Exclusive First Look: Castle's Season 5 Key Art Plays With Handcuffs

The official key art aka poster for Castle Season 5 features two conventionally attractive people, yes, but is there more to it than that? Lucky for you, TVLine has secured an exclusive first peek at the pretty.

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For one, there’s the visual callback to one of Season 4’s buzziest outings, “Cuffed,” given the special hardware Rick and Kate are sporting in the poster.

But there are also two embedded spoilers, one who has seen the premiere could argue. The first comes from the tagline. The second has to do with the aforementioned manacles. Because of the events of the May finale, are Castle and Beckett’s “hands tied” figuratively, seeing as the NYPD probably frowns on such fraternization? Or do they again find themselves bound at the wrist, literally, in the Sept. 24 season opener?

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How do you rate Castle‘s Season 5 poster? Does it set the right mood?

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  1. Me says:

    Awful photoshop. But still cutest poster everrrrrrr.

  2. whydidsomeonesaythattheydidntusenathanintheposterwth says:

    Someone needs to be fired *coughcough*photoshopguy*coughcough*
    Is sept 24th the us premiere, if so i think i might cry, its not fair when it comes to TV premieres when you live across the pond

  3. C.C. says:

    It almost looks like Nathan Fillion’s head was super-imposed into the picture after the fact. Like he couldn’t be there for the shoot, so they took a guy’s body, cropped off his head and put Nathan’s in its place. In fact, the face looks like some other picture I’ve seen from the series.

  4. 2Bad says:

    Horrible air-brush job. They look very plastic. Are you sure these arent the wax museum photos?? LOL Too bad its such a mess…they are very good-looking in real-life.

  5. rachelle says:

    ughhhhh the photoshopping is horrendous. love the concept, but i think i hate the poster. her nails are even photoshopped to hell! nails! and i def agree w/ whoever said that Nate looks like he’s CGI. Nate and Stana are naturally gorgeous, ABC! this is not necessary.

  6. GhostLinz says:

    I have been waiting for this poster for weeks, I was so exctied and it pains me to say this, but I can’t believe how awful the photoshopping is. I love the concept, but execution is terrible. That’s quite possibly the worst Key Art I’ve ever seen for any show. Ever.

  7. Andrea says:

    I don’t care how photoshopped this is ( and it’s very photoshopped…It makes it look like they imposed Stana in the picture…) I still LOVE it!! The tag line is very intriguing for things to come this season. Great poster concept.

  8. Natalie says:

    I think it sets the tone nicely, since you asked. Stoked about the new season coming out. I’m interested to see what new things to the series it brings since they’re finally together. Thanks for sharing, Matt. :)

  9. Lisa says:

    Who cares about photoshop? That picture looks FUN! Can’t wait for this season. Oh and thanks for the new lock screen.

  10. Barb H says:

    like the concept but they look like they should be in a wax museum. they’re too ‘perfect’.

  11. very cute. I wish she was pulling on his earlobe with
    her teeth.

  12. Klover says:

    It’s seriously PERFECT!

  13. Luisana says:

    Perfect! To much PS but that doesnt even matter!

  14. Sherry says:

    I agree way too much photoshop and they don’t need it. Same picture no photoshop would be great.

  15. L.C. says:

    When I first show it I was like “aaahhhhhh awesome poster” :)
    But then I looked closer and I went “wtf ABC? that was so badly photoChopped”

  16. CasKett(Fans) says:

    OMG. I love this poster. Stan and Nathan look great with those ties. I can not wait for September 24th.

  17. Melanie says:

    Wow, il es vraiment superbe !

  18. megshells says:

    Too much PS? Maybe. But the concept is great, and he certainly looks like the cat that ate the canary…

  19. flora nelson reilly says:

    Adore these two – adore Nathan. They did a great disservice buy photoshopping them to death – sure Fillion’s put on a few, but he’s still adorable and the network should trust the fans that Caskett are perfect the way they are – WITHOUT all the crappy enhancement.

  20. Donnna says:

    If it weren’t so fake from all the air brushing I love the concept, and the look in their eyes, but they both look too perfect, too much work done on this, and Castle wouldn’t like it and neither would Beckett.

  21. Dear ABC…you’ve been knocking Castle spoilers, teasers, promos out of the park until this photoshopped submission. Stana and photo shop should never happen. Nathan’s pic well..lets just say you missed the boat. As a Caskett shipper, I appreciate the effort. Send me an advance viewing of season 5 ep 1 and we’re good.

  22. wildchild1954 says:

    Oh God I can’t wait!!!!

  23. Alex says:

    My God! What is it with these people and their inability to photoshop?

