.

      • LadyC says:

        They are also the channel that cancelled JAG after one season and it went on for 9 more on CBS

        • Canceled JAG on NBC after just ONE season but yet… JAG produced TEN seasons AND produced a HUGE Spin-off with NCIS (which is NOW in it’s TENTH season) and NCIS did another spin-off with NCIS:Los Angeles (Which is now in it’s FOURTH season!)

          That is a combined TWENTY-FOUR seasons that could go on a lot longer! CBS hit the Gold-mine with they bought JAG!

          3 of my fave shows! I have most of them on DVD Box Sets!

          Another network needs to pick it up!

      • Aurora says:

        In all fairness my foot. It maybe that they gave Chuck a shot…trust me when I say I’m sure it was for reasons that had nothing to do with ratings. They have done this for years! They pick and choose what shows they can manipulate to fit their agenda and then promote the heck out it. Other shows they don’t have that much control over they dump and rarely show commercials for. I don’t think I saw more than short blurbs for Saving Hope ti the tune of about four in a three week period, but I saw the hundred of extend spots for The New Normal, which BTW looks like a bunch of agenda pushing crap!

    • Joe Smith says:

      NBC really has no regard for viewers. I didn’t think this was a GREAT show but it was entertaining and I do deserve to see the conclusion. This Nerwork should keep in mind that for the last ten years cable stations have been giving us MUCH better entertainment. I’m sure this will keep execs up at night but I give up on NBC

      • Rosemarie says:

        I really liked the show and agree that out of respect for their viewers they should not cut off a show without a conclusion. I find it very upsetting the way the networks just take a show away from the viewers.

    • Linda Frazzo says:

      I totally agree!! NBC is the WORST!!!

    • Pennie says:

      NBC wouldn’t know a good show if it sat up and bit in it,s you know what! Maybe it’s prejudiced against Canadian produced programs!! Not made in USA? Not good enough! You think all your so called “talent” programs are entertaining ? BORING!! Better redo your demographics. It’s not 18 to whatever any more it is boomers and we like decent, entertainment just like Saving Hope! Sure glad CTV is smarter!

    • Not me either. I am so mad. Goodbye NBC. I won’t be watching your new show Revolutiion. Why bother. You’ll just yank it right before the season ends.

      • Jess says:

        Thats what I’m afraid of, my family and I saw it to look interesting but with NBC track record, its almost not worth trying to watch it if they are going to pull a good show.

      • Lynn Hetelson says:

        Very disappointing that NBC could not wrap up the series for the viewers who watched the show. Every week & stayed home to watch the two shows that we’re cancelled

    • janet clark says:

      i totally agree. this is a great show. please bring it back

    • Brodie says:

      The ONE and ONLY show my wife and I EVER looked forward to watching has been ‘removed’ ??? My night just got ruined… Horrible NBC…. disgust…

    • I agree. Don’t invest your time in any of their new Shows. I am sure if Revolution does not get the numbers they will pull it too. With not thought to viewers. They just don’t care. Its all about the money. and really, AGT reruns. I don’t even like the originals.

    • I agree. I am not investing my time in any of their new shows. Why bother. They will just pull them when they don’t reach the proper numbers. Its all about the money. And keeping reruns of AGT. Really. I don’t even like the original live AGT shows. Crazy.

    • Theresa says:

      Amen. I will not watch any of NBC’s shows either. They only care for the ones with smutty language and sex

    • Betsy says:

      I LOVE this show…….Is it being cancelled. I hope cable picks it up. MUCH better writing on cable.

    • This is what happened to JAG! NBC decided that the show was a downer and did not renew after the FIRST Season!.. CBS picked up and it ran for another NINE seasons WHILE bringing an awesome SPIN-OFF of NCIS and then NCIS: Los Angeles as a Spin-off of NCIS…

      NBC F*$*@D UP BIG TIME! CBS had more faith in it and landed in a Gold Mine! JAG had altogether TEN seasons, NCIS is working on it’s TENTH Season and NCIS: Los Angeles is working on it’s FOURTH Season!

      That will be altogether TWENTY-FOUR SEASONS just to date and doesn’t count any after this year!!

      SHAME ON YOU NBC! Is Saving Hope eligible to be picked up to a different network? I know CTV picked up but can another one pick it up?

    • S.S. says:

      Canceled JAG on NBC after just ONE season but yet… JAG produced TEN seasons AND produced a HUGE Spin-off with NCIS (which is NOW in it’s TENTH season) and NCIS did another spin-off with NCIS:Los Angeles (Which is now in it’s FOURTH season!)
      That is a combined TWENTY-FOUR seasons that could go on a lot longer! CBS hit the Gold-mine with they bought JAG!
      3 of my fave shows! I have most of them on DVD Box Sets!
      Another network needs to pick Saving Hope up!

