Exclusive First Look: Castle's Season 5 Key Art Plays With Handcuffs

The official key art aka poster for Castle Season 5 features two conventionally attractive people, yes, but is there more to it than that? Lucky for you, TVLine has secured an exclusive first peek at the pretty.

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For one, there’s the visual callback to one of Season 4’s buzziest outings, “Cuffed,” given the special hardware Rick and Kate are sporting in the poster.

But there are also two embedded spoilers, one who has seen the premiere could argue. The first comes from the tagline. The second has to do with the aforementioned manacles. Because of the events of the May finale, are Castle and Beckett’s “hands tied” figuratively, seeing as the NYPD probably frowns on such fraternization? Or do they again find themselves bound at the wrist, literally, in the Sept. 24 season opener?

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How do you rate Castle‘s Season 5 poster? Does it set the right mood?

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  1. Bev. says:

    Castle… Love the show! Can’t wait for the season to start. They look great and make an awesome couple!
    by Bev.

  2. Judy says:

    I love it, and the picture looks great, PhotoShopping or not.

  3. Lori says:

    Terrible photoshop job. Clearly these are two old, separate photos they unsuccessfully tried to splice together. Fire the art director.

  4. Leona Palski says:

    OMG…Alec Baldwin…never! I like the Jason Bateman reference…that was a little far fetched, but Alec Baldwin never looked this good! (No offence intended Alec)

  5. Lauren says:

    I’m not sure why anyone would have a problem with this poster!!! It made me smile like a crazed fangirl!!!! Yes it’s photoshopped, they are actors and they work in Hollywood. Call it an occupational hazzard!! Get over it and those of you who can’t leave them alone they make a great show and have a wonderful chemistry!! POINT BLANK!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  6. Beth says:

    I LOVE this show!!! I do want them to get together, but everyone knows that once they do the show is over, & NOOOO I don’t want it to end!!! In the books they make it last because it’s not too serious of a relationship. (on Castle’s part…yes, but not Becket.)

  7. Tzy says:

    I love the concept and it does the set the mood, but I wish they could look more natural than perfect dolls :).. can’t wait!!

  8. Rachael says:


  9. putri says:

    i like last season poster. but this season not bad i guess.
    but, however the poster is, still can’t wait for the premiere

  10. yo en says:

    beautiful woman and handsome man….perfect!

  11. Gloria says:

    Y’all quit worrying about how the picture might be photoshopped! If you’re a fan, the only thing that matters, really, is the handcuffs!

  12. mwa@ha.com says:

    oh look it’s the Firefly guy and Becket

  13. Michael says:

    i love d poster

  14. C&B are naturally beautiful/hansome so I don’t understand how ABC approved this poster when C&B look nothing as they are. The photo (it really doesn’t look like a photo!) is so worked on (photoshop, airbrush) that it’s lost all of the magic of the characters. Beckett’s arm don’t even look like hers… they look strange… Castle looks nothing like himself. I wish they would had photographed them as themselves in a natural pose. An poor Beckett, she can barely keep her eyes open with all the eyelashed they’ve pasted on her. Come on ABC (or is it CBS… I forget), you have two outstanding actors, that are gorgeous… make the most of them. I wish they reconsider doing this poster again.

  15. spamantha78 says:

    Did anyone else notice that Beckett is wearing her father’s watch? Nice detail!

  16. ajie says:

    i love you so much for posting this!

  17. Lauren says:

    Yay!!!! Totally loving it. And the photoshop-ness doesn’t really bother me, because ALL of the Castle posters are similarly photoshopped. Look at the one for Season 3, for example. I don’t think it’s meant to reflect anything about the actors; it’s just a visual/artistic choice that sets the tone for the poster. It’s fine.

  18. Stella-Aurelia says:

    his face looks like made of plastic…too bad, cause he looks soooo gorgeous without photoshop. But I like the picture anyway :)

  19. Namita Singh says:

    lovely and awesome poster.. love 2 see thm both 2gether .. <3 <3 <3

  20. alison says:

    i hate the poster!
    It’s awfully photoshopped, Beckett would never go for the deeply tanned, rich playboy i see in this picture.
    i hate becketts eyes too. They look really strange, she should have been looking at the camera but ‘snuggling’ into his neck more.
    I like the tagline, but that’s it.

  21. Nabil HD says:

    SHe is very hot .. gooooooooo return C&C

  22. olivia says:


  23. Mouse says:

    Great picture. Horrible Photoshop job. Someone serioiusly messed up trying to get the deadline. Still, I can’t wait for the season premier!

  24. Lauren says:

    they look like wax figures

  25. Music Diva says:

    I love this shot!!! Finally I hope(fingers crossed)

  26. Ole Mo says:

    …who ARE these amateurs that do photoshopping in Hollywood these days?!?

    It’s getting quite ridiculous – people are being made to look like a cross between a plastic figururine and an alien, and this poster is a good example.

    Can’t believe that people are actually are getting paid to do work as bad as this…

    • muniba says:

      you are so right .I wondered what was wrong with the poster that I dint like it much.I mean the mood and all was right there :P

  27. Chcher says:

    Cuff him to me any day!

  28. muniba says:


  29. Like the poster and love the show. Looking forward to the new season.

  30. Randy Dobson says:

    This looks photo shopped. Look at his left ear – it’s cut off.

  31. Sally says:

    Forget Alec Baldwin – Castle is much better looking than him! It’s just GREAT! Makes the suspense even more intriguing…it’s luring while being cute and sexy and sophisticated.

  32. Angel Laila says:

    Now that they both are together, the story might be more like revolving around Beckett’s mother’s case than concentrating more on their romance.. What do you guys think. huh?

  33. Dave says:

    Castle looks fake here, and I still hate Beckett’s hair like that. The dark short look is sexier and more… “cop-like”.