    I mean, I know some people had a problem with the photoshop last year, and while I will admit that it was a little more than what I would have done I don’t think it was that bad. I LOVE the concept of this poster… but they look fake! Nathan more than Stana, they seriously just need to leave her alone, that woman looks perfect the way she is. And I get photoshopping Nathan, but that was seriously overdone. Concept= A+++++++++++ Execution = D

  24. Bonnie says:

    I love the poster despite any photoshopping that may or may not have been done. I LOVE Caskett and cannot wait for the new season. They were, are and will be adorable together forever in my opinion and it’s not all just about the physical. These are characters, yes, but they were made as real as could be and the beauty is in their personalities and the way they care for each other and the world around them. I hope Espo and Ryan’s bromance comes back eventually — hate seeing them like this. Maybe season 5 will mend those fences now that Caskett is finally a reality. Is it September 24th yet????

  25. Audrey says:

    “Or do they again find themselves bound at the wrist, literally, in the Sept. 24 season opener?”

    Matt, perhaps you can enlighten the rest of us who were not fortunate enough to see the premiere screener on this matter? Pretty please? I buy you coffee and a bearclaw. ;)

  26. lilu says:

    overphotoshopped…. nathan looks like botox-ken… but I love the setting of the picture

  27. Amy says:

    So who catches them in the act?

  28. Linda says:

    They look.good-but isn’t this show a “cop” show?

  29. Luu says:

    They are so gorgeous!

  30. Diann Merritt Morales says:

    I really can’t tell about the photoshop, but then I have prettty bad vision.
    I love the mood and implication of it!
    I am now using this for my phone wallpaper!

    • I’m the same way, for the most part. I can’t always tell when something has been Photoshopped unless it’s pointed out (however, for magazine covers, it’s pretty uncommon for Photoshop to NOT be done so for those, I just assume it’s been done). As for this fabulous poster, I can tell that it’s a little Photoshopped but not that much. There are some obvious touches but for the most part, not noticeable. I love everything about it!

  31. Kurt Wm Cobb says:

    Photoshopped??? Look at the white like scratch by his ear???

  32. Les says:

    Love the poster, the show and can’t wait for the new season to start. Let’s just hope these two finally get together and stay that way. Knowing how the producers ruin the majority of TV relationships, let’s hope it doesn’t happen here.

  33. Ivana says:

    nice, but a bit artificial, like, too much photo shop :(
    It’s a good story, their characters are really great, just please don’t commercialize it… Pretty please? :)
    Looking forward to the new season!

  34. Dodie Kauffman says:

    I don’t get why they are cuffed left to left?

  35. Jacki says:

    Love it !!!! Can’t wait for season 5… Picture is absolutely gorgeous !!!

  36. luzmelain says:

    It looks like they cut out part of Nathan’s head to make him look thinner. Seriously, my 4 year old does better photoshop than that.

  37. Heather says:

    Jerry O’Connell and Alec Baldwin had a baby…his name is Nathan Fillion.
    These two do NOT need photoshop, especially THIS much of it.

  38. Michelle DG says:

    Great idea, but WAY to photoshopped – it just looks weird.

  39. Babette says:

    Too bad they aren’t showing the real Castle, he is more gorgeous then that. And I wish they would have shown Kate’s eyes more, they melt me from the inside ;)
    Is Martha or Alexis the one that catches them in de act or has a murder call interrupted them before they could finish their evening/night/morning ;)

    • Jennifer says:

      She quit the force, so I doubt that a murder call interrupts them. I heard the new season starts where last season ended. Maybe the morning after.

  40. Becks says:

    Too cute! Definitely a lot of photo shop going on, but still love lit!

  41. nur pabustan says:

    since the beginning of Castle i nver missed watching them…now really cant wait Castle season 5…counting the days for detective beckett and castle…love you guys!

  42. Jennifer says:

    I bet their wedding episode, if they get married, will be the highest rated episode ever! Of any show. I know I would be tuning in and not just recording it on my dvr to watch later.

  43. Mari says:

    I just can’t take all of this anymore!! Please Sep. 24 come to me NOW!! ASDFGHJASDFGHJ

  44. mrsCastlebAby says:

    Nice concept but I agree with the photoshopping… bleh I looks nathan and stana themselves look okay but for some reason her arms look janky to me, like they didn’t actually take a picture of them, they took 2 separate photos and laid them on top of each other. her arms don’t look wrapped around him right… or im just over analyzing… but otherwise great shot!! Can’t wait for season 5!!

  45. Aly says:

    He looks too much like charlie sheen. STOP playing with photoshop!

  46. Linda Blanchard says:

    It’s about time !!!!!!!!

  47. sfb says:

    I think they get caught by Meredith. One spoiler said caught by “mommy”. And u would think she is in town for Alexis’ graduation. Can totally see her popping in uninvited!

  48. Azure says:

    Does Stana always wear false lashes? They are huge here!

  49. Shila says:

    He is soooo handsome and “Beckett” so preeeeettttyyyyyy…. Love them both!