    • Courtney says:

      SO TRUE ! I loved and enjoyed watching saving hope NBC needs to realize there are viewers who really liked the show, I hope they bring it back for a second season.

    • Michele Donahoe says:

      i know ,they killed off a great show Hannibal. I don’t watch NBC at all anymore. Just wont.

  2. xav says:

    Glad I live in Canada then. This show is cute and I’m glad it’s been renewed.

  3. Evan says:

    Let’s here it for #NBCFail!

    I’d throw in a Persons Unknown reference but that tragedy still falls on the blame of the executive producers.

  4. Angela says:

    Thanks NBC. You screwed up the Olympics, now Saving Hope. Makes me nervous about starting to watch Revolution. That and Grimm are the only shows left on NBC for me. My bet, because I’ll end up liking Revolution, it will get cancelled.

    • skillman says:

      Good point, I have to rethink trying Revolution. Why try it when NBC will just cancel it anyway.

      • Patty says:

        Ha, true! I was almost going to give Revolution a chance, but this just reminds me, ONCE AGAIN, why I should just give up on NBC. There is a reason why they are not tops in the ratings.

    • murley says:

      isn’t sort of a self fulfilling prophecy then? you decide something with be cancelled so you don’t watch. then it gets cancelled because nobody watched it. and who is to blame?

  5. Mckenzie says:

    NBC is so stupid. Saving Hope was a great show

    • Sue says:

      So true. No wonder they are at the bottom of the 3 major networks. Idiots.

      • JC says:

        So if they did air the final 2 episodes of Saving Hope then NBC would suddenly be the number 1 or 2 network?

        • fayedigi says:

          No this won’t change NBC’s status at all but not even being willing to run the final two episodes on a Saturday night shows they don’t give a s___ about people watching the show.

      • Charles says:

        If there are only “3 major networks,” does that mean NBC is NOT a ‘major network’ – since they’re 4th in the network ratings?

  6. lll says:

    I hate how NBC treated Saving Hope. They deserved better. Hope they find somewhere else to go.

  7. Marly says:

    Well ! Saving Hope was Bad and Boring . The three main actors have No chemistry . Is the law of numbers!

  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Bad NBC!!!! I NEED to watch Michael Shanks!!!! I miss him!!! I think i’m going to cry!

  9. It’s why I’m always reticent to get hooked on NBC shows. Every single one I like – they cancel. Why oh why do they so consistently live up to #NBCFail???

  10. That’s what Brazilian networks do with shows around here. So, people download them illegally in protest. :)

  11. Anonymous says:

    NBC always does this with Canadian TV shows, though, shouldn’t be too surprised. They did it with The Listener and Merlin (which I think was a British TV show, but still).

    • Jess says:

      Merlin is on Spfy right now…well not right now, now but it was in January and yes its a British show. I’ll get p/o’ed if they cancel Merlin, fyi. But also I’m surprised that BBC America hasn’t started to air it there yet.

  12. Cate53 says:

    Saving Hope is a pretty standard medical drama and I love Erica Durance, but is it wrong that I really wanted Michael Shanks to hurry up and die I that coma!! They put him in it so quickly in ep 1 the actors never had a chance to build up chemistry – and Lois Lane and Hawkman (or whatever he was called on Smallville) is just wrong!

  13. Not happy about this at all. Why they couldn’t run the final two episodes on a Saturday is beyond me? It’s actions like this that are going to keep some people from watching Revolution the first year.

  14. Jennifer says:

    Well that stinks. I was really starting to enjoy this show and was hoping to see it next summer. This is why I can’t get invested in the new shows that the networks roll out. They never give any of them a chance to find and audience and allow that audience to discover the characters and the story lines. Intelligent tv takes yet another hit….fingers crossed I can find season 2 on netflix.

    • fayedigi says:

      Since Canada is picking this up for a Season 2, I guess there won’t be any resolution in the last two episodes. NBC is really screwing itself here because actions like this are going to cost them viewers for shows like “Revolution.”

      • JC says:

        NBC pulled their lowest rated and least watched show off the air, and you think this will cost them viewers? Nobody was watching this show! So how many viewers could this possibly cost NBC for Revolution, you and the five other people whining about it here?

  15. Dominique says:

    How extremely disappointing, yet not entirely surprising, considering this is how NBC deals with a lot of shows. Saving Hope is such a good show, much like most Canadian shows, actually. I’m just glad NBC isn’t producing the show, or it’d be in real trouble. Guess I’ll have to get my Michael Shanks fix by downloading the episodes.

    I fear for other new shows coming to NBC this fall…

  16. Wow! It never fails, if I really like a show NBC pulls it, to be fair this happens a lot with the other networks too. Why do networks feel that people only want shows that fix everything in an hour and you don’t care about the characters? I understand the ratings are down, but that is across the board for everything because people are watching tv in so many differnt ways now.

  17. nick1372 says:

    Boo. I was hoping it’d get renewed. It is dirt cheap.

    NBC is stupid. They should have put this on Wednesdays @9 with AGT an hour earlier instead of wasting the leadin on SVU repeats.

  18. Karley says:

    I’m still angry about them canceling My Own Worst Enemy.

  19. Roger says:

    NBC did the same thing with The Listener, with 4 episodes left.
    It continue here in Cadana (We are in third season and de 4th coming 2013) and became a very good show.

  20. Jared says:

    I wouldn’t even bother watching Revolution..after the premiere..my guess is the series will be pulled off the schedule in no time.

  21. Manie says:

    So glad I live in Canada right now!!!

  22. M3rc Nate says:

    I knew it. I watched this show only out of loyalty to “Daniel Jackson” on SG1 and “Lois Lane” from smallville. I watched 2 eps and just from them, i couldnt watch more. The show sucked, and even if it didnt i knew it was going to get canned.

    Im going to take the risk and watch Revolution cause it just looks so good and im a huge supporter/fan of Tracy Spiridakos (lead female), but i really do fear it will get cancelled in like season 2-4.

    What i hate MOST, is they leave you hanging. If your going to cancel a show (for example “alcatraz”), especially shows that main plots are huge mysteries, they should release the general plot line of what was going to happen in the series. People are hating the main networks because they are begging us to get interested in their new shows come pilot season, saying “Hey its great! Watch! Get invested! Our characters and story rock!” then they keep pulling the rug out from under us, cancelling the shows and giving us no resolution. Its becoming more and more common so people are just not watching new shows, not giving them a shot on the basic networks.

  23. Sonia says:

    much ado about nothing! They canceled the best show of Saving Hope. the show was boring and mediocre actors.

  24. Ace says:

    It’s not certainly the best show ever, but it’s decent summer fare. I’d like to see the rest of the season, at least. Will it be on Hulu, too, or just NBC.com?

    • I just watched the episode “Ride Hard or go home” on NBC’s website, and I guess I will watch the last episode on there too since it isn’t listed on our local TV paper for Saturdays.
      I gave up on watching most TV stations. I stay to TLC, DISCOVERY, ANIMAL PLANET, and the HISTORY CHANNEL.

  25. Josh says:

    BIG MISTAKE! This show was well acted, well produced, well shot and well received! Disappointing!

  26. Keith says:

    Maybe if they would have had a hospital talent show during one of the early episodes with celebrity judges NBC would consider keeping it. God love CBS for being the only network with enough balls to stick with original programing.

  27. Ann Cornell says:

    This is the first show that I have follow on NBC in a long time, I Love it and was excited to see that they had signed a new season and now they are not even going to finish showing the end of season one………. What happened to NBC they used to be a great network! Those days are gone when they don’t know when to keep a winning show :(

  28. mia says:

    Its kinda stupid for NBC to stop airing this. They need to fill their schedule with stuff and Canadian tv is dirt cheap compared to American-produced stuff. Feels like they pulled it just to be a**hats.
    Glad I’m Canadian!!

  29. We will Never see another Tv show on NBC ever again.NBC Sucks Big Time. They will lose a lot of viewers.NBC you suck Saving Hope was the best show you had and you are not renewing it well You Suck.

  30. Linda Frazzo says:

    I watch Saving Hope for Michael Shanks more than anything. It makes no sense to me why NBC doesn’t at least air the final 2 episodes. I feel like the powers-that-be at NBC have no common sense at all!! (I still have not forgiven NBC for cancelling Life with Damian Lewis. LOL)

  31. kali says:

    I’m glad I live in Canada and can watch Saving Hope, which is a nice summer show, through CTV. I hope another channel in the US will pick it up for the American fans.

  32. Jan says:

    NBC has failed the fans big time however since we are hearing nothing from them (including promoting the show) I don’t think they care much. I will not be watching another show that airs on NBC because they cancel them all no matter ratings. Not going to invest time getting into a show they are just going to yank from me. I’m a huge Michael Shanks fan and will continue to support Saving Hope and find a way to watch Season 2!! Shame NBC. Thanks for saying that 2-3 million people don’t count to you. I’m getting my passport ready!

  33. Caitlin says:

    I don’t see the logic in replacing 2 new episodes of a show with reruns of another…? :( Come on. At least let US fans finish the season!

  34. Gerald says:

    It is a great show. NBC really needs to re-evaluate all their decisions. First off hiring a new programmer. They are not loyal to thier fans. I’d fight for it if I could.

  35. Cameron says:

    CTV was worried this would happen. They were afraid that NBC would beef up the budgetary needs to air in the U.S. and then bail, leaving the net with all of the expenditures and none of the reward.

    Leave it to NBC to screw it up… even when not in its own country.

  36. Judy says:

    What’s really not fair is for the deaf community…my cousin which is deaf loves saving hope and she can watch this online but there’s one problem…online doesn’t have closed caption so the deaf community is just screwed!!!! Think about that NBC when u lose a lot of the deaf community bc of ur stupidity!!!

    • Judy, there are place, err, underground, your cousin can download it, get English subtitles, and convert it to watch it on dvd. It doesn’t take too long. Believe me, here in Brazil, we’re used to this sort of crap, so, lots of downloading going on.

  37. flowerfriend19 says:

    NBC has shocked me just way to many times, and their gross negligence in disregarding the time people faithfully put in supporting their programming has me deciding to boycott them, too. I loved Saving Hope and can’t believe what they did to the show and their viewers.

  38. Lori says:

    Another good show they are going to get rid of. So tired of watching dancing and singing. American Idol and Canadian Idol. Really who cares if actors and actresses can dance. Those shows suck. Finally a good show that I like to watch and they are taking it off.

  39. AJ Roberts says:

    I hope that a cable station picks up this show for the next season. I , and many others are very disappointed in NBC for cancelling “Saving Hope”. I plan to watch this show by what ever means are necessary!

  40. EGal says:

    I can’t believe they pulled the show with 2 episodes left. For reruns.So stupid NBC. I barely tune into network television because of all the reality TV out there. I hope it gets picked up and I’ll follow it on cable or online or buy the DVDs.

  41. sun says:

    NBC did not promote SH. Ever. And now, will not air the last two eps??? Wth???

    Will never watch NBC. I hope NBC keeps lagging behind. And for good measure, curses on all their new shows this fall!!!

  42. sun says:

    Apologies on the rant, Matt!!!

    I hope (next summer) you’ll continue posting news on Saving Hope, even if it’s across the border…

  43. Roger says:

    Episode 12 is already on Hulu and nbc.com

  44. there are so many Canadian shows that are family type shows, no blood and guts! It is a shame that NBC thinks reruns of stupid reality shows are better than Saving Hope, and that we, their viewers would prefer them. My husband and I have enjoyed the CTV show, Heartland on GMC network and prefer letting my grandkids to watch it more than even the garbage on Nick, or Disney channels. I would DEFINATELY watch it on another cable network, and will DEFINATELY purchase them on DVD, if it is the only way to see them. I hope that Erica, Michael and the other stars and producers will keep it going for the fans!

  45. eliza says:

    I am very upset about NBC doing this to Saving Hope. It is a great show, perfect for the summer. I love Erica Durance and everyone else in this series. My mom, niece and I spent Thursdays together watching. We are really dissappointed. I will watch next season in any way possible. Thanks Matt for keeping tabs on our lovely Erica.

  46. jovichick7908 says:

    The people at NBC can just go to Hell. They could at LEAST have had the decency to let the viewers see the end of the season. I just hope there will be DVD releases from Canada so I can continue to watch this great show.

  47. Patty Ediger says:

    It is clear after reading all the posted comments that NBC doesn’t really understand what their viewers would prefer to watch. Saving Hope is a great show, good writing, love Shanks and Durance…NBC- how can you pull the show and leave us all hanging on the last 2 episodes..that really does stink. Very disappointed in your network. What you really should do is renew it for another season and give us something worthwhile to watch. Who really wants to watch The Voice and America’s Got Talent anyway? So…..boring.

  48. Laurel says:

    Reminds me of Journeyman, another NBC show (5 years ago) that had supernatural elements that I enjoyed but that was cancelled after 13 episodes. I’m hoping to be able to watch Saving Hope’s season 2 on Netflix or Hulu.

  49. Ingrid Stevens says:

    Try recording from NBC, they start programs late and you miss half of what is recorded. I really liked Saving Hope and the least they could have done is wait until the end of the season. NBC is off my list! TNT – YES

  50. I will be yanking all NBC lineups from my Fall schedule. Why invest in them. They obviously don’t care about anything or anyone. I loved Saving Hope. Bye Bye NBC.